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REVIEWS OF Dave & Buster's IN Colorado

Haley Waind

Good apps and Happy Hour deals. Went on a Wednesday and they had 1/2 price games. Wasn't busy during that evening which was great for our young kids. We had a large group and our waitress was great and patient with all of our orders.

Kristal Cawley

This place definitely exceeded my expectations! Everything was great! Our server was well familiar with everything. Every question he answered with clarity. Our food came out nice, hot, and everything was correct. The gaming section had a game for everyone in our party! We will definitely be coming back!

Michelle Haynes

First time ever went to Dave and Busters and it was fabulous! But really I just didn't want to leave!! It certainly was a place for adults to hang out and just be kids. Then you realize as a adults we all wish we we're just kids LOL.. honestly isn't that crazy but truth.. Anywho Life Goes On!

Connie Rietdyk

You have to hit up the late night happy hour!! Half off cocktails, beer food and games. It was the perfect date night for me and my man. It’s right on international drive, so convenient. Late night happy hours goes from 10pm to 1am!! Get your game on

Matt Durrance

The food was good. The server was excellent. The games were fun. But we paid $52 for game cards and "won" enough points to buy some candy and a couple of small trinkets. Big money drain. To me it was not worth it. We had fun, though. It was my son's birthday.

Alicia Watkins

This place has went down hill fast! We got there and had a wait which was no problem, we just went and played games. Then they called us to sit down, waited another 30-40 min before someone came. Lord this girl was all over the place, she told me that fries didn’t come with my meal and it did

Cathy Zulauf

My grandkids LOVE this place. Food and service are always great! They have a nice outdoor lounge area when old folks like me need a minute away from the noise and activity!

Kim Blanchet

We only went for the pool tables and food. We went to the previous location and loved how secluded the pool tables were (made it feel like a pool hall & bar which we loved) now the tables are within the party area (which can get real loud) and the bowling alley (which is also really loud when people are bowling). Not sure if it is because I get headaches really bad or just got turned off by how much noise was around which made it hard to focus on our hits. Only played an hour because of it. Food was good. We tried a sampler meal and shared it which server / food runner told us the sauces and still got us another because we weren't sure of them. Good service from server / bartender. Only suggestion is to have the people in charge of the counter to try and pay attention less to her phone and more to counter. Don't get me wrong - it's slow so you check your phone & stuff but when people are standing there for almost a whole minute before you pay attention can make people annoyed. Just reiterate the importance of looking up from your phone. I have been in service rolls all my life not hard to reiterate it.


Awesome games and the food is really good. Definitely a great place!

Jake Short

Not our best visit to D and B. My food didn't taste great, but they brought me something else, redeemed. The host didn't tell us that they were building a wall in the dining room and all we heard during dinner was hammering and drilling. Our server was absent,I talked to the manager that I called over more than our server. My wife's food was amazing though

joey goodwin

Kids and I had a great time! Appetizer's were really good

Sid Greer

Well my original post was positive. But upon looking at me receipt the waiter wrote in his own trip crossing out the one I wrote in and I was charged more. I went in to talk with the manager who said they would take care of it and they didn't. I'm along time customer and I'm not very pleased with this. It may be time for me to take my family and business elsewhere!

Jessica Ramsey

We absolutely love it here it was our first time ever coming there the food was alright but we were def there for the fun. Tons of game selections and plenty to do we spent hours here with our teens and toddler and had a great time. Only complaint we have is that to get here is a 2 hour and something drive we'd hope at some point they'd make one closer to Bloomington.

Scott McClure

Sat in the dining room for 25min and no one helped our party of 5. We asked another waitress if we could order food...she said she wasn’t our waitress and pointed to another waitress. So we asked that waitress if we could finally order. She said she wasn’t our waitress either and would try and find one for us. Went to the bar and asked for someone to help us. Extremely disorganized and no servers available to help customers. There are empty tables here so they are not overwhelmed or busy. Where is our server? Still sitting here and it’s 6:22 pm.

Blake Tumpey

Needs some more games. But love the vr.

Matthew Costello

Although there was a mix up on my order, so I was left waiting a bit, I didn't mind one bit. The food was amazing, the staff are excellent and I'd recommend this place to anyone. If you've got kids, this really is one of the best places to go!


I love Dave and Buster's a lot even though I've only went there once in Orlando but it was really really fun I was about nine years old when I went and we did a couple of things we ate we play games and then what it was getting it's just a tiny bit of dark we started to head home because we live in Belleview so yeah

Lily Rose

I went today to the international drive Dave and busters and played a few games. The kids had so much fun playing a sponge bob card game. When we went to cash in the cards they were not scanning and the manager told me I didn’t get those cards there. Excuse me.. where else would I get the cards? Anyways he refused to help me so I ended up throwing away the cards. Obviously it’s no use to me outside of Dave and busters so why would I keep the cards.. I played $50. In that game alone because the kids were trying to get all the cards. Well never again for me. Left disappointed with upset kids because we couldn’t get much from the points we had.

Amy Thomas

Kids had fun playing the games... mommy need a break. It was good too. Alex was our server he was awesome

Juan Feliciano

Good place, we went to celebrate a 11 year old birthday and was great. It is good idea to arrive early if going with kids.

JD Odom

This is a great place to take the family. Even as an adult the games are a lot of fun! The food, however, not so great. We have been to this location several times and the meals have been nothing more than average. Do not fall for the $5 appetizer specials. Sounds like a good deal but the portions are extremely small and not worth the $5 price tag. Service here is kind of a mixed bag. The wait staff is very young so you either get great service or end up with a terrible waiter/ waitress. Wednesday is half price games but get there early because it get crowded during peak lunch and dinner times. If you like to avoid crowded restaurants, Monday is probably the best day to go.

Tishana Busby

I enjoyed my time here, the games were fun, my children loved it, but in order to nurse my infant daughter, unless I wanted to go to the bathroom (gross) or nurse her in front of dozens of people, I had to go to my car, which can be a little difficult with a five-month old. If there were a nursing room, or somewhere for nursing mothers to go it would be great and I would definitely give it 5 stars.

Tony Pith

Dave and Busters is always a fun stop! This is our local one, in the heart of Orlando’s tourist section. The place is large... my only complaint is that parking is limited. They block off parking and make it valet now... if you don’t want.. you’ll be waiting in line forever searching for that one spot everyone is chasing. If it is mainly for tourist, I get it.. charge whatever.. but for a local spot, there are many other choices out there. With that said.. I still think it’s a great place to have fun. It’s definitely not the economical place to go, but it’s one of the best for good fun.. all ages. Safe place with plenty of games. Good food selection and helpful staff. Great place. Parking sucks.

Aaron Johnson

Great place. My Autistic son Loves it and he brings us there from 2 hours away, 3-4 times a year.

Michael Wilson

We normally visit when in Orlando and Panama City. Was made aware of rewards program and to download the app to start process. Tried multiple times and after waiting over 30 minutes to talk with manager I was informed only available to iphone presently. So much for being rewarded for $150 spent on food & games.

Marvin Taylor

Had a good time. good selection of games for the kids cold beer for Dad

Lexi Fodor

It's pretty cheap to get game tokens here especially if you go on a Wednesday or one of their deal days! The drinks are also really unique and tasty! The service anywhere except for the bar is absolutely atrocious though. There's a lady that always has crazy bright hair that is suuuuuper rude especially if you ask her a question. The bathrooms are always pretty gross and the game machines are dirty with pieces of gum squished into them.


I am giving two stars as we really enjoyed the food here. The rest, I didn't find there is be many games here, slot of the same games repeated. The pointing system they use in exchange for cash to play their games is very miss leading and works out to very expensive to play just a few games. I don't think this will be somewhere I would visit the next time we're in Orlando.

A Boyd

Excellent Server.. We had a wonderful waitress and I was shocked how great the food taste.. Will go back there again!!

Tasha Smith

The bartender wasnt very pleasant. She left us sitting there we had to walk too the inside bar that was super noisey... that bar tender was great the guy served us right away....

Kristal Cawley

This place definitely exceeded my expectations! Everything was great! Our server was well familiar with everything. Every question he answered with clarity. Our food came out nice, hot, and everything was correct. The gaming section had a game for everyone in our party! We will definitely be coming back!

Clifford OneHundredd

Amazing Place not only for family but also for a date. Amazing food and nostalgia arcade gamez

cynthia peterson

Played some pool and had fun with my family

Sergio Serrano

For my first time I loved it. My wife and daughter loved it as well. We had fun and definitely recommend this place.


Great environment for family and friend time the bar has some great meals! The games and vr games that are there are the greatest . It's also a amazing place for kid birthdays!!

melody monroe

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. Also my family & I had a great time bowling.

Baby Burrr

Had a great time. Food was good. Spent a bit of money.. although we new we were going to when we went there. Hellacopter pad in front was pretty awesome to watch

Sebastian Prior

Very fun atmosphere and good food. A little pricey but definitely worth the visit for the fun and food.

Siniva Areta

This place is amazing. They have a wide variety of drinks and the ones I've had were great! On top of that, you can channel your inner child at the arcade. It can end up being an expensive night but totally worth it!

Landon McDonald

I have 4 stars because my kids loved it. I had issues with one of the cards not reading at the machines, it would take several scans to work. Came on a Saturday afternoon and spent a good 30 minutes trying to secure a parking spot.

Barton Anderson

Service could be better. Food could be served hot than warm. Selection of draft is good.


Mixed review for Dave and Buster’s. After hearing the CEO on CNBC I decided to give the house of fun a try for their food. Met my brother for a late lunch on Wednesday. The place was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday. A really good sign for the economy. Our server was Carrie, she was a seven year veteran and the bomb. Essential facts: We had a group of 8. Two families of 4. We ordered a combination of burgers, sirloin with grilled shrimp, Chicken and waffles, and a philly. Food took way longer than expected. I ordered my steak medium rare. That poor cow suffered a horrible death twice. While the flavor and tenderness was very good, everything seemed overdone. That being said, the broccoli was cooked perfectly. Some will find that all very acceptable, I do not. Flavor and service was top notch, hence the ranking. I will try this and another location again. Just keep your expectations in check. Find Carrie at this location. She is definitely a 5 star server!


We had a blast! Great people and awesome food. Great place to hangout at. Great prices.

Bonnie Gillespie

Absolutely enormous place, lots of fun games and delicious food. The arcade was pretty loud, but that's to be expected in a place that D&B's. We loved the giant games.

Matthew Baker

Great food and drinks, you can always try something new with their constantly updated menus. The kids can play games when you’re finished.

Robert Jacobs

1st time to this location its was an awesome experience i will be back!! Excellent prizes in the winners circle..

Latanya Patterson

My food wasn't good! My chicken tenders was fried to hard

Destiny Beebe

Me and my husband had a blast especially on the virtual reality rideit was dope going again soon

Daniel Reichwein

The only reason I'm giving this place two star instead of one is because they have some cool games. Do not recommend eating here. Overpriced food that was subpar at best and service that was more than lacking. Sat for 15 minutes before being greeted and was assured that we would get happy hour prices despite it being shortly after happy hour. All we ordered was 3 happy hour appetizers and a drink and we waited over an hour. Check comes out and we were charged $31 and that was after a measley $10 discount, it should have only been around $19. Fifteen minutes later of waiting on deliberation from a "strict" manager to see if we get charged appropriately based off of what we were promised when we were finally greeted by our server, and they come back with another $5 off. Not even busy, bad experience in the restaurant. They need to hire more help, organize staff better or something. The unlimited game pass is limited to only about 30% of all the games.

Joel Lommasson

Lots of great games for family. We had a birthday party and it was great. Only four stars because food is priced as if this is an airport.

Sarah Hernandez

The staff are wonderful and were completely happy to explain how the token system for the games worked.


It was fun, and they have great deals. However I don't have enough games for the deals that they offer. And after 9 p.m. be prepared to fight for a game LOL The food is probably good if you stick to Burgers and chicken wings. I would definitely not recommend any type of pasta. Not worth the cost. I think it's the menu fluff that knowing normally orders unless there are like me and my wife LOL.

Michelle Haynes

First time ever went to Dave and Busters and it was fabulous! But really I just didn't want to leave!! It certainly was a place for adults to hang out and just be kids. Then you realize as a adults we all wish we we're just kids LOL.. honestly isn't that crazy but truth.. Anywho Life Goes On!

Brittany P

Got a great deal for Dave and buster's on groupon. Super fun, we had some great family time. Shout out to abby at the front who was very nice.

