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11385 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010, United States

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REVIEWS OF Guadalajara Authentic Mexican Buffet IN Colorado

CoolFatBurner .

Love this place. Wide array of Mexican dishes. Great for after the gym!

Bondservant X

Great soups! Great food! Bring your appetite! Went back for more! (6-8-19)It was the bomb! Dinner is best 4-7 on weekends. Miss those enchiladas! I'll be back with my appetite!

angel miller

Normally like the store wish they would bring the dollar section back. Also didnt appreciate being followed by security. Only white person shopping this morning

J Nunez

A/C does not work, the food is bad

Don Hildebrandt

A little overpriced. A nice selection of real Mexican recipes.

Susan Terrazas

Way to expensive kids 9 and older r charged adult price at 13.99 a plate and drinks not included


This place is so good if you want authentic delicious Mexican food come here and it's all you can eat

Zibby Williams

Haven't sat down to enjoy the food yet but the Menudo was good

Andrea Mares

Delicious Mexican good! La mejor comida mexicana! Variety of choices , soups, desserts, clean and friendly staff.

Robert Lopez

Perfect couldn't complain.

Silvia Reyes

Food is great with a large verity of choices. It's worth trying if you have not already

Victoria Trujillo

Delicious authentic Mexican buffet many options All items are fresh such as chili relleno enchiladas tamales chili fresh fruit fresh tortilla chips and salsa staff is quick to refill any items that are low and price is fair for quality of food!

Carlos Garcia

It was really bad. I saw one of the cooks dropping food and serve it back to his customer. I confronted him about it, he just laugh . He's the bold headed cook.

Ruben Krumholz

It was still pretty good, but not as good as the last time I went there. For instance, the ceviche is now mixed with fish and imitation crab when it was all fish before. I hope they're not trying to save money messing up their food quality

Dead/Dread jordan

Food was not what we expect it. Food is bad and very expensive place. $60 dollars for 3 people hell no. $20 bucks per person too expensive and bad food

Norma Dupris

Very expensive. 43.00 for 2 people was to much. Did not have a price listing. Food was oksy.i was disappointed with the price. Was wondering how the people could have 4 people and afford to eat at this restaurant. That would be over $80.00 . Thought they might have over charged us since we have never been at this restaurant before

Vero Carrillo

Good but pricey and need to add steak or pork for tacos

Felipa Ramirez

All food is excellent

Donal Gregory

Good selection of foods from mild to hot. Will definitely come back

Jowee S

Good stuff. I would go back. Got to try a lot of things I've never tried.

Wardog 0911

Food is GREAT and has very good Authentic Mexican Flavor!! Very good variety too.A+

Dan Boyd

Great authentic mexican food at a wonderfully low price

Vanessa Herrera

It was ok.. Some of the food was old and not all that and it was almost $20 a person which was pricey for the quality of food

Fernando Morales

I like this place, they have good food I recommend

Jose Granda

Busy on weekends. Good food

Sara Westbrook

Very delicious and authentic food!

Capt. Dave

Well made, standard Mexican fare. Full buffet, banquets, carry out.

Kat Money

So much good stuff! I couldn’t eat everything I wanted to cuz I got so full! I will definitely be coming back !

Happy Teresa

We usually get the carnitas by the pound with salsa or ceviche. I don't like the pickled chilies in the ceviche it gives me heart burn real bad, but it's really good!


It has a great variety of dishes. I'm pretty sure they are trying to be as authentic as possible, but to my taste not so much. I tried the Chile relleno... Smothered by the way and it lacked flavor. Tried the green enchilada and tasted like the ones you would get from like a non Mexican restaurant. Tried the fish and shrimps and not impressed. The only thing I liked was the ceviche.. But then their tostadas were stale. Overall service was ok. Waitress focused more on the tables that had more gentlemen then on the ones that were family. We even had to go and get ourselves another round of sodas if not we would have finished our meal and no refill. I used to go back in the day when it first opened and it seemed like they actually had a good chef. I honestly only would recommend if you are hungry. Not an authentic Mexican restaurant experience. Sorry maybe next time.. If there is one.

Paul Correa

I stopped in for a burrito and ran into a full buffet. While I left with only a burrito, it was made to my specifications and it was delicious. Every staff member I encountered was very courteous and helpful. What a delightful surprise this place is. I will be returning for the buffet.

