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REVIEWS OF Fruition Restaurant IN Colorado

Ashley Dinkins

This was one of the best places I have ever ate! The egg on the carbonara appetizers I had was breath taking. I wanted to lick the plate off of everything I ate it was so amazing! The strawberry rhubarb dessert was off the chain! Please go eat here and try everything

Dozier Peter

Had dinner here with friends. Food was really palatable. Outstanding customer service .

Shirlee Davis

Great food

Amanda Whatley

Amazing seven course vegetarian tasting menu available!

Jen E

Absolutely fantastic! Such great people and great food

Levent Hanson

This was a great experience everything came out in perfect timing and the staff was very knowledgeable about all the questions and they were happy to answer anything. They were also very patient with us considering all of our questions about the food and how the menu worked. We ended up choosing the 5 course, which was absolutely amazing they also paired everything with wine and it was an amazing choice and really offered up some unique flavors that helped guide us through a culinary journey. Just a heads up that if you choose to do the 5 course or 7 course and you have a party of 2 then both people need to choose that. Otherwise excellent service and great food.

Balaji Devarajan

A boutique restaurant serving terrific fare. The menu is very limited but keeps changing all the time. Very knowledgeable staff that help you make the perfect pairing with wine.

Jon Le

Services was great! Food was great! Worth it!

Ingrid Z Johnson C Ht

Outstanding, start to finish!Pistachio cake, after a meal where every mouthful was delectable!

John Skogstad

Consistently and always one of Denver's best! Great food, attentive and friendly service, tasty wine list. Go here now.

Amanda Hendrix

Absolutely love this place

Krystal Mack

Amazing food and great service ❣️

Connor Clarke

Probably the best meal I have ever had. I would say this place is top 3 in Denver if not #1 The chef here deserves a Award!!! Thank you for a Wonderful experience! Will be back very soon!

Susan Baldwin

This place has great food and the best service ever The staff really take pride in what they do

Nick Gwiddy

There are not enough words to describe this... piece of heaven! From the lighting to the host's suite... perfection. The food is nothing shy of exquisite. If you are looking for that date night food or the anniversary meal... do not miss this place. I wish I could give it 10 stars!

Amy Ochs

Love the blend of flavors and attention to detail in each dish. You really can’t go wrong with your order.

Tiffani Davis

They were able to help me find vegan options, both the food and service we're impeccable, we walked in from seeing the Mr.Rogers documentary at the Esquire with three family members and though it was busy they served us drinks outside until we were able to get a table for four. The service was fantastic from everyone and though it's tight quarters it was delicious from the soft shell crab to the cauliflower steak. The desserts were fantastic. I wouldn't go here if dairy free was important to you, but vegetarians would eat well here. The merique pie was outstanding along with the carrot cake. Well done


Impeccable service tonight from John. The restaurant really goes out of the way to make a special memory for you, for us it was our anniversary. The food was beyond savory and portions very filling. Incredibly satisfied. The hostess who sat us was also very warm and welcoming. Will return as soon as possible.

Jim Lewis

Loved it all! Everything we tasted was perfectly balanced and delicious!

Ronak Patel

Amazing! Everyone we know kept recommending this place and it lives up to the hype. I had a steak dish and my wife had the cod. Both were perfect. I've never had good cod before so never really liked it. I tried some of my wife's dinner and finally know what it should taste like.

Chad Harbertson

The atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming and the noise levels allow you to enjoy great conversation. Service was stellar from the time we walked in throughout our experience. Food presentation was excellent and our tastebuds were taken through an enjoyable journey as we traveled through our waiter, Joe’s, suggestions for the night. Very relatable flavors that allow the average diner to enjoy fine dining without feeling the need to have prior knowledge of food. Throughly enjoyable, would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Rachael Ferranti

Absolutely stunning from start to finish. The chefs demonstrate such discipline with regards to flavor. The service is orchestrated like a play. Our experience was sublime. Thank you, Fruition!

derek smith

Great little restaurant. The staff is amazing, knowledgeable and attentive. The food was fantastic (we had a variety of dishes and they were all expertly prepared and tasted delicious) and the selection of good wines is great. So why only the 4 stars ... My wife and I came here for a romantic dinner and the tables we were at were a bit tight. We felt as though we were a part of the dinning experience of the other two tables sitting 27 inches away. But again with that slight 1/2 knock this place is a must recommend for sure.

Taylor Nguyen

After reading so many good reviews, I was really excited to go here. Unfortunately a lot of the food was heavily over-seasoned and salted, so parts of the meal were almost inedible.

Michele Bowersox

Good services.

Tim Fiene

Hands down the best food experience I've had in Denver. The service was great and we were treated well. This place has been around for several years now and their quality and attention to detail has not slipped. As they have their own farm supplying several ingredients, I would recommend eating local.

Bob Yu

This is my favorite restaurant in Colorado. You actually leave feeling like you got your money's worth. The food preparation is unrivaled, and the combination of flavors is stunning. That the food is locally sourced makes this place that much better. It can get busy, so place your reservations early!

