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REVIEWS OF India's Restaurant IN Colorado

Gus Serrano

Was disappointed by the buffet. Very limited veggie options. Very few stews with just veggies, no samosas, no shrimp, and limited desert. Good quality food though.

Andrew G

Excellent food! And great service and ambiance. $11.95 lunch buffet can't be beat. Try it out!

Hanna Sykes

Was considering going here for lunch today, never been before, but after reading the owner’s responses to negatively rated reviews I am disgusted and don’t want to give one penny to such a rude man! I’ve never been but it sure sounds like everyone working there needs to learn some customer service skills, especially the owner. He has no idea how to speak respectfully to people with suggestions for improvement. Giving a one star review just to give Mr. Kapool (??) a little kick back

Gus Serrano

Was disappointed by the buffet. Very limited veggie options. Very few stews with just veggies, no samosas, no shrimp, and limited desert. Good quality food though.

Alice Hansen

I thought this restaurant was great. They have a small buffet compared to Yak and Yeti down the street, but the food was delicious and very flavorful.

Anne Gross

Atmosphere was just right with beautiful decor and nice music to match. Employees were quick, quiet, and sweet. The main course was delicious, I ordered an american favorite, Chicken Tikka Masala....Very yummy but only paired with about four tablespoons maximum of rice. I love rice so was disappointed since the meal was $15.00 pre tax and tip..It did come with a cute little salad and yogurt sauce(same amounts as the rice) that was nice not having to try and ask for a little tomatoe with your meal to freshen things up like most other Indian restaurants I have visited in my travels. Be sure to get naan or order extra rice if you're more than a little hungry or if you plan on sharing the meal. You van easily spend about $20-$25/person if you get a drink or naan.

Mary Schwartz

Buffet was especially good today. Bonus because I was with a friend who was raised. Hindi.

Elalami Chajari

The food is not good it looks and tastes like yesterday’s food , very poor buffet, your options are basically rice with two different chicken sauce. The nans are spongy too.I will only recommend it to someone I hate .sorry but is the truth.

David Brandorff

My wife and I have been going to India's for 25 years and it has always been a great experience and the best Indian food we have had. The owner is very attentive and kind and the service is always top notch.

Michael Pineda

Best Indian food in Colorado and beyond!

Jesse Aerni

Best Indian food in all of Denver. Every dish is outstanding. Fantastic service inside the restaurant or when taking out.

David Nurse

Great menus.. tastes great

Karthik Gopal

Nice customer service , good food

Justin Harvey

The interior decorations are brimming with color and light and compliment the restaurant nicely. The aroma of spices from the food walking in satiates your appetite. The food is full of flavor and depth and mixing and matching with flavor profiles makes this visit worth every dime! Good food, good service.

Mark Williams

Great food.

Andrew G

Excellent food! And great service and ambiance. $11.95 lunch buffet can't be beat. Try it out!

Alanoud Alsalman

Tasty indian food. Came here twice. Lovely atmosphere. Not impressed with the service. A waiter seemed annoyed of our presence. He smiled at other people but either ignored us or made an I-don't-wanna-talk-to-you face!


This place is consistently amazing. We have been going here for over 20 years. The saag paneer is to die for. Celebrated my birthday last weekend and they brought me chocolate fudge cake with candle and sang to me. We also love benghan barta and the keer.

Caroline Bray

One of my favorite places to go, the chai is amazing. And the lamb #57 medium spicy is so good!!

Clarke Lyda

This restaurant us the absolute best in the whole Denver metro area. The variety is great and the flavors are awesome. Great menu, for lunch and dinner.

Ron Lucas

This is one of the best restaurants in Denver - Indian or otherwise. Bring a date.

Vivek Kohli

Yep the Oldest Indian restaurant in Denver... But one of my favourites. Great interiors, traditional indian touch... Great, I mean really great tasting food. One of me and my wifes fav is the Rogan Josh (Lamb Dish) get it woth some buttered tandoori roti... Tried a lot others and never been disappointed... A different touch is the steel plates and bowls... Makes you feel at home...

Maximo Nastri

The food is normally great, but this time I got overwelming amounts of peppercorns in all of the food and it was very bitter and unappealing.

