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410 S 26th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States

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REVIEWS OF Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe IN Colorado

Kristen Maiorano

This places deserves 5 stars. The staff is incredibly friendly and the food is super delicious. Well prepared and thoughtful creative but not over the top dishes. My server was so sweet and friendly and gave great descriptions of the food items to help me make my selection. When I dropped my fork, she immediate brought me a new one without even asking. The shrimp & grits and the hubris rancheros were both incredible. Highly recommend. This place is fantastic

Sharon Lucas

Wow! This place is great! I got a bloody Mary and the avocado toast and they were made perfectly. The hostess Jade, Was very helpful since it was our first time there. Great customer service. I would highly recommend coming here. Donte was a great server.

Lavon Welch

We had such an enjoyable breakfast. The staff was what you would want. The food was really good (and that kind of compliment about good tastin' food doesn't come easy from a guy from New Orleans). It was a little crowded but my wife and I still were able to have good conversation. I definitely recommend it for breakfast.

Matthew Shattuck

Excellent food! Some restaurants are okay and some seem like their mediocre Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe is superb and a MUST go resturant if visiting Colorado Springs. The food was very nice and came out perfect. Although there was one instance where a meal came out wrong, but the server immediately fixed the problem. We loved that the outdoor area was dog friendly and one time sat in the rain outside just to eat the food. Take time out of your trip or everyday life to come here because you will not be disappointed. You probably will want to come back again!

stephanie Medina

Food was amazing! We will definitely recommend to others.

Phil Levine

There are wonderful surprises this is one.

Poke Mon

If u want ur food any time within the next decade don’t come here

Jennie Allen

This place is allllways so delicious! Friendly staff, vegan and vegetarian friendly. Soooo soooo yum!

Carl Backstrom

I think I got them on an off day on my first visit. Their machine was down so they cancelled all orders for soda. They were also super busy at lunch and there was no room in the parking lot. Food was also very slow. Side salad only consists of lettuce, dressing, and a few croutons (not uncommon). Otherwise, the food was good.

Melissa Vallejo

The staff is great, quick and friendly. The place is clean. The food is trying too hard. I ordered the blueberry lemon French toast. French toast it is not. It's is two slices of lemon blueberry cake. The syrup is cold and the coffee is not great. My husband did enjoy the mountain man hash but the toast we were served was the end of the loaf. Small and hard. The waitress saw this and brought us a new slice which was much better than the first. Why did the kitchen think the first slices were acceptable. Anyways, with the combination of meh food and their high prices, we won't be back. I think it's kind of a tourist trap. There are better places at half the price.

Jason P Cargill

This was our last day of vacation in Colorado Springs before heading to Denver for a few days, and wanted to get a nice breakfast. We passed this place a few times during the week and decided to give it a try. Boy were we not disappointed!. The service was wonderful. I ordered pancakes with a black berry-blood orange compote and they were so fluffy and yummy. I usually drown my pancakes in syrup, but I didn't need to after the first bite. My wife got the avocado toast and she said it was amazing. I don't remember out waitress' name, but she was awesome as well. Always smiling and making small talk with us. It made the meal that much better.

Deb Corder

Up front - we love this place. It's our #1 favorite place to have brunch on Sunday mornings. But it's gone downhill since it opened. Service has fallen off considerably. The food is still great but the Bloody Marys (our prime reason for going) have gone down in size (by half); gone up in price (by at least $5), and seemingly have no vodka. I know they use "The Real Dill" Bloody Mary mix (great company out of Denver). So why not drink at home? BUT let's talk about parking. It's always been a nightmare. But my chief complaint is that there is ONE handicapped parking space. My 82yo mother on oxygen and a walker had to park a block away and walk to the restaurant. I'm sure they are "in compliance" with ADA or the city code. But seriously - take out two spots and have 3 handicapped spots. The young crowd can walk the block to the restaurant. When I told the waitress, "you need more handicapped parking" - she gave me a "FU" grin and a mild "sorry". (see "Service"). Maybe it's time to give up GoGG and hit BonTon, Denver Biscuit Co, or Mountain Shadows Restaurant.

Holger Jacks

Great service, great food. A new favorite.


