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2683 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233

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REVIEWS OF El Azteca Mexican Food IN Colorado

Allen Washington

I would highly recommend this place! We recently ordered catered fajitas for our daughter’s first birthday party and they were amazing! The portion sizes were great, the order was ready on time, and the food was delicious! In addition, El Azteca as the BEST breakfast burritos!! They’re giant and tasty. I grew up in Texas and have been spoiled by great Mexican food- this place hits the mark!

Brett Moniz

Great meal deals here. The have the Azteca Meal which is a carne asada burrito with rice and beans for about $7-8 after tax and always fills me up and they also have the Big Plate Meal which is a bean burrito, cheese enchilada, and beef taco for about $9-10 after tax. Not a huge parking lot but you can park right next to El Azteca at Wendy's and walk 30 seconds across the parking lot. Also not a huge dine-in area but they do to-go so don't worry you can still get their great food if they're packed. They close like an hour earlier during the week so make sure you get there in time! Really good food, the best green chili smother sauce, and pretty quick.

Jeremiah Green

Delicious. Nuff said

Jessica Kent

Great customer service, quick, affordable, and good portion sizes. Food is average and could use more seasoning and flavor. Better than the competitor in the mission trace shopping center.

Matthew Biera

Great food. Best Mexican food I've had in Colorado since I moved here 6 years ago

Adam Figenser

Best Mexican food ever!

Victor Vasquez

Horrible service, I had placed an order at around 1030 AM which they said would take 30 mins so I arrived around 1105, I continued to wait until 1145 and my food still wasnt done nor did they offer to check on the hold up after asking multiple times. Finally I got a refund for my money. If you want your time wasted this is a perfect place for you.

Joey Giron

The staff are very polite and helpful. Food is delicious. Thank you El Azteca.

Jane Bond

Amazing chili cheese fries

Nicole Clark

This is my go to place for breakfast on the weekends since I run my own business and they are usually fast. I called at 1130am on Saturday Jan 5th to place my order in for 3 basic breakfast burritos. They said it would be ready in 15mins. I got there at 1148am. My husband went in while I stood outside with our baby. 1155am I call him and ask what’s taking so long and he was still waiting. Saw people that got there after us leave with their orders. Finally at 1210pm husband went up and expressed everybody else already got their orders. The girl then pointed to the cooler where they apparently been sitting on the cooler the entire time and the girls never even noticed! This is not the first time! I let the first time slide, I know how businesses can make mistakes. But really mean well and trying to make a living. When We pulled away and started to eat our burritos they were cold and stiff. Given this was the 2nd time, we went back to get our refund this time. I’m putting this review on here because if your going to have that option to have an order to placed make sure you guys have an organized process for those orders. You lost a costumer that paid/tipped every week regularly.

Estee Lohrman

This place is well priced and has great food. The only downside is they can't fit all the people who want to eat here. We order out all the time.

Lover Of Weed

Place is delicious, haven't had a bad meal yet. Breakfast burrito is great and I have had dinner before here too that was awesome as well. Great prices, fast and wonderful service . Thank you .

Esther Wright

We were looking for a place to get quick Mexican take out and were lucky to have found this place! It's a local place with good food and its reasonable. I highly recommend the Colorado Burrito with carne asada. Its amazing. The rice and beans here are great sides too. Not a fan of the smothered burritos but thats not cause of El Azteca.


I love their food! I eat there all the time. Excellent food!

Nickole Jones

Love this place I'm sad we don't live close anymore but whenever we are close its a must!

Benigno Gonzales

Friendly staff and good food

Marki Hernandez

This place is amazing always has been. I recently ordered from door dash and both times they forgot the main ingredient the salsa. Like with out there salsa the food is very bland and dry. Will be avoiding this place for awhile 50 dollars worth down the drain cant eat dry flavorless food thanks for nothing

Mona Answer

Good food. Authentic. VERY clean place. Wide varietie of food items and drinks

Siad Damouh

Rice and beans is always good. Asada meals are so so.

Omar Rdz

Super good food with huge portions at reasonable price and very friendly service. Very fast on take out as well. I totally recommend this place.

