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REVIEWS OF Topgolf IN Colorado


Great place! Went with 12 people on a Friday at what seemed like a busy time, and they had no problem getting us in. The kids had a blast as well as the adults! Will definitely be back soon.

Trey Heape

Great place to go if you want to get your car broken into. Even with the “security guards”, crooks still managed to wipe me out and I was only there for an hour. Sad place and sorry excuse for security. Asked for video of said crooks, top golf won’t give it to me. Only law enforcement which I sort of understand. Nevertheless, my hour of “fun” cost me over $3,000. Find a better area to have fun, not this place.

Marci Garrett

Really Top Golf in Thornton? we had reservation yesterday for my dad's birthday at 5pm. Made the reservation weeks ago!! We get there, and we are told they are closed for the rest of the day and they refused to honor the reservation, even though there were plenty of people already inside drinking and golfing and having fun. Thought it would be a fun thing for my dad for his birthday, but doubtful I'll be back. A family makes a reservation, you should have to honor it! Or kick everyone out if you're truly "closed"!

Glenn Hartmann

Fun time under the lights. Food.and service.was good. We went with the VIP package this time . Definitely the way to go. 6 people total , 4 playing, plenty of room and 2 hours of swinging the clubs was good enough for me.

Alexander Pavone

Made a reservation about 5 days before I went on Sunday and everything was great! Very friendly staff, and our server, Austin, was so helpful and nice. The prices for food & drinks weren't bad, and the views while you golf are beautiful. Will definitely be back again very soon!

Shionna Davis

Top golf was amazing I went there for my birthday & the bar tenders work fast as well as communicating & making sure your needs are met. This place is somewhere I can visit often to enjoy myself it’s better on Fridays & Saturday’s at night & is safe for kids with security being there often.

Creative Name

Really nice driving range. Would recommend.

Katie Werchek

I love Top Golf!!! Like bowling with golf clubs and I wish we had one in Naples Florida!!! We drive almost 2 hours to get to this one. The food, drinks, and games are so worth driving for! They have gloves to buy if you don't have one and whether you are good at golf or not this is fun!

Mr Green Tepas

great staff and atmosphere - defiantly A+++

Susan DiVizio

I went to top golf with my family in hopes to redeem a gift card I purchased for my husband for Valentine’s Day. UNFORTUNATELY we needed to approach the operations manager, Mo, to help us figure out how to pull up the gift card. He told us that we had a fraudulent gift card and without the gift card number (which we needed his help finding) he couldn’t do anything for us. He then made a slick remark that maybe it was “already redeemed.” We continued to search our emails until we finally figured it out, without the help of Mo. Mo sent us back in line for another 2 hr wait after already spending 45 minutes with him. Very disappointed that an “operations manager” couldn’t even help with finding a gift card. Corporate should really look into re-training.

Gabe Lombardi

Fun place to just chill and hang out!

Johnny Loewy

Do not believe or trust what top golf tells you is included in their memberships. They will say anything to get you to sign up and then not stand behind what they sold you. I signed up for a corporate membership and they switched me to a personal membership without my knowledge or authorization. They are not easy to deal with and most of the folks are college students and really do not care about you. I have sent multiple emails and made multiple phone calls to cancel a misrepresented membership. I’ve been told for the last few months my membership would be canceled but they still continue to charge my card with no refund in sight. If you have company events to do I would highly recommend you not do them at topgolf. If you have a problem, it's too bad, they do not care. Dealing with Katrina in membership is a joke. The food is mediocre and if you don't watch your server they will double charge you for drinks that they do not serve. The customer service is atrocious. I love topgolf on a national level but this facility is poorly run.

meghan Drakeford

Food is amazing but the service was horrible. Our server Ashley M. Was horrible. She didn’t ask the entire table what they wanted to eat. We had to call her over to say “hey, others want to order.” Then I asked for a water 3 times and finally I realized she wasn’t getting it and got up and asked another server at the bar. She then said I will get your water. She never asked any of us for refills on our beverages. The bar area was empty because it was 3 PM on a Thursday, so there is no excuse at all for this type of service. We asked about the drink menu and she wasn’t helpful with that. It just made me wish I had another server that was more attentive. She never even asked if everything with our food was okay because she sure did make a mistake on my order but I didn’t even bother because her attitude wasn’t the best. But when she dropped of the bill she checked up quick on that. Luckily the food was amazing!


Fun spot. Food was pretty good (salad, wings, injectable donut desserts), and the games were a blast. It was raining out, but that actually made it more fun. The servers were also on it, joked around, and added to the experience. I like to play on normal courses but this was a nice change of pace!

Ami Luxe

Super duper fun place! Even though I stuck at golfing, it's got a great ambiance and cool staff!! Very nice hangout spot

Rosie Lynn

I have been to Top Golf twice now as part of a corporate group. In terms of driving ranges it's a pretty neat experience. Who doesn't like hitting golf balls off of a tall building with a good view? The clubs and balls are complimentary, which is nice. They have a good drink selection, but their food is pretty standard bar fare.

Derrick James

Emee Herst Golf Coach!! An amazing experience! She knows her stuff and really knows how to teach. She has patience and a lot of helpful ideas. I have never seen someone smack the ball like she can!! I'll be taking many lessons in the future. Thanks Emee!!

Neal Goings

Great fun. Had a couple of work meetings here. The foods good but I would eat at another spot if wanting to impress. The beer is simi cool and the mixed drinks are measured. It is a fun place. Somewhat expensive. Still a great spot to have fun.

Jenay Watson

Drinks were weak. Customer service could've been been better. The food was good and brought out pretty quickly. The bay was clean. Our game time was pretty cool. I'm sure I'll be back.

Peter Bernardi

Always a great time! Been to many TopGolf’s all around the country and this is one of the nicest. Will always come back!

Linda Riggle

Super fun place to spend an afternoon with friends. Easy to have fun playing games, enjoy conversations and work on your golf skills at the same time. Good food options. Lots of staff around to help set you up, explain things and check in on your group.

Samantha Dawson

Had such a great time earlier this week at Topgolf Tampa. Even if you are not a golfer or don't know how to swing a club (like me) I would highly recommend this place. Thanks!

Christopher John

What an amazing idea! I’m a huge golf enthusiast and I had a blast playing Topgolf. Our waiter was extremely helpful and made our experience awesome. We played over 2 hours of golf and didn’t want to leave. Highly recommended!

Rosa Parks

Excellent place, food, drinks and the service they can give you, I can not give any negative comments, we celebrated my daughter's birthday there and Jessica's coordination and Lashaia's attention was a boom

Brady Harris

Called beforehand on a Saturday afternoon, told them we had a party of 12, to which they replied they had no VIP booths available, and that we could walk in and would be a 30 minute wait. Showing up, after putting our name down, we were told "35-45" minutes for a single bay. We went to the bar, and literally 2+ hours later, after having gone back to ask 4-5x's, we were finally seated, with a waitress who in a 2 hour period came only twice to check on us. If you have a group about to spend $800 on golf, drinks and food, you'd think their customer service would be better. At least give a semi accurate wait estimate so people can judge if they want to wait around or not. We won't be back, as they just lost what used to be a regular monthly corporate client.

Grace Marie

So much fun! The food is good, the drinks are good and the staff is so friendly!

Web Master

Horrible service! Came here with a friend to play TopGolf. They told us at arrival that wait is around 2 hrs. We decided to stay and get food while waiting. They got our number to text us when there is a play booth/slot available for us. About an hour in - better than 2hrs - they texted us prompting us to confirm with an YES. We were just finishing a conversation with the waiter and couldn't answer for a few minutes. Then we answered . Realizing we need to go to the check-in area the waiter wanted us to close the check and that took perhaps another 10 minutes. When we arrived at the check-in they told us we are late and they have to put us back on the wait list. We asked to talk to the manager. The manager also told us we are going back on the waiting list and there is nothing she can do. Only after we asked for the phone number and name of her manager she said there is a booth waiting for us. This place figured out how to make you spend money on food and drinks and doesn't care about customer service. Blames it on how their computers work. Lol. It's a presence service. Customers went there in person to see employees in person. Nothing is virtual. They still blame it on software. Lol. If you are in a good mood and looking to stay that way avoid this place. The incident was on 7/13 at around 10pm.

Naafi Mostofa

same as any other top golf, no complaints

Bunnie Johnson

We loved this location. Staff is great. Drinks and snacks!

Varon Burnett Burnett

The staff member Ayanna was very nice and supportive in my treatment!

Trevon Wilson

I advise you to eat before you come because the food is awful, trust me you'll be dissapointed. The outside neon lights that light up the building barely works..and what happened to the live DJ they used to have on the weekends?? All the waitresses used to be cute and have on the same uniform similar to Hooters but now It looks like they just wear anything. I do agree with the other reviews i read about only playing rap music. The music should be more diverse. Other than that my girlfriend and i had a good experience it's a awsome place to listen to music, kick back and chill and have a few drinks weather you are waiting for a bay of not.

Abigail W.

We went here for the first time last night for a birthday party. Non of us are golfers and we all had a blast! We will all be going back for sure! I didn't eat but my friends liked their food, the service was great, ask for Nes, and beer prices were good.

Taurean King

Been here several times. Good place for groups. I went with family and they all loved it. The bay rates are good and you can split the cost. The food is good. I would definitely recommend going by 1pm if you don't want a long wait.

Diamond lark

This place is fun! I’ve only been on a Friday night and it was epic! DJ and people dancing everywhere down stairs

Andrew Mundine

Even if you know nothing about golf you can still go and have a great time. If you're a greatgolfer, you will enjoy the challenge of trying to hit the different targets. You can either bring your own clubs or use the ones they have there. The appetizers are pretty darn great too. Oh, and beer too ;)

J.Alonzo Maxwell

Do not sit at the bar....horrible service. Bartender Khadijah had horrible attitude. Appetizers forgot about, brought with lunch order. Lots of waiting for bartenders to realize you needed service. Terrible experience.

Savannah W

Not a welcome feeling at all. Sitting here right now. I came to the first location years ago, didn’t really care for it because I was a critic on the mats. I like to play golf. We were told where to sit when we checked in. It’s lunchtime on a Thursday and the place is not busy. The first waitress “hustler” came and we said we were gonna eat first. She took our order after we told her a few times we would start playing after we ate. They try to get you to check in so the clock starts ticking on Paying them to play. On Google it says it’s a resturant. After we got done eating we went to the screen and started play. This was a spot for my business partner and I to meet for lunch and play a little. Before we could get done eating one of the Manager’s came over and ask about checking in also. Now after half the time we checked in for the first “hustler” is here trying to get us to add time. Both of us own reputable business’ here in Atlanta and understand this is a business. No we don’t want to add more time, this place is a harassment. Now I’m sitting here trying to pay the tab and no one wants to come get the check. The bus boy just came and tried to take our water. The management here needs to be trained on how to truly take care of customers. Keep on “hustling” TopGolf...

Dawn Hand

Went as a work get together. Really fun layout. Very laid-back. Great service and instructions for those who do not understand golf.

Timothy Ashley

A fun spot for all to check out; all ages are welcome. This establishment needs to hurry up and come to Canada, Toronto first of course. The food and service was excellent; you could even come here for breakfast and make a fun morning out of it. I would recommend this to anybody in Atlanta to come and check it out.

Kayla Nipper

Had a wonderful time! Gabby was great, attentive and wonderful. Next time we come back from NC we will definitely ask for her! 10/10 would recommend.

Tucker Jensen

I really like it, but the waiters had a laminated sheet called “upsell bingo”. Can’t get behind that.

Chris Bell

The environment and concept of top golf is very cool. If you can swing a club at all you'll have a good time. The food is passable but the gold is what your really came for. If you're looking to overpay for a Corona stop on by

Pedro Amós Hernández Rodríguez

Awesome place! Lot of technology, good food menu and variety of drinks, not really cheap but it worth it.


The golfing was very fun even if you don’t know how to play. I know I don’t but I enjoyed it a lot. Perfect for a get together and hangout place with friends. The only thing that bothers me is that the heater is not uniform throughout the whole booth where some places are cold and some places are really hot. The food is good but the spinach dip was not. Get nachos, they are pretty good. The people that work there care about the costumers and are super friendly.

Blaque Book

Great evening! Service was really great- Wish I had the team members names who worked with us. Took guests who had never been; we now will be coming frequently-


Drove over and hour each way to come on two separate occasions but so full the wait was 2hrs plus. Have yet to go because wait is so long. Will not be attempting again. Will find other things to do.

Andrea Haney Poole

Never golfed in my life...until I went here with my husband's work for a family night and was so impressed! Loved the fun, food, drinks, and atmosphere. Give it a try and have some fun!

DeAundre Graham

Absolutely fantastic place. My food and service were excellent. Everyone on the staff is friendly and inviting.

Carmen Schnell

Super fun! It's like bowling, a bay, drinks, and food, but with a golf club and golf ball instead. Staff is very helpful. I recommend making an online reservation so you can get right in, otherwise wait times can be really long.

Rodney Smiley

Went with coworkers/friends for a “let’s try something new” night. Had a good time but we all sucked at it! The facility is nice and the prices seems reasonable for what you’re doing. Service was a bit slow but it was crazy busy so I give them a little slack for that. All in all, had a great time - I won!

Jamie Crowe

Let me start with, "I know absolutely nothing about golf!" I was invited to a work event with a friend. Upon arrival, we were given drink tickets, we enjoyed a yummy BBQ buffet & had a good time trying to swing at the golf balls! Someone has done an OUTSTANDING JOB planning out this facility.

Christina Lupi

I love this place. I've been here less than a dozen times, but I've never had a boring time here. It is so much fun and is a whole new experience. I can't stand watching golf or playing it, but this is nothing like that. It's almost more like miniature golf in the sense that no matter how much skill you have, you still have a great time. Essentially all you have to do is hit the ball as hard as you can and try to get it into the colorful spots to gain points. It's a great place to go with a few friends and have some fun, eat some food, have some drinks, whatever you want to do. At night, the music is so much more fun and the lights start to flicker with certain songs. It's a great time. It's an experience you just have to have for yourself! It does get packed, so either make a reservation or show up early enough to wait a little bit as it can take a while, but it's definitely worth it!

Li DeOliveira

We waited for forty minutes and asked two different waiters for help, no one came to take our order. We just left. Worst experience ever. I do not recomendo.

Cindy L

What a ball. We had so much fun and it was a beautiful day. I went with some family and friends, it was great entertainment. Jordan J was our waiter and Patty the manager was so helpful. I WOULD have Jordan be our server again, great service. This is a fun activity for all ages.

Carmen Sara

We have fun here, the drinks could be a tad better/stronger but still love it!

Larry C

Always a fun time. Great bar and a nice menu. The staff has always been very helpful and friendly. But, be prepared for a wait at night or on weekends, and be prepared to spend a lot of money. My only complaint is about the wait. Not so much the wait itself, but the online reservation system. Instead of it just letting you make a reservation in advance, it charges you up to $50 depending on peak times, and that 50 cannot be applied towards any purchases there. They just charge you a ton so you don't have to sit through the usual hour or so wait. Ridiculous.

