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REVIEWS OF Hank's Texas Barbecue IN Colorado

Maxwell Dickey

The best BBQ in Denver. Cozy spot with a great patio, amazing food, and friendly staff. Try the burger on Fridays!

M.C. Williams - DORA

Went for the first time today and followed advice to get there early (soon after 11). Being from Texas, I miss good Texas BBQ so was a tad skeptical. Got a "to go" of the Tejas mix brisket sandwich, collard greens and a sausage link. Also picked up some pickles, pickled onions and of course BBQ sauce. The brisket had an OUTSTANDING smoke ring and flavor was excellent (no sauce needed, even if I still added it). Perhaps a tad light on salt but that can be added to taste. Sausage was excellent as well. The pickled onions are a great add!!! The only downside is the price (as in a tad pricey) but "Denver consistent." I'll be back to try the pork!

Phil Levine

Get there early it's fresh every day and they run out. Love it, Love it.

Marc Bonkoski

Killer beef brisket, pulled pork and hot links

Terry Balous

Good food

Donna Davies

Erika Wills

Rory Dumas

Houston transplant here, and this is legit Houston smokehouse meats. Brisket and hot links were great, pinto beans were excellent and we are going to make this our Denver BBQ place!

Mark Williams

Excellent BBQ at very reasonable prices.

Melanie Starr

Matthew Amerson

Best brisket in Denver. I've been 3 times in 8 days and already am thinking about going back. Keep up the awesome work... low and slow!

Nick Lawrence

Not bad bbq, definitely not east coast North Carolina BBQ.....but tastey non the less

Shane Mahoney

Welcome to the neighborhood Hank. Thanks for coming.

Michael Bruntz

Good food great sides

Alex Bowman

The pulled pork was amazing! I'll be back.

Tyler King

Good sandwiches and brisket. Slaw was good too. Sauces were less than impressive however. Still, good barbeque.

Ryan Hoskins

As expected, the people of Denver are handing out 5-star ratings because they have no frame of reference. I’m willing to give this place another shot, but they have some serious work to do. For lunch, a basic brisket sandwich comes with onions and a little sauce for $12. This is way too pricey for the quality. The meat was stringy and lacking flavor. Mac and cheese was an extra $3 and was okay. If you’re tx-style and can’t nail the brisket... Denver is probably a good place for you. For the best brisket, head to Joe’s Kansas City!!!

Swanikia Ware

Hanks was undeniably delicious, fresh, and nostalgic to my childhood back in Texas.

Rick Zabel


Jenifer Graham

Love this place, but they sell out fast so call ahead

Krissi Schumacher

Tasty barbecue and friendly staff! If you're looking for a good TX style brisket, this is the place to check out!

Kristin Barley

Soooo hoping to be impressed and make this my new go-to bbq, but alas no. Our ribs had obviously been in the warming pan too long so were dry and gross. They were also extremely fatty. The sides were boring. Overall a very disappointing bbq joint.

Ian Klassen

Best BBQ in Denver

Dick Miller

You never know what's on the menu. They run out of things all the time. First off I had a beef rib. One rib $25 with tax. Wasn't what they claim. No way it's a pound of beef. No way. No smoke taste to it at all. It was dripping with fat and grease. It was tasteless. No barbeque to it. I totally felt ripped off and had. Go somewhere else. If the place is even in business when you get around to it. .

Darwin Ta

Megan Kleckner

Great BBQ & Drinks. Casual fun patio. Good place for family.

Brianna Bane

Great bbq!

Matt Boyles

Meat coma good.

Bill Hennessey

Lars Ruggles

Super Great BBQ. Love this place. KC style BBQ. The turkey is fantastic and so is the lean brisket (they offer lean or regular brisket). Have to try the green beans cooked with pulled pork, off the charts delicious. Full bar with interesting cocktails that are priced right. Outside seating available when weather is nice. Got to try this place. I am in love!

Jena Schlosser

I love this place! Great BBQ options and sides, cute atmosphere and great outdoor seating area too. Best to get there early because they sell out almost daily :) which to me just shows how great the food is!

