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REVIEWS OF Torchy's Tacos IN Colorado

Wendy Peterson

Theywere extremely busy which I here is normal for them. Stood in line for a long, long time then they messed up our order time and time again and then once seated I had to get up and go to the main cashier to handle each and every problem …

Taylor Christiansen

My visit to the Torchy's in Denver was my first time crossing paths with this taco chain from Austin and I wasn't disappointed. There are plenty of tacos to choose from (I had the Mr. Pink, salmon, and the Trailer Park, fried chicken) and the spicy queso is top notch. I hope they expand to the East Coast someday!

Carsten Baumann

A little bit of Austin right here in the mile high city. I missed my chance to eat at Torchy's when I recently went to Austin, so I was glad to find their outpost here. I put my expectations in check, worried that this was another overhyped (and overpriced) taco joint. However, I was pleasantly surprised. There are great, creative meat options, blending Southern favorites in a tortilla, vegetarian choices (fried avocado!?) and good traditional fillings. Good beverage choices and great service. The only downside was the noise level when the place filled up. I'll definitely be going back to sample more of the menu.

Firefly Designs & Co.

Hipster tacos, pricey but good and filling too

Jed Rich

Best all around Tacos

jackson Shurley

The best tacos I have ever eaten. The selection is great. The decoration is very fitting for the restaurant. I highly recommend going here if you are in the Denver area.

Enes Akbuga

It is a great place to have tacos! This is an Austin based taco restaurant so I was very surprised seeing it in Denver. I think it’s very close to the ones in Austin. Definitely recommend!

Harish Kumar R

The tacos are great but the service is poor. The person taking our order did not take our order correctly in spite of repeating our order twice. The food arrived with missing (spicy sauces) that we asked for when the order was placed. The food tastes great. For the price they are charging and the poor service, this place gets 3 stars. It's sad because other reviewers seem to have had much better experiences.

Jonie W

The queso was really good. The barn burner (one of the specials) was tasty & had a good spice to it. My only true complaint is the sausage taco came out room temperature.

Shane Robson

Good food but really slow service. I don't get it. The Austin locations are waaay faster. I ordered 2 breakfast tacos at 10:50 am and it's dead. Slow the last 2 times I was here too!

Aaron Hurtt

Food was different for your average Mexican food restaurant wich means no wear near average was this place my advice would be to go out on a whim and try this place of you already haven't

CJ Rodrigues

Make sure you get queso. It is so good. The tacos are very filling and tasty as well!

Ben Valdez

Tacos are good but pricey, I got the green chili pork and beef fajita. The pork was seriously lacking on the green chili side and the corn tortillas were falling apart, I'd give them 3*. The beef was filled to overflowing with onions and peppers 5* (nothing like the pork taco). I was very happy with the fajita taco but completely disappointed with the pork, which is actually my favorite. I think there's substantially better options to choose from around town.

Brian Wallace

All the locals rave about this place. The food is excellent and the prices are good: Lower mid-range

Brad Bennett

Quite nice actually. The ordering line was quite quick. Nice Ambience as well.

William Hendley

Honestly the best tacos I've had since moving to Denver. They don't have a ton of heat but the flavor is absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend the Mr. Orange, the Mr. Pink, the Democrat and the guacamole.

Elle Temmer

I'm usually pretty positive, but I really think the only redeeming quality here is the location. I waited an hour for a taco. The lines are always long, and they do not move quickly.

Bob Yu

I don't get the craze. Hot dog in a taco? I mean, I guess it's original, but it's far from good. The only taco worth eating is the fried avocado taco.

craig brodanex

The food was like warm and did not taste good.

DeAndré Johnson

Came in on a slow Monday morning, and got two breakfast tacos. They were delicious, however, this review is receiving a 2-star solely on service, front and back. Before I cashed out, I had ordered chips and salsa to-go. From the time I cashed out at 10:49, I didn’t receive the simple order I placed until 11:12. 23 minutes seems like a long time... for chips and salsa, a quick item to make... guests who even arrived 20 minutes after I ordered were still getting their chip & salsa order before I did. Even if you ran out and had to make more, 10 minutes should have been the cut off for that. And the reason I mentioned front and back, it’s not the bartenders job to run food, but it is still there job to realize when ticket times are too long and need to go check on what’s going on or send someone back to check what’s going on.

