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REVIEWS OF Heaven Dragon Chinese Restaurant IN Colorado

Sara McCaffree

Really really good food, great service, so much food for the price! We got the Cantonese dinner for $14.95 and it was so much food we took most of it home! Looking forward to trying the famous Peking duck (must order 24 hours in advance). We'll be back!

Pam Giarratano

Our favorite Chinese restaurant! Always terrific

Ron K

Heaven Dragon is a good drive for me, but their food is compelling. Their chicken dishes are great and they have good egg rolls. Their prices are inexpensive and the restaurant is cozy and clean. Service can be quick or slow depending upon how busy they are. Worth the visit!

Ian Hardinger

Excellent food and somehow even better service. We were looking for a quick bite to eat near home and decided to stop in. The prices are great, especially for the amount of food you receive. My wife and I both ordered the dinner special (soup, egg roll & wonton, entreee) and both felt stuffed, yet came home without enough for 2 or 3 more meals in leftovers. Will definitely be frequenting this restaurant for years to come.

Brian Fox

Good food, they are quick. Quality is top notch. Not the least expensive take out place. But the portions make up for it. Friendly staff. If you call for take out make sure your calling the right location... They have a second place in Thornton... Which is just as good by the way.

Lori Piana

The BEST Asian restaurant in the Denver metro area! You will love it!!

Tuan Hoang

I just loved family operated restaurant.

Sharon Benallo

Food was good. Service was very slow!! It wasn't very busy. First time there. Might go back.

James Thomas

The food is always good but people are always the staff is already short and the prices are kind of high but the food is good recommended except for Monday when they're closed

Jonathan Snyder

Last time we ordered, the food was bland, and seemed to be missing something. I get the impression that they are overwhelmed in the kitchen. The last couple times I ordered takeout it was very delayed. They have a bar but it is not utilized it would be very nice if thet had some bar stools so you could order a drink while you're waiting for your takeout.

Charles Hwang

Seafood treasure is delicious but a little salty. Chicken and broccoli I had last month was very good. Portions are big.

Ken Holt

Good food and inexpensive


Great food / good service

Kyle Wark

Great food and friendly staff! One of the better Chinese food places I’ve went and the family agrees

Jeff Prashaw

I only write reviews (5 or 6 total, I think) if fellow patrons will benefit from knowing if a place must be avoided or must be experienced. This place is the latter and stands out in every way. Zero weaknesses, in my humble opinion. Great food and professional service with a smile. But I feel as if I've had this coming after eating average to poor Chinese food my entire life. Thanks Heaven Dragon for serving your community!

Janette Wilkins

This is exactly what I was craving! Reminded me of the great Americana Chinese food I grew up with on the east coast. Super delicious favorites done right! Will be back!

Ethan Carrithers

Very good food not a long wait for food and nice staff

Dianela Trevino

We visited this restaurant tonight and it was the nastier food ever. I ordered wonton soup and we a mixture of chicken noodle, egg drop soup and lots of grease floating in the soup. We also ordered pork fried rice and we got rice with lots of pork skin, not a single piece of meat. Now I'm home sick nauseated and a bad stomach ache. We complained to the waitress, but she didn't understand English and nobody came to help her. We paid 53.00 for the nastiest and unhealthy food ever. The health department needs to make a visit to this place.

Brittany Kuehl

Our go to take out place in the neighborhood! They always get our order right, usually very quick, the food is great, and the portions are quite large. We usually order 2 entrees + soup and have enough leftover to take for lunch the next day.

Beth Warden

Very good food. Lots of variety, and nice atmosphere!

Aulina Rausch

Been going here for 10 years now. The food is consistently great, with really huge portions for the price. The staff is always friendly too.

Marcos Plaza Mendoza

The best food I try with my family. Good service and nice portion.

Lilly Bee

Pretty yummy food. I enjoyed the level of formality-- not too fancy but not too stark either just right. Good and friendly service

Eric Dasfuehrer

The reason people rate this good is because nobody is from Colorado in this neighborhood. Transplants. This is not good Chinese food. Everything is over breaded, over cooked and over priced. Golden city is the closest place in Golden if you want good authentic Chinese food. .02

Aaron Parker

This place has very tasty American/Chinese food. And their portion sizes are on the liberal side. My favorite is the sesame chicken with just the right mix between spice and sweet. The staff gets down to business and there’s no nonsense, which is fine by me. The place is clean and the food is awesome!

beth honea

The lunch portions are generous and relatively inexpensive for the quality and quantity. We have been customers for over 15 years, and the food is consistently excellent. We have ordered Orange Beef, Lemon Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Kung Pao Beef, Beef Broccoli, and Beef and Snow Peas. Our fussy eaters always enjoy their food, a further testament to consistency.