Fred Peter

Sold out of nearly the entire menu at 6:30pm on a Saturday. Half empty dining room. over a month since they opened. Either this is an insane marketing ploy or someone's not doing their job.

Sean Mayorga

Fast service. Good brisket. Obligatory license plate and steel star wall art.

Stephen Montez

Great food!

Karen Hinkel


Jeff Thompson

Best BBQ I've had in Denver!

Sam Neumann

T Marie W

Ann Toney

So we have tried to go to Hank's to eat. They had been advertising a lot that they "ran out of food" and stopped serving. There was no phone number to call so we figured they would have food at 7:00 p.m. Friday night. It was cold out with snow and ice outside. We got a Lyft and made our way to Hanks by 7:00. Big sign on door "Sold Out" so they were closed. They seem to think that running out of food is a feather in their cap but in fact, it is poor planning and disappointing to people who travel out to eat there. How thoughtless can a proprietor be to continuously be running out of food during their serving hours? About six other people came up to the door while we were standing there. So, I purposely got a business card from the manager inside so I could call before traveling out again to eat there. Well at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, today, I called the number on their business card and Verizon said that my call could not be completed because the "other party was busy" Busy? I guess I will never go back there as who knows if they will ever have enough food to stay in business? Maybe they could just be open for lunch and skip dinner since they are always running out of food.

nathan crane

As someone that recently moved up from San Antonio this place has all the back home feel I could possibly ask for!

Enrique Gonzales

The ribs and collards

Shona Martinez

The best barbecue I’ve had, hands down! Get there early before it sells out, when it’s gone, it’s gone!



Traci Hayes

Wow! This BBQ is on point with amazing flavor that will keep me craving more! Quality meats from a chef that strives for perfection. Fall off the bone chicken and the brisket was soo juicy!! The sides are also delicious with a lot of veggie options, Mac and cheese, potato salad, and even smoked portabella for non meat lovers!! Love the decor, relaxing vibe, sweet patio, and cocktail options!

Erik Lindholm

Timothy Swanson

Been twice and had different things both times and was very pleased. Great vibe. This place dominates Denver BBQ.


I’m a native of Colorado that was unfortunately displace in Austin for six years. Austin and the surrounding area (Lockhart) is called the BBQ capital of Texas. This is due to having so many world famous BBQ joints in a small area. I say this because I’ve had it all in Austin. Hanks is right up there with competing against these guys. Their brisket is top three I’ve had. Sorry guys, it’s really hard to beat franklins. Sausage was top notch, pulled pork was moist and the turkey is great. As far as Colorado is concerned you WILL NOT find a better BBQ place.

Robert Horotn

David Austin

This was the best, most true-to-Texas brisket I've found in Colorado - so tender you could pull it apart with a fork and just the right amount of smoke!

Russ Hensel

Great BBQ, anda the staff was awesome. Definitely a place to stop by.

Ryan Kirk

Went there yesterday for my first time and I was thoroughly impressed. I had the brisket tacos. The brisket was cooked perfectly, with awesome flavor. Just the right amount of toppings to showcase the meat. And even the taco shell, which was more of a wrap, tasted fresh made. The sauces tasted fresh and home made as well, and the spicy is actually spicy! The home made pickle bar is also top quality. I felt the prices were a really good value for the quality and amount of food I was served. Plus they have a nice selection of draft beers. I did not try the home made desserts but I will next time. You guys are doing it right, and will probably see me once per week. And I'll be telling everyone I know to go eat at Hank's!

Ally Frueauf

Amazing brisket, hot links and pulled pork. Overheard the chicken being raved about! Green beans are killer with unique sauce and a must try!

Jocelyn Torelli

Simon Haslemere

Visited March 3rd, ordered brisket sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, beans, mac, and slaw. Brisket was good, not as smoky as I prefer, but still tasty. Pork was good, tender though a little light for the price. Beans and mac were excellent, slaw was ok. The mustard sauce was good (I know it's TX bbq, but I am partial to Carolina mustard sauce) and the bbq sauce was decent, would like a little more spice/heat but I was glad it was also not too sweet. Our service was very good and we will definitely return.

