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REVIEWS OF Dark Horse IN Colorado

Doogie Labs

Best wings and burgers in town. This place has good beer and plenty to look at. Bingo, tricycle racing and more! Highly recommended to anybody wanting more than just a bar or just a restaurant. Love this place

Mackenzie Buckman

The bouncers were rude and wouldn’t let us in. But wouldn’t give us a legit reason. Used to love going there. But do not appreciate being denied and being rude to.

Glenn Wilcox

They got me drunk on a wednesday. I forgot who I was. It was trivia night. I had so much fun. One of the bar backs from Ecuador won me a shot. They made sure I didn't drive drunk. This bar is here to stay!

Olivia Laurienti

I ordered a house salad and a margarita and both were exceptional especialy bf or the price. I enjoy the eclectic atmosphere and the patio is lovely in the summer months. You can see the flat irons from the patio!

maddix gaming

The peanut butter hamburger was surprisingly delicious. There were so many things to look at. Not only with the staff nice so where all the patrons.

Craig Klatka

Best place in Boulder for pre game cocktails and shuttle service to the game

See_ Dubbz

My favorite divey bar in Boulder been here with all my friends. Their jalapeno peppers are the best I've ever had and good beer on tap. Will bring more people soon!

Daniel Rodriguez

Made a order over the phone to dine in. They literally made me leave and said my order was "to go" and all to go orders had to be to go.. So they refused too give us a table and made us leave after i just had a big order. Never have i ever been kicked out of a resteraunt till now.. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work

Tom Foxx

The air of chaos around this place is refreshing. Expect excellent food and powerful drinks from the very capable crew!

Wyatt Rees

Trike night is awesome, but they don’t throw the trike down when you run up the slope anymore. That’s whack yo. Would b 5 tho.

Randi Marks

Great food. Nice atmosphere. The staff was friendly and welcoming!

Anthony Aletto

This is pretty much the quintessential bar. It's an establishment that can't quite be described, only experienced. I mean that in that best possible way. On a less vague note, if you are looking for good food and positive atmosphere, Dark Horse is a solid choice.

Seth Anster

Been going there for the past 14 years and I still enjoy it. Always a great place to go with family and friends, great food and a good atmosphere. But bathrooms are something you should pay careful attention to if it's your first time around.

Michael Cassens

Definitely a college hangout. The food was okay and the atmosphere was fun with all the sleighs hanging from the ceiling.

Ty Visser

Love this place, come with my friends anytime I'm in then, check out Tuesdays for trike night for a wild fun time!


Good bar food and drinks

John Morella

Oldest bar in Boulder, cool spot for sports and great wings!

Annie Martinez

Had a great time with friends ❤️ Delicious food and drinks

Kitty Walsh

Food was good, atmosphere was great... staff is exceptional!!


Sat outside so we could smoke got dirty looks from locals and listened to staff scream names for food orders over speaker. Otherwise prices are fair

Jennifer Nelson

Great food and atmosphere!

sagar gohil

Amazing rustic pub to visit. They have enormous number of seating but it is still busy... you need to be sure you are able to hear your name once you have placed an order at the kitchen.. they are sometimes just too busy to enjoy the experience as ordering food takes almost 30 mins of waiting in a queue.. They do have special events on some weekend nights which are fun! There is more than enough parking in the area. Just dont expect to find it right outside the pub during busy days and hours.

Dave Andrews

Was super impressed by the food best bar food I've had in years. Food comes out fast even though they were busy. Best part is my burger was actually the temp I asked as a cook that's a big deal to me. Super relaxed chill atmosphere. Only bad thing is its hard to hear your name called over speaker but that's an easy fix and not something for me to knock the place .


This was definitely an interesting place. Very eclectic. I’d recommend paying close attention to which restroom you go in. The food was so good, and you’re given more than enough food. Not sure how family friendly this place is or is supposed to be but I would definitely recommend a cold one and some wings here. Thumbs up!

