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REVIEWS OF Pepper Tree Restaurant IN Colorado

Billy Dee

This is the Best Romantic Steakhouse in Colorado Springs. I took my Wife here for her Birthday and she loved it. They cook in front of you and give u a show while you look at the amazing view. The food was delicious and I recommend others to go there too. Enjoy!

Alix McFarland

I've eaten here 3 times in the last year, they are amazingly consistent and everything is always perfection. Very high quality, never a disappointment, I couldnt complain if I wanted to.

Nathan Toner

These guys make a really good steak, and some really good sauces to go with it. The sauce could be a good or bad thing, depending on your tastes. I generally like my steak to stand on its own with just some pepper and maybe butter, but in this case the sauces were good enough that I was glad to have a more dressed up steak. Great view of the city from on top of a hill too.

Roy Decker

Great experience, service, and food.

Ray Huff

Very disappointing visit, we have been coming for the past 8 years with group of 6 to 10, the table was set for us, bar did not have the tequila I ordered nor the beer selection on a Friday night, a liquor store was down the street,. The rear door appear to be broken into but not repaired, some guest noticed cob webs as they looked around the food was mediocre given the price they served cold crab cakes to one of our guest, when brought to the waiters attention they said could they get her something else, then said they tried and left the table. The bill was well over 700 for the group. I would not recommend this restuarant as a manager never acknowledged our issue. They clearly have lost a regular customer with the bar outages and serving cold foods.

Michael Reed

Only steakhouse I've ever been to where they actually cooked and served the steak properly. Top notch cuts, cooking, service, and atmosphere. had a great experience here, and I would go more often If I went down to the springs regularly.

Eric Kaiser

Honestly the best steak I have ever had. I am so pleased with care taken to insure my wife and I had a wonderful time. We did not take pictures because we did not want to take away from anyone else's experience. Trust me, it was amazing.

Ted Grubb

We went to dinner for our anniversary. Reservation at 5:15. A very special occasion. It is fine dining and the service and food is very good. Thought we would be able to at least take our time for the type of restaurant and the prices. By 6:30 we were being rushed out while 3 different people asked us if we wanted dessert. I am a slow eater and told them I needed a little while to sit before ordering dessert. 2 minutes later the same waitress asked if we were ready to order dessert yet. It was obvious they wanted us out of there in order to have the table. We ordered a dessert to go and left. Disappointed that we were rushed, given the setting and prices. Fine dining should not be rushed. Susan Johnson

steve sibert

The signature steak, called the Pepper Steak, is by far the best steak we have ever had. It's no wonder we keep going back! You will not be disappointed.

Stuart Thomas

Absolutely excellent! The service, the food, everything!! A special occasion restaurant!!!

Alicia Bryant

Excellent service and food with divine view.

Derek Harris

They do one thing, and they do it very well. This is a great place for a cozy, romantic dinner. Not a good place to bring kids.

Benjamin Sandoval

Incredible upper class restaurant with amazing food and drink choices. There are a lot of seafood options on the menu as well as a handful of steak, pork, chicken, and other dishes. The Pepper Steak is the perfect combination of steak and chutney and it's what I order every time I go! Romantic mood lighting, waiters are in tuxes, and several entrees (as well as the caesar salad and select desserts) are made tableside. Great desserts and by far the best fine dining restaurant in Colorado! My wife and I go every year for our anniversary and at least one other time during the year. Expect to pay $70-$120 per person depending on drinks and desserts.

Daniel Stageman

This is the place to go if you want your date to love you.

Alexander Africa

The best dining experience. Highest quality of service with perfect balance of seasoning and flavors. Highly recommended for perfectly cooked streaks. From appetizer to desert, just superb. Superior and professional customer service. We will definitely be back again.

Mohammad Alfailakawi

Nice view with amazing food and very professional staff. Thanks

Robert Miller

Completely enjoyed my 40th anniversary with my wife,son and his wife. The atmosphere was perfect. It was well worth the trip from Minnesota, definitely will visit this restaurant again.

