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REVIEWS OF Ellyngton's IN Colorado

Melissa Sitzman

Hubby and I had the brunch buffet here, after staying at the Brown Palace for our anniversary and we were thoroughly pleased! Elegant and delicious!

Klaus G.

Brunch was a let down compared to the Broadmore. The service was average, (waiting for coffee). No crab, charcuterie and cheese selection was below average. Pancake was delicious but took forever. In a nutshell: Not worth the price, do yourself a favor and go to the Broadmore instead.


Elegant place to enjoy food

John Day

All you can eat buffet breakfast, was thoroughly not impressed. Two-person table was extremely wobbly and if you bumped it the wrong way everything would spill on the table. You had to wait at least 15 minutes in line to get served by two chefs! There was no difference in the food compared to Golden corral. The service was OK and the atmosphere was dull.

Ronnie-Tammy Swann

While the food is good, it is not over the top. Good atmosphere. A little"compact in spacing" in comparison to other breakfast buffet. Watch out for the walking around server with champagne. I was unaware of how they price it out and in the end, paid for 2 whole bottles when we only had approximately one! Again the atmosphere was best part of morning.

Jasmine Hadjis

Ellyngtons is very popular for their brunch which we didn't have. I thought we were booking it for brunch through opentable but it was a miscommunication there. But that's fine because our waiter was really cool about it, apologized and told us that even though it's amazing we will still get a great breakfast. Really unique breakfast options which I like, and the hash browns are literally perfect. I felt a bit out of place-I'm 29 young and don't really fit into the super traditional service/decor here. But our waiter was awesome and made us feel comfortable. I'm giving it 4 stars because while the breakfast was unique, I didn't LOVE it and I'm bummed we missed out on brunch due to the open table mishap. Otherwise, a really great place.

Christina Knuteson

Doug Kemme

Great breakfast buffet, truffles on eggs benedict.

Elizabeth Cather

Eric Plourde

Stopped here for a brunch and drinks before a concert. We were pushed towards the buffet. (Lazy serving in my eyes) we opted to be served. Tried the $17 frittata. Got an omelette from the buffet with about 2oz of unseasoned hashbrowns a bullet of ketchup. "KETCHUP!" garnished with fruit obviously cut the day before. 17 dollars should warrant a whole strawberry. Bland, no flavor, and poor attitude about the food. Maybe all the rave reviews are from dinner but I'll never find out. Very forgiving about food but they really seemed not to care. Service was eh... but chef is either non existent or needs to be replaced . We cut our time there short and went to the fork and spoon and loved it. Overall trip here.... the best part was leaving

Deborah Jones

Great experience! We came for the Christmas brunch and it was so worth$70. I will be back!

Gavin Barker

David Sparks

We have been to Ellyngton's many times for Thanksgiving brunch. The food today was great, as always, but sadly our waiter was not on the ball at all. He greeted us when we sat down, and we didn't see him again until we had to ask someone else for coffee after we had finished our meal. I don't know if he was hired just for the holiday brunch or what, but not up to the standards you would expect from Ellyngton's.

Larry Kyles

Sue Gear

Jordan Smith

Jana Yablon

Delicious seafood and Wonderful Jazz.

Caytlain Campbell

Ashis Kumer Biswas

Great place, at the heart of downtown historic landmarks. Nice food, live music and we had a delicious lunch buffet. Very friendly hosts. However, for several food items there were no labels. I’m still not sure if the clams were cooked. Haha. There was cooking option available there too. Should have asked. No sweat. Anyway, it was a wild ride for me. A lot expensive restaurant for the budget. But overall, if you get the window seating during a live music performance, you are going to cherish the moment with a dear one. I put it on my list to celebrate a dear one’s birthday! By the way, they you are going to play the birthday song. Neat! Thanks.

Abraham Younce

We went for the champagne brunch on a Sunday. The selection was amazing from seafood to the carving station to the eggs and pancakes to order. Bananas Foster for dessert is a special treat. The live music added to the ambiance as well.

Beth Cole - CDHS

We tried the brunch buffet last Sunday and the best part was the music and the bananas foster. I ordered an eggs benedict and when it came out, the egg was undercooked and the hollendaise tasted like it was made from a mix. I was disappointed that there was no blue cheese on the cheese plate and many of the oysters were very small and were not completely detached from the shell. The champagne was good, but overall I was sorely disappointed in what we got for what we paid.

Mark Cossin

A Denver institution. Breakfast is good standard fare. Great location. I just wish management would give servers updated uniforms. They are still stuck in the 70's?? Maybe 80's. Decor is also still rooted in the last century. Would be nice if they could update while respecting the historical significance of the location.

Jason Brunner

Kenneth Sanchez

A wonderful experience to share with friends and family. The eggs benedict are so far the best I've had in Denver and knowing your drinking water that comes from a natural artesian well under the Brown Palace makes it a Colorado experience of its own. Ellyngton's use to be called the San Marcos Room where big bands of the day had once played, with its old rich history its safe to say there are a few ghost stories along the way( they do have amazing ghost tours as well by Ms Deb, the Brown Palace historian) From the beatles to presidents to royalty they have stayed and ate and have had many good conversations within the walls of the world famous Brown Palace. Eat, enjoy and discover what us natives already know about the Brown and discover for yourself this amazing place to stay and dine.