Josh Vogel

Have come here multiple times since it opened. A great place to come hang and eat some of the best food in the Tampa area. I last came for The Office Trivia night andet me tell you, WOW. What a turn out. They went above and beyond with decorations and it was so crowded but ran so efficiently. Food and drinks were prompt and the trivia was a blast. I was surprised at how busy it was and how efficient the trivia room still ran. Whoever put that event together did an amazing job. They even had office themed drinks for us. Highly suggest this place. Their Facebook page always posts different trivia nights too if you’re into that stuff!

Jack Napier

$50 an hour and they send you a text to tell you theyre almost ready...45 minutes later....not ready

Sam Goetz

Fantastic. There was one part I didn't like and that is the prices. No other problems though. The whole place is awesome. Fun and great for familys. You could spend lots of time here having fun with anyone and getting practice golfing too. I definitely recommend this place to people who have some money and have nothing to do.

Sean Esslinger

If you are on the fence about this place you should definitely GO! Driving range and different fun golf skill games, helpful staff.

Nick Lovett

This was my first visit and I was beyond pleased. DJ had music poppin. The food was fresh and hot. The waitress was kool and professional. My drink was made to perfection and my date was cute. What more could a girl ask for? I loved the vibe, service and food. I will definately go back!

Martin Mann

This was my first time visiting a Top Golf and it is an extremely enjoyable and mostly unique experience. I enjoyed a drink as I waited for a bay to open and the waitress was very friendly and accommodating. After our number was called we were given the rules and got right to work hitting balls. My only concern is that roughly 4 glasses were dropped and broken by waitstaff right behind me in the 2 hours I was there. Otherwise, awesome time!

Emily Aldrich

First time was tonight and we all had a blast. Great food good drinks. The servers were very helpful. We had our baby with us and top golf was very baby friendly. Even had a place to nurse if I needed it. We will be back for another round.

Julio Martinez

Went yesterday afternoon and a few times before that with a couple buddies of mine had a good time drinks are reasonable it can be a tad pricey on the golfing part and sometimes it’s a little bit of a wait.


Had a wonderful first experience at this location, well maintained building, delicious food. Probably one of the many places that actually has tasteful appetizers. Servers were upbeat, however could have checked on my table more to remove dirty plates, took a bit to find someone to get cutlery. The ambiance was great, machines in proper order we even had a complimentary couple of sessions, overall I had a great time with friends. Make a reservation if you would like to be on the top floor, there will be a line up to get in, But drinks are available at the bar while you wait! I recommend their coconut mojito

David Leiendecker

Friend had a birthday party there we drove 2 hours to get there. The kitchen was backed up. After having to pay a set price for 2 bays as part of the bill for food and drinks. It took over 40 minutes to get food. Then when our time was up we got moved from our bay because there was another reservation. Still no food. We ended up being sat at the restaurant waiting for to go. The sad thing is my wife and I made plans to come back for this happened. The staff keeps telling me this never happened before but yet every one is getting moved.

Douglas Baldwin

Went on a Monday morning around 11AM. Place was packed with a 90 minute wait to hit some balls. So I left. Can't give a great review for a place that was too crowded to enjoy. Will try again another time and update my review.

Amy Lang

Great family atmosphere with booths far enough away from the next group.

Trai Carter

This was a fun place to go. They have plenty of room for all people, outdoor heating for when it's cold, and great food. A day here is guaranteed to help everyone have fun.

R Watts

TopGolf is always a great time. We usually go to the new location near Detroit, MI but finally checked out the ATL location while on one of our many visits to Atlanta. It was fun as usual and not a long wait around 2pm on a Saturday (only 1hour wait which is way less than what we're used to)

The Ginger Beard Man

It is fun don't get me wrong, definitely a cool thing. It is also awfully expensive to include the "food" and drinks. Front desk staff was helpful, wait staff slow. Game instructions less than clear, needs to be posted on a wall for all the game variations.

Jason Beaman

Been coming here for a while now. Typically drop between $100 and $300 per visit with friends. Took my son this morning to have some snacks and hit some balls and the host asks my son to throw his can of Pepsi away because they don't allow outside food and drink. We still had a wait to check in... really? How petty. We left. Get it together Top Golf.

Brock Douglas

Woah! Amazing experience. I don't care if you have never golfed before, like me. Just go! Brings a bunch of friends and request and area with couches.


This place can get pricey, but I'd still recommend trying it out sometime. It has a nice atmosphere, the facilities are really nice, and the food is good too. I'd say the best value hands-down is the giant 40 oz (2.5 lb) burger, which, along with the amount of fries they give you, can easily feed three full-grown men and is somehow cooked perfectly despite being about the size of a small pizza. All the appetizers I tried were outstanding as well. The food did take a while to arrive, but the person serving us was very helpful and attentive, so the service was good overall, and you probably won't really notice the long wait since you're not sitting around doing nothing. The main reason I took off a star was that they charge extra for left handed clubs, which wasn't a huge deal to me since I don't play golf anyways, but it might be for some people.

Kristin Alberts

We LOVE us some TopGolf! We've been to 3 so far, all in different states. So far, Atlanta is at the bottom of that list. TopGolf itself is always a blast. The service at this one however, was lacking. Our server took forever with drinks, checking on us, and we would constantly have to go get their attention for something. I try not to be 'that person', so it takes a lot for me to leave a review. I try to give the benefit of the doubt. Everyone else around us had great service and had happy, outgoing servers. And other members of the staff would hold doors for us while balancing drinks in their other hand. So maybe she was having a bad day? Anyway, I hope it's just a rare thing to happen. The view wasn't all that bad. (better than Nashville), and we always have fun with our daughter at TG. Hopefully we can visit again and have a better experience!

dixie brown

I came here with my boyfriend, his friend and girlfriend and we were told it was going to be an hour to an hour and half wait which was fine because they were obviously busy that night. So we decided to go sit down and order food. The waiter took our order and we thought it had been put in. We got called to our bay and they told us they would bring our food out to us. My boyfriend and I didn’t get our food at the same time as his friend and girlfriend got theirs because the order was not put in, but we had already paid for it. The friends food was not made correctly and they took it back but then they proceeded to tell us that the order was not put back in to be made correctly. We had to talk to the manager twice about us not getting our food and for waiting so long. I mean it was nice that the manager gave us an extra thirty minutes but it is ridiculous to have to wait for so long for food that we ordered 2 hours ago. Waitresses and waiters were rude and wanted to have an attitude. We were not trying to be rude but the wait was too long for our order to be put in supposedly when it wasn’t. We were all very upset about having to wait longer than we should have waited and about the staff acting in such a nonprofessional way. Overall, our experience was poor. The friend got his order finally towards the end of the game but only after we extended the game MORE in order for him to get his food.

Andrew Corpuz

A lot of fun. My girlfriend and I never swung a golf club in our life but got the jist of what to do and really enjoyed out time. (I started to really enjoy it after enjoying a pitcher or beer)

lyric jones

So today is my boyfriend birthday. Our son and daughter age 14&15, treated him to two games of top gold dor his birthday. This was his first time at top golf. We all ordered food and drinks. My first order was the grilled wings. I took one bite into my wings and had to send it back with a change of order. I ordered the classic cheeaburger ro replace the under cooked wings. I had about three votes of my burger and could no longer eat it I lift the bun only to see my burger was totally BURNT. I took a picture of this to show others because I was not expecting this at all. I told our waitress who was awesome and she took it off my bill. My family and I sis enjoy the golfing experience but the 81.60 we spent on food ALONE, was not worth it. The kids did continue to eat there meals because we were all super hungry. I on the other hand left hungry and had to stop at Wendy's to grab .myself a bite to eat. Not sure if we will do this again.

Kevin Ray

Great night out with friends or even a fun date night. Family friendly, decent food and good drink selection as well. If you download the app, it seems to give an error code when you try to pay, don’t worry about that. As long as you get your membership ID number and QR code you will be fine. Staff was less than knowledgeable about the app and how it worked, but we had a blast anyway. I would recommend Topgolf very highly and we will be going back, a lot.

Robert Muglio

Had a great time. Robert our waiter treated us very well. He made our night.

Matthew Smith

First time visiting and had a lot of fun. The food was tasty and served quickly and with a smile. We were not very good but still had fun. Our server was Aurelia and she was superb. She explained how the game worked and answered all of our questions. She was knowledgeable about the beer selection and menu. Our drinks were never empty and she had a very pleasant personality. We will request her when we return and we will be back .

Sh H

It’s super fun. One of the coolest ideas ever. What’s better than playing golf and drinking and eating :) -2 stars: I went there with a friend to use the college night deal (which is offered on Wednesdays). They didn’t tell us that we had to share the bay with a couple until we were at the bay. Although the couple were so nice and we had fun, they staff had to let us know before we paid! It should be also mentioned in the ads so you don’t go all the way there, pay, and then figure out that you have to share the bay with others.

Stefan Austin

I’m only leaving one star because it’s mandatory for a review. 0 star service. I recently came into Top Golf at the Atlanta Midtown location for my first visit for my girlfriends 22nd birthday and as a Hospitality / Service Worker I was shocked at how horrible the treatment we received was. The incident occurred as we where ordering drinks from our server and the bar. We were refused alcohol to one member in our party who was NOT underage with visual proof of identification on a cellular device, due to company policy we understood their position. We decided to continue to stay and eat but as we played we noticed the ENTIRE STAFF congregate and hover over our party essentially harassing us why we played trying to catch us giving alcohol to the member in our group who did not have a physical id which did not occur. After several minutes of hovering we where approached by an assistant manager whose name I do not know but the young lady was light skin about 5’7 with blonde curly hair and she came and physically put her hand in the face of the guest who was allegedly drinking without identification and singled her out to embarrass her on her birthday yelling “I SAW YOU DRINKING YOU GOTTA GO”. After several attempts trying to communicate with management who had no interest in solving this matter cordially we decided to eat and leave since the food just arrived. After spending $100 at the bar and an additional $200 on food we were told to pay for food we weren’t allowed to eat (they threw it away right In front of us $200 worth of food in downtown Atlanta with one of the highest homeless populations in the US). We refused to pay and immediately the police and staff “security” who was just a large guy that worked there trying to intimidate us and threatening physical harm. To say the least this was the worst experience I have ever encountered and I do not recommend People visit this location because it is obvious all money is not good money here and in the event of ANY issues there is no willing staff that works here interested in helping resolve problems only in ESCALATING and making customers unappreciated and uncomfortable. Very disappointed Additionally we had a friend working as an associate there who was publicly disrespected while trying to help de-escalate by this assistant manager (young woman with blonde hair)... this just added to it

Paul Cress

Top Golf is always a ton of fun for me and my family. However, I'm here now and there is a long wait (which was expected... its a Saturday afternoon.) However, we have been sitting at a table now for 30 minutes and still have not been greeted by a server. Pretty ridiculous!! I get that its busy, but 30 minutes and counting??

LaToya Johnson

I was here yesterday and I reserved the bay on the app for the extra money and still didn’t get it until an hour or so after the reserved time. So, I just gave away $50 because the reservation means nothing apparently. I also stated when placing the reservation that it was for a birthday and it was never acknowledged. A party next to us and several others received the birthday song and the prop but no one ever acknowledged the birthday at our table. The food was subpar and I personally received chicken that was refrigerator cold. After the game was over, the screen completely shut off so we couldn’t see the final scores and waitresses started clearing our table and we still have food and beverages on the table. I understand you want to accommodate everyone but if I’m spending more than $200 on food and the game, don’t just push me out of the door to get the next group. It’s unfair and personally bad for business because things like that would cause me to never return. My money spends just like the next person so don’t shoo me away after service wasn’t the best. We made the best out of it because it was my friend’s birthday so we weren’t going to ruin it for her but I was not happy at all. I felt robbed because I definitely didn’t feel I received anything I paid for.


Nice place, good food, free parking. Great for large groups. Fun & entertainment + good food & time all rolled in one. Bathrooms were clean. Pay on hourly basis.

Andrew Rapp

Had a birthday party here and our server was incredible. Gave us extra time on golf, brought people out to sing, gave us some complimentary donut holes...the service here is the best. Get the donut holes, they are delicious.

ben schreffler

I spent tonight at Topgolf celebrating my friend James birthday and the night could not have been any better. The VIP experience was great the staff was kind and friendly and the management staff went way way out of their way to make sure we were happy. I am always amazed every time I come to Topgolf Tampa that I don't have to worry about leaving unhappy. Consistently for about four years now they have done everything in their power to go above and beyond to create a good customer experience. I will keep coming back and I highly would suggest Top Golf Tampa as a top location for good times with your friends or family.

Rocket Man

Best fried chicken sandwich in the country, and I mean that, but the service is AWFUL in the bar/dining area. It takes forever to get any service.

Matthew Rycyk

Fun spot great service. I also like the location.

Audrey Lopez

The food is amazing it is fun for me and i what ti go tomorrow

Jeffrey .Taylor, CCFS

My server Tyler was amazing. He made me feel like I was at a 5 star hotel.

Autumn Dillon

Definitely has always been a fun place to go, pricey but with the right people worth it. Last night was not the case! The front desk staff was kind and helpful, but the rest of the experience was not enjoyable. While waiting the bartender had a huge attitude with multiple rolled eyes just because we didnt want to leave a tab open and he brought us one wrong drink which we gave back to get a new one. Once finally getting a bay we were HIGHLY dissapointed because it was completely obvious our drinks were watered down. No fizz in the soda and clear at the top. If we are paying good money for golf and drinks then we should get what we pay for. Not a good experience.

Ronda Rodriguez

Had a great time! The food is adequate- about what you would expect from a place that doesn't specialize in food. Had a great time, though, and the service is always excellent.

kenneth webber

I really like top golf. Every one I have been too in Denver, okc, and Austin has been great. This one just missed the mark. The service and management were pretty lack luster. They were not attentive to our party and when the pizza we ordered came out cold and clearly microwaved we requested a replacement and again it was the same. Then they charged us for two pizzas even though it was supposed to be a replacement. In the end we rectified the double charge but this venue did not live up to its partner locations. The actual course was is poor shape with the turf peeling up and showing concrete in areas. Overall still a good time but not even close to the quality you expect when you are paying 100+

Carlos Portillo

The golfing section is always fun but our service wasn’t great. Update: after speaking with Celina and the manager, we were taken care of in a very hospitable manner. There customer service was unmatched. Thankful for their willingness to hear a customer out and right a wrong. Great business.

Cameron Jackson

We checked in at 6:30 and were told it would be a 15-30 minute wait. It is now 9:00 and we still do not have a bay. Each time we have checked they tell us it will only be 10-15 minutes longer. If it were not for the fact that we have family visiting and this is what they wanted to do we would have left. We certainly will not be returning. Update: After speaking with the manager for the 3rd time, we were told the wait was our fault for not wanting on the first floor. But he says it will just be just 15 more minutes. We will see.

Natasha Gargola

Food was great. Cobb salad was excellent. Server super friendly and sincere. Went to Top golf in Cincinnati and had same experience. Everyone in group had a nice time. Will return.