Deborah Morris

Ive been bringing my family to the venture drive location for years. Now they are closed permanently. I like this location, Good place to bring your family for fun!

BigE 404

Server was kinda slow. Food not worth the price. It was for the kids so.. overall we enjoyed our visit

Denise Crosbie

Amazing kid friendly, nice atmosphere. Visited later in the evening and my kids had a blast. Looking forward to our next visit.

Matt Carleo

All in all it was fun. The price was a little high. The games were fun. A couple games took money and were broken. Some employees were great and some clearly hated their job. $$$

Kristen Smith

Super fun for the kids. Half price games on Wednesdays so extremely crowded, but they never had to wait more than a couple minutes to play. Food is okay, family-friendly with some interesting twists.

TheFutureIsNow 24.7

Awesome place for everyone, food is great as well.

Joy Smidt

The food was just not good. Bread was hard, stale. Hot food was cold and had send wrong food back. Server was attentive. Games were great. Just very disappointed with the food. The pretzel hot dogs were much anticipated but were not good.

Zoe Diaz

It would have been perfect if when my wings were accidentally made buffalo were made BBQ when requested. Instead the server brought me the same buffalo wings just covered in BBQ sauce. I had to ask the waiter to fix my wings and he did it in a timely manner the right way.

Penny Lafave-Jensen

So much fun. Love this adult child gaming center. You can have adult beverages or a soda. Doesn't matter you will still have a great time. Buy a package deal you will use all your tokens. They have a happy hour. Kids menu and adult menu or finger food. You can sit in the dining area or at a table in the game room. Very affordable for the whole family. Easy access off and on the highway. Hotels close by. Front of house staff is very helpful and welcoming. Love this as a treat for a weekend.

Christy Wilcox

So much fun! My kids love all the games and there are so many to choose from. My youngest has some sensory issues, but it is laid out really well so even though it's noisy, it doesn't feel crowded or overwhelming. The food is reasonably priced compared with other restaurants and a variety of healthier choices alongside regular burgers, nachos, and ribs. They have pasta dishes you can replace with zoodles which is nice for low-carb diners. Great way to spend the afternoon!

Anthony L

Always fun. Good food and great selection of games.


Great place to have a Birthday party. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

terril albea

Great time very good Service and very nice people

Glen Malone II

The experiences was great with playing the games. However, The food experiences wasn't as good. The issue was my steaks. I sent both my wife and I steaks back to get prepare as medium rare and they kept bring back medium well done. I don't understand how hard it was to get that right. The manager was the person who took my order back. Lasty, We ask about eat & play. They said that they only do that during the week. However, The waitress should have said check social media pages for any special. It would have be good for the couple that was with us who has never been there before. Way to go for Customer Services. I really hope our experiences is better when we come back.

Lisa Dave

Layla was awesome great service I think she was the only one working thanks!


It was amazing.p.s.try the slushies with the gummy worms in them.SO GOOD.

Luis M. Reyes

Very nice place. Lots of fun.

John Pomeroy

It is a good place to get away and unwind for an hour.

Andrew Aguilar

Had a fun time but majorly overcrowded. Went during the day and there were still tons of kids running around. Was hoping to have fun with some adult friends but that didn’t happen.

Jeff Pettorino

Decent bar food, fun games. Not too pricey...

James Turner

Overly expensive for a family. $50 only gets you a couple of game play. $100 goes up like smoke. Absolutely better to invest in some other family outing. They do however have half price Wednesday. All in all definitely not worth the money are pitiful and outdated.

Danielle Freeman

We only went here to eat. This was my first time at Dave and Busters. I got the thai was mediocre. Service was slow but we got there during a busy time and no one should blame servers or cooks for being busy. Our server was friendly, but a bit forgetful with orders and drinks. Over all I wouldn't consider their food or service to be fine dining like the business advertises....the prices definitely reflect a delusion of fine dining...but it's not a terrible place to stop and eat either. It's your basic sports bar type food.

Dana James

I have a special needs child and they were beyond accommodating. Staff helped and answered questions. No problems with accessibility. FANTASTIC. will sing their praises to anyone with an autistic child


The only reason this subpar food having, lame excuse for an adult Chuck E Cheese wannabeing is getting any stars is because they actually hired a competent bartender that was as good as she could be.

Nathan Sheffield

Fun games but the drinks are... Well not so great.

Trish Beale

Was there for several hours with a large group. The food was good ( hamburgers, chicken and waffle sliders wings and salads) the drinks were a bit over priced. The service was awful. All of the dirty dishes sat on our table for hours. Our total bill without games was close to $600, for that amount should have had better service. Lucky for our server the gratuity was built in

Jeff Johnson

Really good team building event.

matthew minish

It was a fun place to go. Food was alright , but the games were fun. It's all a bit in the pricey side.

Victor Vargas

Had a great time with the family playing games and visiting the mall. The restaurant service was really slow we finally sat down after waiting for a table and nobody ever came to take our order. So we played a little longer and went to eat somewhere else.

David H.

Love this place. I wish the franchise would get rid of the VR since it's not really that utilized by most people. But other than that it's amazing and one of our favorite places to go

Nitr EngiEx

We had problems with the food but the manager took care of it which is good service. I do think alot of the games are kind of lame. Im more old school and there is nothing old school here. What ever happened to pinball tables? They got miniature air hockey instead of full sized tables Like the old days. Overall a good place to go but I'm not going to be rushing back. Drinks are good. Food is good when done right. Still giving 5 stars but I would like to see things change Im also dissatisfied how we spent 130 tokens and most of the games didn't give new Me tickets when I should have had like 500 with what I spent.

Laura Snyder

Had a lot of fun. The staff at the restaurant was excellent. Food was excellent. The staff at the arcade part was very helpful. Both parts were very clean. The games seemed to be well maintained. I recommend this business to everyone I know!

Tanisha Burroughs

Good food. And fun. This location has bowling. Its a little pricey. Pool tables and lots to do in the mall if you choose to leave D&B. Only one attraction down at the time i went but had lots of fun with the family

Ronald Marzett

Never been before and finally got a chance to experience it for myself. The reason it's 4/5 is because of the pricing for the games and you may need to spend at least $50 to get your money's worth out of most if the games. I went on a Wednesday where the games were half priced and went through $10 in about an hour. Didn't get a chance to experience the food part, but when I do, I'll make sure to leave another review.

Darlene Price

Great food and drinks fun place

Christin Mason

Probably the last time we go there. We took our daughter there last night to celebrate her birthday, and boy that was a mistake. We sat in the dining room, and were greeted by our waitress. She pleasant enough, but got the order all wrong. We ordered pretzel dogs, but got pizza dogs. My husband ordered just catsup and onions on his burger, but got cheese and mayo. When we sent the food back, my husband got THE SAME THING! My daughter didn’t like the pretzel dogs, so I asked for chicken strips. They were dry and not good. When the waitress brought out what resembled a brownie for my daughter, she quickly lit the candle, said happy birthday and walked away. The brownie was dry and stale tasting. We tried to be understanding, but this was just ridiculous. The manager did take some of the food off our bill, but it doesn’t end there. The rest of the night was filled with unfriendly staff, as we made our way to the game room. Not one employee smiled or was nice. I don’t know if it was just an off night, but it was unpleasant for these reasons. I don’t like giving bad reviews, but our daughter’s birthday night was just not what it should have been, especially for the money you’re expected to spend here.

Justyn Nicholson

I've been to many D&B's, this is by far the worst. My wife and I were not greeted nor offered seating at the door. We proceeded to sit ourselves. Waiter shows up after 10 minutes and brings menus. Table had not been set. We proceed to order drinks and starters/food. Drinks arrive in fashionable time(hence the 2 stars). That's where everything good ended. We receive our starters, my wife's soup is room temperature & my Caesar salad is nothing but lettuce and a bottle of dressing(forget the dark brown lettuce). We both move onto our meals that are room temperature, our steaks are ordered med-rare/medium(they arrive rare/blue), potatoes are cold, veg is past expired. Eat less than half our meals and throw in the towel. Server comes by and asks for payment, not how meal was.... Leaves to grab bill, doesn't stop just drops the bill without stopping and continues to back of restaurant. Never saw him again. Worst service/meal we've had at a D&B to date.

Big man

Had many great nights at the Marietta location and good times at the a sugarloaf mills location as well

Rosa Cabrera

Food and service was ok. Drinks were great! Game card fee is $3.50 each plus points. We easily paid $150 for a family of 4 for 3 hours total

Tyler Powers

Really cool multi-room set up. Beer was a bit overpriced but everything else was great

Alfredo Augusto Cruz

Kids and Grown-ups enjoy this place in the same way. Eletronic Games all around. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours of good entertainment. Food and Drink are wonderful as well.

Abrienne Morada

We didn't eat the food but the games were fun for all age groups. Staff were friendly. Loved the VR experience!!!

Sonny Garcia

My 6 year old son loves this place, I kinda of do too. The food here was tasty and well portioned. Come expecting to spend some $! Great place for birthdays and casual lunches, alone or with a group.

Blue Raven

Fun arcade and sports bar. Little pricey for family fun, but that's Orlando. Good variety of games and great food, good portions. Birthday room but, multiple parties are in one giant room.

Junie Lee

I have always loved Dave and Buster's, and this place never lets me down. They have great prices such as consoles,games,large stuffed animals,etc. When you enter you are greeted by friendly staff along with a great restaurant. If you keep going you reach the arcade. The arcade has a great selection of games, and if one isn't working they help quickly along with compensation such as extra plays. All in all, I feel like that Dave and Buster's is a great place to go no matter what day it is!

Priscilla Cucuta

My b'day was amazing. Thank you for the customer service and the thoughtfulness of the dessert. Will be returning soon

Rahil Ali

This place has changed a bit in a awesome way. The place is a lot of fun and has lots of games to play.

Rocco Day

I like dave and busters, I mean for what it is, restaurant with okay service, food is pretty good, pricing comparable to other American cuisine places on Idrive. The games they have are constantly updated and for the most part everything worked which is good. In my opinion the games per play are overpriced, but still fun. The prize system is has some cool things, but as with all of the prize type arcades you could easily buy anything in there online for a fraction of what it would take to win. This is a cool place to kill some time, but certainly not an inexpensive outing.

Larry Simms

Great Bar that's really kind friendly and it will bring back the kid in you.

Ashley Philmore

Such an amazing experience. Enjoyed heavenly Philly cheesesteak sliders and fries as well as a gummy slush. The arcade is great and offers wide variety. Really enjoyed myself and so did my Fiance. Too bad there aren't any in the UK.

Ticina Williams

I was dreasing going bc it was for manditory fun for work but I honestly had a a blast! And the food was ssooo good. Cant wait to go back!

Kevin Gonzalez

Great, very nice place to visit and enjoy a drink or two but super overpriced


Can't speak for the arcade experience (though it looked very cramped) but I felt that the bowling was overpriced and the lanes had frequent malfunctions. The good was decent but the calorie count almost gave me a heart attack.

Terra Amaechi

What a fun time! I was worried it wasn’t going to be family friendly and boy was I wrong! My whole family had a blast! Great food good beer and friendly servers! And huge! So many games to play! Will definitely be back!

Ashanti Hayes

My family had a great time. Unlimited games and Unlimited fun!

January Wake

Kids had a blast. Service was good, food was good. However the construction of a wall and painting next to our table was not ok.


It was ridiculous when it came to being an adult at night and it happened to deal with a bunch of little kids until 1 in the morning! Most of these kids couldn't even find their parents. It's just another day at work taking care of other people's kids when you're supposed to be out having fun as an adult!! I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel this way. They definitely lost my business along with my friends business!

Vanilla Sam

Awesome place and i love to go, just wish it was easier to find servers

Lakeisha Vance

The place was nice and fun the staff was great and alert and the food was good..... I wanted to give them a five but the restroom was not clean at all

Alexis Brown

Nice bar. Fun games. Food could be better. The kitchen had to remake my Tuscan chicken pasta because the chicken wasn't done. Other than that had a good time.

Christopher Samuels

The place was clean and the food was flavorful. However, they brought out a wrong dish to one of the members in our party (party of 6). Usually no big deal, but they took one of the dishes back to the kitchen along with the wrong dish and then said that they would bring out the correct dish for the one they messed up, so now there are two people in my party that don't have food. After about 10 minutes they brought out the correct dish, but only one of them. We had to ask for the other dish to be brought back out as well so that our second party member got their food as well. At the end of the meal, we asked for our check (6 separate) and it took over 10 minutes for the waitress to come back with our checks, even though I could see her chatting with people who seemed to be friends (that were not coworkers) and just standing near the entrance to the seating area. Food was good, service was confusing.