Po H

We really love heaven dragon. It is a little pricey but the only place our whole family enjoys. Good food, good service, always busy.

GioDSLR Productions

Excellent service , food was amazing ! Soup they gave me was delicious definitely coming back ! Prices are great !

Ira Sanders

Service was great but my wife found the sesame chicken too sweet.

Jeff Schmieder

Average Chinese. Good service. We will be back.

C. E. Petteras

Reviews lead us here and we're spot on. The food is fresh, hot and plentiful. Loved the family dinner with the poo poo appetizer platter. Staff was very friendly.

Nancy Hawkins

Great Lunch! The service is always very good! I never leave without a box! Try it out! Support locally owned!


The best hot and soup in the state of Colorado hands down. I eat lunch there 1 to 2 times a week.

Matthew Schulze

The food here is great and its a great price. I'd expect it to cost 50% more than it really does. The service is friendly and fast. I work across the parking lot from here and I love stopping in for lunch or ordering it to go.

Akash Bhattacharya

The good here was quite good and they were very prompt with the service. We walked in feeling quite hungry, having missed lunch. The pot sockets were the first item to show up, followed by the soup. Both were quite nice. The main course was Vietnamese style noodles which was delicious. Liked this joint.

Norma Celentano

Cheese wontons are great. PuPu platter is yummy. Prices are reasonable.

Ally Sprague

Wonderful food! Best Chinese food in the state, by far!!

Joan Orthober

Good food. Entrance to restaurant a bit awkward. Worth the wait.

Jessalynn Shady

Everything I have ever ordered from here has been a delicious classic taste. Staff is friendly, the service is quick, and the portions are large.

Dave Rader

The food is substandard. Very little meat and too much batter in the deep fried dishes. Some entrees are bland. Prices are middle of the road. Ordering over the phone is challenging. I honestly believe if there were other Chinese Restaurant options in the area this place would be an afterthought.

Sharra Anderson

As always wonderful food. Never anything different from one of my friend Dan's establishments!

Jeremy Zeigler

Fast, feasible, reasonable. Always busy, which means they know what they are doing.

Celeste Roller

Food is good. reasonably priced and fast service.

Nancy Groff

Fantastic food! Absolutely the best Cashew Chicken I have ever eaten!

Will Harris

Loved it great food great srrvice

Brendan Roberts

Get the dumplings, they are amazing. Overall just quality Chinese every time, can't go wrong.

Addie Wagner

Been going here for 15 years and believe it is the best Chinese food in CO. You can never go wrong with the wonton soup, sesame chicken, Kung pao chicken, lo mein or the orange chicken.


The food here has went downhill over the years, and the staff was very rude during our visit.

Matt Hagen

Quantity was good for the price, quality was satisfactory. Lunch meals come with soup and egg rolls or wontons for around $7-$8. We asked the waitress what was popular and it was concerning that she didn't know what the word "popular" meant, and after we explained she still wasn't able to answer. We decided to go with chicken to be safe. Side-note, their "spicy" dishes were not spicy in the least.

Jeff Mit

Delicious! Got the Mongolian Triple Delight - very good! Would recommend.

Bryan McCullah

I deliver in this area, and this is one of my favorite lunch stops. The Lunch menu is impressive, and the prices are very reasonable. Every time I have been in, the staff has been super kind. I have also always been impressed with how quickly the food comes out.

Mikey Lahee

Very good food


Best food Ever, Great service always. We are a family of 6 and they are alway very nice we go every week and they know us by name.

Chad Rogers

Super affordable and pretty dang delicious.

M Urdiales

We moved away from the neighborhood and still drive the 25 min to get our Chinese food from Heaven Dragon. They've always been friendly, gotten our orders correct, and have not once disappointed in the quality of their food. Love this place!

Dale Peart

I love this place! They even cook stuff not on their menu like curry scallops for me! You just have to ask!

Kevin Ramirez

Great food!

Zachary Young

Always good! Great for Togo food.

Safronia White

Great value for the money. ...excellent service.

C 1

Coming here for years, and they never disappoint. Always friendly, usually timely. Duck, etc takes a while. Even when its crowded, service seems to never suffer. Parking lot is small. For some reason, their fried rice is the best in town. Of course it's my review, my opinion. But I'm a connoisseur of sorts, and it's great here. Just picked some up, verdict stands.


