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330 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80203, United States

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REVIEWS OF Little India IN Colorado

Jeff Benway

Excellent food. You like it spicy they'll make it as spicy as you want. Indian hot is my favorite. Not into spicy they've got plenty of dishes for you. Recommend a try for anyone who's never had Indian before. Great beers for me as well.

Sammie Saturdays

Not a good experience at all. I ordered delivery since I was at a hotel. It was two hours before they closed. Ordered from their website, even paid for it, but NEVER got my food. I called them and they insisted someone called me to tell me that they were here, but my phone never rang. Only nice thing I can say is that they did refund my money.

C Lor

I know a lot of people like Little Indian, but I consistently get bad food. The buffet food, especially the chicken does not taste fresh. I've gotten sick at two times after eating there. Every time I go back thinking it will be better, but I give up. There's much better Indian food in Denver, and it's quite expensive.

Damon Stone

Food was delicious. We were waiting for a table of food and add one cleared another person gave the table away to someone who arrived after us. Ten minutes later we were sat. The food was definitely worth the wait though.

Cyndi Ventura

What a taste- tacular experience!


One of my favorite Indian restaurants, love going her with my favorite husband.

Ezra Lockhart

This place is amazing. The lunch buffet runs 11a to 2:30p. I counted 5 vegan options in the buffet. Also the menu has many vegan items to select from.

Jacob Vigil

It's okay -- if you don't want to travel far, it's fine. The flavors are alright, but don't stand out the way the southern suburban restaurants' do.

Greg Tibboel

Best Indian food in Colorado. I lived in India for a few years and this brings it back. Nice atmosphere, always friendly staff

Christopher Hill

Buyer beware if your using Groupon, they won't let you redeem if you don't wait 24 hours after purchasing. I've never seen another Groupon with this stipulation. We went to the restaurant and confirmed this is the case. So why would they do this? I would rather not be pessimistic but I assume either 1) they hope you buy and forget or 2) hope you buy, come in, and then have to pay full price. Seems shady either way.

Bruce Geller

Slow service. Want brown rice? THREE BUCKS extra!!!

Marwa Qari

Little India is my go-to place for reliably good Indian food. Their service is excellent and the atmosphere is pleasant. They have a BOGO coupon available on their site most of the time and I've been able to use that often.

Steve Sharifi

Server was very nice

Savanah McDaniel

The food was great! Not spicy at all though.

Dan West

I went there last night. The food is good here. Not so good? The service. It was indifferent at best. The same as my last visit there was no silverware on the table. Dirty dishes were left, and it took forever to get the check and pay it. The poor service was reflected in the tip. One more thing: They are still using styrofoam for take-out. Seriously. I don't recycle and am not a tree-hugger, but that is ridiculous.

Mariana Ferrari

Excellent as always. Food and chai are amazing.

Henry Chee

I got the tandoori grill & a salad, it was amazing! The garam Marsala sauce was really good, I’ll be back.

Joshlyn Thomas

I still think about the shrimp biryani and how yummy it was.

James Elliott

Not worth what you pay for. I ordered the lamb and it came in a small soup cup. If I'm paying 16 dollars for a meal, I expect it to fill me up. Not be an appetizer.

Kevin Medrala

So thankful that I now live just blocks away from this spot. There's a number of great Indian restaurants in Denver, but this is certainly my favorite. I highly recommend the vegetarian options at Little India, with the Bhindi Masala being an absolute favorite of mine. A great spot for a 2-4 guests in your group!

Anton Kaleth

I order take out from this location. The food is consistent, and it's tasty. Until recently this was the only indian food I have only complaint is how slow they are. I'm pretty sure the food is not cooked to order, so why does it take 1 hour. If you don't mind the wait for take out then this is your place.

Tyler King

Best Indian buffet in Denver

Ben Little

Stopped in for the lunch buffet. Food was absolutely incredible, wait staff were friendly, and environment was relaxed. Definitely worth checking out!

venkatesh ch

This is the worst Indian restaurant i visited in my life. I am not sure why it got so many good reviews. This is not meant for Indians at all. We ordered Vindaloo curry and so much artificial color is added in the curry so that I couldn’t get off the color from my fingers even after washing multiple times. It is so expensive for an Indian restaurant.