Jim Rowland

Food Service from our waiter and bus boy was very good, Rate 4 stars. Quality of food, 3 stars. (very salty and old-school prepared) The facility and exterior 2 stars. (very old, the bathrooms were what you would expect at a bus station or gas station). View of the city 5 stars. Our waiter started off with how long they had been in business. Unfortunately they haven't seemed to change anything in 35 years. That reflects back to the owners. So,good service, fun table side cooking, Very expensive for the total package. Oh, we were the first couple in that night, and I watched the bartender poor a house wine at $13 a glass from 2 different already opened corked bottles. Nice to get all the settlement all in one glass!

Jesse Black

My favorite steak I've ever had. I absolutely love Pepper Tree!

Ann Caputo

Perfect steak! Best we have had...ever!

Justin Bartholomew

My wife and I have come to the Pepper tree twice for our anniversary. We love it. The service is amazing, the cook your steaks, and bananas foster, right there at your table. Very cool show and the food is out of this world. I've gotten the pepper steak both times, it's very good.

Deane Carlo

The Pepper Tree is hands down the best steak house in Colorado Springs, and they serve the most delicious steak I have ever had. My family has been coming here for special events for the last 10 years and every single time it is as good as the last. Personally I like the Steak Diane over the Pepper Steak, but both are absolutely mind blowing. The cuts of meat are unique in that they are incredibly thick, like I've never seen elsewhere. All of the other courses to their meals are equally as mouthwatering. The escargot is to die for and the desserts are out of this world. The service at the Pepper Tree is amazing and while the prices are high, it is worth every penny.

Luke Yates

WOW. I took my girlfriend here for a nice date night evening and I was VERY impressed. Great view, fabulous food, and friendly staff. Expensive, so if you’re planning to go here make sure you have a good bit of funds, but so worth it if you’re looking to treat your girl (Or guy) to a remarkable evening.

Karen Blackwell

Always great service & food.

Mark Rodholm

Unmistakably the best steakhouse in Colorado Springs. Particularly, Steak Diane as well as their signature Pepper Steak are beyond amazing. Always tough to pick between those two. The wait staff is extremely friendly and top notch. Service is always excellent.

XJet Jock

One of the very best! Food was beyond delicious and so expertly prepared and presented. Don't pass up the stuffed mushroom appetizer. The Peppertree filet was the best I've ever tasted. She had the Steak Diane, which was equally outstanding. So many exceptional wine choices. And the desserts, 4 layer chocolate cake and the creme brulee, were exquisite. And their delicious triple chocolate martinis - yummm... Don't miss this remarkable dining experience!

Erin Smith

We celebrated our birthdays (they are 12 days apart) I late March, 2019 and again the service, the ambiance and most of all the food was absolutely delicious. Restaurateur, Neil Levy, is without any peer in Colorado Springs; including some local (and nationally acclaimed restaurants). I highly recommend this restaurant if visiting or from the area. Reservations are recommended; particularly, on a holiday or if you want to ensure a booking.

Zachary Herman

Took my girlfriend for her birthday and we both agree that it was amazing!

Kurt N.

Excellent steak dinner! I had the "Pepper Tree". Fantastic service. Just an all around great experience.

Damian Valdez

Little known fact, the man who serves you first is the owner and is actually a mayor of a town nearby. I didnt know that until I came back to the hotel. The food was great, cooked exactly how you want it and made with great care. I'm a rib eye kind of guy but had their signature steak while the wife had the steak and lobster. We both enjoyed it very much and cant wait yo go back.


Can't go wrong with this place! Best restaurant in Colorado Springs!

Samantha Lindsell

Top-notch dining and costumer service!Awesome food with responsible prices.

Jacob Egbert

Best meal I've ever had! My girlfriend and I came here for our anniversary. It was absolutely amazing! Every bite of the food was incredible! The atmosphere was really nice. We had two servers helping us and they were very friendly and funny. My first time trying Escargot, it was delicious. The Lobster Bisque was excellent! But their signature dish, the Pepper Steak with Indian mango chutney has possibly ruined steak for me. It was probably the best thing I've ever eaten! I can't imagine a steak anywhere else comparing. Absolutely incredible!

Kristy McCammon

Hands down, best meal and service we've had in a long time. The food is worth every penny and the host/servers were so nice and attentive. We had such a nice time. We don't get to enjoy fine dining very often but we'll definitely be back next time we visit. GO HERE, you won't regret it!!!!

Jaime Hilaire

We were traveling from Florida for a few days and looking for a romantic evening. Pepper tree welcomed us with such elegance. I recommend this restaurant to every and anyone who is looking for a romantic experience. Thanks to all the staff for making our visit a memory to remember.

frostyguns55 .

