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REVIEWS OF Hiro Japanese Buffet IN Colorado

Bubbles 329

This buffet is Great. They, in fact, keep their promise of shrimp and crab legs. The lunch buffet is missing those items but is half the price. The lunch buffet is $9.99 +drink, the dinner buffet is $17.99 +drink and the dinner buffet has the seafood items. The wait staff is Very friendly, and the young ladies are great at keeping your drink filled. I definitely recommend a stop, or 2, or 3 here.

Barry Young

Good buffet lots of varieties, good service though the servers should be in better costumes to fit the motif and stay within character when in contact with guests. The ambiance is close, very close. Keep the traditional music going in the background, not to loud so patrons can talk. Food service should have been a little quicker with bringing fresh offerings out. With a buffet you should never run out of a particular offering before bringing out fresh, always replace early. Parking can be a hassle but hey, it's a popular place. I have been looking for a good buffet like this and I will be back.

Brian Ray

I actually really like this place, I think the selection of food is alright but what is out there is decently prepared and they have a sushi bar with a pretty hefty selection and honestly the price of the buffet is about the same as a lot of the all you can eat sushi around here except there an entire buffet attached. Additionally they have a hot pot for a slight up charge which again is pretty close to some of the all you can eat hot pot in the area but again, with a buffet attached. Also if it's your birthday you eat for free as long as you bring someone else to eat with you aha.


Wow! Do not judge this place by the way it looks on the outside. Plenty of dishes to choose from. Went there twice in one week and almost everything was good. Clean dining area and bathrooms. Will definitely go back.

Kuntal Das

This is a great place for trying Japanese and Chinese cuisines. They have a whole lot of options. Good for vegetarian too. Known for sushis. But they have a good Hibachi grill too. Very cheap in terms of price. Excellent for a 10$ buffet..

Marc L

Best bang for your buck oriental buffet in Colorado. Usually busy at dinners hours, yet never wait longer than 10 minutes.

Lei Somm

What a great buffet. The price is right for what you get. There is a sushi line, veggies, crab legs, chicken, seafood, beef, pork, carbs, and of course desserts. The only thing you don’t get yourself is your drink. There is a huge drink menu also. Don’t come in expecting top notch sushi, it is after all a buffet, but it is really good and you will not be disappointed. Great for the family.

Christina Rice Vicente

When we walked in there were 4 workers literally standing around the security camera pouring and watching everyone eat. Ok food. Ate mostly sushi. Saw others eating huge plates of crab legs and crawfish. Waitress was extremely rude saying “hurry” “time to go” and even trying to grab the bill out of my husband’s hands. She started cleaning the table around us while we were eating. Won’t ever go back!

Kyler Andis

Mediocre food and outrageous price for it. Dirty restaraunt and poor service

Neri’s Adventure

Plenty of food selection it is worth the money you pay for. Super friendly staff. Delicious food. I ate most of it by eating small part at a time and all the foods are good.

Marty Wilk

My first time and I really liked it! This buffet has plenty of customers to keep the food rotation fresh. A large selection to choose from. Hot pot, to sushi, Mongolian BBQ, as well as the common Chinese fare. I'll be back!!!

Ted P

It is probably one of the only buffets in Denver area, serving Japanese/Chinese, sushi and seafood at the same time. It is a little spendy though but quite worth it. Service is just OK as a lot of workers do not speak English. They have great variety of food and most of it is delicious.

Anna Eklund

Wow! They've really expanded. They now have a hot pot area that my husband and I look forward to trying. The buffet is well worth the money. A go-to when going out with friends because there's something for everyone!

Brandon B

So far this the the better of the Asian buffet places in town. Priced reasonably and the food is good and fresh depending on when you go. Definitely go on weekend nights to ensure your food is fresh, (more people = more freshly cooked food). The only knock would be it's not that clean, floors feel sticky, and the bathrooms are sticky too. Other than that the food is solid.

Nikita Solodukhin

The food was good, but a few of the items were disappointing. The teriyaki chicken on a stick was amazing, so don't miss out on that. The place got pretty crowded quickly, but if you arrive before 5, you're likely to be seated without waiting. The service was great, and the overall experience was great!

