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Unfocused mean

Excellent food. We like to order dessert first, mango sticky rice. Pad Thai is wonderful. If you like it mild, not spicy, remember to say so.

Cristal Davila

The food here is delicious! The staff are always nice. I usually call ahead and place an order to pick up because the restaurant is always busy. They're really good about having the food ready when they say it will be. I recommend the fish curry and the papaya salad.

Gus Serrano

Humble hole in the wall with excellent quality, taste, portions and spice!

Kevin Farley

Great! Fast service at lunch. Best Thai I’ve had!

Mathew Garcia

Such authentic food!!! Amazing atmosphere and great service. This place is always busy and worth the wait sometimes.

Michael Carter

Just go. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Corbin

Best Thai food I’ve ever had. Warning, I normally order hot or Thai hot... that’s pretty much the mild here

Peter Gallerani

Been here a bunch of times, always worth it!


Best Thai restaurant in Denver

Dani Schaper

Food is so awesome. Wait is always long but the food is always worth it

Ryan Rossell

As Authentic as it gets!!! My nephew spent a year abroad in Thailand as an exchange student and we've been searching Denver for "the real thing" so he could enjoy the food he loved so much in Thailand again and tonight we found it! He even spoke Thai with our waitress. A TON of flavor in each dish. Generous portions and fair prices. If you're looking for authentic Thai food look no further than US THAI CAFE.

Kris Campbell

Can be a tad pricey but the food is worth it. Fantastic grub right here

Ren DeCristoforo

Delicious!! When they say "try the mild+ first" they mean it. So very delicious!!!

Marilee Thomson

The best Thai in Colorado. Tom Yum is amazing and Pad Thai is also great. * Don't order Thai Hot here, we do Medium + and it's SPICY

Jon Nealer

Best Thai in Denver, hands down. GREAT spice options - they will hurt you if you ask for it. But beyond the heat, the flavors are fantastic.

Dikesh Maskey

Dishes were not vegetarian friendly...but everything was delicious. Way too spicy... don't order medium if you don't want to burn your tongue. Very busy had to wait almost an hour on a Saturday night. Again no good if you r vegetarian that's why 3 star.

Kyomi Reinhard

Tried this restaurant for the first time tonight with my family. The food was so delicious and best Thai we've had since we went to Thailand a few years ago. A must try!

Maren Rubino

Low budget and good Thai food. Service was friendly and quick. Atmosphere is lacking.

Jack Stewart

I have heard a lot of hype about this place prior to going. It’s good but I was a little disappointed only bc I had such high expectations. Food was nothing new and spice levels were totally average. Location is neat and quaint and collectively makes for a nice destination.

Taylor Nguyen

This is probably the best Thai food I've had in Denver (except for their Tom Kha; I think Bangkok That's is better). Mild plus is definitely the way to go if you want some heat without crying your way through your meal. Really wish the owners would expand or get a bigger location, though--getting takeout here after 5PM is a total zoo. Seriously, you're lucky if you can get a phone call through to their place around that time. I recommend calling earlier than 5 if you plan on getting it on your way home from work. That, or maybe wait until 8.

Bob Yu

Seriously the best Thai food in the metro Denver area. I usually get the Pad See Ew, but other dishes are great as well. They don't play around with their seasoning. If you're going for the first time, I suggest ordering "mild plus" - you …

Melanie Mullens

Great food and awesome atmosphere! I do love small unusual places with authentic food. Be aware, Thai cuisine is really hot. The chicken wings and green curry are out of this world. Service was a bit slow, so perhaps you will have to wait.

Steve Guydo

Best Thai food I've ever had.... Hands down.... I never order tofu anywhere else and get it here every time.

Adriana O'Connor

We used to order take out from US Thai every Sunday about 6 years ago. They have since stopped taking pickup orders on Sundays. We ordered takeout last night, waited for an hour and were extremely underwhelmed by the food. It was definitely not the US Thai I remembered. I ordered the pad thai- it tasted way over sugary, the noodles were hard and stuck together and there were only about 4 peices of tofu in it. Maybe quality has gone down because of the extreme popularity, but it is now like every other generic Thai restaurant. The extra star is only because the staff was pleasant.

