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REVIEWS OF Hacienda Jalisco IN Colorado

Christin Hernandez

Amazing service and food! I was seated immediately and my food came out faster than I thought possible. The food was delicious and reminded me of my grandma's cooking ♡ I will definitely be returning!

Perry Vogel

I come here a few times a month. The food is consistently good and the staff is always friendly and attentive. I've never had a bad experience here!

Brian Morzos

The food always tastes good here. I enjoy the huevos rancheros with green chile.

Tara Renfro

Great food, awesome service, huge portions. Our drinks were never empty and we never ran out of napkins, which is super important when you have little ones. I HIGHLY recommend this place. We even walked out with out our togo box and then ran outside to bring it to us. My family have this place a big thumbs up.

Jason Kokenzie


Clint Warren

I had a great experience here. I live in Houston and eat Tex-Mex several times a week so I know what good Tex-mex is. The chips were served warm and fresh, service was good, silver coin margaritas were excellent and the pollo asado was perfectly cooked. Total winner in my book!

Alexa Morzos

Fast and kind service, good food, always a welcoming environment.

Luke Miller

Really bad everything. Salsa was water down and not consistent. Margarita had way to much lime. Had to wait forever for drinks and food even though they were not busy. I order steak fajitas and they were awful, the steak was so dry I could barely swallow it. The fajitas came out cold and dry not sizzling like you would imagine them. It cost my family 70 dollars to eat here and we didn't even eat... My family was actually so bummed out that they got up and left shortly after getting food, leaving me there to sit in my sadness of being let down. I sat there for an additional 10 minutes before any waiter noticed no one ate the food. When they finally did notice they asked if I wanted a to go box, I quickly responded no thank you please get me the check. The waitress then seem offended and starting hounding me with questions about why no one liked it. Being disappointed and just ready to go, I didn't feel like explaining why I hated the food. This made the waitress even more frustrated and made me uncomfortable. Hands down the worst mexican restaurant I have ever been to.

Tom Lux

Fast. Friendly. Delicious.

Kirk Ziker

Awesome food and service.

Elias Galvan

Good home style Mexican food, pleased with the taste of the food and service. Lunch menu is very reasonably priced.


We like this for the food and the service. Variety of meals to choose from. Outside seating in the summer.

Brad Wilson

My wife and have been coming here for years but on our most recent visit we had a unpleasant experience. With 4 adults and 1 child they served 3 of us.... 5 minuets later the 4th person was served the wrong dish and took an additional 25 minutes to serve the 5th person ... by this time we were already packing up trying to leave. Management offered to remove the dishes that were never delivered off the tab.... geee thanks. So after 45-50 minutes we ended up not eating and just packing up and headed to McDonald's. We have been coming here for 5 years and up until now we've had good experiences. We may come back... we may not.

Courtney Barnaby

Staff is very friendly. Good Mexican food, never had a dish I didn't enjoy!


Super good, and staff is very helpful!!

ConsistentC inTransperancy

Great service, great food!

Phillip Fry

Nothing special. Slow service. Took 45 minutes to get a quesadilla. Food is bland and not authentic. You can do better with Old El Paso from the grocery store. Not recommended. Go elsewhere.

alan connelly

Excelent tasty Mexican food. Busy place, good margaritas. Friendly goid service. Has outdoor seating when weather is nice. Lots of parking, near KingSoupers.

Harold Achtziger

If you like good Mexican food and enjoy good service,this is the place to go

Catherine DeGraaf

Great authentic food, friendly service, and the very best jalapeno-cucumber margaritas!

Jesse Covarrubias

Great food!

Amanda Lien

Mmmmm this place is amazing great prices, portions and the margaritas yummy.

Cheeky S.

Very nice place. Do is is cooked to order. If your having soup, may want to call ahead so they can get it ready for when your party gets together to eat there. Very clean.

Kerri McCallson

Good food and service.

