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REVIEWS OF Wayne's Smoke Shack IN Colorado

Duc Nguyen

I would give it 6 stars if I could! Have been missing Texas bbq and this is the place to satisfy my taste for home. No need to get my own smoker because it cannot be done better than the brisket here. Ribs were tasty as well. I’m gonna get fat and I am okay with it!

William Culver

Always tasty spot to eat. Delicious flavors of meats and fish too at times. If you like Texas style this is the place to go.

William Volkman

They serve what they got so get there early to make sure you get a choice. Absolutely fantastic barbecue.

Andrew Carlson

From the moment you walk in and the smell hits you you'll want to keep eating here. All of the meats I tried were so good. The beef sausage was well cooked, the turkey was moist, the ribs fell off the bone, and the brisket was mouth-watering. The free bread (you have to ask for it) is really good too. I will definitely be back for the meats... The sides though you can probably skip. They were just okay and nothing super special.

Bryan Journey

This place was worth dealing with the hassle of their marketing scheme/operating hours when they first opened and weren't quite as busy. Mainly because at that time they were by far the best in the area (that we knew of at least). Now that there is multiple phenomenal bbq places with equally (if not better) good bbq just a short drive away, I think it's time to retire this place. There have just been too many times where either the line is out the door (weekend) or they just sold out (weekday). If you've never had good bbq, it's worth trying once; but I wouldn't wait for it when there are better options close by.

Jay McGuigan

Every time I go in here the food is amazing and the staff is respectful and polite. I loved in Texas and this, without a doubt, the best BBQ I've ever had

Dave Rome

Great bbq. Best brisket I have ever ate.

Beth Blair

Great quality. Pretty expensive. I wish they served greens as a side. Nice variety of three BBQ sauces. Love the homemade bread.

Chris Carr

I completely agree with Dan Arnusch's assessment. When this place opened, it was a fantastic experience and the BBQ was delicious. Despite providing feedback to them multiple times (with no response), the quality has gone down hill dramatically. The meat is consistently dry and the sides lack any creativity. It saddens me to write this review because I know what they were capable of producing, they just aren't doing it here anymore. All of my coworkers have stopped going as well due to the poor quality. The people are nice, but I am not sure how anyone could write a good review for this place anymore.

Jerry Williams

If you want to have to hock the family jewels to pay for your meal you receive by all means to go Wayne's. Yes, the bbq is delicious - the sides mediocre at best - the price OUTLANDISH @ $22/lb,

Saul Howard

The best BBQ I've had in Colorado hands down. Get there early as they will sell out and you don't want to miss out. Everything is delicious, you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Just need a scoop of ice cream with the cobbler and I would be able to give these guys 6 stars.

Matt R

I told em if it wasn't good, I would not return, $45 bbq to go, no sauce needed, Very Good, I'll be back!

Bonnie Gillespie

This is legit Texas BBQ. When you walk in the door, you're greeted by the heavenly aroma of smokey, meaty goodness. The brisket is divine, some of the best I've ever had. If the photos on the wall are any indication, this place takes its inspiration from some of the great Central Texas BBQ joints like Kruez Market, Black's BBQ, Green Mesquite, and Franklin BBQ. If you're a displaced Texan searching for the flavors from home, this is the place to go.

Minnie Bourque

Fabulous barbecue! The best around this area! They are Texas Tech Red Raiders! It's bound to be good! Guns up!

Tyler Harned

Good BBQ but prettly highly priced for the area.

Ryan Warren

Having grown up in Texas and a pretty good 'smoker' in my own right, I consider Wayne's to be one of the best in the state of Colorado. The brisket is very good and the rub/flavor of the ribs are excellent. However, the pork belly is perhaps some of the best MEAT that I have ever had. I have taken many friends and family to Wayne's and each one has mentioned it as one of their highlights of coming to Colorado! The sausage and turkey is good as well. I am not used to catfish and salmon in a BBQ spot, but each had great flavor. If I had to be picky, I wish they would add potato salad to the menu. Wayne, Tom and everyone else are always extremely friendly!

John Ray

Amazing. There isn't any other word to describe Wayne's. My girlfriend's mother is from Texas, and her father is from Tennessee, and they said Wayne's BBQ "tastes like home" to them. Those are pretty big compliments coming from those two. I love it, I just wish they didn't sell out so quickly! Go for lunch, and you will not be disappointed.