Kaytie Jensen

Our food was delicious and the waiter was really nice. Good portions too, we all took home leftovers, which is always a bonus!

Alex N

My favourite Indian restaurant! Food is always very delicious, the service is amazing every time, and I love the interior and the music! Everything here is perfect!

Nicole Calgaro

Great dining and tasting experience. I loved the atmosphere and decor. The food did not disappoint. Best indian food I've ever had. The staff were very polite and they respected your time. I highly recommend you giving this restaurant a try, well worth the money. You won't be disappointed.

Allison Riggs

Always great food. No one ever came around to refill drinks though.

Mike Wazowski

Wow! Amazing food and service. Loved everything!

Cate Smith

Fantasric buffet. Great atmosphere. Very reasonable price.

Yancy Nearhood

Best all around indian cuisine and hospitality by far!! Must go if you are in South Denver.

Yokabed Hunde

The menu options are good and although they come with a salad you don't really get enough rice to finish your sauce. The dinner service was rushed and we were basically rushed out 30 minutes before close and they closed right as we were walking out. The lunch buffet had good selections but the curries were way too salty.

Jeff Idol

Excellent selection, but service was a little slow. The staff was excellent though, chances are they were just giving us time to ourselves which is nice in different situations. Somewhat hard to get in and out of the parking lot due to the location, but worth a visit.

Ramesh Ramamurthy

The food is ok... A/a had a problem and made the experience bad. Food is same for years too creamy for my taste

terry love

Food is okay but a little pricey.

carlie perry

Some of the best curry I've ever had. All made to order to be ready to wait a bit for food.

Charlene Bussey

Tasty food. Cool atmosphere. Medium spice was very spicy.

Stacy Kenny Kaplan

Love the food. Good service. Always friendly.

Trent Lebaner

Food is almost always delicious. I think it would be better if they brought out food as Less quantity more often for the buffet

halaku biqa

Loved this place! The staff are so professional and friendly. Food was amazing clean dinning area. Worth every penny!!! Definitely going back

Julie Smtih

I have eaten at India's for the past 12 or so years. The food is AMAZING! Everything on the menu is outstanding. I especially recommend #74 - Akbar Boti. (Yes, I have the menu number memorized.) You can only get it at India's! I once offered the owner (Chris) $100 for the recipe - he laughed and thanked me for coming in. I always receive incredible service, but this is an INDIAN restaurant, so don't expect the wait staff to fawn over you or become your best friend. They do a good job of leaving you heck alone to enjoy your meal.

Carlos Arvelo

Good food, good ambience, fair prices

Joe Curry

Best Indian food on the planet. Owner and son are awesome, great service. Chicken Tikka Masala is to die for.

Hanna Sykes

Was considering going here for lunch today, never been before, but after reading the owner’s responses to negatively rated reviews I am disgusted and don’t want to give one penny to such a rude man! I’ve never been but it sure sounds like everyone working there needs to learn some customer service skills, especially the owner. He has no idea how to speak respectfully to people with suggestions for improvement. Giving a one star review just to give Mr. Kapool (??) a little kick back

Miguel Antano

Food is great, love coming here. Staff is great always friendly.

David Michaels

Amazing food, wonderful staff. The lunch buffet is perfect for an introduction to Indian food.

Robin Fischer

Tablecloths. Warm and cozy. Authentic lion stout. Excellent food and reasonable. Love the chutney and fruit creme for dessert.

Darrell Copeland

Great spot for an appetite of any size. I look forward to a return visit. The bill was well within reason for the quality.

Aurora Today

I have been going here for a long time, and they used to be great. I didn't visit for a while, and now their food seems to be a bit bland. The Tandoori chicken was good, but the rice was pretty basic. I liked the naan, especially the garlic naan, but the sag paneer wasn't anything great. The Taj Mahal beer is great, but it's pretty expensive. Very nice and patient employees, and the bathroom was clean. Good service.

Sam Marco

Staff was friendly, naan bread was delicious!

Gail Steger Mock

Always great. Consistent! Thanks Chris

Colin N

Saw this place just by diving past one lunch time and decided to stop and eat. So glad we did! Food was some of the best Indian I have had in Denver, (I have been to most of not all Indian restaurant here). Nice clean restaurant, the staff were very nice and friendly. Was getting busy and speaking with a couple as I entered they said they had been here many times over. I can see why. Go give it a try if you would like to eat some great indian food. I will be back again!!!

