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REVIEWS OF Sugarfire Smoke House IN Colorado

Christine Baskerville

Best BBQ we’ve had in Colorado! Love this place. Bartender is always friendly and very enthusiastic! Everyone who tries their food loves it. The patio and open air restaurant (weather permitting) is awesome.

Hunter Jay

Good food, but the customer service needs some work. First off we got there and no greeting at all or said anything to us. We ordered artichoke hearts and a couple other sides and paid they said our sides will be right out. After we almost finish our food they tell us they are out of the sides we ordered. Then we ordered deep fried green beans and the lady brings us grilled green beans. After all said and done the manager came over and apologized and gave us the right green beans and made everything right. Overall the place just needs better training and organization and it would be five stars from me.

Brandy Jones-Turner

We came from out of town. There was several families with us (cheer competition). The staff was so rude. They even made fun of us and told us we was crazy and needed to leave because we asked for smoked bologna. We will be attending this competition again, but absolutely not this BBQ place.

Amanda Hammer

Really good BBQ. And great staff. We got a couple meat combos and they forgot one of our meats. When I called they were very nice and refunded more than they needed too. The ribs, brisket, and baked beans are delicious! Would definitely recommend!

Kelly Marquez


wayne nagel

Excellent BBQ! Walked in not sure what to expect, huge menu over a cafeteria style line where your meat is pulled from the ovens and cut right there and put on a tray where you move on to get your sides. The pulled is pork amazing! And the pork belly hush puppies with jalapeno jelly? Could have made a meal just from that! Staff is friendly and having an obvious good evening! Atmosphere was light hearted and friendly..which was exactly what these customers needed! Hope they keep this going!! Next time we are going for the "Adult" milk shakes!

Thomas Weaver

The only other place I have found that had this type of barbecue setup was in Austin Texas. Enjoy the experience and the food and the sauces were great! Highly recommend this place to anyone that would be coming to St. Louis and Joyce some good old-fashioned barbecued ribs and barbecue in general

Joan Scherry

This is the only BBQ place you'll want to go to. It's the best! Get the ribs and brisket and some sides. For our family of 4, we usually get a full rack of ribs, it comes with two sides and we get two more sides and drinks and we are good to go!! And since we are a good half an hour away we order a pound of brisket to take home for later in the week! It's SO good!

Shannon Ross

I love this place. I usually go to their location in St. Charles when I’m in the area for work, but happened to stumble upon this one while I was downtown at lunchtime. It was great. The food is delicious, the sauces are amazing, and the staff are so upbeat and friendly. I guess they have several more locations around town and I bet they’re all wonderful like the two I’ve had a chance to go to. My favorites are the ribs, the pulled pork, and the cornbread.

Jessica Preston

Wow!!! From the staff, to the food, this place is amazing! My husband and has been to the original in St Louis and this location does not disappoint! It by far lives up to the standard that has been set in St Louis. The jalepeño cheddar sausages, the brisket, the pulled pork, the turkey, the sides! Oh my goodness, roll some dice and no matter what you get you'll be happy with it. Don't miss out on this amazing place that Jaime and Chad have brought to Colorado. 10 stars out of 5. A++. Love love love. Go there NOW.


Colorado Westminster Location. Sloooow service. Ran out of pulled pork after we ordered it. Cold brisket had more fat than meat. $16 dollar meal served on a tray with a paper lining. Cole slaw was watery and tasteless. Caesar salad served with ranch, since they ran out of Caesar dressing. Total disappointment. Fast food with $$$$ prices.

Ali Ismail

Amazing brisket cheese steak sandwich and the smoked Turkey was great too!

Michael Stancliff

Amazing brisket, ribs were old and a bit rubbery. Sauce was good (what I could get of it) but most of the pumps were empty.

Bonnie Z

Sugarfire Smoke House has the best meat!! From brisket and ribs to burnt ends! OHMYGOSH it's all sooooo good! They have a great selection of homemade BBQ sauces, white horseradish BBQ sauce, Coffee BBQ sauce and more. Old fashioned soda selection, creamy cole slaw, delicious baked beans, crispy fresh cut French fries. Ok, everything is GREAT!

Jasmine Robinson

Best barbeque in town hands down! Travis made me the most delicious adult milkshake ever and the brisket was so flavorful and tender. We will be back soon

Stephanie Baker

I was waiting in the car for 35 minutes while my mom grabbed our order. I was instantly tamed when we got home due to the absolute amazing food we had in the bag. The meat was tender and seasoned perfectly. The sweet potato salad is to die for. I will be back, but plan to sit down for a beer next time :)

Jared Allen

Holy smokes! This beats the pants off any other BBQ I've had. Thanks for great service and memorable, amazing food!

B Mac

Excellent smoked meat - a few of the side dishes weren't prepared, but were made upon request. Will definitely be back!

Pamela Kessinger

Awesome sides, sauce, and meat. Add, good Amber beer and I might not leave.

Rebecca DeSantis

Food was great... service was impeccable

Jerry Smart

Best barbeque baby back ribs I have in the Denver area. Will differently go back. Pecan pie was also good. My grandson had the Big meat tray and said every bit if the meat was delicious.

Chelsey Shea

The bad: The fries were super mushy, the potatoes in the potato salad were under cooked, the coleslaw was under flavored and watery, and the sweet tea was barely sweet. The good: the ribs, brisket and pulled pork were pretty good. We ordered off door dash so maybe it's better in house?

Jenny Davis

First time in St Louis && just had to try after reading some of the reviews. Lemme say.. best decision we could've made. The food was amazing & the overall atmosphere was super friendly. Probably not for those who are have severe anxiety, as someone else mentioned, because you do have to share tables with strangers. However we had a pretty good experience with the group we ended up sitting with, so it's worth a try.

Elisha Pendleton

You must eat here!!! Excellent BBQ. My only issue is with the potato salad that taste like sugar is in it. Just not my preference.

Isaac Brown

These all my homies. We blood brothers. The behind-the-counter staff were the coolest people I have ever interacted with in the restaurant buiseness. They really make this place pop and make you feel special. ***MANAGER*** PLEASE GIVE THEM A RAISE! Also the smokehouse food would really stand up to my hometown Memphis TN BBQ. Would highly recommend!

Timothy Cordova

Amazing BBQ. Definitely leave room on your test to sample all of their delicious homemade sauces.

Larry Olver

Great food and Blues jam next door on Thursday evenings 6 to 9 pm

Philip Babish

Went here for lunch today at around 12:30 PM. I will start by saying the parking situation for this retail center is ridiculous, although that is not to fault to Sugar Fire. The meat was pretty good. I had wings and my wife had ribs. The sides were nothing to write home about. Fries were very under cooked and so salty we asked for a fresh batch with no salt, as my two year old doesn’t need all that salt. Hash browns were cold and salty, Mac and cheese was cold, but hey the coleslaw was pretty good. The absolute worst customer service I have ever received for a buffet line entrance. The gentlemen on the meats to start was somewhat helpful, but the guy on the sides didn’t say a word. I asked what he has and he said they are all on the menu and pointed up. Well the menu is about 20’ in the air. The employee could have easily pointed to the ten or so sides and listed them, and maybe gave small comments about each one. We were the only ones in line so there was no time crunch. The assembly line/buffet line was very unorganized, I’m assuming all employees think everyone who enters the doors has already eaten there, memorized all items, and doesn’t need assistance of any kind. Buffet lines I feel are time to interact with the employees but also to be sold on what the place has to offer, but that did not happen here. Either better training should take place or find employees with people skills. Sell your product dude! I am giving this place two stars for the meat. If a bbq place can’t serve good meat then they won’t last. All sauces were okay, but all were very sweet. To the ladies at the cash wrap, thank you for at least acknowledging that we were lost and it was clearly our first time. Mentioning simple things like Togo containers are by the drinks should you not finish your hole meal, and we will clear your table were helpful. Bathroom sink was gross, tobacco chew in the sink, but I would assume not an employees....

Daren Speck

The staff greeted us at the entrance. Asked us if we’ve ever been, we hadn’t, and proceeded to let us try one of everything. We ordered the full rack with two sides and hush puppies. We left stuffed and with leftovers. I will Be Back!

Ronald Higgs

Tasty meats and vegetables. Gluten free options readily available with lots of seating space. Small line it front that moves through quickly, wouldn't recommend to vegetarians/vegans. Restroom and sport channel TVs.

Scott H

First few times here were excellent, past few not so much. They really need to trim the huge amount of fat layer on the brisket. Good for cooking but not eating. Not sure I want to go back at this point. It's to bad the flavors are good.

Michael Valvero

Great food, great customer service. They gave me a free side just to be nice. They all had smiles. Eager to serve. Can’t ask for much more. Maybe a parking lot, but experience was five stars.

Paranormal Society

Nice staff but this place was not very clean and the food we got was not cooked thru at all. When we got it the second time we got hair in the food and they did not want to give us our money back so we just left. Never will be back to this place.

drew bass

The food here was delicious. The cafeteria style service gets you fresh and hot food that is cooked perfectly. Lots of choices of sauces available st your table. We got there just before 5 and had a short line. By the time we left the line was out the door. Very popular and very worth the trip.

