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2750 Glenwood Dr, Boulder, CO 80304

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REVIEWS OF Korea House Restaurant IN Colorado

thong doan

Food was good. We ordered the meat to be grilled on table. They brought out the charcoal for heat and it was very nice for grill meat. The service could be better. Grill plate could have been change more often since it got black quickly.

John P

My first time doing this and it was good. Went for lunch. They were out of pork so I settled for beef. Spent $30 for two, including tip. Lot of beef and white rice. Had to ask for the Korean red sauce. The ambience was 89' pizza parlor, but ok. Got in and out in about 35 minutes.

Emily Gatehouse

Bessy Anariba

Tao Zhang

Worst Korean food had ever, and the price is very high for the amount of food getting. If you are new, and wanna try Korean food, try somewhere else. If you love Korean food, also try somewhere else. This is NOT the place you want go for Korean food! Double check your credit card bill. This guy charged more.

Paige Crouse

Food was amazing!! Service was great! I deff will be going back! You can't split the bill 4 or more ways and they add a 15% gratuity on the bill for party's of 4 or more, to clarify.


I love this place. The food is great and the owners are super nice! ^-^

Steven slaney

Great Korean bbq. They charge extra for white rice though which is weird

Lakpa Sona

i went there with my friends and the owner was very friendly and looks like he is the only person walking there but he was quick and food was good too!!

Carol Larsen

Lovely food. Ate outside

Ashley Howard

Great food and friendly service!! Yummy bibimbap and gyoza!

Shuang Lin

The portion is very small. The price is too high. The chairs are very hard, not comfortable to sit on.

Brodie LeBlue

Sean Mena

Victoria La


Gloria Fields

Good Food. In Nice Staff.

Paul Smothers

It's one of the best places to go and get some authentic Kaream Dishes. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Paul Griffith

Handled a table for 8 very well.

Richard Yang

Karin Di Giacomo

Great Korean Food. The Kimchi is perfect, the BBQ chicken was tasty, fresh, not overcooked veggies perfectly cooked rice. This is a lovingly assembled treasure-box of a restaurant with lots of art and memories. The ambiente is surprising, an exotic yet homey surrounding! After the meal the chef came out and personally inquired if all was ok, - and taught me - at my request - to say thank you in Korean: Kamsahamnida Thank you for not only a great meal but for true hospitality. After living 30 years in Boulder this is really a surprise find. I will be back.



Great restaurant! Every dish is delicious.

A Google User

What I like about this place is that the people working in the kitchen are not just cooks, they are artists. You can see the emotion behind every single meal. Or at least I can and that makes me return over and over again.

Somer Thompson

Love! Love! Love!


Simply amazing

Patrick Degnan

Best Korean food in Boulder

Samantha Skoros

I dont know what i would do if this restaurant didn't exist. I eat here twice a month at least! The server we always get is seriously the cutest person ever. I feel like shes my best friend and i can never even catch her name. I think it goes without saying that the food is just heavenly. But the food guys, its.. it could make me cry. If you want authentic korean food then look no further. If you want charming and authentic atmosphere, look no further. If you want to feel as if you've died and gone to foodie heaven, please stop looking and eat here.

Jean DeRoche

Nhi Vo

It's a small Mom and Pop Korean food place. Almost the only one in Boulder. Good food for an affordable price. Maybe small, but looks are deceiving. Very homey.


Reall a nice and calm little korean place, very quiet and peacful, highly recommended

Michael Willet


Larry Marquez

Fiorella Swanson

Julia Konstantinos

Came here starving and left happy and full!! An amazing place for food and price is right

Lynda Long

Not the best service but great bibimbop, good price too when it's lunch special.

Charline Davenport

I don't understand people calling owner rude? I used to visit this place a few times a week when I worked closer. Still visit every week or 2 . Owner has trouble understanding things, if you take time to speak with him he tries to understand but is very pleasant, Owner an his wife are only employees and every person knows you can get run down working 6 days a week but to live people have to do whats needed. The portion size is NORMAL, they didn't Americanize the sizing and I think thats great because wasted food would be a problem for a small business. The food is wonderful, its NOT Americanized with sugar like other places that give you large plates (hints why you get more lower quality). Asking for special things is hard when they prep things before opening (small business). I don't recommend this place for picky people, rude people or Vegans. This place is for people who truly love Korean "homemade" food, his wife is an amazing cook. I went too 5 other restaurants before finding this place, I will never go to another korean restaurant because they can't compare to Korean House.

