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7803 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO 80002, United States

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REVIEWS OF Yak and Yeti Restaurant and Brewpub IN Colorado

Travis Smith

My wife and i love this place and go there often. While we've been to all of their locations our favorite is still the original in Arvada.

Lisseth Wertz

This restaurant is awesome. They are attentive. And fast. Have eaten several times here. Everytime I think of Indian, this is my place to go and eat. Variety and really good food is available. The environment is great too!

Kishor Simkhada

Really awesome service and food...

Kiersten Kummerow

We went for the lunch buffet and it was fantastic. I sampled just about every dish and probably ate slightly too much because it was all so good. The standouts for me were the Sweet Potato Masala and the Honey Chicken. The beer selection was also very interesting. Both the English breakfast beer and the Trippel were interesting and delicious flavors.

Sheila Franzen

Enjoyed some unique beers and wonderful lunch buffet of Indian food. The whole family loved it. The environment is wonderful in an old house and even the kids liked the food.

Sam Alex

The food was absolutely excellent, the beer fantastic, and the service okay. Our server had to double check on our order because he didn't write it down, and on several occasions we struggled to call him over to our table for small extras like additional rice or the chutney that was supposed to come out with our appetizer. Overall it was still a pleasant experience and I would go back again

Daisy Richardson

We have gone to the Yak and Yeti many times, taken friends, and always been very pleased with the food. A top Indian/Nepalese buffet with a brewery. Options for meat eaters, vegetarians and those gluten-free folks. Plus, brews and cocktails. What's not to like? We ordered 6 dinners for pick up. We usually eat-in. Everything was made to order and hot upon pick up. So flavorful and always great.

Molly Olm-Shipman

First, I can't pass up an Indian lunch buffet, and this one was solid. I've never really considered pairing Indian/Nepalese food with beer, but their pilsner and IPA were perfect. Had no idea they'd won so many awards for the brewery.

James Collins

The food here is incredible! Get the buffet, there will be nothing on it you won't like. Love the beer as well. Been to two different Y&Y and are both awesome.

momoeight mamabear

Some of the best Indian food I've ever had. Yum yum! The buffet was excellent

Olivia Randolph

Prawesh, our waiter, was very helpful and informative with the menu. Will definitely come back

Glenna Reid

I have wanted to visit for a long time, finally made it in and was not disappointed. The variety of foods was fantastic. I really, really enjoyed the Buffet, so many good things to chose from, the Masala and Tandoori were the best. I cannot wait to go back again and have it again, maybe even order off of the menu this time, though the Buffet is going to be hard to get away from. The location is pretty cool, in a an old building with so much history, it should be a historic site, heck it might be.

Charlie Griesen

Great food. Some of the best saag I have eaten. The breads are delicious. Local Kombucha on the menu. Fun location.

Ryan Waller

Fantastic experience, all around! Comfortable atmosphere, excellent service, and the food is divine. I'm grateful we live relatively close by. We'll be back many times.

mike mike

Ate here for the first time yesterday. I asked myself one question... why hadn't I come here sooner!!! The food was amazing. To be honest probably my first time eating Indian/Nepali food. It was delicious, and there was lots of it. I got menu food, not the buffet. Appetizer, soup, then main meal. I was full half way through the soup. The food came out quick, and it was delicious. Again, did I say the food was great? My only complaint was the service was a bit "disorganized", yet the food still came very quickly and had plenty of check ins from our waiter. Cool place, wish the seat cushions were firmer, too soft and squishy. Again, the food was phenomenal. I ordered my main dish "spicy" and it was a good balance. Will be back again for sure.

Dylan Riback

This place is all around good. The take out is good. The environment is cool but some rooms inside are small and it makes it hard to hear when the table next to you is speaking loudly.

Juan M

The service was great! Our server checked in frequently and had a great, happy attitude. And the food was really delicious

J Brown

The best Indian buffet ive ever had in Colorado! Nice selection of items and very reasonably priced in light of the quality.

Jedi Neil

I love this place like no other! The food is amazing! We eat at Yak and Yeti almost every week now. This location is a bit further than the one by our house but we sometimes drive the extra miles to go to this one for the atmosphere.