Matthew Lewellyn

Was taken here for my birthday. It was absolutely fantastic. It's so much fun and the food was great. Not to mention the staff. Incredible personalities over there. 5 out of 5.

Kevin Barganier

Great place for the whole family or friends and family to have fun and check your golfing skills.

Mr. Gono

Not bad at all.

Rob P

Their website says "climate controlled" so I headed there on a pretty hot Tampa day with no sunblock and no towel to mop the sweat up with. Big mistake! "Climate controlled" is the last words I'd use to describe this place. The areas that you hit from weren't even shaded, let alone "climate controlled". I suppose a few fans blowing around the hot air somehow constitutes "climate controlled" to them. I was wondering how they were going to do that but the answer is that they aren't. It's just a marketing scam unless you consider that the climate in there is controlled by whatever the climate outside is. The place was also filthy. We arrived soon after opening so it couldn't have been as simple as a messy group before us. The couches, floors, and every other surface was either sticky, greasy, or somehow, both. I gave 2 stars instead of 1 because I suppose it could be a fun night out or a decent family activity in the right weather. The variety of games was entertaining enough.

stephon Dean

Always a great time when with friends and family. The wait times can get to be a bit excessive but hey that’s to be expected with how popular the place is. No experience needed, but it does help. The only gripe would be the price to portion ratio for the food. I think we can all agree on saying it’s not the best bang for buck. None the less still a great atmosphere and hangout spot to have a good time.

Kelsey Ryno

I went here for a work appreciation event with my coworkers today. They served us breakfast and we got to play for over 2 hours. The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly. such a fun place!


Had a great time for our first time there. Lady at desk wasn’t the friendliest thing ever, but that’s her fault and not the companies. Food was decent. Drinks were well priced although bartender was a total douche. Almost felt like he didn’t want to be there. It was the messy haired chubby white guy working on main bar on Friday at noon. Again, not the companies fault. Some people just don’t enjoy where they work. People like that give a great companies business a bad look. We will be back despite those two inconsiderate employees. The waitresses and waiters on the floor where we were playing were all super friendly and helpful.

Justin D

Went to top golf today with my Dad, Uncle, and family friend. Immediately upon arrival we noticed security driving around which was nice to know our truck would be safe. When you go in the place it’s awesome. We went to our balcony and the staff were very nice and helpful. The games were very fun, the food was great I would recommend the fried chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce! They don’t say it comes with sauce on the menu but they have a variety of sauces the waitress offered and it came with fries and I got a ranch which was all good. The merchandise was very expensive the hats are $35 but the whole place is a pricey looking place so that’s expected. The security made a smoker move on our way out because he was smoking at the stairs when they can smoke at the bottom of the stairs to the right so the smoke doesn’t go on you as you walk out. This was very nice to know they keep the place orangized and the whole place was very clean. I’d highly recommend to a friend and will be returning to Topgolf.

Dylan Schmit

Food was great and was lots of fun.. Edit- amazing service. Best server we had the whole time we were in Colorado. Nachos were probably the best we’ve ever had. Good drinks also

Sweet Cali

Game kept having issues!!

Charmaine Taylor

My family and I had a great time. We were told it was an 1hr wait and waited almost 2 hrs however the manager very nice and professional he took responsibility and got us a booth and made my Birthday a memorable one. Thank you thank you thank you......

Brittany Ernst

This place was so much fun! I went for a birthday celebration and we had a blast! I was really impressed by the number of games available to play. The food was pretty good, maybe a little over priced, but I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off, either.

Robert Quitman

Love this place. Darius always gives some great golf tips.

Regina West

Always a party atmosphere no matter what time you go, whether you golf or not. My sister friend loved the food (hot wings), I loved the vibe. They push & work the staff here VERY HARD though & their schedules can be quite demanding. The …

B d

Pricey but lots of fun, even if you're not good at golf. I've been here for a catered event and on our own and both have been great. You can get food and drinks either at the bar or at the bay


I was just at Top gulf and I had an ok experience, not because of the staff though, that’s for sure. Maybe instead of only hiring people on their looks alone, hire on experience because they clearly don’t have any. To the person responding to all of these reviews, don’t bother telling me to contact your marketing manager.. With my customer service experience you could hire me and I’ll retrain your employees and get these bad reviews to stop and fire the ones I can’t help and hire new ones that treat your customers the way they’re supposed to be treated.


Not just a driving range but family fun and adult fun as well

Nic Christie

I brought my bachelor party to Topgolf and we had a blast. I met with Landon Garabito when I first arrived and he took care of us the entire time. Thank you to Landon and the rest of the staff for a really great experience.

Akash Menon

If you want an accurate wait time, here is not the place. Was quoted 2 hour wait time, was then quoted 15 more. Wouldn’t be bad until after those 15 min I was quoted another 40 minutes. I understand being busy on a Friday night, just give accurate times. We could’ve gone and done something else instead of waiting around for false time

M Weaver

Gerry and his team are amazing! They have restored my faith in truly stellar customer service. My family’s first time at TopGolf will not be our last. Thank you for a great experience.

Michael Donohue

Nice place and atmosphere but wouldn't go there for food. The dry rub wings were terrible, not dry rubbed or grilled.

Brian C

Worst experience ever. Was a part of a birthday party that was prepaid for Friday night 10/11/19 (drinks, food, golf). Paid for a long island beforehand $10 bucks. Asked the server by our party (after being told our drinks were included) for a drink she said she couldnt help. Okay, went with buddy to bar to order and pay for 2 white russians, bartender with curly blonde hair and dark roots 3rd level said it cost $29. We said no way. Went to bartender 2nd level ordered same, she said it was $22 bucks with well vodka. We said thats more than the long islands, which have way more liquor, asked for a manager to make a complaint to she said we couldnt make a complaint and if we didnt like it we could leave. We didnt eat, didnt get not one free drink or one shot to play golf. Employee (short blonde hair) asked how the one pinch of pullpork i ate (no bread) was, i leaned in walk way from behind seats i was standing at to tell her it was ok, she told me after leaning in walkway to talk to her, i was blocking the walkway and it was a fire hazzard. The staff was rude and inconsistant. My and my buddy from Florida said screw this, qe'd wait outside for friends to finish, walked out front door and down steps to street to smoke and tall bouncer, told us we couldnt smoke there and had to move to side of building. There were no signs for no smoking or smoking areas. We complied and moved over out of sight from our friends whem they were going to walk out. Thought we missed them. Phone was dead. Couldnt call anyone. Parking lot full walked up and down lot calling for friends (we rode with them) in unfamiliar town, phone dead. Felt dtranded with friend. It was awgul, had a panic attack, couldnt breathe, started to tear up until friends found us. I WILL NEVER GO BACK AND THE STAFF SUCKED. we told our friends who live her and go there, they were appalled and will tell all there friends. It was so unorganized and avoidable. Stamps or wristband for our party could have helped out the situation so much. It was the worst customer service I have ever witnessed.


Other than the wait. I really enjoy this place. The service has always been more than expected. Food is super good and they have a great drink selection. Highly recommend if it's nice out and you're bored.


Best date night ever!! We had so much fun. Awesome atmosphere and food was so good. Have to check this place out for sure. Sunday was a perfect night to go!

Franklin Filmon

Came by the Tampa location for some fun with friends and family. First, the location was out of chicken fingers, Burgers and the big ribs. Location overall was clean and the range was well taken care of. Only a few balls didn't register which wasn't a big deal, easily fixed. Overall good location right off 75 just south of I4. Please get the food issue fixed and you would be a top location!

Thomas Wilmot

I'll tell ya, teeing off is a heck of a lot harder than it looks. Loved my visit minus the price of drinks but I guess drinks are a bit more at nicer places. All in all, very fun place. Will return and will recommend.

TheFreshKing Devin

Love Topgolf Super Fun Was 2hour wait time I didn’t like

Bryan Sullivan

It's a fun time, the menu was great. The games are fun. The only hangup I have is that if you don't get your ball into a target it doesn't tell you anything about the distance of your shot. I suggest going on your birthday.

Gal Silberman

Really fun. Great value.


This place is excellent! A good time, with awesome service! Kevin, our server, was incredible. Very attentive, polite, and friendly. We will definitely come back because of the great service we received! Thanks Kevin!

Ryan Gates

One of the best places to have a great time and a place for friends to hang out and just swing the club. The immersive experience of being able to play driving range games from the third floor makes it worth the price. Even if you don't like to play golf you can still have a fun time without sweating.

Eduardo Boom

Great group of staff from the bar to checking in treated me with absolute respect. After they found out I was a disabled veteran they went above and beyond to make sure I was treated even better wow wow wow super impressed will return

Tim J

Came here for a Office Christmas Party and had a blast!!! I’ve heard of this place but had never been. So, glad we went.. there two levels for people to hit golf balls. They have the music playing loud and it’s almost impossible to NOT have a good time. You can order food and drinks at your table. I can’t wait to go back!!

Brian Phan

Gave us a burnt burger first then corrected it with a raw burger. Finally, the third burger was still burnt. The manager excuse was he was not in the kitchen so he don’t know what is going on. Great way to take responsibility as a manager. Terrible manager and customer service. Will advise to stay far away as possible.

Hello White

Staff definitely needs some extra training. They were satisfactory but since they were lacking basic wait staff training we were left waiting a very long time for basic service. It was not a busy night (the bar was not even half full) but it took almost 45 minutes for bottled beer and wine to arrive. The food was good but was cold when it finally arrived. The portion size of the guacamole (something for a table to share) was about 2-3 ounces and very overpriced. Not that it was not tasty just a suggestion that it should be addressed by management or guest should know in advance before purchasing.

Chris Meals

Topgolf on New Year's is a great place to get teed off.

John Figueroa

Topgolf is so much fun. Nice variety of challenges/games. The food is good but on the pricey side. The service is friendly and attentive. The bays are spacious and the facility is huge. The temperature control is nice since it was snowing on one of the occasions we went. We will definitely be coming back.

Sean Owen

Fun place to take family and friends... Food is good ans prices are reasonable. You can have 1-6 players in a bay which can help with the cost, which isn't bad per hour. Make sure you do a reservation. Will definitely go back!

Debra Gibson-Welch

So fun for serious golfers, new folks and in between. Hang out with friends, have cocktails and great food and snacks to nosh with some of the best dance music anywhere. Perfect for adults and they host kiddie parties too! Best place to hang with friends on a Friday night. Awesome customer service as well.

dariel rodriquez

Went to top golf in Tampa and had the worst expericne. Several open bays. Meanwhile we sat and waited for over an hour and still no one gave us a bay. People who came in after us got in before us. Garbage. Don’t go to this location.

albert jones

Great time everyone was great

Shelayn Moore

Came in during peak hours and it’s understandable that service would be slow due to it being busy but my party and I sat at our table for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES with no greeting. We stopped 5 different people, 1 a member of management, requesting a server so we could place an order. Finally the member of management came and said what everyone else said, she’ll find our server and proceeded to state there’s only two servers in this area which is why we haven’t seen them yet. Poor customer service!!!

jack G

We went here for a friends birthday party. We had a spot for 2 hours. The place has three levels and plenty of lanes on each level. None of us are golfers but we all had fun here. It's a casual place to go for drinks, food, and something to do. They also have a bar inside and pool tables. The golf clubs are provided or you can bring your own. Each spot has a TV, and spots to sit. Some lanes have couches and some just have tables. The food is fresh and a full menu and there is a server that brings it to you. The location is very convienant and just off the main roads. There is plenty of parking and nearby is a mall, restaurants, bass pro shops, Dave and busters and plenty of hotels

Rockie Marie

This was my first time there. There were no balls in our machine so there was a little slowdown there, but they were quick to get everything going and were very nice and gave us some extra time. Shadale was a very sweet server and made sure we had what we needed. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and skill level is not an issue. Definitely want to come play here again.

Legitwaffles000 The savage

My Top golf experience was amazing! First when we got there we didn’t know what to expect. We went to the front to ask about top golf, they told us how it worked and we booked a bay .They told us one hour or like 45 minutes till we would be able to play. They had pool tables, fooseball and shuffle board for when your waiting or just to play. We waited for about 20 minutes and ordered some drinks then they called us to play. We asked for lefty clubs because I and my brother are lefty they helped get us the clubs. We ordered food and played golf! The customer service was fantastic they were checking up on us very often. Also the prices were very good. At the time we went it was 45 dollars an hour for up to 5 people playing. Depending on what time of the day you go the prices are different. The early the cheaper. If you are trying to go where it’s not as crowded then go either in the morning or early in the day its cheaper and less crowded! The game is like bowling but way funner there are different game modes to play. Overall my experience at Top golf was great! I will definitely be going back

G Kilgareff

I am terrible at golf. Just awful. I thought all was lost but then I found Top Golf! Hitting off the top floor make it so easy to enjoy and you can bring a group of people and get drinks and just relax. It's kind of pricy, but for a night out, it's a good time and definitely something new beyond just dinner and drinks.

Elisa Goroztieta

We have never been here before and were invited by another friend. I am a first time mom and it was my first time without my baby and while this place is family friendly we left her with a sitter to have a grown up fun time. With my nursing I thought I'd have to hide under a big coat and pump in the corner and a sign on the bathroom alerted me to a nursing mother's room! This is the best thing ever! I was able to pump in the comfort of my own space and not have to worry about being uncomfortable. Top golf is awesome.

Jamie Wilson

Everything was awesome up until our waiter. We originally started with Melly Mel. She was amazing. Then when we started golfing we had Andrew P. Very disrespectful, would rather flirt with waitresses, interrupt when being spoken to, etc. and this is why he did not receive a tip.

david willis

Had an awesome Guys Baby Shower there. We had Craig as our ambassador and he was amazing, friendly, funny, professional and prompt. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to doing it again.

Daniel Dehdashti

I have called this Top Golf location 6 times today from 1pm to 630pm and no one answers the phone. I thought this was a well run establishment but apparently I was wrong. Please have someone from your location contact me

Tiffany Foster

A really fun place to go with the kids. Would love to go back with just adults too. The customer service was excellent and the food is too! Can't wait to go back again.

Wahoo Productions

My father and I went to Topgolf and had so much fun. The staff at the front desk were very helpful and nice. The food and drinks are a little pricey but were good bar food. The balls were also a little pricey but were unlimited. Great place.

Kimi Olmsted

Banquet for the tennis team. The girls had so much fun. Some may even join the golf team next year


This is so fun, what a great experience! I went here for my birthday party, and it was a blast! I would definitely recommend going here for a fun day

Jonathan Lindman

Shame on this place. We show up at 3 pm to get a spot to play for our group and are told it’s a minimum of 3 hour wait. But wait, if you go online and spend an extra $150 you can reserve a spot in 30 minutes. Highway robbery. We’ll find something else to do today!

Brittany Sauls

Sooo much fun! Great for team building during the day and letting loose at night! Such a fun time, very clean and everyone is sooo helpful. I had the chicken and waffles and yeee yaw your tastebuds will tingle!!

Jasmine M.

This was a really fun place even though I have never swung a golf club in my life. It probably would have been more fun with alcoholic beverages, but corporate events, you know? This was a great time!