Cameron Palan

Went here for a quick dinner the other night and my only regret is that I didn't go sooner! I ended up trying out the Thornton Special burrito and my girlfriend got shredded beef tacos. Both came out hot and delicious. Burrito was the perfect size and filled with green chili, as requested. The fillings were all tasty and evenly portioned. The tacos were crunchy and satisfying, and I heard no complaints from my lady. Delicious beans and rice on top of it all.

Katlyn Rollins

Extremely dissatisfied. Would give zero stars. Not a restaurant with servers that come to your table but a walk up counter service/self-service drink fountain. The menu is only pictures on the wall with no descriptions. The young woman at the counter was more concerned with talking to another employee and was so unhelpful answering questions my party of 6 and I decided to go to Tequila's about a mile down the street instead (which was excellent with better food and drink options). Disappointed!

Ken C

The best green Chile in Colorado hands down. Food is always great, the price is fair, and the staff is very friendly. This has been my go-to restaurant since it opened.

Andy M

Best BURRITOS, thornton burrito is great. Awesome green chili

Milo Smith

Food quality is in constant bike that the food is really good most of the time.

Chris Bartkowicz

nothing special. Hot & fast

Kendra Billen

I would highly recommend this place! We recently ordered catered fajitas for our daughter’s first birthday party and they were amazing! The portion sizes were great, the order was ready on time, and the food was delicious! In addition, El Azteca as the BEST breakfast burritos!! They’re giant and tasty. I grew up in Texas and have been spoiled by great Mexican food- this place hits the mark!


Best Chile cheese Fries. Staff is always friendly.

Robert Duran

I go to this place once or twice a month since nothing in the area. Food is always pretty good. Just not a green chile type of place. I dont get any in the burrito or you just cant taste it. Green chile is a staple of Colorado..if they did this. I would make this my go to place. Please.. Add spice..or more green chile to burritos..

Angelique Gallegos

It's good just wish they put more green Chile in it.

Sami Little

This place was suggested to me and Its my new go to for Mexican food. It's great!

Frank Solano

Excellent food, great and friendly service !

Dennis Miller

Found it on Google and the carne asada fries were money.

Jennifer Newmann

Most authentic mexican I've had so far in the area. Delicious and well priced!

Adam James

Great food, excellent service.

Anthony Abeyta

They have good burritos! There prices are reasonable.

Kyle Thoe

The food was good, and a good deal. It's not the best burrito I ever had, but if you are looking for a hole in the wall stop for tasty Mexican food, this is a good place.

Elizabeth Eusebio

love this place, the food,the service and fair prices.


Every time I come to this restaurant, I have to wait a long time, the slow restaurant, and the restaurant has no air conditioning. The hot air is very bad.

Tiena Jackson

Called in an order for pick up. Completely messed up my order. I didn’t check to make sure we got fault. Called when I got home and notice items were missing. Girl said no I wasn’t she checked my order personally. Told me to hold the mean time preceded to talk crap about me in spanish....which I understood. the way. Then I said can I pick up the missing food. She hangs up....really. Won’t be returning.

Jessica Romero

Got the Chile relleno plate was ok. Didn't get the option of crispy or soft. Was given soft. Chile not spicy at all, needed salt.

Chelsea Sohrweid

Very great customer service! It was my family and I's first time in there and everything was amazing! The food was great! Atmosphere great! And the cashier was so nice!

Wendy Lopez

I had the thornton burrito (pretty much a california burrito with sour cream added) and was pleased with what it turned out to be - big and tasty. They have good hard shell shredded beef tacos too imo (pretty sure they fry their own shells too). Breakfast burrito is pretty good too! Red sauce actually has a kick and green sauce is pretty tasty too.

Marianne Junker

I like the breakfast burritos I got one the other day though and it killed my stomach but other than that one time they have been good

Misti Sanchez

All I need is a tortilla filled with whatever and I am happy. Best tortillas

Garrett Scanland

Wonderful smothered burritos. Not a lot of meat options or great service, but what they have is good and fair-priced. Beware the online menu prices, they dont all match what you pay when you get there.

Tonia Pacheco

Great food, good prices nd good customer service

Marcos lucio

bomb asada fries...

