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250 3rd Ave, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

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REVIEWS OF Georgia Boys BBQ - Longmont IN Colorado

Kara Brown

Cool casual set up where you order up front then find a seat in the main area. Service was pretty quick, and quick to resolve the minor confusion with my order. BBQ was solid! Had the ribs and pulled pork and boyfriend got double brisket. All were equally yummy.

Grizz Man

Our relatives took us here to eat. Fantastic BBQ. I believe it is a local area BBQ establishment. They're burnt ends are great. Highly recommend

Alejandro Meza

Awesome food. Brisket Fries are a must!

Dave P

All the reviews were positive, but our experience was just okay. Not nearly as good as I had anticipated based on the online hype.

Gloria Evelyn

Georgia Boys BBQ - Longmont! this restaurant is making its own name to the top of the line. You can smile the smoky bbq from the parking lot, and that makes me feel hungry. The Beef brisket is fresh, delicuois, every bite are melting in my mouth, and with the side dish. Very excellent food and service, try and visit Georgia Boys BBQ - Longmont.

Sharon Morgen

♿♿♿♿♿ NO HANDICAP PARKING POSTED NO STEP FREE ACCESS NO RAMP ACCESS PATIO GATE TOO NARROW for standard or bariatric chair access. We did not wish to eat in our vehilce this time so we have no idea if it's good or not. We have heard great things tho. :-(

Judy Rogers

Great food, pretty fast service for a busy fathers day.

Lisa Isaman

Brisket had GREAT flavor, a little dry for me... ribs and chicken were AMAZING.... and this displaced Southern Girl could bathe in that sweet tea!

Shon Romines

WOW! I stopped by because I was in Longmont for work and this place was better than any place in Denver. Great sauces (not just 2 sauces), great food and service. I will be coming back!

Ruth Skaggs

Great food. The Ruben sandwich is fantastic.

Lonestar Kidd

This place has very good BBQ. definitely the best I have had since leaving my home state of Texas. Good job Matt!

Allen Grant

I travel all over the United States on a constant basis. I regularly eat at BBQ restaurants all over and this ranks among the Best!

Nichole Martinez

Yummy food. The sides were a bit salty but overall solid bbq restaurant.

William Richardson

Pulled pork and sausages are worth the trip just to enjoy

Anthony Fox

I heard a lot of stories about this place.. and every one of them was true..

Elsesshin Haran

Would not recommend any other barbecue joint except from Georgia Boys in Colorado make sure you get there early because the burnt ends and a half a chicken run out quick great bar friendly atmosphere for family and couples totally recommend as a dessert bread pudding it is outrageous ribs are great pulled pork is great I can't say enough about this place go there at least once a week love it

Neil Franzen

Burnt ends lunch plate was perfect... Mac and cheese side was smooth and creamy, and cilantro-lime slaw a good meal companion. The sweet heat and ghost pepper sauces were very good. Nice patio setup for eating outside. Disappointingly, one party member somehow didn't get ordered food as the ordering didn't make it to the kitchen. The restaurant apologized, refunded the order, and brought some alternatives.

Ty Diaz

Great food, fast service and easy to order. They hit all the marks in every aspect. Probably the best bbq place in the Longmont area.

Chad Isaman

Great BBQ. Saw this place on TV and decided to drive an hour north to try it out. NOT disappointed at all! Ribs and the sweet tea were legit!

Mariah Medrano

First time eating at the georgia boys in Longmont. All I can say is wow. I'm hooked. Not only did we get our food quick... it was delicious. I will highly recommend this place to everyone I know!

Kaelen B

Friendly staff excellent food with fair prices. Order the St. Louis style ribs and tell them I sent you. They’ll have no idea what your talking about.

Liona Fan Chiang

Brisket was good. Cilantro Cole slaw was flavorful and spicy. Pulled pork with mop sauce was perfect.

Dee Dee M

My first time here. You walk in the door and order at the counter. You get a number and choose a table and someone brings your food and drinks to your table. We ordered a sample platter that had chicken, sausages, ribs and beef, you choose 2 sides that come with the platter. We ordered corn bread and chipotle slaw. We added extra potato salad and macaroni and cheese. We ordered chocolate milk for kids, a sweet tea and beer. The food came out immediately to our surprise. After receiving our food, nobody came by to check on us or offer anything at all. The food was all cold. If it were warm it would have been better. There are many sauces to choose from to dip your meat in, they were also very good. The sides were ok, a bit disappointed with the mac and cheese. Was mushy and not much flavor. Really cute restaurant, has great potential but the lack of service and cold food ruined it for me. We had left a small tip when we paid for our food at the front counter but we didn't realize that was for our table service as well so we left another small tip at the table. I don't know if that's why we didn't receive service or what was supposed to happen, a bit confusing and awkward. There is a self service drink station and a bar, a reading nook and front patio. My husband loves barbecue, he might be back with his MC, but once was enough for me.