Natalie Wolfe

Nice little hole in the wall with wonderful service and inexpensive menu. Not a huge variety of Korean food, but all delicious!

Christopher Ridley

Food was incredible.

John Ryu

Good real Korean food.

Rayburn Clipper

I've been going to this place for almost 20 years. I like the Dol sot bi bim bop. You can get the Korean B-B-Que for a group to enjoy the experience of cooking at the table. Huge selection of Kim-chi items. Love it.

Elise Ginsburg

Beckett Johnson

jlee gri

Fresh and piping hot food! Yum

Joan Bailey

Best Korean food in Louisiana!

Serena Sossi

Definitely a unique experience! This was my first time having Korean and I wasn't disappointed. They might be a little short staffed but they make it work

Eric Basco

My group is known for its desire for sublime dining experiences. While we stayed in boulder for our first time, we frequent the Korean restaurants of denver and colorado springs. Forget the number of banchan you had somewhere else. We have become spoiled. The kimchijjigae was excellent, and the kimchijeon wasn't doughy, and had excellent pungency. We will come again when we return. While this is the only korean restaurant in boulder, it adds a new palette sensation to the asian genre here.

Mitch Bekhit

Small portions. For a $12 lunch meal I expect to be full. The food was good though

Bin Fu

Stephanie Reid

Delicious. The barley tea was wonderful, all of it, just great.

Jason Church

daniel mejia

Galbi, yukejon, and kimchi pancakes were authentic and flavorful, I loved this place!! , thanks guys!!! You made my colorado trip complete!! ..... and there is a dispensary next door, 420 baby!!! F the police!

Cathy Freeman

Just got back from lunch here... Korea House is one of my husband's and my favorite places! Everything is so delicious and the people there are always super sweet and kind to us. I highly recommend this gem!

John-Mark Readle

This place is our new favorite. It has a cozy atmosphere and friendly service. The hot stone bibimbap was fantastic, as was the bulgogi steak. The chef even took the time to make us a beautiful orange sculpture to go with our green tea mochi at desert. I highly recommend.

John Bardin

Travelling through Boulder, enjoyed my meal. Host was most attentive. Recommend Kimchee Soup.

Jordan Smith

Food is amazing. The owner is very nice and lets me practice Korean with him.

Kelly Seidl

A small Korean restaurant full of great authentic food. My favorite is the Kimchi Tofu Soup. It's a small family run restaurant, the type I like to support.

James Oh

Jessica Yoon

We got the beef lunch boxes. I thought this was going to be bulgogi with mandoo, but instead it was “Japanese style” with fried gyoza and bland beef with miso soup. This was in no way Korean. We didn’t even get ban chan. Very disappointed. 3 stars because it was edible, but wouldn’t come back.


Shiori Hatagawa

The bibimbap we ordered was decent but not stellar. The service was a little slow and the decor looks tired.

Yoon Kim

Legit authentic Korean food. I can't believe this is the only Korean restaurant in Boulder. Well - all you Boulderites - this is as authentic as Korean places get so expand your mind, open your horizons and jump on that Korean Bbq! (Called kalbi here)

Loving Plantbased

I always like Korean food until I came to this place. I've never been to any Korean Restaurants and had bad service like this place. The service was horrible horrible horrible and the food was terrible. I should've wrote down the servers name. He spilled water on our table and didn't bothered giving us more water. he has temper problem which I never found anyone like him before in any Asian restaurants. I regret spent $90 on this place. He's lucky I gave him $1.50 tip. Do not come to this place. I hope the owner reads this comment.

Amber Kim

I like the food at Korea House. The food tastes amazing and the service was great!

james gill

Lz Warmals


Retro Ced

This restaurant was amazing. The food was really good, it felt like you where brought to someone's house in Korea. The food was so good I had two items off the menu. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Aisling Ye

The food is pretty good, but is not enough for a meal. Stone hot pot is awesome, the price is higher than expected.

Brent Pristupa

Joan Orthober

Authentic atmosphere. Warm friendly service.

Joseph Piper

My favorite restaurant in Boulder. They have very reasonable lunch specials.

Victoria Michel

Gabriela Walters

Phenomenal, hit-the-spot healthy food from an adorable family-owned restaurant. I hadn't found a good simple Korean restaurant since I moved to Boulder, but this was exactly what I'd been craving!