Katrina Kinchen

Nice new hot pot buffet section.

Sonya Switzer

A favorite gathering place for birthdays, you get a birthday dinner for free! The food is great and the Mongolian BBQ is pretty tasty also. Sushi bar salad bar and desert bar. Been coming here for years, Good is always good and have never gotten ill from any of the seafood. Bring an empty stomach.

Kristina Asimova

We would rate this 6 stars if we could.))) Love this place, good choice of seafood and it's always fresh. Can be busy so on Saturday night you will have to wait, but that's a great casual place to eat. We go there often although it's not our traditional cuisine.

Kerri Peek

I love the food and selection. I can't wait to go back.

Sparky Southerland

Always enjoy eating here! Foods always on par.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Best local all you can eat!

Succulent Slayer

I've been feasting at this location for years, sushi is top notch, katsu chicken is crisp and moist. The buffet decor is immaculate, I have only good things to say here.

Jason Voss

Terrific as always. Lots of fresh foods. Items on line constantly refreshed

ivan hinojos

Quite tasty place for the price. Will be back.

Korin Karford

The staff are friendly, phenomenal and we had a big group party here. The party went off without a hitch because this place takes such good care of you. The food was magnificent and I can't wait to come back. 11 out of 10 would recommend. Thanks Hiro Japanese Buffet!!!

Mr Smith

This was one of the best Japanese buffets that I have ever been to before they have crab legs which tastes amazing sushi was on point I love their coconut chicken and green tea ice cream dessert Maytag rate dine-in night five stars

Andy Rosales

First time there and I love it!!!!! Lots of great food for a really fair price. Lunch is great

Heather Fierro

This place used to be great but after recently going here I found it was disappointing the lack and quality of food has changed and the pricing has gone up so wasn’t worth it.

Christina Gustin

The food was AMAZING. Definitely worth the price every once and a while. However the servers were a little rude and stared a there's a little weirdness there.

Jessica Campbell

Tons of food for a great price!!


Super super super nice and great chinese food

'Danny Madin

Lots of options to choose from!! All types of food, you can even choose whatever you want on the grill, and they will grill it for you! Vegetarian options, sushi bar! Soups, salads, ice cream! Great place for big groups! Busy all the time! Bathrooms are kinda dirty, only reason why 4 stars, other than that, everything is great!

Harry Bryner

The food is great and the selection of choices are awesome. Plus I got a great blow job in the bathroom....and once behind the dumpster!

Cale Reszka

Delicious and great variety. Despite being a buffet, it seems like few corners were cut. One of my favorite restaurants. Overall a good deal for a good meal.

Allie Franco

This is the worst restaurant ever ! I found a piece of crab shell in my soda, and I didn’t even eat crab! the sushi doesn’t taste fresh, and the restaurant it self is ghetto as hell! I don’t recommend it ever ! The only thing I recommend is the doughnuts.

Azazel Bloodfang

The place is great. The food was pretty good and the staff is very friendly.

Booze bag productions

We went for the first time today. Overpriced, food wasn’t that great, the crab legs were cold, not steamed and it was a busy Sunday. We were there for maybe less than hour and just got done eating and we’re letting our food settle so we can go get dessert. The waitress came up to us to ask us if we were gonna get more food. We said yes we just needed a minute. She said we needed to hurry because we need to give up our table because of how busy it was. There were several other available tables. Not sure why they’re hasseling us and we weren’t even done. If I’m paying for an expensive buffet, are they seriously timing us, then they rush us out? Well, then I think I’ll take my business else where it’s cheaper and better service and better food.

Mike Richards

Good food and fair price. My wife and I have been coming here for years. I just don't know why they don't charge you at the door like most other buffetside do. It would definitely make it easier on them and the customer.

Robert Smith

Simply, always great tasting food. This is the Asian buffet in the state. In addition to great tasting food, the staff are quick and aim to please. My hat off to the manager and staff

Julia Bierylo

Been eating here from when it started in the 2000's. Always delicious and always nice service.