Mark Collins

Ordered 1/2 pound of brisket to go. Thought the portion looked a little light. Got home and weighed it -- yes, I'm that guy -- and it was 4 oz of meat and foil. Side portions were underfilled too. Someone needs to teach servers to be generous or this place won't last long.

Ed Robinson

Mitch Berdie

Excellent pulled pork and live bluegrass. A treat!

Adrian Belinne

A Texas style BBQ joint is a very welcome addition to the Colfax corridor. Superb smoked meats a very nice patio and bar make this a great place to hang out with friends.

Brent Mulvey

Some damn good BBQ here!

Ben Changnon

Good service, great brisket, and competitive pricing. All around a fun time and a great atmosphere!

James England

First visit, but good food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. Certainly worth checking out.

Colin N

Will review again is possible I may try one more time. Service was disjointed and slow. We arrived around 6pm about half the menu was sold out. Wasn't overly busy at the time ! I must have missed the mad rush ?? Was little disappointed with the food. Brisket was good chicken was dry. The collard greens were sharp (from the vinegar). The potato salad was ok. I will put some of this down to being new and recently opened. Overall not good for first visit.

Alexi Drozd

Best damn BBQ in the area. Possibly the whole Denver. Pickle bar is awesome too

Steve Irizarry

Best BBQ in Denver without a doubt! Outstanding brisket & atmosphere and very reasonably priced! You gotta go!

Denton Wilkinson

Meat is the food of the Lord. Hank's is His favorite restaurant.

Taran Hight

Delicious. Get the pulled pork sandwich and Mac n cheese. Dank!

Stephen Salisbury

This place just opened not too long ago and if you haven’t been in yet, you’re wrong. We had three adults and like 5 kids so we tried a little bit of everything and it was all phenomenal. Beer selection is on point, plus the wife was happy with the cocktail menu too.


Hands down the best BBQ we’ve had in Colorado. For all of the people that haven’t had the opportunity to try this great restaurant, do yourself a favor! 10 stars!!!!

Victoria Carruth

Best brisket tacos I've had in Denver

Laurie J Jones

Brisket to die for! Your choice of lean, fatty or a combination, and it is truly amazeballs! Hot links, mac and cheese and Texas style pinto beans are all authentic and wonderful! I cannot wait visit again to try their other meats and sides!!

Tyler Johnson

Erick Lewark

The brisket sandwich I ordered was fantastic, and it was served incredibly quickly. I will definitely be going back.

Crystal Clark

Best BBQ in Denver thus far! Maybe we're partial being Texas natives but either way, you cannot go wrong eating here. We've yet to have a bad meal! And they pickle their own vegetables, soooo yummy! Definitely a hidden gem on East Colfax.

Laura Pintar

Overall, an okay experience. Service was inexperienced, but very kind and helpful. The positive energy and genuinely happy faces were really refreshing. Our cashier and bartender's personalities were my favorite part of the meal. Turkey was okay. They use the pre packaged turkey breasts from a high volume supplier and not whole birds from local farms. I am not a big fan of the salt water solutions used in much of the poultry industry, so this was a disappointment for me. Boyfriend enjoyed it a lot, though. Brisket was slow slow cooked for sure. The fat was rendered nicely, but the meat was dry. Boyfriend enjoyed it very much, though. The smoked jackfruit was interesting. Not remarkably smokey and a bit on the spicy side. The spices could probably be cut in half and maintain flavor and moisture simultaneously. The texture was very enjoyable. On a sandwich dripping with sauce rather than a dry rub would've been spot on. I will definitely play with it more next visit. There was a sausage of some kind, and it was very tasty. Nice and plump, juicy, flavorful, good texture and size. I do recommend them. The sauces leave a lot to be desired. BBQ - Okay, not a stand out, but our overall favorite. Hot - Not hot at all, almost pure vinegar. MOP Sauce - while traditionally thin, again, all I could taste was vinegar Pickled Veggies - Jalapeños were excellent. Crispy and lingering fresh pepper taste, good heat as well. Onions, green beans, and cucumbers were all pretty standard fresh and made in-house. Well try again, the service was excellent and the food is worth another shot as they are new and finding their bearings.

