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REVIEWS OF Kathmandu Restaurant IN Colorado

Jake Sproul

Great vibe, authentic food!

Andrea G.

You couldn't find a more friendly, welcoming place! They've got 10 taps at a small bar and the food I sampled, which they brought free of charge, was good. They appear to have authentic Nepali and Indian cuisine.

Lilly Padilla

Great little spot! Plus food was delicious!! Highly recommended

Bethan Jesse

Great and affordable buffet! Everything was amazing. No question I'd eat here again. They allow dogs in the outdoor eating so perfect after a long hike or backpack. No one has to smell you and you can have your dogs!

Heather Cook

Absolutely delicious food great buffet nice mello atmosphere full bar lovely people When you visit Nederland go by and enjoy!

Michael .A. Frazier

Actually an amazing and delicious resturaunt. Worth every dime.

Bill Eckert

Sooo. Sooo

Jill Get Ready to Inspire!

Best food ever!

Meghan West

Great lunch buffet. Dairy free options are clearly labelled and abundant.

Jeffrey Vyain

This is my favorite food, period. Not just Indian food. Any food. My family and make the drive at least a couple times a year about 90 minutes from where we live and the highlight of the event and ultimate destination is Kathmandu. When Ned is too far for us, we will make the drive to Boulder and eat at Kathmandu II. I am not a vegetarian personally, but the incredible taste of all the vegetarian dishes is what really turns me on to this place. I always come for lunch buffet, and I can fill a plate with 6 different dishes and then add a little bit of chicken tikka and I’m full for the day. Their chai tea is amazing too! Pro tip: yogurt cucumber sauce (Raita). Dip everything in it.

Ryan Treadwell

Amazing food. Freindly Employees. Decent prices.

Matt R

Very good food, and cold beer

Bob Foodcritic

Great flavors. Good service. Nice buffet selection.

Beth Collins

Great food and plenty of it. Ordered off the menu for supper. Service was very good. Wait staff friendly.

Adam J. Griff, Ph.D.

The lunch buffet food for $11 is always good and I'd call it comfort food. Good

Debra West

Good friendly

Jenna Spence

If you happen to find yourself in the area, highly suggest you make the stop. Their lunch buffet is YUMMY.

Christopher Wilkinson

It a great place for just a beer sometimes

Emily McKenzie

Excellent food, very cozy atmosphere, and prompt service!

Tara Schroeter

We love Kathmandu (as well as Kathmandu II down in Boulder)! Their lunch buffet is great and dinner plates are phenomenal. Delicious plates and really caring service.

Adam Loudermilk

Wonderful surprise for good Nepalese food. Buffet is a heckuva deal. Chicken momos (not on buffet, ordered separately) were perfectly seasoned. Will def be going back.


Excellent food and Service

Mike Baker

Good variety and some great spicy dishes!

Chelsea Roberts

Best Saag in Colorado, everything was fresh, delicious, and just the right amount of spice. If you like your food with extra spice.... there's a sauce for that! Samosa's the size of a baseball, the sweet potato curry is to die for! All in all.... definitely worth the 30 mile road trip!

Ariane Mullen

Love this place. I make the drive from the city to come here just for dinner. Or lunch. Or whatever!

Meik Bartoschek

An average selection of pseudo Indian dishes. Food was tasty but not authentic. Lacked the right amount of spice and finesse.

Shelly Tiller

The best food we have had in Colorado. Great food and even better service. Highly recommended!!

Omar Alzubbi

Fantastic food

Matt Stevinson

Great beer & great service! Took my girlfriend here. Fast and attenantive staff to. Will be back!

Cory Ballentine

Great buffet, one of best lunches in town.

Nate Maunu

This isn't the main reason to drive up 119 but it's definitely worth a stop on your way. Flat out delicious food from their curried chicken to the saag. Also be sure to get a cup of chai and try the rice pudding. The cardamom shines brightly. In regards to service, it's the least important part of a dining experience and it may make sense that people of different cultures may have different habits and customs. That being said it felt like great cuisine for the venue. The metal cups, the banners makes me think of those mountains. Next time I am in Colorado, I will make sure to eat here again.

Eileen Potter

Excellent food (buffet), cute restaurant & patio

Robert Garcia

It's a great place good food

Pratik Pandey

Food was awesome.

