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REVIEWS OF India's Castle IN Colorado

Blake Galvin

Probably the best Indian we've had in south Denver. Always ready fast for pickup, or a cozy little spot for dine-in. Usually go with the Curry and Butter chicken, both are fantastic. If you're a fan of spicy, they will not disappoint!

stanley gideon

Food was delicious, the service was average!

Label Cleon

We had our book club meeting. Excellent choices

Henry Bohlen

Keep up the good work.

Brian Hart

Great food. Very nice owners!

Kurt Fraser

Traveled around India early last year, and absolutely loved the cuisine but thought we would never be able to find anything like it back home. Until we dined at India castle for our end of year awards dinner. The food was amazing! And the staff really looked after us. I highly recommend this restaurant

Ken Carson

Great place. I get to travel a lot and eat it every night. This is one of the best Indian restaurants I've been to in the U.S. great food and drink selection. Try the Indian beers.

Jeana H

Well I used to love this place, but apparently they owners have changed and unfortunately, the food just isn’t as good. Shame.

Brenda Ortiz

Amazing food and amazing service! I asked for an extremely spicy dish and it was delicious nonetheless! We also got an unordered dessert from them. It was delicious!! The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Can't wait to go back!

bernd sauermann

Excellent food and service!

Stephen Bridgewater

Good for fast lunch

Candi Finger

Ordered to go for dinner. Flavors were amazing! Definitely a new go to!

Denver Kayl

Very nice location - easy to find

Alice Altman

Very nice food and excellent service

Emphat Rmommmy

Too expensive. They charged dinner prices during lunch hours. Food is ok. Service is ok. Ambience also leaves a lot to be desired if you are charging this much.

Nico Daniel

The new online ordering system with 10% off is convenient

Jon Nealer

Probably the best Indian in Denver - or at least the best I've had. Service is great, and you even get a complimentary shot of sweet alcohol at the end. HIGHLY recommended.

Jacqui Marti

This place is amazing! Best Indian food in Denver by far and great service. I feel like they really care about their customers and make you feel welcome. Whoever wrote these negative reviews is either making stuff up to bash this business or went to the wrong Indian restaurant. Indian's Castle is two thumbs up! Always satisfied!

Sue Greeley

Love the food, atmosphere, and service at this incredible Indian restaurant!

Hayley Young

This place is riding on a well earned customer base from previous owners. Since the management has changed, they no longer care about their customers like they used to. I've been coming here far longer than the current staff has worked there and there's no appreciation or warm fuzzy experience anymore. They have gotten something in my order wrong every time and the naan is tough and seems old. Sad, but I had to change my previously glowing review as this place is not the same. I'm going to have to find a new favorite Indian Restaurant.

Michael Moore

First time here and will absolutely come back when in the area. As typical in Indian restaurants, the service was exceptional with MULTIPLE servers waiting on you. Complimentary desert and shot of cognac to end the meal. Absolutely fantastic! Bhindi masala and kabli naan were great!

tony love

After recent visit, I observed few things and wanted to share. Quality of the food is not as good as it used to be. Doubted, if food I was eating freshly made! Another important thing is signing the bill on dotted lines. Never leave Tip and Total figures empty. Fill/strike/mark them out suitably. My signed bill was changed to different Tip and Total amount. I ended up opening a dispute with my CC company.

Kirsten Schiffer

The new owners were very pleasant

Karey Stratford

Great food and atmosphere. Wait staff took care of me for a great experience. Will revisit!

Ian T. Worthing

I have eaten at Indian restaurants across the United States and the U.K. but none of them come close to India's Castle. Most Indian restaurants that offer a buffett tend to be mediocre. India's Castle on the other hand, offers a mouth-watering selection of curries, tandoori chicken, and naan. Everything is fresh, hot and delicious. It is the only place in the area I go to for lunch.

Bill Grosz

Tasty chai

Celtic Wanderer

I would recommend one portion per two people!!;) Great food and a nice atmosphere, authentic flavours and abundant choices! If you're into entertainment while eating there is even belly dancing on Fridays from 5-7pm!