Have been here twice now and have mixed feelings. The first time was a couple of months ago and the food and service were both good. This is a relatively small place so it can get busy pretty quick. Came back this morning and had a completely different experience service-wise. It started when we arrived for breakfast around 915 on Sunday morning. We asked for a table for 3 and a high chair. We were told we'd need to wait for a table, even though the seating are was less than half full and there were plenty of waitstaff. We waited for about 10 minutes for a table to be put together. The hostess came to let us know that our table was ready, only to then realize that we really did mean three AND a highchair, and not three including a highchair as she'd assumed. That cost us about another 5 minutes of wait time for a table, placing us at about 15 minutes waiting for a table to be put together. Again, they were not busy. There were plenty of tables available to push together and plenty of waitstaff to take care of us. We were finally sat at two small tables that had been pushed together. This is where I began to get seriously frustrated. We sat at our table for at least six or seven minutes before the hostess came by with some water. I'm guessing that our waitress was out for a smoke, in the bathroom, or otherwise occupied and had no idea she'd been given another table. Once the waitress came by the service picked up and the experience was normal. The homemade jam was delicious! I'd give the service a single star and the food four stars. I'm rounding the average up and giving three stars total, which I feel is being kind. I should note that my wife loves this place. She would absolutely give it five stars, but she's got her own Yelp account and can knock that out if she wants.

B Eq

Great food, nice coffee bar, I get that I was there early, wish I could say more about the service.

Kelly Duncanson

I didn't visit the restaurant, but the bakery is DELISH and fairly priced

austin renfert

Creative but homey menu and vibes, large portions and reasonable prices. We will definitely be back!

James Hanschu

Two stars because the food is always great. However the hostess moves people up on the wait list ahead of others if she is pressured to do so. We waited an hour for a table and we were bumped twice so a family that arrived after us could be seated. Update: The manager and hostess went the extra mile to make up for the error. Definitely changed our stay.

Heather Pomeroy

This eatery offers some of the tastiest fare I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying, which is prepared & served by a very hospitable staff! Their market offers delicious dessert/pastry selections (including a killer thaw-and-serve house made tiramisu), as well as frozen soups, meals, & side dishes to take home--plus much more! I highly recommend both the market & the cafe -- just remember the cafe is a "daytime eatery" that closes at 3:00 pm, so that you don't miss out on a wonderful dining experience!

Katherine Blum

Everything here is delicious! It all tastes very fresh. The staff is great as well. Always an excellent meal!

Joe Gallaher

Upper market spot to eat, but fresh quality products that are prepared with care. Worth a visit if in the area.

Emily Beer

The people who work here are wonderful and so kind, and the food and market are incredible. Thank you for the lovely experience, you've stolen a piece of my heart!

Christy Fopma

Delicious options, fresh and creative, great service. It’s pleasant to eat here. The only issue is how loud it is when it’s busy, and it’s always busy because the food is so DANG GOOD.

Cynthia Costanza

Food had top quality ingredients. It was good. Atmosphere was way too noisy. They need to put in some sound absorbing products in their large eating area.

Justin Bartholomew

Our family checked this place out after a morning hike. The food here is too notch. We all tried each other's food and we're very happy. I highly recommend this place for breakfast and I am excited to come back and try what they have for lunch. Great service and atmosphere as well. The little store attached is also great, we got some items from the bakery and they were super good. If you go here you will have a great time.

Dominic Bono

Amazing food and an eclectic but not daunting menu even for picky eaters. They also made the best Chai latte I've ever had. Get there early, there *will* be a line

Juan Bell

Had a great experience eating here! Dante was our server and he was very attentive and polite! Food was delicious would definitely recommend the shrimp and grits. Well prepared well seasoned not to spicy and the bacon on the shrimp definitely complimented the entire dish!

Ava Whitmore

So yum! Our waitress wasn't the best, she forgot our soup we ordered. But the food is so great and I enjoyed the atmosphere!

Julie Jones

Excellent location for quality Cafe food. Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. I had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here. This place has a nice feel to it. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I liked.

Dustin Pirtle

The food in the cafe was so good! However, my waitress forgot about me twice. I know because she told me so.

Chris O'Connor

Best food I had during my weeks stay in Colorado Springs. Highly recommended for brunch.


The Flavor was Perfect on my Burger

Amy Crocker

Friendly service and fresh food! A great find.

Daniela Fawcett

The food was delicious a little pricey. It’s a wonderful brunch place they serve breakfast all day. It has the farm to table concept. The breakfast plates were small and I left hungry, but like I mention before I have a large appetite.

Cheree Frederick

Such a wonderful brunch/lunch spot! The decor and atmosphere are beautiful, the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, and the food is exceptional! They have a wide variety of unique options and everything I've tried there has been wonderful!