Elise R

Little Little India has authentic Indian food at a reasonable price. I ate their chicken chicken marsala and it was great

Sandip Miller

Food: Average. Naan was served cold. The server was rude and unprofessional. I asked him what is in the momo? . He says there is cabbage and other vegetables. I asked him what other vegetables? He says I am the first person who is asking him these ingredients and he is working since 5 years. I have diet restrictions, so I was careful. The waiter is a unprofessional fellow. Good: The manager. He apologized and waived entrée from my bill. Have been regular customer of Little India branches for couple of years. Will never visit again.

Emily P

Great lunch buffet

Monique Pulse

The food Buffet was very good. The service was excellent. It was an enjoyable lunch meeting.

Julie McDermott

Zero stars... They use their own delivery drivers through Grubhub. Simple delivery instructions were either not read at all or completely disregarded and the food was left outside on the ground. Horrible customer service, wouldn't do anything about the issue when contacted by Grubhub. Will not order here again.

Avery Lundy

By far my favorite spot for Indian food in Denver. Coupons for BOGO entrees are on the back of local King Soopers receipts too!

Rachael L

The food and service were wonderful. Nitan was our server, and he had very timely service and great food recommendations. The chicken Tikka Masala was delicious, as was the chocolate lava cake. I will definitely return when I can.

Billy Setjoadi

Great place for dinner and lunch. The food came out quick and the lamb was a little bit chewy. Curry tasted good and the atmosphere is not too welcoming. Server was great and he helps us a lot with selecting menu and offering additional assistance. So far great experience, will definitely come back.

Andrew Carroll

Good buffet.

Sam Liman

Seems like all of the flavors are somewhere muted for the Western palate....


Very nice buffet

Silvia Leonard

This is the Best ethnical restorant in Bay Area. The food is Delicious ! Very friendly customer service. I was surprised about Modern and Elegant Designers made Remodeling that done in this restorant also completed with relax Indian instrumental only muzic. Very recommend

Ian Miller

Good Indian food with an Indian beer to go with it.

Ben Warren

Good food and.good service. Saag paneer was great. Reasonably prices5

Kool Kid

I haven't explored the states fully. Yet, this place serves the best version Indian Chai that I have ever had in years !! Plus, their Food tastes very close to authentic North Indian cuisine. A must to visit place if you are around Denver !!

Tim Herold

Awesome place! Really cozy, the food is tasty with portions that will feed you twice over, and a super friendly and hardworking staff. Definitely worth the visit!

John Harrington

It is the best Indian food in the state of Colorado. And they offer lots of coupons and Groupon, so be sure to check that out before you head in if you want to save a little money.


Small buffet, perfect for lunch. Excellent menu and great bar. Topnotch service.

Neil Rischl

The food here is sub par and extremely overpriced. I'm happy to pay a high price if the food tastes good. With that being said the customer service I experienced was excellent. I hope they can put the front of house effort into the food.

Carlos Martinez

I liked their food here. The owner was there and gave off a really good vibe. The food is authentic and presented beautifully. The Tika Masala is so good, and the Safron rice is really good too. It's a little bit pricey, but well worth it.

Craig Berryman

Great place quite possibly the best little India of the three I have visited

Joe Stricker

Very good service. I have never had this type of food. Can't really compare it with anything.

Nya Muhammad

Really good buffet with good service. They check to see if you need anything pretty often. Everyone was friendly and courteous. I definitely plan on coming back soon.

Kenzie Evans

Delicious food and friendly service. I got the Punjabi samosas and butter chicken with garlic naan. All had amazing flavor and perfect amount of spice (I ordered level 3). I got a Moscow mule that was pretty good also.

