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REVIEWS OF Aap India - Buffet Restaurant - Bar - Craft Beer - Wine Bar - Catering IN Indiana

Jonathan Wolfenden

this place is a must. the west side is very lucky to have this gem. bright vivid flavors. worth the money.

Alex Lindner

The food was delicious. I highly recommend the Nav Ratan Korma and garlic nan. I've had Nav Ratan Korma from many area Indian restaurants and this one tastes the best. I will definitely be back.

Krishan Yadav

Good Indian food

David Schultian

Delicious buffet- great selection!

rebecca schlimm

Some of the best Indian food I've ever had! The inside is so clean and pretty.

caitlin hudsom

This is probably one of the worst experiences in an Indian restaurant we’ve ever had. it was very expensive for lunch, and really poor quality. The food was very bland and oily. This restaurant seems to be very well liked, we went due to so many recommendations. So we gave it a two tries, and both times it was sub par at best.

A. A.

**** Hidden Treasure ***** Very clean, you feel hungry as soon as you walk in the door... Authentic cuisine, very fresh and well prepared.... always good food... Eat in or take out... spice levels 1-6,,, be prepared if you order a 6.. it will be HOT... The wait staff is super friendly and know the menu if it is your first time, they can assist with making the best choice. They also have a lunch buffet 11-2pm.

Mikey Yaden

I ate from the buffet at lunch. The chicken curry and the tikka masala was very good. It had a lot of flavor. They also put pretty big pieces of chicken in both of this dishes. The rice was just right. Everything was fresh. The service was pretty decent. Got refills when needed, but they didn't pester me. The price is pretty good as well. I'd highly reccomend it.

Tyler Bules

This place is relatively new, but they are a fantastic dinner on the west side. The prices are on par with other Cincinnati Indian restaurants, and the service is fast. Tables and booths are kept clean, and best of all the food is fantastic! They have a lunch buffet that is stocked with a wide variety of popular dishes. My personal favorite is Chicken Tikka Masala.

Adam Schneider

Foods always fresh and the best Aloo Saag in the city.


I love this place. Excellent food and service.

Christopher Adams

Great food nice atmosphere. The people were super nice .

Christopher Bruckner

Had the lunch buffet. Outstanding! Service is great, staff is very friendly.

Andre Kaufman

Since aap opened last fall it has become my favorite Indian restaurant in the Cincinnati area. The food is always fresh, high in quality. The service is always fast and very friendly. If you like fresh tasty home cooked food on the west side of Cincinnati, look no further.

Nick Jackson

Clean place, good food. Reasonably priced buffet.

Kevin Kerley

Food is great but the service is lacking.

Gina Ogden Ellis

Always delicious, spiced to our specifications with a pleasant environment including bally wood music videos on the TV. This is one of my favorite places to go for dinner.

Rachel Tingle

Food is always very good and it may not look like much on the outside but it's a relaxing environment inside. I took a group of 8 and they were very happy with everything

Elizabeth Nelson

Buffet was ok, had several options. Dessert was only ice cream. Warning though..... When it says they close at 2:30, they want you out, no sitting around! Probably won't be back any time soon

Bunci Patel

The food is just alright. It could be a lot better since it lacks spices and distinct taste between different curries. This restaurant does the old "base curry, different options" method. It basically means that even if you order two different curries, they'll both taste extremely similar due to the same base curry. This really sucks because it's a cost saving measure for the restaurant that takes away flavor and ruins the name "Indian food". Hopefully they get a different chef and make the restaurant tailored around the food rather than money. Speaking of money, it's pretty expensive for what you get. The atmosphere on the other hand is very disappointing, it looks old despite being a new restaurant.

Sarah Smith

Good was great! Service not so much.

David Wymer

Good food, nice quiet atmosphere.


This was my first time ever going to a restaurant by myself. Food was delicious. Service was disgusting. Waited over an hour after getting a beer and putting food in before the server ever came to check on me. I'm appalled by the service, especially considering there was only one table other than me. Will never return and will make sure no one I know ever goes there. I overtipped you. You're welcome, good bye.

Rusty Shackelford

Food is 5/5 Staff is 1/5 Price: a few bucks more than other Indian. Similar quality as some Clifton Indian but more expensive. The staff ruins this place. Non-attentive, don't seem to care about you. Recommend take out, or make the drive to Clifton. Cheers.