Erica Summers

Great experience! Our server Keem was absolutely fantastic!

Brian Ward

AWESOME place - go with your spouse or a group of friends - what a great place! Take people who don't even like golf - they'll have a blast. Food was awesome, premises were clean. Tip - go on a weekday morning, much less busy! WILL return

Tony Seeman

The facility is great. The service was less than stellar. We were offered a 1st floor bay immediately or we could wait approximately 15 minutes for a 2nd or 3rd floor bay. We asked to wait for an upper level. We then waited 40 minutes and were given a 1st floor. When asked why we didn’t get the floor we waited for they said we would need to start the wait period over and wait more than another hour so we just took the 1st floor. The equipment was decent and the computer system did have a few glitches but the game was still fun. When we were done and our time was up we wanted to pay and leave. We couldn’t. Apparently only one person can accept your payment and ours was no where to be found. No matter how many employees I asked they all just said we had to wait for our server. We waited and waited and waited. I eventually had to get a manager and let him know we were leaving and they could take the money we owed or we would be forced to leave without paying. He did take our payment with a fake smile and seemed completely uninterested in the terrible service we received. Basically, there system they have to get people in, served, and out, apparently is broken and needs an overhaul.

Rachelle McCord

Such a great and fun atmosphere. Loved having the DJ there. My server Mike was awesome and took very good care of us. I’d come back again and again.

Joshua Stock

Decent food, great facility. They’re quick to run you out when your golf time is up.

Justin Fannin

Really fun take on the driving range idea. Love the competitive aspect of it. We love to go with our friends and family to just have a relaxing afternoon of competitive golfing without having to travel all around a course.

Brenden Nelson

First time going to TopGolf and it was amazing! The staff is very caring and courteous! The facility is kept clean and functional. The food and drinks are surprisingly delicious for a golf range! The Mac Daddy burger is what you need to try if you like that combination. Our family even went twice during this vacation just because the environment and competition was well received. Give this place a shot even if you don't know how to play. All you need are a few golf tips and you're ready to drive that golf ball!

Daniel Mata

I've had great experiences at this location. It's fun, clean and safe. My problem is that I can't ever get a hold of anyone there. I've called multiple times and tried for several days and can't get through to anyone. I also left my number multiple times to get a return call and have yet to hear back. I just want to give this place my me back....

Nolan Robinson

First time at top golf, what a cool experience! The Service was not what I was expecting though with how many employees were walking around. Walked up to the bar and made eye contact with a younger bartender . As I sat down, he walked away and started talking with another employee for the next 10 mins. Ended up getting up and walked out. Horrible bartender and should not be working there! Also the food proportions for how much they charge is absolutely ridiculous!

Ben 64

Expected bowling alley vibes, but the place feels high end and very clean. It's a really nice building and the food is top notch. Golfing was fun and not intimidating even though I was a first timer. Staff was friendly and informative. Highly recommend.

Chantelle Banks

My first time visiting from Michigan, had a blast. They have friendly staff. One suggestion that I would like to make is that they need a better variety of food.

Archie Johnson

First time at their place and we had a really good time. Only a couple things to improve on. We (my wife and I) went mid week. We just missed the cutoff for the cost. It went up my $10 per hour from 35 to 45. Everyone was super friendly though, from start to finish. We didn't eat, but I had a couple drinks, sol of which were throughly watered down. The games were fun, but the lag on the scoring became annoying and the inclusion of practice balls during game play was less than ideal when being competitive (it trying to act competitive). This place wouldn't be an every week putting, but it was fun and most likely we'll return. Again, customer service was top notch.

Terria Bates

Went for my birthday today. Service was so slow and bad that I didn’t even tell them that it was my birthday. My husbands food was wrong. Burger burnt no onions and no ranch on the side as requested. They never brought the onions that they promised and by the time they brought the ranch we were done eating and the guy was like “oh I am sorry but u can still have it” and left the ranch sitting in the middle of the table. Really!!! What we gone so with that now? They took my husbands meal off the bill in the end but took it off after taxes which means we still paid the taxes. Took forever to get our final bill. This was our first time going and probably will be our last.

Christian Contrera

Poor staff. Waited 45 minutes for food and came out cold...

Joe B.

Fantastic time. Been here about 10 times. Golf bays can be cheap if you get there in the morning. Food is fairly priced, alcohol is a fortune. Staff has always been great.

Sheffie Robinson

It's always busy, which isn't a bad thing bit every time I come there seems to be something in disarray which makes wait times longer. I would suggest taking advantage of online reservations but there is a fee for those so be prepared. Otherwise, you will wait 1-3 hours for a bay and yes I mean hours.

Laura Ortiz-Velez

JASMINE WAS EXCELLENT! She was sweet, attentive, helpful and super cool! She definitely deserves a raise! Loved this place! 1st timer!

Tint Worx

On the last day of my son's summer vacation, I was told 45 minutes for a bay reservation. A party of 8 (waiting right behind us in line) walked right in and received a bay 5 minutes later. Sat at bar dining area to spend more money while I waited for a bay and the table who sat down well after me received a server before us after waiting 20 minutes of being completely ignored by a minimum of 12 employees walking by.

Brice Shultz

Easy to pick up. Difficult to master. Just like real golf. Fun to play around with different games. Much better than a typical driving range. You can bring your own clubs and if you're a lefty you can request them too I was told. Food is a little pricey for quantity. Sharing a few appetizers is nice but consider individual meals instead. Cheese sauce and chips was amazing though. Beer was tasty and they do pitchers too of locally sourced brews.

Nuella Nwakalor

Beautiful and fun place but long waiting hours. My friends and I were told to wait for two hours and the half. We had to leave. My advice, book a spot two days before coming. Then you will enjoy the experience and won't have to wait longer.

Larry Mui

Great fun for young and old. This place is huge, with many bays for available for booking to hitting balls. The bays also have heaters to keep you warm if you're out there after the sun sets. There is also tons of space inside as well for shooting pool and other games. The food is also delicious! Not your basic bar/pub fare. It's the favourites cranked up a level. The pretzel bites are addictive! Service was great as well, they frequently checked in with us to see if we wanted anything. They had great suggestions for food and beer too! Highly recommended!

Mark Kesselring

Extremely fun and great food! Top Golf is a nice place to hang out with the family and friends. I will probably be having my birthday party there. The prices are a little bit high and the waitress are not the best but it is still a really nice place to have fun!

Corliss Aldred

What a disappointment we experienced this visit. The kitchen and our first shift hostess failed us. Cold food (steak nachos, cheese pizza, chicken wings, and fries) to the 10th power. Our food came out cold, sent it back only to be comp cold food...again. I'm so disappointed.

Aundre Morgan

Service was horrible would have been decent but it was ridiculous took 45 minutes for a hamburger

dan mitchel

Horrible customer service for the price you pay. not worth the price, everything is set up so they can get as much money out of you as possible. Great place to go if you enjoy throwing money in the trash

Kimberly Ball

Nice,fun place. The crowd seemed to be civilized. The wait staff was friendly and polite.Everything was clean and orderly. However, my fried chicken sandwich was super salty and I tried to order the turkey avocado wrap and it was bland. My husband said he liked the burger that he had though. If I were you just stick with the golf and drinks and maybe an occasional appetizer and you should be fine. Also, go on Tuesday they offer discounts that day.

Braylon Jacob Gorman

Great vibes and energy; however, I wanted the impossible burger because it was on the menu. I was told that they didn’t have it because Burger King bought them all! #WTH

Melissa Collins

Great atmosphere, very good food. Excellent drinks and reasonable prices. Family friendly, but more of an adult crowd at night. Be prepared for crowds and a little bit of a wait on busy weekends. Overall this place is awesome.

Julian Ospina

Awesome atmosphere! The food and drinks are amazing. Great to hangout, even if you're not playing.

Sloan Broome

Love coming here for a fun date night. Every time we have come, the staff are friendly and check on us frequently. topgolf is so much fun for people who aren't golfers

Steven Fruge

Always a great time. Just bring your best swing and that's it. Food, drinks, great atmosphere and fantastic people. I could spend the whole day there.

Baby Boop

Not my cup of tea.way over priced..everyone seemed super extra for no reason, almost fake...i was hoping for a more natural atmosphere..something safe for kids.. but thank you.

Veronica Ransom

Absolutely LOVE this place! Food is good and I had a blast! This is a good place to take a date, bring the family, or hang out with friends.

joseph simpson

Great food, friendly staff and didn't have a long wait. Went for a birthday celebration and had a great time! Will definitely be back.

Jason Stubbs

I have visited Topgolf several times. I have done birthday parties here as well as work outings. All visits have been fantastic. We brought our kids here, and even the youngest ones loved it. Great experience, heated bays make it fun and great to do as a family. If you have very young kids ask for a bay on the lowest level. Edit- recently revisited. Awesome as always. If you take young kids ask the front desk about kid clubs. It will make it more enjoyable for any kids that are playing.


We always have fun when we go to Topgolf. Highly recommend playing on the 3rd story. Food is really good. Service is usually pretty good even with the high volume of customers everywhere.

Erika Schwartz

The wait can get really long at times. Especially on Saturday night. It can also be pretty pricey if you go as small group of 2 or 3. Service is kind of slow. Overall, I really do like this place, though. I always have a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going back.

Fergus Campbell

Topgolf employees are the lowest of the low. They have no problem walking in to local businesses and trying to recruit employees. What a way to build a good reputation in the community. Seems like a company with no moral compass . Must be a great reflection of the leadership.

Demetria Smith

This was my first time visiting and I had a blast. I went in the evening and I loved the ambiance. There was a short wait for our section, but that gave us a chance to hang at the bar for a bit. The game was kind of challenging for me but I …

Courtney Harris

I went to top golf with my coworkers. I've never golfed before, but figured it'd be a good time with friends. It was a great time! They have super comfortable couches in the larger bays. Our hostess was very friendly. She explained how everything worked and immediately took our food orders. The food...was just perfect. I expected bar food but it was far above that. We got a couple of different appetizers, the wings, the spring rolls, and some others. They were amazing. I tried the brisket grilled cheese and the mac daddy burger. Both were so good. I highly recommend both. To top it off, the ice cream sundae was heaven in a bowl. TL;DR- Good times, lots of laughs, great food, great service!

Pamela O'Neal

I generally try to take into account all reviews and go into an experience with an open mind, but others' previous reviews about poor service, slow service, no service, are ALL CORRECT! If you go here on a Fri/Sat night, plan on a long …

angie burton

Always a good time at top golf. We had a team outing and it was so much fun. Good service and great food! You

Kayla DeShon

We were here yesterday around 630, on a Sunday and were out of almost everything we tried to order that was gluten free. Someone in our group has celiac disease and we would have stayed and played for hours if we could have ate. Unfortunately they weren’t able to accommodate to everyone to out group food wise and we ended up going somewhere else to eat. We had so much fun, the drinks were amazing, it just was super frustrating that the kitchen was out of so much.


Awesome place. Lots of ways to have fun other than golf. But golf driving range was fun! Three floors of driving platforms. I highly recommend this experience!

Bill Nye

HORRIBLE . NEVER GOING AGAIN . 20+ minutes for fountain drinks. No refills. Game broken and doesn't score. Clubs broken. No napkins. Manager on duty says he cannot do anything but refund $17 tab. Manager also stated he could not refund the $45/hr for a broken game. Paid 150 on their phone app for a promotional 200 game credit. Manager stated they had no idea this was offered. Really???#?? Seriously ??!?? Everyone else with this issue - do what I did. CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK ASAP !!!!

Erik Smoot

We had an amazing experience. This is not our first time going and it certainly won't be your last, as every time has been fantastic. It's so much fun and everyone's very friendly and helpful. I love taking my family and friends when they are in town, at is it is the most exciting thing to do here.

Nikki Smith

I have heard so many great things about top golf and been wanting to go for a while so my boyfriend surprised me one day for our monthly date night. Maybe I was just expecting too much but I HATED my experience! It was just a negative vibe since we walked in we weren't greeted by anyone it just looked like nobody wanted to be there. Either way we sat down and our waitress came over to us right away like as soon as we sat down (I'd rather them come right away than ignore us). She didn't say her name or anything she just asked "do y'all know what y'all want yet?" I advised we would need a second to look over the menu as it's our first time coming. She just stood there for a second so we ordered a drink to get us some more time. She came back with the drinks asking if we were ready yet. I advised we weren't and needed a second but asked her opinion between these 2 appetizers I was torn between. She said she had no idea because she doesn't eat the food there. We ended up ordering 2 appetizers and our drinks we just felt so rushed. Our waitress made us feel so uncomfortable from her facial expression, her rushing us, and not answering our questions in reference to activities (she referred us to the desk,). We left after we ate our appetizers and didn't even play. I wish we had a better first experience.

Michele Fender

Great experience. Waitress was fantastic! Everyone was very accommodating for our two kids and one wheelchair. Pricey but fun night!

Earle Smith

Recently went to Top Golf and I had a great time. The food was OK, and the golfing was fun. It was a little overcrowded but that was alleviated by the service. Khadijah was phenomenal. She was nice, super attentive, and very knowledgeable. I would’ve given Top Golf an 8, but she made it a 10. She was definitely the bright spot.

Maria Markel

I’m from NY and came here for a “good time”. The place is great, I actually loved it. But the service SUCKED! Me and my boyfriend had to ask for a server 3 times and waited over 45 minutes for wings. We saw a bunch of servers walking around and not once anyone asked if we needed assistance. The place lacks customer service and the drinks are weak.

Lucas Huffman

Me and my buddy went here for my birthday. I've been to a decent amount of TopGolfs and this one is great. Good size where you dont feel like you're overwhelmed. The bar staff was great and our booth attendant. They even fixed a draft beer I had ordered that I got the bottom of the keg on. Fixed it right away and brought me a new one! Definitely coming back with friends

Holly Muse

So much fun! Service was great , the restaurant and bathrooms are clean. Highly recommended.

Bobby Boosha

Several of my friends told me about Top Golf, so I gave it a try. I love it. I would describe as a driving range meets high end bowling alley. If you want to hold an informal business meeting during the week, this is the perfect place. They assign you a server, prices are reasonable, and they have plenty of games to choose from. You pay by the hour for your lane so the price is the same if you are solo or with a group.

Susan Bachman

Amazing atmosphere, and always a lot of fun!

Jessi Coyle

A 4pm reservation for a birthday party lead to over an hour wait to actually get a spot. Because of that, our hourly charge went from $36/hour to $46/hour. Not a real great start. The woman bussing the table in the bay we were finally assigned told us that we weren't assigned there and was very rude, telling us repeatedly that we weren't assigned there, even though our name was on the screen for that bay. The girl assisting us with getting set up in the computer was incredibly rude as well, ignoring questions regarding the process and how to add additional players (we were told we could have up to 8, we were limited to 6). The food was subpar and expensive, we were charged for two certain drinks when we only ordered one (and drinks were not cheap either!) Definitely not a good experience, and we will making certain we pass thi along to whomever will listen. ***07/28/19 Update: We've emailed Jason after this response from Top Golf, and no surprise, they have not returned correspondence. I reiterate, don't waste your money here, they have exactly zero energy to waste on customer service.

