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REVIEWS OF Seoul K-B.B.Q.& HotPot IN Colorado

Dee Dee M

Delicious authentic Korean food. Pretty restaurant, clean and great service. We have food sensitivities and they kindly accommodated us. They do not have a kids menu and some plates are a bit spicy. We parents shared our meals with our kiddo and we still had a lot of food to take home. One thing to note is at the restaurant entrance, the restaurant splits. The left side is hot pot and the right side is BBQ. We ate on the BBQ side. They offer more than BBQ. Check this place out!

a_ kid

Very good place 10/10

Leah Crews

It's good, but really expensive. Servers were slow on refilling sides and not very attentive.

Dusang Son

The taste of food seems to have changed a lot.

tony monson

I knew I should have tried this place sooner. Very nice restaurant, great food, very polite server, and overall great experience.

Luv Hines

Food was good they were a little busy so it took a bit to get refills but other than that good

Hellshake Yano

The marinated beef short rib on the Korean BBQ side is amazing.

Claire Jeske

I love this place! Been here several times and they are always good. They have amazing food and generally great service. The spread of selections is massive, artfully marinated/cooked, and oh so delicious. There is something for everyone and ALL of it is great in my opinion. I will say this time around our vent in our reserved room was not working which meant it got very smokey, and was a fire hazard, and it got very hard to breathe/function in there but no one moved us. We also didn't have enough bowls and sets of chopsticks (two short) and had trouble getting anyone to pay attention/had to get them ourselves. It wasn't too busy that night but I'm sure there was some reason as most often service has been prompt. Overall Seoul Korean BBQ is one of my friends and my go-to's!

Nikita Solodukhin

The bbq and side dishes here are amazing, as they should be for the premium price. If you have a small group of people, this is a fun and pleasant way to have a meal. Cooking your own food add a little something special to the whole experience. The staff is attentive and responsive, though our waitress struggled with splitting our bill.

Eric Packard

Really good Korean BBQ. Everything I tried was great

Shaun Olson

I have previously visited this Seoul Korean BBQ and the service was good, as was the food. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the food, as we were seated for 15 minutes and no one ever came to offer drinks, or even take an order. I hit the service button and after 5 minutes of waiting, decided to leave. I could understand if they had been busy, but they were not. This is not an experience that I care to repeat.

Lai Rex

Best Korean food in town. Hotpot is ok.

Martha Van Den Oever

Kind of expensive compared to other kbbq, and not exceedingly better. I probably won't return.

Sam A

Legit, tasty Korean BBQ. This is where I go for said food group! You'll get like 14 sides to try along with your meat - it's a tasty adventure!


Quality of food was ok. Atmosphere is ok too

Tim Wade II

Great Food. Good Service. Novices could use a little help getting through the process

Will H

Not impressed. Small beef portions, fairly benign flavor. Good service. Better options available.

Keith Jerson

First time here I really enjoyed myself and the food. Hotpot was awesome! The coolers made me feel like I was picking my food from a supermarket. Very nice concept to whoever thought of that. Also the mens bathroom had a foot grip so you don't have to open the door with your bare hands or use a paper towel. Freakin genius!! Will come back next time to try the BBQ side.

Crystal Thompson

Absolutely amazing. Food and service was perfect for our group of 8. I can't wait to go back soon.

Nathan Jacobson

Excellent Korean food, a lot of fun cooking for yourself and servers are very polite. We'll be back for more!

Ross Church

Outstanding place for Korean food. great food with quality ingredients. looking forward to a return trip. the bill was average for the menu.

Kathy LaLonde

Friendly service, and the food was fantastic. Great experience. We will be back next time we are in Denver.

Eric B

Only been once, pretty pricey, great variety, fair service, kalbi was very tough and sweet, pork belly was good, pancakes were good, soups were fair.


Good food but customer service lacking

Ken Puhler

What a fantastic place to enjoy an authentic Korean meal. Staff are very friendly and attentive. The banchan ( little plates) are flavorful and you get refills of your favorites. The special little glass of ice cold sweet rice drink was a perfect way to end the meal. I will be back.

andrewskang .