Marcos Batan

Tasty smoked bbq. Service could be better. Warped trays in place of plates make it very hard to cut your meat and allow the food to get cold fast.

B Courtney

We felt a little rushed being our first time. Very busy but got our food quickly. Look up their menu online so you have an idea. Terrific flavors

Ashton D

Not only is the food amazing, but the staff is phenomenal! We tried as much as we could and nothing disappointed. Thank you for sharing your gift of BBQ with us locals lol. Smoked chocolate chip cookie for the win!!

Brandy Jones-Turner

We came from out of town. There was several families with us (cheer competition). The staff was so rude. They even made fun of us and told us we was crazy and needed to leave because we asked for smoked bologna. We will be attending this competition again, but absolutely not this BBQ place.

Gale Keefe

Definitely place to go order up and your food is provided on a tree BBQ style food and an assortment of beverages

Tyler Scott

Absolutely the best brisket ever. Friendly staff and quick service. Would highly recommend if your in the St. Louis area.

J Bish

The food was pretty good. I ordered the brisket dip. It was a fair portion for the price. I'm not a huge fan of cafeteria style ordering, I prefer a sit down waitress style. They had a great bar area, but not necessarily any bar food. Some nachos, quesadilla, etc would be perfect. Had Mississippi Mud Pie a la mode for dessert. It was excellent!!!

Hope Wills

BBQ!!! Lunch time or dinner time is always good here. We go here a lot for lunch which is in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri. Honestly, it’s packed but they are quick at getting your order and getting you through the line quickly. Food is outstanding, great options, and the staff is so friendly!! Love it!

Eric libby

I now know why they’ve won so many awards! SO GOOD!!

Dave Allison

Great ribs and brisket. Some of the best BBQ I've had. I keep coming back again and again. The root beer is also really good. Highly recommended!

Chris L

Simple restaurant where they practically slap all the food onto the tray. The food is wonderfully cooked, the service is nice, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The style isn't for everyone, but I liked it!

Randy Meyer

REAL smoke flavor. Not liquid smoke like some places. Good value for good food.

Big D

Coming from a Texan, this was a wonderful experience eating St Louis barbeque. I really enjoyed the smoked salmon and green beans. The customer service was fantastic and very friendly. One of the line servers even let me try a few items before I selected my sides. I will definitely be back. The coffee barbeque sauce is a must try!

Matthew Leonard

Really one word sums it up.... Amazing if and when I come back to St. Louis I will definitely stop here every time, the brisket was amazing!!! Probably the best I've had

Bo Tubaya

I expected a lot more from this place. I love bbq and unfortunately this place fell short. The portions of food they give for the price is very small so my wife and I left feeling like we over paid for what we got. The taste of the food was good but would have been better if the portions were like other bbq places I have been to. If someone is looking for a good bbq place then I dont recommend this place.

Onassis Productions

Can you say brisket. That's is what I'm saying. This place is always busy but they get the job done. Did I say brisket, I did? Well there you go.

Torey Merrill

Great BBQ, great Customer service.......don’t miss this place if you’re ever in downtown St. Louis!!!!

Scott Rainey

Great food. Grab your tray and go next door and to the jazz museum and listen to the jazz sessions. I must if you're visiting St Louis

jaloera 22

Brisket and Smoked Turkey are good! Would-be gotten 5 stars if they had burnt ends! They're only available Sats. Good BBQ!!

Cabo Sans

I highly recommend. I was satisfied w the Quantity and Quality of the food. The people there were very friendly and the service was great. Convenient Location as well.

David Bump

Good food, great service. The staff were very friendly and helpful, while keeping the line moving at a good pace. I ate with a medium group and everyone liked their food. Despite being busy it was quiet enough to make conversation easy.

Sebastian Patel

This place is off the charts. The sides were amazing. Fresh fries, beans and okra were awesome. The meats looked all to die for. The brisket was hands down my fav but the ribs were good too. The bbq sauces were all home made and amazing. I did not try any milkshakes but they looked pretty good. Get there early because the line goes out the door.


My company recently had a new office warming reception and catered from your restaurant. The Best BBQ in the area "Hands Down" ! As a matter of fact, I am taking my family today because we love BBQ and you are right around the corner from us! We never knew, and now we do!!!!!! Great Job!

Nicole Pavlik

The atmosphere is inviting but the food is mediocore. It was overpriced for what felt like cold cafeteria food on an assembly line. They give you a large metal sheet much like a lunch tray and you pick sides that look like they have been sitting out half the day. For the other reviews, I have to say I was disappointed with the quality. I'm not sure I'll be returning.

Terry LaRocque

Very good food. Nice place to eat some great BBQ. Friendly staff. Well be back for sure.

Anthony Marquez

Excellent ribs and brisket. Meat fell off bone, you know it's good. They serve til they run out as all good barbeque places should.

Loveis Agiven

Delicious succulent smoked foods! The smoked Portobello sandwich was incredible. Everyone had something different, and we were all pleased. Artsy interior and great service! Worth a stop here! You'll!

Skyler Hager

Went here for the soft opening and it was amazing! The food is great, portions are fair, and so are the prices. I love there's a bar inside also! Walk up to order keeps it casual and fun. The outdoor patio is enjoyable on a Colorado summer evening. If there was one of these closer to my office, id be a regular for lunch!

The Proehls

We LOVE Sugarfire!!! We came to St. Louis from SC for 10 days and went to Sugarfire 4 times!! Fantastic food, we tried almost everything on the menu it was all awesome!!

Elizabeth Crosby

My first experience with Sugarfire Smoke House was a "why not?" fling with Doordash. It was SO good, I called up the manager and told him thank you. We had pulled pork and brisket and a whole selection of sauces and it was fabulous! Today I found myself out and alone and stopped in and sat with a half pound of brisket (a very generous half pound, I might add) and again - SUPERB. *** If you're an onion lover like me, you MUST try the balsamic caramelized onions! Awesome!

Anthony Gallela

The BBQ tots must be had. Share it if you want other apps. The meats are good, but not consistent. Some are fantastic, some are "just" good. Well-worth it, regardless. I suggest getting a variety. And do have those tots. Seriously.

Jelysa Frisbie

The staff was really helpful and kind since this was my first time in Missouri. They made me feel very welcome and the food was beyond amazing

Rhiannon Stockley

Wow this place is extraordinary. I love BBQ and I had never been, I work in EMS so it is hard to find places that cater to my work schedule. I had stopped by when they were about to close down the food station but the employees were all so friendly and served my partner and I with great service. The place was clean, atmosphere was energetic and the food was divine. If you love BBQ you should get over here because you’ll have a new favorite spot. I would 10/10 reccomend.

Thomas Weaver

The only other place I have found that had this type of barbecue setup was in Austin Texas. Enjoy the experience and the food and the sauces were great! Highly recommend this place to anyone that would be coming to St. Louis and Joyce some good old-fashioned barbecued ribs and barbecue in general

Gene C

Great food and friendly staff. Ribs were a bit tough, but the brisket and pulled pork were fantastic. Great burnt ends as well. And the pulled rib tots are a must get!! Who can say no to pulled rib meat layered on top of some tots with BBQ sauce.

Cory Franklin

Great food, great atmosphere.. definitely a new favorite.

Peggy Heath

I have to say, I left with a bit of sticker shock. The price tag was higher than I expected for fast casual. The food (pulled pork and fries) was admittedly delicious, and unfortunately both were also cold. And, I was quite surprised to find out it was an extra $2 for a piece of corn bread. I thought corn bread was standard fare at BBQ restaurants. Although the meat was tasty, I'm not sure if it was worth what I consider a pricy dinner tab. If you go, plan to spend about $13 per person.l

Dom Q

Haven’t been here in a while but upon visiting today I was not impressed with customer service besides a few engaging teenagers working the line. The staff at the cash register were unhelpful and definitely did not want to talk to me. About a month ago I also spent about 20 minutes waiting for a milkshake I ordered around 3 pm (not at all busy), only to get a watery subpar shake that was very inconsistent with what I’ve had in the past. There is clearly an issue with consistency. It took both of the seeming 15 year olds to even operate the machine. After finishing my shake for the first time they spilled it all over the floor and joked around for about 5 minutes before restarting the shake. Many of the tables are also sticky and covered in crumbs.

Shana R

This BBQ is so good! Definitely the best in this neighborhood. I’d recommend it, we’ve been here a couple times and have never been disappointed.

René Larson

Great bbq. Enjoyed our lunch. We are from South Dakota so even though our name is South we don't have a lot of great bbq options. This was an excellent place. Ribs were A+ . Salmon, brisket and sausage were as well. We smoke our own so we know what we like. Owners were really nice and gave us a nice thanks for coming in. Everyone was friendly. Will look for more in our travels and come back when we come down again.

Ken Kopas

Being the first time to the restaurant my wife and I were feeling a little lost. The staff handed a metal tray of food to us and expected us to understand the process of the serving line. Then the staff had me go in front of another couple, thus separating my wife and I. As the staff was trying to get me to pay I was saying that I was waiting for my wife, and then I went back behind the other couple, to stand with her. I now know that you only make so much food, but the food that was left wasn't really all that appealing. The brisket was dry, the turkey didn't have much flavor and the French fries were barely cooked, even though they were freshly made. All the BBQ sauces were way too sweet. The female bartender wasn't wearing a bra (better tips I guess) which my wife didn't find very professional. We might be back if only to try and get some of the food that sells out quickly, like the ribs, salmon and chicken. But it's probably not likely with the other choices in the area. Does that explain why I gave your establishment only 3 stars?