Salman sheikh

It was my first experience and rooftop golf place. I really enjoyed being there service was great. Everything was on point except the wait time and they need to improve the signup process which can be done from any electronic device other than getting the bay and do it. Overall it was amazing.

Beverly Lars

Love this concept! My family absolutely had the best time here! Everyone was so helpful, very organized, and friendly. So many games. If you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, you will love everything they have to offer. So much fun, I wish we could afford to do this every day!


Great place to go to hang out with friends and family


The venue is great, perfect place for a chill day to just practice your stroke, have a drink, watch sports or take it up a notch and have good friends/family time. The food & drinks are decent. Staff can fluctuate on friendliness. They have nice specials throughout the week. Parking is ok, if you get there early enough (event dependent). They’re willing to switch sports screens for you and the tables are first come first serve. Each level has its own vibe which is great to have a variety of atmospheric changes.

M James

We came early on a weekend, we were treated with a friendly staff and didn’t really know what to expect. They had our bay ready for us and we were walked through the process and the different games you could play, we stayed for about three and a half hours, we golfed for three of those hours. We liked how you could go many times in a row and you could go in any order unlike bowling, there was snow on the ground that made it tougher to play because the ball wouldn’t roll, and sometimes you wouldn’t get points even when the ball clearly went in the targets. And sometimes you would get points when you’d knock snow in the targets. The food was good and the heaters were nice, you can adjust them, from low and high. We had a pretty wide selection of the food and all of it was good, especially the pretzel platter. Overall it was a good time and the staff made it enjoyable!

Custom Hauling Services

Really cool spot awesome for a company team building get together , or a night out with good friends !! A blast !! Good stuff !! Great food !’

Michael S.

My very 1st experience...I didn’t have a chance to play golfing. But, I’m here to eating and foods delicious and drinking(I purchased Citrus Cabana Golfbag for $16!

Sandy Louise

I had a lot of fun for a first timer! Great spot to kick back, date night or even team build. It's worth it.


Such an awesome place. You do not need to be an avid golfer to enjoy an evening here with friends. As a matter of fact; most people who attend this place, like myself, have never picked up a club in their life! If golfing isn't your thing, they have pool tables, and other activities as well. The food is phenomenal, and the drinks are perfectly executed with a full bar at your disposal. I spoke with a manager being my first time here, and he went out of his way to explain the ins and outs of this place. He even came to my bay once I was called and showed me how to work the screen. My experience felt comfortable. I was definitely out of place, but with a few instructions from the kind staff, I was an expert in no time! Btw, I was also informed about another full bar on the third floor as well! I will add that if the rest of the wait staff is anything like the one I had, I would consider it second to none. Needless to say, it's a really fun spot which I will be attending every chance I have.

Ms. Thompson

We came here on Sunday evening as a date night. This was our first time here so we were a bit clueless when it came to the screens at the bay. Our first go round had some issues and cut off on us mid game. The food was good but still a bit overpriced to me. They tried to make things right by giving us a 10% discount. I guess that's better than nothing. I probably would have given this place three stars but our bay host, Krystle, was nothing short of amazing. She was in training that day and didn't have all the answers but she made it her business to find out the answer to anything that we had asked. Her pleasant attitude made all the difference in our night there. I'll definitely have to request her the next time we return.

nathan b

Fantastic place to come by and have a good time with friends. I visited with my friend on my last day in Atlanta before I had to head to the airport and it was a great experience. Our server kept making sure we were good, kept refilling our drinks and made sure that everything was going good. Be prepared to spend money though! Once you get going on the games it’s hard to stop! We kept having to add more time cause we were having such a good time. All the staff interactions were great and would highly recommend visiting! I will definitely be back when i’m in Atlanta again. Can’t wait!

J & R

Went for a company outing last week and had a blast. I had not swung a golf club in many, many years, but it did not matter. One of the group had never swung a club and still was hitting the ball and having fun. Great venue - great service and people - good food & drinks. Lobbying already to go back.

Carley Reis

Great atmosphere and tons of fun! One of my favorite things to do in Tampa. The food is amazing and the games are great for everyone regardless of golf skill. You can wear a dress and heels, or you can wear sweatpants. Its all up to you! There is something for everyone here.

Itayshia Deane

Came here during the week for my boyfriend's birthday. Reserves a bay and staff were very kind. Our server was awesome. I think her name was Beth. We stayed for 2hr15min. Great place to go with a group of people or just as a couple.

Matthew Thomas

There was no wait around 11:30a/noon on a Sunday. The first bay had an issue, so the staff moved us and compensated a free hour for our trouble. The second bay had an issue with extending time but the staff fixed that as well. Some of the golf hits don’t always register but that’s bound to happen at top golf and you can manual override. My cousin forgot his credit card while closing our tab out and our service chased us down in the parking lot to give it back. Overall great service, which is important, and fun.

Pat M

Stopped through with a couple friends yesterday and became a member. Overall experience was awesome. The woman at the front who greets the guests was very polite and conversational. Getting checked in was quick and smooth, despite the crowd. Waitress was attentive, games were fun, food was good. The wings are huge! Looking forward to coming back

LaKesha K.

This is a really fun place for all age groups. If golf is not your thing, they also offer table tennis or ping pong upstairs and pool tables downstairs. The putting area is spacious. Of course it is outdoors, but they offer large heat lamps directly over the seating area. There are two levels to the seating area. The first is a high bar with chairs. The second is a u-shaped outdoor sofa with a center table. All food and drink orders can be placed from your bay. For each game, each player gets 20 chances to "put the ball in the hole". You can take all 20 swings in a row or rotate players as you'd like. If you aren't interested in playing any of the game options, you can also dine in or have a round at the bar. Enjoy!

Steven Diaz


Mike Morreale

Food and drinks were great. We had fun. Only reason that I’m giving four star is because at the beginning and end they really rushed us in and out of there. Didn’t feel like they appreciated us for spending our money there.

Dan Cunliffe

I've never been to Topgolf before. Today was my first time and I was very very impressed. It is a great outing for those who golf and also do not golf. This place was first class. My entire family had a great time let me look forward to going back again.

nishita mehta

Amazing place to be with group of friends. Enjoyed playing top golf . Just a heads up Weekends are really busy with long waiting of more than an hour or two.

Elise Heard

Super fun place! We were there for the weekend for my nephews high school graduation. Great place for 18 and up to have fun but also super great for the 21 and older! Our party ranged from age 13 to 40 and we all had an AMAZING TIME just wish it was an easier way to have large parties next to each other. We had a great time BUT USE CASH! Our entire party had tips added to our cards the next day! Good thing I always check my account. Super unfortunate since we had such a great time and we spent a lot of money but not sure I will return after that. Although manager Lani was apologetic and made sure our money was returned just puts a bad taste in my mouth. If it wasn’t for fraudulent activity on our cards I would have giving it a 4 would have been a 5 if we could have had our entire party together.


TopGolf is the perfect place to spend time with a small group. Don’t worry if you aren’t a golfer...even my small children can hit the ball into one of the targets! The food is every bit as good as any gastropub in Tampa. The Ahi Avocado Toast was my favorite.

Chase Eliason

This a great place. Work on your drives, precision shots or play games offered through the interactive system. You pay for the time and play games. Ball's are synchonized to give you accurate readings of where you hit and points in relation to the targets. The food was very good and there is a good selection of beers and cocktails with table service. Thoroughly enjoyed my time!

Timothy Williams

Had a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad at the bar. Chicken was moist and flavorful, and the salad was a crisp. Very attentive server. Will come back the next time I'm in town.

Bob Farkas

Fun for kids, but service is lacking. Everytime I've visited, I have to request service to get food or drink ordered. Either when waiting for a bay or when actively playing, the servers are prone to disappear or not aware of customers waiting to be served. This has occurred on both busy and not so busy days. Game play is fun but frustrating to have the same customer service response.

King Properties

I really like Top Golf, and the food is acceptable. My issue is the music, why are they playing ghetto rap music, do the owners realize that at least 75% of their clientele is white. Makes for a bad experience. Will not be having my company function here.

Denver Raemisch

John and his team are extremely aware of the customer experience... great group of people working at this location! TopGolf continues to impress. Thanks folks!


I like going here, getting a bay for one person on practice mode, and then having 6 people split the cost. It's about 10 dollars per person, and is by far the best deal!

Marcus Durr

This rating is based on one visit; I don't know if this service is consistent for a typical guest. I joined friends at this venue who where celebrating with the groom before his wedding day. The groom made reservations. The service by …

Connor Jones

Understaffed, terrible service. Waited for drinks in the bar area for over 30 mins.

gregory good

Had a great time. Food was good. Came without reservations, only had to wait 40 minutes. That isn't bad for just showing up. Bring your own clubs if you want to. Fun place for kids and adults

Deepak Kumar

A good place to have a team parties and have a fun. It is also a nice place to play golf if you don’t have much experience or you want to check yours golf skills. There are good food options but not for vegetarians.

Brandy Adkins

From the start it was good however we quickly learned the deposit I put down to reserve a bay did not go towards our bay was disappointing. So we basically wasted 100.00 to reserve a bay which did not go towards our golf. The wait staff was amazing and the games was interactive and fun. When we arrived they was super helpful to get our game started. One of our bays didnt work but they did help get that fixed. Men's bathrooms was only 1 stall which was disappointing. Overall an ok experience but nothing to celebrate about.

Joey K

Haven't been there yet and already have a bad taste in my mouth. I received 2 $50 gift certificates to Top Golf. I was told if we go on Saturday evening we would most likely need a reservation if we didn't want to wait forever for a bay. So I went to make the reservation.... $50 plus tax! JUST FOR THE RESERVATION!! Doesn't even include any bay time. Further more I was told I could not use my gift certificate for the reservation it was only good for bay time or food and beverage. Not off to a great start. I will edit this review once we go there to see if things get any better.

Marcus Barnes

So this review is for the resturant. Visted this location on 25 May and our waitress was good but very forgetfull. We had a party of 10 and some of us got our food in 30mins while our other guest got theres an hour later. Some of the orders was messed up and the waitress could never figure out what table got which orders. I asked to speak to the manager, but they just ignored me. One person in our group got her waffle and chicken 1 hour 30mins later. Not a big golfer but I think i can go without visiting this place again.

Kimberly Eaves

We loved it so much! We are from Texas and they have one in Houston but we haven't visited that one yet. We had a blast, I laughed so much, and love the atmosphere....

Kylah Davis

Such a fun place to go with friends and family! I attended an adult birthday party at this location. It was actually a last minute decision to go here and we were able to get same day reservations. We tried a lot of their unique drinks, all were good and fun to try. The food and desserts were good as well. The servers could have been a little more attentive, but overall I found them to be sufficient.

Bertrand Abo

Excellent place for a gathering with co-workers and friends. Prices are fair too. It's great for beginner to expert at golf or anyone interested.

Alphonso Fletcher

Its a place that was very diverse and no one seemed to mind. The food was good, service as well. You can eat,have fun, party a bit and spend time with the family all in one. Awesome place to visit and we will return again. Check it out if you haven't already.

John Waites

My friends and I came to this place on a Saturday night and had a great time here. We chose the third level for the golfing and it was fine for all of us. Before hitting the balls, we had some drinks. Although the place was quite busy, service was quick. Music was playing all around and the general atmosphere was great. Will be back soon!

Rippy Roo

Expensive but good food. Good drinks. And entertaining.

Alan Miller

Went to a birthday. There was only 6 of us. 20 mins we get waters, and we have no idea where our drinks went. Embarrassing to see this from this establishment. Feedback, focused on customer service and turnaround with food and drinks.

Sarah Jonas

Can't commit to 5 stars because the wait time was 4 hours. We drove 2 hrs for a friends birthday. Next time we know to make reservations so we can be seen faster. The experience was pretty awesome. Food was delicious.

Wayne Lyon

Golf meets skeet ball at this entertaining establishment. Three floors of driving ranges for practicing your golf game and accuracy. Great for group fun or just killing time. Food is decent, atmosphere is great.

Cris Tavares

Weekends are busy but you have the option to pay to skip the line.

Chris Roche

Great facility they say it is for all levels, however the guy next to me was consistantly hitting back net and caught the attention of my now ex girlfriend. I don't want to get into the details but she left with him. The lovely staff said they would do their best to find me a new one(girlfriend) but unlike their great rental clubs they offer they have been sub-par. Just like my golf game. So all in all it's a great way to burn a Tuesday.

Josh H.

Came here for the first time. I am not a golfer but had a great time!

Abby White

Top Golf is a great place to take friends and family even for the novice golfer. The atmosphere is super fun and the food/drinks are great! Anyone looking to take lessons here would really enjoy the experience, I have been working with Emee and she is amazing. The lessons are individual and are geared to the specific needs of the student. I was very nervous to start golfing but after my time at Top Golf I have become more confident and more skilled in a very short time frame. Highly recommend, it is a little pricy but worth it!

allison thornton

It’s clearly evident that none of the staff members here understand how to operate a scalable business or handle any level of volume. Be prepared to wait hours for a bay and 30+ minutes for your appetizer (if they even have what you ordered). Also - be sure to wear layers because the facility apparently does not “buy enough gas” (direct quote from employee) to power more than 10% of the space heaters they have installed. Not coming back!


This place used to be a lot more fun. They are becoming greedy and not so customer friendly. Front desk attitude, oh my goodness. This is how business goes down. And for goodness sake please put waiting time on your website or on your phone machine. No fun bringing family and have to wait an hour or 2 to wait for the turn.

Todd Bassett

Took relatives that did not really play golf and we all had a great time. So much so we stayed another 30 minutes. The staff were great and really helpful.

Skip Lamb

If it were not for the poor service, my wife and I would give this place a 5. We went to this establishment on 07/09/19 just before 4pm. Due to needing to be on a waiting list to golf, we decided to kill some time by dinning in the Topgolf restaurant. This is where the problems began.. We were seated by a waitress who informed us that our waitress was doubling as the bartender??? The waitress who seated us asked for my credit card to run a tab, I presumed? Later a third waitress brought us our food, while our bartender/waitress brought us our drinks. Due to the fact that I never received a bill, I walked over to our bartender/waitress in order to remit my bill To my chagrin, my bartender/waitress was engaged in a conversation with three customers at the bar. After waiting for a considerable amount of time and never getting acknowledged by the bartender/waitress, I proceeded to the golf reservation counter to check-in and pay my restaurant bill. When we arrived at the reservation counter, a restaurant worker apparently followed us over. She proceeded to stand near the reservation counter with a stern look on her face. Once we received our golfing bay, this restaurant worker asked in a subtle rude way "do you want to add your restaurant bill to your golf bill?" I explained to the restaurant worker that I never received a bill, attempted to contact the bartender/waitress, and came here to pay for both. Trust me, if I'm going to ditch a bill, I would not have stayed after eating. Moreover, why take my credit card numbr earlier?? Upon entering our golf bay, we were greeted by an attendedant. I explained to her that my wife had never played before. This apparently did not matter to her as she was very impatient. Another attendant intervened and was very helpful .. On the plus side: Food: Excellent Drinks: Excellent Ambience: Excellent Facility: Clean and comfortable We'll be back, hopefully the service will be better.