Nehal Omar

Found this restaurant on our way back from Denver trip. Restaurant was almost empty when we reached there. Ambience was cozy and relaxed. Service was quick and waiter was helpful. We tried Muttor Paneer and Malai Kofta(Waiter Recommendation) and it is a must try. Only thing didn't like is Men Bathroom (not a priority). Ambience: 8/10 Cleanliness: 8/10 Service: 8/10 Vegetarian Options: 10/10 Food: 8/10 Price(1 is cheap 10 is Costly): 6/10 Value for Money: 8/10

Kent Burchill

Stopped in for a quick dinner. Service was friendly, food was great. It was highly recommended by friends.

Lydia Beiler

Such a great little restaurant! We had a super nice server who was kind and very attentive. Our butter chicken and garlic and cheese naan were absolutely delicious. And the portion was large enough that one entree was enough to fill both my husband and I, who have larger appetites, which was awesome! Definitely would go back again if we lived locally!

Eleanor Cotton

Had a lovely experience here! Our server was so polite and attentive, the food was absolutely delicious (I got Chicken paneer and my husband got chicken tikka masala, along with two orders of naan). I found the portions to be very generous (we both had enough left over for lunch the next day), and it was pretty reasonably priced. My only negative comment would be that it did take quite a while to get our food. We weren't in any rush, so it didn't bother us, but just so others know!

Jocelyn Hopkins

Delicious Tikka Madsala and Naan

Sam Nori

Food is not fresh at all and dry. Also, the waiters are bad. We had to walk to the front desk to pay the bill because no one showed up the whole time we were sitting there.

Russell Grimm

Been going there for years..always really good!

P Elmore

One of my favorite places to dine when I'm in Denver.

Daniel Berkness

Can you please stop using cheap meat in your Butter Chicken? It always has bits of cartiledge in it and it continues to get worse. You guys used to be great and everything’s gone straight downhill in the past 3 years.

Kade Porter

It's good Indian buffet with good service

Tolu J-M

Enjoyed eating here a few times. Waiters are nice and diligent.

Avik Kohli

The server didn't look interested to serve us,denied us sitting in an area we wanted to sit in saying it was all reserved but no one showed up to sit there in the time we were there. Also denied splitting our cheques for us. Average food and below average service. Not coming back again.

Paula Regan

I ordered from grubhub for dinner after hearing lots of good things about this restaurant. I ordered butter chicken, rice, naan, momos and samosas. When the food was delivered it was luke warm at best. The butter chicken had zero spice even though I requested medium. The rice and naan were good and would probably be great if they were hot. The momo and samosas were terrible. I really don't understand why there are such high reviews, my meal was ok at best. There are way better Indian food locations around Denver.

Trevor McMullin

Not being a connoisseur of Indian cuisine I do not have a good thermometer for Indian cuisine, though I did enjoy my meal and observed that the chicken, vegetables, and rice in my dishes were cooked to my satisfaction. The naan bread might be better offered to each table rather than left in the warmer, even during the buffet, but was still good. Interaction with the wait staff was simple and kept to an unobtrusive level, including a refill on my drink. This restaurant plays to it's strength as specialty restaurant by featuring music and decor that creates an atmosphere that fits the food. This location can seat you in a naturally lit patio. I would have liked to see staff remove the pan from the buffet line and replace it instead of shoveling more food into it, though I'm not sure it's even that big a deal. I would definitely recommend Little India to others and will undoubtedly have another meal here in the future.

Alex Philipson

We were not disappointed by the food here. The samosas are big and stuffed with the right amounts of everything, the tikka masala sauce is flavorful and the chicken is moist. The naans are on the fluffier side and taste great. The decor is cool too and the service is attentive. Definitely better than the Indian place a few blocks away.

Kevin Britton

Not great Indian food at this place, according to my taste buds. I travel all over the USA on business and Little India is one of the worst. Their food is well below what I would consider average, to say the least. The staff are very efficient with service and they get 5 stars.

Stephanie Graham

Just wanted to take a moment to compliment the service we received from Henny 2 weeks ago. You guys were super busy, the restaurant was at capacity, and he was fantastic! I appreciate a server who does a great job, and he handled our table of 3 adults all with a perfect display of relaxed competence. Well done!