Peter Fabish

I love this place. It's a quaint, small restaurant owned by a wonderful Korean man, who personally serves the food. He takes a special interest in his customers and makes sure you're well taken care of. And the food is fantastic. I especially love the Jopchae. Highly recommended!

todd bro

So good you don't mind be the wait

Kyung Kwon

(Translated by Google) I ordered three ribs, but I did not eat 10% of the fat and the service was not friendly. (Original) 갈비를 3인분을 주문했는데 10%는 기름덩어리라 먹지를 못했고 서비스도 친절하지가 못했읍니다

Wesley Chan

Authentic Korean food in Boulder Area.

Danielle Koffler

I love this place. The owner is so sweet and kind. The food is fantastic and authentic. I highly recommend the hot stone bibimbap and the kimchi jeon. Haven't had a dish I didn't like here. The ambiance reminds me of restaurants I used to go to while living in Korea. Definitely check this hidden gem out.

Harrison Bradley

My first experience with Korean barbecue. Loved it overall, and the food was delicious. Service was polite, but on the slow side, even though it wasn't crowded when I was there.

James Waiters III

Ben Smith

The bento box was legit and the place was small cozy and had awesome Korean music on.

Colby Hall

Great place to take kids since they are focused cooking most of the time. Food was delicious!!

Brennan Dorsey

5 stars for food. service knocks it down to 4 though

Lily Stricklin

Delicious! Shareable portions, lovely helpful staff. Really great experience. :)

kd Huynh

Best Korean food in town!!

Rita Katich

I really wanted to like this place. The decorations are kitschy (in a fun way), and the menu has a lot of variety. That's where my compliments end. The waiter (owner?) was beyond rude to my party. I was initially scolded for asking a question from the menu out of turn (even though many of us had the same query about the lunch special). I brushed that off as "quirky." But then, 5 out of the 8 of us at our table were lambasted in some way while ordering. Here are some of the "rules" we apparently broke and were scolded like children for. You're not allowed to order a $6.50 salad for lunch unless you order an entree too. If you have dietary restrictions, you better not ask if fish/egg/etc are in your dish. If you order the lunch special, you are not allowed to order a side dish (makes no sense - we'd be spending more $!!!). Sushi is not sold for lunch, even though it's not specified on the menu. Don't ask if they have XXX that you had at another restaurant - they don't and they'll make you feel dumb. Our experience of Korea House was like the Seinfeld episode of the soup nazi, but not in a good way. Jaws on the floor. All of us. It is rare that I would anti-recommend a restaurant, but our experience was bad enough that if I overheard strangers discussing the restaurant, I'd tell them not to go. At least we can now laugh about the absurdity. Visit Yelp, the reviews there seem to be more reflective of our experience.

Glenn Braud

Mike Brandt

Food is amazing as always and the server was very helpful and friendly. I come here every time I get back to Louisiana.

Brysen karnik

Excellent food and service! I'm definitely going to be coming back


Great awesome very sweet owners. Food amazing great gone many places to eat Korean food unfortunately this restaurant much better and real Korean food a lot places aren’t real Korean food had terrible horrible experiences so go to this place definitely highly recommend.

Connie Combs

One of my preferred spots for delicious Korean food. I give this spot two thumbs up. Bring your hunger - portions are filling.

Terance Chan

Kerry Mccarthy

Best lunch I've had in a while, good food nice staff, if it's your first time they'll walk you through the menu. Will return for dinner.

Daniel Perkins

Good Korean BBQ you can cook at your table. It's the experience I enjoyed but the food was great.

Marion Steward

We really like this place. Not fancy but very tasty.

Gracie Messer

Great bibimbap! Cozy atmosphere, quiet and unpretentious, kind staff, delicious healthy food

Jesse Jordan

KH is of my favorites. Small place but big flavor, bring a few friends since most of the entrees are for made for groups. Also, expect a wait as seating is limited. They do offer to go

Ryan Ruyle

Zoshia Tracey

This is my favorite restaurant in Boulder. The owner is super funny and gets to know you if you're a regular. Also, the food is consistently good. My favorite thing is the Delux Combo Bento Box, which I dub the meat box. It's amazing!

Aaron Doty

Claudia Linares

I didnt get to taste the food. Owner was very rude. I am not going back ever. I left the place because he refused to serve us food.

Melanie Kellum

Have been coming here for 20+ years and still love it!!!!