Kat Hammer

Wonderful menu items. The server was slow and non-responsive. We waited for a very long time prior to being asked if we would like beverages. The waitress did not ask how things were and openly admitted all her flaws (being late and not refilling our waters) as to almost brush it off. We were thankful we go sat right next to the kitchen so other staff walking by could assist us. We were not impressed with the service but will give it another shot because the food was amazing, full of flavor and hand-crafted.

Dylan Montanio

Really wonderful food and wine pairings. Excellent service. Made a special birthday just that much more special.

Les Granvell

We had reservations. We were seated on time and then the fun began! Service was excellent. Food was great. We would go back and we definitely recommend Fruition. Thanks.

samuel casad

One of the best restaurants in Denver.

Dannie H

We called and asked if they did reservations and they said yes so we reserved a table and when we got there at the correct time they told us they didn't have any available tables for us. Made us wait 30-45 minutes and the menu had maybe 10 choices. We left and walked to table 6 highly suggest choosing table 6 over this restaurant. Much better service and better choices.

Bryan LeMeilleur

I don't live in Denver, but made it a point to come here an account of the chef recently winning a James Beard Award. This establishment is easily in my wife and I's "Top Three". The food was amazing, both in taste and presentation. Our server was knowledgeable about the wine and what food it paired best with (great recommendations). Much of the food is grown on a farm owned by the restaurant or chef. The setting was upscale, yet laid-back. You could come here for a fancy date or just a great evening with friends or alone and you'd be fine. There is no dress code, although I think they could implement slacks and button-shirt for men and it would be okay. Don't wear jeans and a t-shirt here; don't be that guy. Have a little class. Although I am a steak guy, the duck was excellent. Also, order the foie gras! It was like candy. We didn't get dessert, because after four courses and three drinks we were really full, but they were all made in-house and looked yummy. If you are wondering, our other two favorite places we have ever eaten are #1 Green Pastures- Austin, TX (permanently closed, sadly), and #2 Vitae- NYC, NY.

Jessie Glasscock

Absolutely delicious! The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We did the 7 course Cru menu, and every bit of it was delicious. I really appreciate how accommodating they were about my gluten sensitivity.

John Antista

It's the best place I've eaten at in Denver in recent memory - the kind of food Beatrice and Woodsley aspires to, the sort of creativity Rioja used to have. Everything was perfect - the food, the service, the atmosphere. We ordered pretty much every one of the starters and all were excellent, especially the oysters. The duck I had was delicious, as was the pistachio cake.

Anna Norregaard

I’ve been a few times and consider it for an expensive, special occasion. It’s in a converted house with intimate rooms with white linen tables set close to one another. Delicious wine, and the chicken and steak is cooked especially well. Dessert and cheese courses are great here. Hard to get a reservation, don’t show up without calling and reserving

Lori Walker

I love this place! Every time I go, it seems to get better and better (which seems impossible, as every time is perfect!). Last night I had the lamb tartare - it was a first for me but it may be my new favorite of all time! The spanish octopus was amazing the the pork tenderloin was fantasic as well.

Matthew Stenger

Good grub. Creative dishes. Tables wayyy too close for comfort. Steak knife too blunt to cut the steak. Cozy warm atmosphere. Polite service. Didn't change my life but would definitely return occasionally.

Jennifer Hojnacki

This place had been on the top of my list for restaurants to try for years. My husband finally took me here for my birthday and the restaurant went above and beyond to make it special. The food itself was probably the best meal I’ve had in Denver. The service was outstanding and accommodating. Such a great experience. I will definitely be back seasonally to check out the changing menu.

Todd Klimek

We really liked this place, even though we had to wait 15 mins past our reservation time. It's a cute little place tucked out of the way, and the duck breast was some of the best I've ever had! Pictured here is the stuffed squash blossom, soft shell crab app, and the duck breast.

Doreen Roberts

I am so disappointed. While the food was alright, the portions were laughably tiny. We asked for bread and each got precisely one slice of bread on a small plate. The pours for the wine pairing were so stingy that I couldnt get a full taste of some of the wines. I was looking forward to eating here but the stinginess put a bitter taste in my mouth.

Mika Santos

Great food.

Brett Cline

Fabulous. One of, if not the best farm to fork restaurants in Colorado. They have a new lunch spot called chix I think? , as well as Mercantile at Union station downtown Denver which is also exceptional. You'd have to be dead not to enjoy the food Alex Siedel is one of the best chefs I have encountered in regards to his flavor pairings and French techniques. You cannot go wrong.

Richard Sims

Maybe the best fusion of flavors in a meal ive had in Denver

Christina Ayala

Wow!! Hands down the best place I’ve been to on my visit in Denver. Upscale food without the stuffiness or price gouging. The servers exercised team work and humility. The manger was the sweetest but maybe needed a hostess to help with door greeting/seating,etc. We waited at the door for about 5min before being greeted. We were acknowledged by a server tho, but there were about 8 guests that somewhat walked in simultaneously as us and there isn’t much room for you to wait in there. That’s my only negative. A MUST try is their twist on the traditional carbonara dish. Oh my freaking baby Jesus good!!

