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REVIEWS OF Grouse Mountain Grill IN Colorado

Kim Gieseler

george garrity

George Grein

Aimee Gonzalez

The crispy duck rellette was amazing. Thanks to Dan and the staff for a wonderful dinner!

Rajiv Naidu

Service was excellent and staff was knowledgeable. However, we were disappointed with the food in general. Lobster Mascarpone had only a half an ounce of lobster at best and it was over powered by the giant fried chips it was served in between. The Lamb Shank was okay, but reminded us of an above average typical pot roast. Filets were over cooked and not seasoned well, but we are from Texas... Halibut was okay. Overall food was fair.

Josephine Weil

K. Cheng

Robert Tadlock

Arthur Penas

Great restaurant, must visit while in Beaver creek

Roy Meinhardt

Globe Trotter

Great service and food. Normal portions. Defenetly coming back.

Daniel Lin

(Review courtesy of my wife) Thanks to Yelp, my husband and I came here during a recent trip to Beaver Creek and I am so glad we did! We both got the 3-course prix fixe for $45. Let's start with my husband's dinner: Citrus Glazed Lamb Ribs - he loved them. Apparently, they were sweet, with a little kick, without masking the natural lamb flavor of the ribs. The only thing was that they were a little messy, but it's not like he needs to impress anyone anymore. Wagyu Beef New York Steak - This was good, but not as good as he was expecting. I had a small bite and thought it was very tender. Double Chocolate Macadamia Crunch Bar - At this point, my husband was so full he could only have a couple bites. He did say it was amazing though. Now on to my dinner: =) Lobster Mascarpone - absolutely divine. Huge tender chunks of lobster sandwiched between layers of fried gyoza skins. Not a fan of fried food, so I simply took those out, but the lobster is truly amazing. Pretzel Crusted Pork Chops - Now seeing as how it clearly says "pork chops", I shouldn't have been surprised when my plate came out with TWO... but, I still was. They were both huge pieces though and I ended up not being able to finish. The mashed potatoes, although an ordinary concept, were so creamy and delicious. The mustard and balsamic glaze they had went perfectly with the pork chops as well. The only thing is that the pretzel pieces could have been a little smaller. It was hard to cut through the pork chop with huge pieces of pretzel all over it, but it was still wonderful. Warn Rhubarb Crumb Cake - this is comfort food at its finest. I have always loved strawberry rhubarb anything, and so was very excited to see this on the menu. It did not disappoint, and even though I was full from the pork chops already, I scarfed this whole thing down. Service here was also fantastic. Attentive and friendly staff. Overall, a very enjoyable dining experience.

Robbie Cruikshank

David Perdue

world class!


Reserve - It is good - Beaver Creek lacks fresh vegetables with a dish and the chef's add to much salt. Octopus was too salty to enjoy. Osso Bucco needed a veggie to compliment the meat, NY Strip great - spinach"?"

Brett Mosley

Exceptional dining experience.

Robert Zulu

Simply amazing! Words cannot describe the flavors I was tasting. Completely worth the money. Staff was wonderful, as well as everything we ordered. If you cannot decide, get the salmon.

Landen Kostro

Nicole Frey

Very good food in an elegant setting with attentive service. Some of their more innovative dishes missed the mark for me personally, but others were outstanding.

Monika Harjo

Great food and view, waiter very attentive

Karina Moiseeva


Holy Schnikes! This place is expensive! Our bill for 2ppl was $350 - full disclosure we ordered a $100 bottle of wine but wow. The food was decent - honestly nothing to write home about. I could have cooked the same meal on my big green egg. Then the check came - $300 before tip....! If you’re going to spend that kind of coin - there is another restaurant very close by that is worth the price. It’s name rhymes with Zendido. (And about 10 others at half the price) Anyways - the atmosphere here is basic - like a 2001 diner basic. Nylon wrapped booth seats and all. The staff was decent - waiter was attentive. But I just find myself scratching my head as to why this meal was so expensive.

Patrick Sullivan

Absolutely amazing food and drink from start to finish! This was our first visit and will be back many more times.