Peter Crampton

Great food and really good value.

Michael Reh

Amazing buffet that makes for the perfect post-hike meal

Dawn Gillespie

Love the food and service. Always the best after a big day of adventures and activities!

Bipul Tarafdar

Fast service. Do not take the tandoori chicken curry. The chicken soup was a good replacement for the curry, with roti. Would have given a four if not for that. The location, and ambience is good.

Ali Jaffri

Great food and super friendly staff. I would highly recommend trying their lunch buffet. They get 4 stars and not 5 because their kheer (rice pudding) is the nastiest I have had at any Indian/Nepalese/Pakistani restaurant.

Marie Hutton

Wonderful food! Great service. The buffet smelled terrific and tasted just as good. Lots of spicy items but also many delicious not so spicy stuff. There are also many alternatives on the menu. Well worth a visit!

Amber Blais

Hands down, if you're looking for delicious Indian buffet in Need, this is the place to go. I live their chai and every dish in the buffet melts in your mouth. They have a good amount of gluten free stuff and their chai is super tasty!

Bill Davis

Good Indian food.

Greg Cocks

I do love me some excellent Indian food - and they have it!

Matthew Steinbeiss

I go here any chance I get when I'm even remotely near Nederland. They have a great buffet and iced Chai that is sometimes bottomless. Great food, great staff, great location.

Jessica Fantay

The food was well served hot and tasty. Staff helped in any way way they could.

Emily Van Veen

My husband and I stumbled across this restaurant and it was phenomenal. Great variety in the lunch buffet - also, there are many gluten and dairy free options for those with restrictions.

Jeffrey Magner

I’ve been going to Kathmandu for their lunch buffet for 25 years. It is always awesome and it is consistent for 25 years. Hands down in my opinion the best Indian food buffet in Colorado and we love to spend our day at the carousel and then go grab some lunch and then head back to Boulder. I once brought a group of 15 guys there after hiking the high country for three daysAnd we had to hurry on our dissent down and Nederland to make it there by 3 o’clock but we came in at about 2:50 and they accommodated us and brought out more food and we have had never been so happy to see food in our life since we have been camping. It was epic.

Charles Mckissick

Great buffet, fair priced and very authentic! Nice spot before or after touring the town or Eldora.

Brayden Campagna

We make a point to stop here every time we're in town. We love it. Such flavourful food.

Sripriya Kandadai

Decent place.. Nice service. Surprised to see an Indian restaurant in such a small town! Ideal place to hog especially if you are hungry after a long trek..Can improve on the food especially the Naan..They serve lunch buffet but yet to try it.

Brysen karnik

I've always got an amazing customer service, and the chai here is some of the best I've ever had.

Ken .DeWalt

One of the finest Nepalese restaurants we've ever been to.

Ashley Nieto

Absolutely love this restaurant. I tried another Indian restaurant closer to home & it didn't compare. I'll gladly drive the hour here & back again.

Nate Castner

Awesome food! Great lunch buffet! We love sitting on the outdoor patio and enjoying the views! The staff isn't the most friendly, but I think it's because they're working quickly and with full effort to be efficient. There's also a slight language barrier, but we still enjoy chatting with them!

Kyle McCatty

Three stars for ok Indian/Nepalese food in Nederland, but would be one or two stars in Boulder.

Bennett Grossman

Good Indian food with a great alcoholic twist on Chai tea.

Dave Pell

Amazing everything, from apps to the best chicken korma this side of the Pacific! Highly recommend stopping, you won't regret it! Promise

Bob Priester

Great Friday evening buffet. Good food and service.

Cylie Miller

Great food and had plenty of lunch buffet options!

Eddie Quada

The food was decent, but the service was a bit of a miss. I can give them a break on this though due to how busy it was on a Sunday night and they appeared under staffed for how many guests they actually had. They even offered extra Samosas for the wait which was nice. What really bothered me was how run down and unclean parts of the building were. The men's toilet was leaking significantly with flies buzzing around. This concerned me about the overall restaurant, but not a big deal really. However, while we were waiting for the food we noticed a small mouse running around. I alerted the waitstaff and gave them the benefit of trying to do something about it, but again they were too busy to really bother with it. Considering no one else has reported actually seeing mice on here or other reviews I doubt that its a common occurrence, but it definitely ruined the experience for us. We still ate the food and didn't get sick or anything, but the thought of the mouse definitely made us cautious for the following 24 hours. Maybe the new Boulder location is in better shape.