Griffin 3

Fairly good food, good variety, served in a pretentious atmosphere. The New Yorker (a Reuben) was actually spectacular, and the custom-seasoned fries were amazing. The special sauce that came with the sandwich was a perfect accompaniment to everything at the table: spicy yet creamy. The breakfasts ordered by my business mates were both generous and tasty, but $80 for three breakfasts, drinks and an appetizer seemed on the pricy side, taking advantage of the tourists.


Amazing brunch selections, hence why it's very popular during brunch time. I had the huevos rancheros with pork green chile and it was delicious. The banana bread toast was also scrumptious.

Don Rocco

Awsome food, expensive breakfast drinks totally worth it.

Victoria Thomas

Go early on a Saturday & just enjoy the food & ambiance. Y’all. If you’re looking for responsibly sourced & perfectly prepared Southern hits, you gotta hit up GG! For starters, the grits!!!! They are fabulous! And the buttermilk biscuit is the best in town. Eggs taste delicious & are perfectly cooked. Ordered sunny side up and they came out perfectly sunny side up. Can’t wait to come back & try a pimento cheese sandwich! Lots of other non-Southern things on the menu but it’s always nice to see Southern food done well outside the region. ❤️

Dane Bressert

Excellent experience. Brock was an incredible server. He really made it a fun breakfast experience for my wife and I. The food was delicious and prompt. The mimosa carafe was insanely delicious. Can’t recommend the lavender/gin concoction enough.

Joy COSnative

Always love this place! The food is so good. Service is great. We're still enjoying homemade flour tortillas chips from the market!

Kaleb M

Extremely good breakfast. Wait staff is nice and restaurant is clean. The inside is modern and very ambient. The food is extremely good. You can tell the ingredients are fresh and each dish is made to the chefs best ability. I have never bought anything from the market but everything looks good.

Julie Margaret

Absolutely amazing menu! The food is top notch! Don't feel like cooking or perhaps you're needing a dish to take to a dinner? The Market is wonderful. Grab and go! Macaroni and Cheese is the BEST my family has ever experienced! Great gifts too... Hot sauces. Cakes. French pastries. Exotic cheeses. Designer pickles. Etc, etc. Must try!!!

Moses Baik

High quality breakfast!! I had green juice and breakfast salad with coffee. It was so great. The staffs are friendly and kind. I like the interiors.

Jon Dale

Get the curry salad. And try one of their drinks. A bartender who actually cares about her craft!

Krystal Dawson

Hands down, some of the best food I have ever tasted. I had the shrimp and grits and avocado toast. Portion size were huge, and big enough to share. Can't wait to go back.

Rebecca Sanchez

Superb service thanks to Fletcher!! Delicious food and drinks!

Mikki Gates

Bothered by the way we were just treated trying to purchase a cake for my grandmother's 88th birthday. First, we stood with flowers in our hands while the two employees ignored us to talk about their tips, then when they finally acknowledged us we were greeted with a slap on the counter (I assume indicating that I should set the flowers down). I said, "We'd actually like to purchase a whole cake as well" and was immediately given a grimace and rude response of looking around me at the cake counter. The cake we wanted in the counter had slices taken out of it, so the grimace was because it wasn't whole, I again assume. I said, "We weren't sure if there were whole cakes someplace else". One employee was kind enough to say I'll go check in the back, yet the other (and obviously more senior employee) stopped her and had her look in just one spot. "Nope, sorry..." was the response we received. Not, "Is there another cake you'd like?" or anything resembling customer service. I totally get it - talking about your tip out is way more important than helping customers. Welp, you just lost at least $60 in sales - might not seem like much, but if your employees keep treating people this way it will definitely add up.

Brandon Vess

I was making a delivery there and the employees were very nice and even gave me two delicious brownies that I was going to buy and their prices are very good too


We have zero complaints about this establishment. We enjoyed everything from the wonderful service, fresh ingredients, fabulous decor, and military discount. I ordered the Market Benedict (huge helping), and my wife ordered the Pumpkin Bread French Toast (highly recommended). Check it out!

