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3215 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Great Wall Super Buffet IN Colorado

Robert Zentz

A 'tired' looking place inside and out. The girl who waited on me, never said a word to me from the time I got there until I left; no smiles, no eye contact.....NO TIP! The dinner buffet is overpriced at $22 plus tax. The crablegs were the most bland and tasteless I've ever had. The hot and sour soup tasted like it had sugar in it [what's with that??]. There were NO OYSTERS. A slim selection of food choices; if there was a dessert section, I didn't see it. It's amazing what qualifies as a 'Super Buffet' in Colorado.

Denver CityCat

Took my son there, its across town for us but always a great meal. All you can eat. Start out by making your own chow main. They cook it up for ya while you grab the rest of your plate.

Devin Hernandez

OVERPRICED, sub-par food. Edible, but not great and gave me and my partner unspeakable stomach problems. Just the basic selection and most of it was barely okay. We immediately got extremely sick to our stomachs. Nothing was great and nothing was worth going back to that place or eating that food or getting that sick again. The only thing that was enjoyable about our visit was the staff and our waiter.

Nathan Martin

Food was okay but it is outrages expensive.


Not bad. I have had better for a cheaper price.

Ryan Townsend

Not worth $55 for 3 people and cold food

Sandra Vigil

Food was OK. Very rude service. Check before I even got my plate. Had to stop someone for napkins and straws. Never once checked on.


Always good. Stuff myself. Needs roll out service

Mouna Dahnou

The worst place ever the food was bad and cold and and it was expensive for nothing if i could give this place deserve 0 stars i hate it

Cheyenne Prieto

Terrible food. Terrible service. Do not recommend.

Stephanie West

Service was great, but had a little sticker-shock when it was time to go. Dinner buffet was almost $22, without a drink. Food was mediocre, at best.

Omar-Bre Morey

Ya know I've never felt ripped off after leaving a restaurant. The food was mediocre at best and at 20 dollars+ per person you will never catch me back at this establishment. If ya want specifics let's talk about cold crab legs, wontons with no cream cheese 20 minutes to refill some orange chicken it might have been sesame I can't quite remember but every bit of everything I ate was such a let down... sorry to say it but this is probably the least satisfied I've ever been taking my family out for Sunday dinner.

Khanh Le

Disappointed. Cool, tasteless and over price food... first time and last. No wonder dinner time only 15 people in a huge restaurant. Affaid to eat because of quality of food.. really bad!!!

Forest Citrowske

Way overpriced for the quality of food, $25 for a buffet should have top quality choices. Food wasn't bad really, just not for the price.

Marcie Graham

There was hair in my daughter's ice cream.. Definitely not hers.. They only refused $2 and was extremely rude service the whole time. Made us feel out of place, because my family is black... Racism is apparently their practice. I called the health department, because nobody's wearing hair net's or gloves. I'm just glad we didn't get sick off that nasty food. Never again will I go back!!!

Kennedy Skinner

The food was all dry and chewy, and the server stood behind us all creepily most of the time

brooke benninghoven

Great family place. I do believe the price is a little too much. That is why I am taking one star away. I believe an adult meal is there is tons of food to choose from including sushi, Pho, Mongolian food and even some American food. The place is very clean. Expect to have to wait on a holiday to be seated because it's definitely a favorite place for lots of people

Karen Oliver

I gave 2 stars for the employees that were great, although management was rude... I feel sorry for their employees as they don't seem to be treated good. The food wasn't very good and overpriced.

Grady Henson

I would give this lower stars, but what are you supposed to expect with Chinese buffets, never of the highest quality. I found that they made egg rolls, bread, biscuits and fries better than most of their chicken dishes. Oh well... free ice cream for dessert! !

Michael McCall

Not cheap, but it is amazing. This is an upscale buffet. The sort of place where you can eat the seafood.

s bats

22$ and every SINGLE piece of food I put on my plate was ice cold. Never again. Poor variety. Terrible food.