Noah Curry

We all love going here and the kids especially love getting to go for special Rewards! We try and go on Wednesdays when games are half price and we save up to go because we always have a great family day here.

Nick Munden

Great atmosphere family fun and food! Could spend all day here!!


Great place to have fun, Wednesday great time to go half off games perfect

Amie Stoller

Had another fun trip to D&B. Food was good, games were in great working order, staff was very friendly and helpful. Did have an issue with one of our meals not cooked as ordered but they were very gracious and took it off of the bill. Definitely will continue to be a place we visit.

Diamond Brown

They had their prizes marked incorrectly, so when I went to the store to redeem my points, I couldn't get what I was working toward.

Patrick Williams

It was a great experience my wife and I had a great time


Had so much fun wit the family and that dinner was great

Vigilante StylezVEVO

Food was good. Games were great! Our server was very pleasant and attentive.

Elizabeth Blair

We go as a family, love it and had fun. G good for preteen and teens.

June Fouse

Went as a team building activity, had great food and so much fun!. Wait staff was very accommodating of dietrary restrictions.will be back!!

Dominique Bolden

Went for the all you can eat wings and unlimited games, so I understand busy. Food surprisingly came out fairly quickly and was back on the table before we finished each round. No problem there. Server took a while to come greet, he had other tables but never even said he'd be there in a minute. He also forgot our drinks, I had to go up to the bar to notify them, we were sitting in the cocktail area. He also forgot to give us our play cards, had to find him for that too. After that, the regular basketball games area extremely slow, it was impossible to get a high score error taking a ball from another machine. We had to wait a couple seconds after each shot for it to get through the gate. Other games were fine though. Would not recommend going on a Thursday night lol.


Amazing food every time from the appetizers to the deserts. Drinks are incredible. Arcade games are taken care of.

April Bartholomew

So much fun!! Great food and drinks!!! I always have a good time here! Rather if I'm at the one in Orlando or Tampa. I love both locations. And I love the gift items the kids can choose from. They have A lot of options.

Alexis US

So much fun! Great for a date night, party, or team building event. The food is good for American/ bar type food. Not to many healthy options. Since you load a card, you can quickly spend a lot of $$playing the game. It is fun though. Parking is free; dress is casual; all age appropriate. Worth it!

Maria Rodríguez

This place is fun and full of games. Went here with my husband and had a good time. We also ate there and enjoyed the food. The only thing is they forgot to place the order for the dessert but no worries we cancelled the dessert and went to play more games.

joey bell

A fun night out. Tons of games and activities to play. You'll be surprised by how good their food is. I was's above average... I really enjoyed everything I had. Parking is tricky... It's well worth the trip. They literally have something for everyone in the family.

Vincent Booker

Service was great... food was just ok. Cheese Steak was made on an old bun.. with that sandwich it's 50% about the bread. For the price you should expect better...

Jordan Steadman

First time here & safe to say, I will be returning. Perfect for those who love games, video or arcade variety or even if you're looking to kill some time. Prices are very fair and you do get a lot of game plays vs value. Sadly, the app would not work on my S10 device, but it didn't stop me from spending 6 hours there. Clean and tidy, positive atmosphere & helpful staff. (Not downgrading review from app perspective due to device being new and not supported :) )


Workers here seem a lot more approachable and courteous than the DB in WESTMINSTER. We had a server (Courtney, I think?) she was incredible attentive and nice. Letting us know about specials before we ordered food and drinks. Great selection of games too!

Theresa De Wild

Here as part of our family vacation and it was a lot of fun. Daughter has never been to one and requested it specifically so she and her dad could go head-to-head on games and D&B's didn't disappoint! Games were great, food was delicious, our waiter was on point! I have been to a couple in the past and I can honestly say this one is the best I've been to. The food was definitely better than I remember, even the husband agreed. Didn't get pictures though because we were enjoying family time. Recommend for anyone wanting to live in the moment!

Moose C

Everytime we go there we have a blast! It's always clean and the staff is always super nice. Some games are a little pricey but they're worth it. If you're hungry the food here is great. They always have deals where you can get players cards as well.

Alejandro DeAnda

Had a great time at Dave and Buster's. The games were fun and made me feel like a kid again. The food left a little but to be desired, which is typical for a place like this. The service was great and the beer selection was decent. Would definitely come back again.

Amber Peyton

Went on 1/2 price Wednesday, spent $80 & got 3 hours of FUN!! The little gift shop could use some more variety and ticket price signs, but the staff was great in the store ... front desk lady could have been a little more friendly and helpful but we just stepped away and read all the signs until we knew what was the most bang for the buck! Bar staff for soda was great, friendly, and smiling!

Daniel N. Hewitt

Super fun place! The prices are pretty high for the games, but it's worth the trip. Some of the games glitch and take your money and it can be hard to find someone who can fix it for you. The bar staff is always great and friendly. While we have not eaten there yet, we intend too since the food looks pretty good. This place is great for large parties. Our group had a lot of fun playing all of the games and challenging each other. Team building would be a great addition to anyones outing. I plan on bringing another large group in soon.

Michael Pool

Food was good and service was great. Had almost 30 people and out server killed it. Had separate tabs going the entire time without us asking. Saved us so much confusion at the end. Gaming was expensive.

Jerry Kilgore

Good overpriced and not very good. Service ok.....manager was a jerk.....asked questions he just pointed at rules of the house. Games are great

Jim Davis

Great place I have been there before and its a pleasure to return

Carmen J

So I had no idea that the D&B by me in Duluth had closed

Jackie Godlien

Loved everything but the long wait between drink fill ups and getting the bill. It was not busy just a very chatty waiter to fellow staff. The food was amazing, the atmosphere, the games, it was half off on Wednesdays. The day we were there. My son won a lot of credits and we left with a bunch of fun items.

Unique Lekrell

Place was nice. Love the food for the most part. I wish I knew the bartender name but she had braids or dreads not sure but she was super nice and knew about her drinks. I wish it was bigger and more games but decent atmosphere.

Ashley Taylor

Incredible staff. We had a scare and they handled it above and beyond!! Amazing family atmosphere! We will be back!!

Jeremmy Mendoza

Love the arcade, food and service. Great place for couples.

Tina Brewington

Purchased 2 cards @ $25 for unlimited games that did not dispense tickets but were unable to even get to those games. Kids would get on one and not leave it. After a turn or so there should a way to stop their using it on that game for 20 mins or so giving others the opportunity to play. A waste of $50

Kyle Bishop

Games were fun. Pretty darn packed though. Also hot as Hades.

Et'Chinee' Pumphrey

Great place to go and eat and play games or just play games and enjoy time with friends and family. Its a bit pricey but for good reason. We played for 3 hours on 200 credits without re filling.

Dylan Shivan Harripersad

I thoroughly enjoyed the environment and the staff are really helpful. I understand that there is a lot going on in the kitchen and that’s probably why it took a while to get served drinks and food but it was good. I would come here again when I come on another vacation.

Nicole Andrews

Had my first visit here a couple of weeks ago. I was concerned about parking because I know International drive is a very busy area. Fortunately there was plenty of spaces open and it was free! We parked in the garage area and went in. We decided to grab some food before we hit the arcade. The hosts seemed really annoyed about having to seat us. Then once they did, we sat for quite some time before anyone even acknowledged us. Our server ended up being nice and we were blown away by the food. I mean, you don't really expect much from a little restuarant in an arcade but HOLY COW. It was fantastic. The games were a blast, we won a lot of tickets and there was only a small number of games that weren't working. My four year old had the time of his life. The prizes were surprisingly good too. They had a little something for everyone.


Nice place for families and groups. Great place to go and watch sports or for the kids to play games. The food is good and the atmosphere is festive

Teri Baros

One of the biggest Dave and Buster's I've been to. SO much fun and great food and service.

HunterZane Erquitt

Only 4 due to parking. You need more parking. Other than that... Amazing!

Joshua Pena

For being so busy the employees work to make sure your taken care of fast.

Tyrel Foster

New eat and play combo is fun but free games get crowded and people tend not to move.

Tanya Rowan

My favorite Dave and Busters! Went on a Wednesday because we had a Groupon but we couldn't use it because it was half off day but that's okay because I should have read the small print. But it gives me a reason to come back again. Because the games were half off we played a lot for 20.00. Everytime we go they seem to have new games to play. A big bonus is the fact that is located in Sugarloaf Mills so if you get hungry but dont want to eat here you have a large food court to choose from.

Casler FamilyTV

I threw my sons Birthday party and everything exceeded our expectations! My son and his friends had an epic time. This facility was very clean and well kept. Our servers stayed on top of things and never let our drinks get low. If your looking for a place to have a party, look no further than Dave and buster's! You won't be disappointed!

Sophia Jones

My experience at Dave & Buster’s was very good. The service, Food, Drinks and the large game room was lots of fun bring the kid out of all. When in Orlando Florida and looking for someplace fun to dine this is the spot.

Kelly Miller

Awesome staff that was very helpful. Food was great too. Even the kids meals were nicely prepared and cooked. Had a great time w/food and games.

Ragnar Scott

Fun but expensive. The food at the bar is pretty good, and you can make a whole evening of it if you come with a group of friends. Just be ready to spend a hundred or two on food and games if you want it to fill an evening. I’ll be back... but it’s not something you’d probably want to do all that often cost-wise. The new VR game is pretty legit. Worth the $10 or whatever it was they charged per play.

Lyn C.

Restaurant seating is pretty empty, several tables and booths clearly available, still there is a 40+ minute wait. Management, should reply and explain. This is horrible customer service on a Friday night when families come out to enjoy the evening with kids. Your restaurant is clearly not packed and your staff offers absolutely no explanation. Please consider strengthening your customer facing staff and service level.

Gacha Grace

I love this place so much! My sister recommend dave and busters for a school field trip. I spent 3 hours for the field trip and had a great time. I totally recommend it

Mike S

This place is definitely gone downhill. Came in Saturday and it's definitely got kind of a ghetto element to it now....

Samuel Wilson

We enjoyed the service and the games. It could have been more clean and the menus were sticky. Food was good.

The Game Reaper

Food is way overpriced, but the games are great and is an awesome arcade!

William Buehler

Dave and Buster's has unique food options along with standard fast casual fare. Unfortunately, the preparation of the food can be hit or miss. On our last visit, we ordered the pepperoni pretzel pull apart. It looked like the picture, but was still cold in the middle. I had the chicken and waffle sliders, which were well made. They came out hot and the waffle was pleasantly crispy on the outside. My wife ate the "Thai chicken superfood salad" and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fresh ingredients and flavor. The game room is large and loud, as is to be expected. All of the games were working and the staff were attentive to any issues that may arise. Ticket dispensing games were generous with their payouts and the selection of items for redemption was impressive, without being over priced. Overall, it was a fun way to spend a few hours for relatively low cost considering the prices of other attractions in the area.

William Johns

So much fun. I went with my 3 small children, and we all had a blast. We did go earlier in the day to beat the party crowd, but the kids loved it so much! We had lunch and then played games for about 2 hours. We wanted to stay and bowl but ran out of time. Highly recommended for a family friendly day on the town!

Alexis US

So much fun! Great for a date night, party, or team building event. The food is good for American/ bar type food. Not to many healthy options. Since you load a card, you can quickly spend a lot of $$playing the game. It is fun though. Parking is free; dress is casual; all age appropriate. Worth it!

Michael Meere

Great arcade! Gives you a nastalgic experience from when you were a kid. Makes you feel welcome and is fantastic for your kids! Their food choices vary from a nice steak dinner to nachos and wings. Would highly recommend if you haven't been there.

Marla Mendoza Ojeda

My boys and I love Dave and Buster, we go to play and eat. You can play and cashed in your tickets for food. Also, they have the best CHURROS ever.

Little Big Claw

Hands down my go to place for Arcade Gaming. Love the food and the atmosphere. The rewards are great and I dont feel bad spending money here to have fun. Customer service is always on point. Plush payouts from claw machines are generous if you have the skill to win ;) most all of the machines are always working and rarely have any issues with the technology. My favorite is part is the coin pushers, I can spend my whole time at those alone. Thousands of tickets have come from those in just a few trips. Great place for a date or just family fun with friends as well. HALF PRICE SWIPE WEDNESDAY IS WHERE ITS AT!