It was the very best meal of my life. Its not often I get food that leaves me speechless, but this place... the view the servers everything was AMAZING!!

Trevor Stice

Absolutely fantastic! I make reservations every year on Valentine's Day, a year in advance!

Morgan Brown

The absolute best experience I've ever had. The ENTIRE staff was thoroughly inviting and thoroughly attentive. The environment intimately exclusive. It feels nice and warm in the restaurant because it's made to be personal. They cook the most gorgeous meals right at the table with you which a unique and amazing touch. The owner is present from start to finish even going to so far as to cook meals at tables, reset dining tables for new guests as well as just personally spending time at EACH TABLE in the house. My girlfiend and I got engaged there last night and it was amazing!!! The owner and his amazing staff took care of us in every way and really made us feel cared about. We will definitely be returning in the future!!! New favorite

Nichol Dassler

It is a huge bummer because the food was amazing! The service was terrible though, we thought at first it was because they were busy but even after 4 tables finished and left the service didn't improve. We started paying attention to the tables around us and they all were receiving excellent service. We were seated for 20 minutes before we were even acknowledged, 45 minutes in they bring over menus and took our order, add another 30 minutes to that before our drinks arrive. Bus boy comes by and apologizes because no one has brought us bread and thanks us for our patience. Food arrives quickly and is amazing. Drinks have been empty since before our food arrived, so we try to get the attention of 3 different people who see us trying to get their attention but no acknowledgment. Then they drop off someone else's drink so my husband says I think you gave me someone else's drink. 15 minutes later still no drink. So I say let's just get our check and go. We ask for the check and all of a sudden the 3 people who blatantly ignored us are now clearing off our table. One guy says "I know you are waiting for your check but would you like dessert to go?" We decline. Another 20 minutes before we get the check. Manager brings the check and says "I took the beers off your check" (that's great because we only got 1). Go to leave and they just stand there and stare at us. They took our coats when we got there but refused to get them for us so after a few minutes of standing there my husband had to go behind the counter and grab our coats. We have never been treated with such disdain in all our dining experience. No apology from the manager either. This was supposed to be a special night celebrating my husband's promotion and an early Valentine's dinner. My husband chose this place because the reviews were outstanding. So disappointing because the food was excellent. Not sure what we did to offend the staff, we used our manners and exercised a lot of patience. What a shame.

Jessica B

Very nice place.

B Weimer

Amazing. Some steaks cooked at your table. Elegant.

Tamra Loehr

Wonderful view and great views of Colorado Spring's!

M Hathaway

Amazing delicious food. Amazing service. Hands down the best place to get steak and chicken and some amazing dessert.

Albert Kelly

Relaxing atmosphere, A Devine meal prepared table side! seems a bit pricey at first glance but the food and service makes it well worth the money! I could only give 5

David Stewart

Amazing food, staff, and view of the city! A bit overpriced.


Very pricey!! The food is great! I would recommend for special occasions!

JT Fugere

This is quality. If you want service, amazing service, spend your money here. The food is on another level, Its terrific. Had a company Christmas party here and we never waited for a single thing. The bar has been set, and it's high.

Shannon Hand

Masterfully crafted dishes and fantastic service.

Angela Bustos

Food was ok.. Service was short. Walked outside to my car, came back in and our table was cleared off. Seemed like they were short staffed. Waited almost an hour and half to start cooking our steaks (ordered pepper steaks). Had to ask for our salads. View was ok. Wouldn't go back.

Rene Coffey-Wisniewski

A superb dining experience! The Pepper steak and steak Diane some of the best steaks I've ever eaten, so tender you cut through with a butter knife!...... and is prepared right at your table. For dessert, try the Bananas Fosters!

Judi Brodil

Excellant appetizers, salad, soup main course. and bananas foster. The chefs, servers, and waiter, were exceptional. Quality of food was superb.

Eric Malan

The food is amazing! The service is incredible! The experience is akin to an out of body moment that you crave to be back in your body to lick your fork clean.

Bob Linden

Always the best place to experience real fine dining. The waitstaff are superior and the food is the best you'll be treated to anywhere bar none!