Honestly, I don't like telling people how great the food is here, as I'd perfer to keep it to myself.... Probably been over 100 times now and never disappointed...

Bryan McMahon

Best BBQ in Denver. Get there early to make sure you get some of everything. Pork belly is not to be missed.

george gomes

Nice BBQ but very busy place

John F

Best BBQ I have had in Colorado. Staff was super nice, too.

jaloera 22

Amazing BBQ!!! Great flavor, meats so tender falls right off the bone. I'm glad to finally have some good bbq in Colorado.

Mark Waggoner

Show up early. When they are out, that's it for the day. Brisket was fall apart tender. Sausage was fantastic. Highly recommend it.

Tom Churchill

Best Brisket in Colorado by far and better than most in Texas.

R Stap

Pretty good spot for bbq. They sell out most everyday so the meat you get was smoked that morning. Very delicious and fall off the bone tender. I like the ribs and pork belly. The sides are pretty meh but you dont go to a bbq joint for the coleslaw i guess.

Zachary Epps

best BBQ in the state. The brisket is the best I’ve ever had anywhere, lots of other meat options that are excellent. The new larger space is really nice and was very necessary. Get there early to make sure you get what you want, they sell out often. We miss Tom...

Billy Buck

Second worst barbecue I’ve ever had, and only the second time in my life I threw in the trash half of a $30 tray of barbecue. The “lean” brisket was super fatty and bland as was the pork. The mac was flavorless and dry. The beans were inedible, like they were sorta baked beans and sorta just plain beans. They were absolutely not Texas beans. The homemade bread tasted like homemade bread so that was fine. The peach cobbler was gummy. The slaw was pretty boring, mostly just shredded cabbage. And the thin, watery sauce was just embarrassing. Also they managed to screw up pickled jalapeños. How??? They were like soggy jalapeño slices with a little lemon or something sprinkled on them. And something else — I don’t know why every “Texas” barbecue joint in Colorado seems to serve some form of mustard based sauce. THAT AINT TEXAS SAUCE! I can only assume the good reviews are due to all the Colorado people who have never had Texas barbecue (ie real barbecue) and think that brisket and beans in any form is a novelty. I’m really stunned by this experience.

glenda kidd

Love this place best barbeque around

Aidan Martinez

The BEST barbeque in Colorado - not even close! The turkey breast is my absolute favorite. The skin is so we'll marinated (and if you get a great cut, crispy). Sausages are also fantastic. It may seem bizarre, but the catfish is definitely better than the salmon. Try it out! The baked beans are great too! Always ask for bread and jalapenos toward the end of the line. Can't really taste a huge difference between the sauces, but they all add excellent flavor. :) Always try to make my way out here 11AM Saturday - otherwise they sell out!

Joseph Lee

The best bbq I've had in Colorado

David Ellis

Why would anyone eat any other food ever? My lunch was great.

Nick Croope

Best Texas smoked meat in Colorado.

Michael Robuck

Get there early. best meats on the front range

H.W. Williams

I’m a bbq enthusiast and this place serves the best brisket I’ve ever had. Go—soon.

Victoria Stanton

Incredible BBQ! Excellent Ribs, and super tender brisket. Loved the Original BBQ sauce and variety with great smoked flavor. The sides are truly unique and flavorful too. Enterimg the restaurant immediately provides a mouth watering, amazing smell and friendly atmosphere. Wish I had found this place sooner!

Pat Keziah

Best beef brisket I have ever had. Great service.

Katrina West

First time eating here the BBQ was so delicious!

Holly Hargrove

Delicious melt in your mouth meats!!!! The sauces could be better

Alex Rothacker

Best Texas BBQ around. They close when they are sold out, which happens very early. Be there before 11:45 for the full selection. Brisket and pork belly are my faves.

Kyle Tilley

Beat BBQ I've had in Colorado. Maybe best overall.

Jim Hutter

Wish they had either Coke or Pepsi instead of Boylan drinks.

Stuart Michaelson

Came down to Colorado all the way from Calgary AB to meet up with some long time friends and decided to go out for a BBQ lunch. We ordered a combined 7lbs of the beef brisket, pork shoulder, and pork belly and were absolutely amazed at how good everything was. The meat was juicy and tender and the sides were out of this world. The next time I come back to Colorado, this is the first place I'm hitting up. It is phenomenal.