Les Eben

Food & staff were Great!!!!!

marina connor

Spent way more than I was expecting. Unfortunately we didn't fully enjoy our meal either. It was just ok.

Jim Hoppers

Real Texas BBQ!

Alden Hattlestad

Bit pricey, but definitely worth the money if you're willing

Kellyn Lovell

Great BBQ (get the loaded baked potato! And put the mustard sauce on EVERYTHING!) and even better people running the place. When I accidentally left my bag here one weekend, they had found me on Facebook to let me know they had it before I even realized it was missing.

Melanie Stephenson

Please do yourself a favor and come check this place out. Excellent service, amazing food, delish cocktails! My personal favorite was the loaded baked potato & the green beans!! Yummy!

Brian Ellwood

It's all best in show Texas BBQ: brisket, turkey, Thursday bologna sandwiches, hot links, etc. etc. Mac and cheese is my favorite side with some smoke and some kick to it. The people are as good as the food. Service is incredible. Support this great local new business! You won't regret it.

Donna Irizarry

Best barbecue I have had since moving from Texas. Great atmosphere. Definitely going to be one of my favorite restaurants.

Ryan Luby

I’ll try it again, but overall I thought it was overpriced and slightly above average. The brisket was generally dry and lacked flavor. The ribs were tender, but also lacked flavor. I absolutely welcome any place to Denver that aims to deliver “Texas barbecue” because we desperately need it, but that’s a high bar to set. I routinely tour some of the BBQ places named in Texas Monthly’s “Top 50” in Texas, which is published every 5 years, and unfortunately this place doesn’t deliver to that level — yet. :)

paula papi

Awesome cocktails! Arrived later in the evening. Sold out of pretty much everything but that's a good thing. Everyday all the food is freaking fresh! Going for lunch tomorrow!!

David P

Most tender beef rib ever. It was as big as it was expensive and worth the price.

Nileen Hart

Robert Doyle

Best BBQ I've had since moving to Denver. Fantastic brisket (lean/fatty/both). Smoked hot links and collards were also awesome. 10/10 recommend.

Robert Grossman

Good BBQ

Alotta Sarcasm

Having spent extensive time traveling to Texas for the better part of 5 years, I'm happy that Hank's is here in Colorado. Their brisket (moist cut....or fatty as they call it) and turkey are legit. The pork ribs were a disappointment as they needed copious amounts of sauce to add flavor. The mac n cheese has an interesting twist that pairs well with the brisket and turkey. Collards were not what I'm used to from the south as they weren't cooked down, just simply steamed. The banana pudding reminded me of my favorite Texas bbq spot, I could eat it by the trough-ful. I look forward to returning soon to try the other meat treats!

Ben Schumacher

The meats were amazing during the soft opening (around noon). This is the best BBQ I have had in Colorado. It was a soft opening today, so it's hard to say if their service and food will continue to be this good, but everything was on point today. It's Texas style BBQ, which means dry rubs and no sauces. The rubs were good without being overpowering and the meat was smoked to perfection. On the second visit, the meat wasn't amazing, but still good. The sides were just OK. This was an evening visit, so it's possible that everything is better closer to when they open. It's still the first week, so I'm hoping they can iron things out and be more consistent. So far, it seems like they're selling out around 6-7 PM.

mike ankner

Pretty good brisket.

Chris Stalo

Just look at the pictures. I don’t have to say a thing

Dan P

So Hank's recently opened, and while it has promise, they have some kinks they need to work out to make this place truly good in my opinion: 1) They ran out of a lot of food during the dinner rush. They need to plan better. 2) Their $10-12 bbq sandwiches without any sides really aren't worth $10-12 in my opinion. They should consider lowering the price a bit or including a small side. 3) Their sandwiches need a bit more sauce. Mine was pretty dry. And for the price that's not ideal! 4) Their pickle bar was largely empty during the dinner rush! Again, Hank's has promise, but it needs some work!

Nina Phillips

Authentic & Delicious Texas BBQ with warm and inviting staff. Cool patio and meat smoker out back!