Robert Ramsey

Good food, good beer! Not a professional lunch place. But great place to have a 2 hr lunch.

Hamlet Watson

Awesome atmosphere and food

Joseph Baca

Exciting atmosphere, awesome bugers and plenty to look at and talk about.

Felicia Gerlach

The burgers and the wings! Yummy! Such a cool location to walk around in too, so many cool decorations to check out while you wait for your food (which is worth the wait no matter how long or short it is!) Can't make it to Bouldr often but when I do, we go here!

Mark Walls

Great place for no frills , good food, and cheap drinks. Any burger has always been delicious and the wings are big. Usually stop here after hiking for some recovery food on the way home. Decorations are wild and I always spend half of the time I’m there finding weird details glued to the walls or on the bar.

Brittany Lewis

Rad atmosphere, delish burgers 10/10

Spencer Burns

Cheap good food. Good beer. Good grungy bar vibe. A Boulder classic

Robin Martinez-Elyea

I love their food! Best Avocado burger and Swiss burger!! Pricey, so it won't get 5 stars from me!

Matt Manganello

This place is great! We will walk over here occasionally on a nice day...about a mile from work. I always get the hickory bacon burger and fries. Food is always fresh, hot, and delivered quickly. Service has always been on point. Prices are extremely reasonable for Boulder. The inside decor....well, you need to go to Dark Horse and see it first hand for yourself :-)

Mike Vega

Quality suffers when they are really busy. With kids starting school, not a good time to go. Ranch dressing was like water. Orders take a long time. Otherwise resting is usually better.

Tylor Connor

The bull testicles were delicious. Especially with malt vinegar. It felt like the very first time.

Connor Dripps

I LOVE the Dark Horse so so much. I’ve been eating here at least once a week for over 5 years now. No joke. I come here literally all the time and I enjoy every second of it. Their food is probably the most delicious bar food in all of Colorado. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking for a good time any night of the week because there’s always a bunch of people there. Despite this they are awesome at getting food out very fast as even when it’s ridiculously packed I’ll get my food in probably 20 minutes or less. Very impressive. Not to mention the food is pretty cheap for how much you get and how yummy it is. Also, it’s so big and there are so many rooms that even if it is crowded you can almost always find a quiet corner to chat with your friends. If I had one complaint it would be that I’ve had quite a few experiences where the kitchen staff was needlessly very rude to me. Many times they have been very grumpy leaving me with a bad impression. In fact, there was one time when an employee was so rude to me I nearly cried. I was just trying to explain to him that we were missing a basket of fries and I was trying to show him the receipt. I was being very kind and calm and he snapped at me so bad all I could do was walk away without my fries. I understand it’s a stressful job because of how many people are often there but I nearly never came back after that. Of course I couldn’t stay away because I love the Dark Horse too much which really just speaks volumes about how much I love this place. All in all, I’ve probably spent at least $3000 at this place and I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Adam Fortin

Typical bar with fun and games. Pretty decent food for a bar as well.

Samuel Vergara

Every time I got to boulder I HAVE to stop by and get some wings and a beer great atmosphere really different. It's always a good time


Considering I was born in Buffalo having the wings not cut up is blasphemy! but they're actually pretty good considering. Bar is an eclectic mix of people, the crowd getting younger progressively as the evening wears on. Happy hour drink prices are great. Come early or you end up in a long line for your food.

Deb LaQuin

Awesome atmosphere and mostly friendly staff. Good prices on food and delicious! Like the self serve option and timeliness for preparation. Food order staff was snippy and didn't know the menu but we are overall very happy with the bar/restaurant. Great job

Rhonda Stephens

Quirky place that seems popular with the college crowd. Be sure to look up, you could be in here for a month and still not see everything. Good hamburgers. I admit I did have to wait for someone to come out of the restroom, I was a little confused.