Aaron Davis

Absolutely amazing BBQ. Best brisket I've ever had. Ribs are awesome too. No sauce necessary on anything. Service is great, cool location. Absolutely fantastic .

jeff adams

Delicious! I question how they can run out of brisket at 12:30? Better planning.

Josh F

These guys know bbq, the brisket is unbelievable and they have lots of different meats by the pound. I wish they did collard greens or salads, that's my only complaint.

Brandon Mau

Had not been to Wayne's in over a year. I was really looking forward to the experience today. I had felt that Wayne's had the best brisket and ribs in Colorado. When I went today, I was disappointed. The ribs were dried out And the brisket had that pot roast taste, rather Then being the smoke filled meat that I had regularly I experienced the last times that I had gone. I know sometimes when a place gets busy, A place grows, And a place gets more employees... that sometimes the food changes. I think that is what happened to Wayne's. As a true lover of barbecue, I left there today feeling bummed out. Most people won't know the difference, But I do and have a feeling that others do as well.

Jill Gard

The ribs and peach cobbler were outstanding. No sauce was needed on the meats, although they were also very good. I'd rate the beef brisket and turkey as good. The baked beans were ok, but too much pork in them. The mac and cheese was just standard, nothing outstanding. The employees were friendly. Worth a visit.

Ronald King

Excellent! This is the BBQ I get up enjoying in Central Texas. Friendly service is the sauce on top.

Diane Gerwig

Always an excellent experience. We are always taking out of towners, friends and family here for a good meal. Never have they let us down.

Michelle Ka

Great bbq. Best place in the area hands down. The lines are long but it's worth it. My boyfriend and I shared a platter of just under 2lbs of meat and 2 sides for about the price of a standard meal out with an appetizer and tip factored in. Not that pricey if you puy it into perspective. Sausages were good, ribs were delicious, pork shoulder is fantastic, brisket was a bit on the drier side to me.

Larene Hoyt

Oh yeah. So good. So worth it. Don't worry about the line, unless you're a butt and want 8 pounds without calling in a head of time. Try to get there before 1pm (they will run out of your favorites)

Hunter Stone

Always a treat!

J. R. Martin

The food here was pretty tasty. It was definitely more Central and South Texas style, but that's ok. I'm weird to like places that close when they run out of food but that makes we want to get there and get what I can. I hope to go back and get more pork belly.

Lorna Hall

Out of the gate I will say that our other visits to Wayne's have been fabulous. The food is always so delicious and today was no exception. However, there was one employee today who ruined the entire visit for us. I came in with my family and was looking at the menu for 15 seconds when he told me to come to the counter to order. I told him I wasn't quite ready (we had 6 people) and didn't want to hold up his line. He stared at me and said..."I can't hear anything you're saying." OK! He then proceeded to say "I can dish you up as much as a little as you would like!" Great! I started by asking 2 oz of brisket. He put 8 oz. on the scale. When I questioned it, he got super snippy and said "I only know pounds, not ounces." Uh alrighty! He rushed us along super fast and piled double of what we asked for on the scale for every type of meat. The last thing I asked for was a small piece of Salmon and he put a whole piece (maybe 7 oz) on the scale. I kindly asked if he could cut it in half (which was still more than I wanted) and the guy rolled his eyes and sighed at me. I had had it with his 3rd grade behavior and asked "Does it annoy you that I asked you to cut it in half?" His reply...."Ya it does, but I'll do it." I wished I just would have walked out at that point. The cashier was super nice but would not tell me the name of the guy who had taken our order. We did have an employee come talk to us (I didn't catch his name or title) and give us coupons and an apology, with a promise to talk to the offender. It was a nice gesture that we appreciated. We felt so uncomfortable sitting in the restaurant eating our food after we had been treated poorly. The icing on the cake was that this employee was making snarky comments the whole time we were there while serving other customers. I heard things like, "I can cut that smaller for you if you REALLLY need me to." "We don't have any salmon left. Oh wait, yes I have a HAAALF of a piece." 3 or 4 different comments. It was really awful. It made our family feel unwelcome and small. I couldn't get his name. He was young, clean shaven with glasses. I hope it was a fluke and we were just the unlucky patrons who caught the brunt of a bad day, but honestly, it's jut not ok to treat your patrons (or anyone!) that way. So disappointed.

paul c

I love this place. I recommend moist cut of brisket.

Evan Rossi

Best BBQ I've ever had

Kevin Botka

Exceeded my very high expectations.