Alexis Overstreet

My husband and I got chicken tikka masala. It was okay, flavors not anything special. The service was not very good either.

Cincy Local

Loved the Aaloo Naan. Thats my favorite lunch special. Tea was

Chris Moeckel

For my first visit to AAP India I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and some garlic naan via takeout. I must say the inside of this old Taco Bell looks amazing now! I really, really, really wanted to love my food because this is the only Indian restaurant nearby. The garlic naan was extremely good. The Chicken Tikka Masala was bland and not spicy at all even though I requested they make it as spicy as possible. Which I believe was a number 5. *****Update***** I came back for a 2nd try and ordered the chicken Tikka Masala again and this time it was spot on! It was actually the best curry dish I've probably ever eaten! I'm not sure what happened since my first visit but WOW! You've got a lifetime customer now!


Great food. Kind staff.

John Davis

Amazing food, had no idea we had such a great Indian food restaurant in the area. My new favorite eat in and carry out/delivery place!

Jefferson Ely

Food is always delicious. The garlic naan is always worth getting.

patricia oneill

Excellent food and service. You get plenty to take home too.

M matthew

Excellent buffet. Food was fresh and diverse. Service was excellent. Great value for the price. Can't ask for much more. Will definitely be back

Anna Lattin

Food was amazing.... A bit more spicy than I like, but perfect for my husband. one of the best Saag Paneers I have ever had.. Update--- got did poisoning that night...

Mayhem On'Earth

Clean, reasonably priced, awesome buffet. The coconut soup is to die for!

Eliot Sloan

Best Lamb Curry I've ever had! Nice, quiet place with good food.

hemang singh

Sunday's buffet was good. Vegetarian food served was fresh and tasty. My fav:- Dal Makhni, Khadi Chaul, Bread Pakoda, Kheer.

Brian Bane

Finally we have an Indian Restaurant on the Westside of Cincinnati!!!! Excellent food! Excellent Service and we will be back again!!!! Authentic Indian Food 5/5--Service makes you feel like family 5/5

Craig Kotte

I'm updating my review. I'm normally very happy with the food and service but today we tried to order through their online app. I got an email confirmation that it was received. When I came in the staff said they had no record of it and the app must not be working. I had to reorder and wait for the newly ordered food. I wasn't too thrilled with this.

Jack Ruwan

Every 2 weeks I stop by to get my favorite, Chicken Tikka Masala. This is an amazing meal and I have plenty to last for two meals. Everyone needs to stop in at least once. You will come back!

Natalie K

Their food is delicious. I got a 6 out of 6 on the spice level and it was perfect.

Michael Ludke

Great Food, Great Service!

Elizabeth Lhamon

We get takeout regularly now, and it's always hot and delicious! I'd have to say they do their spicy a little higher than the standard. I get a 3 most places and a 2 here hits the spot. My BF likes the 6 when usually he pushes up to an 8. Thrilled to have them here on the westside!

Constantine Galanopulo

Excellent quality Indian food. I used to think the old Mayura was good but this place is light years better. The lunch buffet has a taste of everything well worth the $8.99. Definitely will go back. Very authentic.

Charlotte Zureick

I liked this restaurant a lot. Until tonight when I paid my bill and left a twenty percent tip only for the waitress to rush me out of the restaurant five minutes after I ate when there was still two hours until close and no customers waiting for tables.

Angel Sudberry

The food is delicious. Service is fantastic. Love this place.

Casey Kohake

Great Indian food on the west side! $8.99 lunch buffet and large dinner portions. Free champagne for Sunday brunch as well!

Aaron Oberlander

The food is good and the servers are attentive. Bathrooms are much cleaner than the majority of other Indian restaurants in the Cincinnati area.

Abby Rapking

Excellent food! service was ok, but nothing special

Marques Wilcox

The service and food is spectacular. The restaurant is looks small but is personal and very comfortable. I'd highly recommend anyone to eat here!

Jason Seuberling

Great food, friendly staff.

Antman B.

Great Food

Waqas Haider

AAP India is a very good restaurant that serves the cuisine of the Indian Subcontinent. They have pretty much everything an American customers aaks for: nice seating arrangement, all kinds or beverages, bar style interior, tasty food, friendly crew etc. They serve buffet in the first half the day, whereas regular meals are cooked on order in the afternoon. In general, it is a nice place to dine-in all around.

