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REVIEWS OF Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria IN Colorado

Nathan Traver

Service was amazing, food was fast and delicious. We will definitely cater Cuba Cuba at our office again.

Shsron Moczygemba

Love Cuba Cuba....makes it feel like home! I grew up in Miami and was so excited to see a Cuban restaurant here. Was getting expensive flying home to eat my favorite food!!!!!

Andrew W Kubicek

Simple but superb fare served with a smile.

Kelci Freeman

We got the Cubano sandwich, my first ever Cuban sandwich. It was really good for my first Cuban sandwich. I will definitely come back to try other sandwiches!

Yahaira Martinez

Great food! Bartender is great fast and accommodating, you go mikol!

Echo omni

It was good, but its pricey.

Alan Yamamoto

Tasty Cuban food with speedy service.

Jeremiah Puckett

The Mahi sandwich was great, portions were large.

Tim Stewart

Wow, delicious!

Michael Denison

If you've ever been to Miami and had a Cubano there, this is the only place to go in Colorado. Their Cuban bread is made daily and their pork is amazing. Best Cuban food this side of the Mississippi!

1Michael Green

I recommend anything with the Pork. The seasoning on seemingly simple rice and black beans is perfect. I have only been to Glendale location but will try others, now that I know they exist!

Vikay Torres

It's a nice place for a casual meal and a drink with a friend.

Brittany Gutberg

Love the veggie wrap and the pollo wrap! The side of sweet plantains is also delicious.

Cynthia L

Tonight 9/13/19 i brought a small birthday party of 7 in. i called before hand to make sure that the Vegan birthday girl could bring her food in, not only did the bartender Daniela welcome us, she was super attentive and made sure we were very well taken care of. I have had similar experiences in the past. This place is great.


This is a great place for a cuban sandwich at a great price. The lunch portions are big. Cute decor and fast service!

ChristopherROBN UUUuuUuu

Food is bland/tasteless and if you like being treated like a child this is the place for YOU.

Daena Menendez Lanz

Im cuban and I loved it. The flavors are very authentic!! Also the atmosphere is super nice and of course the people too. Highly recommend

Jorge I Arroyo

I had the Bistec y pan sandwich. Pretty tasty. I also had a side of plantain chips. My lady had the fish sandwich, she said it was so so. The place was comfy and had A LOT of Bustello cans everywhere. I like Bustello so 5 stars for that.

Jeff Sackrider

This place is awesome! Fast service, reasonably priced, and most importantly - delicious food! I want to go back a few more times to try everything.

Dennis TheGreat Corpas

A great place if you like quick easy Caribbean afro Latin food has a nice you know tropical feel and even though I'm a Puerto Rican descent and it's a Cuban restaurant I enjoy it it reminds me of Puerto Rican food

deeta geddes

Holy wow! Stayed at the Res Inn and this was one of a few restaurant options sharing space with the hotel. Was pleasantly surprised by how good this place is. I had the Pan Con Lechon and my hubs had the Cubano. The Cubano was good, but the pork sandwich with the slaw was life changing! The bread is spot on and the Cuban fries defy explanation. Try them and thank me later. Delicious! New favorite place on this side of town.

Tirazheh Anissy

Delicious Cuban food! Great, friendly staff! Really recommend it.


Ever just want something different. I went in to this place, asked the manager what he suggested and WOW! Best sandwich I have had in several years. I can't remember the price because I just didn't care. Great job I wish I had one near me...

Karen Gauger

Open air restaurant with superb Cuban sandwiches.

Marilu Horning

Delicious Food and great service! We ordered two Cubanos sandwiches and Cuban fries and Cuban pineapple drink. Very delicious. I recommend it!

Yamil Quinones

Exactly what I was looking. Quick, very comfortable and polite. Great service and good food.

Ed Durica

Food is awesome

hope chavez

Best cuban food ive had! Great atmosphere.