The food was good but we were terribly welcomed. We were seated but two minutes after we sat, a man (the owner?) came back every two minute to tell us that we have to hurry because the restaurant will close and he would put our food in a box to go if we did not hurry to order, and then to eat once the food got there.

Erik Beutler

3.5 stars.... Food was almost very good. The beer was nice and unique. The service was almost very good. Our server was very on top of things but seemed a little over busy and had a ton going on. We asked for a fork twice with our togo boxes then when we finally got the check after giving our credit card.....still no fork. I hope they get better at a few things.

Ben Saunders

Always great food and good service

Jake Waters

Outstanding food and beer inside a quirky 2-story house. Good portions for groups to share. Most of the menu is worth a try. Service could be slightly more attentive and timely, but the quality of the food offsets any real criticisms.

Graves Broderick

Usually I have wonderful experiences at Yak and Yeti establishments. Although the service was great at this one, the food was good but not outstanding. I went for the buffet, but it all could have been much more flavorful.

Cody Boren

The Samosas Chaat was by far my favorite part of this meal. Sweet and savory. I will use this appetizer as the standard going forward and will look to try this with other Indian spots as I travel. I also had the Chicken Vindaloo as my main at a medium heat. I could have Sandler their hot. Very cool setting as I ate upstairs in the library of s very old house. It really adds to the charm.

Shelly Stark

Great food, super nice staff, fun ambiance.

Mark Jackson

Found this place by shear accident, was very good. Would eat here often if we didn't live 800 miles from it. Had the buffet. Plenty of delicious choices.

Scot Hanks

Came here as part of a large party reservation. The staff was extremely helpful and tolerant of our party with drinks, and food orders. We had a combination of buffet orders as well as menu item orders. I personally preferred the menu food. The brew pub downstairs always has a great variety to choose from.

Akash Bhattacharya

Excellent, if somewhat predictable food at the buffet with a good selection of vegetarian and meat dishes. The chicken pakoda was great. Try pairing that with the raita, which you can jazz up with the pickles. Make for a good combo. The beer flight was a bit too ambitious. The baseline lager was good. The others.... So so.

Cheryl Lindner

Bland Indian food. Indian is supposed to be spicy, so if that's what you're expecting don't go here. Large selection at the buffet. Good beer.

Laura Ruiz

Buffet was good, food was fresh and we were always asked if we needed anything else. Food was constantly refilled, as well as drink. Very good service and food.

Melody Monroe

One of my favorite places to eat. Reasonable prices and the food is always excellent.

Alicia Burrough

The food is delicious! The buffet is well worth the price. When we take our two kids under 10 they usually kind of sit us in a hidden corner, but the service is still pretty good. It's my 9 years old son's absolute favorite restaurant.

Reid Panzer

Beautiful sight for dining. Their food was excellent, and the floor was cleaner by the time we left!

Mona Answer

Excellent food and ambiance

Jonathan Kraft

Second time here and this place is as awesome as I remember it. We had malai kofta and kadai paneer. The malai kofta was the best we've had in the US. comparable to what we had in Goa, India. The medium spice level was plenty spicy for me. And I like more spicy than the Verage American I would say. Awesome beers here too. We will definitely be back again.

Colton Kraft

Really good pakora and beer selection. Staff was attentive and awesome! Loved the main floor bar.

Zackary Jones

Probably the best Nepalese buffet around. Equal meat and veggies choices as well as dessert abs the beer is great too.

Kate York

L.o.v.e. the food is out of this world and the beers from spice trade are delicious and secretly gf.

Joe Zahn

Great customer service every time I love this place!

Jessica Conaway

So freaking good!!!!!! I would give this more stars if possible. I had the buffet. There were tons of veggie options as well as different chicken options on the buffet. Menu has vegan and GF options. They have a small brewery inside. I loved the beer. The environment is welcoming. It's very cozy and comforting.

K C Hagemann

Great Indian food here and fantastic beer, especially the seasonal beers.

Tamara Peterson

Excellent lunch buffet & a VERY kind staff!!