Josh Fivgas

Awesome. Fast and friendly service and the food is amazing. A little pricey though.

Kate Geesaman

The food is always delicious very tasty presented well and the service always good always cherry and done well!

Divya Rathi

Really bad food. Their speciality veg paneer curry which was much higher priced than all other curries was not good, really hard paneer cubes that you would have to bite hard to break. Half cooked naan. They have to raise the standards especially seeing that it’s near downtown.

Elizabeth Krakovsky

Our server Nanda was fantastic and the flavors were on point. Extremely pleased.

Rick Pontalion

Worst service. Be careful if the floor is wet. People falling all over the place. Waiter could not have been less attentive. Had to ask multiple times for a new beverage. Food took over an hour. Other tables served after us. Will not be back.

Thea Washington

I've been to both locations for the lunch buffets. Both were great! You know the food is good when you see the number of people coming in.

John Buckle

I went with a friend of mine to the buffet today for the first time I've eaten a lot of Buffets I would eat at this Buffet every day of the week for every meal if I had the ability to do that it was fresh it was delicious and the service was impeccable.

Ashish Indani

The best Indian restaurant in Denver. Hog on your food and the tasty treat. Dont forget to order their classical mango chutney.

Roxanne Andrew

Went last night! Amazing as always! Our server, Aman, was wonderful! Attentive, funny, and a wealth of information! We enjoyed wonderful conversation as he took excellent care of us! The Chicken Khorma was divine! Perfectly cooked rice. And Vegetable Curry. The Rice Pudding and Indian Ice Cream were the perfect ending to a perfect meal! Can't wait to go back!!

Corbin Pagano

The food was incredible, and the waiter provided excellent service. Everything was also reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is sufficient for romance.

Richard Scott Taylor

My favorite Indian restaurant in Denver. The staff is fantastic. Friendly, kind and helpful. The buffet is fresh, varied and always delicious. We often order to take out for dinner. It is aways hot, and ready to go. There are other places closer to us, but Little India will always get our business.

Rachel Feldmann

Comfortable but fancy. I love this place.

Alana Barshney

Always tasty! Friendly service. I just wish they switched up the offerings on the lunch buffet a bit, but can understand why they stick with what they do. And they do it well.

Christine Cain

Food is great but service is so slow!

Justo Yanez

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Ordered through Grubhub 20 mins before they closed and the food was amazing, accurate, fresh, and hot. Can't wait to go back!

Alicia Leonard

The lunch buffet never ceases to amaze me.

Lee Anne D

Food tastes great, is well cooked, and not greasy. Lots of options with nothing I could think of missing from the menu. It did take an hour for delivery around lunch time on a Wednesday but the food arrived hot and well-packaged.

Schuyler benes

Really good food, nice and quick.

Teagan Robinson

We ordered food for delivery on a Sunday at 5:40, and confirmed they would have food delivered at 6:45. At 7:10 I called the store to ask where my food was, and they said it had left the store and would be here in 10 minutes. 15 minutes later I received a call from the driver that he was just leaving and would deliver in another 15 minutes. They were very unapologetic considering the food was an hour late. I cancelled my order--1st and last time for Little India.

nilam ahmed

The food was just waste of money. The biryani was over cooked and the curry was tasteless. There will never be a next time.

Wesley Peay

Taste was excellent, stopped in not knowing what to expect since I am not a local. Just needed something within walking distance for a quick in and out and was not let down! Tried the buffet and it was very well stocked and delicious. Made good use of the quick turnaround time i had my half hour slot for sure. Staff was very courteous and kept tables clean and maintained.

Erin Young

Good place to catch up with friends. Prices were decent. This place has many good reviews for a reason.

A Jai

I have been to this place 4x this month. The service is amazing, people are friendly. I LOVE their spicy foods. I am a regular now for sure. Excited to be moving close to the area to be able to dine in on the regular

Max Mansfield

The best Indian food in town. Asked to come here and for my birthday and was not disappointed.

