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REVIEWS OF Las Delicias Uptown IN Colorado

John Britton

Carne Asada and margaritas on the rooftop patio in a scenic uptown neighborhood. Good food and great service. Nice prices. What more could you want? Loses a star for weak salsa.

Shingo Sean Ishida

Came into this restaurant on a Wednesday during the lunch hour. We were a party of two, so it didn't take too long to get seated at a table by the window. Service was friendly and relatively prompt. The food is good and the menu has a good number of choices, but I wasn't blown away by the food. Prices are a bit on the high side for Mexican food, but given the near-to-downtown location, the prices are reasonable, I think. Only four stars here because we had to flag the server down several times during our meal (get more water, a new set of cutlery, check at the end of the meal, etc.). Might be a good idea to have one or two more servers on hand for the busy lunch hour, perhaps?

Tara Tumblin

It's a good place to go its as simple as that

Irene Spikes

Food was delicious and sitting upstairs was really nice.

Maira Gallegos

Ordered a Menudo, Chile relleno plate, and a House Margarita. So first of all I didn't get a lime for my menudo and they didn't offer bread with butter. Secondly chile relleno plate is very plain just the gc on top rice an beans no other sides on the plate, and dont let me get you started on the House Margarita!! Literally never again it was horrible took a sip and it had a really really strong flavor and no sweetness whatsoever! Very costy meals for not great food honestly you can get more bang for your buck somewhere else! On the plus side the New server whom assisted our table was very amicable and attentive for being New even though he had to ask some stuff about the Menu....

Shotta bwoi

I have only given three stars because I've only had the Super grilled chicken nachos, AND THEY WERE AND ARE ALWAYS ON POINT! FRESH!

Juan Heide

Average Mexican food, not impressed. Small portions for the $. Service is average too.

Kelsey Jepperson

I personally thought the food was kind of whatever. Didn't like our drinks either. Service was friendly and quick though as well as the restaurant was pretty clean.

Jesse Kaser

I ordered Las Delicias for delivery and unfortunately my experience was not good at all. I found a giant hair in my food, the customer service was terrible and the food just wasn't very good. You're better off ordering from any other mexican restaurant in the city.

Berni Guest-Weaver

Great memorial gathering by her daughter and family for a dear friend and colleague! Perfect get together to remember the good times!!

l t

Tried to place a catering order. Called over the weekend told to call back on Monday. Called on Monday, person answering the phone had no idea what I was talking about or who I needed to speak to. She put the phone down for several long …

Jesse Renteria

If I could do 0 stars will be awesome. After 20 mins of trying to find parking and we were unsuccessful we decided to go somewhere else. Now I see the results of gentrification at it's best. Thanks

Monique Jackson

Great Mexican food.

Andrew Ranum

Love Las this is the third location I have been to all fantastic and constant!

Andrea Carter

My favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver. As a Lyft driver, I always recommend this restaurant to visitors/tourist.

Mike Karel

Spending $40.00 or more and they still want to charge extra for chips. Want cheese over your dish instead of salsa cost couple bucks extra and ground beef was more a sauce than ground beef. Not Good

Fanny Wu

Delicious! I wish I could take these tacos back home. My favorite are the carnitas dishes here, but everything is amazing. The green chile is a must try here.

kiel Scott

The service was mediocre food order was not right, then there was a incorrect charge $55, charged to my card, will never go back

Ethan Sandoval

Great restaurant serving great food in a picturesque community with an upstairs and downstairs patio. Side note: if you happen to order the sangria in a pitcher do mix it yourself as it does not come pre mixed! As you can tell, I learned the hard way.

José Morado

Great prices and drink specials were great!

Jacqueline DuBois-Collins

I have always loved this restaurant. It had fantastic food before the remodel and still has great food and customer service along with a new beautiful ambiance.

Anne Conklin

Good food as always, pleasant servers.

Nate Stevens

A completely normal American family style Mexican restaurant with prices scaled up to match its interior.

Will Fowler

Great Mexican food for a super reasonable price. Staff is very friendly and quick.

Scott Gusty Christensen

What a wonderful place for dinner! I've eaten here many many times, though I have not been here in a while. I was shocked to find that it has been completely remodeled since I was here last, but it still has the same delicious food they have always had. Best refried beans in town!

Anton Kaleth

For some reason the food is different since the remodel. I used to love love love Las Delicias. However, I feel like the remodel changes things. Maybe they got a new kitchen or the switched food vendors. Don't get me wrong, it's still one of my favorites in Denver. It's just not the same.