Sid Shaw

The food was awesome and the beer was delish, however, I felt like the experience was rushed it was a very "eat your food and leave!" Kind of vibe. Because of that I would most likely not go back. I think I would rather go to the location near Hampden and Yosemite.

GW Roberts

This restaurant was everything people raved about! To really enjoy their cuisine, I think you must educate your palate. Their spice mixes are much different than European dishes, their are very complex ... the nose is the key, inhaling the unique aromas increasing the taste greatly. Take your time, enjoy the flavors! Oh, the service, the food, the decor, the customers ... all were very good!

Ryan Danz

It's such a shame because the food was pretty good. The thing that made this experience so unsatisfying was the service. Our group waited close to a half hour before our waiter finally came around. When he did, there was a huge disconnect when we were trying to ask questions about the menu because a friend has a food allergy (could have been dangerous because he had no idea what we meant). After time passed, we had to ask for refills for our water. That was answered with a water pitcher set on the side of our table. Not a problem, however there was still not enough to give everyone refills. Had to wait again to finish, by that time everyone needed refills again. Then the food came, it was great! We had to do some taste testing for the friend with the allergy to see if it was safe, but the food was awesome. The experience wasn't horrible, but it could have definitely been better. The thing that bothered me the most was not being able to address a food allergy with staff. That was a little scary.

Mary Porter

Love and don't even like Indian food

Brenda Distel

Great food, unique building, fantastic service, overall energy of the establishment was welcoming. Quality! Worth a drive if you need to!

Cassy Anver

Great food and service in a relaxed atmosphere. Be careful when ordering HOT dishes, they aren't kidding!

Nathan Crook

Awesome! My coworker and I decided to branch out from our usual food choices and try something different. We had an awesome meal! The garlic cheese naan was amazing! I expect we will return the next time we are in town.

Sofia Lilak

Have no experience to deal Customers food really dry can't eat

Misty Cichoracki

I just left this place and I have never had worse service. Wanted to take our kids to experience the food that we Love! The food was great and the kids enjoyed it. The service was so slow we were there for 2 hours. We had to ask multiple times for EVERYTHING, even refills. We even had to ask for our initial drinks. The waiter ripped the menus out of my daughters hand. Our full order didn't come and had to wait for someone to even come by to tell them our order was missing. Had to ask for boxes to go a few times as well. Is there a reason you take the drinks into a small room before bringing them to the table? That was wierd too. Maybe the guy was having a bad day, but it made a family experience not so good. We have been there on multiple occasions, but not impressing this time. It was not busy.. a Monday at 330pm.

Molly Ewing

I just can't say enough awesome things about Yak and Yeti! The food is spectacular and the lunch buffet is very reasonably priced. The buffet offers a regular selection of popular dishes and also add new items regularly. The service is always prompt, kind, and knowledgeable. The building itself is a repurposed home that is beautiful inside and out, including a lovely, shaded patio.

Dominic Davis

Ok food, decent atmosphere, would recommend this to someone new to Indian food as the seasoning was on the bland side. Buffet was nice for weekend dinner. For more authentic flavor profile I'd try Mint downtown bit this is great for kids and those who a newer to Indian food or don't like intense flavor profiles.

Julie Garst

I love their food and the Spice Trade beer is the perfect complement to the meal. The service is a little slow, but if you embrace the idea of a leisurely meal with a friend this is an excellent place to go. There is usually a wait (it is busy because it is so good), so plan ahead. Extra parking is available in the lot next door in the evening.

Bimal Regmi

One of the Nice palce to eat when you are in denver.i didn't find momo at its best but overall you will get great food. Their buffet is awesome.

Katie Fornwalt

Seriously one of the best places to eat...everything and I mean everything is so freaking tasty and always cooked perfectly. I have a great experiences every single time I come here. Can't recommend them enough.

Rob P

Easily the best Indian food I've had anywhere. I'd eat here every day if I could afford it!


The food here is fresh, delicious and very reasonably priced. The service is terrible, our waiter didn’t write anything down and forgot a few items that we ordered. I hate when servers try to remember your order rather than writing it down. I had to get up and find someone to get a togo box and pay my bill. If they train their staff better this place would be 5 stars.

Liddy McFarlane

The food was good. Cordial staff.Limited parking.