Hai Yen Do

It's good but I personally was hoping for more selection. My first time in december last year was great but the second time last week ended up with stomach aches and I felt a bit sick, not from overeating but more because something wasn't right. Not sure. Maybe it was the oysters. But it wasn't a bad experience in general.

Mike Madrid

Excellent. Went during a busy rush which meant all of the food was fresh and didn't sit out for more than 5 minutes. Definitely going back and would recommend.

Dee Azure

Good food, but they don’t honor your “Free Birthday dinner” that they advertise all over the restaurant. Also, the wait staff is EXTREMELY RUDE.

Mike Barnes

First time visiting - this place is great. The food is excellent. Well prepared, fresh. Staff is friendly. The Sushi is delicious. Only take what you can eat - you've been warned. This keeps prices very reasonable. We'll eat there again that's for sure.


Wow! Do not judge this place by the way it looks on the outside. Plenty of dishes to choose from. Went there twice in one week and almost everything was good. Clean dining area and bathrooms. Will definitely go back.

Doug Heiser

This is upper end of Japanese buffets. Sushi is fresh, and good selection of everything. They have the added plus of a liquor license and they serve Korean Soju!

Ryan Mesher

The sushi is actually good! Lots of other stuff that looks questionable but the sushi was decent

WeiMing Junki

My first experience was on a sunday evening with a decent crowd, yet there was ample room to share. I will definately recommend Hiro's dinner buffet. Im not used to paying buffet prices, but for the quality and amount of options your presented with, there's no leaving as a dissapointed patron.

Stephen Johnston

Awesome food at an awesome price.

Arctica Yang

Just like every other All-you-can-eat buffet except for the fact that you'll have to wait for a while if you don't have a reservation. Yes, the foods here are great for buffet style. Buffet area is decent with many variety to chose from, including crab legs. First time here and the staff were very helpful. We got seated ASAP with a 18 guess reservation.

Mike Glad

Service was great, food was good but nothing special.

Crystal P.

I would say that this Chinese buffet by far is my favorite! The selection of sushi is great and taste amazing. I like the crab legs too! Food is always fresh. I commute approximately 30 minutes to enjoy dinner here.

Mitchell Dobro

I’ve been to this place for years, often with my family. Food isn’t that great or fresh, but at least it’s relatively cheap and plentiful. Today, On my birthday I brought in a coupon that says “Free buffet on your birthday”. Upon entering and asking about it, the manager refused to honor it because I hadn’t brought another guest. No where on the coupon did it say another guest was required, so instead of honoring the coupon anyways, they REFUSED TO HONOR THEIR OWN COUPON ON A BIRTHDAY. Cheap doesn’t begin to describe it. I will NOT be returning.

Jim Hutter

Biggest and Best in my experience, Hiro Japanese Buffet had a wide variety of excellent food. It had typical Japanese buffet food plus a large amount of sushi and sashimi. At dinner, they add raw oysters and (cold) snow crab legs. Wonderful service. Enjoy!

Laina Le

Service is great when it's not too busy, the food is okay, it's not great quality but still good for a buffet. It's mostly asian food, which is the best. This is a great place to go if you need to go somewhere last minute and have a really big group with you.

Jake Berzon

A good variety of decent quality food at a reasonable price. I go here mostly for their sushi bar which is usually Ok and green tea ice cream for desert, but they have a lot more than that.

Michael Maughan

Hiro has a great selection of fresh sushi. Easily one of the best buffets in the metro area. The crab legs are always a hit with the family!

Cristina Garcia

Awesome food service not so well

J Todd Undderhill

Always a great stop Christmas tradition puts us there

Jesse Burton

The staff took care of us and food was delicious! I highly recommend eating here, as the food is authentic and so is the service. Cheers!!!