Danika Vannucci

Worst experience and worst place!!!! Do not waste your time here. 15-20 OPEN BAYS. They made us wait over an hour and still didn’t get us into one even though I said soonest available. They make you wait so you pay more. This place is a joke!! Do not go to Tampa top golf. We went to Dave and busters instead and had a blast. You Don’t even deserve one star. Garbage.

joshua vinson

Went here on a saturday 6 PM. Tourist keep this place crowded , and the restroom close to us already had vomit all over the sink. Drinks are pricey , golf is pricey. Bottom line this place is expensive. I could play some of the best courses in florida while my wife had a 5 star spa day for what this place can cost. No matter how fancy they try to make it is still a driving range.

Cosse Posse

Did a company Christmas party here for 2018. Bought one of their packages with golf, food and alcoholic drinks. The food was good but there was next to no alcohol in the mixed drinks. We had 10 people drinking mixed drinks and everyone left sober. Which wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t pay to Uber everyone there because they were planning on drinking. I’ve emailed them since and all I got was “thanks for bringing it to our attention”... I could’ve brought my own cranberry juice for people to drink for way cheaper. Golf and food were good.

Jennifer Hopkins

This was our ( party of 10) first time coming to top golf for a BIRTHDAY party on 03/09/2019 . The establishment was very nice and the food was very good, but our waitress ( Velencia J) was very rude and very poor customer service! I work in customer service position and if i treated my customers as she treated us I would have been fired. Even though she was rude and rolling her eyes we still tipped her, but my party was very displeased with her. I'm writing because I believe you should know that you have someone working for you that could hurt your establishment. We were planning to play golf after lunch, but decided against it.

Ric Diez

Great great fun. family friendly. super modern structure that allows for a much friendly experience for all levels of golfing ability. they also have a good bar menu with burgers, beer, salads etc with table service! a really great afternoon out.

Ramedia Clemons

Sunday April 28th was our first experience to topgolf along with my boyfriend,his niece and sister. It was my birthday celebration & I have heard so many wonderful things about topgolf that I wanted to experience for myself. First I must say that the front desk check in service was prompt and gave excellent insight into what to do as a first timer. She advised that getting the best experience for non golfers would be the 2nd or 3rd floor. We waited less than 5 min to receive a bay on the third floor. I wanted to get there before 2 pm to get the full experience. It truly was just that! Our server for bay 328 was amazing! I couldn't have asked for anyone other than her. She was friendly ,helpful and like one of the members of our party which i loved!! She gave great advice & it wasnt hard to navigate through the golf experience. Our server was spot on with the food service which was fresh, hot and more than what i expected for the price.There was even a surprise celebration for my birthday which i truly was not expecting

Adam Heilig

Amazing place to go with family, friends or just by yourself. The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful. Food is excellent, drinks are well made and prices aren't bad for the quality of the food and service you get. Good for beginners and skilled players. I love top golf and its a place I regularly go to when looking for something to do with friends and family

Jennifer Blanchard

I had a great time. We went with a large group of adults and kids. Food was delicious and it disappeared quickly since the kids inhaled it. I would think next time we would let the kids have their own bay. Enjoyed my first experience and would definitely recommend. Oh yeah there was a long wait. They told us 2.5 - 3 hour wait. We waited an hour. We went to mall then they texted us.

Jeff Cullen

Great place for fun and food. There are three floors of bays that you golf from. There are several games you can play as you hit golf balls and aim for specific areas. You pay by the hour for a bay regardless of how many people you golf with. The sunrise burger and pretzel bites were also very good.

Chad P

Great time as always!

Yvonne Luke

This is a great place to go as a group and split the cost of the lane. Any savings you get can then be put towards the cost of the delicious menu items and cocktails. Also, you can get reduced rates if you visit before noon during the week.

Sleazy Rider

Fun place, bring a big group for more fun and lower average price per person.

Francisco Rodriguez

Pretty awesome place. Excellent food and wide selection of drinks. Our waitress was tops! Thanks for a great time!

J Font

Nice place friendly staff! Good location, great place to spend a couple of hours whether you like golf or not!

June Arnold

Absolutely terrible service. We were told 30 min to an hour wait for a bay. Took an hour and a half. We sat and waited at the bar. The bartenders were not attentive. When we finally got to a bay, a waitress came, took one of our parties order then ran off. Never came back until we flagged down someone to go find her. Took forever to get our drinks. Will not be coming back to this location. *Update, finally recieved my silverware 30 minutes after I received my food.

Jerry Gooden

Great place to have fun with friends or family. My only complaint is that the wait for everything was very long. Need to look at opening other locations nearby.

vijay kumar

Had fun with team

Steve B

Attended a work event at this location. While the check in staff could be better, the wait staff was exceptional and helpful. We had to move stations due to an event, but they took care of everything.

Peter Bauch

What a major disappointment. Major rip off. We were told we had 2 hours of food, drink, and golf. Not even 1 hour later, we were informed we hit our limit and had to open a tab for the remained of our time. When our time was up, they came and threw out all food and drinks that were on the tables, followed us to the bar and had us cut off because we were trying to have a good time. Oh, and half of us only had maybe 3 drinks in 2 hours. Not going back to that place any time soon, if ever again.

Heath Harrison

The facility was clean. Our hostess was very friendly and genuinely eager to make sure we had everything we needed to enjoy ourselves. I can't recall her name but she was in the army.

Michael Nolen

If you are not a golf fan, come on down. It's so much more than that. Great food. Great atmosphere. Excellent drinks. Fully stocked bar. Pool tables and to top it off, there's a DJ down stairs (at least on the Friday I went). You gotta round up some friends and check it out. I'm not a golf fan but I was slapping balls like a champ. Lol.

Matthew Snider LIME Painting of Castle Rock - CEO

Excellent venue. Perfect for just a fun time out or especially for corporate events. Great way to network with business partners over some fun golf, drinks, and surprisingly good food. We are always impressed with the attentiveness of the servers and like I said the food much better than average bar food

Jason Breton

Nice place for a work event. Clean, friendly staff and plenty to keep you occupied. The catered food was good. The reason for 4 not 5 stars is their lack of non alcoholic beverages on the menu.

Sinnamen Success

Topgolf was fun & the food was pretty good but the customer service is HORRIBLE. When we walked in, there stood a whole line of employees behind counters & NO ONE smiled or made us feel welcomed. All of the young ladies walking around looked like they had attitudes and didn’t want to be at work. When our table became available & our food finally came, we weren’t given any silverware or napkins & attempted to grab some from somewhere ourselves... we ordered French toast, that came with no syrup, so there was another wait... luckily, our server ended up being pretty good. This was my very first time at Topgolf & I’m big on customer service; I seriously wanted to walk out as soon as we walked in b/c the energy in the employees was terrible. I gave it 3 stars because of the food & game. Maybe next time I’ll try a different location.

Vishvanath Shinde

We loved the place. Little pricey for family fun. But has great food options and golfing is lot of fun. If you have a fun party for adults to plan this would be a great place. Simply awesome!!

Bradley Stoeckel

I loved visiting here this is the first Topgolf I have ever visited. It was great to see how many open bays they have available to golf. It is a great spot with many cool things to do including shuffleboard, pool, and many other things.

Code Red

You guys lost a lot of money today by renting to the IREA, who didn't even use half of the booths they rented. Renting to a company that sets humanity back by pushing solar out of their territory doesn't reflect well on Topgolf, a company who tries to appeal to a new crowd with new tech.

Matt Rohde

Great place to smack some balls, hang with friends, and eat some food. 4 stars because the bay could have been a little more cleaned up beforehand.

Chris Quez

This place was awesome! The staff was great and they were more than happy to help with anything we needed. Great environment and good food. Try it, you won't regret it.

Shawn Isaacs

Second visit here and this time as a parent. NOTE- They not only have changing tables in both restrooms, they have a whole nursing room. Thus taking a five week old was pretty easy. Beyond that James gave superior customer service with getting new memberships setup and the game ready. Jazz was extremely courteous. Overall, another superb outing.

Paige Matthews

This is no doubt a fun place to go with friends or family purely for what it is. The games are fun and work for any experience. Plan for a couple hours of play. Definitely make a reservation because this place gets full fast. It’s worth the price to get a spot. The service is very friendly and frequent. The food is pricy for what it is. It was a little dirty when we went. The floor in our bay needed swept, the table scrubbed, and the cushions wiped down. Bathrooms out of toilet paper and paper towels spilling over the trash. Just looks like they need to work on the upkeep to make the experience great.

Martin Meddaugh

Went here for my wife's birthday with a group (11) of friends on a Saturday in the early evening. We had some with golf experience and let's say, no experience. We got our bay within ten minutes of getting there. We had to get a second bay because our group was too large for one bay. The staff was exceptional in trying to get another bay close to the first one. We actually got a bay right next to our other one. Our waiter/attendant was fantastic. After playing for two hours we sat back and relaxed for awhile on the 3rd level bar area. At the end of the night we left talking about when we come back. If and when you go, have some patience in case you have to wait. Realize the people playing in the bays are having so much fun they dont want to leave. But they will, and you will get your turn. Have fun.

daniel beck

Went on Sunday 8/19/2018. Bay 325 with George. He was beyond fantastic! We had so much and he was always checking in to see how we were doing. This is top class service. Excited to go back again, soon!

Fred Erich

Other Top Golfs: awesome Main Top Golf help number: awesome This Top Golf: terrible and unhelpful

Anthony Castro Painting

Great if you want to golf and grab a few beers without taking all your clubs.

Bryan Auton

I’ve always enjoyed this top golf location. The service is always great and the drinks are good as well. The only thing that’s hinders the experience is the crazy long wait to get a lane in the evenings. However, that just goes to show you how many people want to hang out here because of how awesome they are.

Jeremy Karpinski

A fun place for golfers and non-golfers alike! The staff there were very friendly, and great at making sure we were taken care of. The overall price for a good night out is very reasonable as well.

S Walkr

Fun experience at Top golf (Tampa location). Only problem is that in the summer, the heat and humidity can get overwhelming even with the fans going overhead. The regular bays are a little tight, seats 5-6 people. We had a company event there with just our group, very accommodating. The staff was great and on top of everyone's food and drink orders. There is a main bar and smaller satellite bars around. Pool tables and other bar games are around the area. Plenty on flat-screen TVs for all your sports viewing are available too. It's a fun place, but it's also family friendly too. Maybe a little too friendly. Wish the families would keep an eye on their kids. Kids were running around all over, with no supervision, parents were just drinking and talking amongst themselves, while staff had to tell kids not to hit each other with the pool sticks. But hey, maybe it's just me.

Michele A

The golfing is fun. However the food service is terrible. We waited over an hour and a half just to get appetizers! Unexceptable service! I will not be back!

Fredrick Kent

Took the family here and enjoyed this take on a traditional driving range. They serve food and drinks while you hit, can extend your game if your time runs out. They also have a bar inside once you are done if you want to stay longer.

Kimberly Green

Our server Remington was GREAT. Always there for when we needed to order more food or drinks. It's a great time to spend with family and friends

Andrew Lim

Poor service all in all. From the guy who set us up at our bay to the servers. We were a group of 8 and I don’t think any of us really feel satisfied with our experience. The 2 stars are for the all right food and the nice facilities. Won’t be returning and won’t be recommending

Linda Manci

We just had an amazing experience at Topgolf. I was worried because I had heard negative things about people who walk in and don't get to play. I scheduled a work event for the morning and we had a nice bay at the end of the 3rd floor. We had it catered and the food was better than expected. And plenty more than our team could eat! We could take the fresh fruit left overs home but not the hot. Most of use were golf rookies and it was a great event for all ages and skill levels. I can't say enough good things about the staff. They were very accommodating and turned down the music when one of our guests started getting a migraine. The drink refills kept coming and they were always checking on us. We rated it the best group outing we have ever had, and I am sure we will be back. Getting a booth and planning in advance is definitely the way to go. Going early is cooler, less busy and more affordable. We requested the top floor, and we knew if a larger group wanted all of it - they could bump us down - but that did not happen. Nice job Topgolf!

Carla Smallwood

Top Golf was an awesome experience. We went to a Christmas party there and the service was phenomenal and the waiters and waitresses were very nice and did an awesome job as well. We will definitely be back. Thank you top golf for the awesome experience!!

Newz 41

I was there on Friday night and the service was great! Johnny was my waiter and he's a really cool guy. He came and checked on us quite often and even took our picture. Thanks Johnny! Oh and the Quesadillas and loaded fries were Great! 5 stars

Nikola Roberts

Sorry guys I meant to edit this earlier! Very nice front desk staff. Great and fun facility! I would absolutely go back for the fun and beer but.. It’s really hard to reach you over the phone. Also when your guest are done playing (even paid $50 reservation fee) but are still eating and having drinks, it would be nice to transfer us to a table that we can finish our night at - not tell us we need to leave because there is other people waiting...

David W. Miner

Love the concept. I've only gone as a guest so I can't speak to value. Table service is good but not five star. Could use more health conscious gluten free menu options. I enjoy going.

Marissa Libassi

Love it here! Great spot for kid’s birthday parties, professionals, amateurs, date night, etc.

David Bullington

*** Amending my initial review and adding stars to it because after an hour and ten minutes of waiting I finally asked for a manager. The manager heard me out and made the situation right. At that point the only thing lost was time and the need to shuffle our schedule a bit. Here now. Still waiting. Got here at 9:50 a.m. Was told it would be a 10-15 minute wait. It’s been 50 minutes already. Frustrating seeing so few people here yet we still can’t play. Our first Top Golf experience and we’ve got a very bad taste in our mouth right off the bat. Brought our three kids here early thinking there wouldn’t be a long wait. Wouldn’t be nearly as bad had the expectations been realistic when we signed in upon arrival. Mgmt here doesn’t seem to have a handle on things.


Had so much fun with some friends, well worth the price and time. Mat was such a sweetheart and made our experience even better!

Will Robinson

Enjoyable experience. Fun atmosphere, good menu options and good music.

Natalie Graham

First time to a Top Golf venue. I attended for business group outing and had a blast. Service was exceptional and price per person was very reasonable. This is a good spot for a bowling alternative and a lot more fun.

Jesus Romero

Question? Are all the bays sharable with strangers? You can't have your own bay? Asking for family event

victor gonzalez

The food is surprisingly good and the service is fast. The waiter didn't clean the table till we we're half done eating. He messed up on the water we order but the service was fast. You do have to wait for a table and the wait time is long to play if you don't call ahead. The game is fun but please tell them if your left handed.

Uncle Maine

Cool place to go. Same building can provide so many different atmospheres. If you're genuinely interested in working on your stroke, go Mon-Fri for $15 unlimited play. Other prices vary by the time after that. More prime the time the more of a premium you pay. There is also the option to just go hang out, chill at the bar or play a little Billiard's downstairs....