Tobia Kazmer

Had a brisket sandwich and tried all the different BBQ sauces and I really enjoyed the Carolina Mustard. The manager brought out an experimental cole slaw with brussel sprouts and bleu cheese. It was amazing. I loved the Au Gratin potatoes-so good.

Andy Padvorac

Got the 4-meat meal and it came with two sides and a fountain drink. My wife and I shared it! All was very good, no, all was GREAT!

Ira Lawrence

The meat was excellent the service was outstanding I didn't care for the French fries or the ketchup

Anthony Floro

It's tough to find decent bbq in this city. Luckily, this place opened a store here. Its deliciously authentic.

Laura Mazurek

Really enjoyed this restaurant. I liked how there was a variety in the menu since there is a sign for certain sides that are offered for the day (the pasta was on a daily side special list). I had the pulled pork and that was really good. It was also fun trying their various bbq sauces.

Dzejna Lukovic

The brisket is wonderful. You must acquire a taste for the celery potato salad. The ribs are okay if you like smoked meats. The sauces are great. I think the sides should be upgraded.

Jackie Tilkens

Not terrible, not great. We just tried this place tonight (Tuesday), as you would expect not a huge crowd but a good flow of people. The teenagers behind the counter seemed less than enthused to have customers and weren’t very helpful in navigating the menu and choices. Fast forward to the food... my brisket was room temperature and my the mac and cheese was mush, but the flavors were okay. I know BBQ places smoke everything and cook up a lot of the food far ahead of time, but something wasn’t quite right tonight. We ordered my son some fries that also weren’t warm, despite the fact that they came out from under the heat lamp behind the serving line. The sauces were okay, not my favorite, the Caroline mustard tastes more like straight yellow mustard than anything. My husband has some crazy corn, I gave it a try, it was crazy and not so great, just corn soaking in a bunch of random spices. 3 stars because the flavors weren’t awful. We will probably lt give them another shot, they’re in a nice location and have a nice patio to hang out on. I don’t expect teenagers to engage in a conversation but offering a “could I help you with anything?” wouldn’t kill the atmosphere.

Delmor Donald

Had a wonderful dinner here. Suggested by a customer. Well worth the visit. Had the 3 meat plate. Pulled pork, brisket, and smoked turkey. The turkey was super moist and very flavorful. The brisket was very good with a great smoke flavor. The pulled pork was just a tad dry for me but it did have a great flavor. My sides were smoked green beans, very good. Also had the buffalo potato salad

Jessica Pettit

Delicious food! I didn't try anything bad. Everything was great!

Jacob Erickson

Great food! The manager made the experience that much better. Solid menu.


The best barbecue I've ever eaten! We waited in line for an hour. Food was so good we came back the next day to wait in line again. It was worth it!

Dianne Bennett

Disappointing. They were out of ribs, burrito special sold out and it was only 6pm on Saturday. Sitting is limited as well. The water was good. I encourage you to call ahead to see if they have the food you’re wanting. Also, don’t expect to be waited on, it’s cafeteria style.

sally bauer

The smell was drawing me in. Great smoke flavor definitely will be back.

Brett McIntosh

Food was amazing and staff was very helpful! If I make it back to St Louis I will definately be back!

Ruben Yokomizo

Best food ever.

Ron Taniwaki

This is easily one of the top three BBQ places in all of Colorado. It's in a giant Lifestyle Center Mall North of Denver about 15 minutes. It's absolutely worth the drive! Pork ribs are to-die-for but what you absolutely positively have to have is the coffee BBQ sauce!

Gary Garrison

Excellent turkey sandwich with baked beans. They are super friendly as well.


Well waynes smoke shack is the best but this is #2 in my book the best ribs in st. Louis we have had so far. Brisket is 2nd best i have ever had. Watch out wayne they coming to Colorado

Travis Heinicke

Obviously, it's always going to be a little disappointing when you are 2 in line behind the last ribs sold, but the gentleman working the line had a couple loose ribs he let a coworker and myself try. We opted for the Carolina Style pulled …

Nik Cervantes

Some very good BBQ, the ribs and pulled pork are very tasty as well as the salmon. They also have a good selection of beers on tap. Get there early though, once they're out of meats for the day they aren't making more!

Freddie .Freddie

It seems that they're more interested in seating as many people as they possibly can to make the money. The brisket was good, I'm not likely to return.

Tracey G.

Unbelievable food, pulled pork is very tender, so delicious & fresh! All the sides are Wonderful and the Manager Travis is a very friendly professional guy who loves his job & making customers happy!

Junk Luck

The food was pretty tasty. The pulled pork and the dry rub ribs, daaaayyyyyyuuuummm thats some good eats right there. Of course with a guy like Rob from STL what does one expect. Now I recommend everyone give this place a try at least once to find out what a true delicious dry rub rib tastes like.

Andrew Harling

This is my new favorite BBQ joint in town... These guys make great food and treat my right everytime I've been in.. They make an unbelievable coffee flavored BBQ that ya gotta try!

Mary Ellen Pollard

We come us to St Louis from AL for our son's medical needs. We have a friend that recommend Sugarfire and I'm so glad she did! Last year we tried the other location ( yummy as well). This time we wanted to see some of downtown St Louis. The food here is SO good. I have a picky eater and he ate several items for the first time. I got the PBLT sandwich this time. OMGoodness it was amazing

Doug Dawson

Cafeteria-style seating. Really cool building in the heart of St. Louis. Brisket, salmon, coleslaw, mac & cheese are all delicious. The soda machine is full of flavors of soda you've probably never heard of. The orange and Dew-like flavors were really good. They have a variety of sauces on the table and they were all good, as well. I really liked the Carolina Mustard with my brisket. Good eats!

GI Bunzo

My family and I tried an assortment of meats to include brisket, pulled pork, ribs and sausage. We all agreed, average at best. The pulled pork was probably the best of the meats. Flavorful, juicy, tender. The brisket was alright. A little tough, dry, definitely have had better. Sausage was inconsistent. Gritty cheesy bites, mild spicy to damn spicy. Needs a better cheese and more mixing before casing. Ribs were definitely meh. A good rub and good smoke, but really tough, meat had not receded enough off the bone, so under cooked for BBQ. I'll just stick with Moe's for damn good BBQ here in Colorado.

Cindy Christian

Amazing! Hubby got Georgia on my mind. I got the turkey sandwich baked beans and the red skin potato salad... Everything was delicious. Peach tea was amazing!

Paul Steltenpohl

Incredible meats! Tender and nicely smoked.

Gregg Boyett

This is a really good Bar B Que place. I'm from Texas. I was not expecting to find brisket on the menu. They had a "Brisket Dip" sandwich. I had it twice!! The second time they had chili as a side. I've had northern chili before but was not impressed. This was very good. They used crumbled brisket instead of hamburger. I would highly recommend them!!


This was some of the best brisket I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Delicious. With over half a dozen sauces to choose from and a wide assortment of sides such as fries, potato salad, baked beans, cheesey potatoes and more you will find at least one you like. There is also a selection of cool retro soft drinks in bottles.

John Sattler

We recently met a friend at Sugarfire for dinner. My buddy is a BBQ geek and recommended it over ALL the nearby BBQ joints we’ve hit repeatedly. He apparently enjoyed it in another city on biz travel. It was GREAT. One of the best smoked turkey breads I’ve had-ever. It’s walk up cafeteria line may not be for everyone but we are all used to that format and I frankly like the idea of viewing options and making a game-time decision. We split the BEAST and still brought home leftovers. The white sauce (horseradish based) was awesome! Never had that before. Probably one of the best beef briskets I’ve ever had. In fact, I somehow had brisket 4 times in about a week at all different locations and Sugarfire Smoke House is my new standard.

Dzejna Lukovic

The brisket is wonderful. You must acquire a taste for the celery potato salad. The ribs are okay if you like smoked meats. The sauces are great. I think the sides should be upgraded.

John Varga

Very good bbq. Giving tour of meat samples is nice touch. Friendly staff. Reasonable price.

john m

I was disappointed in the lack of flavor and over dried meat. Guess that's why they offer so much sause.. not a place I would personally revisit.

Edward Goyette

Just had lunch here. Excellent BBQ - Brisket was perfectly cooked. Tender and Juicy and great flavor. I especially liked the Coffee BBQ Sauce. Sides were also excellent, loved the smashed potatoes. If you want some great BBQ go to Sugarfire now you won't be disappointed.


We are from Miami here on business stopped by Sat. Night first disappointing wAs that at 5:30 they were out of their family’s favorite brisket due to enormous multi pound takeout orders ...just before we got there. We ordered the meat lovers platter...with double ribs to take the place of the brisket. Unfortunately Much of the meal was cold. Due I feel to the point fact that it is served on a metal tray covered with a paper ... I feel the cold metal tray needs to be heated or but a heaver place mat. When I was approached by management ( I later found out he was one of they owners... he asked me how things were I explain to him what we had experienced with the understanding also that the food was very tasty just cold he was very apologetic brought me back he wanted us to take hot ribs right off the fire with us and apologized for what he didn’t realize was happening and Was thankful that we gave him honest feedback. He said that’s the only way he ca n improve. We will return the next time we are in the area.