Searching for the best Korean food in Denver, this place might be it. I tried many other Korean restaurants in Colorado and usually came away disappointed. This place does the best job of getting quality Korean food out in Colorado. Their dishes comes out consistently well. If someone wants good Korean food, I bring them to this restaurant. However, if you are coming from Los Angeles or any other city that have great Korean food, this place will not compare to them. However, this is the best Korean restaurant in Colorado.

Nitin Jamadagni

As an Indian, and a vegetarian I was quite apprehensive about this place. And guess what I've been to this place two times already. You will never walk out disappointed with the food here. It's awesome. I rarely give a 5 star rating to restaurants, but this one needs it. All the appetizers and the food was great! And the drink they give at the end of it all,a small digestive, it's a small but nice gesture. Much recommended.

Iysia Sheriff

Great service and customer service with fresh food.

Ken C

Food is always great and they are open on Christmas! I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid, and always loved the food. It is a little pricey but in line with any other Korean barbecue restaurant.

okjacky okjacky

Good food. Just need to be more friendly to customers.

Goddess Antheia

The staff was so friendly! The food was amazing quality and taste... Price wise it is completely fair. I lived in Korea for over a year and this was one of my favorite things to do/get. A must try

Jordan Bond

I get the vegetarian bi bim bop every time and I'm always blown away. Generous portions and incredibly healthy food. You cant go wrong here.

Chenda Deng

Horrible services including the damn manager. The food is not fresh. So I asked the waitress to explain. The taste is so bad so I asked to return it. After that, the waitress showd me very bad attitude. I reflected this to the manager. However, she said they doesn't care. She you can give us bad review but we don't care. I felt deeply discrimination. I would never go there and neither any of my friend would go there anymore.

Enoch Yang

Tried the HotPot. Great variety in all sorts of options with nice service. The cleanliness was a little lacking, but I would come back for the food.

Laina Le

I haven't tried the kbbq yet but the hotpot is really good! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Make sure to go with an empty stomach because it's all you can eat!

Ron Blue

The place was amazing. The food was great. Our waitress Bell was amazing she made sure to let me know what had fish and fish oil as I'm very allergic. Great first time eating Korean bbq.

Dacy Luneburg

This place is amazing, the food is soo tasty and great service.

Jeremy Allen

I've been to Korea and this place is authentic! Lovely staff. The dolsot bibimbop is awesome! Service is prompt and very courteous.

Ruihao Ke

Food is good, but I never know Korean food can be this expensive after living in LA and Dallas for a long time where Korean food is probably the best in US.

litzy lopez

It was an excellent experience. Everything was very good and service was pretty good too I recommend this place!

Michelle Ka

Went today with my mom for lunch. The side dishes here are phenomenal, the food is pretty good. The quantity is a nice portion and the staff is friendly. What confused me though is that we came here interested in the hot pot part because it was a new addition, but it's literally on half of the restaurant. The right half is Korean bbq, the left half is hot pot.

Jonny Aguilar

a place ... perfectly to share with family and friends very cozy

Ethan Rabenaldt

so amazing will be going back!

Shigeki Nakayama 中山繁樹

best Korean BBQ in denver-

Frosty X

Food wasn't that delicious. Few years ago, the food was so freaking yummy. Now the taste for many of the food menu items are disgusting and sickening. There's blood in my soup when I never ordered soup with blood broth. Seriously???


Solid 5 stars... The meat tasted marinated and flavorful, the fermented sides were yummy and the homemade bean paste was a perfect topping... Great place for families or a date...

Selam INK

The food is good here and I have been coming here for years but the staff is really disappointing/rude. Everything was fine until we had to pay. My friend and I split the bill. After waiterwe paid, the waiter came back and asked if the service was ok, I said yes.She said "I thought I did something wrong since you didn't tip". I told her I thought I selected a tip and apologized for the mistake. But my friend gave a tip on our behalf when she payed her half of the bill. I thought everything was fine but I can hear the waiter talking about me to another staff member about that I didn't tip. When we got up to leave, another staff stopped me and ask why we didn't tip. I told her, I made a mistake but the waiter had received a tip. I was actually planning to get cash from the car since I felt bad, but talking about me right next to our table? Nope, I'm done.