Dan Cuar

Did the seven course Cru menu with wine pairings and it was one of the most memorable meals of my life! Every ingredient was showcased amazingly and you could taste every element of each dish

Ashley Sheehan

My handsome boyfriend and I went for an anniversary dinner. Make a reservation! We always make reservations but we specifically made sure to do so about 2 weeks in advance for Fruition. It was lovely and cozy and intimate. The tables are very VERY close together but we adjusted our voices as seemingly everyone else does. I see other reviews posted here complaining about the small space but maybe they haven't been abroad and don't know that this is standard in restaurants outside of the U.S. :) Anyway, the food is surprisingly flavorful and wonderfully fresh. There are 3 categories of the menu; a bite- which is literally a bite so don't be surprised, a standard appetizer and an entree. I am not exaggerating in saying that we could taste each ingredient and our mouth was almost overwhelmed with joy with the unique combination of delicious flavors. We had a variety of proteins; Pork Chops, Steak, Oysters, Shrimp and Scallops. All very high quality and unbelievable cuts of meat. We ordered 2 bites, 2 appetizers and 2 entrees to celebrate the occasion. They will push dessert and maybe tease if you don't order any (we didn't order dessert) but that's just people being people. As we were leaving- we wished that we had dessert though! Overall? Delicious and exquisite. Pricey, but 100% worth the culinary experience.

Oscar P

Great restaurant. Awesome ingredients and great wine. Chef course menu awesome, portions were small but the quality was superb. If you want substance, stick with regular items on menu. The pairing with wines was just perfect with very exotic wines and the sommelier was very informed of the wines.

Nathan Midcap

We've been here twice, and have been blown away each time. This past week we had the rabbit appetizer, duck and steak entrees, the lemon meringue pie, and another dessert. Everything was delicious and the service impeccable. The atmosphere is cozy - if you're looking for a really quiet dinner I'd try somewhere else - but if you're looking for amazing and creative food, I'd bet fruition against anywhere else in Denver.

Jonathan James

Creative take on old dishea

Kim Gilmer

Having never been and looking for food adventures we went. Felt right so we ended up ordering every dish on the menu! Most were really good (the carbonara was awesome!), some were a near miss (the "oysters" not so much-the oyster taste was lost in the chip). We were all disappointed, though, that not one chef came to our table after such a substantial order. Even so, this place is worth going to as the prices are as satisfying as the locally sourced, high quality, nicely portioned, fresh foods.

Joseph Vedovati

Absolutely fantastic food AND service! Great atmosphere, dinner with appetizers and dessert around $100 each. No one has a more attentive or courteous waitstaff. Five of us each had a different meal, and all loved the taste and presentation.

Meghan Schott

The best place I have eaten in Denver thus far!

Edward Underwood

This is best restaurant. five of us each had a different meals.good services.

Haley Amichaux

***Revised review- This was my favorite restaurant- but after today's experience I don't think we will be coming back. They've changed their menu entirely and seem to have an entirely different staff aside from Jen at the front (who is wonderful). You now have to spend $9 for an appetizer that is literally the size of a piece of sushi. On top of that, nobody on the staff explained the dishes as they set them down (something we've become accustomed to). We used to love how the servers were passionate about the food they were bringing to the table. We were also completely forgot about for bread service when the table next to us received 3 bread refills. We've been here 6 times over the last year, and I am honestly so disappointed in the changes they made that I don't think we will be back. I'm not sure what is going on, but this is no longer a good value or excellent experience. This is my favorite restaurant in all of Denver. I'm actually vegetarian so I was hesitant to come here at first but they have the best vegetarian meals ever. My boyfriend always loves the normal menu options as well. They change the food every week and everything is seasonal, fresh and perfectly seasoned. My only complaint is that it is too fancy of a place for me to lick my plate!!

Mark Baker

You will not be disappointed in the menu and service. The chef’s tasting menu was all very good, but it certainly doesn’t break the mold. We ordered many dishes on the menu! The carbonara was awesome!), The "oysters were ok, but nothing to write to boston about

maia gallardo

Very pricey and very small plates but I suppose it’s quaint and what I did eat was pretty decadent

James Gridley

Great food! Pork belly was amazing and desserts were killer. Staff was wonderfully attentive as well.

Noella Young

One of the best fine dining restaurants I've been to on Denver. Looking forward to go back there again and experience more food!

Cathleen Marks

We made the reservation planning on doing the normal prix fixe menu, but once we got to the restaurant decided to do the 12-course tasting. The courses were all extremely clever and beautiful, and some of them were definitely among the most delicious things we'd ever eaten. I noticed that some commenters complained that they left hungry, but we are healthy eaters and were both stuffed. A fantastic meal that didn't sacrifice flavor for innovation. The dessert was definitely the weakest course by a fair margin, but overall we thought it the meal was worth every penny.

Coy Alston

This is my absolute favorite restaurant in Denver. With a food scene that is just exploding and new and interesting restaurants popping up all the time, Fruition still remains my favorite. We love trying new restaurants as much as possible, so we go to Fruition maybe 1-2 times per year. because it is definitely a more expensive meal for a random weeknight, so we like to save it for special occasions. That being said, it is worth every single penny, and then some. Every bite of food I have ever had there is magic. The ingredients and locally sourced and the freshest ever. The pairings and dis compositions are so thoughtful and perfect. I recommend the place again and again.