Theorry Langster

Three kids of the owners were so amazing.

Casse Silva

Love this place. Been my go to for a while for Indian food in Denver. Everyone is always nice and the food is always amazing. The buffet is a great deal with a pretty standard selection but has everything you need!! So delicious I highly recommend!

Chris Olds

$$ Lunch is good! Pricey, so if you don't buy the Buffet... prepare for an expensive lunch.

Rishi Singh

Truly authentic North Indian cuisine, the best tandoori, naan, sag paneer, masala dishes etc. Just like back home. Family owned place, father/son business, very friendly and top notch service.

Mike Harris

I like this place. Maybe I just love the fact that they normally have chili chicken on their menu.

Jack V

Chicken saag and chicken ticca kabab tonight. It was so good! Have had many meals at the restaurant and also take out. Great people work there and the food is superb!! Try it.

Ramya Ramya

Nice, decent.

Ryan Werner

Good budget but the staff tries to push you out for no apparent reason

Leilani Sonja

Best food and service is great very clean

Derrick Penrod

The new menu look is so much better. Love it

Anne Erb

Everyone works so hard.

Jason G

As always, India's Castle is a Denver treasure. Every meal I've eaten there has been amazing, the staff are great, the atmoshpere is perfect. I legitimately can not think of a better Indian restaurant in the state.

Dave Whitaker

Great food, great service. Had the Shrimp Korma, and Kheer. Both were exceptional, especially the Kheer.

Dr Burzin Bharucha

Excellent food, hospitality and ambience.

Drew Ammann

Are you in dtc? You want Indian food? Come here and you won't be disappointed

Abbie K

Amazing food and amazing service! I’m very picky about Indian food (there are very few really good Indian restaurants in Denver), but this was delicious. I especially loved that the rice was very flavourful and not bland. Our waiter was also lovely! The inside is also nicer than most Indian restaurants I’ve been to, and has a good atmosphere.

Tami Fraser

Great food, wonderful chai, awesome service

Ravel Malfred

Chicken pakora tasted great

Sandy Kennedy

Yes! Easy to get to on I25 and Arapahoe. Great ambience and delicious food.

Adalard Darek

This is the 2nd oldest indian restaurant and never failed us

Eshan Gupta

The food was quite blent and needed more flavours to it. I took a buffet there but the food didn't come out as i expected. Except pakora everything in the menu was plain.

Sriram Varadarajan

Outstanding! The quality of food and service was terrific. The staff is very friendly!! Definitely coming back.

Travis Walden

Excellent food and great service. The spice level at the hottest was intense but flavorful. Definitely good for a date night.

Sean Brown

Beautiful Vietnamese server

erik rhee

Best Indian food in Denver! Great owner and staff - I've been dining here for many many years. We will occasionally try out a new place from time to time, but this will always be our favorite.

Gregory Storjohann

The food was great and the service was fantastic

Peter Ryan

I have had Indian food at top joints in nyc, Boston, Miami and DC. When I came to Englewood, I was not expecting great Indian food. Indian castle proved me ignorant. I won’t say that it is the best ever but at the price, it is a great value and option.

Pankaj Ojha

I liked their buffet. Thier samosa is also different and has stuffing of spinach and other vegetables. Price is very reasonable as compared to other Indian restaurants in Denver tech center. I would recommend this place for a nice India food. They also have musical event on Friday which I missed to see.

Katelyn Davis

Stopped in for the lunch buffet. Great food and quick service.

Gerald Caussade

I was concerned. Looked run down from outside. Boy, am I impressed. Great food, great service. Pleasant environment and music., too. Wonderful!

Richa Mishra

Horrible food

Alan McCormick

My wife and I ate here on Saturday, and they were the most accommodating restaurant in the area. She recently had extensive oral surgery and is waiting for her implants to be completed. They guided her to the dishes that would most likely appeal to her and it was a very good experience. I tried everything in the buffet and found it to be very tasty. We are hoping to go back again this week.

