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REVIEWS OF Grand International Buffet IN Colorado

Janelle Mach

After reading the reviews, we thought we'd try it. It's.....ok. Not terrible, not great, just ok. My husband and I just got in to town from north central Utah, so we were hungry! This filled out bellies. Wouldn't go back.


Super good food for a great price! They also have sushi all you can eat but be sure to leave them a tip. Very friendly customer service too! I love going here!

Jessica Kemmerer

Sometimes the better is than others, always friendly and good service.


This place is disgusting. All the food I tried was over cooked or just bland. We went with our 2 kids and our bill was $60 not including tip. If you want good quality chinese food and a way better price, do not go here! The guy taking our plates was nice and refilled our drinks quickly, but I won't be back. Very poor quality food and way way to expensive.

Neil S

It's a good place but you can get "fried out" quickly. That said, ok salad bar to balance the fried foods. They have a variety of sushi as well as a Mongolian grill. Dinner was 31.00 for the wifey and I. Lunch is a bit cheaper. We certainly do not eat here often. For me, I get a hankering for Chinese food but dont want to be limited to just one dish. That's what I enjoy about this place. Be advised the prices go up on the weekend. This joint is a solid 2.5 stars.

Shaggy Dew

When you think buffets think about the grand international buffet it's so good

Abel cardenas

2 stars because no one in my family got sick from food poisoning. But the server was rude and aggressive. Food quality was what you would expect from an all you can eat buffet (not ideal). I will not be returning to this location.

Judith Taijeron

Our favorite Chinese restaurant hands down.. better than any one from Denver we have been to ... The owner always remember you and the staff is always sweet .

Leslie Spaysky

Alot better than a few years hrer weekly

Nicole Davis

One of the best chinese buffets ive been to in awhile. Very good. When we pulled up there were like 4 cats and 2 raccoons, seriously! When we left they were all gone completely.

Ashley Steinkamp

I would not call this place amazing, but wouldn't call it horrible. You almost have to time it just right to where you get fresh food. And I have noticed a change in the quality of food over the years. My last couple of visits, I have gotten shrimp that still had the sand/body waste vein in them. The wait staff only talked to us when it pertained to our drinks. I feel that I am an annoyance to them anytime I have to ask them for something.

Alfred Parker

Good meal with a senior discount

Teresa Cooper

Decent Chinese buffet. Large display of sushi but I haven't tried it-not my favorite thing. Very typical selection-some good-some just ok. Many options to choose from. Avoid the Friday and Saturday night buffet with seafood. Overpriced for what you get.

Daniel Gallegos

Typical buffet quality food. But always consistent and the staff are very nice and attentive.


Good food

remote admin

Really good food, nice atmosphere, fair price

Sarah Merkel

Burned my finger but didnt stop me from enjoying the yummy food.

Kassie Siemers

There was nothing out to eat.... they had two different types of meat and that was it.. no sea food.. the dessert??? Two separate cakes..salad?? Lettuce and dressing.. I could go on.. I gave them a 2 cause my bill was cheap!!! $29.00 for 3 people.. you get what u paid for.. sometimes..

randy estes

Disgusting. Dirty. Over crowded and bland food

Michael Smith

Best sushi buffet in the mountains

Frank Rivas

Great food and great friendly service.

Chris Durham

The food was cold on the buffet and they didn't even bother to do anything about it not even apologize for their own lack of workmanship will never go back there again


Its5 star very good food

Zachary Ari

Wide selection of foods, including sushi bar, desert bar, American foods, and lots of Chinese food. They also have crab legs and soft serve ice cream.

Kevin Farnsworth

Great place to eat good food and service

Mikayla Henson

Service was bad over crowded and a bit pricey, I went do Sunday sgain

Kris Polk

Good place. Decent variety

Helen Schoenfelder

Love getting to come here the whole family enjoys it

Krzysztof Rogalski

Place is always busy so the food is fresh and delicious. Good wine selection too.

Terry DeLay

Variety of foods. Very delicious

Eric Kirwan

Large selection of fresh food but nothing was over the top or outstanding, nothing was horrible either. Average buffet in my opinion. Oh more heavily slanted Asian food with selection of sushi as well. Dungeon crab legs.

Family Fun

Awesome staff, very nice fast to refill drinks, helpful, good food.