Quentin Finney

Absolutely my go to for BBQ in the area

Richard Henretta

Part of me wants to give them 4 stars because of the sides, but I just can't. I was hoping to find the best BBQ in Denver, and this is it. Other reviews are accurate, the sides are wanting, the coleslaw mediocre. The sauce is thin, but delicious. The meat, to put it simply, is perfect. It is so tender, so tasty, so perfectly cooked, that the rest doesn't matter. Make sure you get yourself some cobbler too.

Ed Jones

Best bbq in Colorado, Texas style! Rivals any in Texas as well.

Yanis Fernandes

This place sells itself. Half a lb of moist brisket and a sausage, bread is no charge.

Matthew Eurich

Wow! Great job....I thought I was in texas

Audrey Lee

Moist delicious savory delightful. So if the things you can get, you should get.

Johnny Wyskiel

Went there for lunch on a a Friday and they had a good deal for $15 (Wayne's Special) for 1/2lb of meat and 2 sides. Food was good, staff was friendly, and line moved quickly.

John Romero


Drew Ayling

True Texas BBQ in CO. Fantastic ribs and brisket. Edit: remodel looks great! I bet they won't run out of meat nearly as fast as they used to.

CO Jeff

Brisket was great, pulled pork was just ok. Definitely one of the better bbq joints around town. Nice friendly service. However, Pricing doesn't make any sense.


Best BBQ in Colorado! Amazing staff! Wayne and Vinny are the Walt and Jesse of BBQ. Get there early!!

Thomas Dunlap

Update 6-18-19: they now have rib and pepperjack "kolaches" . I know, I know, they are supposed to be called klobasnek but people didn't know better so kolache is what people in central Texas call them. I think they are pretty good but I would love to have a traditional one with their sausage wrapped up in there. They are $4.50 a piece, which I thought was a bit pricey, but they will fill you up. The brisket here is great and I love the fresh bread. The sausage doesn't hold together the way I'm used to coming from san Antonio but it has good flavor.

Joel Murphy

Best Bbq in the area if not the best in Colorado- keep up the great eats and business model

Ian Moriarty

Excellent food, relaxed atmosphere. Just get here early - once the day's food is gone, it's gone.

Patrick Frank

The best meat you will ever eat located here.

Andrew degroen

Quality. For sure top 3 best in colorado if not the best.

Rebecca Green

Delicious! They were sold out of the brisket so I got turkey, mac n cheese and peach cobbler. My friend got the ribs and pork belly. So good! Will definitely be back.

Jess E

Great BBQ as long as you get there early before they sell out.

brian cook

Outstanding brisket buy by the ounce , cover 18 states , was at the top , try the peach cobbler and Mac and cheese too.

Justin Jones

Well, this place is is my new favorite BBQ joint. Amazing ribs and brisket.

Roger Perez

All the meats are soo soo good yall need to try it out...

Cameron Mock

Get there early. The brisket is delicious but it disappears fast. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Yancey Roy

The meat this place offers is top notch! One of the best BBQ restaurants I've been to! Get there early because they run out of the good stuff fast!

Lawrence Garner

What a great place and has a great food to try on. The service and staff was great and the place was clean. Extremely amazing food! The only down side is every time I have gone they are starting to run out of sides and some meats by noon only an hour after open. I wish they would plan and make more food. Great place to visit again and again.

Avery Conway

The best BBQ I ever ate! Everything was so tender and delicious! I'm coming back for more

Brent Jones

I’ve tried nearly everything on their menu and I have yet to be disappointed. Even their sides are great. To top it off, they are gluten friendly. It’s a little pricey, but the food is well worth it. Highly recommend.

Eric Wolf

Make sure you get in the door by 11:30am if you want a full choice of meats or a crazy wait. Darn good BBQ for Colorado. That lunch special isn't so special when you do the math. Just order what you want.

Anastasia Weatherford

If you haven't been here, you are missing out. This resturant should be on you bucket list. I have been so spoiled by this place no other smoke/BBQ place can even come close to how Wayne's is.

Chris Archuleta

How have I not already reviewed Wayne's! I literally tell everyone who enjoys BBQ that they have to come here. It's the BEST in Colorado. Everything on the menu is incredible. I'm a huge fan of brisket, but make sure you come early because they ALWAYS sell out! It is a first come, first serve place. I've had mouth watering ribs, the most flavorful smoked salmon, and not to mention the sweet tooth satisfying peach cobbler!