Andrey Yarovoy

It's the second place that I want to call the best Mexican buffet that I ever visited in US. The previous one was the best Mexican buffet in Alamosa CO. Guadalajara has the half of the buffet section with different soup options and 2.5 sections with entry options 1 salad section and 1 section for deserts. Dinner is $13.99 and it's impossible to try everything so you have to choose :) Everything is fresh and delicious. P.s. this is one of top 12 best Denver places in Zagat rating.

ramon rico

Good Mexican food but a bit pricey

Chris Farley

This is absolutely the very best authentic Mexican food money can buy reasonable priced small place but well worth the wait there is no way in the world anyone should ever Miss eating here I will be going back time and time again

Den Hellcat

Anyone that thinks this place has good Mexican food, really doesn’t know good Mexican food, and I feel bad for you because you haven’t had the pleasure of real good food. This is honestly in my opinion one of the “WORST” tasting Mexican restaurants I have ever been too. Anything that is fried taste the same, probably fried in the same old as hell nasty oil. Every single thing I tried tasted terrible. Except the fresh cut watermelon, and I’m sure it was because they didn’t cook it. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Ever!!!

Bill Hansen

Great place to have a good meal wide variety of food seafood including shrimp, menudo try it you will like it

Judy Barron

Great mexican food

Erin Nitchals

One and done this place taste horrible... good was cold and gross

Al Johnson

Food not that good and waitress needs more training. Atmosphere more like a dinner than a cantina.

Hope Ureste

Very very good I very much enjoyed my food and the environment in the restaurant! The staff were nice and not too pushy and the food was well cooked and very good! And I very much enjoyed it there!

Amey Gandhi

Good food value for money.

Marc Niering

Absolutely the best mexican food we had in the USA. Original taste , many different dishes at the buffet and just the place you wanna go for eating with the locals.

Max Ochoa

Not sure if I would ever go back and eat there! Food isn't bad at all.. Except for the people that and eat there. Parents let they're kids touch the food and throw it back into the serving tray.. I actually said something to one of the waitress about a kid touching the entire serving tray and to replaced it. But no one did absolutely nothing about it...

Carolyn Cortez

Great food and wonderful service.

Antoinette Marshall

A real treat

Jonas Trujillo

I love this pace i go as often add possible...

luisa i amy

Love the fried ice cream

Slim Slim

I wasn't ready for this experience neither was my stomach neither was my bathroom afterwards

Angelo SuperSport

Over priced. Food was decent. Management watching a lil girl wal around the buffet coughing her lungs out on all thy he food, glad I served myself be for she did that, managment didn't fo a thing, she did this constantly

Aby Martinez

The food is okay, but a bit too crowded for my taste.

Perry Singh

Awesome food. Really busy.

Joy Armstrong

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of authentic Mexican dishes! Lots of variety, full of flavor and plenty of veggies which I love. Definitely recommend it!

Jasmin Hulvey

Little pricey but they have all you can eat Mexican food like real authentic Mexican food was soooo good.

Laura Gomez Hernandez

Delicious 100% authentic Mexican food best I have tried

Dimitri Olivier

Food was awesome!!!! Will be going back again

Justin Hammett

The most amazing thing ever imagined! Needs to be in every town ever! Most authenticate flavors I've had in this country!

Jon Zen

great and delicious food. plus great customer service!!!

Glenn Valdez

If you don't speak Spanish they treat you like you don't belong there. The food is bland and not very good.

Big Dog

Hello, I had recently went to this restaurant. They told me over the phone it was 14$ for one. When I was finished they charged me 19$ and the to go plates were 7$ by the pound. The waitress shouted at me to speak Spanish. I guess they over charged me because, they thought that I'm a white man with a lot of money. And they were upset that I didn't finish the whole plate.

Ruby Guizar

Great food and friendly staff!

Elizabeth Mejia

It was okay . Pricey. I hadn't been here in a few years because when I had tried it it was horrible. Decided to give it a second try. Was not bad. The dessert options were good . They had Churros.