Mary Gatchell

I love India’s! They have the best saag paneer and rice pudding of any place I have been! I love their dal makhani and bhindi masala as well. I highly recommend this restaurant - Good food and very nice staff.

akmal azlan

Their menu on google is incorrectly displaying a spa offering. I called to check prices on 4 items, and on the last item he rudely exclaims that he doesn't have time to give me all prices. I tried telling him that his menu was glitched and he hung up. Smh

Noah Singer

Service was very attentive and gracious. Very relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment. Oh, and lets not forget the food is top notch. I plan on becoming a regular here!

Elle Bar

Superior! The best Indian cuisine! I was overwhelmed with the aromas that wafted through out. Beautiful dishes and so lovely. The staff really take pride in their craft here and it shows. I will continue to return and have the greatest Indian cuisine!

April Tobi

Love this place! The food is always hot and amazing, and the people are friendly. Be careful if you order anything spicy, it is great but it builds up into super spice. We live just down the street from here so even the take out has superb quality.

Allan Wheeler

We came for late lunch on the recommendation of an acquaintance who spent years in India. The buffet was somewhat depleted by 1.30, but the flavors were good. The goat vindaloo (order hot) was memorably delicious. We also added garlic naan.

Lubna Ahmed

The food was expensive and didn't taste as good. Their vegetable (navorotna) and dessert (carrot halwa) was good though. They have a bar inside and the staff were good. They can improve the cooking to match the price.

Shannon Beasley

It's out of our way, but we love a destination lunch to India's for the buffet. The food is always hot, fresh, and delicious. We enjoy the buffet for the variety and allows us to sample many of our favorites without ordering large quantities. There is something for everyone, and a great way to experience Indian food for first timers. I appreciate how easy it is to choose to have a filling meal with only vegetarian dishes. The flavors are always amazing, and makes for our favorite Indian food spot in Denver.

Luz Daniels

Great customer service. Delicious food. Have been there for lunch several times and although the food for the lunch bar doesn't change in variety, every dish is delish. It has been frequently my go to place for take oit whenever I have to bring meals for a meeting. Their to go menu has many of the main India dishes that people crave.

Dave Shobe

I've been eating at India's for almost 20 years, the finest Indian cuisine I have ever had.

Mark Newnham

My wife and I are British and we've eaten A LOT of Indian food in our lives, We've been coming to India's since we arrived in Denver in the 1990's, and it is, and always has been, in the top 5 Indian restaurants we have ever been to. We always bring guests from the UK for dinner here, and they are never disappointed. Great breads, super creamy sauces and tasty meats.

Jennifer Buntz

Good food in a nice place. Very helpful wait-staff too.

jerry koffler

Great food.Great service.A favorite for Indian food.

Raul Galang

Always yummy. Anytime we're nearby, we eat at India's!

Anthony Weyerman

This place has great food and great service. The new location is also excellent. You'd have to be a real jerk to not like India's

Logan Makis

Delicious food and kind workers. Best Indian food I've had in Denver.

Nichelle Kinney

THE ABSOLUTE BEST INDIAN PLACE IN DENVER. We have been coming here for years and it’s just the best. Whether you go for the buffet or go during the dinner time for ordered entrees, the quality is the same. We always finish every bite.. even if we take it as leftovers. Don’t stop what you’re doing India’s cause you the best!!

Celeste Carpenter

Great food and great service.

Nick Zander

I've eaten Indian from everywhere. From the back of a shipping container in Iraq, to iowa, London, Nuremberg Germany. Just to get a idea. The food here was fantastic and the service was wonderful. Definitely has a traditional feel! Highly reccomend!


Wow! Look at the arrogant replies given by restaurant owner Kris Kapoor to some of the reviewers like Colbie Down and Vihang Nair. Currently on a business trip to Denver with 10 of my colleagues. We planned to have Indian food, but after reading the owner’s arrogant replies to some of the criticism, we chose not to go for this restaurant. The owner simply cannot take criticism seriously and work towards fixing the weak points mentioned in the review. Instead, he seems to be having a high attitude with an arrogant sense that his restaurant never makes mistakes. Sorry Kris. Your arrogant attitude just made your restaurant lose an opportunity to serve more customers like us. And with such arrogant replies from you, I am sure there will be many customers who would prefer not to visit your restaurant.

stephanie Strange

The appetizer i had was deep didnt say on the menu that it was...gross. I love Indian food...not here...