David M

Seating took much longer than quoted, portions were small, and they were unwilling to make another plate. The food itself was delicious.

Paul Goymerac

This is the first and only time I've ever felt like I've found a restaurant worthy of being reviewed. I can't fully describe the joy my taste buds experience every time we go to eat here. I can say that it has become one of our favorite restaurants ever, and we eat here almost every week now since we've discovered it. I normally enjoy spicy food but without burning my face off. As the menu suggested I started with a dish at the mild + rating. It was spot on to my ideal levels of some spice, but not too hot. The next time I tried the medium, which pushed closer to my limit of how spicy I like it, but it was still great. I'm terrified to think of the Thai hot option. Many other restaurants seem to have the most random amounts to their spices but this one has been very consistent and very tasty every single time. If anyone at US Thai reads this, thank you for the great food and service. I will definitely be coming back for more.

Logan Tunget

This place has gone down hill tremendously! I would recommend everyone stay far far away from here. It is not anything like it use to be. Service is god awful. Employees were extremely rude. My last pick up order was ready 30 minutes after the fact. When I questioned the extremely rude hostess, she told me; “we are backed up, you need to be patient or leave.”

Nayeun Kim

So far, the best Thai in Denver. Other franchise Thai and some of them in Aurora Thai restaurants recommended to me by friends were all disappointing. quick and friendly service. Don’t get Thai spicy unless you know what to expect. Great food.

Brian Cadieux

My favorite Thai Place, try Green Curry. Watch out for spicy levels.

Tyler Proctor

Best Thai food in the area for sure. The curry here is amazing but be warned.. when they say spicy they mean it.

Paco P

Great authentic food with lots of non coconut options

Brian Combs

Worth the wait! Their medium is as spicy as other restaurants thai hot.

Matthew Goldbach

Great food but be careful with their spice levels. Med is quite hot. I been multiple times and everything I've had has been very flavorful and good

Danny K

Hole in the wall style location. Yet to find any Thai food that is on this level in Colorado. I always recommend this place to locals and visitors alike. Flavors are bright and fresh. Beware of HOT.

Michael C'de Baca

One of my favorite Thai places in the states. Listen to the staff when ordering spice level. I like really spicy food and get the medium. Don’t go for hot unless you are on a weight cut and need to lose lots of water weight

Abe Bebo

Best Thai in Denver - trust me I tried them all. Menu is small becuase they are pros. Order anything, it's all delishous.

Ian Reusch

So good. Worth the wait. Can get very spicy if you dare!! I always grab to go, and eat at the brewery across the street. Only downside, they do not answer the phone, so just walk in.

Mark Miklebost

Just dropped in for lunch, WOW. I ordered my food Mild+. I like spicy food and this was perfect.

Tori Whelan

I already know I'm going to start having cravings dreams about their pad soy! Amazing. I got the mild + and I did not think it was very spicy but it was full of wonderful flavor.

josh gallegos

Very Good thai food Watch out for Thai hot. Very flavorful food

Daniel West

Pretty good pad thai. They emphasize the spice lvl, everything is shifted, mild is med, med is hot, and hot is stupid. This just means they load it up with red pepper flakes though. If they had thai chilies I'd be onboard but nope. Good service and overall good food.

Theresa Schaefer

There isn't any atmosphere, but the food is great. I has the jungle curry which I had never had before and enjoyed. I really liked their take on crab cheese wontons-lighter and crisper than most I've tried. If you like spicy hot food, then you'll love their food. If you don't like your food spicy hot, stick with mild and don't go with the mild plus. The waitress was nice and very helpful, but very busy as the restraunt was full.

Michael Cummings

Really tasty and popular small restaurant

Andrea Valdez

Best Thai food in Denver in my experience. Get that mild +, though! Don't try to be a hero!

Brian Lynch

Amazing Thai food at a reasonable price and fast service! What more could you want. I recommend the Drunken Noodles

Paul Dallas

Place makes quick, delicious food, only downside is everyone knows this and it is pretty busy.