Chris Flores

Awesome green Chile queso dip and tacos! Definitely recommend. Order at least 2-3 tacos if you’re real hungry!

Ashley Kennedy

Great place to eat. Not authentic, but a nice modern theme for tacos and delicious. Can be a bit pricey as only taco is about 5 bucks

Frank Romines

Good, high quality but casual atmosphere to enjoy tacos.

Aleah G.

Very tasty taco. Around $5 each small taco. You can end up eating three. I think 2 tacos are just right. My favorite is Alabama shake. The best taco I've ever had! Very fun to try new taste of tacos. There is a bar for alcohol drinks too.

Mikey DuMaine

This place is amazing! The staff is very friendly and the food is great... It is convenient to get to, and the outside storefront is illuminated and attractive - easy to find, and easy in-and-out if you're on the go. The restaurant is clean and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The prices are decent, but parking is limited to a small lot. I imagine it could be difficult to find parking during rush hour - or whatever they call the busy time...

Nick Booker

Always incredible food. Great margaritas and some good beers.

Kenna Johnson

Had the trailer park, and it was the best taco I've had in Denver. I may be saying this also because I have a fried chicken bias but 10 out of 10 recommend the trailer park. Was a little skeptical because its a chain but the food was delicious!

Molly Hodges

Best Mexican food I have ever tasted so far..!! Customer service was quick and food was hot and delicious. Can't wait to be a regular here.

Mika Worth

Great people! Great place for cheap eats

Neil Sanghvi

Torchy's has amazing vegetarian options and the atmosphere in the restaurant is always lively. The service is great, even when the place is packed. They also have clean bathroom facilities and the bartenders are very knowledgeable of various mixed drinks. This is a great stop for millennials and families alike.

Seánan M

If you're looking for pancreatic meltdown, look no place further. To compensate for their whimsical nonsense menu items, they load them up with salt to trick your brain into thinking they taste good, or like anything. Leaving this place …

Joe Heaed

Great food, unique tacos, overall nice atmosphere. Good for a quick bite or a quick drink at the bar. Awesome place!

Axl Chiasson

I love Torchy's! Although I feel like things are about$1-$2 more expensive than in Texas. The drinks were stressing and the burrito I had was great.

Allison Gentry

Very nice clean restaurant! Great tacos and service

Dorothy Reinagel

Best tacos. So much variety and good beer selection.

Chris R

Solid suite of taco choices available at this Austin-based chain. Everything was prepared well and was flavorful, but nothing I had was in any way outstanding. It’s a very safe bet as far as eateries go with its upscale American style tacos. The large tacos were fairly pricey - I spent $16+ for my 4 tacos and was quite happy with that quantity. Most people could get away with 2 or 3. I would not recommend this as a “need to eat” restaurant in Denver, but I’d still stop by on rare occasions.

Meagan Ford

I love the trailer park taco, the breaded chicken is delicious. If I could I would buy the chicken alone to use at home. Good affordable meal overall.

Ha.Pe03 Ymail

Not a taco place. Specialties abound and some of the flavors are insane but I sincerely mean this is not a taco place. Everything they serve has a chpice of either flour or corn tortillas and is piled high with exotic combinations of stuff …

Alex Haler

Not worth the hype or the price in my opinion, but still very solid, edible tacos.

Nik Turino

This location always seems busy. It's hit or miss if there is a line to order. The food is fantastic, service is great, and the restrooms are clean. Occasionally you will get a pan handler or 2 in the parking lot but not too bad for it's location. 4 stars only for long wait times at lunch.

Chef_Zac Azbill

Fast friendly banging tacos, good price for the value


Only good thing there is the queso. The tacos I had were disgusting. The meat smelled like feet and it all looked like it was slipped together. Do not waste your money. There are plenty other places with great Mexican food etc

Zane Smith

Great tacos, and a great place for a casual lunch/dinner or to bring people from out of town. Torchy’s is always a hit and people from out of town will beg you to take them back.