Jonathan Ro

Coming from So Cal with its wealth of great Korean restaurants, we have high standards and expectations when it comes to Korean food and the restaurant itself. This place did not disappoint. The side dishes and main course served here matches anything offered by the best in Los Angeles. The food hit the spot after a strenuous day of sightseeing and touring. To be nitpicky, the sauce served with the hae-mul-pahjun (해물파전) was a tad unusually sweet and the dol-sot-bibimbab (돌솥비빔밥) seemed a bit on the bland side, which was somewhat remediated with extra sprinkling of sesame seed oil. But, again, that's being persnickety. It was a great meal, the young staff was friendly and responsive, and we're glad to have found this place.

Mike Holm

Delicious and great service. We ordered the pork collar bbq and one of the cold noodle bowls and both were excellent. We requested to cook at the table and our server did most of the work putting the food on the grill and helping us cook. We left very full and will definitely be back with our friends.


Delicious food. I really like their sides that come with the BBQ.This place is always clean and never disappoints! They have the best galbi, in my opinion.

Don Dalrymple

Hearty portions cooked well. We had the galbi, bulgogi and bi bim bop. All were prepared with full flavor and rich sides. The layout is clean. You can have the portions cooked or bbq at your table. We had the meal prepared.


The food is good! MY go to korean place in colorado at the moment. They can definitely work on their customer service though. The wait staff were nice, but the hosts could be nicer :D. Ordered kimchi pajun(good), Galbi(delicious).


Hands down my favorite restaurant in all of colorado. The food and atmosphere is amazing. My favorite dishes are the bulgogi/marinated ribeye, the many side dishes and the rice cake. I would reccomend this restaurant to anyone.

Michelle Ohnemus

Interesting experience

Joe Zahaitis

Amazing authentic Korean BBQ. Great service as n ya gotta have soju if you're having BBQ. I will be going back often. Great spot

Buu-Tran Duong

OMG, could this have been any more impressive? We had around 12 people in our group, so we were placed in one of the private rooms. It was still pretty jam-packed, but the speed at which the workers were able to give us our appetizers and constantly help us with our fires and answer questions despite the room being so crowded was inspiring, LOL. And the food. We got cow tongue. That was delicious. There are so many things they were giving us... I usually eat a lot... But I was actually full at the end. I was amazed! I didn't even know the name of the things that they were giving us. It just tasted good! And you can ask for any extra appetizers. No extra fee. Now, according to the menu, if you choose one option, that's already a lot of food, because they usually give you vegetables with it, I believe. We had a hot pots or thing going on in the middle. Korean barbecue is quite a team sport. There were so many people who started to develop a role for mixing or pouring things for people, and there was a lot of communication. Is a great family and friends event, to go do a good Korean BBQ. They did really well there. 5 Stars! Thanks, guys! if I ever come back to Denver with a friend, I'm doing my best to show him or her this place! :-)

Delaney Boucher

I love Korean food. This restaurant gives you an authentic experience - you get to cook your own meat at the table. What I absolutely look forward to is sampling all the different types of Kimchi they put on the table. I love almost every one of them. It's a little pricey, but I think it's worth it. Hmm, makes me want to go back right now. I have eaten many Korean dishes, and they're all worth eating again. Some are very spicy! Give Seoul Korean BBQ a try.

Eugene Shepherd

This was a delightful lunch experience for myself and my family. one side of the restaurant you have hot pots the other side of the restaurant you have BBQ that comes with 14 little dishes full of ingredients to mix up with your plate. And right down the middle of the restaurant do you have private suites where you can eat and not be seen by anyone else in the in the restaurant. And they have little bells at each table that you ring when you need assistance at your table. The portions were so huge we ended up taking the rest of it home with us. I highly recommend this place to

Emily Binuya

Pretty good. It's pretty pricey for what you get. The chicken was pretty good, but the beef was completely just fat. The item that really blew my mind were the Macrons. Yum yum. The vanilla and Green Tea were bombbb. There were lots of of good elements to the 4 servings platters but a lot of them seemed like copycat items with different sauce on top of them. The leek and potato pancake was the best side dish. The egg souffle was definitely interesting like a watery custard. Service was good, but not awesome. She just did her job and didn't really go above and beyond for us.