Sev'er Dislike

A decade ago this was a decent buffet. As of last month, I'd gladly recommend raw liver over the Great Wall. The quality of the food has deteriorated to the point of being Chinese in name only with flavors bland enough to make plain bread flour flavorful by comparison. This is exceedingly true of their chicken with broccoli, beef with broccoli, and garlic chicken, dishes that are not supposed to be bland. The price has increased astronomically over that decade. Never come here for dinner, it's over $20 minimum per person for food that is plainly bland. Their lunch prices are not great at ~$12 a person and much like their dinner, the price has only increased over the years while the quality of food has gone the opposite direction. Have always had a pleasant experience with the staff, they do what you expect for the most part and I've got no complaints towards any of them. The sushi is decent and the Mongolian grill is a fun experience for those familiar with it, that is, if you know what the sauces are and how they pair with the meat and vegetables, it can be great. For the price and quality of food, save yourself the experience, go somewhere else.

Chris Williams

Besides the potheads next to us, it was great.

Natalie Jones

Drove 3 hours to eat some yummy food and was shocked to see the price of $20 per person! Went to golden corral instead and ate awesome steak and seafood for only 12.99. They must be out of their mind. I have never seen a buffet priced that high and I'm from Florida, land of Chinese buffets. Most we ever paid was $13 in Florida for some amazing sushi, steak, seafood.

Douglas Boyd

Come with an empty stomach because guaranteed you will leave absolutely STUFFED. Always great food and plenty of it. Dont forget the Jello. As Bill Murray says "There's ALWAYS room for Jello "


My Husband and I really love eating here. It's really clean, and The food here is really delicious.. I know most of the cooks here and I must say they do an awesome job in the kitchen as well making sure the buffet tables are prep with fresh, warm food. I also like that they put out clean serving ladels every so often.. I would highly recommend Great Wall. Now the only reason I gave them 3 stars is because they are a little pricey. We do their take out for 5.99 a lb, cheaper than eating in! You wont be disappointed!!

Lazarus C

It's a huge Vegas style buffet that has a million choices. There's a decent sushi station and a fun Mongolian BBQ grill where you essentially build your own plate. Plenty of Chinese favorites as well as standard American choices too. They have oysters as well which is less common at buffets these days. Sadly I feel like this place is a shell of its former self. In recent years the quality has seriously declined. And the prices are HIGH. The buffet is about $20 a person which would be fine if the quality matched that price point. It doesn't. There are plenty of giant buffets in the metro that offer a similar experience for half that price.

Cynthia Garay

Super expensive took about half hour to get our drinks even after we asked the hostess, waitresses just kept walking by us and ignoring us so many nice restaurants in town so this is one I will definitely never go back to

Joel Arthur

I have had much better Chinese food at half the price. Left feeling ripped off at $26.33 for one buffet and drink.

jolanta cannon

do not eat here unless you like cockroaches in your crab legs

Jae Quintana

Good Asian buffet love I can eat all the wontons I want!

Beccie Layman

OMG, the food was AMAZING. And the variety of the buffet blew my mind. I will be going back again and again.

Nicole Williams

This was the worst food I have ever had. The server was nice but the food was hardly edible.

mishelle delgado

Little pricey. Food was cold. I asked a server to bring our drinks she looked at me and told me that she wasn’t my server and walk away. No coming back I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Jeffrey Williamson

Four stars is a stretch only because of the price. This is the most expensive Chinese buffet you may ever go to. But on that note the food is a five-star. There is a broader selection of food from a Mongolia Wok, to Sushi which is sitting out at room temperature and makes me nervous because of that, to nearly every kind of Chinese dish that you could get at a Chinese restaurant. It's all out there and so much more. This is a great place to go buy two people for Chinese food is going to cost you about $50 to start.

George Archuleta

I went there the first time tonight the food was good the service great the place was clean it was great

heather watkins

It was hands down the most horrible Chinese food I've ever had. Most of the meat was overcooked and chewy. The sauces were watered down and Bland. The crab legs were definitely not worth the price. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy and I will definitely not be returning

C. Betancourt

this place closes early so you're going to want to get there before before they close and you don't want to show up early in the morning or early afternoon you want to show up right around the food is fresh

Taylor Hancock

Big buffet with lots of options. Mixed with some American food if you want it. It's very pretty inside. Attentive staff filled drinks and cleared old plates quickly. Love this place.

Joaquin Perez

The lo mein noddles were spaghetti noodles and the meat was over cooked. Staff was polite.

