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REVIEWS OF Post Oak Barbecue IN Colorado

Stephanie Tyler

Best BBQ in town! Turkey, Brisket, and pulled pork are my favorite! Sides are all great. Staff is friendly and accommodating. Love how they have new options depending on the day and week!

Jose Montes

So far in my limited experience, this is one of the best BBQ places in Denver. Brisket was extremely tender and moist, almost too rich. The pork shoulder is the real star, flavorful and juicy. Their sides are a little lacking, none really blew my mind. I do love that everything has a little kick and they are not afraid to make the food comfortably spicy.

Jorge Uribe

Excellent! Had the pulled pork sandwich with a side of house made, natural coleslaw. This slaw was without the usual ton of mayonnaise you find in other bbq locations. Pork was juicy and tender with the edges slightly toasty, great idea adding the small onion rings

Ben Leggiero

Not enough seats; you have to be aggressive just to sit down. Confusing ordering process. Overall feels hostile. Portions are small and expensive. No barbecue sauces at the tables

Ken Kodys

Amazing BBQ! This place will crush it. Cocktails are really good. Owner made is a honeysuckle old fashioned and it was delicious.

Sarah Mitchell

I was here a few weeks ago, right after it opened. I'm from Austin, so I'm always on the lookout for decent barbeque in Denver. Brisket is my favorite barbequed meat, so I'm especially on the lookout for good brisket. This place does their brisket right. It's moist and succulent. I wish they'd give you the option of "moist" and "lean" brisket, because I love those fattier pieces. We also tried the ribs, which were dry and didn't have a lot of flavor. I'd give those another try. The pork shoulder I got was delicious, but one of my companions wasn't as tasty, it was a bit too tough. Overall, I'm giving 4 stars based on the brisket and on the potential. I think once this place works out the kinks, it will be excellent. It is worth going for the brisket alone. If you are a fried okra fan, the fried okra here is really special and delicious.

Antonio Martinez Jr

Drew Rathbun

Really cool BBQ joint. Tried the wings, and brisket sandwich; both were delicious. Great service, the bartenders were awesome, very friendly. I'll go back there again when I'm in the neighborhood.

ryan sullivan

Holy sh!t this is what BBQ is supposed to be. So happy these guys are on Tennyson st.

David Bencomo

Absolutely devious bbq. They run specials everyday, have a full bar with a mix of Colorado and Texas beers at this TXA BBQ joint. Expect the brisket to be the winner here. Creative menu and late night menu now offered as well. The meat is so good that you don’t even need a sauce. But if you do, you can choose between regular and hot. Will definitely come here a few times a month!

David Bryant

Food is good, long lines are not. This place is new and I expect great things as they get past opening hiccups.

LaShana Bailey-Morris

Food was great and customer service was even better. Thanks guys!!

Victor Vest

Super good, friendly staff, bar well stocked , cafeteria style service. Very impressed

Christopher George

Warren Duff

Amazing brisket and ribs. Don’t sleep on the butter cake either...

Jenelle Bezdek

THE BEST!!! Love the “serve yourself” concept, love the menu and the food speaks for itself!!!! Delicious

Andy Werling

By far the best BBQ I've had it Denver area. Spicy BBQ sauce isn't too spicy but has enough kick and flavor. Jalapeno bacon Mac is a worthwhile upgrade

Mel and Dave Farris

After living in Texas for 20 years and now coming back home to Colorado I can tell you that there is a lack of good Texas Style BBQ in Colorado. Post Oak is not the cure. The brisket was tender but a little dry and lacked the signature smoke that Texas BBQ is known for. The Mac n Cheese was lacking flavor and cheese. The ribs were dried out and overcooked. The hot links and the Jalapeño Cotija Sausage were the stars. These were delicious and juicy. The beans and Brussels Sprouts were also very tasty.

Valerie White


Well done.....have done an excellent job on all fronts. However Denver .. orange juice can never enter a Margarita!!!! Orange juice

Jane Good

Very good

Norine Fonseca

Delicious! Great location and love the decor

keith underwood

Brisket was fatty. Burnt end were ok. Beans are very hot spicy. Ok but maybe a little too spicy

Claudia Ortiz

Ryan Wareham

Best bbq! Anybody around the area needs to check this place out.