Bernadette Lusczek

Nice variety of selections and the to go freezer cases and the shop have some delicious items to choose from

John Sese

I highly recommend this place!! We were visiting from Seattle and just googled this place because we were going to Garden of the Gods. The ambiance of the place was cozy and clean. Service was prompt and the servers were friendly especially Andreis. Servings were generous too! We ordered mountain man hash, Colorado wagyu burger, and grits with bacon wrapped shrimp. All three of them were very good and the ingredients used were fresh. Of all four restaurants we tried in Denver and Colorado Springs, this one really stood out. Be sure to not miss this when you visit the area

Kristen Deenihan

The food is so fresh and delicious! The service was excellent too! Go during the week if you can to avoid big crowds.

Logan Smith

You cannot go wrong by eating here. One of my favorite brunch places... Ever? Had a delicious Southwest style poached eggs over a biscuit with a generous serving of spinach (yum!). Great service, beautiful environment, and amazing food. Highly highly recommend.

Aaron Tucker

Good breakfast. Ginger was excellent in serving me while I worked over the phone.

Kevin Delange

This restaurant was perfect! Every dish we ordered was fantastic and the service was great. We especially loved the grilled cheese and green chili grits. We'll be back!

scott rynerson

great food! fantastic service!


Love it!! Everything about it is wonderful! I love the touch of cool water immediately brought to your table in a nice glass jar with glasses, such a classy touch!

Rose L

Yummy! Stop on in for lunch or breakfast!

JeremieMA12 _

I had a mimosa and it was perfect. The market is always wonderful so long as you get there before all the curry chicken salad is bought up. Sorry to the young lady at the bakery who I had a discussion with about the lack of croissants. I wasn't upset, just disappointed, however that disappointment faded once I was introduced to the pull-apart rolls.

Kat Hanson

We were seated and tended to immediately. I appreciate that this place serves freshly squeezed OJ - something you don't find often unfortunately. However, $7 for a glass of it seems a bit excessive. The food came quick and was very good though it didn't blow me away. My latte was delicious.

Inglebert Dickens

Definitely a must if you're in the area or are a local. I'm from Nevada so this was a treat! We hit this place up after spending the morning in Garden of the Gods (which is also amazing). I had the BLT and most of the others in my group had the Cheeseburger. Both were absolutely to die for, even though the food took an extra minute or two to come out of the kitchen (well worth the wait). For checking into the restaurant on Yelp! we were given a coupon for a free treat in the Market which was a $5 pastry!

Chip Rea

Great food and solid service. Great background music too

Seamus O'Halloran

Editing my review to mention that our waiter was just fantastic, good food great service and THERE WAS A PUPPY that the hostess was holding while a customer was busy with something. Correct thing ever, lil yellow lab.

Chadwick Burnell

Some of the best breakfast food anywhere around. Great food and great service just the way it used o be

Kristine Hulet

Lots of seating. Decent variety in the breakfast menu. Service got slower as they got busier (had to ask for my bill). The market is amazing with a lot of refrigerated food choices and beautiful pastries to choose from.

Wesley Steinmetz

You got to stop by this place for breakfast or lunch. First, the Wagu burger with garlic aioli fries were terrific. The servers here are very personable and attentive. After breakfast or lunch definitely check out their market- bake shop. I recommend the coconut cake, German chocolate cake, and the curry turkey salad to take home with you. Peggy in the bakery was super friendly, engaged in her job, and especially helpful with some really great recommendations.

Jonathan Fisher

Great food. Decent service.

Chelsea Marie

Not a lot of parking. Gorgeous but we couldn’t even park after 2 rounds through of trying to find a spot. So we had to leave.

Kristen Kalb

Allie was our server and she was a pute delight. Very knowledgeable and attentive. The food was amazing. We had an appetizer along with something from the breakfast and lunch menu. I highly recommend this place and guarantee you will enjoy your experience!

Steven Goff

Enjoyed our breakfast very much! Banana bread French Toast was so Awesome!

William Garippo

Truly an outstanding experience coming here. Our server was quick and sincere (during peak brunch hours I think, was totally packed) our food came quickly, and it completely blew both of us away. I will make a point to stop through here every time I visit the area.

Chris stoph

Very nice atmosphere. Quality food. Decent cup of joe. We were seated straight away. Average price for food in the area, would most likely stop here again. Staff was very attentive and friendly.

Anna Prosise

Such a fun find! Great place to go if you’re looking for some great “farm to table” food. Brock was the best server we have ever had. His kindness, and willingness to give us the best possible experience are both qualities that have been lost in the service industry. Will be coming back!