Chris Smiley

Amazing BBQ! The ribs are the best and most tender that I have ever had. The pulled pork and brisket were also excellent. The bartender Zach was attentive and very friendly.

Martine N. Michel

Excellent barbecue and wonderful staff...

Richard Flynn

Best BBQ in Longmont! The food is delicious, many varieties of sauce to try, great beer selection, fun and friendly staff, and the owners are nice. Very nice atmosphere and vibe. We love it!


I'm not a huge BBQ fan but this place rocks. The food is great but the people there really make it. The bartender that's been there each time I dined was super personable, attentive, and knowledgable about the food. Someone in management (I assume) gave me a sample of their delicious stew out of the blue and now I get it often. It's always a great experience here at the food is a bonus :) also their later happy hour is awesome. The portions are very generous and prices very low. Highly recommend.


Great place for BBQ service was great, people were friendly, and most importantly the food was good!

Adrian Lewis

Great southern style food. Good price. Good new location. Miss the shack tho.

Rick Mann

Great selection of different bbq's, reasonable prices. Love the fried okra...

John Kane

Nice outside patio, great food

Aron Baczoni

Best BBQ place, period. Their pulled pork is the best.

Carol Spink

The best bbq ever!

Garrett Lay

Based on it's high ratings I figured it'd be great. It was mediocre at best and I feel 3 stars is being very generous. Ribs were poor quality meat and cooked like fastfood gas station bbq, brisket was dry and tough, chicken was average. I lived in Austin for several years and I know what 4-5 star BBQ is, and it's not Georgia boys.

Caleb Lively

Visiting from Georgia, I wondered if this would just be a restaurant pretending to be Southern style, but the owners really are from Georgia, and it shows all through your experience. I was delighted to find sweet tea at the beverage station! Every employee I interacted with was beyond friendly. I ordered at the counter, and my food almost beat me to my table! The decor and atmosphere reminded me of the south. The food was so good! Plenty of sauces to choose from, and my platter almost had more food than I could eat.

Bunny Rabbit

Food was fabulous, we got the burnt ends and the ribs with some sides. Service was pretty good too. My only complaint was that the burnt ends came with less meat than I was expecting. Not sure if I missed the serving size in the description, I just was a bit disappointed. Not enough to take off a star though, they were delicious :)

NE Damm

A recommendation to try out some GA Boys BBQ ... and so I did. Tried half pound of brisket (lean) and half pound of turkey breast with original BBQ sauce and BBQ sauce with heat. The turkey was soooo moist!! Didn't need any sauce, and yet was quite tasty with both BBQ sauces. The lean brisket was also moist and served up well with either sauce. Zero fat. The spicey BBQ sauce added heat, but not 'mouth on fire' heat. Worth a try ... a tad on the $$ side.

Isaa Rose

There are many pros to this place, Friendly staff, amazing food, good decoration and drink choices. Great southern atmosphere, with bbq in the air. The only con being cramped parking spaces. Being an authentic Barbecue joint, the price for 3 people (salad and 2 person meal was around $58 total).

James Smith

Enjoyed my lunch at Georgia Boys BBQ. Ordered the brisket sandwich, which was tasty and enjoyable to eat. Holding back one star for the portion size. The amount of meat on my sandwich wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger.


Great place in Colorado for bbq. Their beer selection is better than most. Bart keeps the food top notch. Definitely check it out.

Matthew LeCompte

Absolutely top. Must go-to for great food! Wonderful staff and service. Wondering what something is on the menu? "It's awesome." You're going to love going here.