Scott Meeker

We ate there for the first time. It looks like a dive from the outside. The buffet was really great. The food was served very mild. We left very full and very satisfied. They even gave my wife a rose for Mother's day. Great value.

Brian McKnight

Been here twice now. I'm kinda plain, so I always get the chicken curry and nan bread. It's always delicious and plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow! Place is always clean and orderly. Highly recommended.

Richard Haas

I think I've tried every Indian restaurant in Cincinnati, but Aap India was a very pleasant surprise. In my opinion, it ranks very high. I had the Chicken Mango, at 5 out of their top heat rating of 6, which was excellent and shared an order of the very best garlic naan I've ever been served, hot and slightly crisp around the edges. Service was great; there were as many as five of the staff stopping by to refresh drinks and ask about the food, The orders reached the table after a reasonable short wait. I left wishing Aap India were located on the east side of the city.

Dana Hill

Always delicious. Friendly service. Slightly expensive but the food is fresh.

Nancy Davis

Awesome curry and tandoori. Good service. Decent prices.

Ken Papin

Food was absolutely delicious! Price is definitely justified by the flavor and portion size, and the atmosphere is really good, as well. I'll definitely be coming back regularly!

Brandon Sellmeyer

First time going to this restaurant. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the food, the selection of spices, and the attention of the wait staff. Dishes I’ve gotten at other Indian restaurants were a step above here. I got the chicken tandoori, which was amazing. My wife and kids got the chicken and mushroom curry which was great as well. Very happy for place to be on the west side.

Kim Oberlander

The food was so good! Some of the best Indian I've had in a long time!

Aksha John

Great food, clean dining room, clean bathrooms. Champagne with Indian food for brunch seemed a little odd but I won't turn down a glass of bubbly.

Mike N

Delicious without the long drive! The lunch buffet is a great way to sample new stuff and fill up on tried and true faves.

Gillian Zohnert

Loved the atmosphere. The price was really fair with excellent value. The waiter made our evening. The selection is extensive and super delicious. I am so thrilled to have chosen this place. I will go again if I'm every in Ohio again.

Jared Loucks

Good food... Small cozy spot. Hidden gem in the west side. They have carry out and they are on Uber eats

Tori Bush

Food was awesome. But they never gave me a chance to get a drink outside of water. And they never gave me straw. Plus he kept trying to get us to order more food.

Grace Frost

My absolute FAVORITE Indian restaurant. Always my first choice when eating out. Staff is very friendly. Everything tastes amazing. Love the atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Cody Gullett

Best Indian food on the West Side

Terence Turner

My new favorite Indian spot. Food is so tasty here.

Rushdat Kunle-Lawal

The food was good but the service was the worst. We waited for about 20 minutes to get our food even though the place was empty and when we asked for more water, it took forever to get to us. When it finally did, the waiter all but threw the straws at us. Meanwhile, a group of people who came in after us, who happened to be white were waited on respectfully. The man (I'm assuming is the manager) went to them every 5 minutes to ask if they were okay and if they needed anything but he stood at the bar all the while we were waiting for our food to arrive and didn't come up to us once to ask if we needed anything. In any case, expect top-notch service if you're white but if you're not, might as well just get take-out. Or better yet, don't eat there at all.

Kayla Yaden

Great atmosphere! Very lively! The lunch buffet was excellent. Im so happy to have great indian food so close to home!

Lorri Duvall

The food was amazingly good. Chicken Matar and Tikka Masala were excellent. The tomatoes soup was excellent as well. Will definitely be coming back!

Robert Meyer

I think westsiders should be glad they have access to the great Indian cuisine here. This place stands up to the best Indian spots in Clifton, and no more expensive. The sauces are very rich, and differ slightly from other local indian eateries. Thier food was great, and our server was great too. I will be back


Great envioronment and lovely staff

Andrew Knowles

Delicious menu and the every day lunch buffet is a once a week stop for me, if not more often. Dinner off the menu is very fresh with generous portions. Dinner buffet is also a great choice.

Paul Lobue

Food was good ... Nice atmosphere.

Jessica Al Masri

Found hair in the curry on buffet and the “manager” scooped it out and left the rest

Nathan Powell

Love their weekend lunch buffet. Selection is a little limited compared to some others, but everything is really tasty.