J Bauer

I love Dave and Busters, but th waitress that served us was awful. She was very to the other black couple. Not us. Forgot our silverware and napkin. Ordered drinks and forgot it. When we asked for something she acted like we were bothering her. I am Filipino and my husband is white. My kids are mix...really? Should not work in a place where you encounter different ethnicity because you are in a wrong place of business!

Melaida Corpuz

Can't go wrong with Dave & Busters. My son loves this place so any time we are in the US I try to find one to take him too.

David Cajigas

Service and servers are great, games are great but the food is dangerous. Went Saturday for a company gathering and we all got food poisoning.

Dan Burger

We're having our company Christmas party here. We were considering another venue on the south end of town, but D&B offered a better menu, better room, better games, unlimited play, and A MUCH better deal on drinks. No laser tag or bowling, but the more 'grown up' venue has plenty of food stuff to offer. I'll update this review after the event, but our hopes are high!

Ty Summer

Great service all around . All the time .

m sarg

Fun time and good service. Food and drinks were good.

Ryan Foster

Food was good. Arcade was clean and well maintained. Good specials on weekdays.

Ashley Doane

A fun place to go play games, the food is a little pricey though. They have good deals on games throughout the week. The games are maintained which is nice.

Misty Raup

Good service, decent food. Some of the games were broken but we still had fun.

Bryce A Elemond CAI, BAS

We had a business meeting that we ate during our lunch. The waitress was phenomenal during our whole stay and appreciated her detail and how attentive she was to our order and continue to give us refills on drinks...My only problem was the music playing in the background hampered us from being able to hear each other ...

Laura Martinez

Prices are high but a fun place for everyone wish they had one in the springs

Natalia Murrieta

David busters was fun i must admit but most of the games would work or i would swipe my card multiple times and it still wouldn’t work so i would call someone to help me and i honestly tought that they would give me my points back but nope they didn’t and the guy swiped my card again and took more points out after i told him i didn’t want to play that game anymore but it was still every enjoyable and the prizes were actually good and for my first time being there it was great not perfect but i would recommend to take your kids out and have lunch or dinner if you what to celebrate something special with your family


So we went to Dave & Buster as a family to enjoy the night with some entertainment we decided to stay and have dinner as well. Our server Layla was amazing she went beyond her job to make sure that we had everything we needed. She was such a sweetheart.. DEFINITELY going back and asking for her as my server because she was the best.

Tasha Beck

Affordable drinks at the bar and enjoy going to play the video games. Makes for a perfect date night.


Kids enjoyed it it has gotten very expensive over the last few years but a fun place.

Katelyn Kirkby

The experience was overall great and I loved it but when went to redeem our points they said we were short by 600+ even though we checked it and saw we had just enough and there was so many problems that it wasn't worth anything. Not going again

Krystal Dilmore

Defense not worth the $85 I spent and I tried to pull money off the atm and it never gave me the money and they did nothing about it they told me it's not their atm not their problem I will have to call the number on the atm not at all happy

Vincent Booker

Service was great... food was just ok. Cheese Steak was made on an old bun.. with that sandwich it's 50% about the bread. For the price you should expect better...

Tom Leyva

Great times with the family.!!! Mr Dave and Mr. buster sure know how to make the kids happy with all the great new games every time we all show up thanks yall!!!!

Nelson Maxwell

I arrived at Dave's and Buster around play one was in the billiards and bowling area to serve me. What can be done is when a place is open have people in place to help. When I returned a hour later there was good customer service.

David Fortier

games are fun, food was good. I appreciate music videos in the Restaurant/lounge but please play something besides Latin. had 6 bad bunny videos in a row.

DeeDee Martinez-Hurtado

Game selections are incredible! Love how clean the facility is too. The servers and customer service assistants are very nice and helpful.

Ghia Heffelfinger

Not too busy before 5 ish... Started picking up as evening came. A lot of fun... Games are normal prices to play and the tokens you win actually buy a lot and fairly good stuff! They also have great deals during the week!

Daniel Delgado

I definitely have to give this Dave & Buster's a 5 star due to the large selection of games, tables, size, and music, plus a live DJ on the weekends. They have the top and latest games. They have cops to make sure things stay in control and safe. Like all Dave & Buster's the food service is slow, but you don't come here for food alone. The atmosphere is great and you will have lots of fun.

Vanessa Iudice

Great food and fun! Quite crowed though.

Intagraderz Muzik

Busy place, live atmosphere. Crowded so the food activities must be great! I didn't eat there hour wait. Overall it's worth a Try!

Toms Channel

Food was awful. Service was terrible waited In line for arcade cards for over 10 minutes. Other than that clean nice environment fun!

Amer Hatoum

Restaurant and service was horrible. Games were fun but very hard to play other games as some of the games kept getting played by the same kid. Took my little cousin here for his bday and he ended up having fun but also had to wait for awhile.

Carynn Tiano

Little pricey but other than that great time and fun for the whole family

chris Nonetheless

Huge place, pick your own seating , tons of games to play

Celeb Heidel

Dave and Busters has always been a fun place. I've been going for 21 years since I was 5 years old. The food has always been perfect. This was my first visit to them since they closed the Gwinnett Place mall location and combined the two locations at sugar mills. All the good racing games are gone and have been replaced with other weird racing games that are not as much fun as the old ones, and a lot of the major ticket producing games have been replaced with low distribution ticket machines which in my eyes makes the experience not as good. Now, to show you how loyal to them I have been, when I was 6 years old I had a Dave & Busters gold card. Anywho, I just do feel the true Dave & Buster vibe when I go to this location, especially since this location many moons ago used to be Jillions which was a knock off of Dave & Busters and they didn't fair too hot in this location, hence Dave & Busters buying them out in this location. I've given 21 years of loyalty to Dave & Busters, but my visits will now be limited. :(

Ziere Renae

Games ppl food... Nice experience

P Ferreira

Awesome place! My kids and I had a wonderful time here.

Kimberly Dorsey

I love it What a nice place to hangout and have fun with the family or friends. Very recommended. The food was so good and I just have been there for just 1 time but i will go often now.

Kelsey Cook

We came here while on vacation in Florida. After being sat we waited several minutes before someone said they would go find a server to greet us. After finally being greeted we ordered our drinks and eventually our food. My fiance ordered the happy hour tacos with no meat sub black beans because he is a vegetarian. All of our meals came out except his and our server said it was taking a little longer for his which was fine. When they finally came out all of them had chicken on them and we had to send them back and wait another 20 minutes for the tacos to be remade. My family was done eating by time he even got his. On top of this we never got drink refills for the duration of our meal and waited what seemed like another 20 minutes just to pay our bills. Seems like they should be more sensitive to dietary restrictions. Also paying for our meals was such a hassle. We were charged for things we weren't told about. Rough experience for our first time.

Jeff Koch

This place is always our go to when we are with family in Orlando. Plenty of fun, good drinks, and food. Very affordable compared to their surrounding competition.

Ricky Fitten

My family and I love this place. Keep up the great work!

chad stultz

They wouldn't sit our group of 12 because was 3 people short. Food was okay and appetizer was cold. Game selection was really based on you getting tickets and was expensive.

Monica Hardy

Great Hospitality! Awesome for kids! Great food

A Miller

We had a great time. Unfortunately, there were quite a few games that were inoperable. Tap card was not working on most games we tried. Throughout our visit, we received error messages about cards not reading properly which meant were going back to the front desk to correct the issue. With such a large facility, attendants might need to walk through more often to assist guests and monitor activity that could cause other guests to have an unpleasant experience. However, staff was very pleasant and willing to help guests.

Kaito Aviles

So if you come during the Thursday night unlimited wings & games. Prepare for the sticker shock, only games you can play are the arcade games. I understand the other games allow you to earn tickets so they're not included but out of all the games there are about 10 that are part of the unlimited. Family of 5 after add-ons and other things ran me about $165 with a tip. Wings were meh at best and the Phillie's were unbelievably dry. Won't be coming back.

Dai Tran

This place is fun. I have been here a couple times a month for over 10 years. Theres a movie theater next door so you can always go there after having fun here. Its pretty crowd here. I normally go on Wednesday at 4 pm since its half price for games and happy hours as well.

Moose C

Everytime we go there we have a blast! It's always clean and the staff is always super nice. Some games are a little pricey but they're worth it. If you're hungry the food here is great. They always have deals where you can get players cards as well.

Deron Smithwick

Went to Dave and Buster's with some old cards and the staff took the time to transfer the old credits to a new card. This is was time consuming but this saved me money. This location has added some games and seating and even thought it's not as big as the now closed Duluth location we still had fun!!


I went there with kids, they have a lot of options of fun, games, food for people of all ages. We had a good time and all of us enjoyed. Just a suggestion to Management, you need to focus more on customer service. Employees should be more friendly and welcoming.

Papi O.

Food family and fun was the plan for the evening! The family and fun part of my visit was absolutely great! The food on the other hand was slightly disappointing and overpriced. There were several of us in attendance for a 50th birthday celebration for a family member so we ordered multiple party platters and when they were brought to the table, not one item on the platter was even warm, we were expecting hot and ready to eat food but had to send everything back to be recooked. I left shortly after so I can't say if they were compensated for the error but the way out server's attitude was its highly doubtful.

Gaming Evolved

Fun place to play games, to loud to enjoy time with the family.

Sara Ramey

I’m not sure what the issue is with this place but improvements are much needed. Went in to enjoy a fun evening with my family and my experience was nothing short or horrible. When we approached the hostess counter, no one acknowledged us, forcing us to seat ourselves. Had to wait 30 mins for a tequila sunrise which takes all of 2 minutes to make. Once our food arrived we were missing items and two individuals from our party were left waiting an hour for their food. When we proceeded to pay our tab, we sat near the bar area and was prompted to move from an empty area because we were “taking up two tables”. It felt as if we were being watched from the moment we entered the door. Also, the hostess for the virtual reality games allowed two individuals to skip ahead of my spouse and I, although we’d been in line before them. I am a paying patron just like anyone else and often spend hundreds of dollars at Dave & Buster’ from state to state...not sure that I will be returning to this establishment ever. This information will be forwarded to the better business bureau as well as shared on every mass media outlet on the web. Thanks for the less than stellar experience Dave & Buster’s, you really dropped the ball in this situation. I’m a travel agent and will be sure to inform my clients to avoid this place at any and all costs. Upon reading other reviews, I’m not surprised. Customer service is vital and lacking tremendously at this establishment.

Valerie E

This was our first visit to D&B. We decided to eat before we played games. Our server didn't tell us about the eat and play specials, he was very dry and seemed like he didn't want to be there. The food prices were outrageous. When we got to the counter to buy a play card the lady asked why we didn't get the eat and play combo. We explained that we weren't informed of any specials and she shrugged her shoulders and said "well, now you know for next time". There won't be a next time because to make matters worse, my husband went to the hospital that night for food poisoning from the ribs he ate at D&B. We won't be back.

Julian I love fortnite

This was a really fun place for me to be. The games were super fun and they always add new games. The place is very easy to navigate. This is just a fun place after all.

Greg Schneider

I went to Dave and busters for a birthday party for my 14 year old sister in law. Apparently they changed the party thing to only being in a semi private room with only limited food. We got the burgers and chicken fingers. Somehow, the hamburgers were medium rare, some pink in the middle, and cold. The sliced American cheese wasn't even melted after coming out and sitting at the table. They were plain and we only had ketchup. We had to ask for mustard and pickles. The fries were actually really good, albeit cold. The chicken fingers were the best, but they were just overgrown nuggets. The arcade a D&B arcade. It's a casino for kids. Loud, bright lights, addicting games. It's so easy to blow a lot of money here, especially when you're using "credits" on a card instead of coins or cash. Even the prize tickets load to the cards now. Gone are the days of seeing kids with overflowing pockets of tickets.

Frederick Green

Best place to go for some fun. But the food needs a little work.

Jatin Patel

It's great place for kids and younger people.


I took the kids here for half price night and they had an absolute ball. of course half-price night is the busiest night but it was still enjoyable.

Alex Spangler

Lovely staff, lots of fun game options, delicious pub food and solid drinks. Very fun way to spend a day.

Jessica C

Great place with good potential BUT it got insane inside. There’s no one walking around to make sure kids aren’t hogging the games or anything. Children screaming and running around everywhere. I don’t recommend this place unless you have children and don’t mind extremely loud chaos.