Elizabeth Campbell

If you are looking for gluten free friendly be warned not all the items on there menu that say gluten free actually are. Upon requesting the French fries which are labeled gluten free, after we informed the staff that i have an allergy they said then I can't have the fries because they are cooked in the same fryer as everything else (battered artichokes ect) which is deceptive and could be very dangerous for someone with an allergy. I understand cross contamination could happen in any kitchen but claiming something is gluten free after it's been put in the same fryer as wheat is not cool. All in all it was a bad experience. My husband and I visited for the first time and upon walking in at 6:30 on a Friday night no one was at the register. We waited for a good 5 minutes before the servers stopped talking around the soda machine. It was our first time and we didnt understand how ordering went and the server was very rude (blond wearing a tie dye shirt I dont remember her name) then menu was very confusing and when we tried to oder the waitress rolled her eye at us when we told her that they shouldn't label gluten free on something fried in the same frier as wheat. I was really disappointed all in all with our experience and pretty every other restaurant will tell you their fries aren't gluten free if they use the same fryer...

Elaine Moorhouse

It's hard to find good BBQ in Colorado. This is good. Great house made sauce, and a variety. Had a salad with smoked turkey. Loved it. My husband loved his plate with pulled pork and chicken. We liked the mop sauce enough to buy a jar to take home. We'll be back.

Brad Foust

Tried the burnt ends, the lean brisket, and the pulled pork. Burnt ends were the best, pulled pork was good and the lean brisket was average. All the employees I talked with were very friendly. Prices are a little high for what I got. Maybe getting a plate with sides is the better option. Wouldn't mind trying this place again.

Katie Rude

The BBQ is tasty! Amazing flavors -- 5 stars. I've been twice now, and both times they have been out of something crucial like brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken. I had to resort to turkey, which was delish, but not why I came to the BBQ restaurant. If you're making fresh good food, you're bound to run out. Make sure to go early to get the best that the menu has to offer!

mikkey barnett

Best bbq I've had in CO yet! Thanks Georgia Boys!

Katie Hultman

The food is great but they tend to run out of the best stuff so get there early! This particular restaurant is set up where you order and then go find a table and it gets pretty loud between the crowd and the music.

Justin Williams

I would say best bbq I have had in Colorado. Meats are juicy not over cooked they know how to cook bbq here ! Oh and the sauces are so good


Great sauces. Absolute A+ for the variety and quality of different bbq sauce. The mustard sauce was amazing on the pulled chicken and the sweet heat was great on the brisket. I had the baked beans and cilantro lime slaw as my sides and both were amazing. Prices were great and the beer selection was very good. The staff was nice and the place was clean and had great atmosphere. I would go here again for sure.

Henry C

Food and service was absolutely horrible. Save your money people and drive to Frederick if you really want to experience Georgia boys BBQ. We showed up on a Saturday night and the hostess and waitresses were appalled that we wanted to order food. I ordered the brisket plate and it showed up cold and not tender and juicy like I expected from past experiences at the Frederick location. My fries were in a small cup. Like I said before if you see this place in Longmont just save your money and go to Frederick. The service and the food are worth the drive. So disappointed.

Rylee Stephenson

Yeet and i oop sksksk

Brittany Johnson

Was a weird experience. Walked in and didn't realize that you ordered at front desk than seated yourself. Ladies at front desk carried on with their conversation for almost 5 minutes before we asked if we sat ourselves... The location in Frederick is much more accommodating.

Jon Stanoff-Webb

Great food, great people, great atmosphere a nice smooth kind of sweet BBQ with a hint craft Brews dance through the air inside. Makes for a pretty good lunch or dinner date spot, lots of really good sandwich options along some nice hefty tasty meals and salad's

Steve Neppl

Good food great price!

Chad Carter

Good BBQ. Good - not great - buffet, and expensive for the offerings. Need to add toast and better dessert

Wayne Montle

Best BBQ in Colorado! Burnt ends and baked beans are top of the list.

Kambiz Motamedi

In short, Tasty, good service, nice environment, clean!

avi robers

I love that the food is excellent The people are really nice

Irv Stern

Amazing! I do recommend to get the fattier brisket choice though as the lean is a tad dry yet quite flavorful.

CC Dodge

We loved this place! Probably the best fries I have ever had. Everything was delicious!

Christy Megalo

As a former Texan, this is my happy place in Colorado. Reminds me of home, and is better than many bbq places I have been to over the years. I am on a mission to try every one of their sandwiches since each one I get is absolutely delicious.

Anastasia Aday

The bbq was so good I forgot to take a photo! I'll be back for sure.

Johnny Throckmorton

Great sauce. The pulled pork was some of the best I have ever tried. I will go back every chance I get.