Delilia Cisneros

It was ok not the best the price was a bit steep for not that great food

Bruce Carlquist

Decent food, for decent price,

LeRoy Thomas

Fantastic buffet! Delicious food prepared with Mexican flair. Informal with good service.

Jesse J

It's alright for a buffet. Nothing fantastic that will blow your socks off though. The chile rellenos were pretty decent, but other than that nothing I tried amazed me, and some of it was kinda iffy. plus the cost being $18 after tax kind of made it seem even less worth it.

Roberto Hernandez

Great food and great staff

Ricardo Flores

I am always there for take out... Great Mexican food to go or dine in.


I come from New Mexico and the food is awsome!!! Great and kind employees:)

Carlos J. Naranjo

Flavor-wise this restaurant is quite true to original food you could buy in Mexico (lived there for over 14 years). Site is usually packed, menu appeared to have a good variety of items. Price wise it seemed to be a bit on the expensive side, paying $50 for two adults and two kids did not appeal to me. Location and facilities give you an unexpected immersion. I recommend this place, but please be aware you can find more elaborated menus in other places for the same price.

John H

All you can eat, I go every month or so. Authentic Mexican fare.

John Todhunter

This is by FAR the best Mexican buffet I have ever been to. I told the manager/owner that I lived in San Antonio Texas for years and they are known for good Mexican food. I told him that this buffet has the best food of any Mexican buffet I have ever been to. I will be returning over and over again. Thanks.


The service was wonderful, and everything was great. I just wished the food was as great as the people. Overall- it was good. :)

Jeremy Roof

Food was great!!! Authentic, not from a bucket.......Priced a bit high, but i will return.

Luis Lopez-Lemus

I picked a few pieces of food. It was all cold. I paid and walked out.

Morelva Lemus

Really good, with a variety of food for you and your family

Jessica Marie

Really good fajita meat. Soup is good! Salsa. I enjoyed it

Eddie Garcia

Seen how the back of the kitchen operates you really don't wanna eat here.

Palm Trees

The food was delicious and the staff worked very hard. Recommended time to go is during breakfast, opening-10am, so there isn't a line.

Tanya Ramos

So delicious!! so far my favorite restaurant and buffet!!

Squirly TheNut

Amazing food, awesome people! I will definitely come back, and recommend anyone I know to check it out =)

Lysaa Ramirez

Good authentic Mexican food. Has such a good variety of everything.

Chad Beezy

Nice change of pace from Asian buffets. Enjoyed the chicken fajitas and the staff was friendly.

Ommar Fragoso

Food is pretty good, the waitresses are very nice, but its kinda expensive plus its always really warm. They should put their AC to work

Bryon Hunter

Good food, not to busy, decent price.

Ludy Ivanova

Hubby and I were looking for something different and authentic. As buffet connoisseurs, we were not bothered by anything in the presentation. Some tips: Order soft corn tortillas on the side with your buffet Go for the ceviche! It’s wonderful Chicken mole was a bit sweet for me White fish is good in tacos and healthy Green Chile pork is great

Regina Juarez

Great staff and great food.


Great selection. Very friendly and speedy service.

s Np

I always wish this place had a better looking dining room but aside from that food was awesome and authentic.


Great food fair prices!!

Verity Rothschild

Truly authentic Mexican style food. I really enjoyed everything I got to taste, still have so much more to try. Will 100% be back. Was super cheap too! xXx

Breanna Fountain

Went just before 10:30 am on a Sunday and my family got one of the last available tables. A line formed shortly after. The food was fantastic with great variety. Workers moved around quickly to refill drinks, pick up finished plates, keep fresh food coming out and the place clean. Hoping they get a bigger building in the future as I feel like they could benefit with the amount of business they get!

Lina Delgado

Went today and I can immediately smell the food was off. I still gave it a go with the food had their fried fish and as I was eating it I was immediately regretted it. Don’t get me wrong staff was wonderful but the food not so much. Also, it would not hurt if they clean the vents....

Bo Bo

Excellent service and great food.

Alan Loo

Went on the advice of a friend. Large selection of various Mexican food. Soups, salads, desserts and Mexican Mainstays like mole chicken, carnitas, fish, tamales, enchiladas and a taco, salad dessert and soup bar. Fast and friendly service. Decent tasting food. Not bad for a buffet.