Candra Ivory

My friends and I (a group of 6) came to this place to try Korean food for the first time. We ordered a big bowl of spicy soup with seafood, BBQ meat, and octopus. The soup was tasty as well as the BBQ meat. The octopus wasn't as good as other dishes we tried. The waiter brought marinated meat and we cooked it by ourselves on BBQ. It was an exciting experience! At the end of our dining, the waiter brought us a Korean rice juice. It was too sweet. The prices are moderate. We spent about $50 for each person.

Alice Han

I have been a customer for quite a few years now and whenever people come to visit or ask for a recommendation I always suggested Seoul BBQ since they have a large menu and offer a variety of side dishes. However, the service has gotten a bit iffy over the past few years. The food is pretty good, but you have to go during the off hours to get better service. I have noticed, though, that I receive much better service when I visit with non-Asian friends. The staff is more willing to offer refills on side dishes and they stop by more frequently to ask if we need anything. The last time I went, I was with a group of 6 other people (all Asian). While waiting for our food we started to munch on the side dishes. We asked for refills on a few of the side dishes and when the server brought them she mentioned that she may not be able to give us more because the kitchen will complain... it was one refill for 3-4 side dishes. The time before that, I went with a non-Asian friend for dinner. The server (the same lady) was much more willing to bring refills and instead of the usual amount, the side dishes were in a much larger portion (for just two people). Just grabbed a to-go order today; I think that’s the best option and, so far, I have not come across any issues.

Jimena Vazquez

Great service and food was delicious.

Emily Wilson

Amazing food and super friendly staff! Awesome first experience with Korean BBQ and will definitely be back


Food was good, but the service could have been better. Servers were not attentive. The restaurant wasn’t that busy when we were there. We had to ring the bell a few times for the server to show up at our table.

Adelio Lei

Good selection. $28 hot pot for dinner and weekend includes premium beefs

Peter Li

Excellent service. Food is pretty good. Recommended.

Gloria Canavan

Service was horrible always had to ask for things, waitr keeps forgetting and trying to pick up other tables at the same, we didn't get to have the after meal drink. I always try to bring guess here, but now I don't think so

Michael Collier

This was my second time here and it was excellent. They have great banchan and the honey comb sam gyup sal was super yummy. The bulgogi was also delicious

Lulu Wei

I will rate ZERO star if possible! This used to be our go to place. Until the recent interaction with low quality food, bad service, and horrible discussion that followed. Yesterday I brought my mom to this place. The beef tongue we ordered have a lot of black spots inside every single piece of meat. I’ve eaten a lot of grilled beef tongue in different places and they never looked like this before. I asked for an explanation and they said “it’s ok, some part of the beef tongue looks like that”. IT IS NOT OK AT ALL! I tried two pieces, the texture was so wired and my stomach started to hurt after that. SO GROSS! But I did not get angry at this point. We was asking politely to see if we can return this beef tongue and our server took it away with really bad attitude. After that, she became so rude to us - never smile anymore, and even did not want to change the grill! I asked her why you are so impatient to us and got a reply “I AM REALLY BUSY, I CAN NOT SMILE ALL THE TIME!” I tried to speak to the owner. But even the owner was keeping to avoid the responsibility and said “I can only say sorry, what do you want”. So rude and ridiculous! I don’t want anything! I just don’t want to be treated like this, especially with my Mom!!! I recommended this restaurant to so many friends and turned out to be like this. I told the owner I won’t come to this place and will not advertise them anymore and the owner did not care at all! It should not be the burden of the loyal customer to suck up the bad food or the horrible service. So disappointed!!!

Erin Mcconnaha

Amazing! Such good food, and we were taken care of really well. Lots of food and so much fun!

Samantha Obergas

Excellent service and amazing how they accommodated such a large party with short notice! The food was great!

Moon Cheung Choi

The owner or front desk lady(03/18 Monday) was not friendly and welcoming for my group. My family and friends visited the restaurant for lunch, but she didn't care my table settings, even she divided and scattered us different tables. So, we couldn't talk and see each other. My friends were from different states and cities to see me. We were very disappointed her manner and will not visit anymore.

