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11505 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

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REVIEWS OF Tacos Junior Mexican Restaurant IN Colorado

Thomas Acevedo

One of my favorite places to eat tacos. I love how it makes me feel back in Mexico, a little taco shop in a market and good customer service.

Tomas Garcia

Its good mexican food i like the shimps wrap on bacon!

Ava Hildenbrandt

Very good food, nice atmosphere. A little pricey imo but still worthwhile

Cristian Simental

Food was good. But the price was high for what we got, customer service not bad but wasn't great either, I had tacos of asada, lengua and barbacoa small tacos for the price but good tacos, my wife ordered a smothered burrito was big but not too good ,

Tanikca Reaves

Very tasty nice prices

Ghost Kill



(Translated by Google) The menu does not have the prices, and it is overprice 3 empanadas x 13 dlls (Original) El menu no tiene los precios, y esta overprice 3 empanadas x 13 dlls

Fernando Muniz Licor

(Translated by Google) Acceptable Mexican Taqueria (Original) Taqueria mexicana aceptable

Favian Resendez

The food was a bit pricey but the quality of the food prety good.I did notice someone who couldn't make an order get help making it since he only spoke English and the employee waiter did not.

Alberto Kevin

Prices are WAY to high, the food is mediocre but I do NOT recommend

Destiny Carter

Workers are always friendly and brings our food fast and hot!

Susan Gutierrez

Great food & always clean.

Aldo Garcia

Menu looks very good,foogd ? Don't know it's been 35 minutes no salsa bar ones they serve the food don't look nothing like the menu price are very expensive 60 dollar for meal for 4 never back again, please if you want a good meal this is not the place, cleaning table seat's over and over with same towel just Rinse off and reuse it's nasty , just imagine how the prepare your foot.

Joann Carrillo

Good food. Friendly people.

TG Tony

Is ok some food dont have flavor

Jose Jeri

Alwasy a pleasure to be here.

Alfredo Borja


Alicia Macuixtle

(Translated by Google) Delicious (Original) Delicioso

Leara Blanchard

The food is amazing. My kids favorite spot to eat!

Sam A

Authentic, varied Mexican food - you'll find stuff here you won't anywhere else. Tlacoyos, nopales, tacos arabes - delish! A little pricier than most faster-food Mexican places, but worth it.


(Translated by Google) It's okay (Original) Esta bien

Marcos Plaza Mendoza

I love the choriso tacos. Mmmmmmm the best.

Jessica Vasquez

Great food!

Alexis Strouse

Best tacos in the state!

kali gg

Good food

Oscar Aldana

Good food but expensive

Brayan Jimenez

(Translated by Google) Speed (Original) Rapidez

ricardo Uribe

(Translated by Google) It is closed for remodeling for 2 to 3 weeks ..! (Original) Está cerrado por remodelación de 2 a 3 semanas..!

Gabriela Gutierrez

(Translated by Google) the tacos are still better than in most restaurants, too bad they changed their recipe for red sauce, the new one is not good

Cielo Valdez

They're Okay, The Food Is Great .

Ari Miller

Oh. My. Goodness. This is one of my new favorite places. I haven't found sopes in a long time, but these were made so well, and everything was delicious. The salsas that come with it are bomb, the green one is spicier than the red one. By far the best horchata I've ever had, it wasn't watery at all. Everything is in spanish, and the feel of the restaurant is awesome from the little town that they decorate it as to the really cool chairs. And don't forget to stop by the shop right outside of it that has desserts. I got flan and cheesecake and both were fantastic.

Adri Hernandez

Time says their open but the doors are locked! Drove on my lunch break for nothing!

Rudy Soto

Love the update and the food!

Debbie Cook

Hit or miss on satisfaction

Justin Mendez

Very bad food, $22 for 2 tacos watery refried beans n 2 tiny chilie rellenos. Not sure how this place is open with all the great restaurants around here.

Kari Moreland

The food is amazing and has large portions

Miguel Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Very attentive (Original) Muy atentos

morrito lopez

Very nice

Noé benjamin Mejía chavez

(Translated by Google) Very good food (Original) Muy buena la comida

Jeremy Aguilera

Food is excellent

benitez cristina

Me gusta las tortas alnpastor y y las fajitas de pastor con asada

Victor Gonzalez

Best tacos Al pastor en Denver

David Zarate

Very expensive, and the food wasn't even that great

Tony Herrera.

(Translated by Google) Nothing to do with the Mexican tacos .. (Original) Nada que ver con los tacos mexicanos..

Gary Wagner

Good food

Matthew Fioravanti

They can be pricey, and they can be slow, but I haven’t had better tacos and better salsas in Aurora.