Whisper Ford

An amazing variety of chinese dishes and american dishes..along with sushi and seafood. All prepared very well and great friendly service!!Best buffet.

Ashlen Nottage

The Custard Buns are sooo yummy!!!

MrEtnavyguy .

This is my absolute favorite place to eat in town. Come on sunday for oysters on the half shell or any other day for all you can eat sushi and other buffet items. Very reasonably priced. You can get a to go box and pay per pound for a really good deal at 6 dollars a pound weekdays before 3pm.

Vince Itt

Talk about a buffet!!! This thing is pretty extreme, at least to me.... These guys cover a wide spectrum of choices from pizza to sushi and of course, the vast array of choices one has to decide on from the desert. They also serve beer, both domestic and imported. Good place to take the family, a date or to dine alone!

Pam Torres

Good food at reasonable prices!

Alberto Rey

I've gone there since they open and have never been disappointed. Best buffet in town. Jake and his staff are awesome.

Christy Peterson

Food had bad flavor couldn't even finish any of the food served

Lucy Nieto

Great food...good variety


Can you say U Don noodles with shiitake mushrooms, dim sum with red bean and dim sum with custard they had like four or five different kinds of dim sum

Colin Connor-O'Dell

Great food. Pretty expensive though. Most of the food is Asian but there are also much more options too

Valerie Clark

This was a Birthday Dinner for Oliver . He turned 18 today. The food was very good. If You go home Hungary it is your fault. This is Chinese all you can eat. You can eat multiple plates of food and dessert. Dinner is hot, and there is plenty of different booths and tables to be seated at. It was very clean and well lit. The employees were very helpful. And they serve the drinks right to your table. There is a fee for the drinks.

Kori Lankford

This place is amazing! Has everything I'd like, the atmosphere is amazing!!

crystal castillo

Love the food!


If you go after five the food is fresh. Senior prices. It's a buffet.

Tudor Bitca

Good food, always fresh, good prices

Duane Miller

No to bad but a little pricey. Food taste good but their wontons are over cooked. Place is clean and comfortable.

Jen Robles

Great place lunch M-sat $10 until 3;30

Randy Nelson

Good selection of Asian food!

Anthony Hatfield

Good food all you can eat and they also have a grill for customized food

Elizabeth C

Always love coming here!

Cynthia Ayala

It was ok for curving my hunger but overpriced for getting a dinner buffet and a hot tea. Food was ok for a buffet and hot tea was really nice especially for a cold colorado night. Recommended if you know how to eat a lot to get more bang for your buck. Also don't go past 8.15ish because they start cleaning and you just feel rushed.

Raymond Langstaff

Quick attention, decent food, buffet style good service

Leah C

I don’t think we like this restaurant anymore! We've been coming to this restaurant for years, and we've always thought that the waiters and managers there were very friendly, until today I realized that not everyone is friendly. We always give good tips and thank the restaurant for their service. But this time the front desk manager at the restaurant was really rude! Because my kid broke the plastic card on their dining table. And that's the kind of plastic decca the beverage company gives to the restaurant for free. We were warned that we would have to pay for the bad attitude, even we have made a apology to the waiter at the first moment. He's still a bully! And warn my husband that we need to pay for this free decca! Later, I went to tell him that we would like to pay for the damaged plastic card if they need. but I needed the compensation standard of the price of this thing. He gave me the name of open food and asked me to pay for it. Seriously, You call this broken plastic open food? When I told him to give me the actual price, I would pay, no matter how much! He couldn't give it to me, so he became angry and even accused us of being unqualified parents and that we were indulging our children to do this! My child is an autistic child. Most of the time, he is very nice boy, expect he doesn’t talk with anyone. but he has very little control over his own behavior. We are constantly educating him on how to control himself. For a normal child, it's easy to understand why he can't do it, but it's hard for him to understand why he can't. We've apologized and even suggested how to prevent this from happening if we go to dinner again. But the manager kept threatening me to promise the kid would never touch and broke anything again! He's just too aggressive, and although my kid has never broken anything other things except this poor plastic card. no restaurant can have such overbearing terms, okay? If your restaurant is not child-friendly, please post it directly on your door and tell everyone that families with children are not welcome to eat! I'm really disappointed ! Living town many years, I have never been so disappointed by a restaurant! I don't expect you to understand how difficult it is for parents of autistic children, just correct your attitude! We pay to eat, not to be blamed! I never want to see such a hateful person in my life! Otherwise, food served in good, waiters are nice.