Maxwell Sands

Went for a birthday dinner. The restaurant itself is cozy and has an intimate feel, but is well enough lit to read the menu. The hostess and servers were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The problem with Fruition is that the menu is so incredible you end up wanting to order everything. The dishes were well balanced, texturally intriguing and the flavor combinations were extremely complimentary. Oh, and the lemon meringue pie set a high bar by which all other lemon meringue pies will be measured against henceforth.

Stefan Leescu

Incredible flavor, texture, and meat dishes cooked at the perfect temperature. I have never had a dissatisfied experience. The farm to table food is fresh and vibrant with amazing taste profiles. Don't be fooled by the small portion sizes, you will leave satisfied and with a very happy tummy (even with the appetite of a 200 pound college student). Liquor selection caters to all types and the after dinner coffee is a great way to end the night.

Randal Endsley

We went for a date night dinner and really enjoyed the atmosphere and ambiance.

Heather Davis

Their 5 course tasting menu is my favorite is Denver! Walking by this small restaurant, some might never give it the time it deserves. The food and service was out of this world. I would highly recommend for an intimate evening or buy-out event for an engagement party.

Mark Darling

Fruition proves that it is possible to create fresh to table cuisine with amazing depth of flavor. You know when you eat food that is so delicious, it makes you laugh because it is so full of passion and mastery? If not, visit Fruition.

Ryan Counts

Worth every penny

nick peters

Great food. Went with a few friends and everyone enjoy their food as well. Will be back.

Theresa Marko

Really would give this place 4.2 stars. Service is great. The food is modern American. Got the ricotta beignet: was warm and delicious, the foie gras: the jam was too much and overpowered the fois gras, the gnocchi: this was amazing and the juice in the bowl was slurp worthy, the short rib: this was like thanksgiving in a bowl and the flavors were really great except for the pork pieces, which were crunchy. Some of them were so chewy, it was difficult to eat. I think the issue is when you hear the word 'short rib', you think soft, melt in your mouth meat, which this was not. Perhaps there needs to be different nomenclature on the menu so one is not disappointed. Really loved all the other things in the bowl...if this was served with a traditional beef short rib, I think that would be exceptional, but that's just my opinion. Got the lemon meringue for dessert, and it was exceptional with tart lemon and amazing meringue on top. This place is romantic, cozy, and charming in atmosphere. Good for date night.

Ron Edgerley

One of the top restaurants in Denver. Great food. Great wine. Great service

Portia Berrey

Food is amazing and so is the service. I love the intimate setting. If you want something different but excellent, come here

Molly Hart

Beautifully prepared dishes in a lovely, cozy setting. The kind of place that feels special but not overwrought. Many items are sourced from their own farm. It's a place we always think of when we want to show visitors how far Denver's food scene has come.

George Anschutz

All in all, the experience was positive. Service was excellent. However, our table was less than two feet away from the table next to us. The server's backside was pinching inches away from me. My friend and I had the foie gras amuse bouche, but we agreed that all we could taste was the jam, rather than any hint of foie gras. It's interesting that one of the google reviewers three days previous had made the same observation. My friend had the seared tuna appetizer and loved it, and I had the Spanish octopus, which was amazing, once I figured out that I needed to include all ingredients in the same bite. Wait staff could have been helpful with that. My friend reports that his bavette steak main course was excellent, but that he could have used a sharper knife. I had the Icelandic cod. I have a feeling it was meant to be ethnic, presented as cod might be presented in Iceland. It was served on a bed of potato risotto with the addition of other potato applications. The cod was perfectly cooked, but with my American taste, I could have used more acid. I should have gone ahead and asked for the standard lemon wedge. Skyr is an unusual Icelandic ingredient , but I don't recall any mention of it in the waiter's description of the dish. Skyr is the reason I ordered the Icelandic cod. The waiter told me there we beluga caviar topping the fish, and while it was creamy and tasty, I'm skeptical that it was beluga caviar at this price point. Our two meals, which included three glasses of wine and a cocktail checked out at $141, plus tip.

Nora Beal

Casual atmosphere but the food is over the top. Very creative ingredients and sauces make for delicious meals. The tuna tartare appetizer was scrumptious. We had the pork chop and duck entrees which did not disappoint. Highly recommend this great find.

Jessica Michaels

We did the 7 course tasting with the non -alcoholic beverage pairings. The food was the best I've had in Denver. From the current menu I most recommend the tartar and the poke tuna appetizers, and the baramundi entree. The cheese course can be skipped - it's fine, but there are too many other good things! Nothing was overdone or too fancy. The restaurant is quite small, so you can't help but hear all the conversations around you, which can be annoying for some. Excellent for anniversaries or date nights. Would not recommend bringing children.

Jeffrey Friedland

Fabulous as usual. I had duck tonight. It was very, very good.