Aries Pisces

Best Curry Ever! Beautiful combination of spices and clean ingredients. Amazing Chai.

Katherine Tomsich-Evans

Great lunch buffet. Good price. Friendly staff. Delicious!

Natascha Willi

Vipan and Anju were the hosts and so pleasant.

Reste Terter

Authentic indian food

Rameen Javid

Good environment good food prices are not too bad and amateur belly dancer on Friday nights

Jonathan Lewis

Clean and best Indian restaurant

Clarke Watson

Excellent food and service. Chai tea is wonderful.

Shawn Morris

I'm obsessed with this place. The atmosphere, the food, and the employees make it enjoyable and my fiancee and I keep coming back. They treat us like family and are always accommodating which I feel is just a bonus on top of their amazing cuisine.

Eshan Vaid

This restaurant is for people who don't know anything about Indian food. They use the same base curry for everything, irrespective of what you order you will get the same gravy. Biryani was pathetic with hard lumps of rice in it. It looked stale and we had to turn it back. Nans served were probably frozen before being reheated.chicken was hard and dry. Overall a far below average Indian restaurant with good location and ambiance.

Clint Clore

fantastic food and service!

John Gilmer

New owners and staff are friendly and the service is fine. But the previous owners saag paneer was one of my top 5 favorites of any cuisine anywhere. The new recipe is ... ok. The old chicken curry was also a favorite, the new one ... ok. Couple of times recently, all the sauces on the buffet were just too rich for me and there was no alternative except the lentils which, by the way, is the one dish I like better than the previous version. Give them a try, you may like their recipes. Me, I just really loved the old food and, after 23 years, I'm looking for a new Indian lunch buffet. Revised in May 2019 Adding 2 stars. I looked but did not find a better Indian buffet in the DTC area. And while I was away, something happened because now India's Castle food tastes great to me. Maybe they fine tuned their dishes. Maybe being deprived of good Indian food for a few months made me more appreciative. Maybe a little of both, but in any event, I'm a regular again.

Anastasiya Lavrinenko

This place is fantastic!!! I’ve loved everything I’ve ever ordered.

Mr. Motaparthy

Food is taken right out of the freezer and half cooked. Had a very bad experience, nothing gives Indian taste to be honest.

Lee Liley

Excellent food and great atmosphere.

Alissa Rhee

The food is always wonderful, and the owner and his employees are incredibly kind and friendly. The chicken tikka masala and rice pudding are great.

Bethany Hicks

We have been loyal customers for NINE years and counting. We used to live in the neighborhood and go all the time, and now we live a good drive away but still manage to go once every month or two. The food has always been excellent (both buffet and dinner) and the owner and staff are wonderful. I'm completely convinced that the negative reviews on here are from competitors. The waiters have always been extremely nice and respectful, and the owner remembers us every time we walk in, even though we don't live in the area and aren't in as frequently. I absolutely cannot imagine anyone there treating a customer like described in the bad reviews. And did I mention the food is amazing? I'm having cravings now just thinking about it!

Ryan Philipp

Now we can order online. So convenient.

Albert Sanoe

We love online ordering

marina ribes-martin

The weekend buffet is not awesome but the a la carte menu is the best Indian food that I have tasted in Colorado thus far.

Raghavendra Gunda

I didn't like the food.. I ordered boti(lamb) masala and naans.. boti masala is the worst ever made curry I had eaten in my whole life. Never going back to this place again.

Adam John

There are so many south indian places popping up. This one stands out

anshul maggon

Great food , unbeatable prices.

Benjamin Springsteen

Very good lunch buffet

Gagandeep3 Dhillon

It used to be really good restaurant. Quality of food is terrible cold, not properly cooked. :(

Anthony Ruddy

love this place. great Indian. it's a little small so it can get cramped at times but the food is awesome. it's my favorite Indian in the dtc area.

Nicholas Winn

Great lunch buffet destination if your concerned about time and cost.

