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Colorado reel life

Best korean restuarant in colorado springs hands down


Found this restaurant by word of mouth and am glad we did. The staff was friendly and the food was fantastic. I miss being able to have home cooked Korean dinners from home, but this is the next best thing. The only thing I would fault this restaurant for, is being so hard to find. :D They are worth the trip though and make a fabulous bibimbap!

Courier Warrior

Korean food no, Vietnamese yes

Eric Bash

Awesome authentic Korean food. Great hole in the wall stop.

Michael Eichhorn

By far my favorite korean joint in Colorado springs. I lived in Korea for a year and their bibimbap and kimchi is legit!

John Gulley

This place is awesome. I have lived in Korea for 18 months so I know what it's supposed to taste like and it does, oh yes it does! If I could I would kidnap the staff and force them to cook all my meals, but legally it's not advised. I order take out from them 4-5 times a month, and they make great bul go gi and bi bim bap every time. They also add a variety of kimchi with the meal, not just cabbage but a whole host of pickled delights. I order enough food to eat twice off of a dinner portion and bi bim bap because I'm a fatty and I can't get enough of their food, and for that I pay around $25. They can make it quick too, I go in to order and not call ahead and it takes 15-20 minutes to make all of my food. I love it, though it's on the south side of town and people have strong feelings about how run down that part is, but that isn't the restaurant's fault. People I know tell me about other restaurants that serve Korean but I don't bother with them, this place takes care of it. Great food! Can't say enough good things about them!

Michelle Yarbrough

A lovely restaurant tucked away in the most unexpected area. We love it. Food was delicious. I cannot wait to go back!

Elizabeth Hadden


James Hanschu

If your not Korean they act like your not welcome.

Thai Her

Love the spicy beef soup. Friendly staff.

Erica B

It's good, food is good, staff is nice even though they can leave you waiting a while.

Becky McD

Best Korean in Colorado, I love this family and take friends here all the time.

Logan Richards

The food here is great, the staff was super nice and the prices are great. I ended up taking half my kimchi jiggae home with me to enjoy the next day and it was $9 for enough to do that and still be full. Other places around town charge $13.99...for soup. I was really happy with Shin Sa Dong!

Jennifer Samson

Best Korean I've ever had!

Joseph Burns

Best Korean in town. Out of towners come in craving it

Jamie Allen

Owner was very rude and bad service.


They are good. I had to give it a second shot, and when I did, it was really good. Since then I’ve been going back alot. My hubby loved their kalbi too. I get their ojinga stir fry and the sauce is just always perfect! Mix the dish with some rice and it’s heaven.

willow cat

Great food “Excellent Customer Service”

lele blue

.yes the food is good but today ive been waiting 30 mins for banchan. No direction in here people next to me just got there food. Peo0le waiting no tables being cleaned hustle bustle w nothing getting done. Very disappointed with the sevice today

brad archuleta

Highly recommend, our lunch was delicious

King Rojo

Great food and good service.

Wynona Gishie

This place was really good! Loved the waitress she was very nice. She offered free cheesecake because they got busy. She didn’t have to as we were pleased and didn’t notice the wait. But such nice people! Would recommend. And the food was good as well! Would go back!

Kevin Andronaco

Worst food ever

Angela Egle

Best Authentic Korean food in Colorado Springs

Ashley B

Awesome food. I loved how hot everything was, great flavors and huge portions. I wasn't a fan of korean food before I came here.

Richard Demler

Always excellent food and service!!!

Mark Rich

My first experience with Spicy Tofu Soup was hear and it was delicious. The food is excellent and the prices are great.

Roger Gerdes

Excellent food

Phil Hwang

Imo best overall Korean food place in the springs


Always great korean food


Amazing food, made by amazing people!

gregory koneval

Made a takeaway order, had it ready fast, fresh and hot - love this place!

Laur n

The food wasn’t that great and servers were kinda rude.

Kara C

Good authentic Korean food. My only complaint is their service. Waitress basically ignored my table and just hung out with friends at the other end of the restaurant.