Stephanie Wells

The bar area is filthy. I went on a date and was afraid to order a drink in the game area it was so nasty. The woman that came behind the bat had long brunette hair that was everywhere. She should have had on a net. She started helping wash glasses and her hair was all over. The food came out quick and wasn't bad.

Amber Peyton

Went on 1/2 price Wednesday, spent $80 & got 3 hours of FUN!! The little gift shop could use some more variety and ticket price signs, but the staff was great in the store ... front desk lady could have been a little more friendly and helpful but we just stepped away and read all the signs until we knew what was the most bang for the buck! Bar staff for soda was great, friendly, and smiling!

Marvin Nelson


Emily Cohen

Super fun! I do not recommend for little kids due to the craziness of the environment. But there are constantly new promotions and games . Also Wednesday is half price which is absolutely amazing! Prizes are awesome, definitely a great place to go to just have fun.

kellee Jakeway

Menu used to be alot better but always fun for my son.

Richard Vaillancourt

Great place good looking ppl had a blast

simon hale

Great place, reminded us of the one back in Bristol many years ago. Kids loved it and food was good.

Casey Anderson

Management is awesome here. We couldn’t find a table. Cassidy was an awesome guy and helped us right away. Highly recommend this location!

Trenton Simmons

Great fun for a good few hours. Had a game die on us once, had someone over in a minute to fix it.

Jessica Mendez

Love this place but avoid coming because parking is a complete nightmare. You literally spend 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. Also I had my kids birthday party here a little over 7 months ago and you’d think they would prioritize parking for events but they don’t. So I was a bit late for my scheduled party and I wasn’t able to make up for loss time.

brittany oneal

Great location has so much more to offer plus the mall

daniel oddo

The experience there for me was rough from the start we had a large party (7 with 2 high chairs we were directed to a high top table when I asked if the high chairs were that tall I was told yes. Then they never brought high chairs when I went back to the host stand they brought one that was definitely not tall enough for a high top table. Once we convinced the host to bring us to a normal table things did not improve, took many minutes to place a drink order and longer to get them. I ordered the Philly cheese steak sliders and chicken fingers and when I asked where the cheese sauce was I was told it was frozen because the prep cook didn't pull it out today. Kudos to the manager that I finally flagged down who ended up buying my wife's and my meal it is the only thing that brought them up to two stars.


My boyfriend and I come here at least once every few months. Every time, there’s something wrong with machines. So many times, we hit jackpot at games and they don’t drop prizes. (The crank machine with a prize on top. You hit a button that cracks open for the prize to drop. We got instant open but it didn’t open. This happened a lot of times.) The stacker machine is easy to me. I normally spam that machine to get 1k tickets easily. Lately, I’ve noticed it’s a bit rigged. The games are fun but a lot are always under maintenance. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Jake Schaefer

Unlimited wings and a game card with $20 worth of points for $28, totally great deal!

Natalie Asher

Great time! Drinks are solid front or back bar, great games and fun prizes

Corretia White

Had a meeting to attend. Such a nice pleasant place. The luncheon was good. Look forward to going back soon.

Felipe Galvan

Pretty great, slow service for food and drinks. They have great deals for playing their games. But I decided to get some food and drinks and that took a long time. We got the same delayed service in the arcade bar and the dedicated dining area. The arcade was busy and we let that slide, but the dining area wasn't and it took just as long to just get seated and order.

Jeremy J

Great service! My family and I had a great time there mainly because of our service. Our waitress was amazing, she went out of her way to accommodate my food order. Now yes the food is expensive and nothing to write home about and the games are like stupid expensive, but when you get GREAT service its worth it. Thanks again. By the way she had a dope Betty Paige hair cut.

Martiña Gonzalez

Great Place! lots of options to choose from. Very organized. The games are huge and they have lots of arcade options for old school players. Food is delicious and average price.

Kate Farmer

We had a great time playing games. They serve beer and food in the game area and have great service. Our 5 year old had a birthday game night and it was perfect.

Sierra Itara

The best part of the evening was playing the games and not interacting with the staff. The women at the front desk were helpful and accommodating. But most staff obviously did not want to be at work, one women working the prize area was rude, and unhelpful. But that’s fine not everyone loves working but then we tried to get a table and was told 45 minutes to an hour wait which is also fine since there was a fight that night but come 1 hour and 10 minutes later we find out we were removed from the waiting list. The hostess should’ve told us they were fully committed or they stopped serving after a certain time. It was late so we just left.


Super fun! Got the Groupon for 2 people with unlimited video games and 18 tokens. Spent about 4 hours playing all sorts of games and having a blast. Decent priced drinks. Didn't try food but looked standard.

Joe Amaral

What can you say, it's Dave and Buster's. A fun time no matter the company. Food was better than I remember it. They are always changing games which is always good. The atmosphere is pretty lively on the floor. The bar is always close by when you need to stop in for a drink and still kid friendly. More suited to 7 and up I would say.

Day A

The games were good(cuz they are machine) but the staff was bad, especially in the dine area. We waited for 20mins to be attended and they just walked by us.we ended up leaving.

Sidharth Jhawar

Fun place to unravel and play some cool games. Great location, just off of I25 ramp. Has a restaurant, bar and arcade, multi player shooter games. Tickets can be redeemed for variety of gifts from gift shop. Avacado toast is pretty good at the bar for fast finger food.

jason harmon

Wife and I always love going here. Whether it's for a football game with friends or just drinking a beer and playing some games. They were open after universal closed early on us during hurricane Dorian and gave us great customer service. Made our last trip to Orlando worth it.

Judith Madura

Much better than I remember. Plenty of seating for food with no wait. Food and service good. Kids enjoyed large game variety. Reasonably priced.


I attended a company event here over the weekend and had a good time. The food was pretty standard for bar food and the beer was, beer. The games that weren't included seemed a bit pricey but the ones I played were fun. I think DnB's isn't really my vibe, but I bet it's a solid place for a family night out kinda thing and I would absolutely kill a little time here before a movie. Bottom line: it's basically what you would expect and they seem to do it pretty well; restrooms were clean, servers were attentive. Oh, and the fried apps were a little too good, if you know what I mean. ;)

Tariq Peters

I love the wings and the games are fun but the fries were cold each time they were brought over and if it is unlimited play I think we should at least be able to play all games not just the blue ones or at least all that dont give tickets Thanks for the loads of fun overall.

Yvonne Johnson

So much fun! Get there before 2 if you have small children. Around 5 it starts to get crowded with adults and teenagers, so was a good time for us to finish up.

anthony romero

Would of gave them 5 stars if there wasn't as many (10-15) broken games

Andres Bacca

It's been a hot minute since I've been at a D&B. I was pleasantly surprised by the upgrades they've made. Everything you need is on the card! The new VR games are so much fun and definitely worth the extra pay!

scott s

This is the worst run place I have ever seen. We waited about 30 minutes for a table to be cleared before we could sit. We finally got a table and now we have waited over 35 minutes to be acknowledged by anyone. Right now there are about 5 tables with customers and 15 tables covered in dirty dishes. Four employees are just standing around talking. Unbelievable.

Michelle Intensity Heart

My son loved it. Something he would want to enjoy every time were in the mall.

Shawn Patanjo

The games were fun as always, but this location has a particularly small prize bin it seemed to me. The half-priced games from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. was a bonus I don't know how long that promo goes on for. The food is where the problems came. Our lunch was served to us ice cold. We where given a new hot meal which is good but when we recieved the bill it looked as though we were comped our meal only to be recharged at the end. We'll go to Dave and busters again, but will probably pass on the food.

sam sutton

Great place to play with friends and family. Wait staff are attentive and friendly.

Alyx Verrinder

Love going here! Its a fun weekend thing to do with the kids especially when I get the free $ for loading $20 on a card!! Its always clean and the food is great! The bartender can usually make whatever youre looking for and they are always awesome! I go here for my birthday too!!!

Family Reid

It was cool but they need to add more games with alot of giant ticket prizes and cheap prizes (not prizes cheap prices cheap)✌

kadige gnanzou

The place. Was nice .... For 3 ppl. Including drink. ( Alcool )Arcade and bowling ( socks. Shoe rental. And 1hr 30 of bowling) I did not spent more than 130

Ducati Depot

Fun place, but best to go on weds. when games are half-price

Kelly Fegan

I remember Dave and Busters when it was actually fun, and the food was good. I came here two days ago and it was terrible. I sat down at a table to eat and one of the stacked "clean" dishes was still stuck on, smashed food on there. Behind me were Dave and Buster's employees getting wasted and yelling with each other at the bar. Okay, so the restaurant experience was bad, let's move on to the arcade. ***CHECK THE YELP REVIEWS FOR MORE ACCURACY FROM CUSTOMERS*** I was really looking forward to a lot of games! For example, the horse racing game and rafting game. Those two had been taken out and been replaced by load electronic machines. I thought the closest game to the horse racing game would be skee-ball, but that machine was broken. It said it needed an employee to look at it. I searched for an employee and asked her if she could look at the machine, she said she'll get somebody. The next thing I know she is playing one of the other games with some other employees!? So, when someone finally attempts to look at the machine 45 minutes later, their response was, "yeah, it's not working."

Ang W.H

Had so much fun!!! My friend and I were there for a few hours just playing the games.

Yukie Stewart

Horrible customer service tonight went there tonight to celebrate my daughters 21st bday and went into the gameroom to get a table right by the bar so we can get nothing but drinks and the waitress said we couldn't sit there because its for single families. We made a big deal about it and the waiter didn't or wouldn't come back over to even clean the table off. So another waiter came over and stated to us wat the other waiter had said but he said he would clean it anyway since we wanted that area. Ok cool he starts cleaning the table off and drops 2 glasses full of drink and splashed all over my leg so we left to go and sit out in the other area and got out there and they said it was a 30 min wait for me and my daughter to sit next to that bar but it was 5 empty booths but it was still a 30 min wait. Idk or understand what they had going on tonight but we left. I have never had a problem with that particular Dave & Busters and we will not be going back.

Papillion Remonte

I'm very dissatisfied with my visit !! Although the food was good .. the staff was RUDE!!! It took 1 hour to get our food.


Always a great time playing the variety of games with my family and friends! I've been coming here since it opened and I've seen a lot of improvements! We really had a great time tonight with the exception of the bad attitude of the female bartender at the main bar next to the restaurant. Our food was great, service was fast and of course the games were a BLAST!!! The women's bathroom was in need of cleaning, but that was due to filthy customers. Overall, another great night!

C Sanders

We had a lot of fun here for my daughter's birthday party. The thing we liked most is during the day is family friendly (we also had a baby stroller). I would not recommend getting the steak shrimp and "lobster" lol we thought you get a prize for finding them

Quincy Roles

This place is awesome!! Its Been around for a very long time and that means something. Terrible people and their terrible kids is what's the problem. If you want a good time for sure come here. Its awesome!!!

Jeanine Mack

Tonight was my first time visiting D&B for my cousin's birthday and I had a great time! We had her party in a enclosed room with food provided. The staff was friendly and attended to our needs quickly. We also had the opportunity to play games and have fun. I'll definitely visit D&B again soon!

Uno Solo

Very busy. So busy that the waitress do not come around to check on you and the tables are dirty. The tables weren't being cleaned after the customers left and you have a long line of people waiting to be seated.

Nike Nikes

Went to this location as they Serve, Impossible Burger... Nice and friendly place, and with quick serving staff.

Hadrian Mueller

The first time I went here was for a party and it was a blast! I loved it there and I didn't want to leave when time was up. But the food was great we got it on time and it was delicious. I give this a 12/10!


This trip could've been a nightmare. My group had dinner and played. Every problem we experienced had a staff member willing to correct the problem. Food came out incorrect and the manager personally made sure that was fixed properly. Waiter refused to sell us our game cards; the hostess found an employee w/i seconds to sell us cards. Otherwise, plenty of parking and hard working staff.

Maria Titus

The staff that attended to our group were hospitable & friendly. They made sure that food & drinks were filled throughout our hours there, plates & the like were picked up & clean ones put out. Staff on the game floor were more than happy to help & answer any questions we had... Great times! Satisfied group.

Nat B

An amazing place for the family. Had a blast. We didn't want to leave our kids loved being here. Wished there were not games shut down. We hated that but other wise it rocks to the end. The best. No one can compare!

William Burbine

Great place to take the young ones. Lots of games to play and keep them busy.