T. Scott Smith

Good Indian food. Average service. Good buffet.

John Benson

This is a great local restaurant. I've been here many times and the buffet never gets old. The food is authentic and the service is amazing. Don't leave without trying their chai!

Grady Simon

Delicious food and great service. Be sure to try the Livened-up Lassi.

Peter Sunden

Super delicious foods and accommodating staff. Check their hours for the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, but even if not strapping the feed bag on this place is well-worth the visit -don't miss it if you're in town, driving peak-to-peak, or just looking to gain some elevation.

Carolyn Wright

We enjoyed the different flavors very much.

Marina Vance

Kathmandu has an affordable all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that includes many dishes that you'll recognize as staples in Americanized Indian cuisine (chicken tikka masala, saag, tandoori chicken, naan, etc). The food tastes good, but of course it's a bit heavy, so the challenge is on you to not overeat. Good luck and may the all-you-can-eat gods be with you!

Tabitha Sani

Best Saag I've ever had! Funky place but good food!

lambyisabeary bearyisalamby

REALLY delicious food

Lottie Barrett

Great food and price

Michael Maeser

Fabulous tasty authentic hot food!! Great on a hot or cold day!!


Food is ok. The place needs to shutdown for a while and do a very, very deep cleaning and update. Makes you wonder how clean the kitchen area is. Yikes!!

Anna Collier

One of the best Nepalise restaurants I have ever been to! I have been coming to their lunch buffet for almost 20 years.

peter dennis

Came here after a long day in Rock Mountain National Park. The service was ok. The bathroom was questionable. The food was incredibly bland and very creamy. I Literally could not taste any curry in my curry. The tandoori chicken curry was made with old dried hard chicken. We left without eating 80% of the food. The Chana Masala looked like chick peas in milk.

Greg West

Delicious food. Buffet style. Pretty cheap. If probably eat here every day if I lived nearby.

Beau Klassen

Awesome food, great buffet. Good service

Josh Massey

Their buffet was some of the best I have had in a long time. Delicious food. Fresh, hot, clean, and friendly service. If you're in Nederland and don't eat here, at least once, you will have missed out.

Anne-Marie Aeberhard

Very good food and nice chai

Amy Collette

The food is always so delicious! We go with our friends and family like we're party of the restaurant family. They are so warm and kind. Best place in Ned!

Deepak Hirachan

Best authentic nepali food in colorado. Period.

Jhamal Fanning

Excellent and authentic Nepalese cuisine. Not the best service you will ever get, but the food is really the focus here. The samosas and saag are the best I've ever had.

Alvin Mites

Good food, the buffet is great during lunch time

Nicole Preble

The food was incredible and topped off my first visit to Nederland. Thank you!

Ski Mom

Good food, some dishes I've never seen before which is VERY COOL, and refills with the chai tea (AWESOME?)

John K

Well hot buffet was cool. Food marginal, chia good

Bennett Hambleton

Very good Indian buffet

Anand Sharma

Not your typical indian restaurant. Not spicy.. Different spices.. But awesome food. I wud highly recommend

Peter Nicholson

Great food, relaxed atmosphere, try the chai (best ever! ) and tasty sherpa's stew, among others. A tasty alternative to the same old, same old.

Chris Bernhard

it was okay it could have been better

Matt Shapiro

We stopped by on a whim for dinner while driving through Nederland and had the buffet. Everything was very delicious. Best saag paneer I've ever had.

Coleen Arnfield

Very good

Bob Cormack

Been going to the Kathmandu (in Nederland, CO) for years. A great mountain town restaurant, and a great all-around restaurant. (Plus, they sell very warm Nepalise knit hats.)

Henry Bremers

Quite good for the money. We had 4 all-you-can-eat buffets and 2 chai's for $53.

Michael Herrera

Horrible service!

Kimmy E

Always such good food! Their lunch deal is amazing and it is always clean and they are always on top of their service.

Shirin Etezazian

Great buffet for post ski days!