Jed Storey

Good Indian food

Allena Canada

I had the buffet for lunch. It was delicious!!! Since I got to sample some things I know what to order. It was clean and the people were very nice. I was dining alone and it was GREAT!!!

Robbie Korte

Try the Bhindi! It's the best I've had to date. If you are averse to spice, ask for mild

S Vogel

Nice staff and great service

Samantha Heizer-Metcalf

One of the worst restaurants I have been to! I would rate them negative stars if I could. We came in when it was extremely slow. We ended up walking out after waiting an hour just to get took them 30-45 minutes just to get the drink order. Then took 15-30 to get our water. That is absolutely ridiculous!!! After getting our drinks we gave them a few minutes to take a food order. Obviously they didn’t come to take our order so we walked out. Now at Olive Garden eating a wonderful meal in less than 30 minutes.

Santiago Garcia

Very good food for the price.

ansel k

One of my favorites! The masala is amazing and the saag is there real deal. Come for the buffet though as dinner is just off menu.

Kevin Neilsen

I've been to around 5 or 6 different Indian restaurants. This one is my favorite. Their paneer is great. The Tikka masala is too. My favorite dish is the shrimp coconut curry.

Jeana Hughes

Best Indian restaurant in Denver! It’s seems that the majority of the recent negative reviews are posted by people with Indian makes me wonder if it’s business competition? They say that the food isn’t good & that the staff is rude....totally not true!!! The food is delicious & the staff is so friendly. Whenever my mom and I visit Denver (around 3 times a year), we stay near here because of the food. After just a few times, the waiters began to remember us. We have been treated so kindly & look forward to the delicious food. I recommend the vegetarian samosa & tikka masala. Take the negative reviews with a grain of salt as they seem fishy.

Paramesh Veeramachaneni

Food is not tasty and staff are very rude. Please avoid this place if you want to have a better customer service and good food

Becca Campigotto

Amazing food! Their coconut chicken is a Must have. So friendly here too. Our go to spot!

April C.

The service was very good. Nice quiet ambiance. Didn't care too much for the food. Wasn't bad, but not great either.

Joseph Smith

I don't feel like I can do this place justice with just a review, but I'll try. We ate here on 8/25/18, and it was awesome. From the great staff who were very capable, and fun, to the wonderful food. We're spoiled from our home town where we had our favorite Indian restaurant, but this place made us feel at home. The Indian beer selection, is large, and they have a great selection of domestics and other imports. They also have a big wine list, and a very good selection of hard liquor. You're not going to go thirsty in here, they have what you probably like. We had chicken biryani, and chicken tikka korma, with some garlic and paneer naan. Both dishes were excellent. No shortage of chicken in either, and the chicken in both was super tender. The naan was also very good. What really set this place apart besides the great food was the atmosphere, I felt like I was eating at a good friends house. That's how welcoming and warm the staff are. That's a commodity you don't get anymore, but you will here. Thank you for the great time, and the after dinner liqueur's and rice puddings, my wife and I sincerely appreciated it. We hope to see you soon!

Lindsay L

This place is great! The best vegetarian Samosa I've ever had in my life! Your butter chicken is amazing too! I'm new to Denver and I tried the Indian Clay Oven, which was horrible. India's Castle is going to be my go-to Indian restaurant from here on out. They were kind, professional and the food is outstanding! Love it!

Stephen Manthey

Love this place. The owners are so friendly and the food is amazing. I think I have now gone through almost the entire menu and have not had a bad dish. Always try the house specialty as it is unique and loaded with flavor. We have always been treated like long lost family there which is why we keep on going back.

kulwinder singh

I would give a 1* not even that they were rude to us and used foul language and food was disgusting and there are so unprofessional

Michael Shebowich

I've been here several times never have tried anything I didn't think was amazing. They have amazing lassies, amazing naan, and their dishes are unbelievable. Their appetizers are good but don't live up to par with everything else. One of my favorite restaurants in the state.

Diane Riechert

Consistently superb food with excellent service. One of my favorite restaurants.