Wesley H

Went for birthday and was highly disappointed. It is your everyday Chinese Buffett nothing to wrote home about.. The sodas were ALL FLAT. I tired 3 kinds to be sure then switched to ice tea The place was a hot box as if there was no ac working. The sushi all was warm, I'm surprised no one got sick from it. Not the experience I expected having gone to A Hiro in Tx. Go else where

Shawn Herron

The food there is to die for and the price is not to bad i recommend it thay are cool

Ivy Cromwell

Used to have comparable pricing for food. Now increased buffet dinner price too much because of added hibachi bar.

Lloyd Dixon

Absolutely my most favorite place in all of Denver.

Jose Camacho

There for first time today for dinner. Too pricey for variety available. No fish, king crab were cold didn't eat any. Not many ice cream flavors. Worst buffet ever visited. Do not recommend it. Run away from this place.

Danica Skrobot

Delicious food, minus the sushi. Great price for lunch. Not the best service, but it is a buffet.

Alexandra D.

My boyfriend loves crab legs and crawdad so we tried this place and it is SOOO good. Honestly the sushi is a little off, but everything else in the buffet is delicious and it's fun to try. Good pricing, lots of seating, and polite staff.

Kay Blue

many selections, dinner is nice for the crab legs

David Fassnacht

This is the best Asian buffet I've had since I've lived in Denver. I only got my food to-go but the hostess was very friendly and the food was delicious. Every other Asian buffet I've tried here has been a disappointment, so I'm happy to know there's one that's worth going to.

Cassie Wigginton

Love this buffet. They have everything all in one location! All you can eat buffet variety, all you can eat sushi bar, and all you can eat Mongolian Grill. Service is always good but gets pretty busy during peak hours, that's how you know it's amazing cuisine! Thank you Hiro!

Leihlani J

My favorite Japanese buffet in colorado and quality is pretty good

daniel amador

Great place, always clean I really love this place, sushi is tasty

Gary Enos

Definitley higher quality than your typical Asian buffet. The orange chicken is so good .you can literally taste fresh orange pulp in the sauce. Coconut shrimp also is fantastic. Sushi is good, kitchen is clean, water is always full. As far as buffets go, this is a winner.

Elaine K

Great selection of dishes to choose from. One of the better buffets out there.

Chelsea Moller

Great atmosphere friendly service and a Wonderful Buffet with healthy options best of all they offer free dinner if you go on your birthday. But you do have to show your ID

lam hinh

Great staff and very friendly. Great food as well. I have been here several times. But my mother and I got the bad stomach flu after eating here on Sunday March 10th.

Ellyn Stimac

FOOD POISONING!! Never EVER eat the oysters! Everyone in my party who consumed them got incredibly sick and I even ran into a random woman who was there with her husband same night as us (03/11) and he ate the oysters, she didn't, and he also got very sick! Hiro's- don't serve food you can't prepare safely! Incredibly disappointed and will NEVER be coming back to this establishment.

Becca Zimmermann

This buffet is massive! My fiancé and I enjoy going here together. I will say, the food is certainly not the highest quality. The sushi was mushy, it was very difficult to get crab meat from the crab legs, many items on the buffet did not have labels, and you are indeed charged for excess waste (as other reviews have shared). But all in all, we feel it is worth our money. The food is hot, there are ample choices (including ice cream for dessert) and the wait staff is attentive. They also have alcoholic beverages available for purchase to accompany your meal.

Julian Foley

Everything I ate was hot and fresh and very flavorful along with great guest service!

Renata Lopes

Best japanese buffet in town!

Jenifer Chetwin

Usually packed so good to come early. Wait staff very family friendly. They offer well made fresh sushi, hot pot and build and cook options all for about 20 dollars a plate. Love this place and it's food

Craig Nepsky

Best selection of all Japanese/Chinese buffet in Denver. More than 75 choices. Always fresh

Aaron Fishman

Great prices and great food!! Its hard to find a decent Japanese buffet that's clean and delicious this one is truly a gem!

Angela Morley

Excellent buffet, every dish was flavorful and cooked perfectly. Sushi selection is amazing, each sushi type has it's own unique flavor. Much better than standard buffets. Definitely recommend. They also have a hibachi, and a hot pot buffet.