Chloe Young

Vinc Duran

Had a healthy and quick lunch in a very nice spot. We don't visit here often because of the high prices. When we do we get excellent food and friendly service. I tried to take pictures of the food but couldn't stop people from eating!

Thao Nguyen

Maurice Robert

Jennifer Ha

Best banchan dishes

Scott Carson

Great atmosphere, amazing food, and the nicest staff.

Robin Laurel

Authentic Korean food in a comfortable atmosphere. Friendly staff

Sean Sung H Kang

Spicy pork with side dishes and Rice Very comfortable and nice Korean Food very delicious all the side dishes, If you like a old style real Korean food from New Orleans? Come to try to this restaurant~!

stacy love

Maven Lore

Amazing and always delicious!

Prashanth Prakash

Good veggie options, unique setup, tasty good

Amy Rule

Tasty vegan tofu bibimbap bowl

Ben Valley

flavio de pina

Simply great!

Joseph Shuey

Service was good but didn't care for the food.

Michael Hansen

So good and fresh! Favorite things on the menu are the steamed dumplings and the hot stone bibimbap! The owner is so kind. Great local business.

Darren High


Juyeon Yun

Good food, good service, good people! What else do you need more to select restaurant?! This restaurant has great korean foods and definitely use healthy ingredients (no MSG, etc.) - you can taste it. I strongly recommend for you to try!

Quentin Finney

Great food, great service - we eat here once a week!


Bomku Han

Call them before you go there:)

Emyeu Tran

Very bad guest sever. Sign say closed at 930 when get there at 850 they day they closed.never ever coming tbere again

Burnbud Wholesale

2.50 for extra kimche, no sides other than miso soup, small portions, not that tastey

Laura Marie Louviere

I do not recommend!! They serve soft drinks in a can. I asked for ice water & it had about 5 ice cubes. I asked for a glass of ice & got 1/4 glass of ice. We were given our bills BEFORE we got our food. Then, before we finished eating we were asked to pay. We didn't as we weren't ready. After our friends went pay, they were told, "you sit down now". As for the food, it was okay. Not worth the trip and rudeness. I ordered egg rolls. They have a policy that everyone must order an entree. She let me have the egg rolls anyway. I did order a California roll, but they were not making sushi this day.

Ameya Prabhune

Bikrant Poudel

dino m

Sophia PineApple


Wesley Saxton

Melanie Nguyen

Even though the service was slow buit the food is great. I lilke the patato red kim chi like. I always like to get that with rice when i get there. Kimchi taste so different from the outside store in jar. This one taste like home made and it sweet and spicy. <3<3<3<3

Dilcia Nunez de Colindres

Excelente plenty food good service

Neil Hunter

Great food and friendly service. Bul go gi is amazing

Robert Kluin

Really great Korean food.


Amazing food that is all done with attention to detail. I love the decor and music.


Kaidance P

I loved it here! It was my first time here with my mom and sisters, and it was a great experience. I definitely recommend it to people looking for good food. And not only was the food great, but the owner/waiter was SUPER kind and he was very patient and gentle. Great service and great food :)

Nancy & Robert R

The dinning experience was to put bluntly, very very poor. The service marginal, the food bad and over priced, and who ever the person was seemed to be running the place rude and disrespectful.

John Matthews

Elias Garza

Joel Felix

Place says it's open, it's not. It's 3:03pm on a Friday afternoon.

David Brooks


Mini Mall

Best food in nola Lunch special is great price! They are sometimes busy but the waitress always try's hard to make customer's happy. I really love eating at the Korea House!!

Travis Allen

The food, the service, and the atmosphere are all wonderful. This is one of my go to spots in Boulder

Kevin Le

Ahmad Jackson

Enjoyed the food and service

Zackery Breeland

Always good food, very nice since the remodel. I think it's the best Korea place in the Metairie area. Always nice polite staff and lunch specials are perfect for quantity and price.

Jim Schloss

Very tiny food. Smallest plate of spicy pork I've been served in 30 years of eating at Korean restaurants. 1 mouse sized kimchi side dish. No refills on the kimchi. Left hungry. I think the positive reviews are friends of the owner.

Scoot Feet

Owner is always friendly and food is very good!


Have been coming here for over 12 years and always order the bulgogi! Delicious!

Forrest Acrey

Good food, quick service, enjoyable experience.

Sue Salh

Sherry Nguyen

Jae Yun Ryu


phillip song

I have never been there.