Nathan B

Amy Arensberg

The service was fine but the food was either too sweet or too rich. The flavors were good, but after only a few bites we were done.

Marilyn Murray

Best of the best. Never miss a chance to dine here. Our favorite Beaver Creek restaurant.

Jilly Gossett

I recently had an opportunity to dine twice at GMG. The staff and my barman were outstanding. TonyG was fabulous. The food: meh to sad. I ordered fish & chips the first night. The fish was under seasoned, undercooked, tough and bland & the accompanying salad was soggy...twice. I did get two, sliced lengthwise in half fancy carrots that were tasty on the do-over dish. The bartender had insisted on a do-over. Bless his heart. Then he insisted on comping the dish. We bartered for another glass of wine and then insisted on a taste of a very nice sorbet. But let’s talk about the $29 breakfast buffet. It’s embarrassing. The eggs were tasteless, too-long-in-the-chafer and clearly from a large food service plastic bag; the French toast was inedible; the hash browns were ok; the bacon was perfect; the oatmeal was nice but gummy and the fruit was fresh. $29? I think not. The hotel front desk staff at The Pines was completely uninterested. This is not the Grouse Mountain Grille of years past. Sad. Disappointing.

Rick Bronstein

Always great food and service.

Ramon Vargas


TJ Seitenbach

One of the best meals I've eaten in my life, and certainly the best desert that I've ever had.

Carolyn Gunn

Everything was top notch, the absolute best. Fine dining at it's best.

Carol Leggett

Grouse mountain grill was a delight. My trout was excellent, my husband's steak was perfectly prepared. The service was excellent and our server even gave me the recipe for their red onion jam. Excellent!!

Olga Ortiz

C. Thomas Eisele

Probably the single best restaraunt in the state. Unique dishes, great cocktails and great service.

Brian Cosmano

Amanda McGee

Such an excellent dining experience.

Zane Blades

Katelyn Fanning

alon petersen

Ellie Ryden

My family of 4 went for dinner with my well behaved 5 and 7 year old kids. It was just ok. The filet was very good and so was the tater tot appetizer. My husband was not too impressed by the elk....I tried it and agreed it was ok. The famous chocolate chip cookie dessert was a joke and it cost $25...something wrapped and pulled from the freezer I think. For being known as an upscale restaurant, it really isnt compared to many places we have been. We are from Austin, Tx area and can generally get much better experiences for the same price. My general feel is that Beaver Creek is not the place to expect great food after trying several restaurants. Next time I would pack a yeti with as much cheaper food as I can for my hotel instead of spending so much on mediocre food.

Gary Bacon

justin barhite

Great staff!! Very clean,super friendly

Joel Leider

Randy Parker

Alberto Roditi

Great Spring Chef's Offer: 3 gourmet course dinner for $39 This is a really a High-End gourmet restaurant. The food couldn't be better and the service is completely professional but still friendly and the off-season prices are a steal.

Will Cohen

Mary Eisenstein

Total miss for us Hotel was hosting a wedding which bought out the restaurant. Did not tell us that upon booking the hotel and told us when we checked in that we could call the restaurant and get dinner--but couldn't eat there. Ok When we called to order dinnerthey said sorry you have to go into town we can't accommodate you. We have a four year old and schlepping her into town is a major inconvenience. We won't be back!

Juice Blare

Wonderful! Most definitely a wonderful place it was a great experience I would most definitely come back here again and again and again and I will invite people to come here because it is definitely worth the time and the service and just having people be Hands-On when you need them immediately it's just a great experience overall Bravo

David Hodges

jim rozak

Doug Moog

Drew Isaac

Gustavo Frances

do not waste your time. Bad service, limited menu, non-friendly staff. Left within 10 minutes of being seated. Drinks never offered, and no water.

Alison Rooney

Love this restaurant. Very inventive food and great staff. So cozy and welcoming. We loved our time there enjoying new flavors and combinations. Thanks for a super experience!

Lynn Lee

Wonderful food and service!