Chris Eastment

Yak and Yeti is a well established restaurant that has had various homes before landing at their present location, and attached themselves to a brewery now called Spice Trade. The beer is sometimes hit or miss. Not due to ineptitude, but because their rather unique style may not be everyone's cup of tea. But how is the food? This is where they shine, with a deep menu with tons of options for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Now, a warning. You can order various diahes with different heat levels. Now, I enjoy hot food, but if you go in there and think that you are going to order hot... Just be prepared. The hot lamb vindaloo had amazing flavor, and came out perfect. But half way through the dish my ears were even on fire. Never had your inner ear burn from hot food and yearn for this experience. Go for it. They won't let you down.

Kiefer Thomas

Yak & Yeti is my "go-to" place for Nepalese food. I live in Northern Colorado and I drive down to Arvada to simply go here, their food is that good. The buffet is incredible whether it's at their lunch buffet or the weekend buffet or regular menu items. Amazing flavour, great selection. I've personally always had great experiences with the staff. Joking & laughing on some occasions. And the Arvada location is in a historic house. And to boot, they also have a spin-off brewery on premises called, Spice Trade. Not always the best beers, but they do have some killer beers.

Dima Sokulskiy

Great restaurant, thank you for the delicious food.

Jose Mazariegos

The food is pretty great, but watch out for that spice! They can really make the food hot if you like it that way. Their beer is delicious as well, you can take home a growler & they have plenty of different brews to pick from. Staff was attentive & they took care of me while I waited for my food

Kaitlyn Smith

Best Indian food I’ve had in the Denver area. Their sweet potato masala is something to write home about. So good. Go for the buffet! It’s the best!

Kristyn Kline

Hit this place up after a round of disc golf at Johnny Roberts. Lunch buffet was incredibly inexpensive with plenty of tasty offerings. Was satisfied after the first round but had to go back for more anyway!

Toby Shaw

Very negative experience here. The server, maybe stoned? completely got our order wrong. We had ordered 4 orders of parathas, one needing to be vegan. The order came out with all the breads mixed up. We explained that one was supposed to be vegan, so they quickly came back out with slightly less breads in one basket and one order in another, the supposed vegan order. I ate this and had a dairy reaction that kept me from going to work the next day. This was not vegan, they just brought out the incorrect order. All of this after messing up the entree and forgetting the drinks we had ordered. One star for sure.

Anirudh Sharma

The lunch buffet is pretty good. Ambience is decent. Food selection is good, vegetarian options are limited. Price points are on a higher side. Lunch buffet was $16 plus taxes. Service is something they can definitely improve on. Language is a barrier as well, it was bit of an uphill slope to communicate with the staff and servers.

Teresa Levite-Real Not Perfect

Awesone food and service!

Earl Harp

First time customer; I enjoyed the spice, it had a much different taste than I am used to. My grandson asked to go here for his birthday and it was a great choice. He comes here for the buffet, for the variety. The lack of sprinklers is concerning but that is just the geek in me.

Jacob Kemner

Came here for a work party and absolutely loved the food. We got a good assortment and I didn't dislike any of it. Some of our party complained about the spiciness but I actually would have enjoyed more. Perhaps if you are sensitive to that kind of thing you should clarify it with your server (who I found to be very polite and helpful).

Luxia Jule

Friendly staff, amazing food. The curry is less soupy but compacted with meat. There are also vegetarian options avaible.

Steve Christian

Outstanding all around! Love the Spice Trade beers and the food. Perfect after a long day of outdoor activities

Nikhil Patel

Simply delicious! Authentic Indian food served in a quaint atmosphere. I had the lamb vindaloo, which was seasoned to perfection. The lamb was a bit overcooked, but not to the extent that is was a significant distraction. The garlic naan was perfect. After the mains were served, it was a while until our waiter came back to check to us; the only notable misstep in the meal. Next time I'm in the area, I definitely returning.

Karl Kleinschmidt

My favorite Indian restaurant in the Denver area, amazing naan, great buffet, nice staff, homey atmosphere.