C Parker

Pros: Good Salsa. Salsa lady was nice. Cons: The waitress didn't know they actually didn't make the menudo till the rest of our party had their food. This literally caused my daughter to NOT eat there even though the rest of us did. No apologies given at all. Asked if we could get it cold to go at least and she said it would be 20 min for that. Several meals excluded rice and beans. There is no price to add them so I asked how much, I was told $2.50 and I was charged $4.00. Who doesn't serve rice and beans in the combo meal? Their menu is very chopped up and hard to understand. Things in parentheses cancelling out things that would be included but somehow are not. Prices are odd, trust me. Kids meal is 5 or 7 if you are over 10. That is the way it is worded too. The menus were sticky. They served my tostada under a gob of enchilada sauce. This makes it soggy. The taco was soggy too. The lettuce was not washed off and just tasted like preservative. They use pre cut lettuce. I didn't see a single person in charge. Trust me I looked, unless it was that nice sala lady who brought our chips and salsa after we got our appetizer, but they were busy. I think they are so busy because the lack of restaurants in our area. Needless to say, we will not be back.


Good food! Good atmosphere.

Sam Wilson

Very nice place and food

Cheryl Roberts

Nice place to eat. Food is great.each plate made me want to try that one

Jo supermom

This place is awesome

Chantel Long

The food and margaritas are always excellent here, but the service tends to be a little slow which is why I am rating 4 stars instead of 5. Don't visit if you are in a hurry, but definitely visit if you have a little more time to relax and you won't be disappointed!

Sterling C.

Tasty food and great service!

Barry Maxted

I had the days lunch special: beef burrito... It was one of the best tasting burritos I'd had in quite some time!

Kendra Voorhis

Very busy. Clean. Seems to be a popular place in a small town. 45 min wait easy. Enchiladas where great.

woodson Spring

One of the best if not the best Mexican in Avon. Friendly service, reasonable prices and a big menu of favorites.

Jane Brewer

Awesome food, service,margaritas and patio!

Britney Bolchen

Lovely staff, great portions and flavor. It's our go to Mexican restaurant in firestone.

Brandon Smith

Very good food,I ordered take out food and the presentation and flavor were both very good... Appetizers and main dishes were hot and tasty.. Staff was friendly and efficient

Carmen Rollheiser

Very good food. Not Tex Mex at all. If I can fault it any where, there was not enough meat on my burrito. Look forward to trying different things on the menu.

Steve Schmehl

They have awesome green Chile. But they need to work on their hot sauce (tormillo sauce

Leah Custine

Always consistently delicious!!

Nicole Wilson

Fabulous fast and authentic Mexican food, great margaritas and amazing service. Locally owned and operated.

Glenn Train

This place has decent Mexican food, however it took a long time to get and the noise level was too too high.

Brian Anderson

Always quality food, and great service. Plus a nice selection of beers and other alcoholic beverages.


Food was delicious and hot! Service was excellent as well. When leaving I slipped on the ice outside and tweaked my ankle. Please keep an eye outside when it's wet and cold plenty of salt.

Joel Peters

Good but not for people who don't like hot spicy food.

The Intellectual Observer

It's the best and I'm always trying something new there... All of it is good try!

Nic D

Great food. Nice people. Would have given them 5 stars if they had a craft beer selection


My Dad and I came here and ordered beef fajitas. The waitress and cook were confused as to what this meant. The waitress asked us 3 times what we mean by that, and we said, steak, steak fajitas. Beef means steak doesn't it? We waited for 45 …

A -Team Family #5 Aragon

Great food but my kids plates took longer the ours and she forgot my chile but our waiter was nice and attentive.But they definitely need to give that place a good scrub dont really dusty and grimy.

El Chimbo

Man what great food and even better service and atmosphere.

Jannine Simone

Good margaritas. Service not as good.

Kirsten Muncy

Excellent food and service!

Denise Magdaleno

Very good food and service


$32 Margarita with no prices on menu. I ordered the "Premium Margarita" with my choice of tequila. She smirked when I ordered and did not inform me the shot alone is $27. Would never pay that much for one drink. Avoid at all costs they will …

Tamatha Capps

Good food and service the place is very clean and authentic looking

Oyuki Fernandez

Service was good & food was ok.

Alicia Vincent

I enjoy the food every time I've come the food was been good. Love the fajitias and chicken Mexican stir fry. However the drinks are expensive and small and not the greatest. I would give it a better review but unfortunately 3 of the 4 times i was there the service was slow, didn't really pay attention to use, and were rude. To top it off they barely spoke English I'm sorry if your going to be in a people driven position you should be able to communicate.