(Translated by Google) Sundae and Gamjangtang are delicious places (Original) 순대국과 감자탕이 맛있는곳

Jessica Lane

Phenomenal Korean food pretty much everyone at my work is obsessed now

Robert Smith

I asked the wait staff if we could sit down at the Korean BBQ table and we were ignored. The waitress acted like she did not understand what we were saying even though we sold her pictures. Then a homeless man came in and started yelling in the middle of our dinner. It's not really their fault but nonetheless it was not taken care of like it should've been. Then a man who look like the owner started getting into an argument with one of the patrons and kicked him out of the restaurant. Very horrible experience overall in this restaurant and the food wasn't even that good.

Amanda Chartrand

So delicious!! The steamed dumplings were to die for! The Galbi was amazing, perfectly seasoned and served with awesome sides. The pickled radish was my favorite by far, and the kimchi was mild and also paired well with the galbi. 110% would come back again!

Lauren Stewart

Delicious and authentic Korean food. It can be a bit expensive, but worth it.


Best Korean in the Springs.

Y Prichard

I absolutely love the food here. The menu is priced affordably. Service has always been great.

Daniel Smelker-Cheeseman

Great stuff we can't get at home.


Great food! I'll take pictures next time.

Laina Le

Really good and awesome lunch special!

Florence Hornbeck-Kaiser

Chicken bulgogi was excellent as were the sides. A little out of my price range for frequent lunches but well worth it for an occasional treat.

Colgan Chan

The food is delicious and reasonably priced. The owner is super friendly and service is very fast.


Everything is well priced and delicious.

Sean Lyons

My wife's korean and well i love korean food. This is my ultimate favorite place. Everyone treats you like family. Good food! Good prices, and fun atmosphere!

Chase Webster

We have lived in Colorado Springs for around 5 years, and we have been searching for a true tasting Korean restaurant. This place hits it out of the park. Wow everything we have ordered so far has been beyond great tasting, and the staff is always nice, friendly, helpful. Best Korean , heck restaurant in the springs.

Sujin kim

One word: AMAZING the food is soooo good and the flavors are to die for. Tottally recomend to anyone who likes authentic GOOD korean food.

Adrian Samson

Good hot sizzling bibimab. Quick service.

Lovong Kiatoukaysi

Great food. Great service.

April Jarra

Food Was Delicious. I Had The Soft Tofu Beef Soup and It Had So Much Flavor. My Sister's Teriyaki Chicken Was Yummy and Husband's Kalbi Was Juicy. Side Dishes We're On Point.

Willamina Beck

One of the best places to eat in Colorado Springs! I get the ramen with cheese and tteokbokki and it’s amazing. Everything is piping hot, the servers are sweet, the food is full of flavor, and I cannot day enough good things! The bulgogi is always amazing, and you have to try the kimchi pancake, even if you think you don’t like kimchi.

paul meisenheimer

I enjoyed my meal. Good kalbi.

Jean Yoo

Great food in the area despite the long wait. Dined once and enjoyed it that we returned the second time but we didn't get to dine in because we arrived at 3pm. Wish they'd post their hours to let the customers know that they're closed after lunch and until 4.

Suki Ko

Very good

Louis Kennedy

Food and service we're great...

Laura Jacobs

Very good

Cheryce Nicole

This is the best Korean restaurant I've been to so far. I come here often and the staff has become familiar with me and my family. They have great vegetarian options and asking for no meat does not sacrifice taste.

Steven Wachlin

The food and service was great!

Frosty X

It's a decent korean restaurant. Had dinner a month ago and just not good. Side dishes tasted like it was rotten. Some menu items were unavailable. Will be avoiding this korean restaurant in the future. It's literally NOT an authentic korean food restaurant. Not even close.

David Stewart

Decent food, has declined in recent years. Used to have a great lunch deal (bento box).

Ashesh Dangol

Wait time is super long... not enough employees... waited 2 hour plus to get a soup... regret for coming... never coming back again to this place

Samuel Desai

Yes, wonderful, authentic, Korean food and atmosphere.