I've lived near HD for over a year and never thought to try it. WOW were we impressed. They were friendly, fast, and the food was exceptional quality. It was well beyond what we expected. They have a new regular customer.

John Bortscheller

Go for the food, stay for the photo gallery of Dan Tang with many politicians... It's a hoot! My favorite is the Orange Chicken, always a solid choice

David Knutson

The table wasn't quite clean, but the service was efficient and friendly, lunch plates hot quickly and nicely prepared and, at $8 per person, enough left over for another meal. A pearl.

Lindsay Wyman

Food was fantastic, nice and clean but most importantly May was amazing my 2 year old was having a meltdown as we just flew in from salt lake so she was overly tired and tantruming and may offered her some oranges and fortune cookies with a smile and continued to come back and laugh with my daughter that means more than you know thanks May!!!! Also Matthew was super friendly and on top of everything. Best RESTAURANT STAFF EVER!!!!!!


Great food , atmosphere, quick service, reasonable prices

Gary Bear

One of my favorites

Dan OBryan

Good food good staff, they need to add scallion pancakes to the menu. Their Broomfield and Brighton restaurants have them

Joshua Fothergill

Amazing. Crab Cheese Wontons, Egg Rolls, Hot and Sour Soup, and Mongolian Chicken were PERFECT.

Jim Galford

Love this restaurant. Food is amazing, staff is friendly and attentive, place is clean and bright. Can't say enough good things about it!

Michele Hernlund

Food was pretty good, service was terrible. She forgot my companions food even as she brought mine and we had to ask her again for it, she didn't bring my rice, she was rather rude and she didn't bring our dessert.

David Velasquez

Food was good and you get a lot of it. They don't quite understand the concept of reservations.

Brent Zweifel

Fantastic food and service. Definitely will go back again.

Jack Miles

Bomb Chinese food. Super happy to find this one. Wish they delivered though.

Terry Hefty

Excellent menu variety, food is great.

Alex K

Haven’t had a bad meal here yet!

Jarell Vigil

Good food and good service. Food came out fast and staff was very friendly. Will eat there again

Jack Mills

Fast friendly and cheap great food

Steven Hornstein

Did not care for food and I felt that it was overpriced for lunch

Kimberly Costanzo

The last 2 times I’ve been there the food has tasted different. Sesame chicken was our favorite but just not as good anymore.

Sandy Stroehmann

Always great either eat in or take out. Lovely glass etchings and comfortable decor.

Dennisse Vigil

It is delicious my favorite chinese restaurant, friendly staff and great food

Sara M

I love this place! The food is always good, the staff very nice. Good sesame chicken, especially.

Eric Reed

Always the best, been eating here for almost 13 years. Ate at the one in Thornton for nearly 15 years.


Quick business lunch with multiple courses. Something for everyone including Vegetarians. The only thing missing on lunch menu option would be Tofu options.

Jodie .

Sadly the sauce they make is super thick and it makes it nasty. I ordered the beef and broccoli. My friend ordered the sesame chicken and it was soggy. If you want excellent sesame chicken (very crispy and delicate taste), Fortune City in Lakewood will not disappoint you. If you want Chinese food that is delicious and predictable every time, go to PF Changs on 15th Street in Denver.

Rob English

Very good food! Very good service! Very good price! I had the Vietnamese combo with spring rolls and noodles! It was very good!

Jamie Jones

Yummmmm. Hit this sweet spot up on our way home from a football game so we barely made it on a friday evening. The food was so fresh and tasty. The service was so inviting and friendly. It was a really delicious and warm experience. Will definately stop in again.

Mark Lewis

Great food & love the hot tea

Timothy Hall

In years past the cleanliness was unsurpassed. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be quite as important. It would be great if they held weekly deep cleaning parties with their staff. Food was great though.

Leandra DeLeon

Their food is so worth the price and a single order of fried rice could feed about three people! I can't wait to try more food here.

Mateo V

Great food. We brought 20 people for a family birthday and had a great time. Tip call ahead and tripple check reservations. Everything was perfect. Great friendly staff.

Turkish Delight

My favorite waitress there, who used to work at Asian chefs in Littleton is the absolute sweetest! The food here is so good I crave it constantly, this still is and will always be my favorite restaurant, the staff is wonderful and the food is spectacular. The portions are great, and I'll be coming here a very long time to come!

Harry Levy

Awesome food!

Angel Rocha

One of my favorite. Servers are nice. Food is great. Can get busy at times.


What they lack in outside visual appeal is more than made to for in their food! Exceptional taste, fresh ingredients, great service and a good price. A true hidden gem!