Michael S

HORRIBLE . NEVER GOING AGAIN . 20+ minutes for fountain drinks. No refills. Game broken and doesn't score. Clubs broken. No napkins. Manager on duty says he cannot do anything but refund $17 tab. Manager also stated he could not refund the $45/hr for a broken game. Paid 150 on their phone app for a promotional 200 game credit. Manager stated they had no idea this was offered. Really???#?? Seriously ??!?? Everyone else with this issue - do what I did. CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK ASAP !!!!

T smith

Love this place,the cocktails were ok,didn't have a Long island iced tea,loved the chicken wings.

shoemaker.without.the. r.

We have been to Top Golf at a few different locations and the service we received at this one tonight was phenomenal. Troy, our Bay server, was top notch. We never had to ask for refills on sodas and he was suggestive, but not pushy, about selling more alcoholic beverages. I can appreciate his attention to detail, knowledge, and next-level service. Kudos to Troy.

Virginia Dom

Great place to go w your co workers. Bring your wallet with you. It is not cheap. But you will find yourself not caring the price after enjoying golfing, pool, and great food.


The experience was interrupted three times when the ball machine stopped dispensing balls, necessitating flagging someone down to help. Extra time for each 5 minutes delay was not offered. They were out of mushrooms for a bread pizza type dish. The cook put a tremendous amount of red onions on the dish, perhaps trying to compensate? Taking the onions off resulted in other toppings being pulled off and difficult keep together while eating. The scoring system is fun. Would be nice to have camera reply of swings.

Jerod Pierce

food was good and so was service. but there were plentyyyyy of times where i made it in a target and points weren’t counted

Mark N

Over 40? You might want to rethink coming here. It's VERY busy and VERY loud. Service is slow, most likely from being so busy but staff are friendly. Wait times for the range can be VERY long. The concept is cool though with videos game consoles, billiards, foosball, and other games. Definitely geared toward the younger crowd. Three stars for the concept.

Nicole Leatherby

We put our name in and they said it would be a 40 minute wait. We said fine and went to the restaurant for lunch. We wait an hour and a half and finally go up to the desk to see what's up. The lady blames it on us and says she'll get us in in 20 minutes. So we have to wait 2 hours when they said 40 minutes? HORRIBLE customer service. The lady had no costumer service skills at all. On a side note, don't ever order drinks here. Every wait staff fingers the lemons, olives, bacon and oranges that go in your drinks. If you don't believe me, watch them. They touch their hair and then put your lemon in your water with their unwashed, ungloved hands... Disgusting.

Dwayne Moore

The scoring and ball tracking quit working several times. The service personnel reset many times, finally they brought somebody else and his reply was, “It’s a new game and this is the beta series”, sound like a bunch of BS to me. Must improve the tracking and scoring. Very expensive and I can see why most of the bays were not even half full. Personally I’d rather go to the driving range I have my own clubs and wouldn’t have to use your second rate equipment.

Sam Honor

I never played golf before but I had an amazing time. The food is delicious as well. The staff is also very personable

Jessica Kreeger

We had a really great experience today at TopGolf Tampa. I have never been treated so well at a place of business. Everyone was very attentive, from the waiter at the restaurant (Austin), to the waitress at our bay, to the manager (Tim). Although it was busy and there was a wait, they made sure we were well taken care of. We are excited to come back and highly recommend going here for a date!

Andrew Landis

We had a wonderful time today. The food was typical of a place that is more for entertainment than food....... not bad but not great either. Have to give them credit on the donut holes. Those were great. We had a fun time together with a group of about 70. The service was great and very helpful. Really like the fact you can jump around players while hitting balls and hit only a few or a lot on your turn. It make it a lot easier to enjoy the game and social time.

Hussein Hajaig

Great place to be. Practice your swing and have fun at the same time. Add a snack and it will be the ultimate experience.

H. Cammareri

Summer camp was great! My son loved it and felt very included. Staff was extremely friendly.

Mary Gambrell

It's really fun! Love the atmosphere and the food is great. I always have a blast whenever I go.

T Leach

First time at Top Golf. Me and my wife had a great time. Chris made us feel at home and is the definition of great customer service. Drink were on point only needed one to get a great buzz. The Dip was amazing but the burgers were salty have to try something different next time for sure. Overall great date night. It was more fun than i expected

Lindy Jenson

Brian D. Was our server. It was my very first time coming to a Top Golf and oh my goodness, will I be back. This man made the entire experience a dream. This was one of the first weekends away from my newborn so I wanted to enjoy my night and have fun. The golfing experience isn’t serious, just fun! I will be back and will definitely request Brian’s service again. Such a good guy. A great facility. ♥️

Jay Y

Decided to go early morning since it was lower rate. Reserved a bay so no waiting or anything. It was hot, as your pretty much standing outside the whole time, even with covering the sun was on us so I would consider going on a day with lower temperature or next time just in the evening. We played a couple games, was pretty engaging. You can keep score and control what you watch while playing. They offer several different clubs to accommodate anyone, didn't order any food but the service was good. The only issue I have which isn't a big one is how to get your results. Most people may just take a screen shot of there score but once the timer runs out your stats immediately disappear. So for those like me may want to be able to see how they did or have something to compare it if they play at a future time won't be able to. This was further verified as a bigger issue when I asked the server or how to get my score,I was told to download the app to which I did, but still nothing, then told to go down to customer service which told me to go to the actual site which I did and you got still nothing. So all in all if it wasn't for the customer service part in the end not knowing how one could get there score and track it then would've been easily a 4.will visit again though and recommend to anyone looking to hang out and do something different... This is it

Sam the Marble Racer

Pretty good. Golf redesigned to a high-tech fun game. The shading DOES NOT WORK. I got so sweaty (not just because I was exercising, but due to the sun’s heat)! However, it is very fun, with a very good bar.

Charlie Beelaert

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit during labor day weekend! We did it for 2 hours and never got bored. For how packed they were, the service was great, and the food was delicious! I would highly reccomend this to anyone looking to spend a decent amount of money on a fun family or friend activity. This really is TOP-golf!

Jordan Carroll

We have been here a handful of times over the last year. We have never had a bad experience. More recently we had our wedding party here with a few reserved bays with the catered food. It was a great time and everyone loved it! My only critique is that if food is paid for to be catered and there are leftovers then the paying party should be able to take it home. It was denied to take home so I’m curious what happens to it after Top Golf takes it back after everyone has been dipping their spoons into it. I highly recommend Top Golf to anyone who wants something fun and new to do for a few hours!

Fernando Sanabria

Fun place with super friendly staff. Worth going earlier for better pricing. Location also has Corn Hole and pool tables at no cost.

Sharreese Hunt

First time here and it started off a little rough but Kristoff the manager made sure we enjoyed ourselves. His customer service skills are beyond excellent along with Raheem. Thank you we will be back!

Chelsea Lipin

Fun time but terrible service. We attempted to give the waitress (Tori E) our $10 coupon 3x and she said she'd take it at the end. At the end she ran the card without using it. And didn't offer to fix the issue. Rude and inattentive service, zero desire to return because of her.

Zachary Goldman

Topgolf is not your traditional driving range... and that’s what I LOVE about this place! It is fun for kids and adults, even if you don’t play golf this place is a blast! I am a golfer and this place gives you great practice. I bought the platinum membership, and even though it is expensive it is worth every penny. I love golfing at this place as much as I love golfing at a country club. I 10/10 recommend this place... and if you live in the area I recommend getting a membership. The food here is also excellent.

Lamonna Campbell

I went this past Saturday for a birthday. The wait the told us was 3 hours! Good news is it was only 1 hour at the busiest time. We had a large group of 12 people and they were able to get us bays next to each other which was great!!! So the reason I gave 3 stars is because of our waitress, Kash. She was very unprofessional and yelled a lot, like “Aye! Y’all know what y’all want?!” She was rude to a few people in our group, when it was time to check out she wa flustered and told us not everyone tipped her. I personally gave her a $25 tip on a $60 ticket. I asked her if she could use multiple cards and she told me yes, but then came back with one ticket for our second bay that she charged on one persons card without his permission! I asked what happened and she replied that she was overwhelmed and there was too much going on. She definitely needed help with the two bays. I’m not sure if I will come back to this location again.


This is the best driving range I've ever been to. It's perfect for a first date or if you just want to get in some practice shots. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the food is awesome. The golf pros really know their stuff, after just a few tips, I hit the farthest target.

Tammy Baumgarten

A very nice place relax and awsome catering friendly service

Ian Atkinson

Top place to smash balls with mates. Great service too, one of the "Rockstar in training" servers went on a mission to find the beer I asked for. Top bloke. Would recommend and come again. 5 Stars.

Megan Stout

This place is so much fun. There was a small wait to get an area, but we thought we were waiting to get a bay on the first floor and we ended up on the third!! So that was a huge highlight of the night. While you’re waiting for your bay to become empty, you can roam around the 3 floors ( top floor is the best in my opinion) they have different kind of games to entertain yourself with on each floor while you wait. You can order drinks and have a great time before you even start hitting the balls. The staff were all incredibly friendly and very helpful as well.

Claudia Pitt

Great place to spend time with family and friend, Nice fun complex Great food, friendly staff and didn't have a long wait.

Maddie McGranahan

Super fun place - great with friends, for company events, and family! You don't even have to like golf to have a good time at this place. Very laid back atmosphere and incredible staff + service!!

Serena Stratton

Tried to reserve a bay for a bachelorette party a week before, but was unable to. When I called, they told me I couldn't reserve a bay because of all the other corporate parties they were having but told me that it would not be a problem at all for a walk in & would also be able to get the VIP package, but then when we did that, it was over a 2 hour wait. So ridiculous that just because there is company parties that the regular public can't reserve a bay. This is my first experience with top golf & I'm not sure if I will ever go back.

Jay Roman

Place is amazing. So fun. A place for kids and adults alike. Food is excellent, drinks are good. Service is great. Definitely come here. And will be going back. Never disappoints

Jurel Hunt

Even if your not into golf, you have to experience this complex. It's a two floor building that offers many bays/booths for teeing off golf balls. Each section holds up to 6 people, I feel 5 people is more comfortable. Every section has a TV monitor to not just to keep score, but also to show your swing and your ball placement on the field. You can buy different packages to suit your needs. This would be a great place for groups, job functions or any other event you want to host. They have a bar on both floors and a full menu of food is available for purchase. To finish off your experience, you can buy hats, and other merchandise.

Harrison York

Modern and clean. Youd almost excuse yourself for thinking you walked into a country club. The bar / restauraunt setup inside has a great atmosphere and the food is pretty par for the course while you wait for a booth. Service on the drive line is consistent and I had a great time trying to revive decade old golfing dreams.

N.M. Thompson

First time to a Top Golf venue. I attended for business group outing and had a blast. Service was exceptional and price per person was very reasonable. This is a good spot for a bowling alternative and a lot more fun.

Adriant Sanchez

Top golf, opens early. Closes late, has great membership options, example $200 can buy you 2 months of you plus 4 people group of visits. And they have/drinks.

Don Hoyt

Service at front door is lacking. Service at station is good. Great food. Good fun.

Dominic Trujillo

Our server Julie (Jewels) was very kind and attentive. The bloody Mary's were perfectly spicy. Not to mention the golf was amazing and the games they have set up are a blast. Thank you for the friends and family day!

David Atwood

Changing my review. The first 10 times I have been here were awesome. Lately, since about July 2018,this place is run by incompetent teenagers. They are very polite and courteous, that is not the issue, they are just clueless. You order a beer and no one can bring it because they're all under the age of 21. They lost my credit card twice. They messed up our food order. They couldn't get their stupid membership cards to work and they lied to me and said they fixed the issue but they really just made me a new card, so now I have 3 cards and I don't know which one works and which one has my credit on it. They asked us to leave the bay we were in because they wanted to bring another party in, but I was still waiting for them to bring back our credit cards. Then they momentarily lost mine. They're all clueless. They address you very politely and tell you they are taking care of the problem but they are scrambling to figure out everything and frantically stepping on each other's toes. They lack training and experience, and I would guess it's because none of them stick around longer than a couple months. They have a steady stream of business because the novelty hasn't worn off, but they will eventually need to retain customers being competent.

William JustWilliam

Great fun. Excellent staff. Beautiful facility. Good food and drink. Go!!!

Vincent Goard

A day out with the guys and it was a blast. Great concept and reasonable! For 1.5hrs plus food for 5, turned out to be $30per person. Already planning on returning!

Beth Burgess

Lots of fun, definitely suggest for group outings or for a playful date!

Landon Biggs

Horrible experience. Waited on hold for an hour and a black lady picked the phone up and was very rude. We proceeded to top golf to find they weren’t busy at all. The workers were being very rude when we arrived and we waited for hours and never received at seat. This place needs to be under new management

Socrates Carvalho

Great for fun with friends. We had a great time here.

Jake Gunn

Alexx from Hawaii was awesome! Great hostess and showed us a fun time!

Da S

Love this place! Can bring the kids or just adults! Friendly service out on the golf floors. Will be back

Karen Hurst Harris

My visit was truly an unforgettable experience. I truly won't forget to never go.again. It was our 1st visit and from walking in the door and trying to orient ourselves we were told we couldn't stand in the lobby and to go stand in the bar area. Then we found tables and were told we couldn't push them together (we were a party of 8). Then we get to the golf area and were only allowed 5 chairs for our 8 people. Then asked for mayo with our burger and were told they don't serve mayo. How non-customer service could a place possibly be? My 1st and last visit. Too many rules. Guess I should have read the manual before I went.

Just Chris

Great for golfers and non golfers alike, the check in was a bit confusing at first as we were waiting on the rest of our party, but the staff was very helpful in explaining everything to me and what I needed and didn't need. The food is great and so are the staff. Stayed two hours and a great time. Will be going back.


It was okay. The golfing part is fun but can get pricey depending what time of day you go. The location is kind of random. With it being in "midtown" thought it would have nice views but its off a beaten path. The food is pricey! The portions are small. Food is mediocre at best. Would go back to play though.

Nor Dumont

I was invited to join a group who rented a bay here on Saturday night. Wow, what a great place. I am not much of a golfer and I did not know many of the people in this group, but I made fast friends and had a fantastic time at this place. It is a phenomenal concept that I really enjoyed.

Andrew Hickey

Great spot. I have never had so much fun at a driving range. Very interactive play. Also having access to a digital menu at any point in time is almost a bad idea, I just kept ordering food. My server Eric was fun and engaging while not bothering us. I will ask for him to be my server again next time I go in because I will be back.

Derrick Gonzalez

Dope spot, Fun to hang out, Food is good. Service is TERRIBLE, I would recommend for topgolf to get more servers or better servers. I had to ask three different workers on two different floors if I can order food and after 25 minutes of waiting someone was finally able to take my order... BUT that someone was not an actual server, She said “I will let them know so they can put the order in”.. It took one hour to finally get my wings.

Chris K

Had ALOT of fun!!! Me and my wife came to have a night to relax and take a night off. We both suck at golf and still had an absolute blast! The drinks were good! The only reason it's not 5 stars is the food was meh... I had a fried chicken sandwich and the chicken was dry, fries were good but it's hard to mess up fries. And my wife got a grilled cheese with brisket and the brisket was dry and kinda ruined the sandwich. We also had an appetizer, the chili type dip kinda bland. And more chips would've been nice. But we still had a wonderful night!!!!!