Gail Steger Mock

Always great. Consistent! Thanks Chris

Bruce Adams

Best Indian restaurant in town and one of the best all round restaurants of any kind.

Kasra Houshmand

Just came here for my birthday...and thank you!!! Really high quality food. Will return soon.

Colin N

Saw this place just by diving past one lunch time and decided to stop and eat. So glad we did! Food was some of the best Indian I have had in Denver, (I have been to most of not all Indian restaurant here). Nice clean restaurant, the staff were very nice and friendly. Was getting busy and speaking with a couple as I entered they said they had been here many times over. I can see why. Go give it a try if you would like to eat some great indian food. I will be back again!!!

Chandra Mutti

Great food and great service.

Shawn Mighan

Always a pleasurable experience, great food and atmosphere.

Mary Gatchell

I love India’s! They have the best saag paneer and rice pudding of any place I have been! I love their dal makhani and bhindi masala as well. I highly recommend this restaurant - Good food and very nice staff.

Andi Skene

The food and atmosphere were pretty good. I had the chicken curry and my husband had the fish vindaloo, which he loved. I honestly have to say that I liked the appetizers best. We had a basket of different appetizers and they were perfectly cooked, not too greasy. I'd visit again, probably during the day because I hear good things about the buffet.

Nathan Mcdonald

Best Indian food in Denver/Aurora, me and my wife's favorite spot!

Naresh Bandari

Wow! Amazing food and service. Loved everything.

Larry Ellis

Locally owned for decades. Best original Indian food in metro Denver Authentic in every way.

Ashley Ross

The best Indian food in Denver! I have always loved my dining experience at India's- beautiful setting and an incredible meal. I highly recommend the Lamb Korma

Chuck Montoya

Very good food

Melissa Gannuch

20 years of perfect Indian food, lunch buffet is a great value.

Human Chelovek

Highly recommend

Aghazadeh E

The food delicious and the staff is friendly. Highly recomend place.

Rick Brenda Schulze

Our favorite Indian restaurant in south Denver. We have been eating here for several years, and it’s always been good. Excellent buffet and dinner. Our favorite dishes are paneer pakora, saag paneer, paneer makani, aloo gobi, and biryani. Very attentive service.


Very authentic indian cuisine with a great atmosphere.

Joe Brown

Great food. Service was generally good. Waters were kept full. Friendly atmosphere. However the gentleman who seated us and finally brought the bill seems to only have two speeds, very slow and still. We ended up missing our movie because it took him forever to finally meander over with the check. It was quite comical how slow and completely aloof this guy was. Plan for some time and don't be in a hurry. Go for great food and nice atmosphere.

Natalie Asher

One of my favorite restaurants in Colorado!!! Incredible food! Beautiful restaurant! Amazing service!

Janet Ward

Very Good! !!

Emily Milton

Food was terrible, chicken was all dried out and everything tasted old.

Alicia Martinez

So are you guys going to pay me for wasting my gas to drive there for an order YOU ACCEPTED then tell me you didn’t and tell me I can’t get my order. Delivering food is my job and you guys jacked me out of my money I should have made. So I’ll be waiting to hear from you or a manager. Or HR. That’s all on you.

Eme Guta

Great food, and really accommodating. People who complain about the wait times need to read the menus better. It clearly says that there is a quick food option and that regular menu items take 35-45 minutes because it's all cooked fresh. This place is so amazing that it only took 25 minutes!

Celia B

This restaurant is Very Nice. Very clean, originally decorated, super friendly staff and the food is also very good. The selection of teas is impressive. The food is not ridiculously spicy but very well made. Definitely will come back when visiting Denver.