Liz Krupa

Not only the best queso on the planet but truly incredible staff...and tasty margs

Isa Ramos

Absolutely delicious! Efficient service, even during prime dinner hours.

Laurie Starks

I am from southern California and recently discovered Torchy's while in Denver on a business trip. Got to say I really loved the shrimp tacos here. They were well seasoned, cooked perfectly. I also tried a margarita which was good as well. The location was perfect, about a block from my hotel so I visited often during my three trips to Denver. This place is obviously a local favorite because each time I went it was very crowded. My only complaint is that it is too loud inside the restaurant, so its difficult to carry on a conversation. Wish we had a Torchys in California!

Anissa Solano

I've lived in Denver since 09 and heard about Torchy's a few times. I finally went to grab lunch for my husband and I because they were close to an appt. Definitely over priced for what you get. Just another trendy place that is overrated. Food is good quality but isn't paired well. We were disappointed.

Josh Freeman

My breakfast tacos came out cold. The flavors were good, but the flour tortilla was tough to bite through which made keeping the taco contents in the taco more complicated than I wanted it to be.

Bhavya Senwar

I had the Matador taco!! So amazing, the brisket was so soft and juicy, spicy which I like. Although I would say it was heavy for me, but still worth it. Can't stop won't stop. <3 The music is good but the place overall had an unpleasant smell, especially strong smell in the restroom. Otherwise, it's an amazing place!!

Vidia Vuong

Very creative tacos. Love the hillbilly queso and chips & brushfired chicken taco


What can I say about Torchy's that hasn't already been said? I would, however, suggest them to heat up the tortillas a bit more. Mine were barely warm. The tacos are amazing though. A must try at least once in a lifetime!


Great food! I visited from out of town. Charles was an extraordinary staff member. He was quick to ask guests if they needed anything, clean up and actually smile while doing it. He went above and beyond. So unusual in such roles - please promote him!

Alex Middleton

I love this place. Best selection of street tacos I've seen in Denver. Quick, friendly service. Prices aren't too bad. Worth it.

Elvis Colucci

Stopped here for a quick snack. Both we got one taco and found them to be unique and tasty. Relaxed funky atmosphere that went well with the eclectic taco selection. At the table, we had four different tacos, a salad (really, someone ordered a salad on Taco Tuesday), and grande burrito. Everyone was happy. With the tacos, it was very thoughtful to include the extra tortilla, since filling always spills out as you are eating a taco. Fairly reasonably priced by Denver standards. Would go again.

Eric Austin

Good atmosphere, great food. The queso is great and margaritas are tasty. A great place to go if you are looking for a quick bite and good food.

Tanner Lee

Torchy's Tacos has a bit of local renown-- but for good reason. They have a wide selection of "street tacos" to choose from, and it's basically a guarantee that you'll find something you like here; From basic pulled pork to American fried chicken, the taco selection is extremely diverse. Additionally, there is a featured Taco of the Month that rotates in and out at the top of each new month. I find most of these to be quite inspired creations, but not at all appetizing. My only complaint about this restaurant, is that the tacos are, well, taco sized, but not taco priced. You'll find yourself paying upwards of 6 dollars for a single taco here, and while the quality is definitely there, I can't always justify such an expensive meal for lunch.

James Cadell

My daughter and I went for lunch. She had been before and recommended it. The menu is simple, but fresh. I ordered one brisket and a pork taco. We shared chips, guacamole and queso dip. I found the food to be good, fresh and flavorful. The meat was seasoned well and they didn't skimp on anything. For a casual time out, I would recommend Torchy's.

Brooklyn Nguakle

Torchy’s has actually really great food and drinks. The atmosphere at the bar is pretty cool! Definitely recommend the Alabama Shake taco

Zachary Nemeroff

Always good. And always busy. Great happy hour deals!

Chris Hansen

Very diverse and amazing selection of tacos. Something for everyone. All delicious and flavorful. Usually busy so plan accordingly.