Kristin Marshall

This is the best Chinese buffet I've been to, so many choices like dim sum, soup, fresh sushi, Mongolian BBQ, and traditional dishes like egg Fu young and lo mein. Their stuffed mushrooms were so good I ate more of those than anything else. They also have plain crispy chicken wings/drumsticks that were better than anywhere I've ever had chicken wings. And the restaurant was very clean, as well as the restrooms, very nice wait staff also. It is a lovely atmosphere and beautifully decorated. I'm not sure what more you could ask for. I will definitely come back here. They also have some options for the picky kid eaters like chicken nuggets and fries.

douglas jones

For a fast lunch, for under $13. It was ok. Noticed the steam tables were not keeping the food to temperature. I didn’t get sick. But someone in the future might

Justin Benoit

Everything kinda had a seafoodie taste. Wasn't terribly noticeable, but it was there. Good selection and good service.

Oudad Dahnou

The food was really bad we didnt finish our plates, the buffet was partial and we paid 25$ each for a really bad food. Really sad that my day turnd out bad because of this restaurant.

Renee Guzman

Great place to eat good food

Joanna Boone

They have amazing stuffed mushrooms and of course the little donuts the staff is always friendly

Mia Kane

We came here at 8pm and I guess that was our first mistake. The food had been out for hours, it was dried out, over cooked, the signs didn’t match the food on display, the corn was soggy mush, there was no wonton soup, all the sea food and sushi had a stale texture that seemed to scream “food poisoning”. I alerted the cashier to my displeasure at check out. I explained that I was not out to get anything for free, but that I was simply shocked at the $50 price for two people, because it was the worst Chinese food I’d ever had in my life. Frankly it was probably some of the worst food I’ve ever had. I left hungry, because I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I explained that as well, and the cashier expressed an unsympathetic “okay” to my diatribe. I recommend you take your money literally anywhere else. And if by some miracle the management reads this, please don’t leave you food out for hours, and train your cashiers how to appropriately manage these unfortunate situations. According to the reviews I’m not the first person who has been met with that reaction, nor am I the first person to have these experiences with your food.

Jeremy Donaldson

Good service. Best Asian food I've ever had at a Buffet. Every Asian cuisine is represented properly.

Karissa Jordan

They used to be good but now everything is either dry or cold.

Patrick MacVane

Way to expensive for the quality of food. Would have had a way better experience if I didnt feel like I was way over charged for the food. It was average China buffet food not bad but not amazing. But the price was ridiculous, 50 bucks for 2 people?! Are you kidding me?

Angelinat Pineda Miranda


Jess Horton

This place has just went down hill. Fried foods were undercooked and still cold. Won't be back again. Paid too much just to each a plate of fruit.

Mahmood Mahmoodi

The place is way over priced for dinner 22 dollars for one adult the food was soggy chewy cold and DISGUSTING!! God forbid anyone comes here to eat Panda Express is way better and cheaper! One star for ample space and beautiful interior

Mok Yieng Huot

Way overpriced $53 for two people and they were waiting to see if you give them tips or not. First time and definitely the last time. I am Asian and have gone to many Asian restaurants and buffets, this place by far is not worth it.

Dyanna Dolbow

You know sometimes when you first start frequenting a place, the food is excellent. This one in particular has really started to cut corners, eliminating some of the dishes that were really good. They now put out the cheaper cuts of everything. And most everything is drowning in butter.

Diann Hovey

Wont go back,just didnt care for the food and really not alot of options compared to other buffets Like this I have been too. Was expensive

K V O'Connell

Excellent variety, courteous service.

Clay Wilson

I love this place. Inexpensive, food is always great and they care about their customers.

enel76piedras negras

Overpriced for a Chinese buffet with average flood.

Gregorita Vaughn

They need to improve the food and plus they need to warm up the food everything was cold

Dr.Phil Bigone

Great place to eat. Not perfect but not bad . It's about the only buffet that offers Asian food I know of in this area.Inside a little worn but clean. Buffet was well stocked and clean. Plates have always been clean everytime I visit. Restrooms were clean and well stocked. Buffet for two with drinks will run about 25.00. .Not bad unless you like burgers.