Mart¡ñ¡ BT.

Total let down! Remember presentation is paramount! 2 stars because of friendly staff interaction upon entry & retro setting; otherwise 0 stars if possible. Location was similar to a 1950's diner setting. Visited based on recommendations as my friend and I were in the city on business. Was definitely not the cleanest looking restaurant. Attention needs to be placed on the presentation of the menu availability at the food stations. For example, cut the paper bag neatly and write the food item instead of ripping the paper and leaning it up. Please encourage staff not to handle the food unless serving it to the customer; especially since your restaurant's practice is to serve the items by gloved hands instead of utensils. Needless to say we didn't eat there.

Ramona Careathers

There neat is very good,mac and cheese very good. Coliar greens needs work. Other than that aweome

Squeaky Camel

Terrific food and excellent people. They only use the best ingredients and prep practices. They even showed us their smoker for the ribs! Would definitely recommend!!

Mike Kadunc

Great baby back ribs. Their brisket is also great. All sides are great also. We've eaten at Westminster Sugarfire and St. Charles, Missouri Sugarfire and they are both excellent. I would recommend anything they make.

Domi Meow

The food was honestly amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever had such good barbecue and the sauces were really tasty and creative

David Grant

Awesome! Got a half rack of ribs with sweet potato tater tots and marshmallows and the beans with jalapenos was to die for. Several sauces to choose from. I preferred the coffee BBQ sauce. Staff gave a "ribbing" since we are Reds fans there to watch a game.

David Carpenter

This is literally the best brisket I've ever had! My wife stopped in after smelling the food while getting a massage next door, and I'm grateful she did, hands down the best, no other place that I've tried in Colorado compares!

Joshua Hammer

Great place. There was a massive line to get in but it was worth the wait. The chicken biscuit is worth a trip to STL.

Ciani Sosa

The Jalapeño sausage tasted rancid. The brisket had ton, I mean a ton of gristle. None of the sauces were particularly amazing. The staff were not really engaged. My kids did like the Bolyen soda selection. Not likely to go back.

John D Carmack

Great food! I especially like how they have a smoked salmon option.

Dane Acton

QUALITY! Great experience through and through. Couldn't finish my food and I love to eat. Huge portions, friendly people, and great eatin'.

Stephanie Anglo

Second time, food is good the young man slicing and serving was awful. Place was pretty empty yet hard to find a clean table.

Alex De Leon

Tasty food. Excellent Customer Service.

Dan Milam

Mixed review: Just finished a quick lunch here on opening day. I had the 8oz. brisket sandwich, slaw and mac-n-cheese. The flavor of the brisket was really excellent. Good smoke flavor and seasoning BUT it was VERY dry and tough. The nice young man slicing the brisket had to slice into a new brisket to complete my 8oz portion and the new one was much drier than the previous. I removed a little more than half the meat from my sandwich that came from the second brisket. The sides were good size portions but pretty standard flavors. I was hoping for something more unique (didn't realize walking in that it was a chain restaurant) The staff was very, very friendly and it was nice to see the whole family pitching in on opening day. I'll be back to try other items but I will likely steer away from the brisket.

Nathan Rosen

THE BEST BBQ I'VE EVER HAD. Seriously delicious. All of it is just on point

Courtney Muir

The food was fabulous! The sides were great, the portions filling.

Sean Cottingham

Food was great! Will most deffently be going back!

dayhna ferrell

My very first time trying this restaurant, perfect location close to my house yes BBQ.... their customer service sucks!! I called To place an order Ashley was soooo rude because they were busy that she didn’t even listen to my question. She then hung up on me... Terrible I’ll stick to the one on Olive they have more humility!

Laura Stinnett

Food is generally good. Seems like the staff is new and they seem clueless. Came in tonight and ordered smoked salmon and got home to find I was given brisket. When we started months ago the staff was really cool, tonight that wasn’t the case.

Marilyn Zimmerman

Great ribs, wonderful service. Try the crazy corn really good

James Madaris

I didn't know what to expect coming into this place, but my roommate from St. Louis said it was great, and he was right. They have great BBQ which is tough to find in CO. Check it out if you're in the area and wants some que

Steve Faes

A little drive, bit well worth it.

Nate Scherer

Excellent BBQ and equivalently priced. Sandwiches about $10 ribs around 30. As good or better than Famous Dave's. Presentation is very basic with cafeteria style serving and metal trays but the food - at least what we ordered - was served almost instantly. Very nice staff.

Brian Rice

Wow! Great BBQ and even coming from Kansas City! I loved the fusion of bbq into other foods. The chicken biscuit was such a unique experience with the savory, spicy, smokey, rich butter, and sweeteness. I tried the pulled pork and brisket as well both were good, but the brisket was better.

Jessica S

You know a place is good when there is a line to the door at 9:00 at night. Everything we tried was good. Really enjoyed the turkey and the brisket

Candace Gallagher

Not great BBQ. Turkey is overly dry, brisket has some sort of weird back-end flavor like the kind you get when you use lighter fluid. Cole slaw and potato salad are tasteless. The best part...pickles are good and bartenders are friendly. This place needs higher quality control on how their food tastes. If you put out a sub-par aren't going to have repeat customers. That being said...I gave this place two chances. I also may be biased as I lived in Texas for years, so my BBQ standards are high and we are also proficient at BBQ in our own smoker.

Bryce Williams

Wow! This was the best BBQ I have ever had in my life. I got the french dip brisket and my wife got the cheese-steak. We were both sad after it was gone. Add in the adult milkshakes and it was one of the best lunches of my life. We will be back for sure.

Delmor Donald

Had a wonderful dinner here. Suggested by a customer. Well worth the visit. Had the 3 meat plate. Pulled pork, brisket, and smoked turkey. The turkey was super moist and very flavorful. The brisket was very good with a great smoke flavor. The pulled pork was just a tad dry for me but it did have a great flavor. My sides were smoked green beans, very good. Also had the buffalo potato salad

Paul Ice

The ribs are excellent.

Pat Medina

We really enjoyed it. I'll be honest I thought it said sugar free from a distance before I went in but I was wrong of course. Not a fancy spot as you get your food on a tray rather then dishes but it really works because you have room for small piles of the different sauces to dip into. I especially like that because I can decide how much of what sauce I wanted on a large pallet. I dont like the crazy sweet BBQ so this was a big win for me. Ribs were amazing, pulled pork great, and fries were real potatoes with skins and all. They kept our take out food nice and worm for us too so that was nice. No waiter or anything but no need for one in this style of eatery. I hoped for a lunch menu but seemed like it was all dinner menu / prices so I did what I usually do in this situation and stuffed myself with amazing food. I'm sure I could have ordered smaller portions or something but when you are in that Chipotle style line picking food with folks behind you I didn't want to hold up the line and I didn't see any obvious signs of a lunch or smaller portions on the menu. So lunch for 4 was about 40 bucks so not bad for the quality and size meal you get.

Daniel Keeling

The foods alright, when you can get it. But, what is the point of offering online ordering when it’s disabled 80% of the time. Good to check out if you’re from out of town- waste of space if you’re someone who works downtown looking for a place to order.

chris howell

Great food and the service was great I had a sample of their brisket. Manager also checked in with us and We also got a free piece of pie. Will definitely be back!!

Chris Cordes

Very solid BBQ place. I had a half rack of ribs. They were fine. It is not bad BBQ but it is not elite BBQ either. Overall I was very impressed with the food quality and the quality of the meat. The sides were outstanding too. I felt the BBQ relied too much on their great sauce selection and could cover up some of the BBQ meats shortcomings. It was not bad and definitely wanted to go back again to try more items though! Good service and staff.

Jeremy Prymek

This place was amazing was pleasantly surprised great food great atmosphere at a reasonable price.

Phildah Chasi

Very good bbq. It is a little pricey but you'll enjoy it, root beer float was delish as well

Donette Fox

Great meats and assortment of sauces...good beer, too! Love the Coffee Bar B Que Sauce!

Michael Latulip

Just had Sugarfire do our wedding in Estes Park. Wow!!! Travis the GM is absolutely outstanding! Any request I had this restaurant came through. Food is wonderful and service is amazing. We've visited the restaurant a bunch of times throughout the last couple months and love everything we eat. Our go to BBQ place in Denver.

Courtney Anderson

Clean, organized, and very tasty food! Prices are just where they need to be. Staff could work on their customer service skills. They weren’t rude but they weren’t very welcoming either.

Mehrdad Saadat

Great BBQ, great service. Tender juicy and very flavorful. Don't even need BBQ sauce but they have a BUNCH to choose from

Jamie Leach

I was able to enjoy this restaurant while attending a conference nearby. The line was out the door but went very fast. They have several different sauces to choose from. The only area I think they could improve in is the amount of seating. This is really just a constraint of their location.