Benjamin Rogoff

The pepper steak with mango chutney is delicious. It is a unique combo and I've never seen anything similar. The chocolate cake was very light and airy but still moist with a very rich fudge filling. The staff was very laid back and took the time to chit-chat and joke with everyone there. Considering the quality of the dishes the restaurant is actually very reasonably priced compared to the steakhouses I'm used to.

Nina Radley

Best steak I've ever had. Loved the pepper steak and the service was incredible. Also get the bananas foster.

Heather Galbraith

The food is to die for! I don't get to go very often but when I do I always order the steak diane. It is prepared table side as you eat or salad or appetizer. The steak is cooked to perfection and melts in your mouth. If you get dessert get the bananas foster. They also prepare this table side and they have this cool little trick with the cinnamon. The last time I went I got the cucumber melon cooler cocktail and it was delicious. You get a beautiful view of downtown Colorado Springs and there is always deer hanging around the picture window. The staff is topnotch! Very friendly and knowledgeable about everything on the menu. Just make sure you bring your pocketbook, because it is very pricey but worth every penny. Great place for a couple or a small group.

Martin Gossenauer

Went here for a work dinner. I'm not a frequenter of steakhouses, but I enjoyed Pepper Tree. Mixed drinks were good. Steak and lobster were both amazing. Creme brulee and bananas foster were excellent.

Travis Towns

Picture this...I got off work (construction). I googled Italian restaurants near me ( normally the wife picks the place).. The pictures of the food looked really good. Me never trying somthing new, decided I rather not drive across town to olive garden. Dressed in neon bright work clothes we walk in to perhaps the most fancy high end restaurant in the springs. The tuxes present us with some really interesting food as well as table side cookery. $190 later my wife had a blast. The end (edited version)

Charlie Mowery

Absolutely top-notch service and food comparable with some of the larger city iconic restaurants. We were a group of 14 celebrating our cadet's graduation from USAFA and the service was phenomenal. A wide variety of food was ordered and it was all cooked to perfection and served together--surely a challenge for such a large group. We also appreciated not being rushed out--we had a 5:30 reservation and enjoyed a three-hour, leisurely dinner.

Fred Monroe

Excellent as always!

maureen tuttle

The waiter described the Special as prime rib served with a Spanish? and the same sauce as the steak dianne. We can't drink alchol so we ordered ice tea. It took sometime to get the ice tea. We had requested the dinner menu,it was 20 minutes before it arrived. Don't know if it was because we didn't order drinks but the service was marginal. The waiter,a tall fellow checked back once. Saving grace was Rodrigo, who showed caring and assisted in g eating a refill on ice tea, etc. $168 dollars we had finished. What should have been a Special 42nd Anniversary dinner, was special only because we still love each other after 42 years!

Daryl Spano

Good food, with table-side preparation. Don't be in a rush! Probably not worth the money, but it is a nice place to go and provides a unique experience.

Melissa Keyes

Little known fact, the man who serves you first is the owner and is actually a mayor of a town nearby

Joyce Crawford

Impeccable service and the food was perfect. Amazing dining experience!

Chad Gauthier

Fantastic atmosphere and very quiet and well attended to for our dinner. I highly recommend the pepper steak, it's the perfect combination of spice, sweet, and savory. The wait staff was pleasant and very well groomed. It has a great view of the city and was perfectly romantic at sunset.

Jen Musgrave

Excellent food! Great service! steak cooked table side was fun.

Juanita Snyder

We visit the Peppertree when we visit Colorado Springs. The food is always outstanding, I am not sure what to recommend as everything we have ever had has been very good. You can go anywhere these days for a steak, some of these places may even be as good HOWEVER, you will not be treated as well. From the second you are greeted by a friendly face wearing a tuxedo, to the last flame on the cherries jubilee, you are made to feel special. This is what separates The Peppertree from the others. Not pretentious but genuine.

Beth Schulte

We visit the Peppertree when we visit Colorado Springs. The food is always outstanding, I am not sure what to recommend as everything we have ever had has been very good. You can go anywhere these days for a steak, some of these places may even be as good HOWEVER, you will not be treated as well. From the second you are greeted by a friendly face wearing a tuxedo, to the last flame on the cherries jubilee, you are made to feel special. This is what separates The Peppertree from the others. Not pretentious but genuine.