Daniel Young

Rating is for the wings. The sauce is fantastic but they need to find bigger pigeons

Kevin Co

Definitely one of the better places to get a burger in boulder. It really is affordable, and of a decent quality... no frills

Liz Tanji

Super fun bar atmosphere before the CU v NE game. Menu is fried bar food, but who cares when the beer is cold and comes in pitchers!

Robert Vanzant

College spot. Steak sandwich was very good

Phillip Kurimski

I was told to go here by a local for their chicken wings and they didn't disappoint. Great food and drinks. The bar itself is a little weird in that you have to order your own food and wait in line while they make it. Same goes for the drinks as there is no waitstaff. But that's Boulder for you, always doing things differently!

John Webster

The best place to watch a game or head before a Buff's event. Good eats, chilly beers, and fun times.

Oats Videos

Great place. Burgers and wings are amazing and the booze is well priced.

Matt Black

Great atmosphere. Great service. Pay attention when going to the restroom.

Brittnie Ayres

My husband and I go almost once a week for wings or burgers and two-for-one cocktails (which goes 'til 8pm). It's one of our all time favorite places to be. Very unique ambiance that is a must-experience for any out-of-towner!

Crystal Rojas

10 outta 10. It's very unique. You can play a great game of "I Spy". Amazing food especially the wings. Just a great restaurant overall!!

Amber Barnello

Good food and service. Great place for a college graduation party.

Noah McPherson

What's not to love, the food, the environment, The occasion of funny drunk people and WOW the wings!!!!!!! Not to mention playing I-spy on the ceiling looking at all the amazing Items they have their!!!!! I love this place I've been going there since I was a kid and I will definitely not stop going back!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Dani Barbero

Great food and happy hour

LaTierra Greene

Great food everytime and cool staff. Just don't go in the evening on a weekend if you want "quiet"! Minus one star because I wish they had a better system for putting in and picking up your orders in the evening.

Jaxon the Yoshi

The place was cool looking! It had the whole nostalgia theme going perfect. And yes, I fell for the bathroom trick.

Rob Bozzuto

Loved this place! Didn't eat here. Great service like everyone said. Reminds me of a place in Ketchum ID called Grumpys! Just love coming to places like this. Cool people and so inviting! Come as you are! Was in town for Dead and Co so I see why heads are drawn to it. We love places that are lived in and have history. A must if you visit Boulder. Walked there from the hotel Id go back!

Vishal Singh

I had their Rocky Mountain Oysters and Jiffy Burger. It was delicious. They have a friendly staff and a relaxed bar setting.

Davis thompson

The atmosphere in here is amazing, definitely a must visit if you have never been there. The food there is quite good too. The bar is more of a beer or well drink type of situation. (Good opportunity to try some local craft beer).

John Kirby

Great atmosphere, and food...

Colton Behr

Might be the best bar in Boulder. The crowd is so universal, college kids love this place but it's not really a college bar. Everyone and their grandmother loves the Horse. The starving student deal has got to be the greatest deal in the continental United States. If you're reading this right now looking for a great place for food and a beer, not going to the Dark Horse would be the biggest mistake you'll make today.

Amberlea Rose

Always good food, university hang out, limited parking area.

Erika McCleary

Pretty much the only local place to get rocky mountain oysters. They're really great too! I'm not much of a drinker, but the bartender served me soda with a smile! Love the decorations, daytime family friendly, great food in general. I don't live in Boulder, but we come here every so often. Never had a bad experience!

Kimberly Costanzo

Good bar food. Self serve kitchen. Quick and friendly. Order fries plain for the kiddos, otherwise they come out peppered. Kid friendly adult place. Nice outdoor with view of flat irons and sounds of the highway.

Kim Frey

Very eclectic and cozy! Easy place to hang out with friends and make new ones

ricardo garcia

Good place for a drink and hot wings

Jayson Tartar

Bartenders have such a bad attitude. They have this sense of entitlement that I just don't understand. You work at a bar get over yourselfs. Great burgers!