Kira Fling

Always great food and amazing service

David Rice

Great food, quite a variety on the buffet

Clarissa Cigrand

By far my favorite place in all of Boulder County. The food is incredible, and the buffet is a great value. The staff here are kind and attentive. I have a wonderful experience every time I come here. Thank you Kathmandu!

Courey Averett

The buffet is wonderful. Great selection! Delicious food!

Jamaica Hamilton

Wonderful all you can eat buffet, delicious, authentic flavors, excellent service.

Viola Garcia

Very delicious food. We always do the buffet and try everything. My favorite is the chicken chili but everything is good. It is definitely worth the drive and the scenery getting there is beautiful.

SuryaKanti Dutta

Excellent food and very well behaved down to earth staff.

Mindy Wales

Food was excellent and service was great

Alex Clayton

Solid buffet at a reasonable price. Staff are pretty hands off, including not clearing already used plates, but overall it is a good place to stop at in Ned.

Emilia Wagner

We had a very nice lunch here at Kathmandu. Our server was very helpful and quick to take care of us and give us some great suggestions of things we should try. The manager even stopped by a few times to make sure all was well.

Jacob stokes

Went to Kathmandu Restaurant a few weekends back after a camping trip and couldn't have been more happy about that decision. Their food is delicious, they offer vegan/Vegetarian options, and it's a buffet style. Having a meal here should be a no brainer. Everyone can eat here! Will be returning soon.

Giselle C

This is a great spot after hiking, the lunch buffet is super cheap and delicious. Options for vegetarians and vegans.

Geoff Dutton

Best place in Ned. Tired and cold from a full day of skiing, try the combination soup a hearty stew chock full of lentils, spinach and chicken. Yum!

Rachel Lindsey

If you like Indian and Nepalize food you will not be disappointed! A must stop in Nederland and Boulder.

Shellie Couch

Awesome way to explore a new cuisine. Friendly staff and good food.

James Seelbach

Great lunch buffet!

equinox P

The perfect napal food and great curry too.

asawari shekatkar

I loved this hotel. Food service is quick and quality is great. I would definitely recommend people here for authentic Nepalese food.

Blake Jeffress

Didnt think I would find good South Asian cuisine tucked away in the beautiful mountain town of Nederland... Boy was I wrong! Absolutely amazing. Get the Vegetarian dumplings and the curry...

Julia Mestdag

Great food!

George Carper

Amazing spot

Justin Christian

Absolutely delicious. Brings back fond memories of Nepal

Uwe R

Authentic taste. Group of 4 had to visit the powder room after meal frequently..

Lisa Ross

Used to be SO much better 10-15 yrs ago

Tony Rodaway

Honestly I think this is my new favorite restaurant. If you are in the mood for Indian food this place is more then worth the drive. Looking forward to returning very soon. Thank you Katmandu servers and kitchen staff well done.

Shayna McCartney

Great food and service. We came here for dinner. It was recommended by the locals and now I recommend it to you. The mango Lassi was also good.

Martine van der Mast

Nice Nepalese food. Nothing complicated. Very friendly staff.

Rachel Mack

Great Indian food in a wonderful little town in Colorado. Excellent service, great buffet. Highly recommend!

Anthony Zotti

Great food (I may be biased, but I prefer the Nederland/hometown location). However, the atmosphere leaves a little to be desired. You HAVE to try the sweet potato masala!

Rachel Profitt

We stopped in for a late lunch during the Dead Guys Days in Nederland. It was a great retreat from the cold. The buffet runs until 3:00 every day. We all had the buffet. It was a little crowded and difficult to get to the buffet from our table, but they had all the standards. Everything was clearly marked as gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian as appropriate. I tried small amounts of five different entrees. Everything was tasty, and you can't beat the value for just over ten bucks. The wait staff kept our water full and was quick about clearing out used plates and bringing our check. The ambience leaves a little to be desired, but I would definitely go again if I am in the area.

Arwen Ek

Lunch buffet is recommended, rice was dry and crunchy, otherwise good flavor, atmosphere, service

Max C

We loved this place! We had three different dishes and everything was delicious. Fast too. And tasty beer.

Ramesh Rajamani

Good. Hmmmm

Jordan Showghi

Great napal food! Don't go here if you're a self proclaimed food critic. This gem is for people that have traveled to other countries and realize that not all dinning experiences have to be like the USA. Some of the best food I've had!