Nathan Eger

Pepper steak with mango chutney is their signature dish; very good evening here

Nathaniel Redmon

To start. I am shocked by the amount of five star reviews for this restaurant. We picked PepperTree to have a nice night out to get the family together. When we first walked in there was a nice bread smell. It's an extremely small restaurant. It almost feels like house. When we set down we were greeted by a very nice waiter and the service was great throughout the night. I ordered the new York strip and the others ordered different steaks. When we learned that some of the steaks were cooked in front of us we were already starting to question how good they would be cooked a seemingly cheap pan over a very small outdoor-like cooking stove. We received our steaks after about an hour at the restaurant and wow. I have never been more dissapointed in my life. If you have ever eaten a steak from Costco that was cooked improperly. This is exactly what it tastes like. They also drench every steak in a very untasteful sauce that completely overpowers the sense of what the actual steak tastes like. Even though, when we were able to remove the sauce from our steaks. We were left with one of the most tasteless pieces of meat I've ever bitten into. It feels as though they took a raw piece of meat. Cooked it and served it to us without adding or doing a thing except drenching it in terrible sauce. The service was excellent and the staff were very friendly. But I would recommend even Texas Roadhouse over Pepper Tree. Sad to see

Isabel Rodriguez

Very nice atmosphere and great food

Mike S

The food was good, but overpriced for the quality that we were served, and the experience we had overall the other night. The wait staff was nice. The city view is great. The parking lot is tight for nice cars. The bathrooms need some cleaning attention. In our opinion, they seem to be slipping on the quality over the years.

Ari Basmajian

Mother and I went there tonight no reservations out of the ordinary according to the guy at the coat check the staff was really nice and the fillet mignon was awesome my mom had the colorado rack of lamb. I thought it was really nice of them to let us in and not turn us down at the door it was kind of an off night not so busy which was probably why. The guy even told us that when we were done eating that 98 to 99 percent of their business was by reservations.

Gvantsa Chain

Hands down best place in springs for steak and amazing service. Very happy to celebrate b day dinner here.

Hank Groff

as a traveling reviewer for Google, I visit a lot of steakhouse restaurants. This one is one of the better ones. It's owned by Neil who actually will wait on your table from time to time. He came to say hello and made sure we had a great bottle of wine. everything from the appetizer to the steaks to the desert was fantastic. I highly recommend the bananas foster dessert. Give peppertree steak House a try. You won't be disappointed

Rochelle Soto

Wow this place served me the best steak I've ever had. They cooked it table side. It was so tender I could cut it with a butter knife. I ordered the steak Diane and it was phenomenal. The service was top notch. They are very attentive, nice, and are aware of your every need. It is expensive but well worth it. We will definitely be back and we will be telling everyone about this place.

Crystal Cleveland

Me and my date visited the Pepper Tree last night for the first time and we were very impressed. When we first walked in we were greeted by the friendly staff and were immediately seated, after they took our coats. We had an amazing table by the window with a fantastic view and it wasn't long before our drinks were brought out. The staff, food, atmosphere, all of it was just incredible and it made for a wonderful night out. To the staff- Thank you for making me and my dates evening a night to remember. I will definitely be returning!

Sara Pearsey

Wonderful food...wonderful service...wonderful views and ambiance . Definitely would go again

Eric Lewis

Steak was the best I've had

Marvin Thompson

Early evening dinner on a rainy evening. Hard to find a GF and DF item on the menu but to be fair I didn’t ask for options. Had fish with a risotto and vegetable. Could have done with more vege and less sauce but delicious anyway. Nice cosy atmosphere with table staff on hand without hovering.

Carolynn Stillson

Forever our favorite intimate and true fine-dining restaurant in the Springs. We have dined at every Broadmoor restaurant, and majority of the other fine-dinning to upscale-casual restaurants in town, but the Pepper Tree is our personal favorite. We loved our services and food at the Penrose Room - which is the only one that compare for us to the Pepper Tree, but the Pepper Tree has always won us over with superb service on top of their excellent food.

Jennifer Catterson

Excellent service, outstanding food prepared tableside! A perfect place to go for a special occasion.

Jean Gabardi

Fun place. Great food. Service is a bit disjointed.

Kim Bacon

Wow! Extraordinary menu options prepared and presented perfectly. Wine, food, and service were superb.