Kyle Mead

Great food. My wife and I like to try new places and really only go BACK to places we really like. The management of this office has ties to a couple other Colorado Springs restaurants and they know their stuff. My mom and dad asked us to go back because they liked the breakfast so much and my mom enjoys looking around the in store market. Always a good choice if you can get's packed after about 9am on the weekend.

Vanza Hedgie

My breakfast experience was not the best, I was expecting high quality food for the price but instead recieved flavorless hashbrowns and an overcooked egg. Maybe it was just an off day but I probably won't come back.

Carly Kayee

Hostess that greeted me and my friend gave us both dirty looks. I came in smoke on my face and said hello so maybe it’s my fault for coming in happy? and we came in at separate times and they didn’t even say hello or acknowledge us with anything but a look, I asked our very kind waitress and she said her name was Jay or Jade, food was great and drinks were great, but the fact that we were greeted with such negative energy. I almost didn’t want to go back in because I was in such a good mood and got a look because of it I guess. 10/10 would recommend for the food but maybe they should teach the hostesses to be nicer maybe

Sandy Haynes

Best food the freshness of all..

Matthew Hexter

If you’re looking for a quaint restaurant in the Springs be sure to check them out! The Brooklyn sandwich is absolutely amazing! And the Springs Slope Sangria made with Evergood Elixirs Snow Bunny is to die for! Wow. Good stuff!

Ramon Lapenta

First time was pretty good, second time with guests was quite mediocre today. Ordered my eggs done and came back raw, had to send back and waiter had a bit of an attitude about it. Pancakes on cold plates, cold syrup and cold butter. One of my guests asked if it was possible to put ham on an omelette, waiter said no. Then I was told the cost of my plate was waived because of the trouble, and I didn’t check the ticket carefully before leaving. I didn’t want to keep making it worse for everyone so I just paid and left, now I realize they only discounted $4.50 out of $15. Will not come back.

Scott Stone

We waited for a table for 20 min all while looking at 10 or more open tables. We were told to visit the market place while we wait, clearly a sales gimmick. When we finally got to a table we sat for another 10 min without water or anyone stopping at the table at all. So we left!! The place is way too expensive to have such poor service!!

kevin perkins

It was very good.staff is very friendly great food!

Brian VanBlarcum

Great breakfast and polite staff. Had the Lemon Blueberry French toast and hash! We stopped here on our way up Pikes Peak.

Joyce phelps

Wonderful food, great prices, nice staff!

Jesse Malkin

This restaurant is casual yet somewhat upscale. I have been several times for lunch or brunch and the food and service have always been very good. On my last visit, I had an egg-white omelette and half an avocado. Everything was great. Highly recommended.

Patricia Smerchek

We just got home and decided to try garden of the gods market because I couldn't get dinner ready anyway we tried the meat lasagna

Ashley Solari

First time here and god. BEST breakfast restaurant I've ever been to. We got the banana bread French toast, Desayuno (Latin america bfast) and coffee. ALL of it was to.die.for. Seriously, go. The atmosphere was also the best, the restaurant was so inviting w/ lots of natural sunlight that helps wake you up. Our waitress, Emily, was also very nice!

James Wieker

Great southwest Benedict! Loved the Bunny Sangria!

Ginger Frost

Great food healthy choices wonderful service. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Jessica Teague

This was a beautifully designed cafe!! The food was extraordinary- I had the Southwestern Benedict, and the spinich was deliciously sauteed, the hollandaise that mixes with the crumbly bagel really had warm taste from the cumin. I adore the mixed green chilies that were spread out and gave a nice heat to overall taste. Fresh squeezed orange juice every day at this cafe so fresh you can taste zest in it!! Will definitely be coming back for more!!

Karen White

Excellent food and great service.


Great cafe, market and bakery with lots of locally-sourced food. Fantastic, friendly service. Warning: bakery is full of highly tempting treats.

Danyiell Lindoerfer Eckrich

Food and service was wonderful!!!!! They do not do substitutions for the most part but everything was amazing anyway!!! They do list their clean food vendors at the bottom of the menu which was so cool! To be that transparent about what is going into your meal was really great! Happy eating!!!

Dan Quick

Consistency and quality ingredients here. Always satisfied and found each of the FOUR meals I ate here over three days to be entirely delicious.

Darren Wright

What an amazing ceasar breakfast salad! Reasonable prices & great food!!