Randy Palme

Great food. Lots of variety. Awsome margaritas. Definitely one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.

Mark McElwain

Much better than average

Alienated Anakin

First off, I wouldn't really rely on Hacienda for authentic Mexican food. I personally think that most of the food items are poor deriatives of Mexican dishes, yet the upside is that the food is delicious despite it not being authentic. The restaurant is kept very cold, and I'm not sure if that's a thing to keep the kitchen or the food in some way, but I found it really bothersome since I actually shivered. The tables are kept a bit gross-- I had to ask one of the waitresses to assist me in cleaning up a salsa mess that was left on the cushion seat I was assigned. So, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this restaurant unless the only good thing you want is food. At least the employees are helpful and quick.

Jeanette Buschman

Great food and service ;-)

Austin b

Great food and awesome salsa for the chips. I live an hour away, but every time I go this direction I always stop to eat

aaron mcc

Food is great, always fresh. If you order to go, they wrap the plate in tinfoil and saran wrap to avoid any messes on the way home. Chips and salsa come with every order, that's another plus!

David K

Uninteresting Mexican food chain with quick friendly service.

Amy Searls

First time here and it was absolutely wonderful! Nice family owned with authentic cuisine. Service was fabulous as was the food. We'll be back!

Ronald Fiet

Good food and service

Scott Meyers

Quality food, quiet place, nice fireplace and bar!

Case Rob

Fair price,

Michelle Pappas

Good food

Steph Elliott

Authentic Tex-Mex. I recommend the Jalisco Special - surf and turf - with the steak cooked to perfection and the shrimp scampified Jalisco style. My husband loves the Pollo a la Crema (he's from Ireland). Everything here is delicious and the patio is a treat!

Christine M

The food and service was excellent!

Rebbeca Bocanegra

it was ok. probably won't go back any time soon.

John Terrell

Been eating here for some time. Good quality Mexican food. Very consistent. The salsa is delicious.

PJ Ramirez

Kids liked it, it was pretty good! First time there will go back to try more.


My wife and I had been to this restaurant in several ocassions and we loved the customer service. Recomended several family members and friends. The food took about 45 minutes to get served, I didn’t mind the wait. My wife order a seafood dish which she had previously ordered, noticed this time it had more veggies and way less seafood, expressed her concern to a waitress. Vicky the manager asked what the issue was, in a very polite manner, asked why there was less seafood. She then began to argue in a very confronting way that it was the exact portion the meal contains. Disagree with her, it was obviously less this time, she kept condradicting us over and over in a very unprofessional manner. In other words was calling us liars. There was no wining an argument with this lady, if she said she was right there was nothing we could say to change her mind. I proceed by paying the bill tiping the waiter that had nothing to do with how unprofessional the manager treated us. Talked to Vicky for a second time trying to explain to her that it was very unprofessional the way she aproached us, she apologized and said it’s her tone of voice and her face which made her seemed mad. We told her that being a manager she needs to be a role model for the others, that she gave us a terrible customer service . She then began arguing again. And then took off said that she was busy and needed to get back to work and took off. The thing we were trying to obtain from our complain, was a simple yes we messed up, we will make sure it never happens. She probably though we were trying to get a free meal. Ruined our evening. I am never recomending this restaurant again.

David Price

First time in... there were 7 of us and when the food came, only 3 entrees were correct. They brought a couple of the fixed meals within five minutes, but the last took twenty minutes. We were told that the last one took a long time because our order went to the back of the line. Also, kids meal comes with free drink, but apparently not with this waitress. Giving 3 stars instead of 1 star because the food we did get was pretty good.

lemons apples

Horrible representation of mexican food. I'm honestly offended. I'm sure that the mexican people working here dont even think the food is good. I had the flautas here and they were badly burnt and dry like the Sahara desert. If you're looking for some amazing authentic mexican food check out don Joses tacos on north main in Longmont, and if thats too far go to el taco loco in dacono.

Kelly Butts

Food is delicious. Drinks are generous pours. Customer service is lacking at times.