Farooq Kaiser

After having great fun at Apex Center in Arvada we we were so hungry and wanted to have some good food. We searched on the Google for a buffet and on the basis of good reviews we decided to give a try. The food was really good in affordable price range. It was worth going there. They have also brewery and pub. I highly recommend this place to people those who love Indian and Nepali cuisine. The real authentic Indian taste!

Delaney Boucher

I guess I'm just not into middle eastern food. To me it was ok; my friends liked it but said they would not visit often. We went to the Yak and Yeti in Arvada as we wanted to experience the turn- of-the-century house and the buffet. I will say, however, I sampled two of their beers and that was the best beer I've ever tasted. Even though we were told the wait was a half hour for seating and another half hour to wait for the food, our waiter found a slightly hidden table and sat us there. The half hour wait for the food was if we ordered off the menu instead of going to the buffet. If we go again, I will definitely order off the menu, as the food will be fresher and probably taste better. There were a few children there, and we could hear little feet running around above us. The parking lot is way too small so we parked about 2 blocks away. If you go, make sure you go before 6p because it's a popular place. Would I go again? I would go to experience what's on the menu.

Allison Beecher

We went to Yak and Yeti for the lunch buffet after a long morning hike. It really hit the spot! There were lots of options for the buffet, the staff was friendly, and the restaurant atmosphere was nice.

JA Hartsock

Love this place! Love the IPAs!

Wendy Lopez

Delicious meal! I was skeptical but the food was really tasty and filling. We had the Vegetarian Mo Mo Dumplings - took a little extra time to cook but were served steaming hot! We also had the Malai Kofta and Onion Naan. The Malai Kofta gravy was yummy as were the kofta balls. Good portion sizes are well!

Amy Shaw

My favorite restaurant! Their sweet potato masala is delicious. Really anything from their buffet is phenomenal.

Lauren Johnson

Delicious food! Buffett deal can't be beat. The honey chicken ...nom nom

kathleen blacksmith

Amazing food. Heard the buffet is amazing too. Good local beers. Dog friendly patio.

Michele C

I placed a take-out order for 3 Tandoori chicken, then came in while my order was being prepared. I was greeted by very friendly staff! I decided to order chai tea in the meantime. All staff members were professional and friendly to a fault! I felt very welcome there. On my way out, I took a quick peek at the buffet items, which looked scrumptious! My meal was delicious, and I intend on visiting many times in the future. Great job, folks!

Blake McMullin

The food is amazing. The beer is great. The atmosphere is great as well. I really enjoyed my first trip. Our server seemed like he wasn't really in it that day, but the folks that brought me said that service is usually top notch. Definitely recommended!

Devyn Lynch

Best Indian food hands down. Go here and order the lamb masala and you will not be disappointed.


Unique place with great food. The buffet is actually quite tasty and worth it even without fasting for a week in advance (other tiny people will understand what I mean). The beer is good too. And the setting in a Victorian-ish house is really cute and cozy!


This is it, the best Indian food in Colorado. The original location in Arvada seems to have better food than all of their satellite locations. The Trade Spice brewery within has a fabulous chili beer, which unfortunately are hard to find these days. The brewery is moving out of this location, but I hope Yak and Yeti continue serving all of their creations.

Maggie Ryan

I love Yak and Yeti. It's a staple Indian food joint in the area - the best for sure. They also have a brewery onsite!! Its fun to watch while enjoying a brew. :)

Abryna StKnight

As always the food was fabulous! I love that there is a buffet here because I don't have to choose 1 thing. The staff is friendly and the decor is gorgeous! We come here most times we are visiting in the Denver area.

Jon Barton

Very cool atmosphere! I do agree with most others that the service could have been better. Our server was very slow, but made up for it with his friendly deminor. Overall I still would recommend.

Chelsea Smith

I love the food here whether I get the buffet or order from the menu, I have never been disappointed with the food. They have a brewery at this location which is nice to try some different beers. I would rate this place 5 stars if the service was better. Half the time I'm here the service is unfortunately nonexistent. Overall great place eat.

Liz Rose

Love this place for Indian food. This location is in a quaint house located in Arvada. Parking is hard to come by, but worth the effort.

Ira schmidt

Delicious food, good beer and a cozy, unique environment but with plenty of space.