Carly D'Esposito

tasting menu is unbelievable - James was super knowledgeable and an amazing server.

Kelsey Shriner

on my anniversary trip from Philadelphia. Seriously one of the best meals I've ever had. I'm still day dreaming about the lamb and my boyfriend is still talking about the snapper. We did the chef's five course and no regrets.

Teesie Heineman Eck

Besides a friendly & relaxing atmosphere, the food is fabulous -- lunch , late lunch, or dimners. Awesome find (except wkends)

Daniel Barker

An absolute must! Very warm cozy atmosphere. Staff is very knowledgeable and very on point for taking the best care of you. Food is amazing to say the least. This place does not disappoint. In my top 3 favorites!

Phillip Klupar

Amazing food. Decent prices for a high end restraunt. Cozy atmosphere. See the beef tartar.

mb gusa

It's just that good

Linda Washington

Very satisfying portions. Beyond amazing food. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Perfect selection of wines too. Cozy vibe. Very relaxing.

Robert Stewart

Simply outstanding! Very comfortable ambience. One of the best front of house staffs one could wish for and the meals were exquisite.

Max Vanderheyden

Best craft cocktails I've had. We did a five course tasting menu and would highly recommend the "Spirits Tasting" to accompany the meal. The restaurant did a great job accommodating my gluten and dairy allergies.

Andrés Páez

Fantastic food and a quiet, lovely ambiance. Great wine selection. Adult dining with the highest standards.

Brian Davis

Made our anniversary dinner extra special. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the food was incredible

Zach Cochran

The perfect cozy environment for a very wonderful meal made up of thoughtful recipes executed skillfully with amazing Foods! The service was top-notch and friendly. Highly recommend one of our new favorite restaurants in Denver for sure!

Chris Ewers

Best restaurant in Denver.

Ekhym Wethered

My first visit was for New Year's Eve 2018. The staff was amazing. I added a member to our reservation but then had to change again after that person fell ill. The staff were accommodating on both changes to my reservation. I had long been wanting to try Chef Alex Seidel's cuisine and I was not disappointed. The restaurant is cozy without being cramped. The food was amazing both in presentation and taste, as one would expect from a James Beard award winning chef/owner. From the uni waffle first course to the passion fruit macaron ans grape pâte de fruit and the intervening five courses, this was a gourmand's delight. The hostess, server, and sommalier were gracious and eager to express delight at my enjoyment of the meal. The maître'd was helpful and remembered me from a single phone call. The ambiance was convivial and guest visited with other tables as much as with their dining companions. As the clock approached midnight we all counter down the final seconds in unison and shared a New Year's toast. Please, do yourself and your companions a favor and make this a must experience.

Kathryn Bowhers

Fruition won our hearts for dinner! Impeccable attention to detail in every dish, knowledgeable and kind servers, all in an intimate setting for the perfect date night! I can't wait to come back!


A unique blend of farm fresh ingredients and an array of flavors. Still one of my favorite restaurants in Denver.

Jacob Schmidt

The restaurant was high end classy and didn't disappoint. The service was impeccable and everything we had from the bread to all three courses was top notch. Great flavors, presentations, and portions. Great special occasion spot.

Carol Wilson

Wonderful for special occasions!

Carlos Naya

Excellent service, the Duck was out of this world. An elegant restaurant with professional service. Highly recomend.

Ewelina Ciula

Phenomenal service and most delicious!

Laura Pringle

A-Maz-Ing dinner experience! Date-night with my wonderful wife made extra special with the selection of this farm-to-table 5-star restaurant. Service was impeccable! We chose the chef 7-course menu which offered the most amazing array of flavors paired with their reserve wine collection. Fruition is a must for any who are looking for a dinning experience unlike any other.

Eric Schubert

This is a fantastic restaurant! I went here with my wife for our anniversary dinner, and the service was nothing short of excellent. They even gave us a free wine toast to celebrate, and printed commemorative menus just for us! The food was fabulous. We had small bites, entrees, and dessert, and everything was very good. I have to recommend the sweetbread mousse appetizer, and the lemon meringue pie dessert blew my mind. Atmosphere is cozy and upscale, but not stuffy. Dress nice, but no it's jacket needed to eat here. It's small and fairly intimate. I can't wait to come here again!

Joshua Paschal

This place is hands down my favorite restaurant and I go whenever there is a special occasion. We recently went on my birthday and Jenn had a special menu printed up for me that I thought was a nice touch. The prices and portions are excellent and chef Alex and company have really created something special with their "sophisticated comfort food." I like that it's fine(r) dining than most are used to but it's still very accessible and doesn't feel snobbish or exclusive in a negative way. The use of locally grown/sourced ingredients is another feather in their cap in my eyes. They are about to celebrate their 11th anniversary and I have already made reservations for our next meal there. I can't wait to try another Fruition creation.