Ashwani Arora

Little India has amazing and authentic Indian food. staff here is very friendly . We ordered Paneer butter masala and garlic nan and the food was delicious.

John Delaney

Great Lunch and weekend buffet. Delicious food every time!

Luke McGrath

Great food and TONS of gluten free options. Waiter brought us GF “bread” made of chickpea, lentils, and fennel because we asked for a gluten free menu at the door. Excellent service.

Praval Godre

Love the food here, it was tasty as expected, do try tea here

John Prorok

I was very disappointed in the service and the food. The place was not busy and why it was not busy became increasingly more obvious as I struggled to enjoy the cold food being served on the lunch buffet table. The downtown restaurant is much better. I would rate the 6th Ave restaurant a 5 out of 10. The downtown...8 out of 10. Service at 6th was poor. Service at downtown was very good.

M Maez

Good food great employees

Sean Hill

Little India is the bomb, it will make your day, it will revive your taste buds. In the afternoon they have a buffet that has some many items and everything is cooked to perfection. Order off the menu and you will never be disappointed. I don't go there very often but every time I do the staff is great. I never wait long for a table or for food. When I don't feel like eating meat they do have great veggie options.

Stacey W

Really good food and attentive wait staff.

GrandmaMichelle Alberts

Little India is the best Indian food I have ever had. They have been around for decades and food is always same. Saag Paneer, Malai Kofta and Garlic naan makes you wonder if you are floating in heaven with every bite. My grandkids love this place and owners are very kind and accommodating.

Arash Shadravan

I went to this place with my girlfriend and it was amazing!!! Really worth the price. We ordered one stew and one rice. I wanted to buy another portion of rice but the waitress offered it for free. We were visiting from out of town. The food tasted great. They also poured water into copper cups. Apparently it's good for health! Great experience. You should definitely try this place.

Joann Congdon

Great meal and service! Nitan guided us through the menu choices with delicious recommendations. Will certainly return.

Chris Manuel

By far the best Indian food in Denver. We like the location on 6th, on the margin of downtown. Really good food and good portions for the price.

Jay Joern

Great service. Great food

Andy Hahn

Awesome Indian food in Denver. No complaints about the service, food or price. The bathroom features an article giving the restaurant 3 stars, and another article with the menu from ~2004 when the chicken tikka masala was 30% cheaper (thanks Obama


I love it when spicy means SPICY! And then a bite of naan with some chutney to cool down... and repeat! They also have some Indian beers to complement your meal. If you're in the area and are thinking Indian, this is the place.

Crypto Kitty

Love the lunch buffet. Really good food.

Emme Paik

Ordered saag paneer. This is the second time I've gotten this dish and it seemed like the cheese was old--discolored and hard--so I suspect they served up leftovers from the buffet. Regardless, the quality was disappointing and I'm thinking of going somewhere else to get fresh Indian food. I hope this changes soon.

Cameron Kruger

Always busy. Always good. Little India has been serving up reasonably priced, tasty Indian food for years now.

Cynthia Ford

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Denver. Every time I visit Denver, I have at least on meal here. We were quickly seated, staff very pleasant and a wide enough selection for both the carnivore and vegetarian.

Carlos F Vilchez

Great spot! As I was getting here to pick up my order I literally witness the server run across the street so fast after a gentleman that forgot his credit card. Oh man, he was fast! Bibek was his name! Super nice young guy! Fully stocked bar also!

Catherine Gardner

OMG! Seriously. Our chicken biryani and chicken jalfrezi were AMAZING. Complex flavors, spices matched and blended perfectly. Add a little riata side to the biryani, and the flavors meld and change again. Rice was fluffy and cooked perfectly. Garlic naan was delicately flavored with delightfully crunchy bits where it had bubbled and toasted on top. Portions are very ample. Paired with a Taj Mahal beer, this was one fabulously delicious and satisfying meal. Little India is outstanding. There is a small, easy to access parking lot off 6th, ambience is nice and cozy, staff is kind and welcoming. Can't wait to go back!