Tyler Huffman

The food was excellent! There is a reason this is listed as best in Saint Louis! The dining was low class, basically waiting in a long line that at one point had people waiting outside to get in. Lots of local made drinks, lots of real sugar soda/pop. If anything could improve, it would be to have more seating!

Kent Patten

My wife and I split the Meat Daddy plate, which came with plenty of food. The pulled pork was tasty, but the rest (Turkey breast, jalapeno cheddar sausage, brisket and ribs) felt a bit underwhelming. The pork hashbrowns were not what I expected; more like pork and au gratin potato strings than actual hash browns. Service was a bit mixed up; we were told they were out of mac and cheese, only to have them agree to make more for the next couple in line. Experience was okay, but not enough for me to drive the 40+ minutes to get there from Arvada.

Kimberly Campbell

A freaking mazing!!!! Make you you get the pasta salad.. my husband doesn't like pasta salad but loved this. Everything was great!!

Lauren Danahy

Sugarfire obviously has a good marketing team... they've been on TV & so, ppl think they are great. Overall, food was "meh" & prices are astronomical! $91 for lunch for family of 4! No thanks, I'll pass!


Brisket is super juicy and so tender . Baby back ribs is meaty and flavorful The sauces makes the different. Some hot bbq. White bbq is a kicker. The portion is generous. 23bucks for 1 rack of rib and 19 for brisket. We ate 6 totalling 60 bucks. Good deal. Super friendly staff too

Daniel Scott

Amazing food. Burgers, pulled pork, brisket, fries apple pie all fantastic. Looked busy but service was fast friendly and efficient.

Ember McCall

First time coming here. The staff was great at explaining that sugarfire is cafeteria style. You need to order your food, grab your tray and take it to your seats. Lots of options of drinks and meals however if you have allergies there doesn't seem to be a readily available allergen menu or a lot of allergy watching. The food itself was quite good, I would eat here again as for the price they gave ample amount of food. The style of the place was neat and it was nice being nestled so close to the Blues museum was perfect.

chris ogrady

My two friends and I came on at Thursday at 430PM. Just before the rush hours. Between the three of us we ordered some of almost everything. I had a brisket cheesesteak sandwich and jalapeno smoked sausage. The smoke and taste were excellent. Cost was reasonable. The restaurant was clean and the staff were very good to us.

Bryan Funk

Decided to try the BBQ joint (Sugarfire) next to my hotel, boy was I in for a treat! Having grown up a stones throw from Kansas City I have a pretty high bar for BBQ and Sugarfire Smoke House did not disappoint. I had the Big Muddy sandwich which was excellent and they've got more sides than you can shake a stick at! The bar also had a pretty good beer and cider selection. Work will send me back that way in a few months and I will definitely be going back!

Derek Gaines

I'm in town from Cincinnati looking for a good barbecue place I saw this place onGoogle. I wanted to try it out I was not. disappointed The guy cutting the meat let me sample some of the meat is very friendly I told him I was from Cincinnati he said he has some people up there. I could not wait to get back to the hotel to devour my three meat platter it was very very good.the red beans and rice very good! everything I put in my mouth was good! when I come back to St Louis I will visit this place thank you for the speedy service thank you for the kindness and suggestions of your menu. Thank you!

Bill Patterson

Great place if you love BBQ! Staff was very friendly and helpful explaining the food.

Cy Soto

Great BBQ and friendly staff.

John Henry

I had a half rack of ribs with 4oz of brisket on the side, and house fries. Fries were delicious, brisket was good but dried out fast. The ribs were a little tough for my liking. My wife and son had pulled pork sandwiches and they were delicious! Highly recommend the pulled pork sandwiches!

Chris Gutierrez

Meat was cold and dry. The specialty sandwich I got did not taste very well... The only good part was tge fries. I don't think this place is worth the amount they charge... You really want BBQ... go to Brothers BBQ or Famous Dave's. Don't come here.

James Newberry

Man, I am glad I found this place! Fantastic food. Will definitely be back!

Ryan Ferguson

Really super good BBQ, but sides are lacking in quality of other southern BBQ style joints. Cool soda machine with odd flavors.

Seuchia Ly

This place was recommended to us as we're not from here. Saw the reviews and was excited. My family was quite disappointed. The brisket and ribs were dry, like they were over cooked. The best was the turkey, which I thought was going to be dry. Pretty spendy for what you get. Lets just say it was a let down.

Dave Weber

We got the meat daddy. Unfortunately the great quality was lessened due to the fact that the meat was cold by the time we sat down. It was enough to feed 3 people. The pork belly hush puppies were awesome.

Richard Crider

I'm from Texas, the home of good BBQ so it's hard to find comparisons elsewhere but this place is pretty good. They have several sauces to choose from depending on preference which is nice. They also have Boylan sodas as their fountain drinks which is awesome because you usually only see them in bottles and they're so good. The sides are decent but give you huge portions.

Nathan Ho

OMG easily the best ribs I've ever had. But that's not all, everything here is amazing. One of the best Apple pies too. Wound up going two days in a row, come early or they might sell out!

Ashley Atondo

Delicious barbecue and great customer service. The brisket was so tender and I could NOT get enough of their honey butter. I can definitely see why this place is a local favorite. Would highly recommend going here, but get there early.

Tina Brown

What actually happens is evidenced in the picture....I'm powerless to resist the charm and mystery of this brisket masterpiece. Let's see, piles of brisket, smoked sausage, lettuce, pickles, horseradish and BBQ sauce make this one tasty creation. Should you add a side of perfectly cooked fries with that? Of course you should!

Mary Matthews

This is a real barbecue. And that coming from a girl who was raised in the Deep South. Is barbecue does not even need sauce although there are several very tasty sauces including one, a white sauce that I had never run into and all of my barbecue exploration. If you go here it would not be a waste of money or time!

Bailey Good

Sugarfire has great options that are delicious! I got a pimento BLT one time and another time a salad and both were so delicious! They have spiked shakes which is an awesome addition and the staff is super helpful. We were only in St. Louis a week and it was so good that we went twice!

Kevin K

There's a reason the line is so long all the time. We got here just as they were opening at 11am to beat the crowd. Ribs and brisket were excellent, and I loved their selection of sauces - try them all. My favorite was the honey badger.

Nicole Pickens

Stopped in after we found you on Google maps. Food was delicious! Brisket is melt in your mouth amazing. Next items up will be chicken biscuit and Brisket cheesesteak. Try the

Dusti Jakober

Loved it! Highly recommend reviewing the menu online or from the outside prior to going for a meal. It's almost set up like a Subway, chipotle or qdoba. There wasn't much direction and we definitely stuck out like a sore thumb not knowing how different this place is from most restaurants. This left us feeling rushed and a little uncomfortable, food was amazing tho!

RawrNom Nom

Their smoked turkey(with the Texas hot naturally) and Mac and cheese is ALWAYS delicious! I also recommend the smoked cookie!

Mark VanPatton

Always good barbecue. We go a few times a year and recommend.

John Blommel

Most excellent people and ribs. My first coffee bbq sauce

April Damon

Place is bomb ! Great meat choices and the sides are to great to. The potato salad and the augratin potatoes yum yum yum.

David M

This is a great rubbed St. Louis style BBQ place. All the meats are cooked well, lots of sides, some are quite unique but tasty. They also have 8 different sauces you can try. One of the best BBQ place around the northern Denver metro area.

Nicole Piekarski

Will not return. Owners are hostile and rude to paying customers who have given feedback on service. Customer service for online orders should get a zero. Try another of the many local family run bbq places!

m degginger

First visit Great Food. Hands down the best BBQ in North Denver. 2 visit they were out of all most(Literally only two thing left) everything at 6:45 pm we went elsewhere. 3rd visit at 7:15 (hours before close) they had a note on the door saying they were out of everything. 4th visit at 8pm (hours before close) once again they closed early because they had no food. Don't want to be a crazy reviewer. I just have a hard time understanding not prepping enough food for the hours you are open. Every other restaurant figures this out. Once again great BBQ just poor management. How can you grow your business if you consistently run out of product. I can't see trying again

Brian Suriner

Had a late dinner September 21 right at closing . The general manager and bartender Carly were extremely accommodating . Baby backs were tender and sauce was perfect. A must go to if you are in Westminster. Brian Connecticut

Matt Bailey

Awesome experience with the employees which feels great compared to so many non formal dining experiences Oh yeah, and AMAZING BBQ!

BreAnna McJunkin

This place was highly recommend from a few people so we had to give it a try. It did not disappoint! BBQ is delicious, sauces too and the service was fast and friendly. The business knows what it’s doing. 2 thumbs up from me!

Duke Pointer

Great BBQ and service with take out short notice on game night.

Heath Potter

If you haven’t been here you are missing out! Attentive staff and manager? Went above and beyond to be friendly and explain things. Super clean. Full bar! Food is delicious!!

Nikki S

The coffee BBQ sauce is out of this world. Loved the vibe, very much cafeteria style. Employees were awesome and the food is to die for, as always. Get yourself the corn bread, it’s heavenly!