Shaalynn Stepps

We went to eat dinner around 5pm today and it was one of the worst experiences of my entire life. I would rate it -5 stars if I could. The food, though showing steam coming from the bars they were sitting on, was cold or lukewarm. Meat was rubbery as if it had sat for hours. Bland. Then we were sprung with the $20.99 PER PERSON bill. Not worth the mediocre food we received. Upon complaining about our lukewarm/cold food to the employees, we were pretty much told tough luck and we were "here for more than 30 minutes so we had to pay." Barely. We had a 2 year old we were trying to feed so we were there for about 45 minutes. There were 2 adults and the toddler and we ate barely 1 plate of food each (1/2 a plate for the toddler.) We finished everything on our plates despite it being disgusting, due to the copious amount of signs stating "only take what you can finish. Do not waste any food." When we asked to speak to a manager, we were told "she left for the day, sorry." After a continued discussion of how displeased we were, we were given a measly 10% discount and "that's all they could do." Our bill was still $44 for an adult, a senior, and 1 beverage. 100% do not recommend to friends or family. It's way overpriced and the food is mediocre at best. Go spend your $21 per person on a nice steak dinner instead. Or better yet, go eat at a Taco Bell, at least your food will be hot.

Pam Schmidt

Pretty lame really...price is way too high...seems like every time I go it gets more expensive and the quality gets worse. Will not be going again...another one bites the dust!

leslie hulstrom

Every hot dish was cold. No salad bar or fresh fruit. It was awful.

Rick Hellickson

Food was very good with the exception of old dry crab ragoons and vegetable tempura.

Rick Frey

Terrible food and way over priced!

Matt Wilkerson

Went today [11:30] and weekends are dinner price all day [21.99]. No thanks. I've eaten there before and you're not that great.

William Holland

Terrible service and terrible food. Me and friends dined here and we’re not explained the price of the plates. My girlfriend had glass in her ginger from the sushi bar and instead of admitting it the server, host and “sushi chef” argued there is no glass back there. There wasn’t even a manager on duty to speak with

Micah Josselyn

Delicious food and flood service. It is a little pricey, but considering the quality of food you get it is worth it. Some of the dishes could have more flavor, but with craw fish, crab legs, sushi & a Mongolian grill you will definitely found something for you that tastes delicious.

George Cole

Excellent food very impressed with everything

Res Santistevan

One time ago, used to be awesome.

Delanna Sowder

I just went and while some of the food was bland. The Korean chicken was great and the sushi bar was full of a variety of fresh fish. The staff was very attentive, but some of them didn't speak english. (I wouldn't blame them if they were just acting, people are rude) And while the price is high I can easily eat $21 worth of food. I recommend it if you have a group of 4-8 people.

Yair Ruiz

Is good, but last time didn't have crawfish.

Ash Lyons

Eating here was a terrible experience. My boyfriend and I were interrupted mid-meal and told we had to pay right then. The waiter said they had a large party coming in for a celebration and that it would be confusing, therefore we needed to pay at that moment. Not only was this incredibly rude (I still had food in my mouth), but the waiter stood there and watched while my boyfriend had to clean off his hands and pull out his money. This was completely unnecessary and we felt very uncomfortable. If they knew this was going to be an issue then they should've had us pay in advance at the front desk. We only noticed this happen to one other table near us. At one point, the waiter even began to follow the man at this table after he got up to go to the buffet. But the affluent looking couple on the other side of us were never interrupted and asked to pay mid-meal. We felt as if this restaurant was profiling certain patrons and this was very upsetting to us. To top that off, the food was definitely not worth the $20 per person dinner price.

Rita Tran

Good food and atmosphere, but overpriced.

grant hoffmeister

Hadn’t been back in years. Good to know it’s still going strong. Like to stop by with large groups for lunch.

maythavinee dontree

07 Jan 7:11pm This place is the most unsatisfied buffet i ever eat. The food is very salty and others are very sweet. Old seafood, crabs is no taste The food quality is about 3/10. This was used to be a great place 5 years ago. Sorry, but i never come back With a price of $21/ppl for dinner, there are many place better than this and even cheaper. I son like to post anything about other pp bussines But this one, they charge expensive and there food is suck I Must say.

