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827 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80206

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Jeremias Cruz

This place is awesome! Nice location with parking. Excellent service and the bbq is unlimited!

Kenneth Gregory

Great Korean BBQ. Painful to find parking but worth it. The wings were delicious. The pork belly hit the spot.


The food was amazing. We didn't do the all you could eat but what we got filled us up! We got the beef and pork bulgolgi and honestly the beef tasted the best. The staff was nice and they all worked together to take care of us. It was great for our first time visit.

Chris Bunya

My wife and I love this place. We don't know much about Korean food but it doesn't stop us from enjoying it. We always get the unlimited BBQ meal for $24 each. They bring out as much meat as you want except for the spare ribs. You also get unlimited sides. It's a busy and loud atmosphere with each table grilling their own food and servers constantly running around. It's a bit pricy so we don't go here often but it's a nice treat every once in awhile. It's a fun date place.

Thomas McCarthy

The food didn't taste bad, but it didn't particularly taste good either. The wait time was long and the food gave me a stomach ache

Nora Lechler

Omg the best Korean BBQ I have ever eaten! A lot of wonderful tasting side .. Definitely had fun grilling our own meat! Will definitely be returning.


If I could give a 0 star I would. Just terrible Korean food that tastes like utter garbage. If you’re Korean or have eaten REAL AUTHENTIC Korean food before, stay the hell away from this god awful place. I feel really bad for people who think this is even remotely close to what Korean food tastes like.

Dan F

I really enjoyed my meal, sliced brisket and all the Korean sides. Speaking of sides, they really have a wide selection and they are all tasty. The brisket was good. I sat at the bar in the service was attentive. It did kind of suck that they were out of a few of the beers on tap. And the music playing was quite offensive, f-bombs and all. The food was great though, and I'll be back.

Anthony Roberts

Great authentic Korean BBQ! Sogogi Bulgogi was amazing and fits perfect for cold Denver weather. I've been there a few times and never been disappointed. Service, as well as food, was exceptional. Would highly recommend visiting!

Aaron W

Good food, ok service, but overall just ok. As Korean BBQ goes, this is as flavorful as any I've had. The electric grills just don't do it for me. It's almost like the meat is somewhere between boiled and microwaved. They do have some gas grills, but for whatever reason they insist on filing the electric tables first. Again, overall the food here is good and it's a good value but Korean BBQ is better on a good grill.

Maggie Andersen

Fantastic food

Nicholas Wolf

Almost intimidatingly Korean to the uninitiated. We stumbled upon this place after a visit too the zoo. It was much more than we asked for for a quick lunch, however it was a wonderfully flavorful lunch. It was 90 degrees out and I was still drinking my soup creation dry. They have some burners at the tables for real BBQ, and the menu items come with a plethora of tasty sides (kimchi, kimchi pancakes, pickled onions & jalapeno, Korean style mashed potatoes and carrots to name a few). Well worth a visit, although not the best place for a toddler.

leanne adamson oliveira

Terrible. Went for lunch today 11/12/2018 at 1pm. Empty. One young guy sitting at the bar. Clearly he really didn't want to be bothered, but sat me at the bar with a filthy menu, then went back to his seat to bury his head in his phone. I heard a comment around the way of "i'm on break...." FINALLY someone showed up behind the bar. He was too busy messing with his apron tie and chatting with phone guy to bother to say hi, or i'll be right with you. There was no way I was going to help either of them with a paycheck. I left, hungry and disappointed. Work on your service because your food is good.

Natalya Lainhart

I got WAY more than I expected when I came in for the lunch special. This is a great place to go with coworkers for lunch or on a date if you're looking to try something new. The Dae Gee Bulgogi is incredible and the lunch special came with a really good amount of food for the price.

Taylor Castaneda

I went to Seoul this previous summer and ate pork belly every day. Thank you Dae Gee for bringing me back to the place that will always have my heart. My experience made me feel as though I was right back in Seoul. Get the unlimited meat and sides, it’s a good deal. Make sure to get some peach soju.

Kirsten Gelinas

The food was terrible and the service wasn't much better. Extremely disappointing.

Sean Glover

Delicious food and lots of it at decent prices

Cameron Pugh

Best korean BBQ out there.