Steven Adams

Best Thai Food in Denver - hands down. Always quick service, consistent quality, fresh ingredients.

Andrew B

Love this place. I caution you as someone who loves hot food start low with the heat level, don't go in their too confident.

Alexis Beebe

Best Thai food I've had ever, friendly and fast service too!

Jacob Harkins

Probably the best Thai in Denver. The service is pleasant but painfully slow. The kitchen seems to make one dish at a time. It takes 45 minutes to get entrees during peak times. For a five star experience head here before the dinner rush and you’ll love it.

Tony Schoenberger

The Pineapple Friend Rice is awesome!! I've had it four times in the past couple of months. You can't go wrong at US Thai.

Davin Yoshida

Awesome Thai food! Excellent flavor! Be careful they don't fool around. Medium there is Thai hot at other places. This is some of the best Thai food in the Denver area!

Jenni D

Place is too hot beware i ordered the mild too and it hurt for days

Jaimie Gauntlett

I lost a vote and went with some folks that love Thai. I don't care for Thai is what I thought. Since trying this, I've tried two other Thai places where I live searching for the flavor of this place. It was amazing. Medium was spicy. If …

Travis Bland

Really really good food and friendly service. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the interior could use a little remodeling and the flies were super annoying. We ate here on a summer night and they had the door propped open, …

Danny Ke

Easily setting the bar high in the greater Denver area. Quant dining room with a constant wait. Authentic flavors and spice. Medium spice is not for the faint of heart. Hot can only be consumed after confirming you have no pulse. I stopped looking for better Thai places locally after US Thai. Highly recommend.

noah koch

Waited just under and hour for two dishes... no one cared enough to come to our table then we asked where our food was and they said it would be another 15 minutes. Pad Thai came out and it was one of the most spicy dishes I have ever …

Matt Gillham

Food is better than average but even when the place is empty and it’s 4pm it still takes them 45 min for an order.

Kevin Calman

Very good and authentic food. Spiciness scale of normal hot, hotter than you'd think, and fire-starter hot should be respected.

Ariel Veroske

Amazing Thai but FYI THEY ARE CLOSED UNTIL SEPT 3, 2019 for a kitchen makeover.

Richard Sanchez

Some of the best Thai food I've ever had. When the entire staff is Thai you know you came to the right place. The restaurant was packed on a Thursday afternoon. Had to wait 15mins for a table the to go packages were stacked and waiting. The place was hopping.

Thien Nguyen

Good place for Thai cuisines. You have to try the hot wings. Very friendly staff.

Matt Herr

Yep. Hole in the wall with great food. The Swai curry was excellent. Medium spice was perfect for me although I have a high tolerance for spicy. I would not recommend ordering the hot.

Dany Miller

Don't get the pad soy, it tastes awful. Also don't get hot unless you want satan fire and really love the taste of crushed red pepper, because that's the only thing you'll taste.

Celery MonteCelery

Fun little hole in the wall, with amazing food. Hot is actually hot, and everything is delicious.

Lucas Polack

A note for chili-heads: this place is for experts only. Last time I was here I couldn't remember how hot I usually went and insisted on "Hot" (#2, just under "Thai Hot," which... surely must be a joke). I love heat. I can handle it. The flavor was fantastic. But I could barely eat US Thai Cafe's "Hot." I had to take it home and try to finish it later. Fire level 9/10. Stick with "Medium" unless you're really trying to burn yourself down. This place is amazing!

Alison Jones

Great little cafe! Came here with a friend after a nice walk around sloans lake. The Thai fried rice was amazing and pork egg rolls that were Absolutely delicious. The restaurant is sparse and down to earth. What they dont have in terms of decor, they vastly make up for in taste and quality of food. I was also very pleasantly surprised by how well priced they are for such a hip location near the lake. I will be back!

Dulcie Long

Disappointing, it used to be much better. Pad Thai shouldn't be dark orange

Jungle Jim

I asked for it hot and they made it Hot and that's why I just fell in love with this place. Very authentic! A must try ! !