David Madrid

Food was pretty good. Will be back

Tisha Dojcsak

Excellent BBQ, drinks and atmosphere. I do wish they would bring the portabello back.

Emily Aalbers

Fantastic food, good service, nice location with great open seating and sauces, offers vegetarian main course, good variety of sides and options. Great (but spendy) beer options on tap. Overall would recommend for lunch or dinner!

jeff holmes

Very tasty BBQ and in a very clean happy atmosphere very family-friendly

The Dugongs

Great place, great food

Mosh Poe

(Translated by Google) The best flavor I've tasted, good seasoning, high quality, very friendly staff. I recommend the burger or the brisket. (Original) Del mejor sabor que he probado, buen sazón, alta calidad, personal muy amable. Te recomiendo la hamburguesa o bien el brisket.

Brice Kuttenkuler

Christopher Callaway

As a connoisseur of the BBQ Hanks hits it right on the money. The ribs were some of the best Ive had in town. The selection of sandwiches are creative and would satisfy any palate. Will definitely be back to savor more of the smoked meats!!!!

Shara Ross

If you don’t like superb friendly service, fall off the bone ribs, super tender smoked turkey sandwiches and hand mixed cocktails...this is not the place for you. This is Texas barbecue, dry rubbed and smoked for 18 hours. The meat is tender and flavorful, but not smothered in sauce. There is a sauce bar so you can add whatever you want. This is order at the counter service, so don’t expect an aproned server to take your order. You will place your order with a friendly and knowledgeable staff member and you will not be disappointed.

Katie Rollyson

The BBQ pulled pork tacos were awesome!

Luke Ragland

Stopped in to try during soft opening. Very good food, extremely friendly staff and owner. Brisket was highlight.


Can't compare it to Solera, but compared to delicious Texas bbq it's amazing! Great meats and sides, especially the beans and potato salad. Great cocktails! All it needs is a huge Igloo cooler full of Kool-Aid and you'd be instantly transported to San Antonio.

Matt Frazier

It did not meet standards the meat was pink, it did have a slight bark on the outside, but it wasn't a beige brown with a red and smoke ring, also had a hint of liquid smoke, with no seasoning

Colter Wilkie

Great food and service!

John Demereckis

Excellent food, not just the meats but also veggies and side dishes. Unbelievably good

Merlin Tha Amazing

It's ok. For ano6bbq spot in denver.

Michelle Reney

1st Lady

Best BBQ in Colorado and I have been here 4 years. I'm from Houston Texas I know GOOD eating & this place is #1 in Colorado.

Brannon Sharpe

Michael Harnden

Close to if not the best, barbecue I've had in Denver

James Hart


brett marquardt

Amazing Texas BBQ! Excellent staff, and grab one of those HUGE beef ribs!!

Denise Lowry

The food was good overall but much too salty the ribs were too salty the greens were too salty could cut down on the salt. The service was good though and it's nice to have a barbecue place in the neighborhood.

David Abramowski

Stopped by Hank’s today to grab lunch. I thought it was really darn good. I had brisket and a pork sausage with a side of beans. You order by the lb so get as much or little as you want. I lived in Austin for a decade and loved that style and glad to see it here in Denver. Its not Blacks or Salt Lick but those places have more than a 100 year head start. I thought the brisket was tasty with a nice crust and spice from the dry rub. You can order lean or fatty or mixed. So if you like it juicer get fatty, you like it dryer get lean. Pickles and onions is something you expect with your BBQ in Texas. Glad to see that Hanks follows the norm here. Prices are on the higher side compared to a cheap lunch out of a bag, but think of what this takes to turn raw brisket into Bbq. You have to pay employees to prep the brisket and dry rub it, then fire up the smoker and tend to it for the next 12 hours managing the temperature and flipping the meats at just the right time. If it was easy you would do it in your back yard on the regular. Bbq is one of those things like religion, hard to discuss without starting a fight. So give Hanks a try and write your own review!

Patrick Pineda

Average bbq

Neil Tudor

My favorite BBQ restaurant in Denver...Fatty brisket is fire, the mac cheese is on point and don't miss the pickle bar too...staff is super friendly and the restaurant is so fresh and so clean.