Lila M. Sherwood

They got my order wrong. Had to drive back and they flippantly said, "Oh yeah, here it is. You picked up the wrong order." You mean the one your employee handed me, THAT HAD MY NAME ON IT, mate? An apology would've been nice. I didn't expect a refund or even for you to remake my now cold, hour-old food. Just an apology.

Elvira Kozhevnikova

I like Torchy's, so I figured I'd stop in for a quick taco when I was across the street from them. Was in a pretty big hurry but there were only two parties ahead of me, I figured it was fine. Nope. Ten minutes later the party ahead of me hadn't even been spoken to. It took ten minutes for the staff to take care of ONE party. Guy at the counter seemed pretty low-competent and they weren't even acting like a line was building up at that point, seemed to just be taking it easy. I'm sure the food is as good as any Torchy's but I didn't wait to find out, I'll take my money where fast food doesn't take half an hour for me to see.

Mark Harris

Best queso in town. Friendly staff. Good vibes.


Broke my leg in a motorcycle accident and kindly asked if they can take my order from the bar in lieu of me going to the other side (as I had a broke tib/fib and reconstruction on my patella, so it's hard to get around let alone stand). But they were unable to be accommodating, which is sad. Foods good and so are the people, so maybe I caught the bartender on a bad day as I've ordered from that side before with no problem. Anyhow, good eats sad peeps

Mary Tubbs

Very disappointed. Went here because all the great reviews but Beef brisket taco was very dry (beef jerky like) food was ok not worth the price. When picking up the food, the person at the counter was very rude.

Omar Hammad

Cool vibe, good food... Little overpriced but still good. Also, the variety of traffic that cone through makes for fun purple watching... The people next to me were talking and I couldn't help overhear how one of them was upset because the other was so belligerent drunk he almost got arrested and needed to calm down before he got them both in trouble

Kimmy E

What yummy tacos! Just happened to come in during Happy Hour and it's a pretty good deal! Their frozen margaritas are perfect on a hot day!

Phoenix K Gentry

This one awesome amazing tasty taco

david stewart

I like this place, lines are a little long though, staff was helpful. Has a good vibrant atmosphere and love the independent portabello taco! Worth checking out!

Zach Stout

Torchy's is no ordinary taco joint. The items on the menu are truly awesome takes on the traditional taco fare. I've visited several Torchy's locations in Austin and San Antonio, but this is my first bite outside of the taco utopia that is South Texas. I was not let down. Familiar tastes, smells, and sodas greeted me. I was whisked away for a moment to the Lone Star State, but didn't even have to leave the hobo town that surrounds this location! If your reading reviews wondering if you should stop in, you most definitely should. Ask to see the secret menu, then order anything off of any menu and get ready for flavortown. Every taco is good; you just can't go wrong!

Kay Boyer

Very big tasty tacos! Great service friendly people

Daniel Perlin

I live close by so I come here pretty regularly. The food is great. The service is great. The vibe is nice. The only thing they need to change is the air conditioning. Yes, it's 95 degrees outside, but that doesn't mean it needs to be 65 degrees inside. 72 or 73 would be just fine. Nobody likes to eat when they're freezing. And you'll save on your energy bill!!

John Comandari

Best tacos in Colorado. The special of the week or whatever has always been right on with taste combinations. The cheese dip is a must when you come. The atmosphere is good and if you sir at the bar, it's almost a place to never leave.

Drew Walton

1 dollar sign?? make that 2 google - if ya want to walk out of there feeling full that is. other than that well what can I say its reputation is well deserved. Unique taco creations and a lot of flavor. make sure to get your trailer park extra trashy.

Nick Klatt

Went to Torchy's on a recommendation from someone at Ember Hostel. We went for the breakfast tacos but ended up just getting normal tacos. (The Democrat, crossroads, and Green Chile Pork) I HIGHLY recommend. These are like street tacos, not the hard shell boring ones at many places. We went early and wait was short and plenty of seating. Clean inside and prices very reasonable. Two tacos for a moderate sized guy will fill you. I had three and was plenty full.