Rebecca Newberry

Today I shared this resturant with friends they were amazed at the variety

curtis heuschkel

Great Service and Great Food

Judy Nielsen

These folks do a great spread.

Jessica Winkler

We were traveling on Thanksgiving and reluctantly settled in on Golden Corral.

charisse mcculley

Soooo good, huge selection and good price. Beautiful environment and fresh everything.

Stephanie Sagrillo

Good Food. Lots of choices. Would recomend.

Darlene gonzalez

The food was good until I seen all the cats hanging around the trash cans that just a question

Tana Hogan

I love going to eat here. There is an amazing variety of food and you are sure to find something that you want to eat. They have a ton of seafood and sushi, both are wonderful. Of course don't forget the vast variety of Asian food.


Good food but high prices.

JL Carrico

Fantastic food and great people.

Megan Collins

My sons love this place because they like the endless options. The price is decent too. But I don't find it to be as good as they do. There are only a few items I actually like...

Jett Girl

Got there before dinner rush & lots of food to choose from; including fresh sushi bar, pizza, ribs, hot wings, seafood, as well as lots of Asian food. Had crab legs but were over cooked & had been sitting too long. But lots of good food, good service (free drink refills & plate pickup). definitely worth going back for.

greyson wilkerson

Prices vary lol

Elmer Alvarez

The food was so good I couldn't even try half of what they had their

Cher England-Johns

There are tons of options that was why we went there. That is the only reason I'm giving it two stars. The food was okay, but it is extremely overpriced for the quality. The customer service was horrible.

nathan Frickel

Fresh food, great selection.

Becky BackBreakerr Utter

The food was good and has been everytime I've gone in there, but the last couple of times I leave and my stomach is all kinds of messed up. Not food poisoning, it just hurts and, tmi, I'll be on the toilet far longer than I'd like to be. Its gonna be a while before I go back.

Elizabeth Treharne

Best place like it ive been in a long time. Hot tea is great and foods a good price.

michelle clark

Excellent food

Daniel Walgren

Relatively inexpensive for a lot of food if you come before dinner prices

Shawn O

I've heard of this place MANY times from my mom and sister. So I was in town visiting them, and they took me here. The selection was Amazing. The food was Delicious. This place is up there with most of the expensive buffets in Las Vegas, but alot less expensive. I wish they had a buffet like this up in Fort Collins. I would be there every night. Definitely one of the reason to move to Grand Junction, if not the only reason to. Thanks for the DELICIOUSLY AMAZING food. I will be back EVERY time I'm in town.

Jason Gaskill

When this place first opened it was good, for a buffet. You have to take this place for what it is.....a cattle trough. Over the years they have been pretty consistent with their food, but lately it's taken a hit. The sushi here used to be fairly good. Now, its eat at your own risk!! There is still some decent dishes to be had here, but all in all I feel they are on the decline. The inside also needs a face lift. The carpet underneath is gross, it feels like your sitting at the original tables and chairs as well.

Raven R.

The food, for the most part, is ok (just try to keep an eye out and get your food as new food is brought out) the egg rolls aren't anything to speak of, but the lo mein is consistently good. There's always a pretty decent variety of items available (including pizza, mac & cheese, and a few other 'not Chinese' foods), sushi, salad bar, dessert bar, and such. It's by no means "fabulous", and dinner prices are a bit steep (understandable, being a buffet...LOTS of waste going on there) but it is better than some of the other Chinese restaurants in the area.

Tom Dennis

We go on Sunday afternoons with three families. Food is always fresh, oysters are exceptional, and lots of crab. What more could someone want. Service is always excellent and prompt.


Pleasant, attentive staff. Recommend

Jeannie Brown

A huge wonderful choice of food and they gave us a senior discount that we appreciated. No loud background music so we could have nice dinner conservation.

Emily C

It was great tasting food, nice environment for a buffet, clean with great and fast service the entire time. The sushi bar was neat and very delicious. Normally I wouldn't trust a buffet with sushi but they displayed and kept it fresh. Only thing with the thanksgiving spread was that the stuffing/dressing wasn't good in texture nor flavor. Overall I was pleased with my food and experience.