Aaron Engel

Went in around 2 PM for the first time. Nice looking establishment and Wayne was carving up some brisket as we walked in. He gave us a short introduction to the place and its history and asked what we wanted. We ended up with around 5 ribs and 4 slices of brisket, 2 rolls, a scoop of mac & cheese and a scoop of potatoes. We also grabbed all 3 sauces. Brisket was so tender it could be eaten with your hands and had an incredible seasoning on it that had crusted oh so perfectly. Words can't really describe it other than glorious. Coming from someone who doesn't really like ribs, these were probably the best I've ever had. Sides were fairly decent but the star of the show was definitely the meats. The rolls, not to be outdone, were also probably the best rolls I've had in years. The sauces were all also good but one was a stand out. I believe it was the molasses based sauce that put the proper finishing touch on everything. Everything was made from scratch by extremely friendly staff who guaranteed us that we would be back. They were right and we'll be making the trip as frequently as possible.

Charles Garabedian

Don’t get there late this is real Texas BBQ and it sells out fast. The brisket is mouth watering.

Zackarey Thoutt

Wayne's Smoke Shack is the best BBQ I've ever had. Their brisket and pulled pork are unmatched in the area. They also usually have one or two fish options (I've seen salmon and catfish) for people that don't eat red meat. Get there early if you want your choice of meat. They sell out most days in a matter of hours and close before dinner.


I guess I don't really like Texas style smoked meats. Yet, I do LOVE smoked meats, just not any of the ones I got from Wayne's. They are open only during lunch hours and I visited Nov 8, 2018 around 12:45 PM. I got four pork ribs, 1/4 lb brisket, and 1/8 lb pork belly. It cost about $11, which is highly reasonable. I always order all smoke meats with sauce on the side and was happy that Wayne's did not drench their meats in sauce prior to serving. The ribs fell off the bone but we only flavorful due to the large amount of cooked on sauce. I'm not a sauce guy, so maybe that is why I did not think much of the ribs. The cooked on sauce was OK, yet I could not taste the rib meat. The brisket was better, but also just OK. Again, the cooked on sauce took away from the smoke/meat flavor. This was the first time I tried pork belly (I think they make bacon from pork belly and I've had plenty of bacon). I'm glad I got only a small amount because I could only eat two bites. It did taste good and was buttery tender. Yet psychologically, I knew it must be loaded with fat. So I put the rest in the refrigerator to try that evening. When cold, I could easily tell the pork belly was 30-50% fat. I threw the rest away. I can see why people like Wayne's, yet the place is just not what I like which is a very smokey meat with very little sauce cooked on it. If I'm ever in the northwest Denver area, I might drop in again to try their other smoked meats, but not the pork robs, brisket, nor pork belly.

Marina Rudolph

Wow, Wayne's is absolutely incredible! I always order either a slice of brisket (lean) or turkey and a rib. I try not to eat bread but their bread is out of this world and worth every gluten calorie. They recently started serving house made tortillas for tacos and they are fabulous! Get the jalapeños. You have to get there early for best selection, and if you want the cobbler. Did I mention how incredibly NICE everyone is??? So welcoming and friendly. We are so fortunate to have Wayne's in Superior!

Mike Wingfield

You don't need to be a Texan to appreciate how good this BBQ is. The friendly staff will slice you up some meat in increments of 1/4 lbs that you could eat with half a plastic spoon it is just that tender. I recommend a 1/4 lb of the lean brisket and a 1/4 lb of the ribs. You won't regret it. I'll see you there every Waynesday ;)

David Vogel

I just visited for the first time in a while and noticed they added some square footage! This place never disappoints... sometimes it can be confusing to order by weight and cut for newbies but the guys behind the glass are super helpful and make sure you get what you wanted. You can see they enjoy it which makes the whole experience fantastic...

Becky Held

The meat at Wayne's is unreal. I'm not a turkey person, but their smoked turkey is amazing. And I am a pork belly person and I looooove their pork belly. It's rubbed with some kind of a sugar rub and it's so good. Can't recommend it enough.

Nate Bobo

Best bbq in colorado, I've been to most of the bbq places around superior and boulder and this is miles ahead of any of them. My friend works there as well and he loves it.

Jeromy Prosser

Always the best BBQ in Colorado. The updated restaurant has definitely made it better to eat in. Love this place!