Paul Spence

I love Chinese food and the money you spend for the combo plate--$4.50 is well worth the money. Whether you eat a little or a lot, it is worth it. I have eaten these combos for two days and enjoyed every bit of it. Try it, you won't believe it.

Steven Van Valkenburg

I'd never been here before, but wanted to give it a try. When I saw the $20.99 price per adult for the dinner buffet, I thought it was a lot, but thought I'd try it out anyway. The food was rather bland for such a high price, as others have noted. I've had much better food for less elsewhere. At least the staff was polite, though not very attentive during the meal (and I wonder why they they don't give dinner knives to start with). And the music was rather loud and annoying as well. Unless you can pay the lower price for lunch, I'd recommend going elsewhere.

Brett Burnside

Best Chinese super buffet in Denver. When dining, look up and check out the bitchin' chandelier!

Nick Nixter

Excellent selection of interesting dishes, including a Mongolian Barbecue, deserts were a bit weak with a limited selection of treats. Service is above average, with sufficient number of wait staff and cooks to meet the diners every need. The bathrooms were clean, properly maintained and well stocked. A good buffet style restaurant with an above average assortment of foods.

Leath Kuhn

I should have checked prices before going. Adult price was $21.99 per person and to get a soda was an extra $2.50. The only reason I am giving two stars instead of one is there was a huge selection and our server was super nice. They let us use a 10% off coupon from their website. The food was not good at all. The sushi bar was obviously old. The seaweed was rubbery and all the raw fish was a brownish color telling me it had been sitting out a while. I tried a couple entree dishes and they also were either rubbery or not a fresh color. My grandson tried the octopus and couldn't even chew it. He also got some fresh pineapple and it was cut so the core was on the pieces he got. I know that a buffet is hard to keep up with to stay fresh but I'm thinking they need to keep working at it.

Patricia Nelson

This was our first time eating here.... We looked up buffets and based on the reviews we gave this place a try. Everything was good, they had A LOT of selections, they kept it fully stocked, and all the food looked hot and fresh! Everything had a great ‘homemade’ taste to it, nothing gourmet, but good. Sushi bar had a little bit of everything, perfect for someone trying sushi for the first time. Endless selections can be made with the Mongolian BBQ. If you can create it, they can cook it. No matter how busy they got the food came out fast and thoroughly cooked. The price is decent, especially for all-you-can-eat crab legs! The only downside was the dessert. Not a lot to choose from and what they did have was missing something. They do have a soft serve cream machine, can’t go wrong there. But they didn’t have any toppings or cones to go with it. The service was good, we had a nice waiter who was on top of it. Made sure our drinks were filled and removed unwanted plates right away. We went in a Sunday evening, it seemed pretty busy. The have a large seating area so there wasn’t a long wait. We will return!!!

Tiffanie Garnett

As far as Asian style buffets go, this is my favorite place. The food is always monitored and fresh and there's not an item I haven't liked yet. It's expensive but worth checking out.

Trent Allen

Food was horrible, cold and not fresh. Price is $22 for buffet. Not even close to worth it. Don’t waste your time

Lisa Houchins

Love eating here. All u can eat

Dom G

Im not sure if it was just busy today or if that was normal everyday service but the food was dry and flavorless, lots of choices and verity but nothing too astounding. Crab legs made me feel sick and the signs saying to only take as much as your gonna eat and to finish it all, are kinda hard to follow when nothing tasted as expected but rude in general seeing you pay the same price regardless of how much you eat. Even mediocre fruit. Won't be returning to this one. Better luck to them in the future. Waiting staff was amazing.


DO NOT EAT HERE. Our server took forever to refill our drinks. The server forcefully gave my bf the tab while I was still getting food... The food was mediocre and we will not be back.

Noah Mims

Good selection of dishes. Crab Rangoon’s are pretty good . Also a good selection of sushi. And other seafood like crab legs and oysters . Really nice place inside. I think it’s worth the 20 bucks a person if you’re hungry

Bobby Johnson

You thinking about grabbing food? Haven’t eaten in a while? I’ll tell you what come here. They have pretty much every and anything a person needs. From crab legs too wontons this place has it all! And then too boot they have a god damn fantastic ice cream machine and it’s always working unlike your local McDonald’s. And then they will give you a hug walking out. Would give 12 out of 10 if I could

Joshua Bowman

I have been coming here for several years now, and always have an excellent experience! The service is good and the food is always great!

onomonopia Thx

In the past few years the quality and variety of the food has gone way way down, while the prices just keep going up. I live less than a mile from here and I drive to Aurora for a better experience.