Amy Leigh

We love this place. It's close to our house, had solid Korean food, kid friendly, parking available, fast in and out. It's everything an Asian restaurant should be. No complaints here

Krishcea Estoquia

This used to be my favorite place for Korean BBQ but I am disappointed and disgusted by how awful the food has become. First of all, I came in with a friend of mine and the service was terrible and it is not just in this specific location, It’s in EVERY single location. The servers are snobs and slow, like what else do they have to do other than serve you your drinks and sides, I mean WE CUSTOMERS cook our own food. Their employees do not seem like they want to work for this establishment and they are straight up rude!! The sides? Uhh, have these people stopped caring about the food they serve? Because KOREAN BBQ is supposed to be comfort food and there is nothing comforting about the food they serve now. It used to be great but if I could do a negative star, I would give them a few. My husband and I used to look forward to our weekly Dae Gee dates but the last 4-5 times have been unbearable and for the money we pay, We are better off going elsewhere. This establishment is a disgrace for Koreans, this is not what korean food is like. Just close your stores if you cannot keep up to the standards you CLAIM to have.

Darin Ziegler

Good tasting food. Staff is great. Parking not so good.

Mike Macgowan

Had all you can eat bbq but they charged more for beef. I am not sure how that works.

Daniel Vedra

Lived in Seoul for a few years, and this place is legit. Prices are very reasonable, which can be tough to find with Korean food. Had the bi Bim bop for lunch, which was great. Excellent side dishes as well.

Ken Kunz

Here for the first time and brought some friends along. Love the Korean BBQ and the price is reasonable for all you can eat! The plus is all of the sides that come with it. The kimchi was the bomb! Next time we are back in Denver, we will be stopping by again.

Bob Yu

I may be a bit biased, but the food was just okay for Korean BBQ. I got the all you can eat BBQ option, but after seeing some of the stone bowls, I regret not getting one of those. The service was pretty exceptional though. Servers were there to help with preparation of the food, and explained all of the dishes when asked. The food was brought out very quickly too, which was a nice bonus.

Renett Fasnacht

Very good, very nice staff.

Jean Koontz

I am a cheapskate. This place is expensive. WORTH IT for a special occasion, or to share a for light meal. I LOVE bulgogi, & this may be rhe only place in Denver to get it, unless I make it.

bob c

Never disappointing!

mi Tawara

Colorado Blvd locations has the worst customer service ever, we've been coming to Dae Gee for years now! Take the drive, go to the one in Arvada!!!

Maru Kalani

Got to love this place!! Truly great atmosphere and truly great food!

Allison Atten

Service was HORRIBLE. food is amazing.

Kimbra Howard

Love it. All you can eat is the best deal there.

Matt Groves

Get the unlimited! So great. So full!

Hillel Weinberg

Pretty good deal - service kind of haphazard.

Mark Fitzgerald

Food is tasty (would recommend trying the Bulgogi, it's delicious) but the service needs some improvements. I like the idea of cooking meat by ourselves. Unfortunately, when the last time we came thegrill was not working properly. We had to wait for 15 min for help.

Roselani Straus

First time trying Korean BBQ, but not the first time having it. Staff was friendly and service was great. Thank you Steve! Loved the Soju

Carlos Martinez

The meat here was fresh, I liked the service and the menu was reasonable. I think the only thing I didn't like was the fact that I had to request the sesame seed oil in salt. Luckily they had it. They had three special sauces on every table. They were like hot sauce, and hoisin sauce sort of. I liked all three, and they are pretty spicy.

Patrica Marsden

I absolutely love this place!! Can be a little pricey, but well worth the price. Grab some friends, take your time, and enjoy great food and great company. If you haven't been to Korean Bbq before this is a great place to get initiated.


Saw this place a few weeks ago while walking down the street and decided to check it out. Needless to say, i've been addicted ever since, i've gone there three times already, and i've enjoyed the experience every time. The food is great, decently cheap, and the people there are nice.

William Bruneau

Mmm... kimchi & beef

Thomas Stevens

This location needs a good cleaning and a more attentive staff. The food was good... but slow service and the ceiling is disgusting. Please... clean it up Dae Gee! Till then... going to the Broadway location. #cleanitup

rachelle hallums

Think they are more interested in getting people at tables the staff sit you give you menus and walk away..noone asked us how our food was and we got the check and literally that was it. Food was ok. We got a bowl and my husband ordered the beef and seafood. The seafood had fake crab and he had one slice of beef in his bowl. They really need to work on customer service.