Ida Metz

We are from Kansas City where BBQ is king, but thought Hanks rates with the best KC has to offer. We had the brisket and ribs. The brisket was tender and juicy not dry. We ate the ribs without any sauce, you don't need any, very tender. The brisket sandwich was served with onions, something you don't see in KC, so took off the onions. Did not try the beans or slaw will try that on our next visit. Sides of mac and cheese, green beans, potato salad and side salad were good.

Ty Bergman

Denise Savala

Brian Loitsch

Great food great staff! Very great experience all around!


I just had samples from Hank's Texas BBQ's soft opening, and it was incredible. The ribs were nicely rubbed and super-smoky, the brisket had incredible flavor and was so juicy it just fell apart (hard to achieve), and the pulled pork had a really flavorful seasoning on it (and lots of smoke). Hank's is definitely the best Q I have found in Denver.

Jesica R

Love love love Hanks!!!!!! I especially love how they pay homage to what I am assuming is someone’s beloved Dachshund! Amazing BBQ and the best wiener theme.

Shawn Mehaffey

From a Texas transplant: After years of occasionally eating sub par bar b q in this town Denver finally has a real Barbecue restaurant. Yeah it’s good.

Lisa Jones-Butts

The food here is on point and the prices are very reasonable. Get here early, because when the food is gone, it's gone. Hours 11 till the food runs out, Wed-Sun. Tender smoked meat, potatoes and Portobello mushrooms by the pound. Great patio and bar. This will be your new favorite BBQ joint. :)

SymoneReallymeansGoddess VillaRamos

Definately stop by if you live or happen to be in the wont be disappointed and you will most definately be full and in great spirit when you leave...give it try and I dont know maybe you'll fall in love especially you like bbq and kind company as well as comforting hospitality....the staff is very great and you wont feel strange you will certainly go back whenever you can...

Blayne McMillan

Hank’s for an amazing meal!!!

Andrea Evans

This place is absolutely delicious, I have eaten here twice now and both times it was incredible, especially the Mac n cheese which is easily in the top 5 Mac n cheeses I've ever had. Also, Tyler is an incredibly friendly server, who wasn't sure if he gave us the Mac n cheese we ordered, so he brought us extra just in case. I will absolutely be coming back after these experiences.

Patrick Schenkenberg

Kevin McCoy

Excellent Texas BBQ, extremely tender brisket and tender spicy turkey. Beans and mac-n-cheese were a great choice for sides. Looking forward to the smoked potato next time.

Joseph Zwolinski

Best BBQ I've had in Denver!

Janet Dybek

Hanks opened their doors just a week ago. You wouldn’t know it by the way they provide excellent service. Their bbq is juicy and tasty. The reddish/pinkish ring when I bit into their ribs is there if that’s your first concern. We had the sampler platter and I couldn’t believe how every item on that tray was really good. A few favorites stood out: the chicken bbq was outstanding and juicy! Spareribs and Pulled Pork and sausages! Hank is the owners loving pets name. The owner and three of the amazing staff are from Texas. The Pit Master himself is Chris. Texas style bbq from legit Texans. It’s finally here in Denver! Location wise Hanks is deep in East Colfax. There’s parking in front and and I noticed a constant parade of cars and foot traffic from neighboring businesses as soon as they open at 11. An excellent sign for this new kid in town. Legit bbq with a legit crew who’s amazing at what they do. They have an outside patio that I can’t wait to use. Inside decor is sparse and clean. I love it! I’m sick of cluttered walls and elbow to elbow sitting arrangement. Here you have enough space to manhandle your chosen meat! Their sides will speak for themselves. We tried their Mac n Cheese, Collard Greens, Mashed Potatoes and Beans. The Mashed Potatoes is not the super fine one. They left a few nugs of potatoes for some structure when you bite into them. My fave are the two last ones with the Beans as my number one choice. A must have: their house drinks. Named after Willie Nelson’s songs. There’s three of them and they’re all really hard to put down now. So imagine drinking this refreshing trifecta during summer! I don’t think I’ll leave this joint standing up! There’s The Bridge Over Troubled Water. Pancho and Lefty. Hands on the wheel. No favorites! I love all three! We left full and happy! Overjoyed that the new addition to East Colfax is a cool kid!