Bryan Donald

I ordered takeout. While I was waiting another random white guy did the same. He looked over at me and grinned. Bc of how stoned excited he was. That's how good this place is.

Alexandra Alford

Very good Chinese takeout. They're running a well oiled takeout machine over there, as it appears to be their main source of business. Expect friendly service and a smooth takeout process, not to mention deliciously affordable food.

Buddy La Femina

Absolutely the best around. Staff are polite and personable

Jon Morgan

* CHECK YOUR FOOD IF U HAVE A ALLERGY* We have a very strong peanut allergy in my family and I ordered my family's dinner to go and got home and started to eat I saw peanuts in my girlfriends food when there is not supposed to be peanuts in it at all!! Then I call them and they said they'd give me a discount next time!

Kathy Jackson

Best sesame chicken ever...and we've ordered it all over the country and even England. Always superb food!!!

Beau Giles

Food here is always great have had take out over 10 times and dined in a few.

Jay Kim

Best Chinese food in the area. Place is clean and nice decor. I like the mongolian beef, hot and sour rib, mapo tofu w pork added, and the honey walnut shrimp. Always wanted to, but haven't yet tried the Peking duck.

Rachel Mondragon

This place was one of the Best Chinese restaurants I have ever had! The food was fresh and delicious. The ladies were very nice and we did not wait long. The food portions were way to big for one person but I got to take my leftovers. We were very happy and would recommend this place to everyone!

Robb Classens

My friend and I decided to go here for a late lunch recently, right before it ended. It's located in Arvada, off the beaten track, and well worth the trip. I ordered the shrimp with lobster sauce and my friend ordered the Kung Pau beef, both included a choice of soup, steamed or fried rice and an egg roll or 2 crab wontons. The portions are huge and everything was delicious and served hot; we both took home about 1/2 of our portions. Our total bill was $22, including a $5 tip. The bottom line is that I highly recommend this place and I'm looking forward to my next visit.

XRPerfect XRPerfect

Nom nom so good

Eric Dunaway

Amazing food and great service

Adam Bennett

The best Chinese food in Denver! Excellent service as well.

paul kapala

Water tasted like it was run through a week old sock or two sweet and sour chicken was last week's chicken about the size of half of your little finger and was tuff way more breading than chicken by far THE WORST PLACE TO EAT save your money and go to to toco bell !

Adam Gutierrez

Picked up some carry out the other night. Happy family had scallops that were way expired. Smelled rotten. Had to throw out. This place use to be really good . I don’t know what happen.

Joseph Chek

Just had takeout from here for the first time. I called around 11:30am and my lunch was ready in no more than 10 minutes. The food itself was tasty - I had the Szechuan beef lunch and it was packed with good crunchy veggies. And for the price you get a ton of food. I am in a food coma as I write this and I still have a bout 1/2 of the meal left (it's going in the fridge, not my belly just yet). I will definitely eat here again!

Stephen Heiling

Great dinner... can't wait to go back..

Lisa Swann

I called to place a order, the lady asked if I could hold for a minute. She laid the phone on the counter and forgot about me. I waited 10 minutes. I drove to the restaurant, I mentioned this to the lady and got no apology. I placed my order and waited. When I got home the quality of the food was not the normal. I don’t know if I will return. I would recommend the “ Tea Garden “ it is always good and consistent, and they are very friendly!

Deb Ogden

Best beef fried rice anywhere!

Tim Myers

The staff is our favorite part of Heaven Dragon. Friendly and often hilarious, they always make sure our kids eat their food.

Alicia R

Great food, excellent service!!! They were very accommodating and patient with our large crazy party! Absolutely will be back!!!

Jon Fischer

Great food and very friendly service. Best Chinese restaurant in the tri-city area.

Christa Vent

The first time we got take out from here it was awesome. Since then we have gone 4 more times and the food has been awful. I just want it to be good like the first time and it just plain sucks.

Tim Vieira

Great food fantastic service

Jonathan Wagner

Great food and service. We enjoyed a great meal with Orange Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Chicken Low Mein. Delicious!!

David Sweeney

Very good lunches are a great deal food is always good.


Disappointed. The service was fine but I won’t be going back. The food was not very good. The meat was mushy and the sauces are loaded with MSG. Sorry, not a fan.

Stephanie Sowers

The best chicken fried rice I’ve ever had! The lunch special is where it’s at!

Monica Castaneda

Best Chinese food I've had in Denver. Love the egg rolls, sesame double delight, beef and broccoli... Just know that it's a popular place and when it's busy... It's busy!