Michele Hernandez

I went here for my anniversary with my bf. I made a reservation 1 week in advance and still waited over 10 minutes to get seated. Once seated they were kind acknowledge my note on open table they gave a small portion of wine but the food was very late coming out so late that we drank most if not all our wine before our food came then bread came and it was super late as well. I wanted to get dessert but our waiter forgot about us and gave us the menu late then waited to long for us to even order so we got the check. I wanted this night to be special but it was just not due to the events of the night. Not going here ever again spent 200 with tip not worth it. The portions are extremely small. extremely small for the price. Had to bring the star even lower when I read about the bread !! Go to TABLE SIXXXX it is the bomb!

Bryon Taylor

The food was amazing - the service was standard. The 7 course crue menu is the way to go here.

chewyscooter james

The food is exceptional as is the service. Best restaurant experience I've had in 20 years. The flavors explode with each bite. Wonderful.

Austin Evans

Stopped in for a birthday dinner, the service felt awkward and food was not as good as we expected from all the accolades

Eustace The Monk

Fine dining that's not pretentious! Delicious and cozy with amazing wait staff, and the custom drinks are incredible. I'll definitely be going back!

Sarah Dwornick

This restaurant deserves 10 stars. Spectacular food and dinning experience, that stands above the rest, every time. The experience through and through is flawless. My words can not describe the elegance of this establishment and would recommend them time and time again. Absolutely remarkable!

Bobbie Cascio

Farm to table with a contemporary flair. Great service. Be sure to get a reservation.

Danielle Hickson

Wow! Some of the most impeccable service and best food in Denver. The servers are so incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating. Even with a reservation, we still had to wait about 15 minutes for our table, but the food, drinks, and service more than made up for it. Truly a wonderful experience

Diana Turner

The place has a great atmosphere. Feeling here is similar to a cafe in San Jose I liked.

Elvis Colucci

Even friendly patrons! This is the kind of restaurant where you can go and never feel rushed. A bit of a European feel to it. Our server was fantastic - friendly, offered the advice we needed, and very attentive. The best starter of the evening was the meat balls made of Iberico pork and rabbit. Very well spiced and served with a truffle sauce that made us want to lick the bowl. Two of us had the scallops that were delicious and the summer corn nage that came with it was a very nice accompaniment. The duck was good as well, but maybe a bit too heavy on the beets. Kind of interesting that they would have beets and a cherry mostarda. Very red. The pistachio cake was an outstanding dessert. The cake nice and light, ricotta sorbet was delish. Overall and excellent meal in an enjoyable atmosphere!

Rachel Toupin

The portions were a little smaller than I expected but definitely delicious.

Mary Haley Griffin

Lovely restaurant with great service! I highly recommend their take on Oysters Rockefeller - very unique and extremely tasty. Highly recommend trying this restaurant for a nice date night.

Alison Mason

Always an original treatment of traditional ingredients and novel combination of flavors.

Erica Fernandez

We took my daughter here for her 25th birthday. They had special menus made up for her and we surprised her with the biggest martini glass ever. The staff was so amazing in working with us to make the occasion all of our best memories at a restaurant ever. The menu is wonderful with unique twists on items found in other high end restaurants in Denver but better with the added twists. We still go here for special occasions and it is one of our favorite restaurants in Denver. Make your reservations in advanced as it is small and is always full every night.

Chuck Bates

Excellent food with impeccable service. I Highly recommend this restaurant

Raymond Collins

Awesome food, pretty good service. All around solid place that we'll probably come back to. Ambience/environment is a little strange. The music was a bit outdated and too quiet so you could hear people's conversations very clearly. Nice neighborhood spot though.

Cameron Moore

I had the chance to visit and tour the Fruition Dairy Farm after eating at the restaurant which only added to the great culinary story that Fruition provides. Dairy, baking, farming, cooking...they do it all! The food is classic and clean but with a modern twist. We sampled quite a bit of their dishes and I had so many favorites. Plus, they feature a well curated wine list! I don't think they make their own wine yet but it could be next! Definitely a must to try in Denver.

Scott Starkweather

This is one of the finest places to dine in Denver. Tucked in a converted old house, Fruition is packed with charm. We always opt for the 5 or 7 course tasting menu and chef is always happy to make it vegetarian. Walk ins are relatively rare so I would highly reccomend making a reservation.

Spectacular Tentacula

If you want carefully crafted and inspired dishes that layer flavors that enrich the palate and dazzle the senses, Fruition is the place for you. Wines are absolutely delightful and each seasonally inspired dish is excellent. Portions are very small, however, and the cost of perfection is not cheap. Service is efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. I recommend wine pairings with multiple courses for a full experience. Definitely a special occasion restaurant, worth saving up for, unless you're rolling in money and can go multiple times with the seasonal change of menu, as I wish I could.

Jaclyn Chavarria

Amazing! Fantastic for a nice date night out. We will definitely be back!

Matt Schrader

I’ve had a few dinners here for special occasions. The quaint and cozy restaurant is a wonderful place and great on a cold evening. The food and wait staff is top notch. I would prefer slightly larger portions but the food is very tasty.

Larry OKeefe

I Had the Bavette Steak (Medium). It was perfectly cook with the most delicious grilled baby Romain lettuce and the cauliflower & black garlic purée accented the meal perfectly.