Pia Gerstle

The best ribs I've ever eaten!

Michelle Petit

Dick's! Every one is their sauces was fantastic, as well, as before a good BBQ joint. Now that the appetizers are sufficient up actually feed a person or two all by themselves, and I would rather the cornbread had no sugar in it, but I expect that's a concession to more northern palates. All in all, very good and I'd highly recommend.

Buzz Feldman

Genuine southern BBQ. Best tasting in Northern Colorado! You won't believe how good the BBQ beans are!

Karrie Meacham

The food here was AMAZING, definitely worth going to!

Lyle Wegner

Really good BBQ. Go early as the favorites sometimes sell out before the end ofvtge say.

Paul Ice

Great place for lunch. Get there a little early though to beat the rush.

Tommy Lightfoot

Really good, especially their sauces, but ultimately I think a bit pricey for what you get. Edit: Price judgement was made based on comparing quality per dollar against other BBQ joints that I frequent. I still think Georgia Boys BBQ is quite good, and worth the price, but Wayne's for example, has just as good (and better in my opinion in the case of their moist brisket) BBQ but I can walk into Wayne's and spend $8-10 and leave full and happy, where any time I go to Georgia Boys, I spend at least twice that much, or in the case of my most recent visit 4x that much. To clarify, it's really that, the way that Wayne's pricing works allows me to be much more granular about what I actually want to buy. I don't want Texas toast, and I don't need two sides, and I don't want to have to buy 6-8oz of brisket at a time. I'd love to just get like 3-4oz brisket and some Mac and cheese and not have to drop $15-20 (after tip) That being said, when I have money to burn, I still like to go to Georgia Boys because so many of my friends like it so much and it's good being able to meet up with people.

Brian Faulkner

GREAT BBQ - Sometimes runs out of popular items later in the day so get there early.

frank roman

I was told about this restaurant by a friend that lives in the area. I normally wouldn't make this drive from Denver, but this was a real treat. The wonderful smokey smell greets you from the parking lot. Upon entering the building, there were many people waiting to place an order. Within minutes, we were told that certain items were all ready sold out. Mind you, it was around 6pm. This was an inconvenience, but told me that the food must be good. My wife found 3 seats at the bar, which we found out, we could order anything from the menu there. My buddy an I ordered the ribs and my wife a chicken salad. The ribs were delicious with many delicious sauces to cover the well smoke ribs. They had a wide variety of craft brews, whiskeys, and other adult beverages to wash all of that goodness down. When in Longmont, I will be visiting again. This place is a gem!

Rhett Dooley

Mmmmm so tasty. Love the brisket

Tim Strunk

Awesome! Great service, good BBQ, and cold beer! We'll definitely be back!

Sidro D

Different seating style resturant that usual, order up front and fcfs. Really good sandwiches and sauces available. I really liked the mustard sauce. Really cool atmosphere and happy staff, served my family and I a great dinner tonight. Will return :)

Noah Yetter

Amazing burnt ends, great cornbread too


Let me just say that I've traveled to every southern state in the US, I've eaten at some awesome barbecue places in Mississippi, Tennessee (Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville), Kansas City Missouri, etc. Some of these were workd class places while others were in the Ghettos (that's where you get the BEST BBQ!). I must say that this place can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of them! Give them a try and you won't regret it OMHO. The service too was very friendly and fast! I will be frequenting this place.

Paul R. Hosburgh

You can get 2 half chickens in their 2 meat plate and 2 sides for about 15$. There is no bad choice here. All their meats are excellent. Best BBQ I have ever had and I am from the south east. Go figure I had to come to Colorado to find it. Oh! Don't pass up the burnt ends either. Bring home the leftovers and make the best tacos you will ever have!

Ron Rosenbury

Not exceptional food, better in Utah.

Philip Stier

Overall great BBQ with all the fixins, along with an awesome selection craft drinks. Mac and cheese is a bit soupy and the slaw is a bit too pickled, but those are semantics again to the awesome BBQ.

Kelly Bond

Waited until we had waited for a table, sat down, perused the menu, and ordered a round beer to tell us they were out of everything but turkey and sausage links. I get that you run out of stuff but make it clear to customers early on. We proceeded to order what we could... bartender (girl) forgot to put in our apps so they came after the meal but didn’t offer any concern. Whoops! Amazing food and nice people but a little confused about typical service etiquette.