Craig Kippenhan

First time here, great time great food would recomend + it's a cool older building

Bruce Salimi

One of the most interesting pubs/restaurants we have ever visited. One can easily spend over an hour looking at the interesting walls and ceilings.

Geoff Keller

A Boulder staple. Great food and fun atmosphere.

Joseph Buono

Character, character, character! Oh and great old fashioned bar food with a 70's retro feel!

Nando Perez

If you haven't had a burger from the dark horse than you haven't had a burger. This place is a staple of Boulder. I recommend the peanut butter burger. The food is fantastic and the service matches. They have an arcade and pool room as well.

Kevin Loeffler

Great food and location.

Rachel Walker

Chicken strips are to-die-for. I almost cried the first time I ate them. The burgers and fries are so so so good also. They have an awesome student discount. Plenty of seating and organized workers. They are good at checking IDs. I understand the reasoning but I don’t like that they are 21+ because the food is so good that everyone should be able to especially sober people should get to try it.

Karen Hinkle

So comfortable... All that and then some. A indeed. It has so much Character. & charm truly a gem. Unique to say the least. The Staff is the frosting to the cake.

Debbie Swoboda

Fun place to hang out and eat in Boulder. It has been there forever some the 60's. Filled with old CO memorabilia. Trendy family friendly. Packed as all get out on CU football games. Does have a shuttle to the stadium. I love their burgers. Fish and chips are really good too. Grilled chicken is great and onion rings made on site. Same with tartar sauce. I've been going there since 1978. Young and old alike fun place to go.

Harish Adhikesavan

The pork sandwich was the worst. Chicken sandwiches was good though.

Tara Perkins

Best Wings! Service is always awesome, the kitchen guys are really nice. The benefit of ordering yourself at the window is you have an idea of the wait and don't have to worry about your order not making it in during busy periods. I went during the Superbowl with m my fiance and we had such a fun time!

Shauna Zapp

Always a favorite place in our family. People come to visit and this is where they want to go!

Esri Allbritten

Entertaining college dive bar that's been around for ages. Staff friendly despite being busy. Food good, prices reasonable, good happy hour. Walls, ceilings, everything, are covered with weird thrift-store finds and memorabilia. Mildly raunchy vibe. Sports on TVs in the bar. Live music (Saturdays), plus bingo, karaoke on certain nights. Never a problem with parking. Overall, fun.

Ian Gambill

Great food. Cool atmosphere. It kinda reminds me of the place in Rob Zombie's House of a 1000 Corpses but in a welcoming pg-13 way. Their burgers are great and their wings are fantastic. Zuchs and shrooms bruh! Wosop/10

Jay Bee

Things are fine a little differently here. The first thing I noticed was the No table service...order at the kitchen window... different but effective...this place is full of character...there are TV's placed in strategic locations but I think a few more would help. I went with two other guys and we all ordered hot wings. The food is not bad, and it's not great it's just solid. As far as being in a sports bar this place looks like during the right time it's a great place to be. All in all I really enjoyed my visit to the Dark Horse Sports Pub and I would say if you're looking for a sports pub this is a pretty cool place to hang out.

Christopher Childs

Easily one of the coolest bars ever!

Sarah Sector

Great burgers and wings.


They are still awesome after all these years. Especially at giving directions to motorists that know where they are, just not what anything is named anymore...Sprout's was The Pulse, then 24 hour, etc. Lol... If you like live music, see it here sometime soon... Drive safe y'all

Theo Champ

Dark horse is a classic Boulder spot. It's pretty much the only bar where you can actually hold a conversation and race tricycles in the same night. If that's not deserving of 5 stars I don't know what is

Mike J.

Pretty busy spot, but food is good and sitting on the patio is always great

Justin Marcellus

Awesome food! (-:

Julia Bakker-Arkema

The Dark Horse is the second best dive bar in Boulder. The vibes are spooky and whimsical. The food is surprisingly good. You should bring your out-of-town guests there. I think they will appreciate it.