Ricky C

I love this place for lunch. Fairly priced and the staff is surprisingly attentive for a buffet. They've got a fairly decent sushi line as well

Albert Kawanabe

Great place for lunch. Comparable price at McDonald's will get you unbelievable variety, high quality and absolutely delicious food. If I lived closer, I'd be there (at Hiro's) every day.

Alice Han

Large variety of Chinese food and sushi. I’m a big fan of the hot and sour soup! Best time to go is for lunch during the weekend, not too crowded and the same variety of dishes as during dinner time. Staff is super nice. I will say, though, that the food can get pretty salty sometimes.

Lisa Houchins

Good all u can eat food. Staff very nice. Clean. Lil pricey but leave full and happy

Robert Ochsner

Wonderful food grade food staff

Isabelle Rosebreed

This place was so bad I want to give it a zero but I can’t otherwise I can’t write a review. Food was old and cold no variety of desserts the crab legs were cold! I mean really?! Nowhere I’ve gone that sells cold crab legs! I was so disappointed. Save your money and go somewhere else this place is not worth the $45 I paid.

D.I.Y Oming

A Japanese restaurant, run by Chinese and cooked by Mexicans. It's quite a geographical hodge podge. But the food is decent and plentiful at a good price.

Priya Kim

Good.. but they didn’t have a crab scissors.

Dorathy Gomez

This is a great buffet! Great prices and with a great variety of food. This is a pretty busy place, but you can usually get seated right away!

Tom O

I must have past Hiro Buffet hundreds of times and never gave the place a second thought. Today, my friend suggested meeting there for dinner and I could not have been happier with his suggestion. I have never been to a Japanese all-you-can-eat buffet before. I was amazed at the variety of both Japanese and Chinese food. From sushi and sashimi to crab legs and shrimp to a smorgasbord of Chinese food. Everything was top notch and for a very reasonable price of $18.49 it was a meal well worth remembering.

anshul maggon

One of the few Asian buffets with great options. It's a little pricey on weekends at 20 per person(inc tax). But there sea food selection make up for it.

Zer0 BS Vlogs

The food was good and it all went well till they charged us 10 dollars extra for every meal

ARIES Kratos

I love this place my favorite Asian cuisine buffet. Always fresh and great staff. The best sushi chefs work here.

A miller Miller

Short lines. Always great service! Includes Mongolian Grill, Sushi Bar, and desserts. Wonderful prices. Weekend prices include oysters on Half-Shell and sashimi. Upcharge also includes full Hot Pot Buffet. I almost hate to give it such a great review because it is Aurora's best kept secret. Enjoy!

juan ramirez

Really good. Sushi, crab legs, calamari, tempura vegetables and more. Very good hiro

Nam Le

Bad service. Never comeback. Go to Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet much better.

mysti anders

This place is awesome! Yummy fresh food

Anthony Moreno

Excellent food and value for the money. Have been going to Hiro for last 8 years. Food has consistently remained at the same high-quality as when they opened. Owner and staff are super friendly and very inviting. Absolutely great place to go


The best place ever. Crabs legs and Japanese food and sushi, can't ask for anything more. Been going since I had my son and he is now 7 yrs old. Great staff lo e love love e the manager and all staff so nice and polite and good food. Always fresh.


Usually I hate buffets, old mediocre food and absent staff, however this one is one of my favorite places in Aurora; while I only go for one particular item, they always have it, and they always bring out more in a reasonable amount of time, they don’t let the food empty out and wait an absurdly long time for more to come, even when we’ve gone in the last hour they were open, they made more for us instead of just saying they were out. Great place, highly recommend!

Wilmer Chavarria

Pretty decent place. Very friendly servers and ample selection of foods. It seems like it gets a big local crowd, including people with their families and large groups of people coming back from work. I’ll visit again.

Jacob Duncan

Love and nothing but happiness

Dwayne Carrington

Overall the food is decent for the price.

Ricky C

I love this place for lunch. Fairly priced and the staff is surprisingly attentive for a buffet. They've got a fairly decent sushi line as well

Rebecca Osborne

Pretty decent! Been here several times.