Matthew Stewart

Great food. One of Denver's best Thai places.

Mohamed Elbergdar

Do not go to this place. It is absolute filth, the place is infested with flies and is not clean at all. Above all of that, their customer service is terrible. We ordered a meal that was way too spicy and they weren’t willing to work something out. They were very confrontational. Worse Thai food experience!

Steven Phenna

The best Thai food in Denver, hands down. Everything from Pad Thai to Pineapple Curry is amazing. It's a small place with a great atmosphere and service. Love it, will be back regularly.

Rameez M

Best Thai food in town with reasonable prices.

Alexander Ferral

Oh... So flavorful! Get the massaman curry. Thai hot will likely put you down - only pick if your very determined.

Anthony Wright

Best Thai food in Denver! Get mild + in terms of spiciness if you haven't been there yet and then adjust from that point. The panang Curry and drunken noodles are our go-to's for dinner.

Tyler Dorland

The best Thai food I've had in Denver. This is a no frills, old-school,delicious cafe. They want to serve you some of the best food in Denver, so don't expect to be waited on hand and foot, but they will get you your food, you drink will always be full, and in my experience, they aren't there to push you out. And they do it at the best deal in Denver, IMHO. One thing I would definitely suggest is to go softly on your first time with the spice level. MAny people have reviewed that and it's true. I consider myself someone who can take a very hot green chile, and really enjoy it. There's something about Thai peppers and spiciness that gets me and this place can be unapologetically hot. My suggestion is the mild-plus on your first go.

Yiqian Wu

After eating a few times in tasty thai, i do think the pad thai here is lacking some spices.

Harley D

Great little hole in the wall. Trust them when that say medium is hot enough

Matthew Cisneros

Classic Thai cuisine. They will question your ability to handle "medium" spicy, which is a good call. No alcohol, which is fine because the food reigns supreme.

Jorge Lopez

COME HERE AND EAT! Yo this place is the spot. Don't give your hard earned money away for mediocre food. Come get it here. Been here 3 times this week. Ask for the super secret chili powder and take it up a notch. Mild plus for me is fire enough all the flavors come through. Fresh and super legit! You will wait and yes the place is small don't be an entitled fool and miss out if you judge on looks. This little hole in the wall is banging. Guatemalans approved 5 stars aka #cincoestrellas

elizabeth sotelo

Really bad experience i will never be going here again it was my first and last time. we order to eat there and they gave us to go. we even had to get up and get our drinks, when we paid she got mad and came outside yelling because we didn't tip , she didn't help us at all. Why do we need to tip if we didn't get service. it was the most embarrassing thing i been through. i do not recommend this place . wish i can give a 0 star

Evan Magee

Delicious food but can’t find a spice level to order. Either that or the spice level is inconsistent. Medium wasn’t hot enough one day so I asked if they have medium plus, they don’t. So I ordered one medium dish and one hot. It was so spicy I almost got sick. The medium dish seemed hotter than medium the time before. I can’t win, regardless I will keep coming but won’t ever order hot. The service is on and off. They can be very quick at off hours but have waited close to an hour sometimes. Still my favorite Thai place, just frustrated.

Jon Psihoules

Probably the best Thai food in Denver. Very authentic taste and plenty of options. I have tried everything on the menu at least once and have been impressed with it all. The staff is very nice and makes sure everytime that you know what you are ordering when you order any spice level above medium. It really does get hot so be careful. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant and if you do need to wait for a table, their is a bar next for to accommodate you.


Good Thai place. Great for people who like VERY spicy. The only downside is how busy it gets but that's good for them. They handle it quite well.

Ivy Torres

Horrible service!!! food is great but the waitress and the cashiers are rude i had to get up order my food and drinks because no one would help us there just in the cashier talking to each other and expect for you to leave them a good tip !!

Susan Hensley

Great place for pad thai! When you call for take out it is sometimes hard to reach them and it is ready in like 45 mins due to how busy they are!

Stephanie Miller

Ordered food to go and it was fantastic. Lots of fresh veggies and delicious sauces.