Julie Nelson

Fun atmosphere & good prices on tasty burgers along with happy hour. Staff was friendly even though quite busy.

First Last

While beer prices are not great, at least 5 dollars for an okay one, the food is usually far above a bar expectations. And great food prices. I recommend cheeseburger, around half the time they are great. Good atmosphere for bringing friends; or even making a fun night by looking up the strangely themed events!

Dylan Harvey

This place was phenomenal, until they refused to serve two friends of mine. As a bartender myself, these two were not beyond that point. To kick them out, even after not serving them, was egregious and unnecessary and ruined the otherwise great experience. In my opinion, that shows a lack of training for the bar staff. Otherwise, again, it was a good, affordable bar with an above-average experience.

Matthew Turner

Super interesting place. Not good if you're claustrophobic, but amazing otherwise!

Rayne Boi

Too big for my taste. Service was good though.. Not my crowd.

Alex Simic

Cool bar. Felt like i was in the wild west while inside

Joe Harris

Great food! It was loud while we where there, but we could still talk just fine! The steak sandwich was not my favorite, but I have enjoyed everything else I have had!

Vidya Parab

The place stinks a lot. Becomes quite a lot noisy around 7.30pm. Their burgers are good. The place is huge and stuffy. Has 2 pool tables & dart games. Interior is unique but feels like all the horse carriages are floating over head and can fall anytime on your head :/

Laura White

One of the food service staff was pretty rude. I also witnessed the same individual berating another customer.

M May

My wife and I were discriminated against for being from the south. We sat at the bar and got out our IDs. We ordered cocktails and showed our identification to the bar tender who then walks off with out saying a word. He was gone for ten minutes with out saying anything to us at all. Then their bar manager walked up telling us our IDs dont add up and we needed some other identification if we wanted them back. As i was pulling out my credit card to prove who I was I told him we wanted them back so we could leave and he told us "thats not how this is gonna go". I showed him my debit card but he insisted on taking it and i wouldn't let him have it since he already had one piece of my property held hostage. He copped a bigger attitude and tried to threaten me with calling the police to which I gladly agreed. At this time he told us we needed to wait by the front door with even more un warranted attitude while he sorted it out with the cops. They left us standing out side and had their door guy come check on us every five minutes like we were some kind of threat. The door guy ignored me several times while trying to ask if they had gotten through to Boulder PD. We were calling the police as well to make sure it was being done in a timely manner since their lack of motivation led to me wanting to leave in the first place. The line was busy so we wanted to know if they had gotten through so we could get off the line sonothers cpuld get through faster. The manager and staff were very unprofessional and pretentious. I have been to bars all over this country and never encountered a bar manager so thirsty to be in charge of something. Nor have I ever had my ID scrutinized in such an unprofessional way. Then once the police arrive the manager tries to make a spectacle with the officer saying that we were aggressive and asking if they needed to go off and have a talk. It was very childish. Dark horse needs much better staff. Very disappointed. One star is too much.

Marcela Mosken

Liked this places. Good price. Laid back way to order. TVs to watch sports. Good food.

Joel Atella

Great burgers! Great place to hang out late night with cheap drinks and good food. If anyone from Fort Collins misses the OLD Washington's, this place is the same, including the decor, the bathrooms, and the ordering window.

George West

Great decor, ok beer selection and good wings.

chadd stephenson

Cool vibe, be careful with the bathroom doors if you're from our of town....

Brandon Opperthauser

Love this place! Awesome atmosphere and a great beer selection. Food is ALWAYS good, those guys in the kitchen really know how to compliment a beer.

karen santora

This place was Great! Lots of fun! Loved it! A must go when in Boulder!

Todd Christy

Enormous dive bar, w daily food specials. Cozy, relaxed vibe. Decent beer selection. Friendly staff. Solid go-to.