Ay Kay

What a disappointing night. Thought we would stop by to try out this spot. 4.7 stars is more like 2.7 stars. Service was slow...side dishes not good, food mediocre and they don't sell alcohol.

minyoung anny kim

알탕 맛있게 먹었어요~


Food is always good .staffs are always friendly Best Korean restaurant in colorado springs

Carolyne Wilding

I've eaten here several times now and I love it! After having lived in S. Korea for 3 years, the hunt for authentic Korean food has been hit or miss. This restaurant is a hit! It's tucked away in a small shopping area, so it can be hard to find but well worth it if you do. I've tried their bolgogi, bibimbop, seafood pancakes, and kimbop. All are delicious and not "Americanized" to suit our tastes like many other places. The side dishes are plentiful and always changing. The service is good and the restaurant itself is clean. Lunch can be busy, but I've never been unable to get a table, it's big enough to accommodate. Prices are about the best I've seen in town, very reasonable, as some other places will definitely charge you for the specialty cuisine!



Heather Cho

Miss this place sooooooooo much

Max Black

I have been coming here for 3 years now and I never had anything bad to say about them.Their food is delicious I always order their Galbitang and it's delicious it even got the approval of my husband who is a picky eater everytime we go he orders the bulgogi.Their new waiter a young man is very attentive and professional I would recommend this place for anyone looking for some really good Korean food

Shelley Young

korean food here - super tasty. The service was very helpful and observant. Prices were good for how much you get. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I liked.

Maxwell Smolarek

This place serves amazing food and they’re so nice 11/10 i would eat here everyday.

Sean K

the outside of the plaza can be unpleasant but the interior and the food was outstanding. And they gave large portions. I saw both koreans and non-koreans eating there -- I saw the nonkorean eating bulgogi and bibimbab so they were not eating stuff that were too foreign for them.

ChrisThe Gamer

The food is amazing and the service is wonderful. The food is very fresh.

Tracy Mann

Our favorite Korean restaurant. Good food in large proportions. Friendly staff. Great service.

PlaygroundKidz Colorado

Food was great.... Service sucks.... don't get stuck in a corner you'll never get helped

T.I. Weintraub

Simply the best Korean food in Colorado Springs. Fast service and fresh foods. Try to the Kimchi Stew.

Jaden Lee

Love this place. Their Kimchi is better than my mom's.

Stu Bell

Their Dolsot Bibimbap is amazing

Kelly Moore

The worst spicy pork bbq. Emptied 1/2 cup of grease before I could eat. Very bland and grissly pork and anyone that knows this dish knows it is never greasy and has an amazing taste when pork is right. I will never return and will never refer anyone here.


Best Korean restaurant and very well priced. Portions are very large. Food is authentic and delicious.

Mattie Owens

The food here was near perfect in comparison to Korean food over in Korea. The service was great. Only 'problem' i found was that food here was not as cheap as in Korea; twice the price, but STILL worth it. Went on a mission for Bibimbap and so glad we did! We shared the hot stone bibimbap and the spicy pork. The sauce on the spicy pork was so delicious I had to put in on the ever so yummy bibimbap. Must go 5 stars! The people that work there were so nice, always making sure we were happy and satisfied! ! We will be back

Theresa Sutherland

I eat at Shin Sa Don't every weekend and never am disappointed. Wonderful people work there, friend, fast and attentive.

Robin Angel

Loved it. When the restaurant is filled with Korean diners happily eating and chatting, you know it's the real deal. Everything but the weak tea was delicious. Can't wait to get back and try something I haven't tried.

Josh Campbell

Authentic and fantastic

Daryl T

Great food and service.

Chris Blackwell

Great food at great price with generous portions!

Chris Crane

Authentic food. Friendly and quick service. Order the hit podicha if you get the chance.

S. Erickson

Just okay.

Thomas McDermott

Good authentic food popular with Korean community and everyone else

Kelly McElvain

Had dinner to go here and it was so delicious (bulgogi and kimchi). Went back a week later for dine in lunch. Found the service to be excellent and everyone was very friendly. Even bought a container of kimchi to take home it was so good. Will definitely stop in whenever we go down to the Springs.