Jessica C

Exceptional service! Exceptional creme brûlée! Wonderful musician on Wednesdays through Saturdays. Must stop here!

jayson gonzales

flyboykg .

Excellent food, excellent waitstaff, excellent experience. Highly recommend!

Larry Crisco

Mountain pricey but delicious food!

Laryssa Kazmer

Mary Jane rogers

We chose Grouse Mountain Grille for our pre-Thanksgiving meal. It was a solid start - Red Onion Marmalade = awesome. But service peaked early and then tanked. Our daughter liked her steelhead entree, but ours were so so. And our server just seemed to avoid us, favoring tables near us but avoiding contact, despite our empty glasses. Was it my aversion to an overly rich pasta? We will never know, because we will never go back. Seriously so many other options.

Tejesh Bhaga

Just go here... I have no words other than this was the best food on our entire trip. The brussel sprouts are ridiculously amazing as are the tater tots. Short rib was 5 out of 5 stars, dessert of double bread pudding was demolished. The plates were cleaner than before it had food. For the price point this is way better alternative to the late Spagos restaurant.

Ryan W

Fantastic meal! The executive chef Bryan and pastry chef Kyle have a delicious menu with flawless execution.

Dan Saale

Dining on patio @ sunset was very nice. Food far exceeded expectations. Watching/listening to rain come over Beaver Creek was an unexpected pleasure.

Jules Langston

Sublime - Amazing tenderloin and smoked cocktails

Cris Montano

K Calhoun

Delicious. We travel all over the world, and I have to say the cornmeal crusted trout is on my list of all time favorite meals. The food was great and the service is that of expected at a ski resort and for the level of service you receive. They have a sommelier on staff as well, if wine is your thing.

Eric Mischel

Brittany Bridgewater

We went here for my partner’s birthday and the staff did a great job to keep his birthday surprise a secret. Our waitress was great and the food was incredible

John Awrylo

Dale Ellis

Keith Sherman

Patricia Reed

Love it!!!

Rob Kastens

Rachael Zehms

Beatrice Wong

The creativity and complimentary of the dishes are worth praising. The finish masterpiece is a bit on short side. Salad needs more dressing, especially with the dry crunching grains. There were only 3 tables on a Sat night and servers are chatting away amongst themselves. When asked a passing by server, what is BCRC Civic Assessment charge on the receipt, the answer was "I don't know, ask your server". For the five star price premium, five star service is expected.

Joseph Pryor

Great menu. Gracious staff. Knowledgeable sommelier. Superb experience.

Jeff Ferron

Dinner was wonderful! Great date anniversary dinner!

david cote

They are open through out the off season and now have their 3 for 39 special!!

Tyler Ruth

Wonderful, upscale eatery located within The Pines Lodge at Beaver Creek. The staff was top-notch and the food was even better! 1000% recommend you have a meal here during your stay at Beaver Creek!


Great food. Great experience. Try the roasted pineapple mojito. Service was excellent. I really like their 3 for 39$ special. I hope they keep that up through the off season.

Duane Moyer

Great food, elegant ambiance, attentive and intelligent service.

Lauren Pinheiro

Fantastic restaurant located on the river. During my week stay in Colorado, I dined here twice and once at their sister restaurant called Sweet Basil. Needless to say I preferred Grouse! The burger was excellent. I recommend sticking with medium though as medium rare was too much so. Also, the onion rings were the absolute best I have ever had and I can still remember their wonderful salad: candied pumpkin seeds, shaved fennel, key lime vinaigrette, etc. John was an excellent server. Do not pass up on this excellent place!

Kerry Smith

Lorin Chevalier

Had drinks and charcuterie outside on the patio in the sun. Very nice!

Vasiliki Tzavela

wanda smith


Barbara Patton

A friend and I were in Beaver Creek for a vacation for a few days. The restaurant was recommended to us so we decided to try it out. The food was delicious, the service was great, but we both could not hear each other talk to carry on a conversation. We both were very uncomfortable and we were beginning to get headaches. It ruined our experience. I would never go there again unless I was sitting out on the deck outside. It's a shame to go to a restaurant for a special evening and be disappointed by something like this. We couldn't wait to get out of there.

