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8890 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

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REVIEWS OF Tacos Acapulco Mexican Restaurant IN Colorado

tommy chong

Other than the fact the ladies in the back were handling different meats and veggies of several different tacos to probably several different customers without gloves on... They were good tacos. I guess made from a little more love.

Keith Alexander

The tacos here are awesome. Can't do much better.

Kelly Tzoc

Best pupusas around...tiny place with huge flavor and deliciousness. We will be returning!! It's one of those "hole in the wall" kind of places that is just worth the gamble on trying. Yummy

taylor mills

Some of the most authentic Mexican food in Denver. The papusas are definitely their specialty, with each one being handmade to order. Don't miss out on their Al pastor either!

MileHigh MelT

Went here with my guy to order his birthday food. It takes around 20 minutes to get your food, but it’s fantastically made, delicious and the workers are hospitable. Definitely worth waiting in the cramped environment!

chris kettle

Great food. Good prices. Big portions. Small restaurant. Lol

Brenda Lopez

Love the true Salvadoranian flair!

Timothy Miner

Best papusa of my lifetime. They take a little longer to prepare but are well worth the wait. Careful not to over-order. They weigh heavy on the stomach. I was good with one plus a couple tacos. Totally legit al pastor off the spit which is visible from the order window. Best I've had outside Mexico. Moist carnitas come piping hot off the griddle. The red & green salsas are bright & complimentary. I love that they have an outdoor sink on the patio for hand washing. Very thoughtful. My wife & I go taco exploring at least once a week around the Denver metro. This is our favorite discovery so far. It was outstanding on two consecutive visits. Can't wait to return.

Armando Flores

amazing popusas!! would highly recommend for a some good eating!

Sam A

Delicious food from El Salvador. Think spongy tacos with delicious toppings. This place is tiny - you come for the food, not the ambiance! Though you can eat outside at their tables on a nice day. Must try!

Maria Rivera

Best pupusas in town, hands down! Worth the wait.

Marcia Esparza

The food was delicious and cheap! It took a while to get our food, and the register lady looked kinda annoyed, but no complaints on the food!

Jason Fodor

I was in the neighborhood briefly and stopping in for a quick bite was not planned, just convenient and on the way. I walked in to this incredibly small structure that is mostly kitchen, with two cleverly oriented monitors on either wall being used as menus and videos of food preparation. There are four Barstool type seats opposite the kitchen facing the window with a long counter for dining in. Outside there are a few covered tables also. The food is made fresh to order, including the tortillas and bread; all of it. Definitely allow at least 10 minutes for your food to be made unless they are busy. The girl who took my order spoke no English, but fortunately there was someone eating who is bilingual and helped to translate my order. Now I definitely like to try new things and at the same time I'm someone who knows what I like to eat and how I like it prepared. I prefer Mexican food and other Cuisines to American in the first place, so I was happy that Tacos Acapulco was in my path. The food is authentic traditional Mexican fare, so definitely do not expect Taco Bell or even the Americanized Mexican restaurant style. If you like eating the type of Mexican food that is served out of the big food trucks or the elaborate food stands that are set up outside of some Mexican carnicerias, then you will absolutely love this place! It is very similar but with a much bigger kitchen and a few places to sit. Clearly this place is perfect for takeout. The food was absolutely delicious so this place is an EASY 5 stars (for take out with Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils of course).

Jake Norris

Great papusas! Only 4-5 indoor seats but ample seating on patio

Bill Flanigan

I LOVED the pupusas and pastor tacos. Seriously, seriously fantastic food. The asada was a little tough and given all the meats and styrofoam, Tacos Acapulco isn't a vegetarian environmentalists dream. But it's worth it for those pupusas. Order an extra for me loroco or pollo. Thanks

Erica Rosas

The food is some of the best in Denver area. If you go in to order you might have a super long wait time, especially if they're busy. The space is very small so your best bet is to wait in your car. We try and call ahead and give them an extra 10-15 minutes of buffer time before picking up.


Seriously one of my favorite meals in all of Denver. Delicious and nourishing food made by strong women. There’s always a long wait so plan ahead.