Mike Helmns

Phenomenal food. Awesome scenery and wonderful staff. Great time to be had here

Dan S

Definitely one of the top 3 steaks I've ever had

Alec Kirby

Friendly service and amazing food

Tony Thomas

One of my favorite places in town

Evan Papp

I've been to over 15 countries, multiple cruises, and to just about every corner of the continental United States. In addition to my travels, I love steak. Needless to say, this is by far one of the best steaks I have ever eaten. I went with their signature Pepper Steak, with mango chutney and seared with a french brandy. I didn't even want to finish my side because I did not want to detract from the memory of how good the steak was. But just when I thought it could not get any better, out comes a Bananas Foster flambé which was again the best one I have ever had. The atmosphere is a calm and romantic; a fine dining experience you would find in Denver with just as good of a view. While the prices are high, I can guarantee they are worth every cent. The staff is extremely friendly, very attentive, and have great pride in what they do. I cannot wait to come back.

Justine Giron

Simply incredible. Highly knowledgeable staff, fantastic wine list/ drink menu, the food was outstanding. Will be delighted to return.

Jeff Mueller

Had a great time and incredible service. The peppered steak is simply the best.

Nicole Gredinberg

Such a hidden gem! They've been in business for 35 years! The food and service is impeccable. Absolutely feel like it'll be our special occasion place for years to come!

Carl Pappert

An amazing taste experience. Food that is expertly prepared and presented. Service that is beyond exceptional. Be prepared to pay a premium price for an evening you won't soon forget. I can't wait to eat there again!!

Michael Keough

Without a doubt the best steak in Colorado. Great old style table service also

Tiger Man

We dont get down to this resteraunt as often as we would like, it's more of a special occasion for us. But it is truly fine dining and a wonderful meal and experience. I believe it is the best steak in town. They must have confidence in their menu as it is carved in stone near the front door.

Kraig Sullivan

Owner- 2, Minions - 4

Mr. duck

Over priced and bad fish

Brandon Burns

Great local steak w/ a view

Michael Toland

Service and food were great! Pepper steak cooked table side was delicious and cooked to perfection. Great views of the downtown area lights after sunset. Small, intimate vibe for a quiet evening out.

Patrick Alexander

Outstanding restaurant. Great food and outstanding wine selection.

Stacia Hemmes

Terrific food and staff. Everything from the appetizer to dessert was amazing.

Eric Ayles

This is a unique experience. The food is great and if you choose certain things they make it at the table.

Cathy Albanese

Table side cooking

Cindy Mitchell

Everyone is very polite and accommodating!

Dee Transplanted

fabulous meal and great atmosphere and views. reservation highly recommended! butter splattered on my dates brand new shirt when they cooked behind him - since this is their specialty I would expect them to know their safe cooking distance

Michelle Lambert

Overall a good experience. Great service and nice views of the city. Cuts of steak were tender and well cooked. My husband got the pepper steak and I got the steak Diane. My only complaint is that both steaks were sauced very heavily and that’s just not for us. Our plates were swimming in sauce. I asked for vegetables instead of a starch as my side and it was a $4 up-charge, which isn’t a big deal but would have been nice to know up front. It also costs extra to have a loaded baked potato versus just a baked potato. Another add on with our final bill.

Toni kaufman

Awesome meal and wonderful service. We love the quieter environment to be able to have conversation.

MaryBeth Massey

Thank you for a lovely evening! The food was perfection and the service was impeccable. This restaurant made dinner a wonderful experience.

Juan Aldava

Great stakes and the best lobster bisque I have ever had

Ruth Ober

This place is a gem! The very best steak we've ever had and we've tried everything! I love loved the food, service and vibe. It felt like magic!

Thomas Crawford

Amazing food, expert staff. I recommend the Pepper Steak, absolutely delicious.

Fred Turner

This is hands-down the best restaurant in Colorado Springs. I visited this restaurant on my last night visiting town and was absolutely blown away. The pepper steak is exceptional. The waiter, Cooper, enhanced the experience much more. The chef's that assisted table-side were also incredible. My steak was cooked to perfection. I can't rant enough about what an exceptional experience I encountered. Excellent food, steaks cooked to perfection right at the table. Excellent service. Friendly staff and great atmosphere with beautiful views. It’s our go to for our anniversary celebrations. Just celebrated our 56th there last night.