Patrick Yee

A trendy and great place for Korean cuisine, even a food opinion of sushi. They changes up there banchan per season - the side dishes before your meal. The BBQ is really great and I am glad that they have different opinions to cook it - electric or natural gas. They have BBQ and sushi combos for a better price and experience. We sometimes replace the soju with sodas, you have to get drunk while barbecuing. There patio is a sun room, it still offers a similar experience.

Jim R

Good food, authentic atmosphere, private rooms available for gatherings of up to a dozen or so. Service was prompt and polite. Large parking lot in a convenient location

Benjamin Alonzo

Great place for date night!!! They good the food on the grill that's on the center of the table.. they have so many dishes to try!!!

Lidia Guerrero

I like this place. I have been here twice. The first time was 3 years ago and the second one was a few day ago but both times my experience was good. They serve a lot of samples before the food you asked for, so be careful when you ask for many appetizers. The food and the meat are delicious.

john roo

The new hot pot is Pretty good I wish they had more variety of vegetables like aki hotpot.

Steve Pak

This place is great. Food quality is very good and authentic. The staff were really nice. Was a bit expensive and salty for us, but all in all good.

Nghia Huynh

The servers were overall very friendly and attentive. Note that this place is not an all you can eat style Korean BBQ restaurant although you can order meat combo options that you can cook at your table. The number of sides can be overwhelming as there are a total of 14 base sides. Overall, the food quality was good and the marinated meats were well prepped and highly recommended.

Stephanie Carrick

Great service and super tasty food! We got bibimbap and chapchae. Love the side dishes as well!

Merillee Alaniz

This was my boyfriend's first time at a Korean BBQ restaurant! And he was a kid on Christmas day. This place is awesome!! This is what we got. Ask for Bell she is an awesome waitress!! Thank you again Bell! See you next time were in town! Also if you have a fish allergy please let them know up front so they can bring you some side without fish oil. You wont get alot of sides, But! Something is better then nothing at all! My boyfriend and I will be back for sure!!!

Robert Nelson

Great food and awesome people who serving you! Always friendly and welcoming! Love their kimchi!

Kristi Dix

Very authentic and delicious! Friendly staff and good portions! Very good

Duncan Davis

Pretty good food(not great). Service is good. The table was too small to hold all the side dishes making the meal a bit uncomfortable.

Dougiefresh39 39

Best place for Korean in the State, hands down.

Mitchell Styles

What a great meal and hot pot they had here in Seoul K-B.B.Q & HotPot. It was a massive package of bbq and sides as well. Love the taste of stew it a bit spicy but it was so good. This place was the best. I love it here. Surely be back here.

Kasie Haber

The food was so yummy!!! Waiter was awesome and very helpful.

Brandon Lopez

Seoul Korean B.B.Q.'s service is wonderful and the staff takes great care of you. If it's your first time trying Korean BBQ, your server will help you out. All of their food is delicious and I highly recommend visiting. I'm a repeat customer and have never been disappointed.

Jim Crofter

They have a good variety of choices for meat course, and with 14 side dishes you can't go wrong. We went with bulgogi (beef) and Dak-bulgogi (chicken), plenty for 4 adults.

Joanne M

Korean ribs were good, but, had to wait for a long time. Definitely need more servers.

Cody Wozniczka

That staff was very friendly and the food was delicious. Don’t typically eat Korean food but I was blown away by their 14 different side dishes that comes with the meal. It was great trying the different sides and the meal itself was awesome. Looking forward to coming back here for a date night or a night out with buddies. Restaurant was clean and had a pleasant theme to it.

Anca Elena Call

Very good, authentic Korean food (I lived in Asia for 3 years, if you wonder how I would know). Service has greatly improved (as have the prices). They now have a hotpot section, which I have not tried. Worth the splurge

Wade Hanes

Great Food poor service.

Rachel Eilert

Been coming here on and off for a number of years and we always have a great meal. The menu provides enough detail so even if you've never tried Korean BBQ or Korean food you get enough info to make an informed decision. The staff is always friendly and everything is very clean.

Mike H

Good: The food was great with many sides delivered to your table shortly after ordering. Friendly and polite staff. Korean pop music playing in the background. Bad: Overhead exhaust vent blows air that puts hair on your plate. Also the circulation vent blows strong & cold onto a table, can't be controlled by staff: (rear left table when walking from host stand).