Zack Pritchett

Best BBQ joint I've found in Colorado after moving from Texas! Phenomenal meats, little pricey, but well worth it.

zamir ramirez

Lulu's bbq was my initial dissapointment in CO when it came to bbq. Not only do people talk highly of Wayne's, but Wayne's claims their food is made from Texas roots. As a native Texan, I had to put it to the test. I tied my horse up to their benches and walked in with my boots and 10 gallon hat requesting their Wayne's special. Being that their prices are up there, expectations rose even more.... Sweet baby Jesus was I satisfied. Their moist brisket had the components to clog your arteries with a smile on your face due to the great texture and taste. The mac and cheese was a little bland, but the green chile gave it some redemption. The peach cobbler was a boat full of diabetes and heaven. It took all of my willpower to avoid unloading my Colt revolver in the air out of joy and happiness (smiles in Texan).

Tommy Chapman

Good Texas BBQ

Emanuel Seewald

Best Texas style bbq in town!

Stefanie Schy

Always the best BBQ -- hands down. Friendly service and good prices

Dian Mangalapallil

Just yum. The pork belly is heavenly

Chris Fellure

Wow, them's good BBQ!

Dan Snyder

Okay, this 5 is a well deserved 5. For a brief few moments, while having my mind blown by the brisket, I forgot all my troubles. It's that good. I don't know how to say this humbly - I know my BBQ - and this brisket will rival any place in the country and is a close second to Franklin in Austin. It's far superior to any BBQ in Colorado (pun intended). Pork ribs? Ditto. Beans? Ditto. Homemade white bread with a hint of sweetness? Ditto. The cons, which I admit could and maybe should, lower this 5 out of 5 impeccable rating. The mac n cheese was bland. Pulled pork was legit in texture and moisture but tasteless. The coleslaw was forgettable. And probably my biggest beef - the house drink cups are 12 ounce paper cups. I know this is ultra-American-consumer of me but I want a big ol cup of iced tea to wash down my life-altering-brisket. By the time I filled my cup to the brim with ice and took two sips, it was time to refill (yes, I'm complaining about cup size when there are free refills....don't judge me). All in all, stick to the brisket and ribs - they're unreal. Worth my 45 minute drive from south Denver - I'll be back for brisket galore (but might bring my own cup in for tea).

julio sanchez

Double check the scale to see if it’s reads zero. I asked the blond to tare the scale, she didn’t know what tare meant; shocker. I was over charged for brisket by a substantial amount. I try address the issue but was blown off. Customer service has been on the decline.

Tate Moore

If you have not been here you need to fix that right away.

Mark Van Ark

Great BBQ, not many frills, just good Q

John Clarkson

Best barbecue in Colorado with the exception of my own of course. Pricey but the product speaks for itself. Theres alot of time and man hours put into this bbq.

David Johnson

Excellent. They sell out of their meats before they close, but the guys behind the counter really went the extra mile to make sure we had a good experience.

Patrick Donohoe

I can honestly say these were the best ribs I have ever had. Absolutely delicious. Went here for lunch with a group of co-workers and everyone was blown away. Lunch only spot that is open until the meat is gone. Will definitely be sharing this find with others, highly recommend to anyone looking for some solid BBQ.

Robert Weber

Get here early. Everything is spectacular but once it is gone they close. The ribs fall off the bone. The brisket is the best I have ever eaten. The atmosphere of music and rustic decor is perfect and authentic. Everything is 20 bucks a pound.

David Cain

Wayne's Smoke Shack is the real deal. You order your meat by the pound (or portion thereof), and they slice off a big chunk for you. The brisket was tender and flavorful. The meat is the star of the show, really. The available sauces are solid, but did not stand out as much for me. The sides are a bit different than the standard offerings, and all were delicious. I tried the bbq beans, coleslaw, mac n cheese, and the free house bread. I had more than enough food for lunch for around $12. I will definitely be back! This beats all the local bbq chains by a wide margin.

Matthew Cisneros

I was told that this is the best BBQ in the Denver metro area. This is a very accurate statement. Get there early because it sells out fast.

Joe Jupille

It doesn't get any better than Wayne's!

Corey Miecielica

De-licious. absolutely the best BBQ I've had in Colorado. Can't say enough about this place. Smells good, tastes good.. deli style BBQ. You won't be disappointed coming here...unless you show up late and they run out of stuff- it happens.