Ashley Iszkun


Great food and great service from Ginger !


Awesome atmosphere and phenomenal BBQ!

Steve Ciarrusta

Martin Wollman

Like being in Texas. GREAT BBQ!

Dalton Knox

This is what I'm talking about finally some good Texas style Que here in Denver. The service was spot on and very welcoming. The brisket and wings are off the chain. This is definitely my go to spot to get my bbq. Thanks to Post Oak and keep up the good work!

Todd Bluth

I'm picky about my barbeque. This was the best brisket I've ever had, period. The pulled pork was excellent as well. Sides are decent and the sauces are on point but the meat is the star, as it should be. Definitely coming back.

Phil Craig

FoodService Medic

I have been looking forward to eating at this place for months building up to the opening. The passion, design, and execution at this authentic Texas BBQ place is amazing! Employees are knowledgeable and proud of their brand, and very helpful to guide first-timers. The owner is a hands-on owner that is the pit master and takes his turns at the meat carving station. I had the El Jeffe sandwich with their standout Mac n cheese. Portions and flavors will be outstanding. This is my 296th BBQ place I have eaten at over the last 11 years...and I must say this place is BBQ destination worthy already!

David Nguyen

Great brisket, pork shoulder, and hot links (both kinds)! Best local BBQ I've had yet.

Cynthia Prince

Absolutely the best barbecue outside of Texas! The ribs fell off the bone and the brisket is incredible! All the sides (and we tried them ALL) are delicious. Finally... great barbque in Denver!!!!

kaily meek

What a disappointment. I don't know where these people are from that claim this is Texas BBQ, it's not. The brisket lacks flavor unless you get burnt ends and even then it's lack luster. They run out of everything!!! It's a joke really by 8pm on a Friday they were out of 3 of 5 proteins. Sadly though I wish I would have come in when they were out of sausage because unfortunately I got some. My whole party of 5 got sick after this meal. Staff is not friendly at all. Save yourself the high bill. Drive to serious Texas bbq or Rudy's it's worth it. This is not Texas BBQ. No Texas establishment would ever serve that sausage.

Barbara McGhee

We really enjoyed the food. The Chicken wings were really good. The Brisket and pulled pork were fork tender. Ocra and Fries were fresh,hot and served by efficient friendly staff. Prices are reasonable. My only complaint is,why are all these new places so flipping noisy! You cannot hold a conversation without leaning in and cupping your ears. Shouting is rediculous when you're trying to enjoy food with friends. It's awful


Our party tried several of the menu options, every meat we tried was bland, no smokiness or true bbq flavor, crispy onions on top of the brisket couldn’t even kick it up. I was looking forward to trying this place since it opened, what a disappointment, much better bbq can be found elsewhere in Denver. Staff were pleasant and helpful though.

Leigh MacDonald

Sue Aguilar

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Unfortunately, I was really excited about this place because they claim to be bona fide Central Texas BBQ, which is truly the Lord’s meat. The standards of Central Texas BBQ are set by places such as Snow’s, Franklin’s, Black’s, Valentina’s, and Flores, to name just a few standouts. Post Oak needs to study more so they can maybe deliver a good product to the great people of Denver. The meat was tender but lacked actual smoke flavor, the beans were crunchy, and the sauce was not even close. Staff was rude and uninformed (to be polite about it.) The line was slow and there wasn’t enough room. Post Oak needs to decide if it’s going to be a bbq joint or a bar—it can’t be both. Cold beer, iced tea, or Topo Chico is all that is required for bbq. The bar is just a distraction that takes up too much space. Not the mention that the bartender is RUDE. Last point—-based on their prices, Post Oak sees itself considers itself on par with Snows or Franklin’s, but trust me, they aren’t even close. This experience was an expensive disappointment, and the fine people of Denver deserve so much better. To add to the expensive disappointment, I found out from two of my family members that the food made them physically ill. So this place is completely unacceptable and the embarrassment I feel over talking my family into dropping a ton of money on bad food just grows. I told them if they want Texas BBQ, they need to go to Texas to get it.