Shaylene Hapner

Definitely good quality for a buffet, especially Chinese food. Heat lamps could go a little higher but otherwise a delight. Always been one of my favorite places to go.

Elizabeth Heath

Just do take out. XD

Rosa Colon

Food was delicious

Willam Cotton

You need a gut like raccoon to eat here. Food was cold and now I feel like I’m dieing. Good luck if u eat here.

Ana Gabriela Gonzalez Oliva

Nice family place. The food is good (you eat the quality that you pay). Not an overpriced place. You have lots of choices.

Dennis S

I thought the Chinese buffet was excellent. The food was fresh. There was a great variety. Almost all the items were cooked perfectly. Neither over or undercooked. There seems to be a real good turnover of food with fresh items being brought out consistently. The price initially seemed a little bit High for a Saturday Buffet but the food was special.


Awesome place to eat. Great food

Hunter Boothe

Not good at all. I read reviews before going but saw they have won awards so I decided to go for lunch. Most of the food was not even warm and it was hard. The cheese wontons were so hard it was like eating a hockey puck. The other chicken items I had were not even warm so hopefully I don’t get sick. I ordered water and didn’t see a waiter once in the 30 minutes I was there. The lo mein was dry and made with spaghetti noodles. Needless to say I was scared to continue eating had two plates and left.

Bletcherous Cretin

We've come here for years and have sadly seen this place go downhill, (there's a good review from my old email on here, years ago). Today when we came in, the stuffed mushrooms were cold and raw in the middle, the fried rice was cold and flavorless, and the rice noodles were inedibly undercooked. Saw multiple people gathering food and taking it to the Mongolian BBQ chef to have it properly cooked. Thought I'd at least grab dessert - only to be informed that there was no ice cream. Their little cakes and cannolis were stale. We came at 11 AM, so the fact that so much of the food was already old and stale is concerning. My wife and I both agreed that this would be our last visit, sad to say.

Adam Heilig

I love Chinese food and this is really the only all you can eat buffet in the area. It isn't bad at all but could definitely be better. The food normally is just a little warmer than room temperature but tastes good. The sushi is typical buffet sushi, too much rice and thin cut fish. The deserts are seriously lacking for a buffet style restaurant. Pretty much just ice cream with no toppings. The staff is very friendly and are on top of clearing your dishes. They also offer a military discount to anyone with an ID which most places dpnt do anymore so thats nice. If you like Chinese food this is a pretty good place

Gregg Yates

Super pricy for the quality of food. I was shocked how many families are there with how high the price was.

Matthew Simons

Excellent mouth feels and deliciousness. Be prepared to loosen your belts

Scott G

Kind of pricey, but they have a hell of a lot of options, and I'm pretty sure that I ate at least twenty bucks worth of Sushi alone (the spicy crabmeat roll is really good.) The only desert option is a soft serve ice cream machine, offering both chocolate and vanilla. The service is good, the guy kept my plates cleared and my drink full. Never been there before, but I liked it and left stuffed.

Takeo Suzuki

Spacious, clean and friendly staff. I went there during the day and it was super cheap. The food was wonderful, they also have a small selection of fruits and sweets. Recommend!


Went during lunch when its half price. Everything was good, the sushi selection was a not that great. Could not see paying $21 a person at night though.

Anairam AG

Waaaay overpriced for the food quality you get. Food is cold and not flavorful. Not coming back here again. Very disappointed.

Brian Olson

We came here expecting much better. The service was good, but we were very disappointed in the quality of the food, especially for how expensive it is to eat here (Over $20/person for adults). Half of the items were either cold, dry or tasted too much like it came from a can. And it wasn't like the place was a ghost town, for the food to be sitting for too long. Sadly, we won't be back. You're money is much better spent elsewhere.

carmen romero

The price is super high and the food was awful. For the amount that we paid I was expecting really good food, first of all they don't have a lot of variety and the food was cold!! We ordered a plate from the grill station and it tasted so weird/bad that we left everything on the plate. Never coming back to this place. We are a big fans of Chinese Buffets, but so far this one has been the worst.