Laurene Maxwell

This is a place with really fabulous food and great service. The only thing that keeps me from giving it a five was the tight quarters in the back of the room at the tables for two. It was hard to not overhear everything at the next table and there wasn't enough space for our waiter ( the fabulous Javier) to squeeze between our table and the one next to us. But this would not keep me from going back. The duck was absolutely perfect and my husband's cod was wonderfully flavorful. They have a nice selection of wines by the glass. And who doesn't like the option of a nice cheese plate and a glass of port for dessert? It was worth the drive through the snow storm.

Judith Leasia

Anniversary dinner. This is the one place I don't mind paying a lot for a meal. Amazing

Rachael Hargrove

Very tasty and great service

erik johnsen

Fantastic food, possibly the best dinner I've had in Denver. It's "$$$$" not "$$$" though. Easily $100 a person.

Daniel Berv

Went here a few weeks ago to celebrate my wife's birthday. Food was average, service barely adequate. Our wait person appeared to hate his job, and aided in making our experience a very negative one.You have to wonder about the attitude of the ownership as well, when they offer an appetizer that is the size of your thumb nail for a price of $9.00. The entrees were tasty, but exceptionally small. We all left (party of 4) the restaurant very disappointed. We will definitely not return.


From 5 stars to 1. If other guests are loud and rude you just have to live with it. Having a conversation became impossible due to the noise. Loud behavior like that gets you kicked out at many upscale restaurants, but not at Fruition. We asked the waiter twice to do something to no avail. No respect for returning customers.

Nor Dumont

You can kind of tell the minute you walk into this restaurant it is going to be a good experience. The rooms are crafted, architecturally. The art is art presented in a bold way the blends and does not intrude while sending diners a message. And when your meal arrives and it, too, is art, it all comes together.

sarita joshi

Great menu - even for vegetarians. Great tasting food.

Sylvia Zinn

One of the best meals I've eaten in Denver. The service, drinks, atmosphere, and the food - just everything in this place is divine! We talk about our meal here often and will be back! LOVE this place!

Dan Crawford

Go there, you will not be disappointed

Marina Johnson

Good gourmet food and nice service. Expensive. Street parking.

Mark Heim

Intimate setting, good farm to table food. Worth visiting for a date night.

Cade Lee

This restaurant is dynamic in the fact that the menu is always changing and so is the wine list. A true farm-to-table experience, I I am in love with this place and it is always a treat to go there. Unlike other restaurants in Denver which are very overrated, the staff here is always overextending themselves to make sure that it is a non pretentious environment where you can genuinely enjoy yourself.

Carol Joy Evans, M.M.

Every course was meticulously prepare and pleasantly served. My crab appetizer, carbonara 1st course, eggplant parmesan entree, and chocolate panna cotta dessert were all prepare to perfection, and our server was attentive, courteous, and knowledgeable. Wonderful!

DE Nelson

We learned Fruition was owned by the same proprietors as Denver’s Market Place, so therefore, it was time to give the restaurant a try. To be honest, the experience wasn’t about what the menu offered it was about the experience. As we, consumers, pay our dollars to enjoy good food and conversation at upper-end restaurants, we would like to think that we should be able to enjoy table conversation along with our food and drink? As the menu was explained to us, we could opt for a five or seven course meal (chef’s choice) for $75.00 / $90.00 respectively. However, if one table patron opted, all table patrons would need to opt in. After this option was explained, the server ended, “Choosing this menu option ensures that you have a leisurely dinner.” I didn’t think much about our server’s statement until after we had finished our two-rounds of cocktails, appetizers, entrées and desserts and the rude, passive aggressive herding tactics began. It was made clear that after-dinner table conversation did not fit with Fruition’s business model. The male host stripped away the pleasures of the food with his tactics of lurking over our table and his “side glance walk-byes” making the point, “You’re done eating, it’s time for you to leave because we need your table.” He never said a word to us, just employed uncomfortable passive aggressive tactics that spoke louder than words. We quickly knew we were no longer welcome and the cherry on top of the rudeness was the word exchange we had with the male host as we left the restaurant. Not being passive aggressive, my husband said to the male host, “We didn’t appreciate your tactics of making sure we needed to leave.” His response, “We have a business to run.” In short, Fruition’s business model of “get ‘em in and get ‘em out” does not compliment the restaurant’s chef or patrons’ palettes. We’ll never be back, because I couldn’t tell you if the food was good or not.

Andy Fortna

Dunno what happened but Fruition didn’t live up to expectations. Food was good but not great. Service was lackluster at best.

Maria Simpson

Our family celebrated birthdays at Fruition Restaurant. We ordered the 5 course Cru menu. It's a tasting menu of the Chef's choice, adding the accompanying wine pairings. Everything was fantastic. They were able to accommodate our gluten free guests. Service was great. Definitely a foodie's dream! Great place for special occasions and foodies. Staff is amazing, curteous, attentive and informative. We had the 5 course meal. Food was prepared and served like a work of art. So many great tastes. Bring your appetite! A wonderful evening had by all.