Leslie Schwartz

Delicious Indian food. Vaishnav thali, vegetarian platter

Victoria Vasys

They lose a star for really rude behavior. I went to the front desk where the host acknowledged more before answering a phone call & taking an entire order. I then told him I was there for pick-up & had my card out to pay. He said, ok, just a minute, and called up the woman who was waiting before I got there & whose food was ready before I got there. I didn't mind, but thought it was rude to not have called her up before taking the phone call. After completing her order, he disappeared & a server showed up & told me I should wait inside, pointing to where he was, behind the counter. I was confused so I asked what he meant & he said, don't stand there, go wait inside- with a condescending tone, glaring at me. The meats were dry but the flavors were delicious, the people need to be trained in manners.

Amanda Vencill

Really good food but the service was bad. I guess it was more wired than bad. We where asked by four different people when our friend would be meeting us or if our friend was even coming in a 15 minute span. Then anytime a waiter would come to our table and ask us if we needed anything we would say "no everything is great thank you" and they would stand there and stair at us for what seemed like forever. As soon as we finished the meal a waiter came and took our plates and we were talking and laughing. He asked us if we were having a good conversation at which point I looked at the back of the restaurant and three other waiters and what appeared to be the manager were staring at our table. One of my friends replied yes to his question and he then said "it sounds like it" and his stone face suggested we were being too loud. I have never felt more unwelcome or uncomfortable in a restaurant in my life. I will not be going back and it's a shame. The food was good and it's less than half a block from where I live.

Joe Brown

Great food. Service was generally good. Waters were kept full. Friendly atmosphere. However the gentleman who seated us and finally brought the bill seems to only have two speeds, very slow and still. We ended up missing our movie because …

Linnea Barnett

I've been eating at India's since I was a little girl with my family. It's truly the best Indian food in all of Colorado! You can't go wrong, everything is delicious

Jessica Michaels

Our favorite Indian spot! We love the lunch buffet.

Brian Caplan

My wife and I have been coming here for over a year and we love it. Service could be a bit better but the food is excellent. Yes, the buffet is not as good as the freshly made dishes, but that has been my experience all over the world. Buffets are never as good as fresh of the universal truths.

Cliff F

Lovely dinner with delicious entrees and tasty dessert. Will definitely return and try something new. Friendly and knowledge staff.

Denise Curran

My first time to dine here. Had the buffet. Excellent. The servers were helpful and courteous. We will return again.

Felzien Jesse

Love India's!!! Been coming here for 25 years. Great buffet!

Victor Gonzales

Best Indian food in town. Been going for years

Nysuttat Marartat

Food Delicious servers not so friendly, I was met with a smile-less stare when I walked in, I asked for a menu he replied "for what?" -_- I said I never been here not sure what you know mean. All he said was we have a buffet, though I saw menus and later came to realize they had made to order food as well. I proceeded to the buffet and continued because I was hungry and I would make my own plate. Yet I would not be comfortable if I had to order food they needed to cook because they were not very welcoming at all. I will not be returning. It not a good feeling eating of all things at a place where servers are rude and unwelcoming.

erica turner-sumiyoshi


Farrah Yeganeh

This is the best Indian I have had so far in Denver. I have eaten so many different things here, that I have yet to find a dish that they do not know how to cool well. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!! The buffet is the best buffet I have had in my life, and I have had my experience across the states. My husband also agrees. The only problem is that we were charged full price for a buffet for a child under 3. Besides that, the place is wonderful, and I will still go there as my top Indian restaurant choice. The atmosphere is amazing. The food is great. And our staff has always been friendly.

Chris Huddleston

One of the best Indian buffets I've ever been to in the United States. The best infisn food in Colorado.

Sean Hlousek

Indias is my favorite Indian in Denver! This place is upscale enough for slacks but causal enough for jeans. The best Naan bread that I've had... Excellent butter chicken and Currys. Great service from the same people for twenty years.

Trish Daily Monge

We were super excited to try this place. Their menu looks great. The restaurant is very pretty & the staff were very nice and accommodating. The food however was not that great. Compared to Yak N Yetti or the Spice Room the food at India's Restaurant was a let down & we wont he back unfortunately. I did have a wonderful beer there though. Update - after giving my review the owner has responded rather defensively and pretty rudely. I have dropped my rating of my review down to 1 star due to the owners rudeness... we for sure wont be returning.

esmeralda garcia

I eat 1 time india's food and it's amazing. I can't remember the name of the food but it's like a chicken with some pink salsa an a bread like a pita bread. I will stop this weekend so what food do you recommend for me? I'm a Mexican but I don't eat really spicy

Dat Botha

The best Indian food in Colorado. Hands down!