Kupok Natsu

I don't know what happened between now and my last review, but this place is REALLY GOOD. You now have the standard Chinese buffet, but you also have sushi, a Mongolian BBQ, and a Hot Pot. All well worth the price, all very good and well tended to

Lil Reddit

Food was decent, and the price is also decent at around $10. Though the reason I give this a two star rating is because of the fact that the total cost of our meal (group of 3) was $30.81. I gave the waitress a $5 dollar tip, which is around 15%, and she had the audacity to tell me I need to give her more because our group had "eaten too much" and that "we worked her too hard". Manager and owner of the restaurant should start teaching their employee's some decent manners and ethicacy.


Clean with bountiful amounts of Chinese food and seafood. Staff is very sweet and will cater to your needs.


This place is really good. I had sushi, and multiple plates. Great staff as well.

Mark Trumpy

Great deal all you can eat with hot pot. Great selection

Rony Pacheco

No good they tricked you for the price

Leslie Granstrom

Excellent variety of cusine from pot stickers to calamari, orange chicken, fresh sushi. There is something for everyone at Hiro Japanese Buffet. And the service is spectacular, too.

Tony Overland

All you can eat. Good food. 17 plates of crab legs all for one price. Can't beat that.

Yazmin Hernandez

We had a bad experience with the server we had. Did not clear our plates on time didn't do our refills and when the check came the server became extremely rude and got a attitude with us because we didn't give him the tip amount he wanted. We had to ask for a manager and put in a complaint about this behavior with clients. Definitely will never return.

Jennifer Collins

Was yummy! Lots of food to pick from and everyone was friendly.

Mr. Williams

Don't really have a problem with the place, the food that they serve are pretty much good.

Samantha Gress

Better than it used to be, they have a DIY hibachi thing. Like a Mongolian grill but larger variety of sauces.


Nice place, good food friendly staff. Wish I could see their wall of shame that's posted about for those that don't pay, but I don't think it's in clear sight.

Matthew Huntington

Great place! One of the best in town. It seems like all the other Chinese buffets are getting worse and worse, but Hiro keeps getting better and better. Good price, good quality fresh food, great selection of sushi. I was happy with the service, plates were cleared and water was refilled at a good pace.

Rita Bhattacherjee

Great selection and the crab legs were amazing.

J Bray

Pretty decent selection of food on the buffet, although not that many entries for the price. We have eaten there a couple of times and have never been sick so would recommed, expect about $20 a person and family type seating. They do have a decent selection of sushi that's all you can eat as well.


Overpriced. Lots of choices, none of them very good. Food made me sick and the drinks were watered down. Would not recommend. 2 hour max dining time. Charges for food you don't eat, which is insane for a buffet. Lots of stupid rules for a simple restaurant. AVOID.

Rachael Rodriguez

Get a full meal and then some for a very affordable price! Staff is very attentive !

Justin Heubrock

Large selection. Would have liked more fried sushi options. Service was good.

Colleen Fitzpatrick

Just here again for Easter. Nice when you know you can go in, pay one price for each person and then you can all eat away. My sons like sushi so were able to enjoy that with the mounds of crab legs while I was eating chicken, shrimp, vegetables and rice. There's no end to what you will find here but you will find something you like so you can go as a family, that's the best part.

AF Goodcompany

Ok let me be fair...I thought the establishment was nice, but could use a little exterior/interior TLC. The food is presented well, unfortunately (for me) it wasn't as delicious as it looked. It was clean and that's a big plus & the wait staff was cordial.

Mike McNamara

Great price really good food for a buffet and TONS of options. Will be going back frequently

Antonio Gashani

Great food good price not very friendly stuff

Dalmain J

Nothing special. Place was super hot. Orange chicken was a huge fail.

Cary Fishman

The owner is wonderful. The food is great. For a buffet it is always plenty of food and very clean. Great value

Mark Chavez

Ok for a seafood fix covered it all from sushi to fried fish a Asian delight

Donny Torres

Really good selection for a buffet and the staff is awesome

Carmen A.