Elyse Borchik

I had heard many wonderful things about Fruition from friends so my boyfriend and I decided to try it out for a long overdue date night. Our evening was spectacular. We chose to try their chef's tasting menu with wine pairings and were absolutely astounded by both. The front of the house staff is superb and very professional. The GM Andrew is very hands on and did a fantastic job with the wine pairings. Hands down one of the best dining experiences I've ever had.

Donald Rosby

This was a fantastic dinner we had! You coukd tell the pride the waitstaff had in what they were doing. They were meticulous in setting the table for each of the courses and explained each ingredient in each course as they brought it out. It was like the food was really the star of the show. Highly recommended

Fernando Lins

Great food, always fresh sourced from their own farms. They also update the menu almost every month to reflect the seasonal ingredients so there's always something new to try. Great wine selection too.

michelle alcantara

My husband and I went here to celebrate his birthday and we are very much pleased with the service. The restaurant setting is very intimate. They are very particular with every single detail of your experience from personalized menu cards to complimentary glass of wine(which is excellent, forgot the name though) to warning you beforehand everything on the menu which might cause you allergies and the tweaks they can make for you to be able to enjoy it still. The food is also great--totally worth every single dollar you spend!

James Mitchell

Great service and amazing food

Beau Cameron

Great experience at Fruition the other night. Fantastic food and extremely knowledgeable staff -- who made our night very enjoyable. Will definitely come back in the future.

Laurie Arnold

Our all time favorite place - consistently wonderful in every domain!

Kristen Kuntzman

So let me start by saying for years I loved Fruition. It was the place we went to for every celebration, and we even made up reasons to eat there. However, the last 3 times we have eaten there have been horrible. We waited for over 45 minutes to get seated, even with a reservation. Jen (the hostess) was great and apologetic but it didn’t change the fact that we waited so long to get seated. Wait staff were no longer attentive. The food was always served cold and no longer explained to us. We had to request bread multiple times and our drinks went without refill for long periods of time. The reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because if you happen to get your food hot and your waiter is attentive it’s potentially worth the visit. However, we no longer recommend Fruition and will not be going back as the past three times have been atrocious.

Terry Hubbard

Amazing food in small portions at a reasonable price. I wish there were more gourmet dining experiences like this!

Brad Stein

The service and food was great. I will definitely be back.

Madeleine Robinson

This restaurant is the best of the best - definitely what you would expect from a James Beard award winner. My fiancée and I had a fantastic experience last Tuesday evening. We were scheduled for an 8:15pm reservation and arrived early, but unfortunately weren't seated until 8:45pm. The host/sommelier (Andrew) got us drinks while we waited outside, and the restaurant comped the drinks because of the long wait, which is exactly what I would expect and made up for the experience. We ordered the 5 course tasting menu, which I highly recommend to anyone dining here. We were still able to say which dishes we would not be able to eat (I cannot eat raw tomatoes, which is a primary component to one of the dishes) and the chef decided on the rest of the menu. We started with the parsnip bisque, which was divine and so smooth. Then we had the tuna niçoise salad, which sounds very plain but had such clean flavors and was delicious. Third course was the gnocci, my absolute favorite of the entire meal; I really wish this were a main course, because I could eat a bucket of it. Fourth we had the diver scallops, and fifth was the meat course - bavette steak. Because it was my fiancée's birthday dinner, the restaurant had also prepared a card for her and a small complementary dessert and dessert wine for each of us. Everything start to finish was sublime, and I wish I could eat there every day. Best, though, was our conversation with Joe, our server, and Andrew, the host/sommelier. We discussed lots of the intricacies of the food with them and got to know them throughout the service, which was really wonderful and not an experience you get at every restaurant. They were more than friendly and accommodating, professional, and upbeat; I would recommend to anyone that you take the time to chat with them when you come in. Whenever we have a chance to go back, we will surely request Joe as our server, just to have a chance to speak with him again. I cannot recommend this place enough!

Nicole Korf

Very expensive compared to the quality of the food and service.

Maria Gomez

My husband and I had our anniversary dinner at Fruition and everything was so amazing. We selected the Five Courses meal and it was worth every penny. Fruition provided us with free samples of wine and a hand written anniversary card, both were very sweet. As minorities (we are from Oklahoma), we were treated like every other customer which we appreciated. The next time we are visiting Denver, CO we would definitely return and recommend to others.

Karen Lamola

Great food and service! The portions were small bit incredibly filling. Staff were very knowledgeable about the food and pairings.

Natalie Paige

Their lemon meringue tarts are an obsession. Obsession might actually be too light a description.

Brandon Hickman

Best restaurant in Denver. Bring about 100-150 a person if you wanna have a good time.

Infracture A.

Great and excellent service, servers and waiters are friendly. Food may take some time in order to prepare, but the wait is well worth it. Great food, great service. Would definitely recommend going here for an anniversary or birthday. Be sure to make reservations in advance as well!

Scott Francis

Amazing. Incredible food and fantastic service down to having multiple staff members wishing my wife a happy birthday. One of the best restaurants in denver.

Yogi Diner

The servers were polite and attentive. The beet root salad was great but the entrees were absolute flavor explosions! I had the lamb. The presentation was beautiful everything was cooked to perfection. I highly recommend!

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