Michael Noël

Nothing different, this place from the next, except the hot levels have been shifted. They may have slightly fresher ingredients. Medium here is most places Thai hot, be careful. They seem nice, but the service sucks. That's pretty much it. Oh! Wantons are actually pretty decent.

Arash Ghaemi

I decided to give it a few tries before leaving a review but has never really lived up to what I've been told. Poor service and overrated food. Not sure what the hype is about. Interior is dirty as well with lots of flies.

Christy Truong

1st time at this restaurant and our family love it

Scott Starkweather

Easily my favorite Thai spot in all of Denver. Excellent flavor and it actually has a little heat to it. During peak hours you will have to wait a fairly long time to get a table or take out but it is entirely worth it. Do yourself a favor and check this place out. If you cannot reach them by phone it means they are extremely busy and not taking phone orders at that time. However, they do indeed answer the phone and I often place to go orders that way.

Erin Connolly

Most authentic I've found in Denver

Tony Caldwell

Really spicy and cool!

Linda Has

I love their food! The only problem I have is that they're so busy sometimes that you can't call in to make to go orders. The interior needs remodeling but that doesn't stop me from getting food from here and their food is authentic Thai spicy. If you don't eat Thai chili I recommend not to order any food Medium spicy cuz it'll be too much to handle.

Mariah Streck

Excellent and authentic thai food for a great price. This place gets insanely busy on the weekends ! Last weekend the phone went right to voicemail that they weren't taking any take out orders. This Friday I ordered at 6pm and it was an …

James Kirby

Spiciest Thai food I've ever found.. and I've been searching for years! (Even in Thailand) The serving sizes are ample, the price point is excellent, and service is more than adequate for dining in. Just don't expect much for ambience.. it's kind of a dive.

Tsige Kaufman

It has Amazing food and Medium spicy is plenty. Try the US thai special it has a lot of vegetables but its really good. If u are not a big fan of vegetables dont order it.

Troy Stockinger

One of the best Thai restaurants in Denver!

Bradley James

Awesome thai food, but take out only, and usually very busy

Chris Semrod

The bomb. Medium spicy isnt that hot.

Richard Davies

Always busy and service is usually slow. I've even been here where they told someone trying to place a walk up takeout order, over 45 minutes. STILL 4 stars because when you do get your food, it's great. Order the spicyness level below what you usually get... If you get Medium anywhere else, consider getting Mild or Mild+ here.

Matt Barnes


Ryan White

I'm still trying to recover from eating here last night. First, the place is filthy, the wait for a table and food is incredibly long, and the woman seating and taking orders isn't exactly bristling with kindness. Now that I've had the food, I would have been happy to wait a LOT longer for it. Drunken noodle hot wasn't made hot by fresh peppers but was covered in canned chili flakes (complete with oil and sodium) - seems like if you're going to use a condiment as an ingredient in your food you should at least get some Sriricha sauce in there! It was gross but I had been warned about "no take backs" (they must get a lot of requests) so foolishly ate it anyway and have been sick every since. My friend didn't fair any better with her mild rice dish that she was at a loss for how to save or add flavor to (and is also feeling ill today). Good news is that it's way cheaper than a kambo ceremony so if you're looking to purge your system this might be the cheapest way in town to do it! If you're looking for thai food there are way to many places in town who make their food with care and attention (and clean the bathrooms now and again) to hurt yourself at this restaurant.

Nick Keller

Fast service when I went in, and very good noodles. Beware, it is very spicy!

Paul V

Consistently the best, most authentic Thai food ive ever had. It is amazing, and always a treat! I will forever love this place.

zohar ben yehuda

I ordered the tom kha soup, it was so sweet and flavorless. Then they refused to refund the soup. The pad thai was average at best and not even remotely as spicy as promised. Very disappointed. Won't be returning ever.


Its my go-to Thai option whenever I return to Denver, and it's 'Thai Hot' spice is no joke.

Skye Bacus

Favorite Thai in Denver. Made the mistake of ordering medium my first time. I haven't done that again. That's how you know it is the GOOD STUFF. Now I order mild and I sweat less when we eat. Everyone wins!

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