Terrance O'Regan

J Evans

Todd Thomas

Great first visit. Tried the wings, ribs, pork shoulder, turkey and brisket. Now I need a nap. I also tried the beans and fries. Everything was really good. Cannot wait to get back. The sweet tea was not the Southern Style sweet I prefer. One of my friends tried the mac n cheese and said it was one of the best sides he has tried at our BBQ tasting tour.

Susan Chenoweth

Will Poynor

Rachael Krell

Sam Hancock

I’ve gone twice and had similar experiences both times. The food is great. Everything I have been able to eat has been excellent. But... Both times they have been low or out of nearly everything before 7pm. I get that BBQ isn’t done on demand, but if I’m unsure that I’ll be able to eat I’ll go elsewhere. Additionally the line moves very slowly because their process to serve people is really inefficient. It’s very disheartening to wait in a needlessly slow line to learn that they are out of 3 of their 6 menu items. Please get your quantities right to get you through the evening and please have two people serving meat. I’ll give a few weeks to see if they get it together before I try again.

Shawn Meek

I was very enthused to try this place, due to name and background of the owner. I read about how he was in the bank industry and followed his passion to open a bbq joint that from Texas roots, Austin and Fort Worth based to be specific. Here’s the deal: Keep your day job. The price is outrageous for what we got. $20 a person for a 2 meat / 2 sides deal. The brisket was dry and did fall apart, but mostly into little smaller drier chunks on my plate. They ended up running out of brisket by 8pm. What bbq joint runs out of brisket?? When ordering, the sausage was not ready. Said it would take 25 minutes. We optimistically waited. The sausage is not Texas-type sausage you would think. It’s basically the worst sausage I’ve ever tried. We sent 3 links back. Settled with pork since 3 of 5 proteins were now unavailable by 8pm. The staff don’t realize the needed pace and are untrained. Don’t question them, as they are from Denver and know real Texas bbq. If you’re looking for an imitation Texas-style bbq place with Denver prices, this is it. Follow me to Rudy’s or Serious Texas BBQ. And that’s saying a lot, bc needing to rely on Rudy’s as a back up is also a shame. Cmon Denver. Let’s get a real Texas style BBQ joint without the fuss and luster. I’ll be waiting.

Taylor Alison

This place is awesome. It is a must if you are walking up and down the shops of Tennyson.

Kristina Harris

An awesome spot! Justin, the gentleman behind the counter, helped us navigate the menu when we had our 9 year old on the verge of a hissy fit, and made great suggestions for us too! He seriously made out experience so much better. We loved the ribs + fried okra. By the time we left at 7 it had a line out the door so plan accordingly.

Andrew Solow

Pretty dang solid. Just a tad expensive for what it is. Portions are a good size and the BBQ is pretty good. Could use a little help on the sweet tea. The butter cake is out of this world.

Jim Fineis

Very good food, the brisket and pork were fabulous. The jalapeno mac and cheese was great. The only complaint is the staff seemed more interested in chatting with each other than taking care of customers. Overall, a great place for lunch or dinner.

Ryan Martin

As a Texas transplant it has taken 15 years to get serious Texas BBQ in Denver. The hot links were hot, the sauce spice, and brisket moist. I highly recommend this place.

Melissa Perkowski

I was visiting from out of town with friends and randomly came upon this place. The food is amazing - perfectly seasoned, tasty and savory! There is a bar inside too! Definitely recommend!

Liz Kocken

The pulled pork tacos were phenomenal! I paired it with the mac’n’cheese, which sounds like a ridiculous combo; but, I left happy! The space is well designed and creates a fun environment to hangout with friends. Stop by, you won’t be disappointed!

Christina Lowe

Michael Schappel

Wesley Back

Average barbecue food, meat didn't have very much flavor and sides were good, spicy coleslaw and the brussel sprouts were the best part of the meal.

Jeremy Weston

Absolutely the best, most authentic Texas BBQ I have ever had in Denver. I love everything I have had but my favorite is the brisket, and the beef ribs, beef ribs served on Saturdays only. So worth the Saturday visit. The owner Nick, a super nice guy, brought his skills and knowledge to us. We’re so lucky he opened Post Oak here in Denver. Thank you Nick. Youls and Gingie are wonderful bartenders and the whiskey selection is amazing. Don’t delay. Go see the folks at Post Oak. You can thank me later.