Russ Duncan

We cater them quite often and their sandwiches are very good. My favorite though; their veggie wrap. Seriously so good. The flavor profile is so lively and complex. Feta, plantain and habanero aoli compliment each other so nicely.

Katie Knull

Love this little restaurant in Glendale. Give it a try! Chicken is a favorite and their drinks are delicious too.

Rafael Victoria

The flavor isn't like cuban taste food.

Jim Conley

Excellent Cuban food. Service is great and fast. Table service is available, but most order at counter and then have food delivered to table. Lechon asada is very good - garlicky pork with black beans and rice. The Cuban sandwich is also good. The flan is a good choice for dessert. Bar inside. Indoor and outdoor seating.

mb mackman

The veggie wrap is great here. The plantain chips side is huge and awesome.

Stephanie Strange

Wanted 1/2 a basket of have to pay for a whole basket..they will just give you less? Their fries are out of this world delicious...just dont need a full basket.

Katie Snyder

Really good food, good prices.

Curtis Petersen

Usually excellent Cuban sandwich was dry inside and the bread overcooked in the press and crumbling.

kathryn einspahr

The sa switches were out of this world

Milton Leon

Great flavor and price is fair. Smaller portions than I'm accustomed to lol. But very tasty overall!

Jennifer Hubbard

The cubano sandwich was excellent and the fries were to die for! Will definitely be back.

Jessica Ruiz

Great food, good customer service, piña coladas are deliciouuuuss!! If planning on going, must try the Piña Coladas!!

Katelynn Hittson

This is a great little shop that always seems busy but don't be intimidated by the lines service is fast! This place serves the business crowd around cherry creek, so go with your coworkers for a relaxing lunch. The food is almost as good as other Cuban places in town. Try the sweet plantains and the black beans!

Chad S

I come here for my Cuban fix, but after living in the big apple for some time, nothing compares to Sophie's and there special green sauce (Puruvian).

User Friendly

Good atmosphere. Bread is from Miami. True Cuban bread used on sandwiches. I had a Miami Classic! Pan Con Bistek! It was awesome. Pricey but good. The Cuban Bakery in Aurora Miss & Chambers King Soopers shopping plaza is another great option if not into having drinks for a much more reasonable price!

Ben Warren

Lechon asaro. So delicious!!!

Thomas Liquori

Great authentic Cuban food. Got me a Cuban sandwich with white rice and sweet plaintains and was very happy.

Jon Hubbard

Cuban sandwiches and Cuban fries are delicious. Be warned though; one sandwich and one order of fries is plenty to feed two reasonable people.

Shirlee McDaniels

Love Cuba Cuba every time

Bri S

The food was good here! I wish some of the portions were bigger. Good sandwich!

Ashley Young

Only been once but we will for sure go back we had a Cuban obviously with the plantain chips Really good atmosphere

Brittany Montano

Staff doesn't always speak Spanish, I found this out the hard way. Coffee is spot on. The food, while good, is not traditional Cuban food. It has a new swing to it that can throw you for a loop. Staff is friendly. Great atmosphere.

john koelling

Really good fast casual restaurant. The pork is delicious. Have been there twice and the service is pretty good...not great, but pretty good.

Evan Kuterbach

My girlfriend and I have been here twice and while the food and drinks are always great, with excellent happy hour prices, the service is always lacking. They clearly have enough people working each shift but we have seen bartenders stand around on their phones or sitting with other customers for 15 minutes while we’ve been waiting for our happy hour fries for over 25 minutes. If you want cheap happy hour prices, good drinks, and lackadaisical service then this is your place! Honestly, you should really go to “Next Door” which is conveniently located... next door.

John Westwood

Reasonably priced place with pretty good food. Loved their garlic fries.


Good sized sandwiches, worth the price!

Daniel Dehdashti

The greatest

Seth Gregg

Incredible Cuban food, very quickly prepared, and excellent prices. Being part Cuban, I have tried quite a bit and this ranks up on the list. Definitely recommend the lechon asado!