Vanniek 71

I feel this place has the potential to be great, but for my visit it wasn’t. I think we caught them after a rush, but all the meats were cold, the sides were old and burnt/wilted/ gross looking. Which limited me to try the crazy corn and Au gratin potatoes. Both were ok, but again cold. Pulled pork and sausage was pretty good Ribs and brisket were meh. My ribs were mostly a hard crust with very little seasoning.y buddies ribs at least had some bark with seasoning on it. Turkey was dry and cold, had a good smoke flavor at least. If I was in the area and hungry I might try it again, but I won’t drive up here just for Sugarfire unfortunately.

Lynette Scott

Yum, yum, yum. We loved everything we got (pulled pork, brisket, the double bacon burger). Do not be intimidated by the social seating arrangement or the line. Even picked up a piece of apple pie to go. So delicious!

cleo kids

You do have to stand in line and wait for your food and then hope you get a table but that's not so bad. it's downtown and convenient it's also clean and has some outside seating. The staff is super nice and they're very knowledgeable of their products the prices are decent the food is decent. I had a combination included potato salad baked beans ribs and pastrami the pastrami was overly salted but lean and flavorful. The ribs where okay they had a bit of flavor to them. They have a large selection of sauces coffee is my favorite they are generous with the portion size for the sides. They also have really good iced tea. I would go back if I was in the mood for barbecue.

Jen J

Best BBQ in town! Great sauces. Great food combinations. Awesome customer service. My go to for delicious food.

Noel Prince

I absolutely love this place. I went to the downtown St. Louis location and this place is just as amazing. I got the Meat Daddy and it's perfect for two people looking to tear up a great BBQ sampler. Restaurant is extremely clean and has a full bar. 5+ BBQ choices that are all extremely unique! Highly recommend.

Mike Riggs

Ok great place, go early or you won't get in the line is out the door at 6pm. Well worth it, greeted at the counter by very friendly staff, while ordering the server gave us a nice slice of smoked turkey and it was great. I had the ribs and brisket and they were good, the cornbread you could slice with your spoon. This is a fantastic place and well worth the visit.

Kayla E

Delicious food and lovely atmosphere. A bit on the expensive side, though.

Frank Jimenez

Tasty BBQ, enjoyed the counter service and watching the meat cut right in front of you. The soft drinks were fine but honestly we were there for the BBQ and expect to be back sometime soon.

Jay Johnson

Small portions, cold food, and the food itself wasn't even great. The sauces were pretty good and unlimited refills on soda were nice. This was too pricey for the amount and quality of food.

David Kahn

They were selling what was touted as the best sandwich in the world. 1. I would rank the sandwich at about a 3 out of 10 2. There was an absurd amount of fat on it 3. It's the most unhealthy and fattening sandwich imaginable 4. The top two slices of bread were at a 35-degree angle too each other. As they were glued together by cheese, I had to dig my full hand between the two in order to pry them apart to get them centered. 5. I asked for the fat cut off during my order. They forgot to do that 6. The meat inside was bunched into about only 2/3rds of the sandwich real estate 7. I complained to management and they pretended to care but it's been 3 weeks and they still have done nothing.

Alexandria Davenport

Absolutely fantastic. Huge and varied bbq sauces. Huge portions. Left with a full belly arms a big smile. Thank you Sugarfire!

george harris

It's good barbecue but it's not the best I've had.

Eric Weiss

Sweet and render ribs with tons of great sauces to try. And some of the best beans I've ever had.

Jazmin Lassiter

The food was absolutely delicious. I had the meat daddy which was a sampler of the different meats they offer. Split with my husband and we still couldnt eat it all. Everything was great, but the highlights were the brisket, smoked turkey and side item frankenstein tots.

Robert L. Harris

Excellent food and the staff serving it took care to make a great meal, not just serve food.

Matt Schneider

Man their BBQ is soooooo good. I need to go back ... soon.

Connor Brooks

Best BBQ in the area, by far! Also, they have a Boylan Bottling fountain, which means amazing cream sodas to go with your brisket

Elease Wigfals

Warm and welcoming. Rib tots were the best. Never heard of such a thing in Florida. The food was excellent at this restaurant. Will definitely visit it again the next time I'm in St. Louis. Thanks to the ladies at Budget Car Rental for suggesting it.

Tasha M

Staff was so friendly and informative. Food was AMAZING!! I don't think I've ever tasted a better burnt and anywhere except KC. The brisket was so tender. No complaints from us. We'll definitely be back!

Kyle Todd

If I could give them 6 stars I would! If you haven't been to Sugarfire yet, you're wrong. My wife hurt my feelings and said it was the best brisket she'd ever had! But it's ok I agreed with her! Absolutely recommend, will absolutely be going back!!

Tina Brown

What actually happens is evidenced in the picture....I'm powerless to resist the charm and mystery of this brisket masterpiece. Let's see, piles of brisket, smoked sausage, lettuce, pickles, horseradish and BBQ sauce make this one tasty creation. Should you add a side of perfectly cooked fries with that? Of course you should!

Logan Nearmyer

The St Louis Sweet and Coffee BBQ sauces were both great. I love that the fountain drinks aren’t your typical choices too

Mr Butters

Fantastic place! I got the Big Kahuna burger that was on special! They have a couple sandwiches on special each day. Sides are good and also recommended the cookies.

Alyssa Wiedemeier

I don’t have words to express how good this food was. Service was quick and there was nothing that I ate that I didn’t like. They have unique foods, drinks, and barbecue sauces. Definitely worth a try, as it’s not like any other barbecue place I’ve been.

Taylor Pate

Delicious. A little pricey but food is worth the money. Will definitly be back to try different sides. Elvis tots are sooooo good!

Brianna Potter

Food is great ! Portions should be more due to the price.

Denise Santarelli

Nice little BBQ quick bite place

Suzanne Beth

In St Louis for a seminar! The Marriot Grand Hotel referred us there! We loved it. The food, the place and the staff! 5 Stars from us

Andrea Tuttle

Food was great, service very good and restaurant was super clean. Today they had burnt ends and they were delicious! Definitely coming back!!

Rose Gonzalez

Had the smoked salmon with steamed vegetables and their outstanding baked beans. Fast service, delicious food. My third time here and never disappointed.

Dom The Alien

The food is amazing and even though there was a long line we got through fairly quick. Eating isn’t for those white social anxiety or that just don’t like being around a lot of strangers. There are a lot of communal tables and you might have to share a spot with a stranger but if that doesn’t bother you it’s well worth it.


There was a long line but it moved quickly and the barbeque was delicious with a good selection of sauces all at a reasonable price.

J Hsu

Excellent BBQ as I got the 3 meat combo (brisket, ribs, and pulled pork) and they all had a proper amount of smoke and maintained a good texture. The sauces available weren't needed but they were also tasty if you choose. Pretty rare out here to have a white sauce too but that was available. The sides of mac and cheese and potato casserole were good additions. A nice factor is they serve Boylan soda which I find to be much nicer than typical Pepsi and Coke products. I'll be making a trip here more as my go to BBQ place.

Susan Rice

Possibly the best BBQ I've ever had. We tried a lot of everything and loved it all. Chicken & Biscuit sandwich, brisket pot pie, smoked portabella burger, coleslaw and pulled pork loaded tots were incredible. Lots of attentive staff, always cleaning. Plus plenty of homemade BBQ sauces on every table.

lauren silva

Amazing people, food, and overall vibe. Love this place, food is to die for. We will definitely be back♡

Forest Tennar

After many people telling me to go check it out I did and the food was amazing

Mike Bantz

Fantastic selection, excellent meats and OMG the sides are the bomb. New go-to up near where I live.

Jaz Linville

Portions were very small. Meat was dry. Mac and Cheese was bland. Expensive. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Joey McCollough

This place is amazing. I came here for the first time in March of 2018 for the haunted attractions trade show and fell in love with it. We attended the trade show again this past March and it was one of the highlights of the trip. We …

Tiffany B. Kennedy

Great service and everything I have ate there has been absolutely delicious!!

Alvin James

My wife and I stopped in from out of town and this place is great! huge portions and reasonable prices. You order your food cafeteria style.. We went for lunch and they open at 11 AM by 11:30 every table was filled. There is definitely a reason for that!

Stephanie Fincher

Must stop here if you are in town!! Excellent food, cool decor, will come back!!


They had a good truck at Rocker Distillery. Great BBQ and baked beans.

Kristen Ruth

My husband forgot his one-of-a-kind, embroidered, Ford union jacket at the Carsonville restaurant. We are from Detroit, so he was really bummed. Barb took my phone call, found the jacket, and had it shipped home to us! Now that's what I call excellent customer service!! And the food at Sugarfire is out of this world too! Don't miss it!

Bailey Good

Sugarfire has great options that are delicious! I got a pimento BLT one time and another time a salad and both were so delicious! They have spiked shakes which is an awesome addition and the staff is super helpful. We were only in St. Louis a week and it was so good that we went twice!