Michael Davis

Excellent food and speedy service. Clean restaurant

Amber Witt

Little pricey but great food

Cynthia S

I have only had tacos and they are good the salsas could use more effort but other than that they are good

Santos Ortiz

Good food and service

Ernesto Fernandez

It's all dirty and too expensive

Patrick Byers-Smith

Their Tortas are epic and the staff are beyond gracious! I could only eat half!

Cesar Corralejo

Pricey and not the greatest food.


Awesome authentic Mexican food! A little pricey, and warm soda. But I will go back.

erika tenorio

(Translated by Google) It is rich but expensive (Original) Es rico pero caro

Guadalupe Torres

(Translated by Google) It lacks a little more flavor to the food (Original) Le falta un poco más de sazón a la comida

Dora Martínez

(Translated by Google) Very tasty food (Original) Muy rica la comida

JOMAR video y fotografia en colorado

(Translated by Google) Rich mexican food (Original) Rica comida mexicana

Mari Luevano

the cashier was so rude, I order an agua fresca, and she said sorry we don't have any more! then I was like ok, but then 3 minutes later 2 cute guys ordered 2 and she run to make them that was not nice! just because I was not a cute guy she was so rude, I had money!!! I was gonna pay for it. >_<

Lovely J

Love this place great food

Imelda ventas

(Translated by Google) Very expensive (Original) Muy caro

Tony Rodriguez

Great tasting food with a stand dedicated for dessert right across the room.

Willian Cardenas

Food is good but kind of expensive

Chris Lookingbill

Bomb took long AF though

Rick Miller

Smells like meat in the whole store

Anisa Ochoa

Super gross super expensive was not impressed at all!

Daniel Ortiz

try the elote, you won't be sorry that you did. i just moved here not long ago and i've been trying all the taco joints. very solid here.

Amanda Eastman

I have always had great service along with great food.

Edda E Sayers


Danette Lopez

Great tacos! Full of flavor and you never leave hungry!

Brisa Raquel Miranda

Delicious food

Mo Mo

Overcharged with no price listings, had the Smothered Burrito , though I ordered with red sauce, ironically did not taste like a Mexican food, it was burned , and it had too much paste. Whatever you do, don't ask about Honduran Horchata, they got sensitive. Black guy speaking Spanish, I was treated like , Chihuahua with British accent.

kioba las

(Translated by Google) Very good tacos .. (Original) Muy buenos los tacos..

John Nguyen

Overpriced and they always get your order wrong. Good luck ordering if you don't speak Spanish.

Caroline Garza

Great place to eat after night out.... they could use a better hosting system

Kiko Alcocer

(Translated by Google) Expensive and very little food let me out of buying there (Original) Caro y muy poca comida me desepcione de comprar hay

Myeshia Davis


Doug Melvin

This is my favorite taco joint in Aurora. I'm a huge fan of the tacos arabes and my girlfriend likes the smothered burritos.

Raymundo Luevano


Porchia Hill

Good food

Vicky Machuca

(Translated by Google) The food is very expensive and very ugly. (Original) La comida está muy cara y muy fea.

Victor Castro

Fake tacos


The food was good the prices are to expensive for me the food has pictures but no prices i really hate that because until ur at the register u have to ask individually how much the plate is or just order it , for me its inconvinient because its 6 of us so i have to budget myself ....

Fabian Ramos

Awesome tacos. Best I've had since moving to Colorado.

genevieve velherdez

I love molcajete good service

Anthony Martínez

(Translated by Google) Good taste (Original) Buen sabor

Eugene Hernandez

Great food

Everardo Cruz

Service is slowly..

Rey Quezada

Good food, I've ate lots of places

Heriberto Vega


Pedro A Valladares

Was good, taquitos al pastor

Jose C Uribe

Delicious, friendly staff, great variety

Daniel Reyes

(Translated by Google) Flavorless tacos (Original) Sin sabor los tacos

dania Rivera

Really good tacos and tortas!

Kc Adams

Worth every penny. Very clean and hard workers!!! Plus you don't have to know Spanish to order

Lourdes alatorre

Muy rika comida lo recomiendo

victor coello

Muy bueno ,comida y atencion

Claudia Zamora

Muy caro una quesadilla casi $10.00 dlls

Robert Macias Macias Leonel

Prices are outrageous, food's ok but size on tortilla and amount on meat is poor also when ask for food to go they don't give you salsa unless you ask for it

E.J. Gallegos

Surprised to hear how much my food was going to be. Way overpriced!

Arnisha Thompson

The best Mexican food I've had!!!