Valerie Palumbo

Made it a point to try this place after reading a very ignorant review of the staff which had no relation to service or food. Please go back to where you came from because Colorado embraces diversity. The food was great! Didn't really know what to order so the gal who took my order made suggestions. It was so good. Gosh what a nice change from burgers! If you haven't gone you need to! It's a fun place. I will be back Cuba Cuba.

Alec Zussman

I ordered a plate of Pescado to go and the results were not satisfying. The slaw and the beans were really spicy and the portion of fish was small.


Really like the plantains, sandwich was good to

Andrew Morel

One of the best Cuban sandwichs I ever had.

Evan Scott

This place is awesome. I've had the roasted pork sandwich previously and today had the roasted pork plate. The pork is tender and delicious and came with a good size portion. The sides (rice and black beans) were fresh and simple and everything worked together well. I'd also suggest the mojito!

Jeff Case

Excellent food, super friendly staff. Best Cuban sandwich I’ve had outside of Miami. Absolutely must order the tostones tossed in a garlic citrus sauce. Fantastic! I’ll be back!

Benjamin Prince

I got lunch and dinner to go and almost came back before they closed for another plate! And right down the street from me! They know how to do pork

Denton Wilkinson

Its okay. Not great, not terrible

Samantha Hedberg

Great place to have mojitos and great Cuban food. Steak special was incredibly tender, black beans full of flavor and the garlic fries yumyumyum! One of my favorite places

Eva Espiritu

Satisfied my homesickness for Cuban food.

Rolando Lopez

I am from Cuba and I can guarantee that this restaurant is light years away from real Cuban food. I ordered a Cuban sandwich and it was not only tasteless and greasy, but most important THIS IS NOT A CUBAN SANDWICH!!!! The right recipe is internationally well known. Just take a trip to Miami. Please get it right or stop promoting this place as Cuban food. A piece of bread with two slices of greasy pork is not a Cuban sandwich. And that was what I got at your restaurant as a Cuban Sandwich. Instead of a denying actitud you should take it as a good advice for improvement. I’m not in the food industry, I’m not your competition, I am just a customer who has been absolutely disappointed with the food in your restaurant. Here is the right way to prepare a Cuban Sandwich: Directions Cut Cuban bread to desired size, common size is 7 inches. Next, slice open the bread down the middle. On the topside of the bread spread 1-ounce of mustard, evenly across. Then place 4 pickles on top of the mustard. You then place 1 slice of Swiss cheese on top of the pickles. Slice ham to desired thickness, recommended size is 1 1/2 ounces per slice, the thinner the better. Now fold each slice of ham in half and place evenly on bottom of bread. On top of the ham, place slices of roast pork, 1 1/2 ounces per slice. You then join both halves of the sandwich. You are now ready to grill your Cuban sandwich. Use a sandwich grill if you have one, a waffle iron if not. Spread butter on top of the bread evenly. Close the grill, smashing the sandwich. Leave sandwich in the grill until top of bread turns to a golden brown, and top is crisp. Approximate time is 4 to 6 minutes. After the sandwich is crispy and the cheese has melted, remove the sandwich carefully and slice it diagonally, from corner to corner. DO NOT USE A MICROWAVE OVEN!

Ash Lyons

When my boyfriend and I visited Denver for the first time a few years ago, we randomly found this place and fell in love with it. We loved it so much we ate here twice on our vacation. Since then, we now live in Denver and eat here for special occasions. It's still just as great as the first time. I always sit at the bar and get the fries, a cubano, and a mojito! The staff is very friendly and they give great recommendations. I came here on my birthday and the bartender made me a special shot to celebrate. So sweet :)

Adriana Trujillo

Amazing banana chips, tostones, and maduros!!

Bambi S

Love the food at the original and the one in Highlands ranch... the food came out cold ... was disappointing...

James Granger

Fantastic food and quick service.

Mike Dodson

Tasty for fast food.

Robert Oxley

Awesome food and great service from Justin!