Nali Yan

Friendly staff, clean place, and I felt like it's too sweet due to be Americanized but still delicious.

Michael Heaton

A little pricey - but very flavorful BBQ and spot on with the marinade and spices!

Diana Bidzhieva

Great unlimited option! Awesome kimchi cucumbers! How ever, even though there were only 2 occupied tables, it took us forever to get the waiter's attention.

Loomy Bunny

Best restaurant in Denver, hands down! Get the all you can eat and you get all their best meats and sides. Come hungry and stay for an hour and a half. The staff here are great, just make sure you make a reservation if you have a party 6 or larger.

Sarah Yoon

The food was pretty decent and the prices were reasonable; however, the portions were relatively smaller than expected. The service was decent enough, but there were times where the servers would be on their phone instead of providing service for their customers. Overall, this location is an okay place to go to for affordable food but isn't anything special.

Johnny Shen

This establishment has consistently been terrible when it comes to takeouts. 3 separate instances they have messed up my orders, and each time the staff/ management chooses to blame customers for their ineptitude. This latest occurrence prompted me to finally submit a review. I had put in an order for bibimbop around 9:35 pm and stated my girlfriend would be the one to pick it up. Lo and behold when she arrived, they had already given it to someone else earlier and said "your boyfriend already picked it up (i had done no such thing)." My girlfriend started driving home and after getting in touch with me, she called them back and receptionist rudely denied fault and said "you should've confirmed with him first." Are you kidding me?? You don't check who the person picking up your food is before giving it to them?? What absolute lack of integrity and accountability standards does this place adhere to? And no, the receptionist did not offer a replacement meal or any consolation-- just blamed us for the miscommunication. Shame on you guys for treating customers this way. You used to be better than this.

Michael Shoaf

Food. Lots of food. Great selection of side dishes. This is the ultimate all you can eat place for Korean bbq. Plan your time accordingly. Parking can be an issue.the staff was enjoyable and informative. Korean bbq can be overwhelming, but the staff here makes you feel welcome. It is a little pricy, but it is all you can eat meat afterall.


Awesome food, great atmosphere, wonderful staff. A bit pricey, but well worth it.


Great place. Great food

patty canas

Awsome food , service not that good

Mitzi Blasingame

Drove 900 miles to eat at your restaurant. Worst experience of customer service I’ve ever had. They sat us down and ignored us. Had to get up find wait ask for them to take order, get drinks, get food exedra. Two tables of people came in after us just got up an left because they where not being waited on. Completely disappointed with experience.

Daniel Bluestein

I liked the experience, prices are reasonable. The staff is excellent.

King E.

Interesting concept. Grill your own meats and veggies with the all you can eat option, or order off the menu. Short ribs were super thin, though, and you only get one super thin slice for like 4 dollars more!

winnie sandhu

I was visiting Denver and I was told this place is great. Coming from Vancouver where I get the BEST Asian food, I obviously had high expectations. We did the all you can eat deal and honestly, while they give you a lot, it doesn't taste great. I paid for all you can eat but ate so little. The pickled items weren't so fresh, the meat wasnt marinated or seasoned. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it but if you're looking for satisfactory, then go for it. A better suggestion would be Gyu-Kaku

Zach Van Hilsen

Quick service good food

Alishba Ali

excellent place. It was a wonderful experience along with my friends

Charlie Cohn

Food is great. The process is flush and the staff is very helpful. The lack of a good atmosphere brings it down a star.

Rachel Shearer

Best all you can eat Korean barbecue in Denver. I highly recommend their galbee and bulgogi.

Mary Kerr

They don’t bus their chairs, so before you sit you need to check if the previous customer left their soup or other unidentified liquid.

Chris Solomon

Good for a meat fest.

Natalie larkin

Was super excited to eat here. Never been to one. Asked the waiter for help he just said “he you will figure it out” which kinda sucked.

Casey Kulm

Service and food was fantastic.


Love PIGOUT all you can eat Korean BBQ

Madison Kane

We came because we saw the restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. High quality food and high quality customer service. It was a real treat!

Michael Wempen

They wouldn’t service me because I was a single. That was after waiting 10 minutes.

David Souther

Amazing place and experience.