Traveling Dogg

The lady at the front desk was rude and very unhelpful... I guess quenching her thirst with a glass with nothing but a little melted ice it was more important... and the food was definitely not worth the time or the Price... have a plan before going to this place you may have a better experience

Teresa Swanner

Great place to go play games but you will spend a lot of money fast

Brandon Travis

Service for food was extremely poor. Games were fun but a lot were down.

S Sams

Great place for take the kids delicious food

Rachel Hammaker

Loads of fun! This place is full of games for all ages, drinks are delicious, and prices are better than other large arcades!

Kaycee D

Always a good place for family fun. Food is pretty good the games are fun and the drinks are great.

Ryan Clibon

Used a groupon to get unlimited play. About half the games are available to play with the "deal". The place was clean. The service was quick and friendly. We had the wonton nacho appetizer that was very tasty.

Amanda Swarts

We go here all the time. Most times the games are running properly and service is great. Great way to spend time with family ❤️ btw mommie juice isn't watered down either lol

Renatha Adams

We had a really great time and the manager was wonderful but the waiter for the bowling section was extremely slow. We waited 30 minutes before he came to take our drink order. After we received our order he didn't return again until we were ready to go and pay our checks. We would have ordered much more if he had been more attentive.

Lindsay David

Arcade is fun, bathrooms are clean, but don't go to the restaurant. The wait staff is atrocious. Vanessa was literally the worst waitress I've ever encountered. I had small children and she was incredibly neglectful of our table. She never offered to fill drinks, I finally had to demand refills.

Adam Blankenship

Dave & Buster's is always a fun place to stop. We went for lunch and stayed to play on some of the arcade games a while too. We sat at the bar, and the bartender was awesome. She made great conversation with us and even got my girlfriend a drink for free for her birthday.

Charles Burns

D&B is fun and entertaining after a long week at work .Buy Sorry to say I have to give DB a 4 star. We've been to this location several times and most of the times there is some drunk guy beating up the coin matching for dumb card that he has already put $30 bucks for it.. Come on D&B.. if your waitresses or bar tenders see a person past their drinking limit have them have a manager check it out.


Delicious food! Great atmosphere! Reasonable prices!

Alex Snyder

I have been to Dave and Busters since its opening in the 90s, experienced its several redesigns in layout as well as menu, and seen things come and go. I have to say the current design, food, and service have taken a turn for the worse. The place has become darker, black paint now surrounds areas that were much brighter and more fun previously. More private event areas have been added, cutting back on the main space. The dining area is seat yourself with awell intentioned but poorly trained service staff struggling to keep up with the few occupied tables that were present. The food was edible but hardly that. The gaming area is darker also, with no defined exit clarified once one is in there. I have watched this decline for several years, but the last few have been the worst. The numbers of people and money being spent there have dropped remarkably since the 90s, and if the corporation is looking for someone to blame they need look no further than a simple mirror. If these disastrous changes are corporately guided then leadership from the CEO down needs immediate reshaping, because fools are in charge. If this is led by the GM, he needs a quick exit and an emergency team established to bring this establishment back from the brink of doom. I am incredibly disappointed in how far this place has fallen, beginning with the removal of the virtual world simulators.

Brady Crump

Love the arcades, the TVs with different sports games going on, and the fun environment! The food was pretty good, but the service was pretty bad. We had an enjoyable time overall!

Renee Young

I love this place. This is our go to date spot. The food is always wonderfully cooked and the drinks are tasty. The staff is very friendly and by the time you enjoy playing the games you easily lose track of time.

Haylee Gum

It was very fun, and i recommend visiting it! They have plenty of arcade games and multiple VR games! Overall, very fun

Brooke Davis

This weekend my boyfriend and I went on date here. He had purchased the groupon package for us, even though you can only play certain games that give not tickets we still had a blast for hours! The inside bartender was amazing in greeting us & serving us. Even the front manager was amazing at explaining how the groupon works and games allowed to play. We started to get a little hungry and stopped in the restaurant part of D&B and were literally the only two people in there, so we sat by the bar. I had to get up and get our own menus and silverware since not a single team member was there to assist us. After we finally got attention and finished, we couldn’t even find the bartender for a while to slide the card for us to pay, when i asked a man standing around could he help, he says no and doesn’t even help to find the bartender, at this point the bar is starting to fill up and still no service. Moral of the story, the majority of staff was amazing, games were amazing, but avoid the restaurant area if you can.

Candy Lopez-Rodriguez

Great food and fun. We ended up staying for 4 hours! It was awesome. They have games for all ages.


Had a blast! D &B never gets old!!! They go way back , service was over the top games get your little taco out of my way please, I got some games to play!

James Silver Grifo

Great atmosphere with plenty of games to keep you busy for hours. They also have a quality restaurant with a variety of foods and some great mixed drinks

Jason Giancola

Loved it. Food was great. The Philly sliders and chicken fingers were great. The sauce was great on and off the food. The cider while just angry orchard, was a great combo for the food. Now to the gaming. The free gaming let you play basically all the great games from the arcade times in the past. Lots of shooters and lots of racers. Had fun with both styles.

Brittany Pitts

Had loads of fun! This was my first visit to a Dave and Buster's. Staff was friendly and helpful. Good place to go to have some fun and a whole family.

Dennis Bartels

It's always fun at Dave & Buster's, we went their with our family and had a great time playing all the games. We also did the VR ride which we would highly recommend. What an amazing experience!

Nelson Roman

Charlene has to be one of the best server in town. She is there making sure you are always good with drinks and food. This is my my go-to place when i am in town. Good size bar with tv and entertainment. Food is always good.

Emily Binuya

We loveeee Dave and Buster's. It's definitely pricey but totally worth it. I wish they had better prizes like Round One. We had around 10,000 tickets and didn't really find anything we liked. It's so much fun to grab a drink (alcoholic or non) and play a bunch of games. Their food is pretty good and they have some deals that combine food and credits towards games. They have these blue raspberry slushies that you can get with or without alcoholic, so kids and parents alike can enjoy themselves. Some of the games are basically like casino games, so it's pretty awesome that we don't have to drive an hour to gamble. We love being at Dave and Buster's!

vanessa barea

Great food, good fun among friends/ and or family,great deals I recommend Thursdays all you can eat wing and fries and game for $20 plus tax. It's great deal eat good and enjoy games! Hours and hours of fun

Collins Okpewho

A lovely array of games. Never a dull moment for kids and adults.

Merlin Samuel

Took family who was visiting from out of town to Dave and Buster's for some lunch and games since it was cold and rainy outside. The food was delicious, our sever lovely and the service timely. We had so much fun playing games with our 5 year old nephew. The race cars have and will be my favorite part of the arcade games!

Greg Stewart

Great gaming experience. Great place to catch a game

Antwann Smith

It was a very good place in Florida.. we are on vacation from GA.. everyone had lots of fun and we didn't spend a lot of money.. just win big on the games..

Mission Trust

This super fun place is what I would expect from a chain. Big portions of delicious greasiness. The staff is friendly. Service is quick. It's nice to have a TV at every angle to watch all the sports all at once. And the gameroom has every kind of game for all ages. A very cool place for lots of cool reasons.

Beverly Broadwater

Real cute game tech helped me out, think his name was Blake? Made my day great! Fave D&B now that Duluth is closed

Robin Crumedy

First of all we went to be seated and their was 5 hostesses at the hostess booth. Not one of them acknowledged us and when we went ahead and took us a seat they came and told us we couldn’t sit there then they sat us at a table with water underneath it. It took an hour for our food to come out. The manager Mike gave us a complementary dessert which took forever

jeffery thomas

Games were fun. Food and service... Not that great.

Ramona Jackson

Clean, delicious food, full house because this is the place You return as often as You can, My Children were invited to a Bithday Celebration everything went so well, and the associates were very enthusiastic persons, full of vigor, they treated all as if to say " We are happy that You came, and We look forward to Your return.. Now that says a lot...i would give Dave and Buster's 10 stars if it were possible.

Stephen VanDyke

Went with a group of friends late at night so all the kids were gone. Did not get kicked out even though we were heavily intoxicated and friends started playing strip air hockey. Fun times!

Bob Garrett

Food is over priced, but tastes pretty good. Staff is usually terrible. Taking the kids and seeing them have fun is the main reason to go.

Mindee Nguyen

It was so dirty, took forever for a server to acknowledge us for food orders, and some of the games were out of service. Long trek for that disappointment, but the kids had fun anyway.


Unlimited wings but you have to wait a half hour for each plate

Ian Shepard

Food was pretty good but expensive for what you get. Games are fun individually or for a group. I'd recommend it for a somewhat expensive night out.

rochelle higgins

The service wasn’t

Philip Taylor

Lots of fun! They have good food and a variety of it. Bowling, pool tables, and a huge arcade. Excellent meeting rooms for business meetings, with big screens, projectors, and sound systems. Great for family night out, or dinner, or great for business meetings with food and fun after.

Kyle Cannon

We had a lot of fun. Just not cheap by any means

Joie De Jasmine TV

Strong drinks, fun games, appetizers are delicious but every time I order an entree it is either not prepared correctly or undercooked.

Efrem Ford

Had a blast, and the impossible burger is everything. The food services was very slow, very very slow. Male server had attitude as if he didn't want to be there. Unorganized. There wasn't anyone that stood out, or tried to enhance our experience. 3-stars only because the food was good, and my grandkids had a great time. What kid wouldn't?

Evelyn Sanchez

Over priced drinks!!! It fun way to entertain older family members and be able to take the kids a long. There is military discount so don't forget to ask because they don't offer it upfront. It's a big place, and can get hectic at night. My brother got stuck playing a tomb raider game with his buddy, fun times!! Like any entertainment location it's fun, and sometimes the machines don't work. But this location was great, far from home, but fun!

Justin Fowler

The food was great and the games were super fun! The staff was kind and It was just a very family oriented place.

Luis Hdz.

The wait sucks but the food is great. HIGHLY recommend the grilled mac & cheese. My favorite.

Al Hess

Fun place to take the kids. It's pretty much always busy because of the location. They have really good prizes.

Samuel Vera

We went yesterday for the first time and had an awesome time! One of the employees was very rude and didn’t give us the customer service that we deserve. I have worked with the general public for 22 years and have very high standards when it comes to the customer service I give and I am willing to receive. We spoke to a manager (Dalton) about everything, and talk about management skills! He made everything so much more worthwhile. We will definitely be there again TONIGHT, celebrating our friend’s birthday again. Thanks, Dalton! A must visit!

Ek Chuak

It is a nice and fun place. Sort of chuck e Cheese for adults. Staff wasn't friendly at all. A great option for families with kids. Prices are decent.

Russell Miller

The wing I had were hard. It was almust like they had been left under a heat lamp for an extended period of time. At the time of my visit the bathroom could have used a little cleaning some of the soap dispensers weren't working or were empty. I seat at the bar since I was alone, service was great, drinks good. The quality of food and bathroom cleanliness, is what keeps me for going above 3 stars


It's just ok, nothing special! If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on kids games to only walk out with a mug, this is the place for you! The food is nothing to talk about - just fine! There are plenty of other fun things to do on International Drive and plenty of restaurants that will amaze you with their food! Overall - too expensive for the experience that you get and full of crazy kids all over the place! Will not bring my guests visiting Orlando there!

Dawn Phillips

Marcus Wuerschmidt is one of the best and nicest people I have ever met. I love what he did for me and my son for giving us one of the best mother and son times ever and caring about my son and what he is going through. We just need more people in the world like him. I wish there was more than 5 stars because I would give him 20 because of how amazing he is. His entire staff made our few hours out of the hospital an amazing experience! Thank you Mark from Dawn and Caleb Phillips!

Demalia Jackson

Great place for kids and adults. Fun for anyone

Josh Mulligan

We always enjoy coming here. The food was fantastic and the service was great, even with the crowd. I was impressed. Keep it up

Lesley Henry

Food was ok, services awesome, and my 4 year old loved the games but their system for game play is really off. Games are like 9.9 or 5.5 credits to play so you are always off on credits with like .8 being leftover. Prizes for tickets are way better than Chuck E Cheeses but you can't pay the difference on tickets like we had 412 but what my daughter wanted was 450 so she ended up pretty disappointed. Still pretty amazing game selection

Keelo Michelle

Fun place, just make sure u go with fun people or it could ruin the whole experience.

Kendra Walker

It was fun for everyone. Saturday's are super crowded though. Other than that, pretty good prices and really good food.

Essence Holmes

Adult Chuck e. Cheese fun place

David Gordon

It was a great experience. My server, i believe his name is Emerson, was fantastic. He has great customer service skills and can be a real asset to your team. The food was great as well.