Logan Hult

Opens at 11:00am and you'd better be there, because there is a line and when they sell out of a meat, they are out of that one for the rest of that day... totally worth the visit. Come hungry and invite friends to a treat. Call ahead at least a day before, a few days prior heads is helpful, for catering (because good BBQ deserves time).

taylor waber

The. Best. BBQ. Period. After trying out a bunch of BBQ from FL and Texas and the local Boulder - Denver area, and I do have a few favorites, this place smokes them all.. Haha. My favorite is the brisket and the pork belly. This meat doesn't need BBQ sauce for flavor, but the sauce that they have is just as good as the meat! Bringing all of my friends here who visit from back home.

Casandra Corbett

This place is ridiculously good. Go early worth the wait in line.

Gregory W Gardner

Fresh BBQ that is easily the best in the area. Get there early or they might run out and shut the doors.

Dor Sela

Let's just say this place is so good, it's getting to the levels of not wanting to share and hoping it will remain a secret... but trye to Google guides I will simply say - it is the best smokehouse in Colorado I've been in so far. Prices are fair and the quality is beyond superb. You choose your meat/s - they weigh it and you enjoy. Ribs are beyond amazing and smoked Turkey, sausage are awesome. The smoked Salmon and Catfish are great if you are fortunate to get them.. which leads to the main issue... they sell out the goods fast.. if they open at 11 for lunch at 12:30 you will have little choice and at 1 - don't even show up... I recommend checking before you go - or go early and prepare to stand in a line. again - WORTH the wait!!

Dustin M

The best barbecue around. Every meat (and fish) they do is great, though I wish they were able to find a supplier for their chicken that they were satisfied with, that was an easy favorite. Hard to go wrong with the brisket though, and the pork belly is just about irresistible.


I'm INCREDIBLY picky when it come to my ribs, I'm born and raised in Texas. These are the best ribs I've had in a while. Best in Colorado and maybe Texas for sure. Fall off the bone juicy, perfectly smoked flavor! Get these!

William Yu

Pork belly. Brisket. Shoulder. Peach cobbler. Nuff said.

Andrew G

Extremely amazing food! The only down side is everytime i have gone they are starting ti run out of sides and some meats by noon only an hour after open. I wish they would plan and make more food.

Justen Staufer

Wayne's is awesome. Their beef brisket jiggles when they go to cut it. Makes my mouth water. DO NOT miss out on their pickles!!!

Cory Worthen

Food was excellent, staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was great. They have fresh tea as well as your usual fountain drinks along with peach cobbler to top it all off! Great for families and friends

David Wetherbee

Best brisket I've ever had. Ribs are amazing. Sides are amazing. Maybe the most authentic Texas BBQ in Colorado. Eat it and LIVE.

Jimmy Allen

Best Texas Style BBQ in Colorado. I had the Brisket and Pulled pork and both were very tender with. You can smell the smoke when you get there. They use red butcher paper to cook in real wood. Think they used to use pellet grill but real wood now. The results are amazing. I think this would rival Franklins in Austin TX very well. I really think they are about the same. The residences of Superior Colorado are very lucky to have a BBQ place this good. I think between GQ and this place this area of Colorado is very lucky because they have the best of different style BBQ in same area. I live in Littleton and we have nothing like this.

Nathan Reed

Holy cow, and pig, one of the rare places that sells pork belly. Recently expanded, so plenty of seating, not sure how quickly they sell out with the new space, but it happens, so go early.

Christan Fergus

Drop what you're doing and just go, but get there before 12:30! Excellent BBQ, great staff. Love that they sell out and then that's it for the day. Good stuff

Brandon Johnston

Best damn bbq I have ever had in my whole life. Ribs and brisket are what I have tried so far and it was honestly life changing. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Fabrizio Polo

This is literally the best BBQ I've ever had. Every time I'm in an area famous for BBQ I always do my best to check out the highly rated local favorites. Denver is not a place famous for BBQ and yet they have Wayne's. It's unreal. When people talk about brisket that melts in your mouth they're usually exaggerating. This is the best brisket I've ever had. Get some "dry" and some "wet" just to compare. My dad visited also agreed that it was the best he'd ever had. 6 stars if I could.