Ryan Smith

Much of the food is overcooked to the point that it's difficult to chew. The crab legs are bland, but on the other hand it's tough to find crab legs at a buffet around here. The egg drop and dumplings are fantastic, but everything else is comparable to one of those $1.50 scoop places (which I frequent, so no judgment there). There ARE a ton of choices, and perhaps if they dropped the Mongolian bbq and sushi counter, in favor of putting more energy into the rest of the food, it would be well worth the $20/person they charge.

Erin Berry

Good variety of choices. Nice dessert options. Lot of great lunch/ dinner options

Ralph Hicks

I was here about 5:30pm, before the evening rush. The staff was putting food on the buffet tables. Food that should have been hot was cold. Even though it was cold, those dishes I tried, had good flavor. The sushi was decent with a reasonable selection, but I found the wasabi was weak. Boiled shrimp was good, on ice with shrimp sauce and lemon alongside. Fried zuchinni was delicious. The tea was undrinkable. The cost was WAY too high. The ambience was interesting with Asian mixed with Western decor.

Samantha Robards

There was a piece of steel wool in our food. They only gave us $3 off. We also thought that it was $11.99 before 3:30 but it was a weekend so turns out it was $22.99 a person. Almost $70 for 3 people. The food was very bad. I love Chinese food even when it is low quality but this was awful! The only thing I enjoyed was the lo mein. Worst Chinese place!

Kevin L

Good food, reasonable prices one of my favorite places to go

April Metoyer

I loved it great Service good family place. Good food.

Melissa Purdy

The food was great, but for $21 each, idk man.. I suppose if you like seafood it might be worth the money..

Evelyn Garcia

My favorite place. is the best.

Diamond Kyle

A nice big, good Buffet. It had lo mein, sesame chicken, Mongolian pork all kinds of good stuff. Along with a few American side as well like french fries or onion rings. And the sushi was really good for a buffet. I really enjoyed it. However I just ate alone for dinner with no drinking and it was $22 before tip. Keep that in mind

Cande Luna

Terrible food and service! I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. Food had been sitting out too long and was cold. Service left a lot to be desired.

DeAuna Frey

If I could give this place a 0 my husband and I would. They charge over $21 for the evening buffet if you get a soda with your meal. Which we did not. We had waters. Most of the food had been sitting on lines since the lunch crowd. The seafood tasted spoiled. This place is a big rip off. Huge decline from 2 years ago.

Mathew Maldonado

I want to go there

Teresa Byers

It was ok but could have been better.

Jeff gottschalk

Don't waste your time. Way over priced. Very bland food. It's a buffet. What was I thinking?

Chad Blea

Decent food overall but not worth the price in my opinion. The crab legs don't have much meat in them and the butter taste very odd. Even the sesame chicken didn't taste right!

Clyde vanSchmitt

What a terrific selection at a reasonable price


Chinese buffets are hit and miss at best. THIS place is spot on! The food is fresh. The variety of food is ridiculous! Highly recommend.

aaron isaacs

Definitely not worth the price. Crab had no flavor, in fact, probably just avoid the seafood altogether. It was pretty hairy. The wait staff was nice, took a while to get the check but not a big deal. The wontons and teriyaki chicken were on point. Dont think I'll go back. Just not enough bang for $22 a head.

Mark Conn

This place is going downhill. Don't know what it is, but it's not what it was even 6 months ago. The quality of food is not as good as it has been in the past. I'll try it one more time in the future before I find a new place.

Selina Harris

I've been here twice now. My family enjoys coming here. The place is big enough and has a good selection of items. I don't think the staff are friendly towards their customers. They take you to your table and forget about offering you refills on your drinks or to see if you need anything.

Burnt Frijol

Pros-Great food and reasonable price Cons- -.5 star for cold bathrooms and -.5 star for not having jalapeño chicken

Anthony Atha

Absolutely the worst I have eaten at in the Denver area. Dry, old and inedible. Don’t waste $21 pp, you will be sadly disappointed.

matthew krom

Buffet food was cold, except the egg drop soup. For the price the selection was sad at best. Not recommended if you are out of town and use to nicer better places

Craig Garza

Terrific experience! Something for everyone, plenty of seafood.