Jack R

Good food but absolutely no business sense or professionalism. Once again we ordered takeout and they said "20 to 25" mins. My wife arrived there after 25 mins and they had not even taken the order to the kitchen. The receptionist after my wife asked for our order basically ignored her and walked it back to the kitchen. Another 20 mins plus waiting in their crowed waiting room. No apologies, no consideration, just basic take it or leave it. Unfortunately good food and close but terrible service. Too bad we can't get some quality restaurants in this area.

katie Wolf

Their food is the BEST Chinese in the area. Clean establishment with helpful wait staff and a versatile menu even including Pho dishes. You will be happy family!!!

Adam Midkiff

This place puts out good food every time you come in. Whether you are dining in or carrying out the food it's great. Delicious food at a great price

Paul Santa Maria

Good food.

Terry Hubbard

Food was good service was good.

Kimberly Henry

Great price for huge portions! Definitely coming back again

Anthony Zotti

By far and away the best Chinese food on the west side of the metro area.

Karla Danes

First time at this restaurant and I can honestly say that the food was great. However, the service although I'd like to say it was fantastic, it was not. The waitress seemed to be in a rush, brought us boxes to take our food, even though we did not ask for it, and brought the fortune cookies with the bill and sort of threw them in the middle of the table, when we had not even finished eating. I simply took this as maybe they were closing soon, but we got there a little before 8 pm, and closing time is 9:30pm, M-F, according to the sign by the door. Would I try this place again? Perhaps at a different time.

Richard Williams

Great food. Good service. Good environment.

Blogger Basilisk

While the food there is amazing, I have a problem with the cleanliness of the restaurant. Next to the bar is a lot of bugs flying around, so its impossible to sit there without getting some in your food. Overall, great place, I just wish they had some pest control.

Mary Sadler

Take out order missing sweet and sour sauce for egg rolls. Steamed rolls each had a piece of old tuff beef. Will check my order next time before I leave. 1 more chance before I switch to another restaurant.

Andrea Whisler

Always wonderful and a tried and true go to for take out. Allow plenty of time, this place is super popular!

Jim Straton

Great low profile Chinese restaurant. The wait staff is very attentive, they even bring a towel to wash the sauce off my kids' hands! I'll be a regular as long as I can.

Peggy Copeland

Impeccable service. Best chicken noodle soup ever. Lovely, quiet, and clean restaurant.

Nathaniel Kreeger

The food is good. The ambiance is good. Just got all around... The waitress did ask if my girlfriend was pregnant, so I could be biased, but, just good.

Tim Golen

Yummy! Always a good choice and you get a great value from your money. There are many dishes here, and their lunch specials give you plenty to eat at a reasonable price. Sometimes the tables aren't as clean as you'd like, but it has a nice and quiet atmosphere.

C Owens

Bad night to go, very busy. Waited 50 minutes for my food. It was cold, obviously sat in the kitchen. Sesame shrimp has was too much breading. Sesame chicken was good.

ken butler

food was great! The hostess was very rude. she sat us at a very wet table. I asked if we could have it dried,so she gave us a towel and said " here you go"

Neil Murphy

Great food and even better service, it is a great place to eat at.

Drew Kirgan

Favorite place for sesame chicken.

Jimmy DeAndrea

Love this place

Susan Rogers

Lunch specials are great. Large portions. Staff is very pleasent.

Pam Leach

Our family loves to eat here for lunch. Tasty food, good service, joyful owner! Reasonably priced. Enjoy both egg rolls and crab wontons. yum!

Melanie Keating

It was ok. Service was not the greatest. Use ti be better.

Wayne Nelson

Always fresh and great service

Richard Clymo

Good food - take out isn't as good compared to dining in.

Peter Adamkovics

Good (to maybe really good) Chinese food. We always get takeaway, but I'm sure it's good at the restaurant as well.

Bradley Hughes

Very good. Good prices and large portions.

Debra Filsinger

The food here is delicious and the staff exceptional. We have never had a bad experience with either. Thanks!

Issiah Magalei

The wife & I got food poisoning. We work at separate places. It was the only meal we both ate from same place. Probably the crab wontons, but it was a 24 hour horrible ordeal. Never going back.

Jeremy Woodruff

Great food. Very popular for a reason.

Robert McLeod

The finest Asian restaurant in Arvada!

Amber Brasier

We love this place. Close to the house and great food! We always have left overs for the next day! Highly recommend!!

Jody Capello

Great food

Kelli Lechman

These guys really care about their food service and atmosphere one of the best Chinese places I've gone to in quite a while

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