Daniel Marsalone

Nice wait staff and authentic Korean Cuisine.

Tyson Gern

Delicious food and friendly owner.

Kevin Baly

Walking in to Korea house is like walking in to your second home. The deco is very cozy and unpretentious. The food is absolutely delicious and authentic. My gf is Korean and she confirmed that the food made her feel totally at home. On top of it. Soo Soung and his wife are so adorable and lovely people, willing to explain all the cultural aspects of their dishes. We really felt like we took a culinary and cultural trip to Korea. I highly recommend this little Boulder gem.


Great service, great workers, and amazing food. One of my top places to go when I'm craving some good Korean food. Can't beat it.

David Bateman

Probably the best Korean food in the GNO area, bibimbap is reliably awesome but the at your table Korean BBQ is what you should order

Barb Cardell

Food was delicious, order the shumai and the tofu bibimbop and you won't be disappointed. Best of all was the owner who shared his stories about Korean New Year and good luck. It was a true antidote to a challenging day.

Andrew Sacamano

Sierra Samuel

The spicy ramen is amazing!

Prentice Massey

Amazing Korean Cuisine always a highlight of my visit to New Orleans!

James Hrivnak

Pretty good but it’s a little pricey!

Bruce Benik II

Good food, but not a quiet dinning experience. They play dated pop music loud enough to give the impression that they want people to start dancing between the tables in this cramped elderly woman’s home.

Huimin Chen

My daughter loves the beef bone soup and side dishes especially the spicy potatoes. I often have dinner with my wife and daughter and order dumpling soup.

Viet Chu

Great foods.

Tim R.

We walked in on a cold April Tuesday and the soup was hot, spicy and very good. The beef bulgogi bento box my dining companion had was flavorful and filling, and it refreshing to find a bulgogi without the cloyingly sweet sauce that sometimes mars Americanized versions of the classic BBQ dish. All in all, each of our dishes tasted flavorful, fresh, clean and sharp. Note that the Yookgaejang (the spicy beef soup with egg) is seasonal, only available in the colder months.

Jonathan Colella

Great service, great food, very friendly and attentive to our needs. Explained bibimbap and banchan dishes well. Will be back for bbq.

Okay tess

I go here once a week because I cannot get enough. The Korean BBQ is to die for!

Jeremy Kerl

Always great food and service.... best Miso soup

Wei Yang Lim

Avoid this place!! Owner is quirky and lives in his own world of weird rules. Told us we were not supposed to wear flip-flops, because it's an American thing? Awfully small portions, almost half the size of any decent Korean restaurant. Food is mediocre at best. Do yourself a favor and read the reviews on google/yelp.

Ghassan Zabad

Excellent food

jae lim

Terribly over priced with tiny bit of food. You get 2 small side dish witb tiny rice ball. Waste of money

Max Arciniegas

Wonderful place, absolute beautiful food, I loved it. The meats, very tender and juicy, perfectly seasoned. The condiments were sublimely added. Love this place, great time. The k-pop adds to the vibe. Lolz Order the deluxe: yall wont be disappointed! Cheers!

Bill McIntyre

A solidly good family-run Korean restaurant. We've been there a dozen times in the last six months. The owner is friendly, service is great and personal. Prices were very reasonable.

Jamie Joyner

Evette Aragon

Wonderful food.

Meg Mead

Delicious food, wonderful service. This restaurant is a hidden gem. Highly recommend the bibimbap!


Sarah - Ann Palmer

dale eaton

Such a find! Having spent time in Korea I was so happy to find this authentic, well priced gem of a restaurant, that reminds me of what I truly loved about the food culture.

First Owner

Good overall experience. We loved the accommodating and Fast service

Rachel-Phuong Le

The last time we were here it took forever to take our order. Bonchons aren't premium bonchons and there wasn't enough workers. Hopefully they've improved, because we'd like to give them another chance.

Andre Vanha

I agree with others that the portions are kind of small. I had to add an order of gyoza after my bibimpap. The food was pretty good, but I thought the kimchi was too salty. The service was friendly.

Chloe Ieong

Joel Coopersmith

My family and I *LOVE* this place! The owners are very nice and they embody good service. The hot stone dishes are my favorite followed by the Deluxe Combination Bento Box. That thing is huge and delicious. If you want authentic Korean food you must eat here. There isn't a better Korean menu served in 50 miles. The prices are very affordable as well. Try their lunch bento box specials! If you like asian food you will love Korea House!