Jeff Idol

Nice staff, but smaller establishment. Average Mexican fair but was a nice place to stop in for a drink.

Dennis TheGreat Corpas

Good nothing really crazy, a bit cozy and pricy

Ruby Sanchez

Food was great, but not what it used to be. This used to be my mom favorite restaurant. So we took my dad there for his birthday last night. It is no longer an authentic Mexican restaurant. The music was in english, the TV'S were not on any Spanish channels. It is completely americanized with a few Mexican decorative pieces. We were completely disappointed to see my mom's favorite place to eat has disappeared. I wont be going there again.


Not my favorite place for mexican food but they are clean, friendly, and prompt.

Anna Fajardo

Lots of problems with server. She did not get two of oyr meals correct. The helper guy was very good.

Mark Garcia

Good food. Great service.

Lynn Sargent

Haven’t been here since they remodeled (has been a while, and the place looks great.) Ordered the steak burrito expecting slices of steak inside but the “steak” pieces were small like bacon bits. My friends enjoyed their meals.

Brian W

Wonderfully redone restaurant inside and out. Same great food. Been going here for many years.

Karen Newlon

Great food. Never disappointed.

Dr. Rikesha Fry Brown

This is my favorite place to eat when I am in Denver. I never leave without visiting. The food is Soo good!

Brian Chadwick

I've been reading the reviews for this place. Interesting mix. I had the green chile plate. It was tasty. In all, the food was pretty good. However, this is not the best Mexican food in Denver. There is much better to be had...better …

La Me

Service was fast, food taste great

Christine Watson-Marolf

Excellent food and service!

Reginà Springer

Great food and atmospher along with superb service

Sarah Weller

Excellent food, reasonably priced, and great service! Our server Mateo was extremely attentive, and we got our food in under five minutes. I will definitely be coming back!

Jennifer Lonnes

It was amazing how 2 different staff members did not know their drink menus and drew a complete blank about what rotating tap was and what certain beers were. Waitress walked by several times and had to be flagged flagged down to get soda and water refills. Food was good but service needs improvement.

Judith Mattoon

Clean, well-lit and airy, Las Delicias feels welcoming. Service was efficient. The food was good value for price. I just did not find the cuisine special. Perhaps our choices were not the best ones to show off this restaurant's reputation. Give it a try and draw your own conclusions.

Angelica B

Wow this place looks totally different after the remodel! I love the decor and the ambiance of the new design. The waitstaff was quiet but helpful. The main dining area downstairs did get a little loud even with just a few people in it. The food is the same good quality Denver Mexican food you know and love. I have yet to see the upstairs but from outside it looked really nice!

Christian Salvador

Alright. A little overpriced and bland for being mexican.

Stephen Montez

Great food and staff

Robert Rodriguez

The food and service was fantastic!

Raymonda Burgman

Great brunch spot! Love the atmosphere and ability to people watch. Service was perfect and the food was delicious.

Diego Nicholas

Great authentic Mexican food in Downtown Denver!

john koelling

Really great rooftop and atmosphere! Drinks were tasty and service was on par. The entrees were generally good, but the nachos were really disappointing. They came out very soggy and not at all crispy. Not appetizing.... overall, we had a decent, but not great, experience.

Jorge Rivera

Pretty good tasting food but service was rather slow for not being busy. Had steak and eggs with green salsa and corn tortillas. I inquired about flour tortillas but declined them when I was told they weren't homemade.

Crystal Johnson

I WILL NEVER COME AGAIN!!! I have been coming for about 5 years and I really thought this was a good place to eat, however I am thinking that their remodel cost the restaurant more than they had anticipated. The food quality, and service has really went downhill. I still continued to come back week after week hoping that they would get back into the swing of things. Today I officially hit my limit. I was charged an additional $2.90 for “extras”. I asked for lemons on the side for my water ( I do not want the lemons on the cup or in the water). This equals $2.00. I ordered an $8 bowl of Menudo, and asked for extra red pepper( $.30) and onion ($.60). Now, please understand it is not the money, it is the sneaky way this was done. “good” service… is when you ask for lemons or extra items would say is it ok that you will be charged??? Here is my biggest issue! I go to the counter to say hey I have been coming for a very long time, I have never been charged like this/I was never told etc, and I was informed that basically I have been charged underhandedly like this for the last ONE YEAR, and I just noticed! This is unacceptable and makes me so sad. In that moment I did the math and realized that if that statement was true I have paid $104 for just lemons alone!!!! I accept I am at fault for not realizing for a year, but I swear to God I have never been informed of any extra cost outside of my meal. Live and Learn I guess!