Joel Cleaver

Wonderful meals! My wife had the steak and lobster and I had the veal with king crab meat. Both were very good and would definitely recommend! I had my first old fashioned here and it was absolutely amazing! Beautiful views galore out of the large picture windows pointing towards the east of town. This restaurant is elegant. I was not sure that the food was going to compare with the pricing. now that I have experienced dinner here it was absolutely worth every penny!

Beth Alexander

Pepper Tree has been a staple go to place for our family for a long time! They always do a good job. My favorite dish will always be the pepper steak. Mango chutney, peppercorns...amazing.


One of the best restaurants I have been to. The environment is relaxing and the food is incredible! The staff was attentive and respectful. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience. Already recommended to friends. We can't wait to return.

Irina Riley

Definitely one of the Must Go restaurants. Great location with amazing views, delicious food and very nice staff.

Thomas Kleinschmidt

Great local spot serving up good eats for generations!

Robert B

Overpriced food for the elderly. Who still steams veggies in 2019?

Roberta Castanon

The service is always outstanding the food is even better if that's possible I highly recommended!

Bobby Speights

As our first visit the atmosphere, service and of course food was nothing less than Outstanding. My wife and I will most definitely make a return vist.

Tom V.

Great place to get a steak. They even cook the pepper steak right at the table. Great views of the city to.

Logan Vibbert

Best steak and great staff

Thomas Fillion

A great high-scale restaurant with amazing food and service :-)

Judy Brown

A step back in time, old school waiters wearing tuxedos, preparing tableside steak Diane and bananas foster. My Chilean sea bass was well prepared. A little salty, as were my dinner companions steak dishes. Cherries Jubilee was perfection.

Benjamin Christensen

Pepper tree has great service and amazing food we went for our anniversary and had a great time we will be going back again.

Ted Howard

The food is terrific, each part of each meal is enjoyable and interesting. I am always tempted to try different things here because everything I have ever gotten has been delicious. The service is also top notch. The servers pay attention to the group, and if everyone is lively, they are very unobtrusive, however, if they have the group's attention, they will give you as much information as you could ask for. The prices are higher than chain restaurants, but you get what you pay for. The quality of the food, the preparation, the staff, the ambiance, are all top notch, and worth the price. It truly is a pleasure to eat here.

June Westendick

Very well prepared food. Good service and nice ambience. Definitely would go again. Expensive but we'll worth the money for a special occasion or just the desire to enjoy a fine dining experience.

Heidi Grijalva

quality meals and the atmosphere at this place is super good.

Chandra Roche

An exceptional experience. Attentive wait staff, fabulous views, fantastic food!

Andrew Vezey

Very special. Went for our seventh wedding anniversary. It was a unique shared experience that my wife and I will cherish forever. I especially enjoyed the table side cooking! Fantastic food, great service, wonderful view. You should go sometime.

Mark Martin

I struggled with my rating. I enjoyed my main dish very much, having ordered one of the house specialties the Pepper Steak. Unfortunately my appetizer missed the mark. Being over priced for what I received, the lobster with melon covered with curry sauce which over powered the dish, was a disappointment. But, it was my wife's veal that was so tough that she wasn't able to eat it, and the inattention to her from the staff that prompted me to give this rating. The first time someone approached her to query how the meal was, was not till they were clearing the table, and the waiter seemed less then interested in the issue. They were busy this evening, but when you spend close to $1000 on a meal, the service rightfully has to be exemplary. That being said, they do have a wonderful view. Just send the staff to charm school!

Kelsey Hannemann

Great steaks and great service! Worth the money we will go again!

Susann Reilly

Mike, Jesse, and the rest of the staff made my birthday dinner a wonderful evening. Thank you!

Erica Vasconcellos

Love this place! Food and service is excellent and their steaks are the best I have ever had. I have been several times and I have never had a single complaint. The view and ambiance is perfect. A must experience restaurant!

Krista Bruckner

Good food, but not impressed by the service.

David Richman

Quiet atmosphere, wonderful food, great service.

John Haven

We are always excited to visit the Pepper Tree. We normally go for special occasions or when family are in town, but occasionally we go "just because". There are many chefs and servers working as teams - all are wearing tuxedos. The Pepper Steak and Steak Diana are both center cut filets and are prepared at your table by a chef - they are outstanding. We finish our night with a sweet Bananas Foster desert - another "flaming dish" prepared at your table.