Richard Miller

Prices are high, but very good service was excellent

Taylor Converse

Quincy Hirt

UNBELIEVABLE!!! The food was exquisite, with diverse plates and flavors that blend perfectly together. The way the complimenting aspects of the dish flowed into the main meat was incredible and made for a delicious meal. Service was great and and all three courses had items that sounded good and tasted good.

David Werner

Alex Gayosso

Top Choice in every sense

Joshua Kendrick

While the food was superb, our server (Brian) was neither personable nor affable which I expect of an establishment of this caliber. Moreover he seemed inconvenienced by our inquires, especially about the ingredients to accommodate my mother's special dietary needs.

Greg Gardner 16


Steve Evans

Extremely customer focused...great food

Andrea Haring

We went to Beavercreek for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary And this made it much more special. The restaurant had a lot of windows on the back and it made it much more easier to see the amazing view! I'm 11 years old and I was the most amazed out of my whole entire family. The food was super good, we got the 3 course meal special and there was a wide verity of options to choose from. Whether you are 11 or 70 this needs to be on you bucket list of a place to go! Madison Haring, 11

T J Jenkins

Melissa Ford

Great food and great service. The short rib and steak were delicious. Nice combinations, tasty and fresh. Would recommend!

Jason Byrd

Bob Williams

Kirk Weems

Fantastic restaurant. Make sure to try the new tuna fish.

Zach Walker

Incredible experience!

Dustin Surran

Nice atmosphere great value. Do the 3 for 39 deal

elizabeth villaseñor

Jay Freeman

Jorge Shols

The best breakfast ever!

Ross Evangelista

My top choice for dinner during the week we stayed at Beaver Creek. Bread (and spreads), cocktails and appetizers all superb! Main courses were all yummy too. Mains could use a bit of modernizing (ours were quite saucy and heavy - but perhaps that’s more a function of their clientele). Try to get a table by the window if possible. Service was pleasant and casual. When we dined, there was a live piano player by the bar, too.

Freddy Mejia

Alice Brown

Scott Jahnke

Delicious. Went with the 3 for $39 deal (appetizer, main course, dessert). Very good.

Kristen Rehor

Grouse Mountain Grill truly has the best food in the valley! We held our wedding reception at The Pines Lodge, and Grouse Mountain Grill prepared and served the food. We chose truffled deviled eggs, bruschetta, and lobster mascarpone canapes for the passed hors d'oeuvres and people were flocking to the trays! The salad was delicious, crisp, and perfectly dressed with the popular Green Goddess dressing, and the house made breads and spreads were delightful as well. The beef tenderloin and crispy Colorado striped bass were absolute perfection, as were the buttermilk mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and roasted carrots. My only regret is not eating more! My guests continue to rave about the meal, and I can't even count how many people told me they wished they could eat my wedding food again! Nancy at the Grouse Mountain Grill is extremely detailed and organized, and if you give her a vision, she will see it through with the help of the incredible staff. Not only is the food pure culinary art, but the cocktails and wine selection are extensive, and I did not have one bad drink! I highly recommend a Pimm's Cup! Our wedding cake was also created by the new pastry chef at GMG, and it was scrumptious--aesthetically appealing and pleasing to the palette (we had 3 flavors, including chocolate, lemon berry, and carrot cake--all were a hit!). Everyone is in good hands at GMG, and we can't wait to dine there again this winter!

Kevin Kinney

Tonight G is the best.... great drink selection, apps and service! Very very beautiful ambience

Ky Christensen

Absolutely fantastic. The food was exceptional - I had the walleye and a salad that was picked from the garden that same day.

Tina Barroso

Everything was delicious. Nice service. I had the salmon with gnocchi and the chocolate tres leches. To die for! A bit loud, but was super busy working Spring break.

Matthew Jennerich

Great food, really good service, and great atmosphere. The table bread is really good as is the desert.

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