Phyllis Huerta

My fav place for tasty Mexican food. Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Lucas Reviea

Can't believe I hadn't taken advice and come here sooner! Awesome tacos. Had the Dirty Trailer Park taco and the Alabama Shake taco and the house margarita. I left full and happy, most def will be back~

Keith Lommatsch

Each time I have gone to Torchys, I have enjoyed it less. (The Law of Diminishing Returns?) It's still good, but not like the first time when it was amazing! I notice that the all natural soda must not have been well received, as Coke, Sprite, and Dr.Pepper are now on the soda dispenser. It will probably be a while until I go back so I can re-gain some perspective...

Jennifer Cervantes

The barbacoa is good without the cheese avocado salsa is bomb AF...must try!

Justin Miller

These are by no means traditional tacos, but they are creative and flavorful and really not like tacos you will get elsewhere. I am a huge fan of the fried avocado taco along with the trailer park which has of all things fried chicken and tastes even better when you add in the queso.

Evan Garcia

Some of the best tacos around... A must try... But be warned, you'll be hooked!!!

Helen Schubert Fields

LOOOVE the food. The place is pretty loud. (Though if that's a deal breaker for you you can do takeout.) And the staff is super nice & helpful.

Mr. Clark

Yummy taco's! Nice people

Christopher Barnes Williams

Tacos were amazing, only had two and I was full. I got the shrimp tacos and they bring it to you,staff recommended places to go for the night life which was helpful. Highly recommend

Sagar Baxi

Excellent Tex Mex and a great price. I would recommend 2 tacos per person.

Michelle Chow

Not a fan. Potatoes were not thoroughly cooked. Have tried a few times will be giving up on this fast food taco joint.

Bob Safranka

Great food, awesome service! Breakfast tacos are amazing!

Peter Robertine

Big fan of Torchy's. First experienced them in Austin and look forward to anytime I can get more. Was at this location twice and the food and service were great each time.

Michael Alfaro

Gone extremely downhill because they expand to fast and just want to make a profit. I use to love this place in Texas now it seems like they just build to build and do not think about consistency. If they loose the guac and queso its over for them as it is for Chipotle. Unfortunate but thats what happens with big restaurants chains.

Amanda Kelly

The tacos is large but very good! Good service

James Kirby

Inventive menu with many delicious and unique options with a very reasonable price point. Service is great too. Don't be afraid to try the salad option - it's amazing and will definitely fill you up!

Chris Cassels

The staff was great and the restaurant very clean. Everything tasted great and I look forward to going back. This location is one of the busiest I have been to.

Claire Skougor

Made a special trip to visit the Broadway location in Denver yesterday, have been several times before. It was 2 pm . The cashier was rude with no response to our thank you and made no eye contact during order taking Tables were dirty had to ask to have one cleaned. Queso came out cold and lumpy with 1/4 cup cilantro loaded on top we had to remove and chips were broken and too small to dip. We never found anyone to help exchange them and heat queso. Tacos were good but also on cold side. Not worth anywhere near $30. Highly disappointed.

Paula Klein

Good tacos and they give you lots of meats. Good place to eat if you love tacos

Kelley Kakes

First time there and thought the food was pretty good. I would love it if I didn't have to holler to my table mates because the music is so loud, though. What is with that? We aren't in a bar or concert.. but the tacos were good:)

Julie Evans

Just can't get enough, I come here every time I am in Denver. Whether you order off the secret or full menu, you won't be disappointed. I wish they had more vegan options and some that didn't require special ordering.

Lynne Foltz

Great options for all tastes and dietary requirements. Delicious!

Kyle Prestel

Overhyped. Tacos were not good and servers were obviously stoned out of their minds. $5 for a taco is a very premium price, so I expected a premium taco. When they finally came out, I wasn't just disappointed I was sad. I really wanted a good taco. Instead I got a hodge-podge of meat and sauces that fell apart as soon as I picked it up. Probably due to the fact it took so long for our food to come out, so the sauces soaked through the tortilla.

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