Sabaah Farid

This was my first visit to this restaurant and we had chicken tiki masala and lamb mango was delicious

Denise Lottman

Delicious and gracious service. A true delight.

Angie Lewis

Always a great place for Curry on the West side!

Elizabeth Guerra Dominguez

Great lunch buffet. A bit limited with vegan options but very tasty!

Cheryl Richards

Amazing Indian food and priced very reasonable.

Eduardo Matias

This place is a Paradise. The food is very delicious and the staff are friendly.

gindu bhullar

Good food

Humberto Velasquez

Excellent food and service! I had lamb curry for the first time ever..delicious! Nan bread and coconut soup. All sooo good!!

Josh Pressler

Great service! Tasty food! Reasonably priced!

Evan and Alison Hildebrandt-Shepard

It was very good and would go back for sure! Presentation was great and restaurant eas clean. I have had Indian from around the world and it was top notch!

Robert Danger

Great Indian food. However, drinks are pricy.

Jason Dennison

So great to have them on the Westside. Food is usually good, though I'd recommend getting to the buffet earlier rather than.later since some items might sit for awhile. A little less "spice" than some other buffets in town, but not bad.

Dani E.

Their website says free delivery within 4 miles on orders over 20$. I called them because there was no option for delivery through the website. The woman answered and said “use Uber eats or grub hub” and hung up on me. Both Uber eats and Grubhub have a delivery fee. Not only is their website inaccurate but the woman was also very rude, will not be ordering from them.

Rebecca Siegel

Love the appetizer sampler! The potato and fried spinach are so good and the chicken saag as the entree is always my favorite.

Shaun Howard

First visit - lunch buffet was great, and the extra a-la-carte items we ordered with delicious and tasty. I no longer live in Cincinnati, but I do eat a lot of curries, and the food at Aap was on-par with my favourites. Great addition to the west side.

David Durkalski

Awesome lunch buffet! Definitely above average in all regards.

Jen Wiedeman

Their food is amazing. Best Indian this side of Clifton

Artemis Winchester

I could eat the chicken curry eight days a week.

Richard Warner

Great food, but the prices can be very high. Expect to spend $20-$30 for a decent amount of food, even for just yourself.

David Gutman

Honestly the outside the building leaves a little bit to be desired but looking at all of the positive reviews we decided to give Aap a try. I'm so glad that we did, we enjoyed our dinner, the food, the service, everything was good. We will definitely be returning.

nErgee Chockoolic


Jasmine Cox

Food is amazing. I hate switching restaurants when I find a good one. I just moved to the westside and this was my first time trying it. 5 stars.

Eric Simpson

Delicious food, and not too expensive for the quality.

Alison Pellegrini

To go food tasted like ketchup, unpleasant, would not order again.

Sara Collins

I love the take out the most, but the buffet is nice for lunch. The naan is amazing!

Boss Hogg

Never a disappointment. I've had indian food at a bunch of places in California, one place in Lexington, and two places in Cincinnati. This place has the best indian buffet I've ever had. Can't wait for my wife to finish school in California so I can bring her here when she graduates.

Ethan Farber

Cincinnati is blessed these people have come to save us from mac-and-cheese! Amazing dishes at great prices! At $10 for a buffet, you could LIVE on this stuff and nothing else!!! Namaste!!

Laura Sagers

My fiance and I come here every week and it's the highlight of our week! The chicken curry and garlic naan are amazing and better than any other Indian restaurant I've tried. The staff is always courteous and efficient as well. Highly recommend checking this place out if you're looking for a good Indian cuisine dish to try :)

Zainab Mus

I would give a 3.5 for the food but for the service and for the staff I would give 1.5, they took our order got the food and just vanished and we had to wait a good 15 mins to order dessert and the lady took our order from across the room where we had to stand just shout out what we wanted and you will constantly hear VERY VERY loud talking and arguing coming from the kitchen constantly. Very rude and unprofessional. We came for a peaceful dinner which we dint get.

Jama Bradfield

Wonderful staff, amazing food, and great selection of beer. Never had Indian beer u til we ate here. Try it! The food is so good! They have so many options for naan!!!

Scott Baker

Always a good meal!

Bob Allen

My favourite Indian restaurant. Good selection. Vegetarian friendly. Try the special tea.

sandra soweto

I got a delivery from here for the first time ever last night. I just moved to this area. The Tandoori chicken was delicious. I will be returning there many, many times.