This place is the best

Kathy A.ware

Delicious food and great service every time! The food is excellent and they have drink specials too!

rachel garcia

Great food!

creig mcneill

I don't know about the rest of the meal but the shrimp dish I got was not very good it was mushrooms and onions in a Savory sweet sauce that was not very spicy onions were undercooked and basically hard to chew the service was great I will try it again but I will not try that trip again

David Mitchell

The service was good but the food was just average and overpriced. The margaritas were just ok, my wife didn’t even finish hers.

Chris J

This restaurant has great authentic mexican food. Also, they have many dishes that are gluten free. It is just a restaurant in a strip mall, so dont expect awesome atmosphere, but the food is delicious. The service is okay, the food comes out quickly and hot. I really enjoy eating here and will be back again, soon.

Chad Ladwig

My dinner was very good. Everyone in the family liked their meal. Margarita was very good, but a little light on booze. We will definitely go back.

Breanne Ehrlich

Great service and delicious food! We came on a Friday evening and it was very busy but we got sat quickly. The food was super yummy and the prices were extremely reasonable. I finally found my favorite Mexican restaurant in our area. Can’t wait til the patio opens during nice summer days! Highly recommend!

carlos olvera

Food is delicious every time I go. Usually seated and food is served in a timely manner. Waitress come and Make sure your service is good throughout your meal. Also the alcohol served there is never disappointing. Definitely try a smothered burrito with a modelo michelada if you're not sure what to try.

Brian & Dawn

It was decent food. Not spectacular. Clean place. Good friendly staff

Tonja H


Valerie Miller

Nachos were delicious, Margarita was on point. Yum!

Ann-Marie Russell

Absolutely love this place! Great food and even better margaritas.

Tim Erickson

Service and food was at the very best. First time there. Every bit as good as our family said.

Lori morales

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! All the dishes we have tried are fantastic. So flavorful, Authentic as it gets for Mexican food. The skirt steak is incredible. Chips and salsa is really fresh. They have a full bar so enjoy the margarita's! The service is very quick...if your not there by 6pm expect a wait, its gets crowded.

Jeremy Duty

Great food, good service.

Tamara Sue

Yuck. Helpful enough? Sub par food. Luke warm at best. Two locations?!? How? Why?

William Conner

Great food and service!

Matthew Isaacs

I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are in the mood for Mexican food. Excellent food at reasonable prices. We really enjoyed everything we tried here. We are visiting from out of town, and will likely be going back soon!

Liza Lederhos

Just left here today and didn't order anything because I was totally disrespected. They questioned the age of my daughter. We told them her age and they wanted ID to prove she is 11 years old. Kids dont have IDs . Because of this I will …

Syb Syb

Hostess was a delight and waitress was funny and super helpful. Food was great.

Kelli Thomson

Always good food and great service!

Kaleb Lareau

I miss this place now I moved to Greeley

Gina Nichols

Great food.

Jeremy Billis

Good food and nice lunch menu!

Anthony Martin

Love this place

Dillon Johnson

One of our favorite restaurants for years! The food is excellent with plenty of menu options to choose from. The staff is wonderful and attentive.

Omar Zuniga

Have been eating here for some time now since living in Firestone. The food is always good quality and the staff is always great and attentive. Margs don't disappoint either!

Tim ONeill

Best Mexican food ever


Great place for authentic Mexican cuisine, the atmosphere was amazing as we sat next to the fireplace, and if you are up for a cocktail or beer they offer a nice variety!

Oscar U

Every time myself and wife come here... we are always happy with the food and service. Jalisco's is unique and delicious. Try it If you haven't.

James Lewis

Best Mexican restaurant in Northern Colorado. The portions are great and unlimited chips and salsa. Love this place

Timothy Doane

Food is good but over priced.


Great food and great service!

Kathryn Sullins

Have never had a bad plate of food here. Very polite staff and clean facilities. Would highly recommend.

Sally Ann Gaffney

Mexican stir fry was tasty. Avocados were so fresh. The salsa they give you with the chips had a good kick. Waitstaff was friendly. Very inexpensive.