Scotty McLovin Ammon

Fresh food fast.

Preston Dishon

I really want this place to be good since I live right across the street but the food is average at best. All sauces, including the salsa, are runny. Nothing is really bad but nothing is really great either. It's a shame because the restaurant itself is beautiful after the renovation. Time for a food renovation as well.

Tamatha Capps

I love this place been going for years way before the remodel. Great service and great food!

Grae Dewey

Fresh and Spicy The food and service were great! My favorite detail is the quality of the blender they use for a frozen margarita

Cris Conner

Food was pretty good but expensive compared to other Mexican restaurants with similar quality food, but I realize the price has to do with the uptown location and seems to be comparative with pricing with other uptown restaurants. Why I don't really go out to eat in uptown much.

Kelly Gentry

The renovation is nice, but the wait staff was pretty slow and the food came out of the kitchen on the cool side.

Sir Brandis DeWray - CEO

Beautiful remodel! Same good food as well as great service which this historic establishment continues to make a principal value; both then, now and hopefully always!

Toby Rampa

I've been here about 20 times in the last year. It's always the same story. When you first walk in there is always drama at the register/ host stand. Once you get by that you're in for a treat. The food and service are great.

Stan Rasor

Good family run Mexican restaurant that has been around for decades. Their recent building renovation greatly improved the dining experience. Recommended.

Justine Morin

Their smothered breakfast burritos are the best!

John Gonzalez

I have only been there twice since they have remodeled . For those not accustomed to the new changes ;I might suggest eating on the patio on the 2nd level . It makes it feel like you're eating at a different restruant , because you kinda are . Not quite what I remember . Those who have gone there for a few decades might get what I mean . Could just be me . My two stars should mean nothing , this should be your call .

Samantha Haggstrom

Good food; quick service.


Good ambiance, music is nice and just the right volume, Good attentive servers, food is fresh, tasty, and affordable!

Brooklyn Dance Academy

Delicious food and great hospitality! We were pleasantly surprised to find this as the perfect place for breakfast! Wonderful prices....highly recommend!

Ronald Fiet

Good food and service. Great rooftop.

Ghosttown Promotions

Best Mexican food north of the Rio Grande!

Joel K

I would love to give this place more than 2 stars, but I can't. I live around the corner and want to like this place. The three times I have been there all have been a disappointment. Each time I went back, I thought it would get better - it didn't. The service was terrible each time, even when they were not busy. It's very expensive for what it is, cheap mexican at a premium price. Go across the street to Margs Taco Bistro Uptown for the same price and better food.

Kaliandra Campbell

Doesn't taste like authentic Mexican food

Danell Little

I'm a Colorado native that's been out of state for two years, no one makes Mexican food like Colorado! Don't get me started on the margarita situation! So happy to come home and have the good stuff! Delicious Las delicious!!

Stephen Errico

Good food, great service, love the open air upper deck. I'm from Tennessee so crave Colorado Mexican food when I'm here. Would return.


Carnitas Tacos were great!

Mohit Bhati

Good drinks with decent mexican food options.!! Not much for the vegetarians though.

Tiffy Robertson

Very nice upgrade, waiter didn't wait as good as could have. But, food is the best of all of La Delicias locations. But, I've been going there since 96'.

Paige Moseley

This place was just pretty mediocre. Came in at 230 for happy hour that was advertised between 2 and 6 and happy hour price was not honored. Ordered 2 16 oz skinny margs and they were each $17 so buyer beware. The other 16 oz drinks were advertised for cheaper. Drink was okay, bar service was slow despite being 1 of 4 customers at the bar. $50 for 2 drinks and an appetizer, I would definitely go somewhere else in the neighborhood.

Garrod Massey

Great food for the area! Always easy to get a seat as the place is massive.

Frank Martinez

Not as good as the Thornton location. Had to wait a really long time for our food and it wasn't even that busy.

Alana Barshney

The carnitas Michoacan are absolutely out of this world good. I also love their brunch menu so I can get my fix of nopal and fried eggs. We just went today for happy hour tacos. Service is good, and we love to sit and watch all the neighborhood dogs go by.