Steve Lanning

We have frequented this place since they were in their old location in a tiny shop and we love going there almost every weekend to either enjoy their kitchen brunch and/or to pick up their delicious quiche of the week. We've enjoyed their soups, vegetable lasagnas and much more. We highly recommend Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe.

Julie Schwartz

Cafe food, yeah, awesome. the bill was reasonable. not close to my job, i wish it was.

Maitland LaForce

Great menu-good food-great service - will return

Kenneth Leiviska

Fantastic food. Had the Colorado Wagyu Cheeseburger. Very fresh with lots of flavor. Lots of veggies, sauces were good. The fries were also fantastic, and a large portion of food overall. Definitely recommend. I also was pleased they do serve a gluten free bread.

Marie Medaris

My mom was here yesterday with her group from the senior center. She said the waitress was great and the food was good, but trying to get seating accommodations was a mess. They had 12 people in their group, and the hostesses were not accommodating. They were told they would have to wait an hour. They were also told they could not have a long table even though there were others at long tables. They were also told they could not sit five people at a table and yet there were others with five people at their table. It seemed the hostesses did not want to be helpful. I'm not sure her group will go back for a very long time.

Mary Kay Johnson

Friendly staff... Genevieve was an amazing waitress, food delicious, exceptionally clean and welcoming!

Kait Knight

The grilled cheese and tomato bisque is amazing!

Derrick Max

Great food -- really exceptional. Great atmosphere and good service. This restaurant is a bit on the expensive side, so, dont come expecting it to be a cheap cafe. It is a higher end place (but you can dress casually) with amazing food. I plan to come back when in town!

Karl Gossett

Always excellent food with a diverse menu. A favorite place for a filling, sometimes decadent breakfast!

Joseph Cheung

They have probably the BEST biscuits and gravy! Their mountain man hash is amazing. Also, they have a mini market in the back where they have epic pastries and meals. Their curry is amazing. Try it.

MaryBeth Massey

The food, drinks and service were amazing! What a perfect place for a lingering brunch! We ordered the bottle of champagne and juice flight to make our own mimosas. The lattes were beautiful! The avacado toast was to die for! My friends ordered the quiche, Benedict and lemon-blueberry french toast, all of which were sensational. Thank you for a wonderful morning!

Renee Crippen-Rutherford

Great fresh food. Will definitely return

Jenelle Kruse

Visiting from Atlanta and LOVED this place so much we ate here twice. Food outstanding and staff was great. Warm and welcoming environment.

randi spence

Menu is fabulous and staff are welcoming. The bright atmosphere makes it a great place for breakfast. I had the Banana bread French Toast and it was more delicious than I can put into words.

Danny Meneses

Had a lovely brunch date here with the girlfriend. Highly recommend their Chile Crunch Chicken Sandwich with a Cold Kicker fresh juice as well as their Turkey Cran, they were delicious. The atmosphere is also very pleasant and the staff was very friendly.

Matthew Kilgore

Crowded but for good reason. Really great dishes at reasonable prices. Even with the crowds they hustled us a table and service was great.

Mathias Isassi

The atmosphere is comforting and the overall vibe is great! The hostess was polite and attentive. Food was INCREDIBLE!! My wife and I shared the Market Benedict and Lemon Blueberry French Toast. One of the BEST breakfasts we've ever had!!!


Everything about this place is awesome. The inside set up is bright and welcoming. The menu choices are unique and there is a good variety to choose from. Our service was courteous, timely and appreciated. The food quality was excellent, my wife had gluten free pancakes and I had a Cuban. The bakery store is nothing short of amazing and there was so much to choose from we has a hard time making a decision. The people working there are super nice and must love their jobs.

Tom Nestrick

Hands down the absolute best place to get Lunch, Dinner or even Sunday Brunch. The food looks just as perfect as it tastes and the staff is exceptional. I purchased some of the frozen and to go products from their market on my last visit and after having tried those I simply must rate this 5 stars. Its just too bad I can't give them 6.

Ariel Gullickson

Favorite place for breakfast and a mimosa (or 3)! Go durring the week to get the best experience though, the food comes out much better than it does on weekends. All the servers I've had are wonderful. If you dont mind sitting at the bar (which I prefer) Allie and Colby are my favorite! LOVE chatting with Allie and enjoying the good food and drinks.


Tried this place twice to give it another chance. They like to mix everything together! Think all your food eggs, hash brown, sauce, bacon, cheese whatever mixed all up and served. GROSS

Andrew Joerin

Great food and atmosphere.