Chris Knox

Variety of choice between many styles of food. Crab was not that good and some of the other seafood wasnt cooked that well. But everything else was pretty good.

Rita Vigil

That is ridiculous for a buffet 21$ Per person

Michael Bader

Good quality. Great selection. Plus the constantly bring new food.

Darren Amaya

This is why we fell in love with the Chinese buffet. Not many places one can trust to eat raw oysters and seafood. Clean fresh and bang for your buck.

Mark Harris

Really good food. Large selection and it's always fresh. One of my favorite go to China Buffet

Food Hunter

If there is zero star i would definetly do it , price was too high and the food was not good at all , i couldnt find anything i like from here , food looks old and not too many selection , not recommended to eat here

Soumaya Sammie

LUNCH. We paid 40$ for 2 people and a 2 year old. drinking just water and a lemonade. for lunch... They didn't even have much to choose from. I've been to lots of buffets around denver and they have way more for less money and better quality. I have no idea why they think they're worth that much for lunch... definitely overpriced not worth it. It's like any other Asian buffet but more expensive Chicken was definitely low quality The sign said 12$ per person for lunch we came at 12pm... lunch time why did we get charged 40$? For 2 people and a child??? I wanted to ask, but my husband said he'll just pay he was in a hurry

Bruce Cogley

We've been going here for years for the huge variety of well-prepared Asian cuisine at an affordable price.

luis jimenez

I love this place. My first day and i will recommend this place to anyone.

maxwell lewis

I hate how they separate the crab legs from the body (not in half like most places but literally 8 individual legs). Also Google kdvr great Wall Super Buffet as they failed TEN CRITICAL HEALTH VIOLATIONS!! Spouse and myself will never return as we were skeptical of the cleanliness to begin, but rodent droppings in buffet area is a big no no. Do your research y'all!

Ben Hensley

Cold food and terrible service. We definitely won't be back.

andy turner

I liked it shrimp and sushi were my favorites plus desserts were


The food was decent. It used to be better. Considering the price is 21.99 per person (12+ yrs old) it couldve been better.

brittany herring

If you like spending 50 for 2 ppl might as well get soda for 6$ more, place is a rip off

Carl stone

It cost me 45 dollars to eat okay Chinese food. They had no prices up just an awful place. The dude mumbled the price the first time and just swiped my card. Then after I paid he said said 45 dollars and I was really shocked. I don't really like McDonald's but I'd go there B4 I ever go back here. Go to Panda Express the foods better.

stephanie judy

Amazing yummy food. Went on a Sunday and it was expensive but worth it. The place is large with plenty of options including sushi and a BBQ grill bar. Will come back!

linda daniels

Always a great place. Staff is very nice. Place was very clean and even bathrooms were clean and tidy.

Lori Hogge

Food was very hot and good

Jason Childs

I really should have read the reviews before eating here for lunch today. I was across the street at my optometrist and decided to try their lunch buffet. Not one single item I had was hot. The lo main was actually cold and I couldn't eat it. The wonton soup was a pot of what looked like dishwater with no wontons in it. Will not be returning.

Shania Iles

Food wasn’t the best, service either and I almost choked when we saw the price for only 2 people! Not worth it

Dee Elliott

We were there to celebrate not 1 but 2 birthdays. The food was okay and so was the service. We had a very large party and everything was okay until they actually started standing over us after we paid like they were quietly trying to tell us to leave! I could see if they had a full restuarant but there were plenty of open tables. And just in case you were wondering we where not being loud or ghetto, and the kids were being good, and we were there about an hour. We just wanted to socialize for a moment!

Linda Hooks

Great food and the Chinese New Year celebration was AWESOME!!! So fun! Gung Hay Fat Choy!!! I will be back and will def be there next year to celebrate!!

Susan Irwin

Really disappointed this visit. Nothing tasted good and nothing tasted fresh. First visit where I couldn’t get seconds. Food temp.was lukewarm and well, the beer was good.

Dong Qing

super expensive and very average food. will never go back there again

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