Stephanie Lange

Still the best Indian food in Denver. The service is wonderful. I've never had better lamb than what they serve here.

Dorothy Todd

From the outside India's is nondescript and rather plain. But, when you walk in the door, you are met by the gracious host and ushered into a quiet piece of India. I've only been there for lunch. In addition to the menu items, there is an expansive buffet with choices that range salad to dessert, choices that will make both vegan and meat eaters happy. There is a full bar. My companion said that, when she brought a visiting Indian colleague here, he swore it was the best Indian food he had eaten outside of India. Personally I can recommend India's as a terrific place for a delicious lunch. And, it won't hurt your wallet!

Cindy H

Good food and service!

YaYa Jackson

The customer service was ok, the food was really tasty but I do think a bit over priced. Good location. Thanks

Natalie Asher

One of my favorite restaurants in Colorado!!! Incredible food! Beautiful restaurant! Amazing service!

Talia McCray

The meal was better this time.

Justin Focht

Always top notch. We eat all over town and when we make it back here, are reminded this is one of the best restaurants around.

rachel shafrir

The service was excellent and tastes even better! highly recommend :)

Stephen Van Doren

There's a good deal to enjoy here, not the least of which is the food, don't get me wrong. But for an appetizer and an entree split between my husband and I, we had a dozen metal dishes on the table between us (imagine the racket of a hundred dinners being scraped off a hundred metal plates, bowls, and ramekins) and a $30 bill for not a lot of food (a tiny ramekin each for rice? I'm sorry, is there a shortage somewhere?).

Amy Reed

We looked at the ratings/reviews and had to try it. Be prepared to wait, but it was worth it. My husband likes spicy and I like mild, they were happy to prepare our dishes the way we like them. Beer selection was great and we found out we could call in orders for nights of dining from home. We have done this twice since dining in the restaurant and have really enjoyed it.

Barb David

One of the few Indian restaurants I can recommend in Denver. Authentic great food!

Fe Myers

The best Indian food restaurant in Denver!

Jenifer Heath

Great food, lunch buffet, clear and consistent info related to special diets (gluten free and veg).

Ærtemis Fowl

Great food. Lots of variety and if you like trying new things this is the perfect place. Good service, amazing aesthetically, and amazing food create a great experience every time. And if you like spicy you can definitely find that here, but if you dont you can also get that.

Rico Rodriguez

Good lunch buffet. great staff

Bobby Larson

Great food, generous staff, and impressive decor! One of the best in the Denver area.

Hunter Kanya

I ordered online and I’m not even sure what I was eating but it was some of the most incredible food I’ve ever had. Definitely need to try more.

Mustafa Qanbar

This place is phenomenon, the food is so good, service is great the people are just so friendly, prices are unbelievable. Highly recommended.

Sock Monkey

The menu here has a wide selection of traditional Indian dishes. They will prepare each dish to your specific taste if asked. The naan he is very good, as is the Masala. They serve on a very small individual portion of rice for each dish which we found to be insufficient. Although this is not our favorite Indian restaurant in Denver we have never had a awful meal here.

Dave Kannikal

Truly a fantastic experience, great staff... Have enjoyed dining here for almost 30 years

venkata siva rao innamuri

I went to this restaurant for long weekend,this is worst restaurent I have ever been in the United States.i can't imagine how weekdays will be here.

Antoine Awwad

Great place. The food is amazing. I was never a big fan of Indian food but this place changed my mind. I wld recommend big time

Roseanne Collison

We went on Valentine's Day and it was so much fun. The atmosphere was great. Since it was a holiday, they had live music and a belly dancer. (I don't think they usually do). I was impressed with the wait staff. We have eaten there before and the food is great.

Suketu Patel

Food was good, but not their service. I'm all about customer service.