Kristen Christeson

So the food was really good, the staff was a little aggressive and rude when we tried to ask questions, and the “unlimited” was incredibly expensive considering it wasn’t truly unlimited.

Kenny Park

Not sufficient parking, food is not ...... really the best ..... Side dishes, sauces and soups need more improvement

Five Star Gaming TV

Enjoyed our food here.

Lisa Shaver

Service was great even though the place was busy & food was excellent. 5th star failed only because of tight, restricted parking.

Kayla DeShon

I swear, this might be some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had. In my existence. 10/10!

Peter Chang

Good food. Sauces are gear toward American taste

John Marshall

Drove all the way there just to find out they only have grills on a few tables and an empty restaurant was going to be like an hour wait.

Barber Shop 3 uknpw

Was a good place cook your food

Leah Kautz

Delicious food, great service!

Chad Beezy

Really good I’ve had Korean bbq before and it stood out from the rest they do it right.

Tina Ghiberti

Ordered the all you can eat and was pleasently impressed with the amount they brought for our second round. Definitely worth the price!

Andrew B

The most authentic ingredients, flavors, menu items. If you want real Korean food, Dae Gee is the place. Phenomenal atmosphere, amazing staff, and great pricing. I won't eat at any other korean place after eating at DAE GEE!! Highly Recommended

DeAnna Heffernen

Was nervous but food ended up being soooo good!!

Arielle Sokol

Fabulous and filling! The soups and entrees are delicious, satisfying, and authentic with a modern twist. With the purchase of an entree or unlimited bbq you also get unlimited sides. The sides offer a wide variety of taste sensations - crispy and slightly sour pickles radish, spicy kimchee, sweet and creamy potato salad, soft fish cakes, and much more. A wonderful culinary experience I can't wait to repeat in the future!

Phillip Solis

Great place. Great service. Great food. Can't go wrong.

Bryan Grengs

Food is good, service is terrible. Only 3 other tables in the whole restaurant and staff never checked on us, forgot our appetizer, only had 2 set of dinning for 4 of us and didn't bring us sides until the 3rd time asking. Also lettuce wasn't brought or offered until asked for which is a staple to Korean BBQ. Had high hopes but the service ruined it.

Mo Hanson

Good Korean food with large selection of side dishes. BBQ is sort of pricey, but very good & all you can eat

James Malechek

Outstanding food and friendly staff! Would definitely recommend!

Shanda M

We provided free entertainment for the night. My friend's husband poured a glass of water on the hot grill... The employees said the flames were the highest they've seen.

Adon Baybayan

All you can eat option is a must have, quality of the meat cuts are great and portions are large not to mention the abundance of side dishes. Staff is friendly and very fast. Definitely going to need at least an hour to eat... and be hungry

yogie colon

If u take the ultimate bbq.. Be hungry for 24 dollars.. You need to eat.. Its starts with a sample then u choose your next feast.

Brandee C

Super good food. Super good service. Id highly recommend

Andrew Yoo

Stopped by for lunch while exploring the area. Great authentic korean food (must try short-ribs) and friendly staff!

Paola Hernandez

The food was good, horrible service. I am originally from Los Angeles California and live in Co. Springs and I was super excited to find a KBBQ because there are none in the Springs. We arrived at the restaurant and there were two servers in the business. We were seated and I asked the server about their all-you-can-eat set up—by his answers he seemed confused and rushed, (there was only one other active table and they were pretty much finished). The server brought our first round of meat, which we went through fairly quickly and we did not get service until I waived him down to order a drink and another round of meat. I ordered a 32oz Saporro, didn’t get a glass with it, (I felt pretty liquor-store-bum-ish). We also finished our sides and had to waive the other server to get another round of sides. By the way! Our grill had burnt residue and no one came by to give us a hand with that either, usually KBBQ spots take care of this. We noticed other patrons complaining amongst each other as well. I am a huge fan of all-you-can-eat KBBQ, I was very disappointed in this place and most likely will not recommend or visit again.