Graham Gevirtz

Very quaint atmosphere, very tasty food!

Mike Overstreet

Real good

Allyson Cronin

This is my favorite Korean spot in Metairie! The food was delicious and spicy as I had hoped. We had dukbokki as an appetizer and kimchi jigae and yuk gae jang for our main meals. We will certainly be back for another date night and with friends at some point!

Demetrious Belser

Food was fine. Nothing spectacular.

chanbormey kim


Caitlin Nez

L. S.

The owner overcharged us for the amount of tips he wants to have. I've reported it to my bank, local police office, and BBB.

Tianzi Cai

Ponciano Mendoza

Jessica Taroncher

Owner is SO RUDE. Check the yelp page for this restaurant and you will find all you need to know. Do not waste your money here.

Nelson Chen

Kyung Kim

Came to visit a friend, and living in ATL, I get to eat delicious korean food every day, so I wanted some korean food because I was craving it, came to this place and it was DELICIOUS!!!! I would come back here again if I can! 1)Service was FANTASTIC. They came to our table often make sure we didn't need anything. 2) FOOD WAS GREAT. ESPECIALLY THE SIDE DISHES. I asked them about their side dishes and was told that the owners themselves make side dishes and everything. It was great experience.

J. W. Rozelle

The food is pretty good, the service is not. Part of that seems to be more restaurant policy than the fault of the individual waiters. For example- you CANNOT split the bill. They have a little sign near the cash register. It would have been nice to know this a little earlier. If its policy, maybe put it on the menu when we're ordering? Also, they tack on a 15% gratuity, but it is not marked as such on the bill. A few friends accidentally tipped roughly 35% because they thought the amount on the bill was the base price, and tipped 20% on top of that. I recommend Little Korea instead.

Craig Dubin

Food and atmosphere were great with old owners. The food is OK but sides are bland. The biggest problem I have is that the owner (male) hovers and whenever I ask to turn the very loud music down, he still keeps it loud. Very uncomfortable, out of place and hard to have a conversation.

Kenny Chua

Best in New Orleans.

Jennifer Fernandez

I've been many times & am never disappointed. The service is steller too!

Adam Klein


Horrible service. Only 2 waitresse working during busy friday. Obviously greedy owners. Have been waiting 20 mins to be seated, waited 10 mins to get waters. Took our orders but nothing came out for another 10 min. People in hallway waiting to be seated. We came out after that and never going back there. You cook your meat on the table but no fans. Horrible Horrible experience. Do not go there!

Chrissy H

Thomas ly

Good price Great food Great happy worker

Good Brother B


Best place to eat in Boulder... hands down. Authentic and wonderful service. I wish I could eat here everyday.

Chris Davidoff

Super delicious and authentic! About as real as you can get




Amazing Korean food in Boulder. Quite authentic. I have to say the decor is a bit overwhelming and music somewhat loud though.

Paula Wallace

My comfort food restaurant. You feel like family when you come here. The food is traditional which is perfect. They made it more open now, which really highlights how big this place is. I will keep coming back again and again.

Dat Tran

Big portions, affordable. I rather they cook the food in the back!

Quang nguyen

I’m a loyal customer for this place for over 2 years. After what happen today I will never go back to this place. The customer server and how they talk to you is rude and not respectful at all. The foods is good and all but with no good service. It’s like they expect good foods but no service mean business. Just like I made a call to order, and have a man said” don’t call it’s busy” and he just hang up.Sorry to says that’s not how business works around here.

Sofia Lange

Not only is this delicious Korean food, it's delicious food!!! I think this is my new favorite restaurant in Boulder, I'll bring everyone I know here and you should too!!

Amy Ma

Very authentic Korean food! We shared a set menu and we got bibimbap and a seafood tofu soup. The barley tea was awesome and the green tea mochi was delicious.