Forrest Hudspeth

Amazing food

Conor Moore

One of the gems of the Olde Town restaurant scene. Great combination of food and interesting brews.

Jarrid Gross

Best Indian cuisine in the Arvada area. Great lunch buffet for a toned down version of their food. Come back at night for their full strength flavor.

Kate Patterson

Always fantastic. Love the lunch buffet. Great place to take our young kids (no wait, lots of things to try, nice atmosphere). Try the Chai Milk Stout - incredible.

Anthony Ortega

I've only had a limited amount of dishes there, but by golly they were delicious! Went perfectly with their fluffy rice and naan bread. Their chicken korma was amazing, especially when it's spicy, but be careful because they know their spice at Yak and Yeti.

Danielle Kelley

So delicious!! My husband and I love Indian food and this place did not disappoint. Beer is good too!

Narmada Morris

This is my favorite North Indian restaurant in Colorado. I recommend the Curry fries and tandoori winds for appetizers. Any of the dinner specials are awesome. Great bet selection too.

Amber-skye Tumblin

Food is amazing! Good service and nice staff. Love the sagg!

Michael Stobb

Food was delicious! Service quick and unobtrusive.

W Albrandt

The BEST Indian food in town. Go for the buffet. They even brew their own beer and it's awesome

Masihuddin Mohammed

Delicious curries. Loved their cheese and jalapeno naan.

dan curl

The food was incredible, and in large quantities, at a reasonable price. Staff was friendly and great, and the atmosphere was cozy, beautifully decorated, fun, and comfy. Extremely tasty food, highly recommend the appetizers.

Dai-Long Nguyen

Food is great here, I love it when they do the buffet.

Mohammed Hegazy

Good food, the service was not the best

Chani Petro

This place is amazing!!!!! The food is so good. But apparently everyone has to bring there kids here. So don't plan on having a nice adult meal. It's going to be full of children running up and down the stairs. No place is safe.

Stephen Humer

Arrived solo around 6 pm on a warm, sunny Saturday evening and sat at the half full bar. The man next to me suggested the buffet, which I obliged to. Typically, I assume Indian buffets lack protein rich (read: more expensive) dishes, yet this one had plenty of options with pork, chicken, shrimp, along with the vegetarian dishes. I enjoyed everything I ate, stuffed after two full plates, and even had four slices of naan that they give you. I figured the meal would be in the low 20s, yet it was 16.95, a great deal. The bar had two TVs playing the Rockies game and some regular music. Overall a good experience.

Anthony Apodaca

Man what can I say about the food here it is beyond delicious the buffet is always fresh this really is my number one place to eat!!!!!

Lydene Wolf

The food was good, the service was good, but i was served water when I didn't wish for it. Otherwise, I have no complaint.

Nick Campion

Sweet Potato Korma was amazing. Seriously get it. The Taadori lamb and kabuli naan bread was pretty good too. And the beer list shows how much beer is left in the keg! Pretty cool.

Michael Okada

Iconic spot for Indian food, that's consistent in delivering delicious food. The buffet is always awesome, but I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone here, and order something you haven't tried before. Always worth it for me here.

Brian Burckhalter

Excellent food on the buffet with friendly service.

Sydney Hayes

This place had 10-star service and amazing food. The buffet was great, and I enjoyed their cocktail menu! The host continued to ask how we were doing thru the whole lunch, and made sure everything was 100% the whole time! Great place to hang out for a long Friday afternoon lunch and the whole staff was great.

Michelle Wisniewski

Loved the buffet, it was my first time trying Indian food and it allowed me to try multiple dishes.

Lina Kleinschmidt

Great food and quick service

Brianna Windholz

Yak and Yeti in Arvada never fails to deliver great food, great service!

Suchismita Padhy

We had heard good reviews about this place and visited it recently on our visit to Denver. The place was crowded and we were somewhat disappointed in the lack of hospitality from the restaurants' staff. We had ordered the Tandoori chicken which was extremely dry and overcooked( read: burnt). I wouldn't recommend getting that. hen the server asked us how our food was we expressed our distaste, to which he showed no acknowledgement or understanding. The service took over 35 mins and repeated reminders. It was quite a disheartening experience overall after a long tiring day. The saag paneer and yak and yeti special soup were good and I would recommend trying them.