Annie Rodriguez

For some reason I thought the food wasn't as expensive as it is now. The food is pretty delicious but they are pricey. They stay open relatively late which is always great. Would have rated higher stars if they didn't charge so much.

Iasha Johnson

The steak tacos was bomb

Aubrey Perez

Great tacos

shawna quezada

Expensive but good

ASAP Meech

When I was getting food to take out, I witnessed an employee by the name of Maria arguing with a customer in front of other customers. She was very rude and unprofessional. She laughed as if it was funny. The customer she argued with was basically complaining that other orders were being called before her order as she had waited 50mins. I myself waited 30 mins for a burrito. This place is a joke and they need to have Maria fired.

Carlos reyes

(Translated by Google) The rich food, the uncomfortable are the tables that for us the chubby do not serve, the space between the table and the chair is designed for thin people and they did not think of the full people (Original) La comida rica, lo incomodo son las mesas que para nosotros los gorditos no sirven, el espacio entre la mesa y la silla está pensado para gente delgada y no pensaron en la gente llenita

Marcus Moreno

(Translated by Google) Long time to serve a simple order and for what it is I think it is a bit more expensive than what another restaurant would charge and the dishes lack their complements (Original) Mucho tiempo para servir una simple orden y para lo que es creo que es un poco mas caro que lo que otro restaurante cobraria y a los platillos les falta sus complementos

Dora Vences

(Translated by Google) Very good .. the tacos are delicious ... (Original) Muy bueno .. los tacos son riquísimos...

Marielos Saavedra

(Translated by Google) I find it perfect they are always very attentive and very good food (Original) Me parece perfecto siempre son muy atentos y muy buena la comida

John Wodetzki

Visiting from Ohio and just wanted some quick, quality tacos after a long Saturday night and I was blown away on how amazing it really was! Ingredients were fresh, everything was clean, and a great price! Highly recommend

Justin Saulters

Love the tacos

Ñorma Nunez

It's good

gabino toledo

food is good but price is so high , 2 orders - sopes (3) and 1 orchata water is $ 25 plus dollars. the menu does not have price.

A.G 5454

This place is the best for Mexican food it is delicious you should go there one day.

Francisco Caballero

It's ok kinda pricey

Eva G

Horchata is delicious. Same with their salsas and carne asada

Reshard Gougis

If the hours are till midnight stay open until midnight.

rosy nunez

(Translated by Google) They never answer

Jose Juarez

Great food great prices would eat here again and Our recommend to others

Nikki Pinela

Ok food, prices are way too high.

kesha levy

I love their tacos! A lil pricy but not too bad for decent street tacos.

Scott Frantz

Delicious food

Jamaal Gibbs

Foods good but for the prices it’s a rip off.... $3 for a SMALL horchata and $12 for 3 sopes... I got 2 carnitas and a asada. You can get more food for the money at every other restaurant around it

Joann C. Carrillo


Michelle Lake

Literally the best tacos in Aurora and Denver I can say maybe only two other places have tacos as good as them and I have never had a chicken quesadilla better than theirs and I am a person of many flavor profiles please take my word when I say not only are they reasonably priced but the food is more than worth it!

Silvia estrella

Mole enchiladas are my favorite!!

Joe Thoming

Fantastic food and great staff!

Rafael Franco

(Translated by Google) Delicious (Original) Delicioso

Urgent Family Dentistry

Amazing food

Jessica Campos

Best asada tortas in Aurora and pastor tacos are bomb pineapple peices added :)

Sara Marrero

Me encanta. Muuy limpio y buen trato. Faltan sus propios banos.

Laura Rico

Delicious dishes!

Joaquin Contreras

Reiteró lo ya públicado sabor mexicano en su menú

christopher miceli

Decent food, friendly, and a little higher in price than I am use for fast casual food.

Jesus Mejia

(Translated by Google) The seafood molcajete is delicious (Original) Esta delicioso el molcajete de mariscos

Lizz Gomez

Fast. Yummy. Maybe a little pricey on the drinks but worth it.!

nea taylor

Great food been 3 times this week


Very delicious food

Israel Flores

Could be cleaner!!!

Miss Russell

Este lugar hediondo Tiene la comida carisima y no vale la pena frijoles de lata aguacate de bolsa y chequen lo que pague

Jami M. Guler

Authentic Mexican food!


Food was bomb

kevin quarles

Late night

Maria Mendoza

I not like because the food not tested like Mexican food sorry

Antonio falcon


Danielle Harrison

Used to be really good, but I think they have changed. The quality of their meats seem to be a little cheaper, contain more fat. They also changed their beverages to a cheaper brand. Seems like they are always forgetting something that I’ve paid for.

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