Joshua Seidel

Absolutely one of the best eating experiences I've had in a long time. Fantastic service and food.

Swung in Lee

I went to dinner at Saturday evening Asked about brown rice but it charged $2 more each and I ordered galbi marinated She brought non marinated meat It was ok of side dishes when we leaving the host girl sat on front but she did not say anything thank you or good bye It seemed like they don’t care about client

Lauren Horner

We ordered food for 5 but really had enough for 6. It was enjoyable for my first Korean BBQ experience.

Patrick Hyon

So DIRTY! Green onion in the desert drink provided! That means no dish wash. What a DIRTY place!!! Even one star is wasting!!!!!!

Jacob Konold

The food is phenomenal. My favorite dish is the spicy bulgoki. They have sojoo, several kinds of kimchi, and a grill at your table.

Agabus Cooke

Whithress was nice, good food.. with so many sides..

Lan Pham

We recently stopped by to try out the hotpot side of the restaurant. I had the spicy miso broth. You can grab all the veggies, noodles, sauce, and some other items by yourself but you have to order the meat with the waiter. Since we went for dinner, the meat options like the ribeye is better than other hotpot places. I will definitely go back!

Allan Troop

Excellent service. Great food. Pricey.

Kevin McLean

Excellent selections of korean food.Be mindful of the crowd and your surroundings.I have been here with my family,food is very good.

Nicolo Harpst

Wow definitely more than enough food. Great service and great atmosphere

Eric Lybarger

Updated decor. Exhaust fans over every table. Not your typically smoky Korean BBQ joint. Great food and fast, attentive service.

Jasmine P.

Just had hotpot here and it was great. Amazing selection of sides and great cuts of meat. Loved it will def be back.

george aguilar

Good service , good quality food. Here you’re the cook, cook it the way you want it. Can get smoky!

Nawal Yousef

Wow!!! Such a wonderful experience with delicious and unique side dishes, you will get about 20 small sides with whatever you order. The table spread they deliver is astonishing. The waiter was well mannered and extremely helpful in explaining the menu and recommended the best option for my table. The food was fresh and the restaurant is very clean and trendy. Will definitely be visiting again!!

Steve Nam

One of the best KBBQ place I've been to in America. Love LA but this place has quality bonchon, meat and service is so good. I'm proud to be Korean when I come here haha

Brock Lee

Great hot pot and the restaurant in the other side. Expensive, but worth it

Mindi Phan

Love their hot.pot meat options. They are as fresh as Shabu Shabu in Dallas, Texas. Unlimited meat and veggies for $28 is a decent price for the area.

Monica Mc

Fun experience. Grill meat at your own table. Doesn't get smokey much. With most entrees you'll get 14 little side dishes, which are cold; even the mashed potatoes. Definitely a new experience for me. They give you lettuce leaves to wrap the meat in. At the end they give you a sweet rice drink that is a typical dessert and helps with digestion, or at least that's what our waitress told us. Friendly staff. Nice atmosphere, music in the background not too loud. They also have semi private rooms for parties 6 or more.

Allison Lentz

The waiter was friendly and helpful. The food was amazing. I went for lunch. The lunch menu is affordable and comparable to other sit downs. Rice and the best beef broth I have ever had was included with the meal (not shown in the picture). The restaurant is attached to a small store where you can buy korean breads, side dishes, and other foods. I bought Kimchi fried rice to take home with me. It was delicious. This is now one of my favorite spots. I will be returning.

Rina Washington

Love this place and the baked goods next store. The catering area of Seoul Korean BBQ is a must stop.

Kirsten Thornton

One of the best places for Korean food. The meats are amazing quality and the service is great.


How can you charge a person with full price when they are NOT using the Hot Pot? Ridiculous policy or what? Especially they are children under 5 years old. I don’t feel safe to let them use one. Do you have insurance to cover in case something happen? So I guess I would recommend children for Hot Pot. The food is okay nothing special.

Brenda Bronson

Delicious and inexpensive lunch specials! My short rib were delicious and my husband liked his bulging. And we both liked nearly all of the Korean side dishes - and the friendly waiter refilled several of them for us!

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