Tom Jones

Mediocre food. Slow service. False advertising on bottomless mimosas! The concept is literally in the name! BOTTOMLESS! That means you can have multiple orders for the $18 charge. If you want to sell a small carafe of mimosas for $18, by all means, go ahead. But don’t call it bottomless! I was charged for two bottomless mimosas because they brought me two small carafes during my meal. Then, the manager has the audacity to only remove $7 from the bill when I point out that the menu says BOTTOMLESS! Get it together!!! Where is a zero star rating when you need one?

Connor Hartung

Great Mexican food and breakfast burritos to DIE for.

amanda ramsey

This place has not once given me a Correct order. I asked for dbl beans and got 2 sides of rice. I was also informed my order sat on a counter for 30 min before leaving the restaurant. My food was cold, packaging was smashed, and when I contacted the restaurant I was told it would not be re-made unless I paid for a second meal. All of this was completely inexcusable and abhorrent customer service for sub par and cold food for a premium price. The management there should be ashamed of how they handled this and most likely retrained to understand how to properly treat their customers.

Alex Alexander

Food was just okay. The remodel looks good. Service was okay.

Christopher Deyen

Ordered the steak and eggs. 75% fat and dried up eggs. Worst ever. Have had other dishes and this place is just second rate.

Vicious Mistr3ss

Margaritas were fantastic, food was good. Our bartender didn't seem to speak any English but was still pleasant and everything was delivered correctly.

Mac Foucher

Food was as good as it was before they remodeled. GREAT PLACE, GREAT FOOD,GREAT SERVICE!!

Miryam Del Carmen

Quality food for a good price! And amazing service. Would definitively come back and bring more guests.

Dorothy Todd

I love this place because of the ambiance and the fact that they are willing to make accommodations for large group. The food is variable but I go back anyway.

Marisa DiGiallonardo

My very favorite Mexican Food in my home state!! When I left there was only there are 5 locations!! So happy for the family! Best skinny Margs!!


I swear I don't get the excitement over this place. I have eaten better Mexican food that I bought from the frozen food section at the grocery store. Drinks suck too !

Rebecca Osborne

OMG--sooo good! Grab the pork carnitas & you will be back for more!!

Amy Rose

Awful service, pretty good food though. Probably wouldn’t go back because of how bad the service was!!

William Thompson

The food was not fantastic but very good for the price were more than reasonable. The saff we're friendly and very helpful

Andrew Perez

We hadnt been there since before the remodel, and we loved it the new place is very nice, the food is great its beautiful inside we will be back all the time just like before. Thank you for not being like la Loma and moving and charging more and forgetting the people tht keep this restuarant going.

Nihar Dey

Service was good. Items were reasonably priced. My lunch tasted good.

T Mason

This is solid Mexican food with any exceptional standouts. If you're in the area and meeting others, it'll do nicely but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Jean de la Grace Matadi

The place is nice and the owners (I assume, both women I saw which are perhaps mother and daughter) are diva-like! I had a good time and enjoyed the food.

Brittany Miller

Excellent place for quality Mexican food. Very tasty. Will surely make a return trip. Mood here reminds me of San Diego's scene.

T Taylor

Nice atmosphere & great service. I ordered tge chille relleno with rice & beans. I was not impressed with anything. The bartender was great & very attentive. I used to love this place growing up. They must have gotten new owners. I don't think I'll go back for food unfortunately.

Dustin K

Everyone is really nice and its quick food and drinks. The food is average but expensive. 3 out of 4 times I've been there I didnt get what I ordered but what I received was still alright. Drinks are good! And recommend their taco Tuesdays!

Laura Butler

Green chile was pretty bland. Nice environment.

Janna Ohrstrom

Such a shame. We came in on a Saturday afternoon, it wasn’t very busy. We waited for 15 minutes before I got up and asked for water for the table. We were finally able to order but the table next to us (who had a young child) was still waiting for service. 10 minutes later our food arrives and the table next to us still didn’t get service and decided to leave. Even the service we did receive was lacking, as the server came to drop off the water he just proceeded to stare at us and wait for us to order, did not say hello/how are you/what can I get for you etc. Considering the decor is beautiful and the food is pretty good (the only reason a I gave 2 stars) it’s a shame that they take no steps at all in providing even mediocre service. Not only will we not be returning but we watched them lose out on business by simply ignoring people that chose to dine there. The neighborhood is filled with many restaurants with great food and great service so I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time or money here.

sri pothu

Had burger and fries here few days back. The waiter took away the plate from me, while I’m still eating , I was surprised and could not say anything. I still feel bad about it when I remember. I noted the name of the waiter !! Rude

Jason Solis

Super hip Mexican spot with authentic Mexican food. Best patio in town also. My daughter loves the Quesadillas I love the Micheladas

Rebecca Moreno

Fast lunch, authentic Mexican food.