Brent Payne

Place and Food was Amazing! Server was very accomadating and fun! Definitely will be back! Spicy could have been a bit more spicy!

topher austin

Delicious as always, the covered patio is always a good spot to sit whenever you come in. It looks like they changed the chicken Tikka masala to meatballs on the all you can was buffet instead which is a slight bummer but everything else was superb. Will definitely be back whenever I get the chance

Jason Cox

Excellent lunch buffet with more creativity than the usual buffet. Fun pickles, veggie dishes, and chutneys to try.

Zach Oxman

I've been getting takeout from this location for a number of years and will occasionally dine in. Recently I ordered delivery and was disappointed to find that the guy had forgotten my mango lassi and was pretty unapologetic and rude and said to call the restaurant and sort it out with them. A lady I spoke with at the restaurant said that she'd have the driver come back with the drink. Calling back ~20 minutes later to follow up on when they thought that he might arrive they didn't seem to know what was going on. They looked for the phone number to get a hold of the driver as I was on the phone with them. The phone number they found and called to reach the driver was my phone number! Eventually I gave up and just asked them to please refund the drink. Stuff happens and I can empathize with a busy night and forgetting things from time to time. It was more the way that things were handled by the driver and then the restaurant when this was brought to their attention.

Valerie Perez

Love this place! Great authentic Indian cuisine!

Ryan Regier, PhD

I love this place! Awesome, authentic Indian food.

Rob Carpenter

Lunch buffet was cold, naan was dried out and curry had grisle / bone in it. Second mediocre experience in a row. Won't be going back.


Just not what it used to be. Front of house staff a gross. Put hands on food don't use proper tools I was truly disappointed I won't be going back and I've been going there for years. Not one of Denver better places to eat n I say this with a heavy heart.

Lucy Pickett


Mark Lansville

I've been going to all Little India's for years, I love this place!


Food never delivered. Driver called saying that he could not get here because of construction. He was 2 blocks away. I gave him directions, but he never showed up. I walked the directions that I gave him, and the way was not blocked. He never called back. I never received my food.

Vincent Bocchino

Good service and good food. The Punjabi samosa was delicious. The heat levels were just right

Greer Mckee

I ordered lunch here for delivery, I'm at a new apartment and accidentally put S. Before my street name. The delivery guy was understandably a little confused and called so I gave him correct directions and he got there. I apologized because it was definitely my mistake and I felt bad if I screwed up his timing for his route. As far as I was concerned no harm no foul. APPARENTLY NOT! He beeped his horn at me as he pulled up and when I got the food from him he was insanely rude. Telling me to 'have a great life' like some bitchy teenage girl from a 90s movie. I was abesolutely baffled. I've loved this place in the past and gotten delivery from here multiple times. It's great food and normally great service but if I'm gonna get into a fight with the delivery guy it's just not worth it.

Mary Richard

The food was great. The atmosphere was warm and the service was e,celllent.

Anand Kumar Gupta

This is worst tasting Indian food I ever had. I can eat almost anything but had hard time swallowing their food. Interior & service was good but taste was missing. They were saying that all chefs are trained in north India. I am from north India and to me they were not trained at all. At least give the option to choose spice level and have few basic dishes.


After 1 month I found a Indian restaurant offering unlimited food with very good price I do recommend this restaurant for all who want to enjoy unlimited food veg and non veg

Amy Perchick

Awesome food! Noce atmosphere good staff

Dayton Egloff

The butter chicken here is absolutely amazing and some of the best I've ever had. The service was somewhat attentive, but there wasn't much personality. The chai was very sweet and rich. I really enjoyed it and I'll definitely return for the food.

Superstar Maui

I am only rating the lunch buffet, because that is what I enjoyed. I am a vegetarian. They bad enough vegetarian choices to make me happy. I enjoyed the flavors of the food. And there was way mirr than enough to make you happy. I am one who usually eats lighter foods. While these choices were plenty enough for me, ans also tasty, I felt a little full afterwards. So next time, I should probably eat a little less. It was so tasty, I ate a lot. So I definitely recommend the buffet. But watch your quantities. Yummy!