Good food and service. It was a little disappointing to watch the staff fill up the pan of fruit cocktail with regular retail sized cans at the buffet counter. Smh.

todd keller

Not bad selection for dinner and reasonably priced.

Timothy Adams

Fast service, good food and nice spread.

Frank TERO

Good selection of food, from a Mongolian grill to sushi, Chinese and all kinds of seafood. The downside is they only have cold crab legs and they are super busy on the weekends. Expect a 30 minute wait on a Saturday night.

PancakePunch 5

It was great a big selection of different foods and a large amount of sushi, wasn't even expensive.

Me Anonymous

Free birthday dinner!!! My best friend and I have been a few times and its been consistently good. I mainly go for the all you can eat crab legs...

Ang Ali

First of all,service part is okay. Their Sushi part is okay. But hot pot for me is a disaster. I ate hot pot millions of times probably. Their hot pot dinner is a bit pricy and the soup base is really salty. You know you suppose to boil the stuff in soup and dip it into a flavored sauce (salty flavor usually ). But since both soup base and dipping sauce salty. It becomes a nightmare.

Isidro M

This is an excellent place if you like seafood at a great value but Not if you like more variety of food (other than sea food) same thing if you bring kids. Food was good and the place was clean

Rigo Martinez

Food is great if you're into crab legs, shrimp and oysters come after 5pm and eat all you can! From all u can eat sushi and grill to desserts salads and random yummy entrees. I say starve the whole day, come eat all you can and go home happy!

Deplorable DeadHead

If you like Chinese Buffet, you will enjoy this place. Good flavorful food with LOTS OF CHOICE. Fresh tasting and delicious! Only $10 for week day lunch!

Artem Ryabov

Wonderful selection for reasonoble price. Visiting them regularly.

Kerry Else

Sushi is always fresh. Food is very good.

Marin Grushke

Lots of people don’t like it here but I do! The food is tasty the prices is perfect and the staff is welcoming and nice!!!!!

Mariana Vicentini de Oliveira

Amazing Asian food! All you can eat, clean and nice staff. Will Definitely come back

Andrew Gomez

Staff was very friendly. Facility was nice and clean but the food was meh at best. Don't think anything was seasoned.

David Hammomd

Really enjoyed the meal at this buffet, went Sunday morning at around 11:15 and there were several tables filled up but by the time I left around 12:45, the entire place was packed. The main event was the sushi that was very good quality fish for the price you pay. My girlfriend really enjoyed the snow crab legs that were surprisingly good. The rest of the buffet was descent, nothing outstanding but nothing bad too. Go early as it packs up fast. All in all I would very much recommend going.

SSG E6Retired

Great place for excellent dining. Large assortment of Sushi & other Oriental style foods. Very good service.

Paleteria La Mina de Oro

Good food, only complaint with the coconut shrimp and the orange chicken.

Erin Smith

Excellent food but they charged a considerable tip for minimal work. Cleared a few plates and had to ask for refill. Noted it was automatic due to being a holiday. Convenient that they told us this at time check was presented rather than before we sat down. Not pleased.

Simba Nia Blackman

Cannit say how amazing this place is. Their Saturday buffet is beyond worth the price, especially if you love sashimi and oysters. Wish I had tried more dishes, but everything I tasted was fabulous.


There are many ayce buffets around but this location does it right and have added hot pot to the menu. It's usually steadily busy and staff do a fantastic job keeping items stocked and fresh. Staff are friendly, the place is clean and neat and the price is quite reasonable for all they offer.

Tanner Wright

Japanese food... excellent. Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. Next time I'll be back with my friends.

Miguel Vargas

Variety good flavor not so fresh sushi

Geri Britain

Were there for a birthday great good food

Business Hours of Hiro Japanese Buffet in Colorado

11AM–3PM 4:30–9:30PM
11AM–3PM 4:30–9:30PM
11AM–3PM 4:30–9:30PM
11AM–3PM 4:30–9:30PM


Hiro Japanese Buffet en Colorado
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