Wee Zil

Love the food. They have BBQ for everyone from great salads to awesome ribs. Beer and booze seems expensive for Longmont. Just came back again. Mmmmmmm.....

Bernard Quisumbing

Georgia Boys BBQ - Longmont hooks it up big time and never disappoints!!!! my 41st Birthday celebration at Boulder Hyundai with catering from the G Boys in Longmont! Everyone was able to stuff themselves with amazing BBQ and we still have a ton of leftovers!!!! The pulled pork and pulled chicken is super juicy and I sure do love the gravy they use for the mashed potatoes! Everyone loves the ghost sauce, as well as the Mac and cheese!!! Ask for Paula in catering and she'll take great care of you! P.S. This is the THIRD year I've used them for my birthday lunch buffet!

Robert Martin

Went to Georgia Boys today, it was awsome. I'm from Kansas City, I know BBQ. The Only problem is I didnt come before today!! We got the $37 sampler platter and it would have fed 4 adults every meat we had which was a lot was smoked wonderfully! The people were nice the place was decorated nicely and was very clean.

Michelle Schultz

Georgia Boys catered my wedding two years ago. Best BBQ food I’ve ever had, sweetest team, super helpful along the way and VERY reasonably priced! Can’t recommend them enough!

Jonna Pedersen

Best. Barbecue. Ever. Hands down, in my opinion. I've never had better tasting brisket ANYwhere. Try this place!! :)

Colin Hodge

Great food, good beer selection, and sometimes there's great live music.

Jane Smith

First time. It was good. Not sure if 6pm is late for bbq but got the half sampler. Food and sides warmish to cool. Ribs are the best. Might come back for lunch.

Jay Del

Best barbecue in Longmont. Lunch, dinner, takeout, it's always awesome!

Thom Bellion

Two words: ghost sauce! The sandwiches are amazing...Yum

Jimmy Dean

Best smoked meat around. On the wall it says "I like pig butts and I can not lie". When I saw it I knew it was a great family restaurant. I live around the corner from it, but it's worth a drive. Off the chain.

Branden Campbell

Don’t eat here if you have food allergies! My wife has celiac disease and their menu says GF, how ever everything is cooked in one melting pot and is crossed contaminated which would send her to the E.R. They will not make any effort to prevent cross contamination. This was our first visit and were trying to figure out where we sit and who to give our orders to. We talked to two staff members, both ladies had attitudes and made us feel unwelcome there. This was all before we asked about GF cooking. Our personal preference is not having a live band. The band wasn’t bad, just not our cup of tea.


Burnt end brisket sandwich "smokehouse style" and loaded baked potato was top notch. I had it with sweef heat sauce, very good and not too hot!

Sean _

3 stars only because I have family in the south and am spoiled. The pulled pork here is excellent though. Everything else? Acceptable.

D Runn

Service was really slow.. but food was real good

Ernie Wintergerst

I often get the Turkey Ruben which is amazing. The corn bread and many of the other sides are out of this world. Service is usually spot on, super friendly folks. Keep up the good work!

Corey Strock

It was pretty good, but I was expecting more. We got some sandwiches and they were OK, but for the cost, they could have been bigger imo. The Beans were quite good.

Ray Burgio

Always the best. Try the burnt ends if you haven't before!

Rob Gillingham

Amazing food and atmosphere... Great job Georgia Boy's BBQ

Cindy H

Second time there, not super happy. Maybe I need to try the ribs...both people in our party who had the ribs were very happy. Two of us had brisket and it was pretty dry and kind of tough-not horrible, but not something I’ll order again. I’ve had it both times because it’s my favorite, both times disappointing.

Jonathan Cole

All I gotta say is to hell with anyone who does chopstyle bbq. This place does it proper. Stay moist my friends

Mike Gentry

A lot better than their old location in Longmont. But, great food as always. I'm editing my response to add a little more context. My recent visit to the new location was actually a business meeting with one of our Nordic subsidiaries. They were, as well as I was, very impressed with the new facility. And, of course, they found the food to be quite outstanding, some of the best smoked meat bbq around. Great job, Matt.

Clyde Stratton

If your ever in Longmont co this is the place to stop by and feest weather your alone or with your family friends or partner the food is so good youll die for another bite

Treezle 210

Great new location, and awesome eats

K Rhoadarmer

Most EXCELLENT BBQ I’ve EVER been to. Service was great!! Questions answered.

mandy leonard

good good good! Will not he disappointed.