Egon Wied

We have dined at Ellngtons Sunday brunch many times and I'm sad to say ,because of their popularity it seems like they dont feel they have to be challenged to put on a exquisite Sunday brunch. It used to be when you walk in you were treated to a lavish looking buffet now it's at least 1/3 smaller and the variety is much less.Even their deserts are nothing to brag about ,which was always the high point after great brunch . Considering you pay $75 per person it was a let down.Hope they will improve to at least the level of the old.

Alex Naymark

We recently visited Ellyngton’s at Brown Palace for a birthday brunch. The ambiance and historic aspect of the experience were the only enjoyable parts of this experience. The seafood and sushi options that are highlighted were abysmal, the oysters were simply inedible. For a brunch of this caliber/price, crab legs should be a staple. We were scrambling to find something to eat, this is simply unacceptable for the price point. The meat carving station was simply average, although the pork shoulder was moist, and was one of the only enjoyable items of the spread. Moreover, the pancake from scratch station was a central staple of the brunch, and did taste authentic/homemade. Overall, the chapagne brunch needs serious reconsideration for the price point. Would not recommend this brunch, most 30 dollar brunch options have a better spread and similar ambiance. On a side note, the champagne offerings were good.

Jeff Edgell

Great brunch. Be sure to have reservations.

Lul Osman

cyndi cushing

Enjoyed THE BEST bloody mary ever, and a fabulous alacarte breakfast of 2 eggs plus corned beef hash. Order was executed perfectly by the chef, and excellent service by the waitstaff!

Michael Allen Stevenson

Champagne brunch. Chocolate waterfall. What else do you need to know?

Santos Banuelos

Wish I had more time to enjoy breakfast more often.

Kristen Adame

This years mother's day brunch was disappointing. A lot of lunch options but not many breakfast items. The service was great as usual but the food was not as good and not as many options as we've had in years past.

jackie zino

Ellington is a good place. Food was good. No complaints

Chad Conley

Wonderful Breakfast & very nice service

Nick J

Dawn Schissler

Awesome bruch!

Always 5 Star

I had heard that within the historic Brown Palace that Ellyngton’s is famous for their brunch. I can understand why after having an amazing dining experience. This is truly special from the plethora of high quality buffet choices; prime rib, shrimp, sushi, pastries, egg dishes, and fantastic desserts, you will enjoy it all…and of course, the champagne! Look to Ellyngton’s to indulge yourself by enjoying the wonderful Sunday Champagne brunch. Tip: Be sure to make reservations as it is a very popular restaurant.

Bill Casey

Alexander Reyes

Creative breakfast options!

Taylor Elkins

A few years ago I had the best french toast of my life here.

D Brayshaw

Thomas Clark

Yesterday we took a dear friend and his wife to breakfast at Ellyngton's to celebrate his 75th birthday. We noted the celebration in our reservation but received no recognition. For decades we have enjoyed the Brown Palace and its remarkable history. Ellyngton's failed at every level. The food was substandard as was the wait staff. Our server took his break in the middle of our meal and when he returned he wreaked of cigarette smoke. The manager asked in a feigned tone how things were but only made excuses for the staff's underperformance. We were embarrassed for having touted this place to our friends. Frankly, we may of have had a better experience at a truck stop. Next time we are to consider a "special" place for breakfast Ellyngton's won't be on the list. I feel like we've lost a place that was dear to us for many years.

K & D Callaway

Sad for the $$$$ still good but could have fed 4 at the Lobby and had a mimosa hangover.

Laura mcm

Went for the food and unlimited Dom Perignon champagne brunch buffet. Employees at the hotel compared this to the Broadmore's buffet. Not even close! Dom was $35 a glass so went with the Moet option for $22 more and not worth it. Not unlimited as told but 3 or 4 glasses. No crab legs or lox. 1 pasta salad with 2 green salads only! Iced seafood was shady oysters, clams, mussels and overcooked shrimp. On ice but still warm. Ice sculpture looked leftover from weeks ago. Sushi was dried out. No really dried out! Very limited meats (pepperoni really?) and cheeses with generic crackers. Fruit bowl of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries were smashed and picked through. Croissants and pastries were dried. Crack as you touch them, dry. Undercooked frittata, overcooked bacon, yucky sausage, dry potatoes. Didn't do the omelette or crepes. Overcooked prime rib. Ham was ok. Steamed broccoli was cold and cheese sauce was a solid mass. Ate a bite here and there because for $75 I needed something! On to dessert. Banana foster was being served. Yuck, don't like. Most of the other desserts were the boxed type from Costco. Not fresh or house made. Some I couldn't cut with a knife! Had 3 glasses of champagne. Service was good but food was horrible. Should've gone to IHOP. I've had better at Golden Corral. So sad to spend $150 for breakfast for 2. Went around again and they put out lox but everything else was the same. Bowls of salad dressings had that 1 inch dried rim from nonuse. Oh and chocolate fountain was a bowl of chocolate sauce! Live and learn

Jason Bathon

Amazing breakfast. Best blueberry muffins ever. Nice thick pieces of bacon. Highly recommend.