Deanna Bruno

I think it's the best Mexican food restaurant in town. Try the enchiladas!

C AllenBrown

Several years ago I went to this restaurant before their Remodel and I absolutely love the food it was fabulous! Yesterday 8/1/18, I decided to go by for a very very late lunch and check out the new remodel. Absolutely beautiful restaurant, the food was good, the service was a bit slow which I was kind of surprised because I was there between lunch and dinner which is a very slow period of time. The waitress I believe was training a waiter. No one came and asked if I needed anything else, no one asked me if I needed a refill on my beverage. I had to actually get up and go to the counter and ask for someone to bring my check and a to-go box. I would recommend the restaurant for the food. Their chips and salsa is homemade and very good. CAB

Stephanie Maney

I was really impressed with Las Delicias. The food is truly authentic Mexican fare. The portions are generous, and everything is fresh and tasty. One of the best House Margarita's I've ever had, I definitely recommend it! Our server, Mateo, was friendly and prompt. We felt relaxed and comfortable, not rushed, and the overall Las Delicias experience was great. I've been in Denver almost 8 years and am pleased that this Denver staple fully lived up to their reputation.

Deirdre Hicks

Food and service was excellent.

Nik Mak

Las Delicias is a very old restaurant downtown Denver, it has been at it's location for ages. It has been completely renovated and changed from a typical restaurant of the 80's where you entered from Pennsylvania Ave to a more modern looking decor entering on 19th. The food and service were excellent.

Mackenzie Kincaid

I love this place!! In fact my profile photo was taken at Las Delicious. I LOVE to mix their beans and rice and scoop it up with chips!!!

Heather Joyce

Serve my favorite green chili. This is a classic Denver institution with recently updated digs. In my 20 years of going here I perceive the service slipping since they remodeled, but the food is always worth it.

Chuck Bates

Great food and service

bast oxossi

This is the second time i have been to this location. I have attended the other locations,But this week past will be the last time at this place. I had another horrible server, non informant that would not tell you things ahead of pricing, and then there seems to be a rush to harass customers and not read there tables this is the second time and last time. No respect for sitting at table to allow you to read or be in a quiet space.There is never enough people there in the restaurant, this week maybe 16 people in all and there always seems to be a rush as though you were at Grand central station, or there are too many visits to the table constantly sad. There usually is a women manger there in the past ,and she was kool, yet this time there was an older man there, and he had a serious attitude? Which led to me asking the server the same one that took over 10 minutes to come out and greet my table, and i had to get up and get him and the manger. What sparked me is that i asked the server for breakfast burrito, and it was a approved, yet when i asked him to deep fry it making it a chimichunga, this was not told to me that it had a double up charge and it was told to me? When i have gone to the other locations, it is not a problem nor an issue. so when the bill came out i had a fit telling the server who did not do his job well, at all received who did not receive a tip and when the manager came out it ended with a Hugh spat over the negligence of his staff, and a manager that was fighting with me over a non communications and failings of the server to relay pertinent information, and a manager that seems to have failings in loving to love to fight back with customers in an empty restaurant! i can only imagine how many other people have experienced issues in this place and some of the same things. i went through on the only and last visits i will ever make in this place! it is sad because i live in, centennial and yet service is mostly great, yet on Capital hill, and parts of Denver bad ethics in some of these places you spend your hard earned money failure! This location is dead to me now and will remain as such, think twice and observe!

Todd Walton

Really good food, even went the extra length for a vegan coworker

Lora Wilson

Used to be a great place to enjoy good food. Not anymore. Food quality and presentation has gone down the tubes. Even the mexican hamburger, is no longer appealing. The menudo is ok. Would be better if more of tge fat was removed from the tripe.

Jamie Tafoya

My family’s favorite Mexican restaurant for several years (we’re also Mexican). Smothered burritos are delicious. This location has been remodeled and has a really cool, uptown vibe. Solid margaritas as well.

Adam Zarrin

The food is solid, and I would probably describe it as tex-mex. It isn't mind blowing, but is very comforting, especially when you are hungry. Rooftop patio is a huge attraction, and the service is very good.

ellias ortega

Always friendly. Great food.

Felicia Willis

I came into the restaurant to have my mimosa for brunch Joseph was a awsome host you need to come down to Las Delicias

Michael Canney

Bad cocktails and stale chips, this place has terrible food. I won’t be back. Lots of better options in Denver for decent Mexican food!