Gabriela Vargas

Great food worth the wait outside

Tom O

An AWESOME authentic Mexican buffet!

Juan Walker

The food is amazing and delicious!!! We are from okc.

Tim H

Best Mexican food I've ever had. Stopped there twice while in denver. All other Mexican restaurants are pale in comparison. Too bad I live in Minnesota.


Very Authentic... Food was decent... Kinda of pricey... 38$ for 2 buffet and 2 soft drinks

Ben Bohmann

Food wasn’t great and overly expensive for the quality of food.

Rebecca Lynn

It was okay . Pricey. I hadn't been here in a few years because when I had tried it it was horrible. It's a very nice place to eat the food it's very tasty very nice 100%recommended

Gloria Canavan

Good food and service

Wendy Fonte

1st time at this place and I really enjoyed it. They have really good and REAL Mexican food that tastes just like homemade. They have so many varieties, lots of foods that I grew up with and taste like my mother made them. They do need to space out the center tables though. We couldn’t really get in and out of our seats.

Gina Jones

A little pricey but its worth it!

Dawn Ibarra

Food was ok. A lot of variety. Our first time there, don't know if I would go back. I know of a mexican buffet that has incredible food, but it's only on Sunday mornings.

Louie Hernandez

Great food


Really good food and great prices!

Owen Chismar

Awesome menu. Authentic recipes from Mexico

Robert Ferry

Best authentic mexican ever!!

renee moreno

Good food. Good choices. Poor service. Never had a waitress offer to fill our water or ask how the food was. She didn't even look us in the face during the entire time she sat us down or took payment. Weird.

Gutter Shield Pros

Best mexican food in denver area

Dea Matlock

Buffet was really good!! Lots of choices.

Gilberto Flores

Super Delicious and Very Good Quality and very Nice Service

Jeremy Crary

Let me start by saying that my buddy and I were the only white folk in there. That alone tells you it's good. They were very nice and even accommodated me with sour cream when I asked for some. Terrible idea btw as there's a reason it wasn't already out. Sour cream doesn't belong in that food.. trust me

John Harris

Service was great and the food was excellent. Was skeptical about a Mexican buffet place. But this was pretty good.Buffet was really good!! Lots of choices.

erika connolly

My friends came to Denver for a visit and wanted to try a Mexican buffet. This place did not disappoint! We went closer to closing time and all the food was fresh and still available. The flavors were wonderful and the selection was awesome! The staff were really friendly and accommodating and everything was just great! I'm definitely taking my family soon!

Cole Anderson

Excellent food, excellent service. Highly recommend.

Martin Hinojosa

I love this place great food.

veronica ortega

Best place I've ever visited. Amazing food and friendly staff. Great service.

Hayden Rohde

Went here Thanksgiving, Haven't been back because its far from home, but I definitely do plan on going back, Lots of really good food to choose from, its not that pricey, and the staff is so very nice.

Mark E

So good. I ate all the food, and then there was more. It is a good thing I don't live near this place, or I would be here daily.

Brian Briggs

Was skeptical about a Mexican buffet place. But this was pretty good

Chaka Cannady

I love this place. Me and my cousin have to go back

Janneto Margo

A lot of variety of Mexican dishes and very good price very clean and nice servers definitely coming back.

Mike Gutierrez

My wife and I went there and was very impressed with the over all experience. The food made me remember why I loved going home on the weekends to eat at my mom's house. I'm recommending to all my friends!

Dragon Ball super Jo

If you want to eat real Mexican food... this is the place to do so. Great service, cleanliness and a variety of dishes to enjoy. Price is unbeatable.

Michael Orwig

Fresh food, overall tasted pretty good. Not much variety, hardly a salad bar. Service was good, and we just ordered water, but waitresses were attentive. However for 12.99 each for lunch, with tax it came to $28.17 for two people. For this price, I can get a much better meal. Their marinated pork and pork carnitas was excellent, I'll definitely do a takeout order on that next time, rather than pay for the buffet.

Ñorma Nunez

To small of a place for so much people...good food ..but wont go again...

Francisco Caballero

If your are looking for real Mexican food this is the place.

Jared Lira

Good food but a lot of money

Regan Choffin

Their smothered tamales, enchiladas, and meats are amazing. They also have a great selection of soups. If you have some picky eaters, they also have things like chicken fingers and spaghetti. For dessert, make sure to leave room for their churros.