Zech Lumpkin

Wow! This place is great! Very inexpensive and great tasting food! Eating Mexican food outside of Texas is always a little scary, but this place nails it! It should be 5 stars.

Miss Van

Our go to place! We love El Azteca! There breakfast burritos are our fav with their green chili its soo yummy! We also love their crispy shredded beef tacos and their carna asada tacos as well! Mmm ordering now!

The Clarke Family

Always great food and service

Christy Whaley

Horribly rude staff. Messed my order up and offered no apologizes. Was put off by asking for them to fix it. Will never go back.

Scott Senske

Great food and service

Derek Conrad

Great authentic mexican food, with a clean/chill atmosphere, and excellent customer service!

Crystal Cordova

Usually love this place but today they dropped the ball my order was incomplete and they didn't give me salsa and piled my taco on top of my tostada making me a taco salad instead of a taco and tostada

Dustin J. Hardin

Better than Chubby's or it's competitors. Go with the special Carnitas burrito meal.

Scott Newman

Great portion sizes, great taste

Michael DeMattee

A huge menu to choose from and the tortillas taste very fresh. Never usually busy which means not very long wait times. I usually prefer to call ahead anyway and pic it up. Either way good for and servings are enormous! Family friendly, doesn’t serve alcohol that I know if anyway which is a bummer if you would like to eat in and enjoy a beer with dinner!

Kenneth Gestner

Awesome find, great food!!

Romeo Lewis

We were looking for a place to get quick Mexican take out and were lucky to have found this place. It's a local place with good food and its reasonable. We had a burrito, a tostada and the taquitos which were really good. And we got a breakfast burrito to was HUGE. The girl there was so nice and helpful she delivered the food out to us (we decided to stay and eat) and kept checking on us to make sure all was good. Definitely check this place out everything was very good we will be back.

Francisco Palacios

Amazing food and never disappointed. Very family friendly. All the food they serve is excellent.

Christopher Tyler

I love their breakfast burritos. Whenever I introduce our friends to this place, I always tell them to try their red sauce. Let's just say the red sauce on the side is fire. I don't like to talk on prices, because you get what you pay for, but this place is cheaper than most. Oh yeah, call ahead, because the food is made to order, so it takes a minute.

sher foose

Big portions, love the combo platter options! Service is good, takes just a bit for the food to come out. Staff is always friendly.

Nicole Spencer

Hot, fresh and yummy!! Though I waited 20ish minutes for ONE burrito, but thats ok this place is worth the suggestion, make the chili hotter!!!

Jake Seymour

Better than anywhere else around this area


Always love the food. Quick and reasonable prices! The breakfast burritos are fantastic and the chili is always the perfect spice levels. The staff seems very helpful and quickly fixes issues as they arise. The place is a little run down, but clean.

Mark Lansville

When I get here the food is great! Fajitas, steak tacos, combinations and all the taco sauces are amazing! Traditional starts with El Azteca!

Javier Sujo

Food has always been hot and delicious. I have been coming twice a month for 3 years and have not been disappointed.

Ray Alvarez

Great food and service

Erin Celeste

Carnita fries was very delicious..

Leasa Thomas

Excellent pork burritos but green chili very spicy hot. Large portions. Wonderful staff.

Alex Martin

Best Mexican food this side of town, and hands down the most affordable.

Carlos J

Food is really good. And the service is awesome.

Rose K

This place is awesome!! The food is delicious, large portions and at a great price. The staff is always friendly as well. If you're looking for an amazing hole-in-the-wall Mexican food place, this is your spot!

Scott Seppers

Very good traditional style Mexican food that is low priced for what you get. Huge burritos!

Anita B

The salsas were spicy and good, the place is clean and their staff is friendly. However, both times I've eaten from here that meat is dry, tough and flavorless. Kinda tasted like it was cooked earlier in the day and they just reheated it. The tortillas from my tacos were easily breaking apart and we're a little tough and dry as well. Hopefully they get either a better cook or improve their food quality because there's not a lot of Mexican food joints around where I live, so far only this one.

Brian Allen

The meat was not seasoned enough and it was kind of expensive.

Scott DeHuff

I've orded from here multiple times. Every time, the food is lacking flavor and meat tends to be dry. Staff is very friendly. They just need to improve their food.

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