Jim Podolak

Fun place to take Friends from out of town for a taste of what used to be Boulder. Plenty of beer selections plenty of great burger choices and always a great place to explore the walls.

megan byers

A Boulder classic! Some of the most interesting decor I've seen in a restaurant. The bar is quirky and has a really cool layout - and they have great deals on food and drinks.

Twyla O'Connor

Absolutely love the decor and ambiance ❣

Weston Hood

Classic and iconic bar in Boulder. This place is a must see for sure. They got normal beer options, some typical pub grub. They have the legendary rocky mountain oysters if you're into that sorta thing. They also have the confusing bathroom doors that nobody gets right. Pool, darts, what more do ya need?

Adam Shavlik

Great food and fast service but if you're not there during the right time you have to go order food yourself and drinks. Dark lighting, cool atmosphere and cheap prices

Monica B

I live and work right next to this place and it's always a great place to stop by for a quick beer and bite to eat (or hang out for hours)! Their burgers are decent but my favorite is the steak sandwhich, totally worth 14.99!! Cant go wrong with any of their fried food after midnight. Karaoke nights, trike night, bingo, trivia, live music, etc! So many fun things going on there all the time! it's a great place to bring friends or family to from out of town. Definitely a staple in Boulder. I love it here!

James Davis

I need more places like this. Order your own food- comes out fast and perfect. Love the atmosphere and that’s one mean burger you all got too!

Rosalinda Licona

This place is COOL! Good burgers, great ambience, kid friendly menu (before 9 PM) and great beers on tap. 10/10 would recommend for tourists, locals, etc.

Shane Shoemaker

This place is exceptional. Service was fast and super friendly. A really comfortable atmosphere. Good selection of beers and the burgers were top notch. No complaints...other than how confusing the signs into the bathroom doors are!

Gabe Daviau

A old school Dive bar. On of the Original Boulder Bars. Decent beer selection. Good Specials, try Burger madness on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's. Wings are two joint and delicious. Extremely eclectic spaces, but plenty of them. Watch the restrooms. Do not attempt to enter without ID. Pool and darts and some arcade games are available.

Somer Andom

I highly recommend this old Boulder favorite: part unofficial museum, part college bar, sometimes with live music. Go check out this fascinating piece of Boulder history and have some tasty brews and a burger at the same time. Be sure to wander through all the rooms!

Robert Kaczanowski

Great family burgers/grilled cheese. Good Family stop on Saturday afternoon for nice break from fast food and show the kids where we used to drink beer. Old big house/business converted to Boulder landmark restaurant. Neat place and don't confuse the bathrooms.

Heather Joyce

This is where we go to watch CU games. Usually a jovial, friendly crowd. Cheap bar food and drinks. The chicken fingers are the best in Boulder (imo). Unbeatable classic dive bar ambiance.


badass place and design and spiciest bestest chicken wings ever

Fab Prieto

Great place great service! Delicious wings!

Andrew Scardino

Absolutely loved this place. Great burgers, great atmosphere and decorations that just get better the more you look. Bingo was a blast at night.

Chris Fanning

This place is basically a 2nd home. The staff is great and the food is delicious.

Kyle Byars

If you're coming into to boulder you owe it to yourself to visit this historic landmark. Burgers that will water your tastebuds, taps that never stop and a crew that just loves to talk. Best late night affair and always something special to catch. Do yourself a favor, eat,drink, and enjoy the wondrous art that fills the space. You'll thank yourself and friends will be amazed you know such a cool spot.

Ashley Wessel

Great food and a really neat decor

Jason Reardon

Cool spot. Good beers.

Nathan Inge

Best burgers in Boulder. Has a very dark, yet inviting atmosphere with classic dark wooden tables and booths. Extremely reasonable prices as well.

Marla Probst

It is what it is, don't try to make it a fancy place. I stopped in here to check out the Rocky Mountain oysters. Being from out of town I didn't know what to expect. Bathroom whimsical, college house, feasts for your eyes decor kept me interested while I looked around. Rocky Mountain oysters we're good. I'm glad I tried. I'd go there again. It was interesting. See you next time I'm in Boulder!