Jesse Terrazas

Good food but they take forever to have your order ready

Diamond Love

Great burritos awesome service best in town!

Victor Mendez

Best horchata in town popusas DE alpastor are killer

Mike Sulzbach

Delicious. Everything is made to order, so there’s a bit of a wait. Had three pupusas, which was plenty.

Quese Phareal

Street Tacos are Superb. A bit of a crowd here, so don't think you are grabbing a quick bite to eat, but its delicious!

Dan Rodriguez

I would consider this place take-out only. The street tacos were good and authentic. The pupusas & cabbage we're amazing. I am on a mission to discover all the El Salvador restaurants in Denver and this place is the best so far, food wise. Very reasonably priced as well. $

Meghan Griffith

I stopped in randomly. The dive stands like this place are legit. Pupusas are amazing and fresh. I had two chicken and beans pupusas and one el pastor taco and it came with pineapple slices. Really good taco stand.

Heejung Kim

Terrible service! I was waiting for over 5 min without any acknowledgement and they started taking order for someone who came in after me. I asked how much longer until I can order because I was getting irritated with the situation, and the response was "I don't know you need to wait." I said I don't want to wait much longer and she responded with simply I DONT CARE. seriously ???! Are you kidding me? I'm all for the hole in the wall restaurants with great food but there are basic manners that need to be met! I will be never returning here again. The service not worth my time

Priyansi Kikani

Delicious, authentic, and cheap! It most definitely fulfilled my taco and pupusa craving, and they have delicious horchata!

John H

I love the food. I've had to wait 45 minutes for a couple papusas. They need a take out menu. Going there and waiting for an order has stifled the number of times I would have gone.

Jim Kuhn

Great, authentic food, terrific prices, fast service!

Ellyn Stimac

Tacos are super cheap and DELICIOUS! Salsa is nice and spicy, and my husband got a pupusa for the first time which was delicious. Would definitely recommend calling ahead because it was quite a long wait for our food. But definitely worth it! Will be back.

Wendy H

This place is a hole in the wall. One heck of a *delicious* hole in the wall. If you've never been here and love papusas, go here. And if you've never had a papusa, go here because you are missing out on something in life. Don't expect stellar service or ambiance. Do expect to wait for your food- they cook it to order. Do expect a crowded, small waiting area. But also: do expect delicious, delicious papusas that will make you decide to come here again.

Sean Torino

Authentic and affordable, a local favorite. Small space that's crowded, charming and great with phone orders.

John Stegman

Tacos Acapulco Mexican restaurant is one of my favorite places to eat in Denver Colorado. It is located on East Colfax Ave, it is not in the best of neighborhoods but the food is well worth the stop and the price is very reasonable. Plan ahead for a little wait because this place is always busy, usually around 10 minute wait, lots of people call ahead to avoid this wait. 5 stars for great service and great food.

Zach The Trainer

Good authentic food never gets old. Highly recommend.

Alan Loo

Went on a friend's recommendation. Great pupusas. Hot and fresh. Friendly customer service. Love this place.

gabby l

Small place but great food. They have authentic pupusas and are a good size. Very limited seating inside (only 6 seats) but plenty of spots outside. Definitely worth the drive to get here.

R Calzada

The pupusas are awesome here

Amber Duvall

Just visiting from St. Louis and happened to drive by and decided to stop. I’ve never given a review before on google but came here specially because these were quite possibly the best tacos I’ve ever had and were loved by everyone in our group. Fresh authentic great portions great prices. Do yourself a favor and EAT HERE! Despite being busy service was friendly and quick. This will be the first place I take my wife the next time we’re in Denver.


Very good Latino restaurant.

Ronnette Thompson

The first time I went there food had a little kick to it now every time I go back they keep changing there favor of food Not

Kenneth Gomez

After years of searching my prayers were answered ! Finally some real el pastor tacos ! Coming from LA, finding this is a rare gem. The pupusas are also killer.

Eli Zuckerman

Super tasty pupusas, and they give you frickin pineapple with their tacos!

Todd Berry

it was good food and even better service the the county jail. to all who work here keep up the good work, but most of all keep putting out good foox

Sean Lange

The tacos are fantastic! I highly recommend this place!