Michelle Niklas

Buffet at $10.95 was a great value

Fedrick Rochelle

This is family run restaurant by sweet husband and wife

Adria Meaux

I love this place the food is amazing and so is the staff

Mark Hurley

My family and I started going to India's Castle about 3 years ago and absolutely love it. I have tried many of the Indian restaurant's in the area, but this is by far our favorite. The food is outstanding. They have both meat and vegetarian options and the staff are always welcoming.

Juli Alkout

This is my favorite place. Food is great. Staff is very nice. Wonderful atmosphere. If u haven't been here u should come check it out.

Becki Valenzuela

Great food

Peter Puschert

Indian wine selections are new addtions. Love it

Nicolas Khoury

The vandaloo was more like a biryani but delicious nevertheless real nice vibe and great service. Try the Indian whisky neat with Spicy dish. The perfect antipode to a freezing cold Denver night

Serena Qwalis

Indian cocktail was nice addition to our food

Erdogan Celik

One of the best Indian restaurant in Denver. It is clean, staff is helpful food is delicious!

Lexi Damon

Keep up the good work.

Verina Volney

Buffet choices were really good

James Anderson

Lunch buffet is tasty, service is good.

Cris Edwards

Friendly staff and wonderful food.

Andrea Ubert

The only Indian restaurant I go to. It's such good food I didn't want to try anything else! Hot and fresh to go every time!!

Garny Langis

Must try mango lassi

V Iyer

Great buffet with good selections like navratna karma, spinach curry. Chicken curry, tandoori chicken, naan, papad, gulab jam, rice pudding, various condiments, pickles, salads. Price under $10.00 plus tax.

Jane Kim

Our go-to Indian restaurant closed about a year ago and I've been trying to find something similar. I don't know why I never gave this place a chance until today. It was almost identical to our go-to restaurant. We went for dinner and the place itself is clean with character, great atmosphere, food was very fulfilling, food came out super fast, and the best thing of all the customer service was spectacular. This is the type of customer service you should get at every restaurant. The servers worked together and didn't miss a thing. Already looking forward to my next visit!

Demetrius Minos

I think they may be under new, and better, management.

Neville Sterling

Just ok indian. Not much flavor and spice level was non existent.

Peter Krüger

This is a place we come to atleast once a month

Joshua Seidel

Very good lunch buffet. Has some heat to it, great flavor.

mahendra rao

Good food and service. Good bar and cocktail choice. Nepali beer went well with food. Prices are reasonable and the regional selections were authentic

Martina Bergmaier

For 15 years, this is the place we keeping coming back to

Shailendra Garg

Pretty good place and food is definitely above average. I went for dinner on Monday evening and tried vegetarian dish. Made exactly as per my taste. My other parameter is Indian bread (butter naan), which was very good. Great service and good ambience. Price is also right.

Subhash Gangar

We went here for a lunch buffet and they had a lot of great options of authentic north Indian food. The place is well organized and is clean. I would highly recommend this restaurant for Indian food!

Anil Sharma

Staff not good, what you order not serves , they forgot and keep reminder's, also the guy who serving food drunk and using abuse words. I recommended not go this place till they not replace staff.

Greg Frohring

India's castle has always been expensive, but worth it... until new management took over some months back. New management bought the wrong thing: they bought the location, but not the recipes. We went back twice to be sure, and while they are friendly, the taste has been removed consistently from all dishes. All six dishes were tried were blandified into mediocrity. I'm afraid that India's cattle is now too overpriced to go back.

Michael Bramblett

First time trying Indian food and I am hooked. No frills Indian food that tastes great and has a great attentive wait staff. Will be my new regular restaurant.

Jamila Thomas

I'm so sad this place changed owners. I had been going there for 13 years and the food was amazing. Went last night and was not impressed at all. The people who work there are very nice but I give the everything else a thumbs down.