Israel Becerril

if you like all you can eat Mexican food, this is the place for it, food is prepared fresh and it's a little pricey but, totally worth it, plus the waitresses are really nice and kind, we are definitely going to come back again!!

Troy Higgins

The food is the Best I have had in Aurora

christina martinez

OMG!!!!! Such a wonderful selection of authentic Mexican food!!! Everything was so delicious!!!! The customer service was wonderful! Can't wait to go back!!!

Nicole Cleversey

Fresh clean and delicous Thankyou from florida!

Mayra Peña

Really good options on all the variety on Mexican food but I got food poisoning right after I left the place

Debra Chase

The food is delicious. We have been several times. We have never been disappointed.

Tom Jonez

Amazing place! Its always a hit or miss with waitresses there but I've always seen the Owner there on the weekends talking to customers and making sure you're taken care of. I was really impressed!

Dawnette Knight

Great selection of delicious food!

Donny Torres

God food , friendly staff

jennifer banderas

amazing food and service but one thing I have to say is that it is hot there so bring a tank top and not a sweater

Sisco Garcia

The food is not all that great.

Irving Morales

It's a very nice place to eat the food it's very tasty very nice 100%recommended

Cecilia Mayorga

Good service and so many options of mexican food to eat. It really is a mexican buffet. Its a bit pricey. All the food was very good except the chile rellenos. They tasted a bit burnt.

Christian Alfaro

Food is killer and all the staff are very friendly!!

Betty Oliver

One of my preferred locations for delicious mexican food. Arrived at six, it was not packed. I look forward to a return trip.

Salif Yoda

Service was great and the food was excellent. Awesome place for a family get together.

Manny G

Love this place... The food is delicious!

Zanna McNeil

Before travelling to Denver I looked up unique restaurants in the area: this was on quite a few lists. I've never run across a Mexican buffet in all my life so I really wanted to give it a go. When we arrived at 6pm on a Sunday it was a madhouse; only two free tables. This is down and dirty dining with little room to move around the buffet and even less room between tables. If you come solo they will seat you at a table with only singles, which isn't a bad thing, but not for everyone. Almost every seat was ripped and patched with tape. My cup was chipped, my fork bent and my Sprite flat. Even through all this, the food was yummy and I left satisfied. The price seemed a little on the high side (nearly $18 a person? -- I can pay less for much more at other buffets, but this is fairly unique.) If you don't mind the feel of eating in a run down cafeteria and like unlimited enchiladas, you'll do just fine here.

ab jimenez

Good place but to small and crowded

Cristian Segura

Eat all you can, delicious kind expensive

Juan Fragoso

A great variety of food. I recommend their aguachiles they're just amazing!

Mary charles

Me and my daughter spend time together and had a good lunch

Larissa Smith

They are lucky the got 2. Only reason is our waitress was sweet. $42.00 for 2 people. 2 Pepsi's 2 regular buffet's. And a to go box $ 7.99 a pound. Our 1 to go box was $21.04. Are you serious? Your food was ok. But it's not gold plated. My husband even said. "Casa Bonita would have been better. And I only like the Soap-a-pe-a's." There's no pricing out side. There's 1 price at the register says $16.99 for a buffet. So tax and sodas were $8.00. Never ever again. Should have my friend Lori's family go check them out. Some of her family runs Rosita's on Federal. Compared I'd give Rosita's 5 stars. And the food is way better and service. And you don't get treated differently because your white or black or green.

Black Rose

Food is great..hospitality is great.

Seoul Mob

Okay, so the food here is ridiculous. Like, if you're trying to decide whether or not to come here and you're serious about your fork and knife game, this is for you. There's a difference between food that is "made" and food that is "crafted", some serious thought and artistry went into their menu. The wait was about 15 minutes and it was worth it. The atmosphere is humble, the staff was kind and attentive, and the food was phenomenal. Seriously, I just left a few hours ago and I already miss it. Could eat here every day.

Jason Sánchez Cárdenas

Good food, a home style taste.

Mike Hamilton

Great service! Great selection of food! And overall a very filling meal! Would suggest to people who love authentic Mexican food!

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