Jose Alvarez

Awesome food

Amayak Urumyan

The best Cuban place in the town. Prices are very reasonable and the food is great. Some of the desserts are to die for.

Gregory Lampron

Easy going atmosphere with fun eclectic music. Sandwiches are good and pretty close to what I was looking for. The Cuban fries were loaded with a wonderful garlic seasoning, and the portions are huge. When I go back, I'll just get two orders of fries. That good.

Ophelia Irvin-Brown

First visit was 2016, and everything was good. Came back yesterday, July 3rd, 2018 and ordered the coffee with milk and pork dinner... become violently sick from the coffee, food poison. They also forgot to put the guacamole in my order, that I paid for.....NEVER AGAIN! It took me 1.5 days from my holiday to recover... Glad they don't have a restaurant in Chicago.

Sean Dunham

Delicious food and great environment

Jimmy Young A Maldonado

Such excellent place to eat delicious Cuban plates, good and cheap. Awesome place with great latin music

Jessica LaBudda

Great food and drinks. Good Happy Hour specials. Love the coffee and mojitos. If you like to kill vampires with your breathe then get the garlic fries...they are no joke. Service is also friendly and quick.

John Marion

Love this place. The food is fantastic. This is great for a quick bite.

Rita Colon

Great food great service.

Bob Melamed

A really good place for a sandwich. Not the normal kind of sandwich but I cuban-style sandwich and believe me they are authentic and awesome. Service is great to. And it's conveniently located in the shopping area right by the Residence Inn with many other restaurants and beer pubs locally close by.

Timothy Taravella

Great sandwich, cool music playing entire time. Need to try desserts and coffees next.

David Kingsbury

$2.50 beers for happy hour! The Cuba fries and plantain chips are the perfect companion for cold beer.

Holly Hartman

Pork sandwich was amazing! Bartender gave some great recommendations to sight see and visit while here.

Darla Vulcan

Bomb! I had the peacado plate and the sauce is awesome. Will order again! Also the Cuban coffee is bomb!

Aida Angel

So yummy! So friendly! So fun!

Anthony Simonetti

Great Cuban sandwich and cafe cubano

Ahmed Abolooz

Wonderful ❤️

Robert Hatfield

Great food, good service. Close to authentic as it can find.

Joe Gonzales

They got my order wrong. Bread was stale and fish tasted bad. I told cashier, he smiled and said it was his first day. No apology.

Jake Walker

I'm excited to eat, it smells great, this location is stylish and urban. We went to order at the cash registers/menu board and the bartender said to take a seat and he would help us. He dropped off menus, and hasn't been back in over 20 min. We just went up to the bar to place an order and he took a phone call and didn't acknowledge us. It's been several min on the phone now. Finally got to order. The same server got our drinks wrong and had to come back because he forgot our order. We got our food which was great. Then went to pay. What a disaster! We wanted to split the ticket and he ended up actually yelling at us after he split it wrong, twice. No joke, yelled. People were looking, it was SO awkward. It wasn't complicated either- sandwich, chips, drink. Split it evenly please. He finally got it right, then loudly recited the tickets and turned and walked away. We asked for a manager and he said he is the manager. Certainly won't be coming back here- ever!

John P

Better than many shops in Miami

Jerome Bozic

Very tasty and reasonably priced, a great lunch spot. If you like garlic, get the tostones!

michael menefee

Soggy sandwich and Cuban fries drenched in oil. We have been many times and enjoyed the food but will avoid it for now.

Josh Gallaher

Delicious and cheap Cuban food. Moving to Colorado after living in Florida, I thought I would never have authentic Cuban food again. However, after eating at Cuba Cuba I am proud to be proved wrong. The food was great, and the Cafe con Leche was made with Cafe bustelo. Highly recommend and will definitely be back!

Mike Segura

Good food. Reasonable prices. Go for happy hour!

Francis Frame

Quick service. Staffs were friendly and kind. There are different sandwiches available and assure you they were tasty.