Sonya Soto

Thanks so much for the excellent food and dining experience. We are new to the Colorado Springs area and did nto knwo what to exepct when it came to local eateries. Wow, were we pleasantly surprised! The food is great along with a wonderful staff. We will continue to frequent your location.

tyler phipps

The service was absolutely incredible! Along with the food. Would recommend to everyone! Thank you y'all.. y'all did an amazing job last night.. my girlfriend and I were very very impressed! Will be coming back!

Leslie delanghe

Wonderful service, great food, really just a great experience. I'm hoping to be back many times.

Michele Nordeman

My husband and I have been here before with great service. This time was a disappointment. We inquired about a corkage fee and was directed to the owner who never responded. The table chef was to check back to us about the steak, he never did. My "medium filet" was rare. Our wine was over charged by $30. Not coming back.


Absolutely amazing food. Definitely expensive. When I left last night, I was ready to rate 5 stars, however I spent all night sick from the $70 there's that. I guess avoid the veal and you'll be okay. Literally everything else was fantastic, I just wish I hadn't wasted so much of my money on something to leave me sick and had instead enjoyed a steak (I tasted my husband's and it was sublime) for this kind of money.

Christopher Green

Awesome experience, high end restaurant. Great wait staff


What a Wonderful Experience. Niel gives such a personal touch to the entire experience. Thanks to the Entire Staff Great Food, Great People !

Christian Sylvester

Amazing service, and absolutely wonderful food. Worthy of a star if ever a restaurant was.

C. Wilkins

My husband and I visited Colorado Springs last week and decided to try the Pepper Tree. From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed. The whole staff was so sweet to us and took time explaining the menu. We both settled on the peppered steak, and let me tell you it was nothing short of amazing. We are home now and still can't stop talking about that steak. If you are in town or looking for a great place to try, I promise the Pepper Tree will not disappoint you.

Zachary Royer

Amazing food served with care. The view was pretty nice too.

James Laverty

This restaurant is delicious! All the food is amazing. Wait staff is very nice, but could use a dose of personality. They're all very serious, business like. Atmosphere is nice. It was a little cold in there tonight. I still recommend it. We've been there several times.

Pawsitive Kidnections

Woodland Park Mayor Neil Levy is an incredible owner of both Pepper Tree Restaurant and the Swiss Chalet Restaurant in Woodland Park. The service and food are ALWAYS exceptional and extraordinary. The staff is also very lively and engaging. I would happy suggest the Pepper Tree for Colorado Springs fine dining.

Dana Mischler

Went here for the first time for our 30th Anniversary. What a fantastic steak restaurant. Had the Steak Diane and Bourbon Pepper Steak, both done table-side. Also the Banana Fosters table-side for dessert. If you want a steak that melts in your mouth this is the restaurant for you. The city skyline views make it a perfect night. Our waiters Darrin and Josh made this the best night ever, can’t wait to come back soon!

Keith Hays

Best high-end dining in Colo. Spgs. No close 2nd

KarKar Bradley

Luxurious dining at it's finest! Highly recommend The Pepper Tree Restaurant for they serve certain entrees table-side along with all the servers wearing tuxedos! Royalty!

Thelma Murphy

This is hands-down the best restaurant in Colorado Springs. I visited this restaurant on my last night visiting town and was absolutely blown away.

Misty Elliott

Really yummy food, steak cooked really nice. Not all steaks were cooked table side although the experience was fun. Would've been a 5 star had the wait staff experience been consistent. We heard a couple waiters throwing other waiters under the bus if they weren't quick enough or said the wrong table #.

Madison Barbee

Th experience was absolutely amazing!! And the food is phenomenal!

Don Miller

All around great food, service, and atmosphere! This place is a hidden gem!


Good environment, great staff. We just had our 5th baby 1 month earlier too & I asked them for our reservation to keep us away from as many people as we could, they accommodated us very well by sticking us in an opposite corner from everyone else. Unfortunately because of something I ate I got extremely sick shortly after & spent an hour in the bathroom with stabbing stomach pains & on the verge of throwing up both ends. We were celebrating our 14th anniversary, we had plans after & had to cancel. I almost went to the ER but was able to go home to rest, not docking a star for that. The reason for docked star is the food is super expensive, we didnt feel it was worth the price.

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