Landen Weiss

Megan Pansiera

Great new spot, love the atmosphere and it makes a great addition to Tennyson. BBQ was great and the Mac n cheese was delicious. For the first few days of a business being open, every employee seemed helpful and knowledgeable which is very impressive. The fried okra had a little too much breading but that’s my only critique!

Michael Mccubbin

Alyssa Bianchi

Post Oak BBQ is the BEST barbecue in Denver! The meat melts in your mouth & the simple deliciousness of all the food there can’t be beat! The service, owners, drinks & fun laid back ambience are what makes it more special. It’s got that comfortable vibe where you feel like you’ve been going there for years once you step in the door. It’s my go to for BBQ dine-in & take out. Personal faves are the burnt ends, Mac-n-cheese, Brussels sprouts & the new frozen rose cocktail! Everything is great, you won’t be disappointed!

Brian Skaife

Pulled pork sandwich was great (get it with all the toppings!), brisket was moist, and pork ribs are solid!

Lyric Winn

Haylie Weston

Delicious food and great service! Best BBQ we've had in Denver. Fun atmosphere, fast service, and everything we tried was great.

Drew Albrecht

Great food. They know what they are doing

Justin T

Nice little BBQ place in a cool location. Food was really good and the staff were all very friendly. They have only been open for I think 4 days at this point and it showed in some aspects as far as some disorganization and in the time it took to get some sides, not having baked potatoes cooked, etc. however these were all small things that I am sure will get ironed out over time. Overall a good experience and good meal. Will definitely be back after they have some time to iron things out.

Richard Nalley

Brisket was amazing! The spicy link was definately spicy! But potato salad and beer help put out the fire! Best I've had in Colorado by far!!!

Kyle Schmidt

Fantastic food. Best BBQ in Colorado.

Kyle Purdon

Legit Q. Brisket is perfect, turkey was some of the best I've ever had. The pecan pie was surprisingly good too. Top notch spot and a great addition to the neighborhood.

Chad Hutchinson

Jessica Russell

Just stopped in for lunch and was not disappointed! We had ribs, brisket, wings and fries and it was all delicious! I also had the frozen sangria (also recommended!).

Eric Nelson

Excellent BBQ

Gabriel Sandoval

The Brisket was on point ! Texas BBQ at its finest

bill labernz

Small portions for the price


Had the Texas style hot links .. they were amazing.. Actually had some heat to em which was nice ... most spicy bbq is catered to fools with soft mouths ... everything smelled delicious... will be back to try the rest of the menu

Jeff Derman

Best brisket I've had in Colorado. Everything here is phenomenal.

ben uzimakie

Great real BBQ. I had the loaded brisket potato and it was amazing. Great sauce and meat. An well stocked whiskey bar and great place to hang out. The fried brussels sprouts where also great. PS, try the house made pickles

Edgar Valle

Brisket was delish and so was their Mac and Cheese. The ribs were awesome.

Rose Rome

The meat is excellent, tender and juicy. We had brisket and the beef rib. My favorite side is the macaroni and cheese, but they are all good. Then if you have room for dessert, the gooey butter cake is also good. This restaurant is a must try.

T Warren

As a Texan myself, I thought it was legit and. Excellent.

Avery Startzel

I am from Austin and I have been looking for good brisket for some time, this place is it! Great services and everyone was so personable. I finally found my home away from home BBQ and will be back!

Kate Mercer-Lawson

Steph Daggs

Awesome food!

Ben Burdick

Been here 4 times now. Always consistent. Good brisket. Decent sides. Solid bar and bourbons. Fantastic homemade desserts. And, this one shocked me, the BEST turkey EVER!!!

chelsea smith

Adolph Cabrera

Food was delicious great environment .Staff polite and on top of things.Went two days in a row everytime bringing more people to try it each time .Looking forward to getting back there and trying the wings ribs and more.

Brian S

Great BBQ in a nice Tennyson setting.