John Buckle

Her friend took me here one night in the past is very good food great service

Kyle Winters

Not as good as it used to be..... If you order the unlimited bbq, you'll have to constantly bug the waitstaff when you run out of sides, lettuce wraps or bean paste. They are always willing to bring whatever you ask for, but the fact that our party had to flag down servers each every item we wanted a refill on a side or the accompaniments (more than once) really derailed the experience. I don't think it's asking too much for waiters to attempt to anticipate the needs of their customers and proactively offer to refill items. Instead, it seems they are overly worried about losing money on the unlimited deal, so they force you to demand each and every item if you need more. If they are that concerned about the cost and impact to the business, charge customers more and provide impeccable service. This will weed out the freeloaders and improve the consumer experience. For what it's worth, our party was content with one round of proteins on the unlimited bbq deal, but wished we didn't have to constantly bug the waitstaff for refills on some of the sides and accroutments. The sides weren't as robust as they have been in the past and some of the marinades and the bean paste was much more salty than in the past. Overall, the food was acceptable but the comprehensive experience doesn't represent the value that it used to 6-8 months ago.

Iron Fist

Never had this before but was really impressed

Tressa Helkenn

Fantastic service and food. Good selection. Scallop bulgogi was amazing

Louis Grün

Dae Gee was so tasty! It was my first Korean BBQ and I got most out of it and ordered the all you can eat option. I loved sitting at the grill and cooking my own meat while devouring the delicious side dishes among which were coleslaw and potato salad. The staff was friendly and helpful and even gave us the lunch option although we barely arrived on time for it ( 1 minute before end). They show you how to get started which is very helpful.

Kevin Cho

For the price ($18 unlimited lunch) it was fair. Couple of things can be improved. 1. Grill was very weak. It took nearly 15 minutes to cook pork belly to golden brown. 2. Meats were frozen rock solid, and not fresh. 3. No lettuce or garlic were offered initially. This is not common in Korean bbq. 4. Music choice was questionable, some songs had a lot of swearing in Korean. Not very family friendly.

Louise Clemmer

So delicious!!

April Ross

Not my thing. Takes too long to cook your own food. 1st table we sat at the grill didn't work. Had to move the whole group. Ordered a vegetarian meal and yet they still put a raw egg on top.... probably won't be back.

emilio fernandez

Amazing way to eat! Go with hunger!! Leave full of wonder!!!

Angel Rodriguez

Amazing food

W Albrandt

They give you so much food

Beth Graham

Good service and the food was tasty! My sister, who lived in S. Korea also liked it a lot, though she said it is sort of "fusion" because of the presentation, types of sauces, and the delivery of the meal. Really good tasting though!

Scott W

Good food, but pricier than expected.Maybe I am spoiled by old school, mom and pop places from long before the Korean BBQ craze.

Andy M

Good food

Harry Freeman

It was the first time when I tried Korean food. We came with friends for lunch. Food was good but not for me as I try to eat less meat and more vegetables. Overall, it was a good experience.

Abimael Santos.byr

They took a ridiculous amount of time to give give us food, took long for the checks, ridicules gratuity rate. They were stingy with the drinks too.

Jeremy Denison

Great food. Little expensive thou

Neil Robertson

Korean BBQ is about fun and a lot of food and this spot brings it. They have a good selection of meats and a wide availability of grills. Service can vary though. And not necessarily a bargain but I think the experience is worth it.

Robert Nelson

Excellent beef short ribs! I've never had them so tender and flavorful.

Teresa Clark

Korean BBQ and the scene here is great. visited near twelve, it was not full. really nothing but good experiences here.

Scott Layman

Great value! Get the all you can eat! We LOVE going here when we are starving. Cook it how you like it... And eat delicious grilled meats and traditional Korean sides until you forget your name

Dougiefresh39 39

Read the fine print, this place is a joke. For unlimited BBQ you have to follow the rules, you need at least 2 people and they charge 18 dollars extra for the good stuff. Did I mention you have to cook it yourself? Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. Don't let dinner drive in and dives fool you is place is a subpar Korean BBQ place with more fine print then most car dealerships.

Todd Renard

As far as Korean quality and preparation goes, it's impossible to complain. After 5 years in Korea, I can vouch that this is an authentic, tasty option for anyone that appreciates good grilled meat. Moreover, the soondubu is on point.

Tommy McDonald

The electric grills do not get hot enough to properly cook the food. We arrived at 4:00 pm and was the only table but they still sat us at one of the electric grills. We asked several times to move to one of the gas grills and the waiter refused to move us. I could touch the electric grill bare handed without injury and our food had been sitting on the grill for a long time. We eventually just moved on our own to one of the gas grills. Poor service and disappointing experience. Worst Korean BBQ experience. If you do eat here, demand a gas grill.