Megan Wilson

This is a hard one so I’ll do an overall feelings review The good: service and the meat. All our bbq plates and meats were amazingly tender and tasted delicious. The service was nice and everyone tried to be super helpful. The bad: the sides, every side we had, from the au gratin potatoes, to the dragon fruit salad were a waste. Potatoes were tasteless and I got 1 teeny tiny piece of dragon fruit ins one thing that was most just a fruit salad. The ok: the pecan pie was fine, but nothing compared to my aunts and there were several pieces of something that was too hard to chew. The sweet tea was fine, again nothing to write home about and through my own fault I got a flavored seltzer water. Nothing on Sugar for this one, the it passed by a cherry on a way to bottling flavor was my fault. Overall we will probably return. My husband loves good bbq and it is good bbq but we will limit ourselves to meat and ditch the extras.

Sara Kruhmin

We were pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. Loved the order as you go and not having to wait on service. The guys at the counter serving up food were fun and very helpful - I definitely appreciated being able to sample down the line to find the perfect meat - which ended up being the pulled pork (the brisket was a close second). The boozy peanut butter chocolate shake was amazing. We will definitely be coming back.

John McCarthy

Excellent BBQ in walking distance from the Gateway Arch. Walked here after visiting the arch. Line was very long, but only took 15-20 minutes to get through. Delicious food - highly recommend the baked beans. Really glad we took the family here!

Akvilina Rieger

Wonderful food coupled with amazing staff

Omar Zuniga

Great place for quick BBQ. Drinks that I have had have all been tasty! Staff has been attentive each time we have visited.

Brian Maxwell

Yum! Great pulled pork. Brisket is pretty good. St Louis Sweet sauce is fantastic!

Steve L

Not quite getting the hype... decent BBQ, but the sides left *much* to be desired. Sauteed veggies and Brisket stew were served at room temperature. Service was "meh" at best (workers were distracted by their phones). It's OK, but I wouldn't race back for seconds.

Courtney Constant

I go to a convention in St Louis every year excited I will get a chance to stand in line in the pouring rain just for some Sugarfire.. now there's one right down the street!!

Aaron Christensen

I was so excited for bbq AND the sides were great but my brisket was really dry. Really dry. The pulled pork was the best of everything we tried. Ribs were pey good too.

Lana Lee

Ill be honest coming from Memphis I was hesitant to order BBQ in St Louis. But this place prove me wrong! It was fantastic. The staff is friendly and welcoming but they could have been the worst and I would have returned for this BBQ. The meat is juicy, not dry. The slaw and potato salad was fantastic but the meat alone!! Also the smoked chocolate chip cookies were fantastic. Will definitely come back!

Maria Jackson-Arguello

I don’t know if we just hit this place at the wrong time but we had to go back to the counter four times to get things we ordered but didn’t receive before the gentleman taking orders moved on to the next person. The staff was very friendly. There was no clean silverware, the fountain drinks were down so we had to pay extra for canned, and frankly the meat was cold and the food was just not the best in general.

Gene Mazzuca

Meat was great sides good and employee's were fun and friendly!!! Great place to eat be back soon!!!!

James McAlister

EXCELLENT BBQ! The Brisket was outstanding as was the entire meal. Adequate seating, the have a bar as well! Will definitely be back!

Kevin K

There's a reason the line is so long all the time. We got here just as they were opening at 11am to beat the crowd. Ribs and brisket were excellent, and I loved their selection of sauces - try them all. My favorite was the honey badger.

Uzi Nav

Everything is great & delicious. I'm just the type of person that needs some heat with all meats, & just wished there were hot sauces. Other than that is top favorite ✔️

Terry Laster

Excellent food here downtown St. Louis. It’s definitely worth standing in line. When you reach the front, the smell of barbecue overwhelms your senses, and when you take a bite into the ribs, the taste is just awesome. I highly recommend the place to all that come visit St. Louis.

Brian Lewis

This place is GREAT. The food was perfectly prepared and delicious. Loved the laid back atmosphere. When we visit St. Louis again, will definitely eat here again.

Théo MrD

Nice concept, crowded but fast moving cafeteria style dining. Nice smoke flavor, large variety of sauces.

Max Kuminov

This is probably the only BBQ smokehouse you could find in the downtown. But despite having no competition around, they do really good brisket and ribs. The flavour is simply fantastic. Highly recommend.

Kacper Czaja

Staff is great, and one of the few smoke houses that I know of around here that taste pretty good!

Colin McLaughlin

Wow, their food is good. I have had the brisket before. It's the best I have found. Their turkey is delicious too. They have a spicy St. Louis sauce that I really liked and goes well with anything. Their fountain soft drinks are Excel …

James Gnann

A bunch of different sauces, styled after sauces from all over the country. The pulled pork was great and they have collards. I don't trust a BBQ place that doesn't offer collards

Bill Houghtaling

Cafeteria style. Servers have a bad attitude. Kinda funky and not very clean. Walk around the corner and see their BBQ cooker on the street in a shipping container. Note the grease all over the sidewalk and glass doors of the side entrance. Wife had the brisket sandwich and loved it. I had the rib tips and was disappointed. Tasty but very tough! Tourist reviews have made this place quite popular but not with me. Take a look around the corner then make your own opinion before waiting in that line. Watch out for the auto tip generator when you check out. Their attitude may not be worth it.

Noah Grossman

Can’t go wrong! Beef brisket is the best and service is fast. Be prepared for a long line

Sean Cardenas

Yummy and quick

Brent Wells

Brisket, pulled pork, salmon, and ribs were all amazing! The fries are hot and freshly seasoned with coarse salt, making them very addicting! Not to mention there are many different sauces to try out and use. There is something for everyone on the menu and it’s delicious!

Ed P

Ok. Ribs were good. They were out of brisket so did not get a chance to try it. Will have to try the brisket to get a higher rating for now.

Scott Quasebarth

Excellent brisket cheese steak sandwiches, pulled pork, all the sides are delicious, the Big Muddy is so awesome such a delicious sandwich meal can't be beat everything that they offer if it piques your interest you will enjoy it they're true to their craft and their barbecue is excellent highly recommend thank you to them

Jason Stoller

A friend highly recommended this restaurant and it did not disappoint! The jalapeno cheddar hot link was delicious and the pulled pork was outstanding! Also, do yourself a favor and try the brussel sprouts.

Alan Welty

Great food, great atmosphere. Very nice patio and live music... Come to the beer fest on Oct 1st.

John J.

Great food! Free pickles! I loved the wide range of BBQ sauces (the coffee was my favorite)! The atmosphere was unique and I believe that this location is connected to the Blues Museum. My only complaints that keep this place from 5 stars was that it was quite hot inside and there was so much smoke in the room that it started to burn our eyes. I’d expect a place like this to know that it’s going to have smoke, so fans would be installed on the ceiling to blow it away. Unfortunately, they did not, so the building was making us sweat and making our eyes burn. Aside from this, however, the restaurant was a great experience unlike any other! Highly recommend despite the atmosphere!

Dean Rose

Very tasty BBQ. I went there after going to Cabela's. Lots of items to choose from and styled after BBQ joints back east. Briskit was delicious. They even have great flavors of soda instead of usual Coke and Pepsi brands.

Hugh YEP

Average BBQ. Almost Texas style but better. KC BBQ is still better. Sauce options are a bit weird.

Yvonne Simpson

Yummy BBQ with some incentive menu options. I found they carried Ski soda (haven't had it in 20 years) along with other fun beverages in three bottle or in the soda fountain.

Jake Balise

Awesome smokehouse just off the Arch. Everything has a nice, sweet crusted smoke with any kind of sauce you could have a taste for. Great matchup of southern smoke and local flavor.

Bobbi Murray

Got the Meat Daddy plate and its a great deal for a couple. Only down side they were out of the sausage. Turkey is amazing.

Lynnette Archer

We have been 2 times and it was amazing both times! The sandwiches are fresh and creative, not just meat on a bun. The staff is what made our visit extra special. A special thank you to Rob, Tiff and Keri for making us feel welcome and answering a hundred questions!

pat Reed

This review is about catering. We purchased dinner for 22, including delivery. The positive is the meat was fantastic....pulled pork, brisket, turkey. Only the brisket was finished off completely. The baked beans were also very yummy. The 15 minutes late, totally stressing me out as guests had already arrived. The three sauces ordered and confirmed were not included. Luckily I had some bbq sauce in the fridge. Driver went to get some, we were nearly finished eating by the time he returned, at least 40 minutes later. The cole slaw was super salty, almost inedible. That was completely surprising, everyone noticed. Finally, call or visit in person...they do not respond or apparently receive email to their catering address.

Sean G

Fantastic pulled pork and sausage. Excellent tea options (not that Lipton crud). Seating can get chaotic quickly, so try to hit it at a non-peak time.

tom krafcik

Visiting St. Louis and had to try some BBQ. This place was amazing. The brisket melts in your mouth. The pulled pork was so flavorful. Ribs amazing. Baked beans, veggies, pasta salad, and other sides all top notch. All the sauces were fantastic. Staff was so friendly and ready to go out of their way to make your experience the best. I can’t wait to go back and I have no clue what I would get because everything is awesome.

Krystal Johnson

The bomb!!! Tasty, tasty BBQ! Brisket was amazing, white BBQ sauce was interesting, cheesy potatoes were just spicy enough and topped off with a chocolate peanut butter shake! Amazing! Fast and friendly service, definitely worth the wait!