Cindy Long

Was good food. Atmosphere is quite somethings I didnt care for, but I'm picky

Adam Boswell

Unfortunately the worst Chinese buffet experience I've ever had. Not sure if it's like this all the time but chicken was very stringy and hard. Wantons were filled with old hard cream cheese and the coconut shrimp was gummy and flavorless.

Steve Attarian

We found the food to be very good and the service to be wonderful it was a good experience for a buffet lunch at Grand International Buffet. The sushi was very good and fresh also.

Cristine Peterson

Wonderful Buffets. It has a great selection of different foods for every one. Pluss desert is included. Well atmosphere you will be sure to enjoy..

nathan doll

They have a wide array of food to choose from. Classic American food all the way to Japanese cuisine. It is the best buffet in town. Good price for what you get to choose from. There is a huge sushi bar here. Top of the line for cheap sushi. The staff is awesome very friendly. Don't hesitate to pay them a visit.


Ok...the crab legs...YUMMY...and the customer service is good. It's clean and comfortable. Prices are very fair.

Terry Ayer

Pretty good for an all you can eat buffet!

Mackenzie Price

Good food, Great Staff my family and I are always well taken care of for a good price.

Renee Haskell

Awesome selection of fresh food!! This will be our family go to.

Antonio perez

Its a good place I really love the Crab Legs you guys should add tomato sauce to the Pizza.

tanya letamendi

Dined for one in the afternoon, great selection, nice staff, took care of my Chinese craving.

Tom Dennis

We go on Sunday afternoons with three families. Food is always fresh, oysters are exceptional, and lots of crab. What more could someone want. Service is always excellent and prompt.

Ryan Hoekstra

Don't do it, please for the love of all things holy you're better off eating from a dumpster.

Haydee Tapia

Delicious food and good prices , clean and comfortable Restaurant

Chelsea Lovejoy

Good is always fresh and delicious, the service is wonderful and everyone is so kind! Thank you International Buffet!

aubrey brown

Food wasnt as fresh as usual but still friendly faces and great price

Tom Schallrtf

Excellent buffet food for the price. Decent sushi, small selection of seafood. Decent salad bar, would definitely recommend if your feeding a family.

Alex Angel

Probably the best Asian food in town hands down. The staff is super attentive to their customers!

Ynnej Zenitram

Good food,great service. Best buffet in town!

zach williams

Always awesome food and service

Jonny Hedler

Food tasted old and over cooked and for the most part didn't have much flavor.


Expensive on sundays, they jack up the prices all day.

Petra Hoffman

Great food great service

Christy Fraire

Pretty good food and a wonderful fresh sushi bar!

Dean Herrera

Great service nice environment

Gail Jones

Something for everyone and the sushi and Mongolian grill amazingly delicious.

Jason Premo

Meh. Been there 3 times and its sub par chinese buffet


This is the best Chinese food I have ever had I will try to come back.

Darth Vaper

As far as Chinese Buffets go....this one is top notch!!

Tod Coumbe

I went in there and did not eat anything and was charged $12 for a sprite, he also tried to charge everyone at the table for drinks that nobody got

Joseph Ramirez

It was very good and I enjoyed that there was no football on thanks for the wonderful experience

Avallaun Novella

Always wonderful, fast service, clean and delicious

Craig Winkler

Came here for Thanksgiving dinner and was not expecting it to be so good. I skipped the American Thanksgiving dinner options and went for the sushi, dumplings and buns, all were great! I got a plate at the grill and it was also fantastic. Everything I tried was delicious.

Amber Montoya

The food was excellent, I only wish I could try everything, there are so many options here you would definitely need multiple trips to the resteraunt to try everything, and unfortunately we were only visiting for a day. My only complaint was that the staff was very unfriendly and the bathrooms needed better attention. Try the coconut shrimp it was the best I've ever had!

Leo Truscott

Great variety, sushi, reasonable

Ohio Outlaw

Great food. Okay customer service. Food is great. Worth a visit considering all the yummy food

BlackHeart Foxx

The food is always delicious and there are a ton of options. I love it here every time.

Maxwell Smith

Good food, fair pricing.

Tina Barnash

Awesome food, something for everyone here. Polite friendly staff, lots of seating space, and fun ambiance; I highly recommend it!

Raelyn Angel

Great food

Daniel Seibel

Went there for the crab legs. All you can eat. $33.00 for the two of us. The restaurant is clean.