Marybeth Nix

Delicious food and very helpful staff. It is completely worth the 45 minute drive for us.

Krystal B Beautiful

Their food was really good, My daughter ordered the Num and Spicy Chicken Curry!

Brittany Brandenburg

I had never eaten Indian food before Aap, and I am so very glad that I tried it! Have not eaten inside yet, but order the chicken tikka masala and garlic nan pretty often. Food is absolutely delicious and is a good portion, easily can do two meals from it. Service is always quick and the staff is very friendly. 10/10 would recommend!

Seth Parker

Love this restaurant! The food is fantastic. It is arguably some of the best Indian food I think you can get in the entire Cincinnati area. Their garlic naan is particularly fantastic. The staff is friendly and efficient. It's well-maintained and always clean. And put a cherry on top there's always Fantastic Bollywood movies playing on the big TV at the bar. What more could you possibly ask for!

Vaibhav Anand

Ok food. Not so great service.

Anthony Hatten

It's a terrific place for the standard Indian fare. Food quality and service are both outstanding and it's nice to have a good place on the west side, for once. No negatives at all.

Julia Louise McDannold

I am leaving a review of this place not because of the food or atmosphere, but because of the way management treated their employees/us while we were there. The food was just okay, we went to the lunch buffet. It wasn't terrible or great. The prices were decent. When we first walked in a server greeted us. The owner or management (whichever it was) undermined her trying to seat us several times and made her move us to different tables twice. Effectively embarrassing her seemingly competent server. The place was empty and we were the only ones in there. Anyway, we had food, our server was great and checked on us often. But then we went to check out, the woman who seemed to be the owner checked us out. The chip on my husband's card is weird from going through the wash so you have to swipe it a couple of times to get it to go. She was really nasty about it even though we explained so we just used my card and went about our day. But how nasty they were the entire visit is enough for us to never go back. Really disappointed in the way they treat their employees and customers.

Anurag Kumar

Good Buffet.

Diana Kumar

We've ordered AAP India via Uber eats a lot and this weekend we decided to go to the place . It was fine , the food is great , the spinach is a must and the naan is very good . Nice friendly staff. We will go back for sure . Oh , they have a drive trough for pick up orders and are open late .

Benjamin Kuntz

Love this place! THANK GOD, we finally have AMAZING Indian on the west side. I typically only patronized Ambar in clifton, no other Indian food compared but boy do they have a run for their money. Every time I get take out it's delicious, fresh, hot and everything you want from an Indian restaurant. I eat here at least 4 times a month. THANK you Aap India. I wish you all the success.

Bluegrass Skeptic

Clean. Fresh food. Buffet at lunch and they change up the dishes offered on it from day to day, which is great. There vegetable masala...omgzzzz so good. Cost is super affordable.

Gary Allgeier

Good Indian food, nice atmosphere 12/15/18 Just finished their buffet, best coconut soup ever. The rest was very good too, nice thich sauces.

Sanassa Diane

Their chicken tikka, and garlic naan is the best! their a bit pricy but their food is soooooo good!

John Bedel

Best Indian on the West side of Cincinnati. Rate at 4 for the lack of options in their buffet.

Tonye Douglas

Amazing indian food. Excellent fast and friendly customer service.

Muhammad AbdulAzim

Beyond excellent food! Customer service needs improvement though.

Bob Schwab

I loved the buffet. Their menu is great and I cannot wait to try more. Prices are what to be expected, quantities the same. The staff are great and very helpful if you are unsure as to what to try.

Tay Tucker

Food is delicious, especially the saag panir. Coconut soup is just sweetened condensed milk. Weird. Service is great! Just a tad expensive and no lunch menu.

Amanda Dixon

I ordered through skipthedishes for takeout which was super easy. The food itself was delicious! The saag had a different taste than other restaurants, but I enjoyed it more. It’s a little pricy, but honestly worth it. Each main entree is enough for multiple meals, and I’ll probably have enough rice leftover to make fried rice!

Daniel Waters

Food is 5/5; very authentic taste. I reccomend the Aloo Saag w/ Garlic Naan bread. Staff is 5/5; very kind people.

Phil Toombs

Some of the best Indian food in Cincinnati. Particularly like the stone oven cooked food. Usually able to get a seat quickly and service is fast, if not the most professional.