Manuel Hawthorne

The Carolina Brisket sandwich changed my life, for the better! It was amazingly good. Being from Texas, I live me some brisket. It was a great touch to add the cole slaw. Great, manly meal!

Robyn Teague

Good bbq - super friendly staff

Jen Nicole

Service was all around bad, the meats were overly dry. The brisket was like jerky.

Douglas Vetter

Pilot on a layover with a crewmember who lived in STL showed me this place and I definitely plan to return. Had the brisket sandwich which was excellent. Also had two sides: broccoli salad and baked beans. Wanted the green beans but they were far too wilted and overcooked so I passed. Had the cornbread as a side and it was adequate but I've definitely had (and personally made) better. Their sauce selection wasn't as diverse as I've had elsewhere but overall a great place for a great meal. Not exactly cheap with a drink and a cookie (I paid $20 + tip) but again, as the occasional treat it's perfectly reasonable.

Michael Thomas

The only thing better than the food was the service!! And that's saying something because the food was phenomenal!! I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Will be going back for sure!

Sean Alto

Best BBQ I've ever had. Not expensive. Amazing experience.

Emily Dehler

Best brisket in this area. I recommend it 2 everyone

Josh Beed

Amazing food and great customer service. I'm from TX and I've had A LOT of BBQ and their brisket is great! They were out of most things (it was late in the evening and after normal dinner time) so the choices were limited but I was not disappointed! The baked beans are amazing as well. I'll stop here anytimenim driving through St. Louis

The Stone Mason

This place was great!!! Tons of great bbq to choose from. Everything tasted amazing!

Alvin Vazquez

Nice to be able to say you ate at a famous place but everything is smoked nicely but bland. Needs the sauce to get some flavor. Make mine 1000 times better at home.

Brian Campbell

Amazing food. Great service and did I mention amazing food!! Wow this is a must visit if you like BBQ anything.

Damon Tighe

A lot more options than most BBQ places I’ve gone too. All of the meats we had were excellent. The counter staff is super friendly and you can sample slides before you commit to one, which is really nice. Gets busy, but has enough tables and staff to adequately deal with large groups of people.

Mike Dawson

Friendly staff, good food and awesome BBQ sauce

Jason Smith

Brisket was good. I didn't care for the sausage. The au gratin potatoes looked better than it tasted. The beans tasted more like chili than baked beans. The cola tastes like root beer. At least the brisket was good.

tim dikeman

Good food. Nice atmosphere

Ben Paredes

Great pulled pork! Unfortunately they ran out of ribs. Have to go back to try them.

#georgesproperty #georgesproperties

The first time I came they ran out of Brisket, which was disappointing. I finally made it back after several months. Was able to debate between burnt ends or the brisket and went with brisket while my wife had burnt ends. Food was cold but edible. Flavor did not wow. Will not be coming back.

Jack Starnes

Had the 3 meat entree getting turkey, brisket and salmon. The turkey was by far the best of the 3 with the brisket being second. The sweet potato tots are to die for. I loved the sauce options on each table! All of the sauces where great but my favorite was the white bbq sauce.

Passionate Travels

Turkey and sides were great! Rinse weren't that good. They need to be more tender and seasoned.

Jay Hall

Triple meat plate is the way to go here! Ribs were a little tougher than i liked (-1 star) but the pulled pork and brisket are on point! Plus all the condiments that you want gives bang for your buck! Highly recommend this place and the staff are friendly.

Dora Howell

Good flavor, friendly staff. However our food was served room temp to cold. We were there on Friday around 4:30. Not crowded. So not sure why the poor temperature. I might try it again. But not sure.

Thrill ville

Good food my pick is the Jalapeño-Cheddar Sausage Link was delicious. Good environment close parking garage. Normal BBQ pricing.

Sara Rigato

We put in an order with Door Dash and somewhere along the way our order got messed up. We called the restaurant and they immediately jumped on fixing it for us. They were kind enough to throw in dessert and they sent the Sous Chef to deliver our missing items. If that's not amazing customer service, I don't know what is! We will definitely dine here again! Not to mention the food is wonderful!

Oscar Roberto

I had the BBQ ribs. They were cooked well, but they were very fatty. The same with mi wife's brisket sandwich, a lot of far in the meat.

Mary Hymel

Right up there with the best barbeque I've ever eaten! There's usually a long line, but it's worth the wait! The ribs are tender. The beans are delicious! Two kinds of sauce on the table.

Mike Guild

YES! Was looking for good BBQ on our road trip and this was going to be the last best place to get it. They did not disappoint!! We walked in at 1pm on Friday and the line was long, and we thought for a second of leaving. So glad we stayed. The line moved quickly, service was great and the BBQ was EXCELLENT. Certainly will go back.

Anika Morrison

My husband, 23 month old son and I love this place. I am typically not a BBQ person, but this place changed my tune. My son and I are gluten sensitive (celiac) and the staff is always helpful in guiding us towards the appropriate side dishes. The brisket and pork are to die for. Happy you’ve made it in the neighborhood!


Being from Kansas City I appreciate good BBQ. I liked the flavor of the meat. I liked the fries. I liked the tray style of food service. 3$ for a can of Coors Light is way to much. The BBQ sauce is good but not there own sauce according to the Bartender. The only reason for not giving it 5 stars is the bread they use for the sandwiches. Taste like egg roll bread. Not toasted enough and just way to must bread.

Adam B

Get there before they sell out, but food is amazing. They we're one of the very few restaurants open on memorial day. A huge bonus

Kendra Burnett

Finally some great BBQ! Try the smoked turkey and the sugarfire pie! We will definitely be coming back.

Melissa Merrick

Ordered the Meat Daddy which included brisket, pulled pork, Turkey, ribs and a jalapeno cheddar sausage and 3 sides which included loaded potato salad,fried and macaroni and cheese for 3 of us to share. The brisket was a little dry but good flavor. The ribs were almost jerky. The sausage I didnt try. They Turkey and pulled pork were my favorites along with the fries. The potato salad and macaroni & cheese were ok but I dont think I'd order again.

Gabby Guetterman

This tastes like home!!! I am from the St. Louis Metro area and was so excited to find this Sugarfire. If you want the best barbecue around, try them out. I will say their sides aren't always the best, but the meat is the star and it's delicious.

Cherie Van Duyn

The special of the day was smoked meatloaf, and it was delicious. Always superb service & food!!

Dave Johnson

Quick and delicious. The staff was very entertaining and polite. The food was beyond perfect. I had the wings and ribs combo. Highly suggest this place and I will return when I visit this area.

Crystal LaPointe

Husband and I ordered the plate meal. I got brisket he ordered pork. Came with 2 sides, the Mac and cheese was tasty, beans where quality. Potato salad was not so good, needs some TLC. Over all food and and experience was good. A little pricey but to terrible. recommended try all the sauces they have available they are great. The coffee bbq was my favorite.

Richard Ortega

Food is great.and the server's were nice and friendly. Price is perfect.

Jessica Baker

WOW! The food was incredible and the staff were hilarious and very kind. It was my first time there, but they took the time to coach me through the ordering process. A MUST-STOP if you are in St. Louis.


Helpful staff, easy ordering, delicious meal. We had the burger and turkey plate. Great eats! Everything we ate was warm and well seasoned. Try the honey bbq sauce, it's lovely!

Marvin Crockett

Incredible foods and maybe the best sausage link I have ever had.

E Kleiner

Food is great and the staff could not be better. Rob was the best person at restaurant I've seen in a long time!

Dell Richmond

Great BBQ! Highly recommended!

Johnny Sains

What an awesome place... got the Brisket Cheese Steak, potato salad and baked beans.... oh my word...

Andrew Johnson

They ran out of ribs which we initially were super let down about. However, what we ate made up for it. It's pay first-sit down and wait for your food kind of spot. I ordered the 2 meat combo (link and beef brisket) with a side of potato salad and jambalaya. Everything was SUPER tasty, flavorful and cooked to perfection! The next time I'm in St. Louis, I'll definitely be back.

Matthew Ulm

Brisket, pulled pork, cornbread and roasted vegetables were very good. Baked beans were a little watery for my tastes. I like them thicker. Most of the sauces were too sweet for me, but the Carolina mustard and coffee sauce were very good.

Darcey Thorson

The food is delicious all the way down to the sides! There sauces are amazing also!!

ben hickey

Pretty awesome BBQ! Blew us away. My über-picky 10 year old ate an entire 8oz sandwich, meat was perfect, sauces were great. Went back and bough some of the honey badger sauce to take home. Wife had to take the kids to the restroom while I was buying sauce, staff noticed we had left a cell phone on the table, and I overheard them sending a staff member to pick it up to prevent it from being stolen. Great job. Great food. Friendly and attentive staff. 5 stars isn't really sufficient.

Brent Ahlmann

Good place overall. Very good food and open atmosphere. Reason for more stars is for what you’re spending, I was hoping for at least plates. Eating off of paper on a tray is meh...

Erica Oliver

the metal tray may have you expecting cafeteria-style boring food but its anything but! the meats were tender and flavorful. hilarious employees. i will def come back

Max Kuminov

This is probably the only BBQ smokehouse you could find in the downtown. But despite having no competition around, they do really good brisket and ribs. The flavour is simply fantastic. Highly recommend.

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