Jarek Huss

Amazing food and people

Joshua Gray

Not the most pleasant experience. It was a super long wait to get my food. After eating it I eneded up getting sick and doubled over in my bathroom all night from most likely meat that was kept too long. If you go here don't go late and beware.


Great hole in the wall. Everything Ive ordered from this place has been great.

Jose D. Leiva

Came here recommended by a friend to try some pupusas for the first time in years. These are just like the ones I tried one time in El Salvador but bigger! Really worth the price (fairly reasonable). Just be aware that there is no indoor sitting (just for like 5 people) and tables and chairs outside in a very busy intersection, so keep this in mind if you're planning on eating here. Other than that great place.

Ramon Paz Jr

Every chance I get eas up here and eat my favorite foods

Miriam Garcia

Despite having a hard time having them hear me on the phone. The food is amazing. Quick and delicious. One of my favorite places!

Richard Flores

Call ahead next time unless you don't mind the wait. The food is delicious! The aguas frescas are perfect, too!

Sky Pager

Small place big flavor

Thomas Tenorio

I do a lot of reviews and hands down this is the best place I know to eat Mexican food.

Muzit Kiflai

OMG!! This is our new favorite place!! Best pupusas in town!!! You can call in if you don’t want to wait!

Ñorma Nunez

Great poppusas.. best in town


Fresh grilled chicken, not canned. Fresh vegetables and a lot of love. Consistent,quality and affordable. My #1 spot for tacos/ pupusas. Keep up the GREAT work ladies! -Alex

Joshua Guerra

Damn good food. You can get 6 tacos Horchata and a Coke for 15 bucks. Thats easy lunch for 2 everyday. Always busy. Expect to wait a minute or 2.

Yessica Henriquez

Lady working at the register always seems to be annoyed, irritated like she doesn't want to be there. Even with that face I'll still go though. Their pupusas are the best.

sawyer p

Overpriced junk. Your food is not good enough to make up for the rude, stank face service we received.

salvatore cl

Small place BIG FLAVOR. Food it's always fresh and delicious. Love there pupusas

Nic Hern

Some of the best papusas in Colorado. Great service and the place was very clean. Absolutely will return.

Debra Pacifico

We waited 45 minutes for some burned pupusas. I kept telling myself it's got to be worth it... it's established and crowded ... and ... crowded. I should learn that when the girl taking the order doesn't know what sauces they have or what the names of the sauces are, walk away. I wasn't thrilled to see the slaw in a plastic bag and thrown in our box. The pupusas were all 4 burned to a nasty char taste in your mouth. It was an unfortunate experience and not one pleasant thing to share with you. I will mention we were concerned with the cleanliness. On my scale... a negative five.

Gerson Recinos

Its a great food.. The problem is the wait.. Even when is customer weighing takes 30minutes for 2 tacos

Tomas Bandera

This is the best place to eat tacos al pastor and Salvadorian pupusas.. in Denver period .. I lived here for 20 years

Tofer Breuer

Great food, lousy parking, sometimes phone calls go through, but authentic food prices and can be extremely crowded. In a dangerous area of town.

Michael Z

This place is an absolute cash cow, always busy and if management made a few changes, they'd likely double their revenue. Food is consistently good and reasonably priced, just always takes forever to get your food. :-l

Cleb Bleezy

A This place has very authentic food. First place I had eaten a papoosa at! They have two kinds of salsa if you like spicy go for the red Adobo, and if you like more of a salsa with chunks ask for the green. The tacos al pastor are my go-to. I also have enjoyed the tortas. They do not have indoor seating other than four or five bar stools at the front. And a bunch of benches outside with a lot of traffic. They have mostly employees who do not speak any English. But if you can muscle threw, I suggest calling in a Togo it should be done in 10 minutes. Grab a horchata or a jarritos and it will be worth the trip!


Decent food just long wait time


Best Mexican Food but what is better is all the staff making the food are woman.... They are all nice and know how to properly make tacos, burritos, and Pupusas. This is the reason why i miss California.... Thankfully they have an actual mexican restaurant

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