Alyssa A.

I’ve had Indian food all over the tri-state area, and this was delicious. For $25 (originally $30 but I had a $5 off coupon code found on their website when you order online) my boyfriend and I each got three meals out of the two entrees, appetizer and bread. Very impressed, they even included a take out menu with more coupons in our bag. We will definitely be back

sandeep dhindsa

Excellent service excellent food

Brianna Smith

The food is always AMAZING but I always feel like the staff are judging me when I watch the tv behind the bar. They all seem so mad except for a few of the staff.

Courtney Mayberry

Best Indian food in Cincinnati!! I LOVE this place!!!

yaser obayat

Hospitable, great food great staff

Scot Woolley

I've truly enjoyed every dish I've had at Aap. This evening the place was not yet crowded. The portions were slightly larger than usual, the flavors abundant and cleanly discreet between sauces. Very tasty.

Tricia Gauslin

Went Here for the first time. Great food good price. Staff very friendly. Welcoming atmosphere.

Aditya Mahadik

Food Quality/taste 5/5 Service 3.5/5 Ambiance 4/5 Cleanliness 4/5 Rates $$ 4/5

Drea B

Pretty comfy place nice smells and good parking off the busy street. Nice decor and staff is ok. Just make sure you have time to eat here if you dine in and dont eat at the bar. A few vegan options i always get vegy curry.

Autumn Paul

The food at this restaurant makes me happy! The buffet is a great value, and the a la carte portions are generous. Everything is rich and flavorful. I could eat here every day.

Tim Mauk

Always great food, everytime!

Jennifer Jill Araya

Delicious food, friendly staff. We go here often and will be coming back. Their saag paneer is DELICIOUS!

Brice M

Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable about the food. Hesitant because of the old Taco Bell location, but pleasantly surprised at how fresh and flavorful everything was (I ate the buffet). It was delicious and the prices were on par with anything in Clifton.

Ken Kanders

Have ordered from here 20+ times with great results but last night, my wife and I ate every meal together except dinner - she got AAP India because she loves it so much; has spent the entire night vomiting from food poisoning. Thanks AAP!

Rick Brian

Fantastic food! Best Indian restaraunt I have found in Cincinnati. Very friendly staff and extremely tasty food. Spiced correlated with the level ai requested(medium). We can't wait to eat here again. 5 stars!

Maria Cecile

Family friendly. Fresh and delicious! I love their vegetable samosas and saag choley.

Kevin Richardson

Server was great and so was the food. Person behind the register was not. Told we couldn't use a coupon that came with are gift certificate, and when my parents presented the coupon with there cash purchase. She took there money and coupon gave them and eye roll and a dirty look. Then proceeded to ring out the people behind them. As if they were not up to standards. Why have coupons you don't want patrons to use. First time at an Indian resteraunt. Won't be the last Indian meal was delicious. Just the last one there. Didn't like the ending.

Rudy Alexander Alarcon

The hostess seemed as if she didn't want to be there. Food was slightly above par. Price was on the expensive side.

Kristin Kreuter

Very friendly folks, nice low key atmosphere. The food was ok, a little bland. Nice to have an Indian place to eat in Western Hills (Cincinnati), but it's no comparison to the Indian joints in Clifton.

Orlando Hernandez

Nice place where to eat authentic Indian food. Good and rapid service. Looks clean and it has diverse and delicious well cooked food

To'Nia Caldwell

$5.99 per pound for lunch, ended up spending $21.79 for LUNCH FOR TWO TAKE OUT BOXES!!! I've given this place a few tries and it's just not consistently good...not to mention the customer service isn't the best... young lady couldn't even put my food in the bag for me. There are other Indian spots in the city that are much cheaper and taste much better. I don't think I'll be back.

Keith Dolby

Incredible chicken Tikka and Tikka saag.

Lisa Blaney

So good.

Rebecca Davis

Food was excellent service was awesome! He was so kind, made jokes and provided a fantastic experience. Will recommend and will come back!

Samantha Franklin

Went to AAP with my boyfriend and we got an appetizer, a meal each and a huge order of garlic nan for 34$. Enough food to take home a whole second meal each and it was absolutely amazing food. Service was great too we will be going back.

Cherelle Frazier-Reeves

Great Indian food I've had so far! Always fresh

Michael Lloyd

Great food, and a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.

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