Daniel Lynch

Best Mexican Food in Denver! Huge fan of the pork carnitas plate, a nice bowl of guacamole with extra cilantro, and margaritas to get my buzz right. Love the Uptown location as I will get a massage at Back In A Flash, coffee at Fluid, and then finish the day strong with Las Delicias!

Bill Farrell

I have eaten at this location for over 30 years.. I guess after remodeling they did away with quality! 2 strands of cheese on my wife’s tostadas. Beef unseasoned and bland!! I’ll stick with location up north!

Jake David

No hot water in Mens restroom. Salsa was off tasting. Burrito, tacos, enchiladas, and tostadas were good. Service was decent. Could have been a tad bit cleaner. Not very expensive.


Delicious rellenos! Good service on a large party. Welcoming atmosphere

Brianna Desrochers

The atmosphere here is great, especially their roof deck. On a sunny day, it’s the best place in the neighborhood to enjoy a margarita. The food is good, but not the best Mexican in Denver. They are super quick though, especially with takeout. No matter what, the portions are plentiful!

Elisa R

Went to a HCOC event...the bartender literally poured WATER, TAP our Margaritas to fill the highball glass. We sat to eat and the waiter was FANTASTIC he made the drink situation right. The food is excellent but that water deal keeps me from giving 5 stars.

Brandon Beard

Best Mexican food in Denver. Amazing upstair patio and bar.

Andrea Tallaksen

It was kind of slow thats why we went in, however it wasn't long before it was filling up again. Good food, nice views and great staff!

Breyanna Hicks

This place is ALWAYS busy. But they some how make it a fast, easy , comfortable experience. Everyone is always smiling. The food is AMAZING. The perfect amount of spice but if your want extra spicy, just ask. They have never failed ever.

Gicela Paccione

I love taco Tuesday!


Usually love this place. This last visit to eat, the waiter was pretty non attentive, plus I had a hair in my food.

Tammy Johnson

What happened to the saying satisfy the customer employees argue with the paying customers , customers pay your salary not this restraunt but i orderedlbeef and bean burrito it had more beans and little beef 10$ I ordered Mexican hamburger smothered green chili on the side and sour cream on the side. Lettuce and tomato no lettuce no tomato 10$ and the food was luke warm I live 8min away did they componsate me a half of cup of beef wow smh

Danny Griffin

Good place for quality Mexican food. Came here on a Friday I think. The bill was appropriate for the quality.

Taseisha Proctor

A little different from Glendale but still good.

Patrick Bredengerd

Good food. Good service. I'd eat there again for sure.

Lisa McMahon

Great breakfast burrito and hot coffee for a fair price. Nice staff. Good crowd.

Daran Thach

I couldn't believe the awesome deals you can find at this well adorned spot in Uptown, Downtown! The inviting rooftop terrace is a great spot to check out the uptown action along the 19th Street/Penn corner. 2 of us came to enjoy some D-bar dessert, only to be shunned by the 35" wait. So instead we tried Las Delicias and came away pleased and satiated. The 3 beef tacos came out excellent. Not too greasy with the tortilla shells yet subtle. The beef was well seasoned, juicy, and the onion/tomato/lettuce didn't disappoint. What brought the flavor out most was cheese. It had a good aroma to match the cheddar. Next time I'll return to order a heftier meal like the super nachos ($12 w/steak or chicken), steak ranchero ($18) or the Mexican steak ($17).

Dawn Boleman

Amazing food. Amazing service. Everyone was so nice and respectful. They were even awesome to my kids, which is a huge deal. Will come again and will recommend them to anyone!

Toni Roybal

Been going here since my mother was alive. Her FAVORITE place to go. Delicious food

Craig Harper

Great food, great atmoshper, and great staff. Will definitely be going back!

Audrey Garcia

I love this place. Prices are great, the service is always friendly and attentive, and they are so fast! The food is really good. I love the smothered bean and chicharron burrito, and the chips and salsa.

Carrol Reeves

Thin, watery salsa and chili. Bland chicken. Out of chirronies.

Irvin Arreola

Great food and drinks. Friendly staff

Simba Nia Blackman

Food is ok, service leaves alot to be desired.

Bettye Davis

Being born and raised in El Paso, TX, I know Menudo. This restaurant nailed it. Love a clean broth... people are very nice.

Robin Lewison

Just like name, delicious and nice decor.

Max Makuvise

Very tasty. Price was good too

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