Lynn Marie

Super fun, but last time we went I paid $50 on a card and when we went to play the card only worked for one game and then it said we were out of coins? Talked to front desk and couldn’t get more points or coins! We didn’t get a receipt when we paid cash:/

Michael Rotunda

Very clean and neat. Staff was very friendly and helpful. All of the games were in working order and well kept.

Rayshell N.C

There was a problem and they more than rectified it. The female manager was on top of it all and humble she was the mayor, Sheriff, banker, and the work hand. No problems with returning on her shift. Thank you.

Anthony Roussel

Cool place to hang out Price's on games could be lowered some. Also got Philly slides that were not to good very plain an fries were over salted.

Ashley McQuiston

Had a family celebration here and it was a lot of fun for everyone. We had a large party and service was great. Very attentive staff who made sure we had everything we needed several times. Food was excellent as well. We loved the fact we could purchase game play with the kids meals as well. Saved a lot of hassle. We'll be back!

Tatiana Reis

Wanna have fun and be a kid again... with the perks of adulthood! This is your place!

Brandon Gandy

Had a blast here for Mothers Day. Its was fun a different and super unexpected by my Mother. Drinks were amazing....our server was spot on even after she was given another table clear across the place. We all had fun. Great seeing my folks act big kids. Will be back soon.

Bruce Chavez

Today, I took my grandson, Matthew, to Dave and Buster's, to have some fun time, before he goes back to school, starting tomorrow. He loves this place. If you're in to games, of all sorts, this is the place to be. We have been here several times. Wednesday is half price day, for the games. We have eaten here before. Food is pretty good. A little pricey, but good. Good atmosphere. A family fun place. One thing though....the parking situation, at this location, is the pits. And we went, on a Wednesday, during the day. I imagine evenings, and weekend parking, is worse. Overall....a fun place

Will Peckinpaugh

Was an awesome time, clean games, the lady upfront helped me by giving me a tip about 1/2 off if I download the app. Awesome

Chrisdalys Negron

It's a great place to go with your family and have a good time. It's also son fun, for everybody. You can go with a date, with your girlfriend/boyfriend, with your friends, even with older people. Also I love that there's food in there, and there's a bar for the adults. It's a nice place to have a great time, and they don't close till 1 a.m., so you have a lot of time to enjoy it.


I came at 10:50pm with my wife and we were asked by the greeters that were on the right side if we would like to seat on the bar instead due to they had cleaned the tables in the restaurant area. We agreed and sat in a table for +20min and they didn't even acknowledge us and the family on the next table (no even water was offered) we decided to leave after 30min waiting time... Terrible customer service provided by team members... PD: We definitely won't be back.

Abigail C

We went to D&B for a corporate group dinner and activity. The food on the buffet was delicious and everyone was having a blast bowling.

chynna Williams

Awesome! I love all the games, but i love the star trek one most of all. When i first seen it i thought it was for old people, but then i played it. Then i realized it got me a lot of tickets. So i played it all the time and went home with 3 bags of prizes.

Nikki B. Harjo

Well, they served a larger group of people very well. WELL, TIM!! DID.. Cause the other waiters didn't want to help us, but TIM DID!! I want to repeat his name and make sure he gets acknowledgement cause the rest of his crew sucked and if they work together they can probably be more productive. Anywho.. The food was amazing and came in a reasonable amount of time, cause it was a Saturday. The children and myself, enjoyed the drinks that light up, glow drinks. Highly recommend the wings, but try a combo meal so you can get a taste of a few things. Kiddo loved the cheese steak.. Having food and entertainment in one place is great. Plus, a bar in case you need a calmer, cause kiddos are going to be everywhere. I love my extra large coffee cup and this place. ENJOY..


The Philly beef steak sliders are so delicious. It came with fries and Gold fingers (chicken strips).. It was really tasty. And the Strawberry Lemonade was absolutely awesome to my tastebuds

Wendy Fitzpatrick

We were on vacation and visited here food was good and manager Amanda was awesome. Unfortunately there was no air cause their air conditioner system was broken . It was uncomfortable and server was not so good but Amanda came over and addressed all our issues and took care of us. Without Amanda I would of gave no stars but because of her and food I had to give 3 stars. Would of received 5 if air and server was attentive.

Greg Butler

Had a delicious meal with the whole family in a very nice section of the restaurant which is separate from the gaming area. The actual gaming area is great. Video games for days.

Kajaffa King

I normally love Dave and Buster's and have been to many. The day we went there was about 11 in our party. We were seated by the hostess who told us our server would be with us shortly. As we waited we looked over the menus drinks and food, the kids looked at their menus. We waited for the server to come and at least ask for drink orders. We waited still no server. It was not that busy that no one could come by and at least acknowledge we were there. Another group of black people seated near us had the same experience. I don't know what the problem was but when you have three kids under 4 it gets a little hectic. We waited about 30 minutes from the time we were seated for a server, manager anybody. No one came so we left. We love the food games and drinks and spend a lot of money when we go. Plus we do tip. Sorry this experience was not a good one.

Katie Tihpen

Very fun! Little bit pricey for my budget but at least we had fun

Daniel Butler

Excellent staff and the food was wonderful

Crystal Groves

Clean, loud, flashy, fun, exciting. Took my 12 and 2 yo and both had a great time. Only played arcade area and didn't exchange tickets. Love that the loadable cards hold the tickets.

Taresa Choe

I came here to eat. I am current here right now. No one came to take my order. I didn't have utensils. I had to ask for menu. I had to ask for water. AND until I made a complaint the server didn't apologize or acknowledge me at all. I am still sitting waiting for my check. How busy do you think it is on a Thursday at 1 in the afternoon.

David Snyder

The new decor inside is dark and rather gloomy. Frankly I miss the old look here. Will say the food and arcade are good though $10 only lasted maybe 15 minutes.

Devon Trizio

My Boyfriend my daughter and myself went for a good time and had a horrible experience with our server he never asked us if we wanted anything to drink finally my boyfriend asked for water once he brought it that was it, he never returned for a drink order and on top of that never once refilled our water which was gone by the time our food arrived. When we finally got our food our burger we ordered at medium well was definitely medium finally after some time our server asked if everything was ok and we told him our burger wasn't cook correctly he then seemed annoyed that we wanted him to take it back and cook it more then proceeded to tell us it would be another 20 minutes with an attitude as he snatched the plate from the table. Unfortunately he didn't have a name badge so I don't know his name but ill remember his face and if I return I'll make sure I don't sit in his section again.

Thomas Stalker

Fun games. But food and drinks are very sub par and simultaneously expensive. That aspect reminds me of a bad airport restaurant. The arcade was crowded and it was hard to play what you wanted.

Charmaine T

They need more games...a better variety. They have updated games but not for younger children

C Giattino

Not expensive for an afternoon of fun. Great for a first date.

James Duke

Great environment for all people. From kids to adults!

Angel O. Figueroa

Horrible service waited over 30 minutes to be seated when there are plenty of tables clean and not occupied, more over when seated we didn't get any waiters for what seemed like over 20 minutes, having them pass by us many times my wife and I stood up and left. We had a great meal at the olive garden next door though.

Glenn Waring

Good entertainment center for game play. The sports bar is separate so not so loud as the game area. Kids have fun.

Matthew Travis

They have some Virtual Reality rides that are really great. Had alot of fun there. Great place to bring a date or the family.

Barbara Quintana

One of the best place to have fun with your family in all ages. They have all type of game. It a little prices but make the job done. You can even plan your Birthday witch i think is a great idea for people for love to play video game. And if you want to have a nice sweet drink or Beer. They got you! Food is good not the best but it remind me of chilli's. So I guess that a good thing.

Derrick Green

Its highly over rated and highly expensive i have better things to do with my money and time. Have a nice day. God speed. My rating - 5 stars

Enrique Gomez

I came in a couple of days ago and I asked the manager Dwayne for a refill and I did not think that it was a problem because he wasn’t doing anything and my server was nowhere near the table. I did not like his tone or gestures. Maybe a bad day? But, other than that; our server Destiny was cool . She made my family’s experience better and the kids loved her energy.

Blayne McMillan

While the quality of the food has increased significantly since the last time I was there, the experience was ruined by an inattentive server. The food was not even remotely warm by the time it arrived. Fries, sliders, ribs - all cold. The server did not come to the table one time during our meal, she did ask how it was once we had been done for 5-10 minutes though. The games were fun and the food was decent - better service would have warranted 4.5-5 stars.


Good stuff for kids. Food is nice but be aware they add tips the bill.

Desi Ornelas

Games are fun but the food isn’t that great. I usually eat before I go. Also Wednesday’s is the best day to go because it’s half off. However, during busy times of the year, this place can be a madhouse on Wednesday’s. They have a variety of different games

Joel Jensen

I loved Dave and Buster's when I moved here 11 years ago. However after going here several times, it loses a lot of appeal. Their staff tend be great and nice, but the bartenders are always busy so it may take 10-15 minutes just to get another drink. However their drinks did tend to be rather good. One time I did get one that was way too sweet. The bartender was super nice and helped me to find something that fits closer to me. Their food is just okay, but it makes planning an evening so much easier. If you go on a night they offer a dinner/game card combo, it's a great deal. They don't offer this during the weekend any more though. Unfortunately D&B is frequently so busy you may have a wait for almost every game you want to play. They also don't get new games in very frequently, so they can get old if you frequent here. Definitely go if you've never been, but the novelty of it wears off after a year or two. I only did 4 stars due to the food just being okay, the huge crowds that are usually there, and the lack of enjoyable games available. However, who doesn't like being able to drink at an arcade?

Laney Athas

I attended a business confrence at this location and we had a lunch buffet which was horrible!!!! The luncheon meat was not cold it was hot as if it had been sitting out for hours before they put it out. The turkey or chicken whatever it was. It looked gray and had chunks of fat in it. Come Dave and Buster times is hard but you could have used real Turkey breast instead of slimy can turkey!!! Ewwww

Ariana Kasper

A little bit pricey but you get what you pay for! No matter what age you are, you will have fun! And there's a bar :)

Lori Duke

Too loud. The food is way overpriced and not that good. Will definitely NOT ho there ever again

Wendie M

Walked in as a group of 6. The guy who took us to our table didn't give us the right menu... Then the waiters didn't know who was supposed to work our table. One of the guys in the area where you get prizes for your tickets was almost too busy on his cell phone to be bothered.... On the plus side got 3 free games of ski ball when it messed up. The waiter was friendly once he was told that he was helping us. But there was a group of about 5 just sitting around and was hard to get someone's attention. Not worst experience of a restaurant but not best.

Ayannah Craig

I always have so much fun the food and drinks are always on point

Che'Isha Johnson

Very fun, loved it. I ordered the boneless Wings, nachos, and pizza bites and they were delish! The service was great.


Fun for the kids but for the price the four of us could of went to Water World or Elitches.

Karl Thomas

Nice place to come for a date night or a place for the kids to play some games. They have good appetizers and drinks, and plenty of TV's to watch the game with friends.

Heather F

We had our brothers in town, but it kept raining on all our plans. We decided to try Dave & Busters for the first time. It was Father’s Day, and it was a little busy, but really we didn’t mind. There are a lot of games to play!! Love the classic games, like skee ball and basketball, plus tons of new games too. The Rock em Sock em Robots really need some work-one side didn’t have any buttons, so it was impossible to score, but that’s the only minor suggestion. We didn’t have high expectations for the food, considering I feel like most come for the entertainment, but it was delicious food, with huge portions, and a good price. Not to mention, Stephen, our server was amazing. Our whole party couldn’t stop talking about how friendly and helpful he was-he made us feel so comfortable and welcome. We got the bacon burger, the Philly sandwich, wings, and nachos, and everything was perfect. We can’t wait to come back.


Great spot to really disconnect from the chaos of the world. Very upgraded and modern look. A lot brighter and newer games. Food was delicious of course. And servers were attentive. If you really want to have FUN, ask to challenge their Managers on a quick racing game. They think that they are unbeatable, I say Nay sir, your days of glorifying the Race Tracks will be soon defeated. I call all racers to this spot and let's Win. Shut Down the place.

Babe Vestal

Always good food, good atmosphere, and cold beer. Never a bad visit.

Erin C

Clean and all games were in working order. Happy hour specials are really good! Staff was super friendly and easy to work with, we always love it here! Had a great time

Connor McDonald

Expect to spend some dough, especially if you want drinks or you want to play games. Place is huge and needs another restroom. Service was ok, seemed under-staffed, although we had a large party. Food is ok seemed over price for quality. Overall a fun time with friends.