Harold Irwin

Service was great food was good sausage gravy was excellent.

Christine Parker

This was pricier than expected but almost everything was way worth it. The only thing that wasn't 100% was the biscuits and gravy. The wagyu burger was really good, the grilled cheese was great. My kids loved the hot chocolate experience. They were friendly and super understanding of our rowdy kids. I did get a few bakery items (pecan bar, lemon lavender cookie sandwich, brownie and mini apple muffin). They were OK. I'd stick to their entree options myself.

Jean Kinney

Fun place. Excellent service and food.


I can sincerely say that we had a 5 * experience! The moment we stepped in the door we greeted by friendly staff. Our waiter was just as friendly and helped us out since it was our first time visiting. The food was delicious (Good portions for the price), and the bakery had some amazing treats. We literally almost got one of everything.

Lorenzo Garcia

Excellent service. Really good food cooked with fresh ingredients. I love it everytime!

James N. Salapatas

Food eclectic and tasty. Service professional and friendly. Market goodies outstanding

Donna Downum

Food is SO good. Service was slightly slow but very friendly and very responsive. We had a large party with everything from breakfast to wings so it's understandable it took awhile to cook. I'd like to give it 4.5 stars. Nice atmosphere. Everyone loved what they ordered. The BLT was amazing.

gabrian taylor

Delicious food, beautiful flower bouquets, and phenomenal service. I love going here for the market, I probably use the market more than I eat at the restaurant. The curry chicken is delicious and those tiger cookies must have crack in them, you won't be able to stop eating them. One of my top 10 places to eat in Colorado springs.

shannon seebeck

I go here often and I've never had a bad experience. The food and the service is always amazing. Make sure to stop by the market after your meal to take something yummy home. Their Kahlua pork is a staple in my freezer its delicious!

Encel Wilcox

Great food great service highly recommend to try

Cheyanne Bohnen

Love this location took cooking classes here when I was young and it was such a fantastic experience!

Chris Webb

Great place, only had breakfast but so good.

Brenda Lee Masters

Great service and food was delicious! First visit and worth returning.

Mike Muskat

Very well run restaurant. Very crowded on a Sunday morning. Extensive drink selection with unique breakfast and lunch options. Excellent service.

Julie Ridings

Good and fresh food. You will likely eat all of your food, no leftovers. The prices feel high but once you keep in mind that they use fresh ingredients it makes sense. The food is very tasty! They serve breakfast and lunch all day. Great place for brunch! They have some decent gluten free options too. Their gf pineapple pancakes are ok, but the mix they use has an interesting texture. Their desayuno option is very good, and the friend plantains are delicious in that dish!

Jessica B.

This place has easily become my favorite. Service goes above and beyond here. My waitress Kristen truly went above and beyond providing customer service. Compliments to the chef too, food was amazing!


A great restaurant and a great market! Food is delicious, and the market has a lot of good meals and desserts.

Lindsey D

Eating at this place was, overall, a great experience! The food is what will keep us coming back...all the ingredients were fresh, and everything we ordered was cooked nicely. The space itself is clean, modern, and stylish. The only slight critique was the service. It was ok, but our waitress seemed put-out to be working on a Saturday, and we had to keep flagging her down for common things like straws and condiments. Other than that, we had a nice breakfast and will definitely visit again in the near future.

Vicki Shattuck

We were visiting from St. Louis MO and found this restaurant on our first day. We loved the Southwest Benedict SO MUCH that we came back later in the week and sat in the RAIN (we had our dachshund with us) to eat it again!!! Wonderful food and excellent service!!!

Candace Pearson

Curry Chicken Salad is a must!! I crave it constantly. Great from the restaurant and the market! The market is so fun to shop - the selection is always great and the employees are always so helpful. Great way to get healthier food fast!

Nicole Manning

A top scene for tasty Cafe food. everyone at our table was quite pleased. i had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here.

Taylor Holmes

Absolutely delicious food. The blueberry lemon French toast was some of the best I've ever had.

Lisa Vezzoli

We stopped by for brunch on Easter Sunday and absolutely loved our visit! The food was amazing (the daily omelette special was so delicious!!), the service was spectacular, and the atmosphere was just what we were looking for! Thanks for giving us such a great experience. If we are ever back in Colorado Springs, we will be stopping by again!

Grant Wood

The food was fantastic...the coffee was probably the best coffee I've ever had in my life. The only thing that stopped me from giving the place a 5 star review was the server. He walked around like he was too good for the job and the people he was serving. I'd still go back...and cross my fingers for a different server.