Heather Grimshaw

Always delicious and fast.

Cinthia Carlson

I was in town for 4 days and ate there 3 times! The ensalada cubana was my go to. I just looked at the menu online today and it looks like they may have changed it a bit... My salads had pulled pork on them and it was fantastic! Great mojitos too!

Tami Bass

We stopped in for lunch, The food was delicious and it has a great atmosphere! The service was amazing! We will definitely be returning during happy hour

Brianna Grimm

Delicious food with fun decor. The bartender was awesome and even allowed me to try a few mojito flavors before ordering! We will definitely be back!!

Annie Garrett

Staff was friendly! My sandwich was great. I came in for a to-go order and I got in and out quickly. I wanted something quick that wasn't a drive-thru and Cuba Cuba def delivered.

Brittany Torres

Great atmosphere! Very polished, put together interior and wonderful food served by friendly people.

Lynn Rivera

Great good! Friendly staff....AND gluten free bread for the cubano!!! Good gluten free bread!!! Wish they'd open in Colo Springs!

Mark Chapman

Experience was 10/10, Mojitos

venka thimaiah

Very dirty no one's Care of you when you go inside

Carlos Figueroa

Buena comida cubana (latina), buen sabor y precios no tan malos. Ahora, las porciones son tristes. Admito que aunque me gustó la comida me quedé con hambre. ☝️☝️☝️ Above my original comment ☝️☝️☝️ Then the apparent owner replied me because he felt hurt bcs of what I wrote. He said I should buy more food. Now, this is my reply to his comment: Guajiro, I decided to sponsor your little Cuban joint to support the fellow latino community here in Colorado. Instead of reply to me in such a childish way, grow some skin and take the comment positively. I did give you praise for the food taste but if you were poorly fed back in Cuba, that's not our problem. Here in the US we eat well (big hearty portions). Change those shallow plates for some bigger ones so grown man can leave your joint well fed and satisfied. 4 plates I bought today and not one of us said they left full. We all liked the food but felt the tank went up only half way. Fill it up or change jobs.

John Brandt

I’m from out of town and this place as become a mist have for me when I’m in Denver. First the staff is great, always friendly, patients and willing to tell you a little about the menu and specials. After ordering you take a seat in a cantina style setting. The music always fits the vibe and makes it feel that much more authentic. Finally THE FOOD! These are perfectly prepared Cuban dishes. If you get a Cubano they are packed with a great combination of things that make a deliciously diverse selection. If you get a plate, the meat is always tender and seasoned to perfection. All their versions of plantains are always fresh and spot on. Just like mamma makes them.

Wes Henry

Favorite sandwich spot.

Joshua Fleming

Good sandwiches, good menu, fun and relaxing seating (including outdoor and open windows). The cocktails were just ok, but the sandwiches tasted great (we tried the cubano and pan con bistec). Would definitely return.

Derek Camunez

Always a great go to for casual vibe, great food options and coconut mojitos!!! Sit in the bar area for full service, or in the back for counter service!

Samuel Newman

I'm from CA and frequent a local popular Cuban Restaurant called Portos. This place is better!!! I'll come here for their Cubano

Jeff V

Just went with my team there for lunch. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Katie Francis

I had the Cuban sandwich and the sweet plantains. I thought I was back in Puerto Rico again! Excellent!!

Adriana Roque

Had such a great experience here. Staff were incredibly nice and took care of us! This is such an amazing place with DELICIOUS FOOD! I am from Miami, born and raised in a Cuban household and i feel that their flavors were on point! I was actually surprised how good the food tasted, probably even better than Miami itself!!

Jennifer Buckley

Got a to go sandwich which was fine. However, their drink menu looked tasty. Will be back to try their take on mojitos.

John Carter

Authentic Cuban food and Brittany was awesome!

Stephanie Costa

Great food. Great vibe. Great service. A must visit!

Dirk Anger

Great sandwiches and monitors!