Benjamin Mealey

One my my 2 favorite Korean places in the Springs (the other being Taste of Korea). Shinsadong is very authentic and the food is well priced and savory. Their soups are awesome, and if you need Asian groceries there are 2 excellent stores nearby.

Richard Munn

Not a very service oriented place. Came on a weekday evening and the place only had a few customers but service was still horrible. We ordered 2 servings of LA Galbi. The side dishes had very small servings and trying to get their attention for refills was very unpleasant. The beef short ribs were very thin. We asked for another serving of rice twice and each time they forgot. They never came by to refill our glasses until we had already finished eating. For the price, I would have expected better. Never coming back here again and I will warn my coworkers at Peterson AFB to stay clear.

Jay An

Best korean restaurant in Colorado Springs

Vinny Lashley

Amazing kimchi with all the sides, paired with perfect 5-star service.

Shawn Sloan

Food was great! I’ll be back.


Always great. One of my favorite Korean spots in the Springs. It is a what I would consider a more traditional Korean spot. Not quite as good as grandmas but...

Yari Salazar

Good food & good service.

Nellie Graham


speakwinspokentwo clips

Fantastic food

Dominique Reed

My family and I really enjoyed the delicious food here, service was a little slow but servers very courtesy and we received a free cheese cake dessert for our wait!

Jennifer Coyne

Real Korean Food. This gem of an eatery totally blew me away! I totally suggest coming here if you are up for trying something tasty! The service was great and very helpful on letting me know what to expect if I had questions about any of the menu items. The food comes out hot and so fresh it was sizzling! I totally plan to visit again with some friends.

Esther Williard

Loved the authenticity and meal was delicious


Korean cuisine

Andreana Aio

Great food and great service equals double great experience.

Eugene Kim

100% korean here puttin in my 2 cents... authentic af, and amazingly well done. Great value for price.

Cocosel Cioc

Delicious lunch as always

Gemali Estrada

Worst service ever. They were rude and did not check on you. My husband's food was burnt and mine was literally flavorless. It took them 45 mins to bring out the little starters and another 15 for the entrees and there were only 4 other customers there that already had their entrees. Honestly do NOT go to this place. If you want great korean food with amazing service go to Tong Tong 2036 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916.

Kathy Lee

This is my favorite korean place in COS. The prices are great and the food reminds me of my mom's cooking.

Jeremiah Ellias

Food was excellent but the service was exceptional. I routinely eat Korean food and it is made with just the right amount of spice.

Plus Aziz

I’m a big fan of Korean food & was really excited about this spot. It’s located next to a slew of other Korean businesses. Unfortunately the waitress did not take my order accurately and she kept insisting we were in the wrong in this passive/aggressive manner. A few other things to note: they have free WiFi, a giant TV playing Korean news and the portions are huge. Might be a good spot for bigger groups but I had a terrible experience.

Autumn Leach

The food is to die for its very authentic

Dominique Son

Food is super yummy!

Anthony Garcia

Have been eating there for years,very good!!!

Daniel Lopez

Authentic food, priced well for what you receive. The Dol Sot Bibimbap is phenomenal. The fish and octopus is spot on as well.

Josh Tanner

This place is litty

MsLee O

Korean food always makes me hungry. I always go here to satisfy my cravings. I believe I've already ordered everything from the menu. I'm asian but no korean. The servers are always pleasant and very friendly. Food is amazing and consistent. I highly recommend it to everyone who likes to taste an authentic korean food in town. I just hope though they're located somewhere nicer and update the interiors of the place and would be nice if there's two television for koreans and American viewers while waiting for the food to be serve. It might look over priced but it's worth it! This place always makes my tummy full.

Anthony Palmer

Great tasting affordable food, great wait staff, calm atmosphere, what more could you want!

Jessica Grace Mercado

I just came here with my sister after having a hankering for Korean food and although our go to spot was closed today, we decided to come here instead. I ordered fried mandu, gimbap, ttbeokki, and gamjatang. The mandu was probably the best I've had in a while. The portion of the gimbap was very generous and tasted good. Side dishes were also good as well. As for my gamjatang, because I ate so much already I was full. However it was very good and tasted different from the other restaurants I went, but it still tasted very good. I was upset that I didn't get to finish it at the restaurant, but I'm definitely going to finish it for dinner later today.