Anne Marie Hester

I've been looking for decent Korean food since I've moved to Colorado. This is definitely a great find. I had bibimbop with traditional side dishes. The price is reasonable for the amount of food you receive, and the food itself is delicious!

marc laupretre

Food is great. Hyper corporate feel isn't. Its nice but has a over managed feel to the staff. Like the owner or manager is overbearing or too bossy and demanding. I can sense it through the interactions with the staff as they seam like they have been coached over and over to do certain things. If they chilled out bit it would be amazing. Staff is great! Just seams the corporate training is a little 2001 not 2017.

Eric Park

Nice place, good taste

Brian Kirkpatrick

LOVE these guys! Awesome food and service. The table top grills are awesome. Any time my kids want a special dinner they always request that we make the drive up from the Springs. Always worth the time and effort for the reward!

Blake Menery

Just tried this place over the weekend. Food portions are large and filling. Pretty neat and unique experience. Nice to see different restaurant food and styles rather than the same old regular things. Will be back

Grace Ortalano

We ordered the unlimited meat such as galbi, bulgogi, pork etc with one bowl of rice with a few side dishes. It's just $24.00 per person. The waiter & waitress were attentive. The atmosphere is nice and clean.

Madelaine Mideri Wong

Where do I start? I love love this restaurant. Dae Gee has the best Korean BBQ is Denver area. The meat is tender and the sides are just fantastic. It's not that pricey but it's quality food. Amazing service as well.

Bill Kim

This review is for the Colorado Blvd location. I've been going to this location for lunch since they opened. When they first opened, I really enjoyed the quality of the food and service. Things have gone downhill after a manager started working at this location. The quality of the food has also gone down and the customer service has also declined considerably. Every time manager was there, she was rude and condescending. The last time I went (and it will be the last time), I brought coworkers from out-of-town and we all ordered the lunch AYCE special. The BBQ grill at the table wasn't working properly but the manager refused to move us to another table although the restaurant was empty. After they processed our credit cards, they notified us that we received the dinner AYCE instead of the lunch, so they charged us the dinner prices. I didn't make a big deal out of this because of my coworkers but it isn't right to up-charge customers due to the employees' mistakes. I spoke with the manager but she wouldn't budge and she demanded that we pay the dinner price since that's what we ate. None of my coworkers will be going there again. There are other Korean restaurants in Denver with much better food and service.

Matthew Whitcomb

Fantastic Korean BBQ

Arash Ghaemi

Called ahead to chow down on all you can eat. When I went to order, they said minimum 2 people for all you can eat so I couldn't order. Place was empty for July 4th. The 1 star is for poor customer service and not clarifying that at any level before having to drive down there.

Jessica Zeimens

Very good food. Had alot of fun. Wish i had a bigger stomach.

Anoop Yamsani

Everything Tastes great, but it's not the same as some of the Korean ones you find in Cali(Authentic).

Mark Lansville

Loved it. First timers! Food and service was amazing!

Jennifer Kim

It is one of the great Korean restaurants in Colorado with several locations throughout Denver metropolitan area. I tried all of them. The menu items are delicious, especially the special menu at the Havana location.

Christopher Mills Scola

Da best Korean bbq in denver

Jonathan Hernandez

Great food, service is a little slow but worth it in the end

John J. Park

Beef came out stale and too dry. Vegetables and side dishes were tough or tasteless. I was raised on Korean food, and I strongly recommend you spend your hard-earned money elsewhere.

Jennie Wang

We chose the 24 dollar per person Korean bbq(2 persons). We suppose to pay around 50. Then they charge us 61 on my friend’s card. PS: the waitresses were not even pay attention to our table, bad attitude. A waste of money! I will never ever ever go there again.

Jonathan Ostrow

This place is great. Food is amazing and the staff is so friendly. I have never had Korean food before but I know this is a place to visit over and over. Keep up the great work!

Marco Capraro

Fun atmosphere and good food. the only reason it lost a star was because I called ahead to make a reservation and was promised a seat at 7pm. When I got there around 6:50 they said they don't know who answered the phone and that they don't take reservations for parties smaller than 6. Thus we had to wait for about half an hour. The annoying thing was while we were waiting they let other people who came in later than I did with a the same sized party get a seat. I would go back though

Kevin Knight

Food was pretty decent. Service was good. Would be 4 stars but there was horrible rap music being played while we ate our lunch.