V Iyer

Went there way back. Ambience is average. Typical ethnic ambiance. Service is average. The food is good but on the upper end in prices. It is generally overpriced for both the quality and quantity of food. The place is clean so is the restroom. These Indian restaurants claim to be fine cuisine but they have no real concept of fine dining or fine cuisine. It is ordinary Indian food on a table cloth. The owners should really visit true and real fine dining or fine cuisine restaurants to understand the concepts. They need to study Chinese or Mexican restaurants to understand that they too are ethnic food at a reasonable price. Ofcourse there are some grossly overpriced Chinese and Mexican restaurants too. Most customers have no idea of what it costs to make Indian food or do not know how to make Indian food. Nowadays, you get comparably food frozen readymade Indian food at about 20% of what Indian restaurants charge you for the same quality and quantity of food. This is slightly better than most Indian restaurants but they really need to look at becoming more reasonably priced for the quantity and quality of food they serve. They are taking full advantage of the inability of their customers to cook the food or their ignorance of the cost. Also most customers have not taste really excellent Indian food as I have. Also my own cooking is great as judged by those close to me who refuse to take them out to Indian restaurants and prefer my own cooking. When I am lazy or in a hurry I visit Indian restaurants more in the rarity.

cosmic ruru

Place looks amazing, food is penominal and the crew where super nice and informative.


Food was delicious. Staff was super friendly and polite. Everyone checked on us. The place has a very inviting feeling, a nice selection of tea's. Definitely worth checking out id you enjoy thus type of food! Oh also if you like hot and spicy I recommend getting it HOT.....

Sarah T

My FAVORITE restaurant! I love coming in for dinner and they will make my lamb vindaloo double hot if I ask too! Been coming here for years and I love bringing my friends and family to enjoy them as well! Love the atmosphere, delicious food, amazing tea, and the live music they have some nights. Keep up the amazing work! Always a pleasure!

diana hatfield

Food is as good as a meal prepared by Indian family, made my heart glad.

Michelle Young

The staff was friendly and the food was well prepared their bread was excellent

Krizia Ong

The food was quite good, but it's far from the best Indian food I've had. The serving sizes were decent for a dinner portion, but a bit small considering the price. The service was alittle slower than expected and they did make a small error in the bill. I had the lamb Rogan Josh and garlic naan. The naan I feel was very flavorful, one of the garlickiest ones I've had.I ordered the curry mild with a spice level of 4/10 but it seemed more like a 1/10. Indian mild tends to be much spicier at other places I've been. Their mango lassi was a bit watery and a bit sweet for my taste since I prefer a thick and tart lassi. Not sure if I'd visit again, but the place itself, the atmosphere, ambience and the friendliness of the servers were well appreciated.

Tim Chapman

The best Indian food and service in Denver!

HDrider69 HDrider69

Beautiful decor! Relaxing atmosphere, wonderful buffet. We enjoyed a nice lunch here.

Jessica Michaels

The lunch buffet is excellent and reasonably priced. They have a unique and extensive tea menu. The full menu can be a bit overwhelming, but everything we've tried has been very good. I recommend the goat curry.

Brendan Kosovich

Wide selection of Indian dishes. The interior decorations and music make you seem like you are in India. The prices are fairly high so if you take the whole family be prepared for a large check.

Colbie Downs

After studying more about this restaurant and seeing other reviews, it's fair to say I am not the only one who feels dissatisfied with this establishment. The owner, Kris Kapoor, is completely unfit to respond to customers and denies almost all critiques given by them. I implore the owner to understand that talking back to customers like this is very unprofessional. I can understand the frustration when someone leaves a below average review, especially when you have been in the business for over 30 years. However, denying people's opinions and giving off the impression that you are perfect is ignorant. No one has their "own agenda". No one is trying to attack you in a disrespectful way. People just want you to know that something was wrong, and should be looked into. Replying to someone saying they are "venting their frustrations with life" and disregarding their comments is arrogant. Now, to clarify more of my review. The food IS expensive. Yes, price does not change the taste of the dish, but when the dish is not worth the amount paid, people will obviously be unhappy. Next, the bones in my dish. Yes, the dish was made with goat, but I have had multiple dishes with goat meat without bone in them that taste delicious. The main problem was that I paid a high price for a dish that had more bone than meat. Maybe if you provided more of the goat I wouldn't have commented on it. Next, the "frozen peas" and the rice. I have never seen that kind of rice being used in Indian cuisine. It did not seem like the common basmati rice. Next, the problem with the service. This might be more of a personal thing, but being asked the same question numerous times by multiple waiters, and bussers, is not quality service to me. The idea that you always want to make sure you are tended to is a cheap excuse. I have never felt so sad for an owner. I suggest you start taking some of these reviews more seriously, instead of getting offended and driving off the customer from ever returning. The photos I have included are some of the many comments left by Kris Kapoor. I am not taking away from the 5 star reviews, but these low rated reviews require attention. The food is fairly expensive for the amounts given. Also for a restaurant that prides itself in be called "India's Restaurant", it didn't seem very authentic. I have never had Indian cuisine like this out of the multitude of other Indian restaurants I have experienced. The food wasn't bad per say, but having to spend $17+ on a dish that still contained bones and rice with frozen peas doesn't have me wanting to return. I wasn't even sure who to tip in the end because we seriously had 5 different servers tedning to us, and asking how we are doing. I would not recommend this place to anyone