Justin Bain

I love BBQ, all sorts of BBQ. Been to some amazing places in St. Louis, Memphis and Kansas City. Had some great Que down in Texas; even in upstate New York. Sad to say that Georgia Boys does not make the list of amazing BBQ joints. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was fine, but the actual Que was sub par. The brisket was dry and didn't have much flavor. The ribs were also a bit dry and without much meat on the bone. Again, lacking flavor. The pulled pork and turkey were decent. You could taste the smoke on both, but again both were on the dry side. The sauces were fine, but you just can't save dried out meat. I've seen the good reviews on here, and maybe I came in on an off night, but I can't help but be disappointed with the quality of the food.

Paul Willis

Great service and food!

Cary Bergeron

Probably one of the best BBQ restaurants in Northern Colorado. Awesome sauce selection and staff was great. Sunday is happy hour all day, how can you go wrong with that.


Great place. Barbecue was amazing atmosphere was good plus it's a small business. It is always great to support small local businesses.

Ann Schumann

We had the half sampler. It was enough for two adults and our 14 y.o. son. You order/pay at the front counter and than find a seat. The service was fast and the food was delicious. We will definatley come back.

Reed Hoppus

We chose Georgia Boys BBQ for our wedding caterer and they were perfect! We loved Georgia Boys! Definitely the best BBQ in Colorado, but beyond that it they took care of everything for us. We are so pleased with Georgia Boys and everything they did at our wedding. The set up, the tear down, and the service they provided was amazing. Planning a wedding is stressful, but working with Georgia Boys was not. If you are looking for some amazing BBQ that won't break your budget and will make your guests happy, look no further. I couldn't have asked for a better caterer for our wedding!

Joe Donlan

Good selection of craft beer, but the BBQ is way overpriced for what you get....and it aint near as good as momma's ol' fashioned cookin'!

Mark Santiago

Pricy but delicious. Wings are great dry.


I'm from the south and I love their food. They sometimes run out by the end of the day, but that's a testament to quality and demand.

Serena Groff

They have wonderful pork! Very much family atmosphere. Has a bar and tv's too

Sherry Blue

Meat was really good. The sides dishes need some work. We had the Bbq beans, potato salad, cilantro coleslaw and fries. The fries were a hit. There was no taste of tequila in my margarita either, bummer. Not Shorties Bbq

Will Ganley

Great bbq and great draft beers.... SOLD!

Jacob Wieczorek

Great food and good prices also great service

Jennifer Davis

Best bbq around. Service is always great.

Jeffrey Plona

Good bbq, high quality meats. Staff eager to please. Nice rustic charm. This place has a personality. The photo says it all. Men's room ladies room....... Utility closet.... not a bathroom.

Sarah Lindsay

Great food that makes you feel like you're back in the south. Portions are generous and there are a variety of sauce options to suit any palette. The sweet tea is good ol, diabetes inducing, true to home sweet tea... A+

L. Rimmele

I usually have a hard time justifying paying the price for BBQ. Georgia Boys is not one of these places. Really enjoyed the pulled pork, ribs and sides. Also pleased with their large variety of BBQ sauces, all of which were excellent.

Michael Wagoner

My wife really enjoyed the gluten free pork loaded baked potato. Many times baked potatoes are steamed and soggy, not at Georgia Boys!

Susan Abenilla-Brown

Good food, lots of choices but they do run out of items, which can be frustrating and disappointing. Staff is friendly, meat is fresh, restaurant is clean.

Desmon Turner

Talk about great food and atmosphere! Laid back place with a nice bar, we ordered at the front and sat at the long tables. I'm very particular about my BBQ being a prideful Missourian and I left this place full and with a smile. Ana was super friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go back and try their burnt ends

Trent Blakely

A little more expensive than I expected, but very yummy.

Valentine Avm

Food is overpriced and overhyped the only good thing is the barbecue sauce

Alex welling

Great in house made sauce, ribs we really good!

Jeff Johnson

Absolutely love this place. Definitely the best barbecue around. The staff is super friendly and it's a great place to get a drink on a Sunday afternoon. They also have a great patio!

John Griffis

great food and service

Hannah Moore

We’ve been here many times and always impressed by the food. Best potato salad and ribs I’ve ever had! No joke, so good. Oh and the saucesssss!