David Burns

Simple but efficient way to enjoy Korean BBQ

Caitlin Arce

Service was pretty slow, but the food totally made up for it! Such yummy flavor profiles- salty, fatty, sweet, and bitter all at once. I got the salted mackerel, which was terrific. Our waitress was really friendly and helpful as well. Its a bit of a downer that they won't let you cook it yourself unless everyone at your table orders BBQ, but like I said, the food made up for everything. My date got a mixed drink which was really good as well.

Byron Johnson

Great bar b que place to take friends or family

Claudia Wyatt

The food was delicious! Kimchee was great and their fish cake was amazing.

Adam Hamon

Really enjoyed our first experience with Korean BBQ! Everyone was super helpful and the food was good! Love the kimchi and brisket.

Brian Haire

They were understaffed so the service was slow, but the food more than made up for it

Joey Hollis

The food was really good, it was very different than what we were use to but it was worth a try. The experience was fun and unique. We enjoyed it to the fulliest

Lee Thull

The food and establishment is excellent. Delicious! Very friendly staff. A must go if visiting Denver.

Chalyce MacDonald

Great food, iffy service. We waited about 20 minutes before anyone even spoke to us, and were pretty much ignored for the rest of the evening after we'd ordered - which made it difficult to ask for anything. The BBQ is very, very good though, especially the spicy pork. I need to learn how they make their potato salad!

Eric Mitchell

The unlimited BBQ was a smart decision because the meats and sides are absolutely amazing. My only complaint is the service here is hit and miss. Most of the servers are great but they have a couple that should reconsider working in food service.

Brett Clyde

So we decided to try places featured on the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" whenever we visit a different city. We've never had Korean BBQ so we decided to give Dae Gee a try. And we are very glad we did. The BBQ was delicious (we didn't cook our own) and the sides were surprising and delicious as well. We discovered that we like kimchi, or at least the different kimchi sides at Dae Gee. The fresh sides perfectly set off and complimented the barbecue. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well. Overall a great experience.

daniel nieves

Overpriced. The experience is fun but the food is dule.

Annie Liu

So I order the chicken bbq dish, and then when the server brought my food, it was pork. I told the server that I had ordered chicken and he says that their pork dish tastes like chicken so I’ll be fime. He did not only mix up our order but was rude to us. Will not go back

Matthew Law

Food was decent, had bulgogi and it came a stone bowl, which is a neat traditional style. Unfortunately it was cooked at too high a temp because the rice was burnt. It was served so hot that I had to put ice in the bowl and still wait 10 mins before eating. When I mentioned this to my server, no apology was given. Instead I was told to order in in a regular bowl next time. 1. I didnt realize there was an option, it was my 1st experience here. 2. The food was cooked at a temperature, that was obviously too high. It was rude the server shifted that responsibility to me. Disappointed

classy dimples

The best Korean BBQ in Denver. I will be back and recommend everyone try this place for the experience and drink Peach Soju slowly!

JoAnn Gusta

My first time ever having Korean BBQ. Excellent food and service. Tried the dumplings, chicken, and scallops, and all the sides. Everything was delicious. We went to the Aurora address.

JJ Young

Horrible customer service! We love Korean food and until we hear good things about the service in this restaurant, we will not give them our business. Very disappointing and annoying! It's very obviously they lack labor.

james barnocki

Was very tasty and alot of fun cooking the unlimited amounts of meat and sides. Nephew loved the unlimited rice haha.

Cricket Fox

The food/drinks here are OK but the service is horrible and the place needs a good cleaning. Even worse though, every time I go there's different rules about the AYCE BBQ. Consistency with cleaning, service and rules are much needed.

Charles curry

Mid range. Not the best not the worst.

Noneya Bizness

The owner once said that Dae Gee is a place to pig out, he was right. The service is fast and polite. The best deal is the all you can eat. The marianated beef and chicken are the best of the meats. The short ribs tasted good, but were not worth it in my opinion. The sides were varied and tasty. The best is the potato salad, which should be checked for addictive drugs, it is that tasty. The Kimchee variations are also great.

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