Lisa Wade

Good food. Fast service

vaishali Buch

Food is ok and staff was running short. It took too much time to serve. Buffet also didnt have much variety. Good for one time visit.

Trever C T

Wonderful lamb dishes.

Tomas Chadauskas

I have been coming here for many years now, and not once have I not enjoyed it. Great prices, amazing staff, and food to die for. If you like Indian food, or want to try something you haven't yet, don't look anywhere else. If you like good food, you will not be disappointed. Namaste.

George Boyle

Great food and a small intimate atmosphere.

Amy Kitteringham

Formerly a personal favorite for many years, it seems Little India has lost its high standards. Having moved out of the area, I haven't frequented this restaurant in a number of years. Was surprised to find a deal on Living Social, being it was such a good restaurant. The two of us shared papadums, Aloo Gobi, Saag Paneer and naan. All of the food was lacking in flavor and the two main dishes were cold when they came out. It was so disappointing. On a positive note, the service was top notch. Hopefully the restaurant can bring the quality back to their food.

Trevor Hart

Paid 19 for lamb curry and 4 for extra rice. The rice came in a larger container than the curry. The lamb came in a small tub. Extremely dissatisfied. Be aware of what you buy here.

Justin Thomason

This is a great indian food joint. There take out estimates are spot on and their prices and portions are good. If you dine in its a good experience. Only down side is parking is kinda funky. Ive yet to make it but they have a weekend buffett that im sure is lovely. Mmm curry

LeRoy Jaramillo

Excellent Indian food. We used to eat here a lot when we lived in the neighborhood. Happy to find the food is still the best Indian cuisine in town!

Caitlin Arce

Love the food here and always get good service. I just wish it was more reasonably priced, or that they had the buffet for dinner too. I like to get a little selection when I eat Indian food, but I can't afford to here.

Charlie Johnson

Best lunch! Great Indian food! Always leave very full.

Lexa Melody

The waiters were kind and attentive and the food was fantastic!

Alex Hirose

Food is very good but online ordering has not been good recently. Usually have to plan for a 90 minute wait minimum. Plan ahead or choose another option.

Ravi Narayan

Not the best of the Indian restaurants.

Lise Berg

Awesome service, authentic food, very good portions. Loved every bite. Definitely will come back

Nikki Sandschaper

Love the buffet!

Aida Beyene

Not bad. Ordered the Butter Chicken and spinach. I do like that their rice portions are pretty large. I wanted it to be a bit more spicy.

Ashley Boggs

I always get take out and pick up, and is always done when they say. I have never dined in our gotten delivery so I can't speak for that. The food is some of the best Indian that I have had in Denver. I love the sagg pannier and the chicken marsala, they are my favorite dishes to get there. By far the best around! I highly recommend it! The service is fast and nice as well.

Lydia W

Best Indian food in town! Had the scrumptious & affordable lunch buffet. Many things to choose from, love this place.

Robert Adams

The customer service is sub par and they are stingy with their rice when you order an entree. I ordered chicken tiki Marsala and it came without rice, when I asked if it came with the entree they told me I had to pay for it. I’ve never been to an Indian restaurant that you had to lay for rice with an entree of curry or marsala. This has happened twice with me and each time they have been rude when I asked for rice.

Gabriel Ramirez

Food is tasty but service was very slow.


The chai was delicious as I have had a string of bad chais.

Amethyst Stever

The place looks really unassuming from the outside, but inside the ambience is nice and the food is fantastic. Be prepared for the place to be busy, because it's a local favorite.

Kevin Mann

Very tasty, quick service. Too expensive when not for the lunch buffet.

Mastan Shaik

Never had such a bad food in Indian restaurants .

Anita Harper

Went for the lunch buffet and was not disappointed. Their tiki masala had big chunks of chicken breast and the sauce was very tasty. I'd recommend trying it.

Micah Scobey

Seriously... No vindaloo is better in town. They are also some of the nicest servers ever.

Tiffany Rode

Great food, friendly service. Good lunch buffet.

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Little India en Colorado
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