Joshua Wrye

Definitely a must if you're in the area or are a local. I'm from Nevada so this was a treat! We hit this place up after spending the morning in Garden of the Gods (which is also amazing). I had the BLT and most of the others in my group had the Cheeseburger. Both were absolutely to die for, even though the food took an extra minute or two to come out of the kitchen (well worth the wait). For checking into the restaurant on Yelp! we were given a coupon for a free treat in the Market which was a $5 pastry! This place was definitely a highlight of our day. The service was impeccable and the food was on-point. They even offered a sliced banana to my little niece (1 year-old) so she could eat while we waited for our food - so sweet of them! The next time we're visiting our family, this will be a must on our journey. Stop on by and grab a bite to eat - you won't be disappointed!

Logan May

The food and drinks were amazing! Our waiter Tyler was very knowledgeable and helpful! Great experience would definitely recommend.

Szendrei József

It was phenomenal!!! Excellent selection of pastries, breads, and other items in the market. Tyler was our server and he was very good and attentive, and did everything for us to have a great experience. Menu is excellent, have something for anyone, vegan, carnivores, light, juices, coffees, will make it fornyou if they dont have it. Highly recommend to anyone coming through or living here. We will return and trybother items. Thank you

Shannon Taylor

Menu items were refreshing and tasty. I think they're mostly, if not all, local and organic? Fresh juices were top notch. Service was friendly but a bit slow. They seemed short-handed. Would have given them 5 Stars if the salmon addition to my salad were a bit larger and service was quicker. Had an absolutely delightful visit to their market after our meal. They were very knowledgeable about their products and seemed to truly enjoy giving us samples, with serving suggestions. We walked out with tasty new treats in our bags and smiles on our faces.


Food was good but unfortunately we had to wait an hour to get our food while we ordered before the couple sitting to our left and right and they received their order before us. They gave us $5 off our check and didn't charge us for the coffee.

Roselyne Soto

Great quality food!! Great service!

Lauren Rae

We have been looking for a great brunch location and our experience here did not disappoint! I had the mountain man hash with pork green chile (absolutely amazing!). We shared the CO disco fries and donut holes - both of which were tasty! We were too stuffed to try out the delectable looking bakery treats but we will be back! My brother-in-law was stoked that they offered Boylan fountain drinks, too.

Tess Roberson

Great gluten free food. Best omelets

Nick Newman

The lemon blueberry French toast was superb. I high recommend the hash with cheese. Amazing service and very cool restaurant atmosphere. I would say it’s a little overpriced, but what bougie brunch place isn’t overpriced.

Bill Evans

I have been here a number of times before. This place is normally pretty decent. Today I came and they were a little busy. I expected it to take a little than normal. I had a table sit next to me that was greeted and given their drinks before my server even came to greet me. It took over 10 minutes for her to come to me. When she finally did arrive she wasn't prepared to provide service. I simply left. I am not going to pay $25 for my meal (as an individual) and not be taken care of properly. Not going to name names. But it will be a while before I come back.

Tom Sanchez

Great breakfast and to my surprise fresh squeezed orange juice. Awesome!

Cecil Buckhannon Jr.

This is well worth the stop! The biscuits and gravy were on point and the donut bites were warm with the perfect dipping sauce. The bartender even made my wife a dirty martini and it was one of the best martinis she has ever had in her life. The food was outstanding and the service was wonderful. So glad we stopped here on our way to visit the Garden of the Gods geological display.

Siri Norman

Amazing. Was just looking for anywhere to eat breakfast and ended up with a culinary experience! I had the Southwest eggs Benedict with a truly exceptional brown butter hollandaise sauce. Strawberry preserves seemed homemade. Bacon was

Will Vitale

Outstanding service, and brilliant breakfast. It felt as if I consumed my weight in deliciousness. Highly recommend to anyone coming through the springs.

Jessica Cegelski

Very delish! Eggs benedict made to perfection. Very tasty coffee and the staff was great.

Jose Lopez

Had the Farmers Breakfast. Everything was insanely delicious. Bacon and potatoes were on point. Highly recommend

Kim Daniel

My first time visiting here. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The food is amazing. I don't usually or never go to any brunch places because all the places I've been to were all mediocre and how can brunch dishes be so different? But this place was different. Try their egg Benedict. It was by far the best one I had.

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