Michael Preiss

Overall good restaurant with reasonable pricing. If you are in the area and looking for good food, you really should give it a short.

Lee McDowell

Great food and service

Rob Burbrink

I love this place, some of the best Indian food in town. The buffet is super easy and everything is fresh and super tasty

david yyyy

Fantastic food and kind service, best place to eat ive been to in a while. Highly recommend.

Jemez Fred

We just paid our first visit in many years and this place still impressed us with the excellent quality food, friendly service, and interesting atmosphere. I had the Sherpa Stew. It was great and more than I really needed to eat. Their spicy foods seem a bit milder than other places, so ask for "hot."

Ali Moore

Food on buffet was not even warm! Asked for more food for the buffet(almost half time of the pans of food were empty), we were told the buffet was ready for service! Rude and poor service. Never came to our table once except to give us our check. Also, not very clean place. Do yourself a favor and skip this place if in Nederland and you’re hungry!

Meredith Steele

Great service, excellent food, mountain views. Can't ask for anything more!! The lunch buffet is to chai for! There's really naan better. It'll keep you coming back for samosa.

Mike Silva

One of my favorite place to eat in Nederland!!! Great customer service amazing foods!

Marlon Polley

Amazing restaurant amazing staff amazing food! A definite must when you visit town!

Jonny Wrong turn.

Possibly one of the greatest Indian/ Nepal restaurants anywhere. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is amazing. Fantastic lunch buffet to hit after a day skiing or hiking.

Nick Przybysz

Great ethnic food in Ned. Can't go wrong with the all you can eat buffet after a day of Backcountry skiing.

Jennifer Butler

Lunch buffet was delicious. Saag and Naan were perfect and always my favorite.

FangirlLivy :

The buffet is amazing! The service is great, the presentation is great! They have many levels of spice, and lots of options. The best Indian food in the area!

Lulú Arauz Castex

I need more stars. Well, I just put them here: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jill willson

Amazing food, great service, comfortable atmosphere

Scott Coffman

Tasty lunch buffet that goes till 3:00. Huge samosas and a very spicy fried potato and pea dish, along with spinach pakora were highlights for me. A little sad that they didn't have dessert though. Also, it's rather warm in the restaurant.

Amber MacPherson

This is one of those Indian restaurants where the food ordered off of the menu is far superior to that from the buffet. Sure, the buffet is still good and sometimes I get food from it, but if you've never ordered off of the menu here, you are missing out. The sweet potato masala is my personal favorite.

Richard Clymo

Nice place- great buffet; good selection of beers.

Julie Robillard

It's a wonderful place. Excellent buffet from 11-3:00 every day. The food is really tasty and there is an outdoor patio for when the weather is beautiful.

Michael Rush

Fantastic experience! I biked up to Nederland from Boulder via Magnolia drive, so I was zonked when I arrived (and probably very stinky). Staff were very tolerant of my state, and filled up my water bottles for me! Will definitely be returning! I returned again today for another extremely-positive experience at Kathmandu! (this round I came up Left Hand and then down Peak to Peak) So many vegan options!

Les Lewis

Excellent food and service. Staff is very friendly. Reasonably prived.

Audrey Garcia

Stopped in for dinner after frozen dead guy days festival. We had the buffet. The food was delicious! Refills on the hot drinks too! The staff were so friendly and attentive though they were very busy. I would definitely go back when in the area.

Abhishek Srivastava

Food is good. Tea is very bad.

Miyen Wu

THANKS, I like it . Delicious meals with curry and coconut milk.

Neil Montavon

It's unlikely to find good Indian food in a small mountain town. I have visited there frequently on my trips to Ned over the years. They've been there for quite a while. Food is good, consistent from one visit to the next, good personable service like any place in town. I recommend it highly.

Deborah Halberstadt

I love coming here for the buffet. This is like a treat for me. I LOVE the food. I've tried a couple of places in Denver, but they don't compare. Chai tea and knan bread

Andrew Powell

Top notch.

Kevin Pesenecker

Very polite staff in the food was pretty darn good 4 Indian buffet

Jesse S

The steamed momo chicken dumplings are great. So is the chicken and lamb biryani. The drive from Boulder to Nederland on 119 is amazing. Stop at Boulder Falls!!!

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