Mike Longfellow

Absolutely legit Texas BBQ. I got the last order of brisket on a busy afternoon and it did not disappoint. Really moist, smokey flavor that I will definitely be back for. Potato salad and coleslaw were great as well, mac and cheese was so so. Shiner on draught and tons of good whiskeys!

Makenzie Tracy

This place is hands down the BEST barbecue we have found in the Denver area (and we have seriously tried everything). The meat was beyond delicious (perfectly juicy and packed full of flavor), and the sauces were balanced and on point. The sides were amazing and dynamic as well. I cannot wait to go back!

Andrew Michalets

Amazing brisket and spicy bbq sauce!

ed stankevich

Marcella Gonzalez

We went on opening day (6/26/19) and were disappointed. Staff seemed stressed and irritated. As someone from Texas, this bbq was not “Texas style”. It was way overpriced, staff was confused, everything a la cart and I asked for a Lone Star beer at the bar and the server said “What’s that? Come back tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll know what it is.” Brisket was pretty good. Beans tasted like canned Hormel Chile, Cole slaw was tasteless. Potatoes in the potato salad were crunchy. Macaroni was very dry. Maybe it was first day confusion? Denver needs a good bbq spot but I’m not sure if Post Oak is the one.

Killian Devitt

Rusty Vicinie

Disappointed. Meat was cool not even warm. And they were out of bbq sauce. You had one job.....

Baylee Crowell

Omg! My husband is from Texas and he has lived here for 5 years and we’ve never found anything that compares... until now. This place is perfection! We are obsessed. Best bbq I’ve ever had.

Kristen Lynn Cochran

The food was amazing! Don’t leave without trying the brisket, pork, and mac & cheese! Staff was friendly and the atmosphere was inviting.

Maddy Leiter

Amazing food and drinks!!!! There’s such cute shopping in walking distance as well!! :)

Yunier Lopez

Best barbecue I've ever had, the brisket, pulled pork and sausage were phenomenal, mac & cheese was great too.

Florence Sebern

Delicious Bbq and sides (bacon-jalapeno mac+cheese is the best!), reasonable price point, friendly and efficient staff. Worth navigating the hella bad traffic and parking.

Pam Salsbury

The food is amazing! So far I’ve tried the brisket, ribs, Mac and cheese, and the Brussels sprouts and I’ll be back to try the rest of the menu. Best BBQ in Denver by far!

Jessica Hulbert

This is not my first BBQ rodeo, and I can say that this does not disappoint. The Turkey is amazing, the beef ribs are something to write home about. If you haven't been to Post Oak, you are missing out. Definitely bring your entire crew for mouth watering eats.

Brian Ledgerwood

adam mclaughlin

Marcus Fryer

Wow! Great food and fast service. BBQ is wonderful!

Luis Barajas

Finally!!! I have found an awesome Texas/Southwestern style BBQ place in Denver! The brisket was phenomenal and the Jalapeno Bacon Mac n Cheese was on point! Love the set up with either walk up and pay or full service at the bar. I will definitely be getting my BBQ fix here often!

Cassie U

Amazing brisket! The loaded baked potato was great. The 1 meat combo seemed a little chincy on the meat portion for the price and mac & cheese is considered a premium side? Might want to fix that guys; considering you also put onions in it.

David Hammomd

Come for the brisket, but do not pass up the Pork Shoulder. This is probably the best pork shoulder that I have had in Denver. But come early and expect to wait. They are still working out the kinks of opening a new restaurant. Don't be surprised if you get there after 5 and they are out of brisket. I hope this place does well, the staff is friendly and the food is really good.


John Zoda

Gabbie Ramirez

Terrible. The restaurant is way too small, barely any seating, and the food is mediocre. When you ask for pulled pork, they give you a slab of pork with a side of bbq sauce. It doesn’t even make sense. Plus, to top off the one-star review: the prices are way too high.

Ryan A

Absolutely delicious meats and sides, friendly staff, quick service. Tried the brisket, pulled pork, ribs, beans, slaw, and brussel sprouts. All of the meat melted in our mouths, extremely tender, and very flavorful. The sides were almost as good as the meat itself, particularly the beans. Definitely would recommend, amazing food and great atmosphere.

Tyler Johnson

Amazing food and friendly staff!

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