Douglas Winter

Great food, excellent service, lots of variety from seafood to BBQ. Plus all the Asian inspired dishes as well

Jason Bermudez

Good food food service. Come if you want a variety for everyone and for picky eaters.

Matthew Berg

Not the best Buffett but it had it's ups. The dumplings are delicious.

Trinity Meyer

The food was great but when i asked for a drink they gave me a wrong drink and asked for another one but never got it but not to bad

Topo Gigio

These chefs of international dishes are some of the best. There was the largest selection of sushi they ever had been. They must monitor trays of sushi regularly to make certain each one will not lose its texure, its moisture and its softness. Remember to take that right amount of the wasabe paste and mix a slosh of soy sauce, stirring thoroughly, so that you can dip bites of sushi and meat in it. Select up your own veggies, herbs, and meats for your own Mongolian Grilled dish. I went vegan tonight. Lots of garlic and hot chilies! Some of us had one of each kind of soup. Only the hot and sour failed the taste test at our group. It was overwhelming with toouch corn starch, resulting in being way too thick and being tastless. "Except we couldn't taste anything sweet or anything sour!" Two guests said. "This was unusual"; said another one commented. "We come once every month two or three times or more, when we are in town." "This Chinese Restaurant beats out all others across the country."

Jarred Arnett

This place has good food and plenty of it the reaaon why their price is a little higher is because the offer sushi, crab, and shrimp in an all you can eat setting.



Tina Barnash

Awesome food, something for everyone here. Polite friendly staff, lots of seating space, and fun ambiance; I highly recommend it!

Stanley Klickner

Good blend of American and Chinese food options. Best sushi in town! Good prices for even better food, couldn't ask for more.

Crista Rubner

Good food friendly service

Linda Elliott

It's a great place to get all kinds of good food and I like the fact that you can eat all you want!!!! That's good for me since I am such

Edris Afzaly

Please stick to the fast food in the area if you are a visitor it is far better than eating at this place. Food tastes like left over which most likely it is because of the area and way pricey for a buffet.

Charrise Pierson

Love the food and the staff are awesome. Always good food. I am a regular.

Nathan Holton

Good selection of standard Asian buffet items.

Lupe Leon

I've been going my whole life and everyone and everything is amazing

Danielle Mcclaskey

I really like their grean beans. Today they had good raw oysters, i miss the cheese mussels. They had some there mussels, but it wasn't the same. Most of their staff isvery friendly. I really love the custard buns. Thwir the closet i have had to authentic for years. Great selection for a big late lunch early dinner.

Nate Sallans

Food was good and fairly large selection. The only flaw was the inability to get refills of water. Will visit again.

Michelle Hill

A little okay a lot over priced

Cody Stone

Great sushi!! Great for dinner with the whole family!

d s

It was too expensive for the quality of food served... Went in on a Sunday, about 40 bucks for the two of us for food that was truly mediocre-at-best...

El P

Loved the crab legs, but had to wait like 45 mins for a cracker so just used my fork.

Amber Abeyta

Best coconut shrimp. Food is hot and fresh.

Darwin Sales

Loved the varieties of Asian food offered. Had a sumptuous lunch with my friends. Will definitely recommend it.

Christina Hansen

Large selection, hot food, very friendly service. Very good and reasonable priced.

Richard Weidman

Good food, good variety, quick in n out, good customer service and decent prices!!!

Roger Arnspiger

I've always enjoyed dinning at Grand International Buffet. The food is good and the staff is helpful and pleasant.

george sansky

I eat here every time i am in grand junction, always great food and large selection

Enzo Salerno

Great staff and amazing food. Clean and affordable

JoeMan Can

Great food, Wide variety, great service, nice atmosphere.

Kym Forsythe

It was good last time i went, not so good this time.

April Barela

Love your food. Best time to go here is around 6 or 7

Dobia Wright

Look i ate dinner just minutes ago ive paid dam near 100.00 dollars for very sub par food how ever thier was a siver lining to this bad review. The staff was friendly and perhaps some of the nicest folk in this industry. But the food was garbage and three of the 6 whom ate with me has had been low grade ill seace .. Over priced and underwelming tased..

Richard Bingham

It's ok, the ribs are good if nothing else

Allen Montague

Love the crab legs!

Angela Stubbs

It's okay as far as chinese buffet goes. Not my favorite but I would eat there again.

Brittany Olson

Love this place at lunch time!

highoutput bob

By far the best in town

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