Philipp Aeschlimann

The new buffet items (eggplant bhartha) was very good

Clint Schaeffer

Edit: our last meal wasn't up to par, and the new mgr didn't seem to bothered by that. Revised stars as of 5/2/2019. Been a customer for as long as we can remember, and it continues to amaze. Ate take-out tonight; and the Biryani was amazing. I had Egg and my wife had Lamb. They aren't afraid to add flavorful heat as requested (I like medium). This is the best Indian food I've had across the nation.

Kyle Dhaliwal

this is the #1 place for indian food. MUST GO

Srikanth R

A good place for those who wants to enjoy North India lunch buffet. Not crowded and I enjoy appetizers, entrees and deserts peacefully during my lunch break. If you want South Indian food there are many others in nearby area.

Nathalie Picaud

Valentine's special dinner buffet so just amazing

Jo L

Love the lunch buffet here! One of my favorite Indian restaurants in Denver.

Kevin H

I have only ate here during lunch becuase they have an all you can eat buffet for around 11 dollars.(So my review is based off lunch only). The food is great, there is a salad bar, rice, potatoes, meats, curries and other options to choose from. It seems the dishes that they serve vary from day to day but the main dishes stay the same. The people are also very nice and topped off my water after every sip ( I'm not even joking). They do seem to try and rush you out the door at times, I'm assuming becuase they don't want you to eat all day. Overall I'm very pleased with this place and would highly recommend it. Meat options-5/5 Vegetarian options 4/5 Vegan options 1/5 Service 5/5 Price 5/5 Food taste 5/5


I was visiting for a work trip planning my relocation to Denver. If they pull my offer I'll still move here so I can eat at this place. 100% would recommend!

Kate Kollin

We liked dal soup…delicious

Steven Prewitt

Decent if a lil pricy.

John Grubesic

NOT THE SAME! My family has been going to this location for 11 years. Change in ownership and quality of food. Shrimp Tikka Masala, shrimp was over cooked, also old place had large shrimp, now they are small. Ordered two Chicken Tikka Masala one mild (for kids) and one medium. Labeling in both containers rubbed off, could not taste the difference, never had that issue before, was too spicy for kids. The Masala sauce is also not the same as before, used to be the best. The Garlic Naan is also different, used to be thinner, what we received was thick and seemed under cooked. Over all the food went from five stars to one. Also prices have increased from previous ownership? Ordered pickup, was told on phone 20-25 minutes, took 45 minutes. I live in Parker and always justified the drive with the awesome food, will not again. So disappointed, now we have to find a new place.

Thomas Parsons

Wifey and I come here specifically for the coconut curry. It’s very good! Friendly staff too and never a wait.

Swapnil Dhondge

Service and ambience very good 5 stars Quality of food half a star. Value for money half a star food I had was no where near to north Indian food . Naan was not fully baked . When I order tikka chicken I expect chicken to be Nicely grilled in tandoor oven and not boiled chicken . When someone’s is willing to pay 25 bucks just for food he expects that quality of food in return .

Quinn Carson

Amazing food and lovely service

Clare Benegas

Most amazing food and service. The owner is beyond lovely and intelligent. Want authentic? Go here!

Jennifer Baer

Great staff great food!

Allison Morrissey

My husband and I have been coming here for over 10 years. We have tried other places, but this one is the best. You cannot beat the family who owns it. Very nice people! :)

Chander Raman Sen

Delicious food and the warm hospitality. A must visit place while in Denver.

Raymond Kokinos

My family has been visiting India's Castle for years. They make everone feel very welcome and the food has always been fresh and better than any other place we have been.

rhanda frangie

India's Castle's flavors are fresher than the most well-known Indian restaurants around Denver. I've experienced only polite service, although sometimes with a language barrier. It is dependably good and one of my favorite spots. Some of the negative reviews are suspicious and tough to digest.

I am A PHD

The food was not fresh it was really old. The chicken smells really bad and old too. Tested like two weeks old at least. Bad experience. I will never be there again.

Sofia Liam

The masala pol appetizers are so good

vignesh mylvaga

Best food and very clean restaurant

Brent Tryon

Awesome service. Awesome goat curry. Thanks so much!

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