Val Allen

Great Cuban coffees and mojitos

Bill Kim

I highly recommend the classic Cuban sandwich. The bread is phenomenal. The roasted pork, however, is a bit bland.

Dean Johnson

Really good food! They did Cuban eats serious justice! The service is just as good! We recommend this place to anyone & everyone!

Paul Sincere

Always great quality and authentic flavor!!

Cari Devlin

Delicious food and.great atmosphere!!

K Shiselle

I made a large order from Cuba Cuba and was extremely satisfied with my process from start to finish. The manager Justin K was very responsive, delivered promptly on time and the food was delicious and liked by all. If in need of food from the Colorado Center, I highly recommend Cuba Cuba as an option. Thank you so much!

Katherine Pizzani Cueche

Very good. The bartender is excellent!!! His name is Michael Chavez. Nice place!!

Brandon Tilton

Possibly the best affordable food in Denver! The sandwiches and lechon are particularly good, especially when complimented with Cuba rice and black beans. The coffee is pretty good as well only down side being how much sugar they add when it's made limiting you to just one option for how much sugar you have in the coffee.

harris4124 Taylor

Delicious food great service. Tres Lecehes was amazing.

Ryan Burton

Some of the best Cuban I have had in a long time. Ton of food for a low price. Highly advise getting mojito

Claudia Burkholder

Exquisite taste. I will go back to try the whole menu.

Anthony Scott

You can't get any better for fast food Cuban food. The employees are always friendly and helpful. They food always comes out very quickly and is always very fresh. The food has great flavors and is always delicious. The prices are also very reasonable. Highly recommend

Jeff Peters

Fantastic. Love the food!

Christine Allen

Awesome place, hostess was friendly and kind. Good food, excellent price.

Jill Christensen

As a massage therapist, I need quick healthy protein. Enter Cuba Cuba! Excellent food, fresh, lots of character and personality! Will be back!

Chris Brothers

I go here more than I care to admit. Usually get the Cubano and fried plantains but also have had the pork plate. Super yummy!

Tanner Rotering

I had a great sandwich here. Fun atmosphere.

Alayna M

Best Cuban sandwich. Hard to order anything different but seriously everything here is delicious. Even the coffee

Barbara Evans

Great food and service. They do need to add help to clear tables

Braxton Patterson

Cuban sandwich. Amazing.

Nancy Haworth

The Cuban sandwiches are wonderful! Great customer service, and big portions!

C. James Dunbar

I am not one to do reviews often, however found myself pleasantly surprised to find the best sandwiches I’ve found in seven years of living in Denver accompanied by the perfect mojito !! Thank you for the first of many happy dining experiences here!

Edward Krufka

Flan was incredible.

Ash Jackson

I'm here frequently, and they are awesome. Literally. Every. Time. Doesn't matter the order or time of day. I honestly feel bad for their competition.


Awesome Cuban food!

Jody Davison

All the time, YUM. We had mojitos w dinner last time and I couldn't believe the tab was still reasonable. Split a sandwich, cuban salad, and extra garlicky fries w a friend and you can't go wrong!

Jeff Burley

Only authentic Cuban this side of Miami. Please come to Fort Collins

Jayme Theis

Always awesome! Everything is solid on the menu.

Jorge Shols


Marjorie Smith

Delicious food and very friendly staff. The atmosphere is funky, casual, and shabby chic. Don't expect fancy. It's not a great date place but a wonderful place to get together with friends.


First time visiting this location. It is one of our favorite restaurants and this one was good but Northfield is our spot. Good food, decent service, but a little slow on cleaning up when there wasn't anyone else there. It's also a bit awkward when you come in to order just food

KC Bowlan

Fantastic atmosphere. Friendly staff. Great food.

Melissa P

Tasty and quick

Oneta Bibbs

Cubano was great.

stela ejova

Always amazing food and customer service. Can't go wrong with lechon!!!

Nilda Trinidad

Loved the rice blackbeans and sweet plantains! Great prices

Ileana Cisneros

Love the food!

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