Luke Jones

Buffet is amazing. My favorite Indian restaurant.

Derek Messer

Awesome place! Staff was great and food was great! Beer selection was top notch! Highly Recommend

Christopher Driscoll

At first, it will feel like the dinner buffet price is not worth it, a couple bucks too high. BUT, how else can you try all of this delicious food!?! Seriously, an amazing place with out of the ordinary brews at a great price, that makes up for any feels you may have about the price of the meal. Wonderful service, too. And the Naan is exemplary.

Larry Niemiec

Great food and amazing beer options

Brandon Blakley

Good lunch buffet, a little pricey for lunch but the flavors are very good. Lunch buffet price is 12.95 then add drink and tip you looking at $20 per person, but like i said the food was tasty.

Anupama M

Food was excellent, service was not. Had to remind server a couple of times for water, and Togo boxes and the check. They forgot to bring an item we ordered and we had to ask for it. All that said, food was delicious. Maybe a pick up and go place...

Brett Hoffman

We've been going to this place for several years now but lately it doesn't seem like they can get it right when it comes to take out orders. We took 3 or 4 months off at least from the place and got our Indian food from other restaurants around the area mainly because they couldn't get our orders right. The last four orders in a row have been wrong. One order they gave completely to somebody else, two of the other orders they had wrong items in them and then last night I made sure when the girl that took my order made sure that there was white rice in it. She said yes I will check and make sure. Well guess what they had yellow rice in the order. Did not find this out till I got home. I can't say I'm really all that impressed and am supposed to have a $15 discount from the rewards program when I go back. But you know what I don't know if it's worth going back when they can't get my order right. It may be worth it to spend more money elsewhere. Very annoyed!


Excellent indian buffet and friendly staff.

Una Schade

The food is fantastic, beer options are wonderful, service is great. REALLY love the buffet option so you can try a little bit of everything including dessert. The only downfall is the back seating room gets ungodly hot.

Danielle Barton

Food was great service was good. I ate solo and would go back again. I had the vegitarian Koma and jalepeno bread. So much food. I have left overs for lunch. Parking was tight. I was luck to find the last open spot at 1pm.

Danyelle ORourke

Buffet has a great variety of all the classics and everything is fresh. Service is always very good and the drink selection is top notch.

David Carson

This is a great place for Indian food, during the lunchtime they have a buffet this pretty good also.

Constantine Craig

Very good. I usually don't like Indian food but my wife talked me into going, it was worth the visit. I will definitely return. Service was good, had a good selection of beers. Cozy environment, my daughter had a chicken and rice plate, the chicken had a bit too much spice for a child but it had a very good flavor. It would have been perfect for an adult.

Becca Chisholm

Really good food. Very good buffet with everything on the menu that I was trying to decide between.

Darlene Mcmahon

Food was great, prices and portions were good. We even brought home a doggy bag. The only reason I didn't give them a 5 was because it took so long to get our entrees. But to be fair to them they were extremely busy on a Thursday which is unusual. We also went during peak hours. The service was great!

Pete Saragosa

We have enjoyed consistently excellent cuisine at this unique establishment. The authentic dishes are surprisingly lush, yet balanced in spice and flavor. Located in an Inn type setting, the service tends to be genuine and laid-back in a relaxed atmosphere. At times it can get "busy" with soaring decibel levels; perhaps an opportunity to call in orders-to-go. Overall a great quality restaurant serving real food that is delicious and fulfilling...

Elaine Fong

4.5 stars. Love the many different offerings for the buffet, which is an awesome deal. Came at the tailend of buffet hours on a Sunday, so that may be the reason why the food was a bit tepid. Will definitely be revisiting this joint. :) This place also serve great craft beers.

Thomas Talbot

Every aspect of the food and the beer is so delicious and so authentic, the building is a fascinatingly unique historic mansion in old town Arvada that includes a fully functional brewery, and every time I've ever been in the service was some of the most friendly, earnest and and accommodating I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Definitely a favorite for life.