Kevin Hebert

Dog bowls were the best but a recent change was made by management such that a cornbread cannot be one of the three sides. Visualize a screaming 3yr having a tantrum. Yes, kicking, screaming, and tears. I am creating a White House petition to bring back the cornbread. Once 100,000 signatures are reached on the petition then you can expect a call. I am also calling my congressman, state reps, Seal team 6 and my mom. I would fear my mom more than the others. Put back the cornbread side option with a dog bowl.

Jason Gruver

I have been to the best of the best barbecue in Memphis and Kansas city. This place ranks with the best! Ribs are awesome, burnt ends off the charts and sides were spot on. Do not let this one pass you by! I can't say enough to how authentic and great this place is. Seating inside and out for many people. The prices are a little higher than other bbq pits, but it is worth every penny.

Ryan House

Friendly staff and great food....the best cornbread I've ever had (I'm from FL so south-ish)

stu o

Best BBQ I've ever had. Hands down. The regional representation of the different sauces is fantastic as well. The only down side in my opinion is the front of house staff can be a little rude sometimes. Whatever.

Keith Ryen

Great food, good prices

Deena T

The food was amazing!!! this was our first time coming here and wont be our last! The service was fine and our food came out very fast and was extremely tasty and tender! :)

Chris Carveth

Great BBQ! I had a plate with pulled pork, burnt ends, ribs, baked beans and coleslaw. It was delicious!

Mason Meyer

Love the food here, and we've been coming since the old days at The Shack. However, we've noticed a steep decline in service over our last few visits. Today we decided we have had enough. While patiently waiting in line to have our order taken, we observed a man in front of us and his young daughter accused of cutting in the line by a waitress. There was only one person taking orders and he simply thought the waitress was there to help take orders as well. She told him "I'm not here to take any orders, and by the way you just cut in line." I was blown away by the way he was treated. This isn't a new trend. The wait staff seem to have no motivation. And the only guy taking orders just walks away while the line was 4-5 parties deep. We turned around and walked out. The food is good, but their staff does not deliver on southern hospitality.

Elizabeth Warfield

No one was there to greet us, we wait for quite a while. I finally had to go to the bar to get someone to pay attention to us and find out that they were out of everything except ribs. We left and won't be back. We'll make the drive to Frederick next time, it's much better out there.

Abigail Jones

The food is delicious! They do run out so make sure you get there in enough time to get what you want! And the peach cider is amazing. Definitely will go again!

Jason Amato

Great BBQ. Rightfully has a reputation in Longmont as a go to place.

Aylisha Stodola

Good food great service lunch line moves fast

Adrian Ramirez

Food is great, and you don't have to leave a tip, since there really isn't a waiter. Sort of a mix between fast food and a restaurant. Food is restaurant quality though

rhea hoops

The food is great. I don't like that they don't take your order at the table or bus the tables.

Christopher Harris

The food was good, I look forward to returning.

Wally J

Good , fast and clean place, friendly staff

jacob ervin

Always awesome service & BBQ to die for. Don't ask for burnt ends though, they're all mine.

David Lee

Enjoyed the ribs, Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes at lunch. Expertly cooked ribs. The "mop sauce" at the table is a brilliant blend of acidity and pepper. Really impressive.

Javier Chavez

Has gone down hill , first time in new location, sad to see another once great place go down hill.. meat was dry and tasted old..

Adam Relayson

Solid. Not quite what their reputation suggests, but good food. I had the brisket. Turkey looked even better.

Rudy Peckman

The best BBQ in Colorado! It's a bit of a drive from Denver but well worth the trip. I highly recommend going!

Meriwether Power

First time at the new location, took 45 mins to get my pulled pork sandwich. Not sure what has happened hete

Petey Helm

So good! Great discovery! Will be back

Joshua Lazar

All I can say is that this place was amazing. The BBQ was some of the best I had and all of the sauces were very good.

Iheanyi Umez-Eronini

Since moving to this location, larger, new, the quality of food has gone down. Prior to the move, I ate at the Georgia Boys shack about once a week. This visit was only my third in about a year. Each time I've hoped things will have returned back to normal and each time disappointed. The sides are still good. It is nice that the drink selection has expanded. But the main draw, BBQ meat is still disappointing for those who are long time fans. Ribs are still not as tender or flavorful, brisket drier. I think the food is still good, but not yet worth the weekly trip. Maybe I'll come back a year from now...

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