Adam Nguyen

Sarah Park

I brought my husband and his aunt who was visiting all the way from San Francisco here for Korean food because it's closeby. I had been here once before and thought the experience was mediocre but not bad. Tonight changed my view of this restaurant, all due to the rude poor service of the waiter/owner. My husband and his aunt, who are unfamiliar with Korean food, asked questions about the menu and had to ask again because he wasn't very clear in explaining with his poor English. He became more and more impatient and pointed out that it was his fourth time explaining. We didn't feel serviced but rather that we were being rushed and belittled. I began to interpret to him in Korean, hoping to maybe get through the language barrier. He explained to me in Korean in the same short rude manner that he did to my husband and his aunt. He then had the nerve to tell me that he would rather that I speak English because I was not using the proper respectful dialogue in Korean that is used to speak to your elders. I just about went off on him and we were all ready to walk out of there but had our tastes set on Korean food already and it was getting late. Besides the rude waiter/owner, the portions are so small that you're overpaying and have to order another menu item. And there are only three yitsy bitsy side dishes. The taste of the food is mediocre and I've had better Korean food. I'm definitely driving a bit farther out for Korean food rather than coming back here ever again.

Kaimora Parker

Amazing food and great presentation. My only complaint is the bathrooms (or at least the women’s restroom) has no light , make sure to use your phone flashlight while using the restroom.

Taylor Garrett

Great food and service.

Angela Zalucha

Keith W

I really enjoy this restaurant. The food is as authentic as i have found outside of Korea, and in the front range. Hot stone bibimbop took me right back to the small cafe in paju where i had first tasted it. The owner is a very kind man and if you treat him and his restaurant with respect he will do the same to you. I have never had a bad experience here. Me and my girlfriend go very often and the owner always remembers us and greets us with enthusiasim. Would certainly recommend.

Stefan Dorn

Fantastic food and authentic recipes. Tasty Kimchi! Great food, friendly service, and a local business you should be supporting.

Mum N

I've love this place! Really tasty food and generous portions. I've been here 3 times and the service was really great everytime.

Patrizia Marziali

This is a little gem of a restaurant. The bibimbap and BBQ pork was so tasty and everything so fresh. Service was excellent and personable. Highly recommend this place!!!

Inga Juzysta

Yum! The best little hole in the wall in Boulder!

Patrycja Krystman

If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Amazing food, my boyfriend and I got one of the set meals. Feels like home. I don't see how anyone could say anything bad about this place. Plus the k pop soundtrack is on point.

Sardor Tulaganov

Very disappointed... It used to be my regular place and food was good now looks like owners cutting the budget no customer care period.

Lauren Willsey

Interior was pleasant and clean. Server was very helpful and friendly. Food was good, we were warned about spicy and salty sauces. No refills on soft drinks, lemonade...

B a

Food was tasty. Portions a bit small a but not a deal breaker. Can't wait to try more!

Adam Bennett

Great service! Good flavor. Not quite the best I've had but still quite good.

GraceYoo Dental

This place was yummy!

Bruce Hollett

The food here is excellent. Bibim bop, and Korean ramen are my favorites.

Sheridan Cooper

Loved the food, bit expensive but it's authentic and delicious. Cooked our own meat at our table with a plethora of side dishes given to us

Tyler Be

Disgusting reheated food.

Isabella Villalobos

If you are nearby and want a handcrafted Korean meal, this is the place to go in Boulder. Everything is carefully thought out to deliver an authentic experience. The menu offers a classic selection of Korean favorites both mild and spicy!


Good place, very friendly service, good atmosphere! I would go back anytime :)

Nina Pimpa

Korean BBQ lover MUST come to this place . Best service and food.

Erica Nichols

This was my first time eating Korean BBQ and I'll have to say it was pretty delicious. I didn't try the veggies, but the meat was fantastic

Bill Yost

A quaint place with excellent food and service.

Maegan Ziegler

I highly recommend for Korean food. It is so good.

John Lyon

Great food

Lauren Henderson

I love everything about this place! The owner is kind and helpful and the food makes me happy! :)

Raymond Lewis

Overheard the owner refusing to give a group of women 1 spoon. Ruined my dinner with this pettiness.

Raymond Pelas

One of the best hole in the wall places to eat in Boulder. Eat here, kimchi pancake is awesome. Ribs were awesome, kalimari is awesome. Gentleman working the front is always kind and welcoming to me. I'm usually in for lunch and it's quiet.

Elizabeth Kolenda

Delicious food and wonderful service. This is our new favorite place!

Mike Malone

Really cute spot with great atmosphere and food!

Aiden Modrell

Amazing BBQ Bulgogi and great service! Also the honey ginger tea is really good too! Will be going again

Gina Sirois

Love this place. Great food, attentive service, easy to park, usually not super crowded.

Majo Oona

Food is poor. Staff isn't even Korean.