I have eaten here twice and had the spinach enchiladas. I was a bit disappointed the first time as there was a small amount of spinach and mushrooms in them. So the second visit, I ordered it again and they were wonderful! Full of spinach, onions, mushrooms. The service was polite and quick. Food came out fast and hot, and the chips are warm, crisp, and nothe loaded with salt. I definitely recommend it. The price isn't too high either.

So Be It

Great food and the prices are so affordable. I was really surprised that my meal was $8 for a combo with 3 items. It was super clean and the staff was very friendly and attentive. We had a nice lunch and a nicer dessert. The strawberry chimichanga was to die for. We have wanted to try this place since its opening a few years back and are kicking ourselves for waiting so long.

Ian D.

Wonderful food with some incredible salsa. The wait staff was friendly. The restaurant was comfortable and inviting with a fireplace.


This place is always good. I have not tried something that I did not like.

Kyle Roman

Wait was a little long, but on Friday night that is normal. Worth the wait. Food was amazing, not sure what it was called but this dish server on a scalding hot mortar was so cool. Every bite from beginning to end was hot.

Stefanie Steck

It was very very good crispy rellanos and our waiter seem truly in love with his work he was a great guy very very sweet. Great place to go for a nice little quiet lunch

Clint VanDyne

Love coming here!!! Very friendly and excellent food! I come here too often because it's just so good! My favorite restaurant not only in Firestone but in the entire Carbon Valley area!

Tina Schinner

Good food...service was slow that evening

Domanic Castillo

Very good food

Michelle Poling

Great food tonight and good service

Kristin Cote

Good food and friendly staff.

Jeremy Narvaez

Service was great. Food was delicious.

Sandy Iams

Very good

Warren Holcombe

Second time being the, food excellent.

Patricia Patterson

Authentic Mexican flavors. The staff is pleasant and always greets you.

Richard Lauer

Food soso margaritas too sweet


Was skeptical to go again because the one located in Longmont was not good at all (food was horrible, service was poor, atmosphere was boring). However, the one in Firestone was busy, lively, service was great, food was delicious! Will definitely return to the Hacienda Jalisco in Firestone!

Audrey Hull

This place is consistently great. The margaritas are a Must Have!

Jessica Ramos

Such a gem in Firestone! Excellent Mexican food, great staff!

janet torres

The micheladas were not good, how do you mess that up? Not a place for hang over cure. The menudo was from Thursday and today is Saturday it lacked flavor, totally over priced.

Austin Doby

Good food. Staff seemed grouchy

Chris Godfrey

Chicken & pork fajitas...always a winner!

Gin Pemberton

Very good n fast

Souksavanh Laychaypha

On 8-6-18 my wife ordered sopapillias and after waiting for 45 minutes and still no dessert she asked for a refund, the so called manager practically threw my wife her money back and didn't even apologize for the wait or inconvenience.. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Oh ya and they said the prices on the menu are wrong So all the customers are being WAY OVERCHARGED..

Jeff Neet

We love this place and eat here almost weekly. Try the molcajete meal that feeds a couple. Seasoned beef, chicken, shrimp, and prickly pear cactus served on a giant sizzling hot mortar. I haven't had anything like it before, a unique little dish if you're in Firestone. The staff is excellent too and even made a fun little customized dessert for my wife's birthday.

Clint Stanton

"Authentic" is meaningless. It is good food, good recipes, good and friendly service. Our go-to for Mexican in our area!

Robert Danos

We walked in with a party of 11 and were seated almost immediately. The margaritas and food were fantastic! We will DEFINATELY be back!!!

Aussie Spark

This is our go to Mexican, it was as always fantastic. The food is awesome and the staff are great.

Travis Hoisington

The food was by no means bad but was not good. For the price I expected better. The service was good and the place itself is inviting. Just an overall lack of taste in my food. The chorizo had no spice to it just over all bland to me. There is a "fast food" Mexican place that offers a much better value to taste in the area.

Cody Lewis

Food is usually pretty good, wait staff is lacking in service skills, typically needs to be waived down for refills. This last time we had mols floating in tea. Had to finally walk the drinks back to the bar because everyone was hiding. Overall petty good food though.


Delicious food.

katie vonfeldt

Always yummy food and great staff

Diann Myers

Great family restaurant

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