Patrick Mitchell

Yak & Yeti is the ideal Indian restaurant. Their naan is consistently fresh & flavorful, and their curry dishes are rich, creamy, and full of meat (or paneer). My favorite is the saag paneer.

Christina Nguyen

Great food and the buffet has one of the better selections that I have had

Jeff Engle

Not into Indian food but gave the buffet a shot. Tried a lot of things that I never tried before. I went onto it with an open mind.

Kelsey LeCrone

So good! Ate way too much, but everything was delicious. Great beer, delectable kombucha, exceptionally friendly staff!

Richard Mosko

Love this place. Great authentic indian cuisine and housebrewery beers! Not my first time and definitely coming back as much as possible:)

Christina Jeffrey

Excellent buffet. Loved the distinct flavors. Drinks were great and so was the service. Comfortable atmosphere. Samosas were the best I've ever had!

Phyllis Lee

Came here as part of a large party reservation. The staff was extremely helpful and tolerant of our party with drinks, and food orders. We had a combination of buffet orders as well as menu item orders. I personally preferred the menu food. The brew pub downstairs always has a great variety to choose from.

Matt Gaskins

Sloooooowwwww is the operative word here. Food is good, but the service is incredibly slow. We ordered food immediately after sitting down at 640pm (on a Monday), and an hour and 15 minutes later no food. I asked the server if he had an estimate on when the food would be ready, and he said about 5 minutes. Our food arrived a little after 8pm when the restaurant was clearing out. Very frustrating and disappointing, and it is the second lackluster experience we’ve had in a row. Unlikely to return which is unfortunate since we used to come here often.

Kendric Evans

This is one of the better Indian restaurants in town and definitely among the best buffets. Their beers are also excellent and unique. Parking can be a bit tricky, but it's worth it.

Kenleigh Vazquez

Delicious vegan options! Got vegetable curry soup, sweet potato masala, and vegetable curry, all made vegan, and all had rich, fresh layers of flavor! Very enjoyable atmosphere, we ate upstairs in one of the smaller rooms. Their air conditioning works really well, bring a jacket if you run cold! I would highly recommend this restaurant, tasty food and quite accommodating to vegans!

Jeff G

A few years back at their old location I would have given the place 5 stars easily. I loved eating there, the food was great, the atmosphere was very homey, and I was always glad to visit. The sang paneer and carrot pudding especially were just to die for. Unfortunately though, I feel the quality has gone downhill since they moved to a larger location some time back. The "new" Yak and Yeti lacks the atmosphere it used to and just feels generic. The food is also not as good as it used to be if I were to judge by my last two visits. I wish I could give a better review because this place used to be my favorite restaurant, but I need to find a new place to enjoy good Indian cuisine. Now it's all overseasoned, super heavily spiced, the naan bread is now pretty bland and super flat, and I've had uncomfortable stomach bloat and felt ill for the next day after eating on my last two visits.

Lydia W

Their food is amazing! I recommend, papadum, chicken tikka masala & naan bread. Warm, welcoming atmosphere in an old victorian house, moments away from Olde Town Arvada. It's best to visit outside major dinner times, (or just order takeout 35 minutes in advance)-the place is just popular!


Buffett or menu has great options l, great beer selection as well, always stop in when I'm in Arvada

matt sawers-brule

After living in asia for a couple years this places curry is the best I've had stateside. If you're really into spicy food ask them to make it as if you were a local. The heat is great and the food is my favorite.

Cassie U

Love this place! Food is always so good and fresh. Life-long customer.

ira alsept

Amazingly delish food,but out off all the times I've been here... The service is absolutely atrocious... As soon as the food is ordered and delivered,the server disappears and doesn't come back until they bring the check... never another loaf of naan, never another beer,Never a refill on water... Great food, but stay happy and seriously get take out...

Tucker Taylor

Very very delicious. First time and absolutely loved it. Will definitely be going back.

Ian Douglas

Great buffet for lunch. Selections were great, staff was attentive, prices were good

Marcus Fresia

The only thing that rivals the food is the unique and flavorful beer.

Rachel H Jackson

The buffet was AMAZING and the service was top notch! We were very well taken care of, the staff is so friendly and helpful. Great experience.

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