Colorado Paralegal, LLC

This place is good and as close to real KF as I have had in Korea. Prices are high but that’s Boulder. Portions are not as much as would traditionally be given and staff could be friendlier.


Cute little place with nice people. Limited seating though and they do close between lunch and dinner 2-5

Derek Pitts

This place is amazing! Incredible service and authentic atmosphere!

Kate Schobel

Nice local casual restaurant. Menu is not overly extensive, but it is authentic Korean (plus some Japanese items) and healthy. Owner is attentive and pleasant.

Jamiro Queen

Authentic food and very friendly owner.

Michael Ortiz

Stopped in here after randomly seeing it, so glad I did. Enjoyable atmosphere and excellent service. Got a hot sake and chicken and dumpling bento box, would def recommend!

John N

It was our first time there and we’ve had the best experience. Food was great, owner (I think, the older man?) who served us was very nice. The portions were kind of small, like most of the reviews say. We ordered two entrees and soup and thought it was too much but after seeing portions thought it wouldn’t be enough. Many reviews saying how rude and controlling owner is got me worried now, lol, who knows how he’ll be next time! We’re planning to go back someday hopefully it’ll be same positive experience even though willing to try other Korean bbqs that taste good but maybe have more generous portions.

Michael Weaver

Gary P

Owner serves you. Good food and service.

Michael Fan

Food was decent. Portion size was really small....fine dining small.

Jason Carter

Devin Guillard

John Jackson

The only Korean restaurant I know of in the city. If you want Korean, you have to go here. They only have one employee to work as server and hostess. Service is kind of slow, but the food is delicious. They have good lunch special prices, but they revoke those prices on any holidays. I made the mistake of going on MLK day and finding out I had to pay dinner prices.

Sonny S. Bleicher

Bad and rude service. Preferential treatment to other Koreans in the face of other customers. Portions very stingy on comparison to other Korean restaurants. Wouldn't give them my patronage again.

Yu Yu

melvin yao

David Lewis

Luke Guildner

Really good Korean BBQ

Chuck Hess

Lucas Temple

I want here for my 23th birthday and the food was amazing! It was the first time i ate Korean food. I had a dish that was sweet beef and i fall in love with it! The interior was absolutely beautiful. Quite and relaxed atmosphere!

Marvin Robinson

Alwaays great food, excellent service and reasonable prices.

Khalifa Almheiri

The ambiance is pretty great, feels like a house. Korean music is a bit cheeky but it adds some kind of beauty to the ambiance. The bento box was amazing, it might've been a bit Americanized, but again, most non-Koreans will not like the original taste, so the owner did a great job in doing so. The owner is great and very social with us, as well as making sure we liked the food and laughing with us. Recommened

Logan Delafosse

Lydia Bryan

Good atmosphere, the food was delicious, and staff was attentive

Wesley Ng

Very good food. Fairly small portions. Only reason it's 4 is cause of the portions. Owner doesn't speak English very well and is sort of awkward but a very nice guy from my experience.

Kathleen L

Everything I’ve tried here so far (dumplings, bibimbap, udon) is delicious and so nicely presented. The man (maybe the owner?) who always seats us and waits on us has always been warm and kind.

josh millwood

Pearl Leung

Excellent service and delicious food!

Erica Ho

Mina Bellavia

Aravind V

Excellent food. Decent no of choices for vegetarians like me as well. Portion size is not too big, but enough for normal level of hunger.

Elizabeth Kraemer

Great food, service, and decor. We definitely will come back.

Myche Tician

I really want to like this place because the room is warm and the staff very friendly. But I have problems with the food. I'm not that familiar with korean cuisine and I love spicy food but this food is all heat and no flavor. Great condiments

Faith Beecroft

Miyen Wu

Friendly service and Delicious meals.

Chong Yi

Service was fast and the food was great. Came to eat about 30 minutes after opening and it was already somewhat busy. Like others said, only one waitress so if you get here and it's busy, you won't get your food right away but not that slow. I'm a picky eater and the food was made to my specific order which is a plus. I didn't get to bbq any of the meat but the other dishes were great. I would come back here and recommend others to come if you want some korean food. Best korean restaurant in Louisiana.

John Ruth

Michael Xiao

Demetrius Maximus

Wonderfully unique atmosphere and delicious food. Service is abysmal, every time I go in it seems that I am inconveniencing the owners by my mere presence. If you can put up with it, the food is (usually) worth it

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