Tori P

Great atmosphere, spacious,fun exciting golfing experience & lit music selection etc!

April copeland

My family and I enjoyed everything. From the food to the golfing game. We will be returning for another golfing duel.

Mark Moudy

If you'd like to waste 2 hours waiting for nothing, come here. We went on a Saturday around noon and we're told it would be an hour wait. Went up stairs and had drinks for almost two hours with no text telling us a bay was ready. When we went to the desk to ask what was going on, got a sheepish look and "looks like you weren't on the list" with literally no offer to fix the situation. Don't waste your time here.

Eddie Wise

Update: I am adjusting this review to comment on the follow up from Topgolf's team and adding a star. While my experience concerning the service that day has not changed, I am very happy to see that Topgolf was very quick to respond and open to dialogue about our experience. After speaking with James from Topgolf, it felt like they do care about correcting any issues from that day to improve future experiences and he did not try to cast blame on others outside of Topgolf. This level of accountability is rare these days, so I appreciate the effort made by James. I am hopeful that if we decide to do another outing to Topgolf, that it will be much more enjoyable. Original Post: My family and I made a reservation for the VIP option for this past Saturday at 4:30 PM a few days in advance. Due to some late change of plans, we needed to move up our time to 2:00 PM. We verified the VIP option was still available at this time online before calling at 9 AM when they opened Saturday. When I called, the Topgolf employee was very helpful and confirmed the time could be shifted up to 2:00 PM without any issues. Once we arrived at 1:45 PM, it was obvious this change was not recorded. The Topgolf staff asked me who I spoke to on the phone and made it clear that the change shouldn't have been allowed. While the staff was able to find us a VIP table, the staff member made sure to note that we were lucky that they could do this or else our wait may have been lengthy even though the error was not on our end. Either way, we were glad to keep our reservation time despite the fact it was implied that the error was on us. Despite paying for the VIP service ($150 for this day), it took half an hour to get the appetizers that came with the additional fee (cookies were never provided that are supposed to be included as well). The bay hostess was very inattentive to the point that we began taking our group's drink order and heading to the bar when she arrived 45 minutes into our time. It was another 20 minutes after that before we were able to order food due to the hostess not stopping by. In general, the service was fairly poor which dampened the experience further after the reservation issue. My advice is to avoid paying for anything extra at this Topgolf because it is not worth the time and money upfront to receive what seems like poorer service. If you need to make changes outside of the 24 hour window, make sure you get someone's name since the Topgolf will place the blame on you without it. If you want drinks, it will be easier to go to the bar and bring them back to your bay. I have been to Topgolf's in Charlotte, Indiana, and Virginia and haven't had this experience on the busiest of days and will most likely avoid this location despite being in Atlanta often.

Traci Rinker

Horrible service. Went there for lunch today (was not busy at all) and watched the waitstaff stand around and not wait on multiple customers. As pricey as this place is they better implement better customer service. Very disappointed.

Rudy Coca

We have been here multiple times and we really have fun every time! We were told there would be a 2 hour wait when we arrived and it ended up being about an hour which isn’t too bad at all. We got food and drinks which were also good as well. A little disappointed in the food portions for the cost, but other than that everything was great. We will continue to visit this location!

Jeff Jablonski

Great atmosphere, over 2hr wait on food and drinks are poured horribly.... lucky if you get alcohol in your drink. Staff are friendly and polite but drinks and food are absolutely terrible for what you are paying. Never going to any tip golf ever again... not worth wasting my time. I anticipated much better for all the hype I received. If i wanted this kind of food and drink service I would have gone to a public golf course....

Shelbi James

If y'all come here... Ask for Kitana. She is amazing!!! The whole place is hype and fun. Kitana was just the icing on the cake. She was fun and funny. The bartender while we were waiting was funny and cool. They said it was gonna be a 30-45 minute wait but it was more like 15. They had 100 bays open and 19 people in front of us and it went by super quick. The food here is by far the best attraction food. We had the wings and tacos. So over all... 10 outta 10 will golf again.

Rrari Kahn

Lots of fun and a great staff!

Larry II

Love Top Golf. Great place to unwind and burn some time!

Steve Cabeza

Ducked in for a bachelor party and this was my first introduction to the brand. Outstanding! Here's why: * Big * New * Well run * Um, really well run! * Great service * Appropriately priced drinks * Better than expected food * Fun for someone who hates golfing and came in last every game, I still had an awesome time! Loved it! As a marketing guy, I had mad respect and appreciation for how this effort is set up, run, and managed. Good stuff. See you there. Next time I will be on the 3rd / Top floor, it can only help my game. Cabeza OUT!

shar s

Amazing place to have fun with friends. Nice ambience . Awesome food . Nachos & quesadillas were too good. Ashley served us well. The food was a bit pricey. I will definitely recommend this place to hangout with friends.

Virginia Sumihi

First time playing golf and I had a great time! The drinks were good and I enjoyed it!

Shauniece Lee

Went with my children ages 7-14, they loved every minute. Friendly staff and great fun!

David Herlocker

This should be a 5-star review. It is because they have changed their policy on how you pay. They are now trying to get you to tip on the full amount of your experience, not just the meal or drinks. It used to be that once you had your Topgolf card you swiped your card and took care of your game selection, now they are having your "waitress" do it. And they combine it with the meal bill. There is no way I am going to pay an extra 10 dollars on the tip so they can select what game I want to play. I probably won't be back. Bad move Topgolf.

James Kirby

I'd give the place five stars easily if I cared about or enjoyed golf at all. Great service, some decent food, and fair prices on some quality local micro brews. Oh yeah, and there's some interesting golfing stuff, too.

Katrina Jarrell

Very poor service. We paid for a $200 VIP section and received no VIP service. There were several servers that were twerking in the clock, dancing and singing Thothiana instead of bringing out the drinks we ordered. Many items ordered didn’t come out at all. The server Paula was cool, but nothing she put in came out. We had fun but the the service was so unprofessional for the amount of money we spent.

Asa Wolfe

Awful customer service spent my entire day waiting on a bay to open while two floors were comepltey empty I would recommend making a reservation. Or just go support a local driving range.

Tristan's Adventures

While the golfing was fun, the customer service was bad. It was my wife's bday today so we went for the first time. The food was more like bar food but had good reviews. Soo.. we decided to get hot wings and spinach dip. We found small pubic hairs in both ranch cups, eww... right? I mean and the staff really didn't seem to care. I'm huge believer on hospitality and customer experience. I did manage to win the wife over later taking her to get her nails done. I dont think I'd go back it was ok and the food ruined by them not at least apologizing about the incident.

Tom J

Have to pay a "membership fee". I would imagine that many people are one and done with this kind of place, so they hook you in with the $5 per person membership fee just to gouge you for all they can.

Brooke Henley

Very fun kids loved playing golf definitely recommended for kids elders and middle aged humans also when we came my 10 year old son is now a pro in the junior pga tour also I recommend to go after 1:00am to 2:00 am because it’s cooler

Donna Poole

Top employee of the day was Terra Shae. Great customer service....Love it!

Kayla Barton

Loved our time here. We got put in a bay and then 45 min later got asked to move to a different one because ours was reserved for a private party-we lost 10-15 min of play time and then they put us 2 bays down and we played for another hour and a half-ish and no one showed up for the private party. Unsure why they put us there in the first place, and unsure why they moved us. Table service was good and we still had a great time.

Braxton Peterson

We showed up on a Sunday and were told the wait would be 30-45 mins which we thought wasn’t bad at all so we went down to the arcade to wait. After about 50 minutes I went back up to the guest services counter where I was told it would be another 15-20 minutes. After waiting another 20 mins I went back up and was told it would be another 20 minutes. I get that it can take time but I’d rather know upfront what it’s really looking like so I don’t waste an hour and a half sitting doing nothing. If we would of known how long the wait was gonna be I would have gotten food. The young workers at the front counter seen very unapologetic for wasting our time.

Ken Westphal

Came here with a few buddies during a Saturday afternoon. Food here was great tasting and reasonable prices. It took a long time to get drinks but it was very busy. We had a fun time and would come back again but this time with a golf glove. It can get pricey if you make reservations, need to buy a membership card if it's your first time, and want to spend more than an hour hitting balls.

mark lebedzinski

1.5 hour wait, out of food my wife wanted, out of clubs to fit kids, and unpleasant waitress. We had to go to her to order food....waited, as soon as golf was over, she said she needed table for another group even though we hadn't finished drinks or food...Explained that after spending $100 plus, we would finish our meal where we sat...

Robert Ramirez

Lots of fun. It was great trying to compete with the people I was with and had even more fun aiming for things I shouldn't have been aiming at. Aka golf cart. But other then that it was great

Dylan Reid

Wonderful restaurant. The staff was welcoming and awesome. Food was delicious.

Jimmy Sablan

Paige and Paige last week were outstanding! After making a mistake on my end resulting in another 45 minute wait, these girls upgraded my friend and I to VIP for no additional cost! Thank you so much for both of you girls customer service! I'm going to the centennial Top Golf every time! (Forgot your last names, hope its not an issue!)

Taylor Ballard

So much fun whether you're a pro or a newbie. They provide clubs but you can also bring your own which I love. The food is just ok but the drinks are great. If you're a golf lover I'd really only suggest a visit if you're with friends/family who don't love golf or for a fun change to the range. It's pretty pricey if you're playing for more than two or three hours or if you're having food and drink.

Ryan Ashley

Such a fun time, and the waitstaff is friendly and attentive. You do not need to be a skilled golfer, just have a good time.

Noob Attack

Love! Topgolf! Location was clean and all equipment worked Perfectly. Service was good. Lots of people and food came fast.

Dmitry Zvorygin

We came to Top golf for small corporate event. Promotion girls were giving away some "bang" energy drink bottles inside. We took couple cans. When couple of us left the building and then tried to re-enter, they weren't let in because "you have a drink that wasn't bought here" Super stupidity - give away free stuff and then deny re-enter because one took it. Golfing experience is great. Service isn't.

Frank Wible

Most bays are open and empty, yet they told us 4-6 hours wait time. Who says that to a client? Run very poorly compared to others in the area. Seems like employees and management lack training here. Such a shame. I won’t be coming back to this location and I’m a premium member.

Michael Handy

No complaints here. Very good experience

kiryl marchuk

My 4th time visiting a top gold facility. I requested a bay for the 3rd floor. They told me the wait would be 30-40 minutes. I waited 1.5hrs. Then get a text message saying that the bay is ready. I responded within 4 minutes go upstairs and what do they do? Give my spot to someone else?.. I spoke to the customer Rep. and he told him they usually wait 15 minutes. I showed him the text message he then told me it was my phone.. it wasn’t it my phone because he sent me a couple confirmations and I received them right away.. had to wait again.. I asked if they would maybe offer some form of discount or a accommodation for THEIR mistake.. nope nothing.. didn’t care.. Besides that I enjoyed my time. But that was very unprofessional from such a place... By the way look at the message for proof...

Keisha Jones

We had my husband's birthday there with a dozen of our family and friends. It was a great spot to hang out and enjoy a few swings. The food was flavorful and there was a variety to choose from for our picky eaters. The drinks were delicious as well. We reserved 2 bays and it was well worth it. The staff were attentive and made sure our drinks were full and food was coming out as we asked. We will definitely return just for fun.

Randall Calmese

My training mates and I had a great time. Food, drinks and fun atmosphere all awesome. If you and 5 of your friends like hanging and swinging for the fence, Topgolf is the place for you. Well made drinks to order. Highly recommended.

Nick Keller

We waited for about 45 minutes for our reservation at 4:00, even though we got here at 3:50. We didn't get a bay until about 4:50 after commenting to an employee. We also waited 15 minutes for a server and then went through two other waiters. Once we started golfing our computer screen crashed every ~2 to 5 minutes so we couldn't see any of the scores. I will not be coming to this location again.

Kristen Barden

Great place to spend the evening with friends and family. The best part is you don’t have to be good at golf you just have to be good at enjoying the people you’re with. Our host Sam was fantastic. Very attentive and he took very good care of us. I can’t wait to go back!

Bethany Padmore

The burgers are my favorite thing to get here to eat. The service is also great despite the fact that they are always very busy. A great hang out spot for the family even if you don't play golf.

Tangela Wright

Celebrated my husband's birthday. Invited some friends and had a great time. I preferably like to be on the red deck. We were on the bottom row. Lane rental is a bit pricey but we all had a great time.

Steve Roberts

I really love the place but I brought at least 15 people there in a limousine and they do not comp the drivers in any way shape or form. Not even something to drink.

Psalm Davis

Food was decent, besides a withered salad... I found it weird that we had to provide payment before we order our food. Besides everything else the establishment seeing very weird in my opinion, they make it very obvious that they’re only catering to a certain crowd... take that as you may. Also, reviewing other comments I believe Top Golf’s response to the review commenting on the “Getto Rap Music” they were placing was unacceptable. The review written by Kind Properties is obviously written by a racist and shouldn’t even have been acknowledged.

Nicholas Tate

Top golf is fun. I'm a very casual golfer, but had heard about these places before. When someone in the group recommended trying it out I couldn't resist. The top golf game itself is a bit like bowling mixed with golf. You are awarded points for accuracy and consistency. Distance of shot doesn't play much in to scoring, which was a bit of a surprise. While you play there is table service of drinks and food. I was surprised to find it all very reasonable in price... About in line with a restaurant as far as pricing. I had expected to see prices more similar to those you see at sporting events. Although it was chilly outside when we played, the play areas are heated, and we were all comfortable. In conclusion- a fun way to spend a few hours, and cheaper than I expected. I would not hesitate to go back again.

Cindy Clough

Fun way to spend time with friends & family! It's not like a movie where you stare at a screen. At Top golf you play, have interaction, and have fun! Great service, too!!

Shanna Roldan

This is our 2nd visit to the Centennial location. We had a blast at our 1st visit, but there was a error with our credit card that the manager had to fix and then promised a 2 hr credit on our next visit for the mistake. The credit didn't reflect on our 2nd visit, however, the manager today, Dee Bradaric, applied the credit no questions asked, and we had another awesome day celebrating my sons B-day! We will keep coming back!

Mike King

45/hr was already outrageous, now $47/hr on fri and sat. (Never came on weekends no way). Thats a lot of money to not even have optional tees. They are all 1 1/4 inch, they dont wont big drives. I only go on tuesdays now, half price.

Crician Civil-Clemons

Great place to bring family, friends, co-workers ect. Food is great, the staffs there are super nice and helpful and I love the DJ

Jennifer Wandersleben

If you make a reservation...expect to wait longer than those without a reservation. If you show up early, they will not give you your bay...even though many are open...because they want to honor your reservation. Also, be prepared for multiple steps...check in, then wait for text that it is ready, then check in again, and wait for another text to tell you which bay.

Jessica Spencer

Worse experience, the wait was long as expected. We sat at a table for 30 minutes, workers did come but not to take our order but to ser if anyone was helping us We had to go to the bar and purchase our drinks and ordered food. I will not be coming back.

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