Neil N

Really good wings, unique bar aesthetic. They have events such as trike night and trivia night at night.

nancy dries

Always a treat to have.lunch at The Dark Horse! Burgers are good, choices of sides that we like to share. Love the onion rings

Somerset McCarty

Burger madness every tues thurs and Sunday! I lined the starving student meal when I was at Cu which is every day. Great memories and a place I visit every couple months. Headed back tonight!!

Laura Thomas

I'm convinced this crazy place's interior design goal is to mess with drunk people and I love it. Solid menu and bar. Fun ambiance. Went twice during my 6 day trip to Boulder.

Robert Culp

Hard to equate it to anything. Good drink prices, great food prices, lots of oddities (seriously). If you haven't been, worth the stop...

Philip Reed

Really liked the atmosphere and the food was delicious.

Merill Morse

Rude and misogynistic male employees who exert public shame over their microphone. Just what everyone wants right? Get your act together and treat people like a nice human being. Never coming back and never suggesting to anyone.

Josh Gibson

If you've never been go check it out. Very unique inside. Really good burgers.

Jaymie Voskamp

I always love visiting this establishment. It's quirky, has a bunch of history, and if you're cool enough you can find something the wall you've never noticed before... the deck is awesome. They have the perfect hours...and did you know they have tricycle races? Epic

Pedro Saccol

Excellent! Nice place and delicious burger

Terri L.

Great food and awesome atmosphere!

Patrick Bredengerd

Been going there since the late 70s & kinda forgot about it. Still a funky place & live music is always fun. Didn't eat but we'll be back to sample the menu. I think my band played there when I was a young stud. Ha!!

David Quintana

Good food and good prices, rocky mountain oysters are pretty good, large outside deck

Ed A

Fun atmosphere to hangout with friends. Karaoke on Thursdays. Inexpensive drinks. Overall, a super fun place with a diverse crowd!

brandy monckton

Great happy hour specials and typical bar food. The chicken quesadilla with green chili was excellent and the staff is easygoing and friendly. The bathroom signs are really confusing!

Brian Cantrell

Food was good and so is the atmosphere

Michael Brenner

Great burger, great atmosphere, awesome service.

Shawn Collins

I miss the Dark Horse! Lived in Boulder twenty+ years and it is my all time favorite spot- I love the Burger Royale, the decor, staff and clientele!! Best ever!!

Sarah Larsen

A Boulder classic. Great burgers!


Historic landmark for sure! This place is a must see in Boulder! Always more things to see each time you go! Fun on the weekends!

Rob Walsh

Consistently good burgers served up quick in a quirky bar atmosphere.

Jim McVitty

The Dark Horse is a Boulder classic. The staff is terrific and the food and beer above average. Great place to take the team to on a Friday afternoon, the family during the week and friends whenever

Mike Wikoff

Good food great service cool spot

Sherri Daily

Great veggie burgers. It is a fun place to bring out-of-town guests, but it is incredibly loud so it's hard to have a conversation. And the line gets very long to order your food let alone pick it up. Definitely do not suggest for anyone having a disability.

Daniel Seelye

Great bar and grill! Service was quick and friendly even thought it was supper busy.

Javiera Malebrán Muñoz

Fun stuff and good prices

Vickie Cominiello

It is a cool unique place, food was really good

Sam Pyeatt

Stellar atmosphere. Wonderful service. Good food.

Marjeane Oller

Great customer service and food!

Oliver Hanna

Love the food, staff, and most importantly the night time vibes

Douglas Crumpler

Good food but no table service for food or drinks

Murray Productions

This place is really cool! Entertaining just to look around! So many antiques and collectibles from all different generations. Hung in a very artistic way. The drinks are great and the food gets ordered old school like. Large stage and dance floor for different types of things. Good place to eat, hang out and drink, dance, party or just bring the whole family! Will definitely go back!

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