Garrett Long

Talia D


Masha Zhdannikova

My boyfriend and I got breakfast which was ok. Nothing special. The service was very quick and on point. I guess the better days to come are on the weekends for brunch and not a Tuesday morning.

Dangerous Dan

There were a few positives, but primarily disappointments. Upon entering, several staff members were dressed professionally, matching the theme. Another was in an odd sweater and very casual clothing. All we're polite and we were seated quickly. There are several lights jammed into the ceiling to illuminate the stage area. It appears to be a fire hazard but my guess isn't he asbestos will likely abate any problems. The view out the window was nice until a man walked up with a "need booze" sign. The price for the buffet was $60. Way too much for the selection. If you'd like some bubbles, expect to pay an additional $20-40 a glass. Various complimentary drinks are available. I attempted to enjoy the OJ and grapefruit juice, but both glasses had some leftovers in them. The coffee was decent and the water tastes horrible. I read a sign in the lobby noting the water was from a well. My guess is, a bit of Platte River flavor has gotten down into the well. My companion tried to order hot tea. The waiter forgot SEVEN times. Onto the food. The buffet provides 1/3 the offerings and quality as other places like the Inverness, and at a higher rate. The salad bar offered two premixes very few compliments and two dressings. The seafood selection provided large shrimp, some shady looking oysters, chilled salmon and dried out sushi. The cheese and fruit offering was about what I put out for a small social gathering at my house. Moving on to the breakfast selection.... Soggy breakfast potatoes, bacon and sausage, a stuffed french toast (where we each found a hair stuffed in) and an omelette/pancake station where the one kid cooking was clearly overwhelmed. The cooked to order offerings were of good quality. Swinging around the corner, there was a bit of dried pork or flank steak and a random Mahi dish with a mixed veggies pan. Waffles, and Eggs Benedict we're available by order. The waffles showed up cold and the Benedict was just ok. Apparently Bananas Foster Is available for dessert but the waiter didn't mention it. My companion did visit the dessert bar, but noted everything was dried out and hard to chew. I'm very disappointed in what I expected would have been a premier brunch. Many other places have a much better offering. Extra star for free valet and decent jazz band.

Armando Argiz

What a wonderful experience with my wife, son, his wife and our wonderful granddaughter. What a great memory we are making. Great service and food. We were made to feel special. Thank you to Sean our waiter and Christen, one of the managers.

Shaun Iverson

Absolutely fantastic. We went for breakfast before check-out. The food was beyond expectation, especially since we went with the buffet because the menu is oddly lacking in options. Even with the buffet you can order as many pancakes, omelettes, and eggs Benedict as you desire. The last of which is always perfectly cooked and topped with chives and black truffle! The service was perfect, always someone to take your plate or refill a glass as necessary.

Sean Miller

Beautiful dining area and the steak and eggs w/potatoes was delicious.

Stephanie Pagel

Had a great lunch with a girlfriend today. Both ordered the Cobb Salad. Very good! Also, service was excellent and extremely attentive. A Historic and Iconic Hotel, Restaurants and Spa at the Brown Palace. It was very comfortable with a charismatic atmosphere.

Lee Deskins

Historic and good service, there for breakfast and the Denver Omelette was disappointing. Pricy, you pay for historic.

Scott Stapley

Spencer Morris

Great sandwiches

Joseph Zwolinski

Honestly one of the worst meals I've ever eaten. The lobster BLT had plenty of lobster, but the good news stopped there. It was a bland, impossible to eat open faced monster. The patty melt was far to thick, dry and doused in spicy brown mustard. The club had dry toast and was also doused in spicy brown mustard. Really really disappointed that they have bar food-type options at fine dining prices and fast food flavors. The 2 stars is for the services, the lone bright spot.

Hailey Sprague

The best brunch I’ve ever had. I loved how big the dessert selection was, and the variety was amazing.

Jennifer Kaylor

Guy Bickel

The buffet is amazing!

Alex Villagonez

Lindsay Hugg

Jessica Bodmer

Rolls Royce of breakfast! Best brioche french toast and eggs benedict

Ann Hetrick

Phenomenal service and a killer breakfast

Thomas Johnston

Very good service and fancy ambiance. Food was alright, portions were off but overall a pretty decent spot for lunch.

Nathan Olsen

Jessie Golden

Lovely staff. Delicious gluten free options. Gorgeous food. Warm atmosphere.

Al Chen

Most amazing brunch in Denver!

Yogi Diner

Kimberly Barnes

We went for a 50th birthday. The food was good but the room was very warm. They did get some fans Also we had a large party and I think we could have use more servers or just one to be exclusive to us.

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