Erik Flick

Wings Wednesday is the day togo! They're smoked wings are unbelievable!!

Marianne Hubach

The mac and cheese was delicious

Ahmed Hussein

Best barbecue in town, excellent service.

Robert Mazza

Ronald Summers

Delicious food


Amazing new place

Cameron Brown

cannonball Franzen

Rocky Crocker

This place is the best BBQ out side of Texas that I have ever had, nothing in Las Vegas or any other state I've been in has been this good, we got lucky and got the last pound of brisket and it was not greasy or spongy, great bark and flavor, the ribs definitly had a hint of smoke and was not over powered by it, the pulled pork was a bit flavorless but that also is preference as I dont like pulled pork and the wife ordered it for herself. The price was on point as expected so normal as far as anywhere else. The sides were really good, the potato salad seemed homemade and the mac and chees was also good not soggy or tasteless, loved the flavor of the cheese they used. The pickles were a bit to vinegary for me but thats personal preference and nothing against them. Loved that they gave sliced bread instead of rolls (its how every place I've been that was good, in Texas where I lived, did it). Their beans were a bit different and creamy than what I was used to but at least they were pinto beans and not baked beans, I'm used to getting borracho beans or pinto beans with BBQ but most place serve baked beans...why? so this was nice to have. I also lole that they offered 3 sizes to their sides. The staff all were absolutely friendly and cordial, talkative but still did a fast good job of getting out our meal also what I really liked was that they put the food on the tray and tried to make it in neat and presentable and did not just slap it on the tray we noticed the guys actually took their time to make sure it was layed out nicely. Also the place was very clean. The only thing I did not like was the BBQ sauce, it was just too sour and vinegary for us, again though that is preference because we like sweet BBQ sauce, so no fault of this place. What I really liked was the fact that they had bread, pickles, jalapenos, onions and such, a lot of place just give you your meat and side and thats it and that sucks. Really recommend to go early also cause they do sell out of the meats.

Chelese Ransom

Excellent brisket!

Brian Sump

You can tell by the smell outside as you pull in, it's gonna be good. The guys up front were not noobs; they even asked whether I wanted my brisket lean, fatty or in between. Wow.... usually it's you get what you get with bbq joints. As they started to slice the brisket (pics attached) it was clear the meat had a great smoke ring and was moist. I tried the pork sausage and spare ribs as well. Result was spectacular, no sauce needed. With two businesses in the neighborhood I'm so glad a legit bbq spot found a home among us. I'll be back many times over!!!

Noe Torres

Delicious amazing flavors

Avery Beaton

Awesome place, great food choices. Brisket was slightly overdone. Would visit again!

Edison Konold

Amazing brisket, spare ribs and Mac and cheese. Great staff and service as well. Texas BBQ at its finest!

Emilio Gonzales

The best in Denver for sure. Source: am from Texas

Xiangnan Liu

PERFECT place to have the authentic BBQ. VERY VERY Delicious pork ribs, friendly service. The BBQ l had in this place was better than anywhere else. Will recommand to my friends for sure !!!

Alicia Anderson

Great BBQ, friendly service. Try the different sauces.

Mike Uhlenkamp

Pulled pork was good but not great. Had sandwich and bought a pound to take home. Center pieced had good flavor but outside was dry and tough. They were out of 1/3 of meat options early in the evening. Sides could use some seasoning. Would like to see more bbq sauce options. They did just open so hope to work out kinks. Will they again

Joe Slappy

Food very good.. Restaurant very clean

Elizabeth Hudson

Casual. Great food.

Huyen Vu

Beef ribs!!! So so good..

Tyler Dodd

rich tienda

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Pizza Ranch
Restaurant - Colorado

Buffet restaurant

The Rusty Tapp Colorado BBQ & Catering
The Rusty Tapp Colorado B...
Restaurant - Colorado

Barbecue restaurant