John Biggs

Stumbled into Wayne's a few years back and it is the BEST BBQ in the area. Lunch only, cafeteria style. Brisket, Ribs, Catfish, Chicken and Pork sold by the pound along with beans, mac & cheese, peach cobbler and bread round things out.Get there early (11:30 AM) for a full selection, because when they sell out ((~!1:00 PM) they are done for the day. Great staff provides the finishing touch on a great lunch experience. Check it out. PS there are more tables out back in the shade in the summer!

Curtis Baker

Holy smokes the reviews are not kidding. Finally broke down and went there for lunch today (live like 5 minutes away). The brisket and ribs are absolutely out of this world good. Many other reviews are joking about how it is life altering, they are only slightly exaggerating. The sides were a great compliment to the meat (had the mac and cheese and coleslaw). I will definitely be back.

Cathy Kramer

Absolutely fantastic! Melt in your mouth brisket, fall off the bone ribs and juice dripping pork shoulder. Guys here are super friendly and know their smoke. Apple slaw is addictive. Hooked us up with the last bit of brisket for the day on the house! Can't wait to go back.

Jim Martens

Some if the best BBQ around. Get there early, when they are out, they're out.

Desi Parker

The best BBQ outside of Texas! It's all pellet smoked and fantastic. Texas style means not many choices of side dishes, it's meat heavy Wayne's keeps winning awards, and for very good flavors. Don't miss the chili made from leftover meats the day before.

Jason Smith

$25 for a 2 meat plate. The meat was cooked excellent, but the seasoning tastes off. If they had a better rub and better sauce, it would be awesome meat. The baked beans were awful, tasted like cumin and canned peaches. The mac and cheese has too much spice. You can tell they're one of those barbecue places that just tried to throw the whole spice rack at everything. Their meat selection as far as what portion of the brisket you get was awesome, and it looked great. If only it tasted good.

Charles Wheeler

Some of the best barbecue in Denver. Try the pork belly it's amazing

diane b

Excellent brisket. Sauces and sides weak on flavor.

Andy Osborn

Just go. Words and star ratings can't explain how good this place is. Just go.

Alisa Robinson

Melt in your mouth meat!

Steve Burns

Always the best meat around. I refer people from around the state to come here

Charles Walker

Best BBQ I've had in Colorado, no contest

Jeff Karpinski

Best TX BBQ in the Denver area. Go early - sometimes they run out.

William Cass

The best of BBQ in Boulder county

D Nyagolova

Ok, the guy that created this place is God's Gift to Colorado! This is the best BBQ I have ever eaten. The rib meat falls off the bone just from holding the bone. The Texas Golden BBQ sauce is amazing and you can get it to take home. Will definitely go back.

Christopher Harris

The food there is great and that's and understatement!

Calvin Schwadron

The only excellent bbq in the boulder area

Javier Chavez

It's my go to place for BBQ..

Mike Harm

Best brisket in the whole region. Show up early on weekends, they run out fast!

Anonymus Rater

Best bbq in Colorado

Brian Gibson

Ribs were very fatty, even for ribs. Brisket was quite wet. Sauces were delicious. My lunch company told me it's usually better, an argument supported by the extremely long and steady line of hungry customers. I'll be back to try it again.

Gina & Rich Sullivan

That was the BEST BBQ I have ever had and the service and friendliness matches! I’d wait in line for this dinner anytime!

Sean Newton

The sausage and ribs are good. The brisket, however, is AWESOME. I do not tend to get brisket at most BBQ places, but this place is simply ridiculous good. Frankly, I don't even use sauce on the brisket, it's delicious as-is. My five stars are for the meat. Fantastic. I will agree, however, the the side selection could use some work. The rolls are tasty. The mac & cheese is good but not great. Pretty surprised there's no mashers, cornbread, corn, or beans. I am crossing my fingers that they grow into that. Beyond that, the service is good, the place is clean, the outdoor seating is nice when weather cooperates.

Ryan Abella

This was easily the best brisket I’ve ever had, and definitely legit Texas BBQ here in Colorado. The prices can be a little expensive, mostly because you order by weight just as you get a whiff of the delicious, smoked meats on the counter. The few times I’ve went are ~2 hours after opening. I haven’t seen them run out, but I’d advise going in for an early lunch just in case.

Robert Berry

Stupid good. I came for the brisket and will come back for the ribs and turkey. I was blown away at the quality and the service was great too.

Hyper Fox

Great Texas BBQ. The ribs and brisket are fantastic.

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