David Holtan

Good people and fun, as much as you can afford. If you have problems, talk to management their here for you.

LaDonna Thomas

It was busy. Long Island took about 35 minutes to come. Food came before the drinks. Limited discount was given for my sons military association. However, despite of the eatery situation, the kids had fun overall and tokens was given on the card to help in having fun.

Bryan Pakingan

Nice place. Did a $25 for 2 all day games play with my son. Had chips on the card, got to play almost all games. Some systems were out of order, and another shooting game where 1 of 2 systems did not function. All aside, still a great place to go for relaxation or just shoot some bad guys / aliens / zombies. There was 1 ride, yes ride - not a game, where I think they should take it away. The typhoon thing ride, it started off well, felt like a mini massage, then it got intense - the top of the seats can hurt a person.

Kevan Miller

great array of games including a 6 ft version of Rock em Sock em Robot. Because it's in SugarLoaf Mills, we could window shop while our kids (16; 19) play the games. (found picture on the internet)

Frank Rodriguez

The food was awesome and our server was amazing. The restaurant was very clean and parking area was also good. The game experience was terrible. The game selection was very poor. The game room was very small considering how big the building was.

J Nichol

Very fun place had a great time. Came with a group of 39 and they handled the big group well. I recommend coming on a Wednesday because the arcade games are half price.

Kathie Brantley

The games and variety of games were great. Almost any kind of game you want from simple to complex. The food was good but I would have liked more choices in appertizers (such as pretzles). A great family place

Stacy Clark

Food quality continues to go down along with service. Very overpriced.

Sean Roosa

Friendly staff, and good value for the price. One of the games malfunctioned and an employee compensated me the credits on an identical machine, plus extra credit for inconvenience! Also got a freebie from the "ticket taker" when I didn't have enough for gummies, but they were in my bag anyway :)

Jettie Castle

Our family loves Dave and Buster's. This location is spacious and the staff is always warm and helpful. I just wish we had a location closer to the Springs. My husband would probably spend all of football season there.

Ricardo Santos

Clean and fun. It's a perfect day to spend with family and friends

Roxann Suarez

First time there. Had a great time. Went on Thursday night. Paid $22.00 for unlimited wings and unlimited game play of non redemption games. Such a great deal. And at 10 pm. Happy hour!

Christian Brown

Dave and Buster's is bomb. I wanted to give them 4 stars because there are often machines that are slightly out of order, but the reality is that it's probably because of the patrons. Great place. Great prices on drinks. Good, casual, fun time.

Jaclyn Conklin

Such a cool plce to go to where the hole family has fun and you get really prizes. And the food is really good

Ben Jacobstein

They gave many games but the food is overpriced and so are the games, and I got the unlimited have pass and it only lets you play like 40% of the games but it was still fun and enjoyable.

Frank Ohh

First time visiting Dave and Buster's and loved it. Wish there were more blue tag machines for the Groupon special but overall decent for the price. Employees where helpful, they let me have free water from the bar and the bathrooms where clean.Also parking is spectacular, there is music playing in the parking lot directly under the building. Love it!

Kristie Mathis

Fun and entertaining for the whole family. Really tasty food and drinks. Lots of games to occupy everyone.

Tandria Gates

This is truly my go to for real family fun. We will be there for hours and the staff is still nice. I love it here and I am truly a kid myself so I always suggest we go there first

yewpheng vanchiasong

Best place to pretend I'm 12 again

Tamera Summers

It really didn't have games I was interested in. Not did it have prizes that I liked. But I saw lots of ppl have fun.

Keonka Nesbit

Dave & Buster's was amazing although the unlimited play and wings for $20.00 on Thursdays were not what I expected. There are only 2 choices for wings buffalo or plain then you get unlimited play for only certain types of games, blue ones to be exact, and you can't earn tickets from said games. But on the bright side it is located in the best mall I have ever been to in Georgia. This mall has like 8 separate dates in one mall. You can literally go bowling, golfing, to a movie, D&B, get ice cream, go to a restaurant, and more. I would visit the mall again including Dave & Busters.

Linda Zackowitz

I'm not big on this type of place. I went for my granddaughters birthday. However we ate in the restaurant, the food was good and our server, Shay was awesome!

Marques Parsons

Very clean,has that Dave and Buster's smell, each section I separate to have that private feel (games section, with dining, then a separate are to dine, and bowling section), very convenient for mall shoppers

Khiing Kay

Not overly crowed games were fun. Just make sure you go with people who like aracdes. Tried their STRAWBERRY watermelon martini!! Sooooo good!!

Annie Rogers

If you love games, drinks and food, then this is the place to go! We take our kids here and they run right to the arcade. My husband and I enjoy watching sports and having some drinks, although we usually get in a few games ourselves. Great fun :)

Midnight wolf gacha

The game staff was nice and very amazing friendly. The down part was I had got a refillable cup to use during our game playing. It was out off all sugar free drinks as well as a majority of regular drinks. When I went to refill it the first time the staff was working on it. I went back 10 minutes later and they were still working on it. This happened two more times. When I asked what I could do about a bottle that I paid $12 for and only got one drink I was told they were just cleaning it-which was true as they were holding a white rag full of black. The man put the cap back on and told me I could use it but that was it. I will come back to let my kids play games but I now know not to eat or drink there. This was an easy customer service fix and they failed.

Adina Clarke

The food was great. The games were fun. The service was outstanding. Our family will definitely be coming back.

Melissa Aragon

It was a fun night!! Every bartender was rude as hell except Mike. He made our night a great night. Fun place for drinking, eating, and playing games. Thanks Mike for the outstanding customer service.

Orlando Jones

Had the Green Chile chicken tacos... And they were awesome! The servers and hostess was so courteous and helpful. And even the off menu drinks were delicious

Illy Vincenty

This is a great family place but definitely not cheap. With that being said, tons of arcade games for all ages. Virtual reality, old school, new school, it really has it all. The food is pricey but fantastic. Alcohol is served here as well. Prizes are fun and fair. Definitely a spot you should visit at least once!

Sheila Kelly

Food was good. After being seated, we waited for a while before they assigned someone to wait our table. Food took a while to come. Server didnt come to see if drinks needed to be refreshed. We would always have to ask her. We were there on a Thursday night.

Will Peckinpaugh

Was an awesome time, clean games, the lady upfront helped me by giving me a tip about 1/2 off if I download the app. Awesome

Jeremy Stewart

Always come here for sate night with the wife. We like that we can spend our points to get free appetizers. Great service!

Bart Truchanowicz

Great place to take your kids. Lots of games to play. Did the groupon for unlimited play with my 3 daughters and we had a blast. Clean, very clean and well taken care of. Staff was great as well.

Jorge Medina

Great place to just kick it . The bar is great social place and the food isnt 5 star but definitely good

Chris Oltman

It's a fun time but gets expensive quick. Don't come during the summer because it will be packed!! There was 7 bus loads of kids there today, trying to cash in our haul was near impossible as the kids filled the entire prize area. Foods is pretty good as well

James Crenshaw

Awesome food and prices. Loved the Bartender was cool games are dope. Wish they had some more but had tons of fun


So. much. fun. Boyfriend and I basically blew through the restaurant and went straight to gaming. The arcade is huge with so much to do here. Drinks were good all night. We can't wait to come back for some food and games next time.

Hillary Spencer

Ignored at the bar for over 15 minutes while others were served. Spoke to the manager and he did nothing. Very disappointed. I don't get bad reviews but this one does not even deserve the one star at this point.

Make up make up

Had a f great time. My children had a blast

Bobby LaCoy

This place seems to be going downhill quick! I usually take my daughter here once a month, but after this last visit I'm not sure that we're going to come back. I approached the lady who was working at the front desk and said hey to her and asked how she was doing today. She finished picking at her fingernails, finding and setting up her phone charger before she would even acknowledge me. There was an issue with literally every game we played with the exception of one machine, so needless to say we barely got any tickets and my daughter was very disappointed. Then just to finish up our experience the guy at the prize counter was too busy talking to another employee to help us out. They were talking to each other about how much they disliked working there and how they wanted to quit. They were also talking about how none of the game technicians showed up for work last Sunday, guess that's why all of they games were messed up. Great conversations to have in front of customers. I hate to have had this experience, typically we have a great time there.

Adriena Long

(Smaller than many in Atlanta) But.......just as much fun! Located upstairs. Elevator available for the handicapped. 3 Showrooms for rent. Great for buffet lunches with family events or schools. The management and waiter/waitress were VERY nice to our kids and professional.

Chrisdalys Negron

It's a great place to go with your family and have a good time. It's also son fun, for everybody. You can go with a date, with your girlfriend/boyfriend, with your friends, even with older people. Also I love that there's food in there, and there's a bar for the adults. It's a nice place to have a great time, and they don't close till 1 a.m., so you have a lot of time to enjoy it.

justin schwartz

Really good games ,went on Wed with the half off. Well worth it

Jeremy Medina

Very good food, eat and play deals are very valuable for people wanting to do both, and the arcade is huge. Unlimited games available with special card are nice and are pretty long mini experiences. Prizes are nice ranging from kid toys and gadgets to something for adults like party games, giant stuffed animals, and even souvenirs like cups and mugs. There is a good selection of candy for nice ticket prices also. Great experience for the entire family.

James saiz

Not bad but i feel like the service could’ve been faster

eyasu haile

Manager nick ! showing him my email Coupon but he refused to give me My email coupon benefits Men he better serve than manage

Real Deal

Best place for adults to have fun. I love going there.

Nisreen Kılınç

So much fun around especially with Groupon's offers

Ben Burris

Always a great place to take the kids... Just don’t forget your wallet! We went for lunch and games yesterday and the kids took friends. As usual the place was clean, all the games worked and the kids had a blast. They spend as much time figuring out how to spend their tickets as they do playing games but it’s all in good fun. Great place.


I took my family to celebrate our daughters birthday. There were ten of us which decided to have dinner there as well. Well it took one hour and thirty minutes to at least for me to make someone aware. Well long short, we all stood up and left. Extremely disappointing experience.

Killy Killy

Very busy location. my kids had a blast!! Valet parking did a great job very kind and opened all doors when returning my car. Dining had an 1 hr wait but we were able to sit inside the bar area with own seating. Our server Paola was quick and very detailed. she made sure to check on us.

Kristina Lopez

Fun place for the whole family. If you order food and play, it can definitely add up, so look for any kind of deal while there or before going.

R and R Dolls

It was really crowded, so there were lines to play certain games. But there is lots of great games. it is easy to get a lot of tickets. (Was there for about 1 1/2 hours and had 2,000 tickets) and the gift shop has lots of things to choose from.

Jennifer Johnikin

This place is great, but the food... Well, we'll continue playing around with the menu.

SAVED For Life

Staff was very helpful. My family enjoyed our time

Dakotah Steele

I have to be honest. Dave and busters food is a little pricey for the quality in my opinion. However, what makes it worth the visit is the friendliness of the bartenders and the games. My bartender kept the drinks coming quickly and deliciously. The games are always a blast. From guitar hero, to keys, to basketball, to air hockey, yhey have everything to make this grown up chuck e cheese worth the vist

Life With Red

Best ribs I’ve ever had. Hands-down. Sweet and spicy bbq sauce. Ribs fall off the bone yet nice and crispy. Will definitely come back. Chicken and waffles were also very awesome. Joel was our server and is also awesome!

Harvenia Parker

I haven't been to Dave and Buster's in years. We went to Sugarloaf area for my grandson 5th birthday. At 67,, I enjoyed the virtual ride. The Jurassic Park was fantastic.

The Arya

Appetizers are great! It's just every time we've ordered a meal it's not great at all. Had the chicken ceasar salad and it was so soggy. It was terrible. Ate half but couldn't do the rest. Giving 4 stars because of this. The games are always fun. My favorite is the basketball connect 4. It is so much fun. Would have played all night but I did want to be fair and let other people play.

Deante Flood

Didn't eat but ordered drinks this time. Still 100% satisfied. Game selection is also awesome!

Greg Guzman

Better than I remember. Games are updated but still have games for younger kids. Also, recieving tickets and redeeming them are streamlined. Good job D&B. Will be back again!


Friendly staff, it was easy to locate. It is very spacious for events. I ordered the Thai chicken it was good. The waiters were great there was always someone ready to take your order. We played pool and a few games.

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