Simoní Schmidt

The food is good and big but it's very spicy. We asked for the staff if the food is hot and she said no. But it was...

maria schohn

Always, I mean always great food and service.. this IS the best in town!

Alan Gibson

The place and food are as authentic as it gets, every dish I've tried has been delicious. Also the owner and staff are friendly so if you want the real taste of Korea stop in and enjoy

Thomas Smith

Great restaurant for Korean food and great service

Jason O'Neal

Food was delicious and authentic!!

Larry Davis

Wanted to order lunch to go. I was told it would be an hour wait. They were not busy.

Mitchel Lucero

Really good but missing some sides

Roy Chaney

Food was great!

Melanie Ray

Very authentic food

Jimmie Ford

Food is good, prices ok. Some service not so good

Lucas S

This place has perfectly made Korean food. I haven't found a good one in the places I've visited the last 10 years til this one. Also the many side dishes were really great. I had the kimchi pancake for an appetizer and Bibimbap for main dish + the little sides. *Update* They had a military discount but took it away around beginning of June 2016. I also noticed the pictures don't match the place. It is not a korean bbq where you can cook your own meat.

osueka 1996

Un lugar donde nos podemos adentrar a sabores tradicionales de korea del sur manteniendo los detalles que hacen caracteristico su comida aun precio accesible para casi cualquier bolsillo

candice rich

The staff is very friendly here. Food was good too.

Devon Barker

Amazing food and the prices are good too for the amount you get.

Kurt Foy

Might be hard to find, but it's also hard to beat. Absolutely awesome Korean food.

Kyle Case

The rice was the best part of the meal.

Sabrina Gibbs

Kimchi is my favorite

Ronald Mamac

Food was very good. Unfortunately it took almost an hour for the food to come out.

Mikie Yoo

Delicious Korean food! Also the workers there are very freindly! Definitely recommend!

Charles Matos

Went here when our usual place was closed for the day. Not bad, but I still prefer my other Korean restaurant when it is all said and done.

William Dalke

Great food I prefer the bibinbop or bolgolgi but I've tried a lot of thing and liked all of them. The owners are amazing and staff is great. Never been sad or had a bad time.

Abdul Jimenez

I couldn't imagine the food and the ambience being any more authentic I was the only Western in the restaurant the food was fantastic the service was dialed in

Brian Duenas

Friendly staff, food was great, just wished they had more side dishes like spinach and bean sprouts. We ordered Mandu, Bugulgi, and Galbi all was delicious except for the Mandu.

Rick Ashworth

Great food and service.

Samuel Browning

A little divey but the food's great.

Rongxi Ren

Nice restaurant, nice attitude and nice food

Josh S

Absolutely amazing. The server is attentive and friendly. They ask if you've been there before of understand the food. My family and I have had nothing but great experience there.

Christopher Moffett

This is the best Korean restaurant in Colorado Springs! The food is delicious and the staff is friendly and provides awesome service! I will keep coming back to Shin Sa Dong!

Chris S

Great place. The pork bulgolgi was delicious!

Kang Jang

The uploaded photos of korean grill is inaccurate, shin sa dong doesn't have an6 grills installed

Kyle Smith

I got a ten dollar bowl of soup that came out with multiple side dishes. I am only slightly familiar with Korean food and I am incredibly impressed with everything- from the atmosphere to the serving size, the price and the taste is awesome!!

Dianellys Perez

Omg the Le Galbi is amazing

Josh Reid

This is THE place for Korean food in Colorado Springs. When the women's PGA Tour comes into town this is where all the Korean players and their family goes. Enough said, get there. Order the Bibimbap, hot stone!

Jin Kim

One of the best authentic Korean food/restruants down south of Colorado springs

Timothy Baptist

Best Korean food in town. My go-to spot!

Mildred Cortez

Amazing food and service!!! This place is great!

Perry Nachbur

Good food and kind staff

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