Ian Starkebaum

This is the only place we eat Indian food, period. We're here at least once a month, and the food is always phenomenal. The service is cordial, and the experience is fun. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Jason Sharp

I’ve been coming to this wonderful Indian restaurant for over 15 years and it never disappoints. My mouth waters just as I’m walking through the door. I just wish it was closer to my home and would I come every week. Hands-down the best Indian restaurant in the state and the service is always wonderful.

RuRu Pyon

This place is amazing! Food the decorations and the service!!!

Jesus Sierra

Great food and amazing staff.

Christopher Cook

The selection of vegetarian curries on the buffet is good and the pakoras were much better than I've experienced at another buffet in the area. I also appreciate that several craft beers are available.


NO INDIAN, PAKISTANI, TRUE LOVER OF INDIAN FOOD SHOULD EVER EAT HERE. The restaurant should have a tag line "strictly for white customers." It doesn't matter if you are running your restaurant for 30 years or a 1000 years - even crappy Indian food will sell well to unsuspecting customers. You are in the business of making a fool out of your customers. I challenge you to invite any food critique who knows Indian food well and I guarantee they will disapprove. Let me know, I can get Gordon Ramsay's crew to come and investigate (if you are prepared for the truth to come out i.e). With all arrogant and rude comments the owner has the audacity to respond with, I was really intrigued to give it a shot. Surely the food would be exceptionally good, I thought. Maybe he created a second Bukhara (one of world's finest restaurants serving Indian food in Delhi) in Denver. I would have agreed with the owner's unapologetic sour attitude even if the food was remotely close to what he has been claiming in his responses. Sadly, the reality cannot be further from the truth. They have no clue what authentic Indian cuisine is and what qualifies it as flavorful. I went for a buffet style lunch (al-a-carte maybe be better but only by a percent or 2 - doesn't count) and the first serving was chicken tikka, chicken curry, chicken tandoori and naan. From the very first bite you can tell this was a bad idea. It is not even a question of spicy vs hot vs home cooked. It is just terrible in every sense of the word. I am still upset that I had to waste all that food because you just can't continue eating. I thought maybe vegetarian dishes would be better so for the second serving I took saag paneer, mixed veg and dal. Lo and behold, it is even worse than the meat preparations. Even fake Indian restaurants run by Nepalese cooks do a better job than you. I am amazed that you being a Punjabi cannot even get saag, chicken tandoori and naan right. How is it possible? I reluctantly took desert as I wanted to see if they could get at least one food item right, but no, its the same boring and pathetic level of cooking at its finest here too. I gave them one extra star because they don't have that overwhelming food smell that gets into your clothes and your stomach will never be upset eating their food.

Phil Esposito

Well unfortunately I have to update my review... the place is absolutely delicious but I had a terrible experience tonight. Typical Tuesday, not busy, food took forever... ordered veggie samosas, got meat samosas, sent them back, veggie samosas take forever. Sat around with an empty drink for 20 minutes. No joke it took 45 minutes from when we ordered our food to when we received it. No apology from the staff, Full Price Bill, including the samosas?! So I paid the bill and I won't be back. Bummer.

William B

By far my favorite Indian restaurant. Eat in, or take out, love the food.

J Johnston price...

Y Sa

Great north indian foods

Brandy Krow

My favorite Indian food in the whole world. We eat here way too much. It’s a problem.

Logesh Sekar

Unbelievably good food!

Justin Kirkland

Unbelievably good food!

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