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5198 N Nevada Ave #150, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States Located in: University Village Colorado shopping center

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REVIEWS OF Cowboy Star Restaurant And Butcher Shop IN Colorado

Karen Williamson

Colby, Rachel, Vanessa and Cara were fantastic. This was our first dining experience at Cowboy Star for our anniversary. We called 30 minutes ahead and made reservations on a Friday night. We started in the lounge with beer and the fully loaded tater tot appetizer. We were greeted at our table by a long stemmed red rose, a custom menu wishes us a Happy Anniversary and a personalized greeting card signed by all the wait staff. The steak, the sides, the drinks, the dessert - everything was perfect. Highly recommend for fantastic food and service.

Paul Roehl

I took my girlfiend for an anniversary dinner at Cowboy Star. This was not my first dining experience at this location. I arrived early, and enjoyed a pefect dirty vodka martini in the bar while awaiting my date. Once she arrived, we were promptly seated for our reserved table. The entire meal was beautifully orchestrated by a staff of very knowledgeable, attentive, yet not overbearing servers. Our steak was perfectly cooked, and the fresh oysters were a true delight. This is hands down, the Best steakhouse in Colorado Springs.

Audrey Ross

This location is absolutely outstanding. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. Prices are appropriate.

Mitch Densley

This place is top notch! Im not kidding, No other notches above this one!!! We came here for our anniversary and received absolute 5-star service! Everyone working signed a special card for us and took their turns throughout the night to wish us a happy anniversary!! They pulled out all the stops and made our special occasion unforgettable! Thank you Cowboy Star!

heather schomaker

I absolutely had a great night here. They went above and beyond for our anniversary and let us take our time with everything. The food was fresh and hot. Everything was perfect. For anyone looking for a place to have a nice date night it is a great place to go!

Rachell Ruiz

Awesome staff and delicious food!

Vanetta Bailey

Amazing STELLAR 5 star dining. American Western food with a touch of French flair service. Literally exquisite

Jamie Stahler

Beautiful restaurant. The interior is a great setting for an elegant dining experience. Food is great and the service is super friendly.

User 123

Everything was nice but for the price I would expect more. Not a chance the “40oz porterhouse” is that large. Two of us finished and could’ve easily downed another. Drinks were strong. Service was good. Probably will go elsewhere for a pricey steak in the future.

Thea Tapson

I've eaten here twice now, and really enjoyed both times. The patio is dog friendly when it's warm enough to sit outside. Inside is very nice, the staff are some of the best trained waitstaff I've ever seen, with excellent knowledge of the menu and wine list. I recommend the crab cakes, steak tartare and of course any of the steaks! Best steak in town, considering we came from out of state to eat here again...

Stephanie Robinson

I was not too impressed with the food. I ordered the porterhouse for 2 I like medium well and I am well aware that its so big that it will cook more on the outside My complaint was the inner was dang near well done AND it had so much fat that my husband spit more out than he ate (he likes well done so the idea of how it would cook was great). When the manager came to the table I got feeling that he thought we were trying to get a free meal or something like that. I told him my complaint about the steak. He tried to justify the steak by saying that according to them the steak was medium well (not true because it was almost brown throughout AND DRY AS HELL) and the fat was the fat cap or ring or something like that ( but it was actually fat throughout and tough as heck). However.......... The restaurant is beautiful. The staff were nice. My waitress and the one helping her were top of the line. No complaints there which gets the 3 stars.


I want to thank you guys for the rose and card. Your food and service are truly amazing. My favorite restaurant!!


Amazing! Service, food, and atmosphere!

Brady Lewis

Went here for my anniversary a week or so ago and am still mad about the experience so here I am. The staff and environment was good but the food was mediocre at best for the price. You’re much better going to somewhere like Texas Roadhouse and spending half the price for 2 people for 10x better food. Steak had no flavor and wasn’t that big for $50. Honestly the biggest let down of a place that I’ve ever dined at especially at the price point. Wouldn’t recommend it unless you enjoy wasting money for less than average tasting food.

Adrienne Tuck

I take clients to Cowboy Star for lunch often. The interior design is rustic modern, the restaurant is nice and quiet - great for conversing, the staff is attentive, service is prompt and the food is very good. Absolutely the best steak salad in town. I also really enjoy the butcher shop next door. I'm so excited to have this in our community.

Jenna Moore, RD

If you haven't been to one of the finer gems in Colorado Springs. Let me make an effort to convince you why you're missing out! I'm sure you've heard about the happy hour at cowboy star... This comfortable and almost casual fine-dining restaurant ticks it's high quality ingredients and essentially cut the price in half from 2 to 6 Monday through Fridays. On the weekend, 4 two 6. The well spirits are high quality and the house wines are top-notch. The draft beer selection is one of the better depictions what Colorado Springs has to offer for local brews. Top bartender and server recommendations in the bar and lounge are most certainly Gilmore, Brock, Stephon. Outstanding crew, unmatchable atmosphere and my top rating for best happy hour in the springs!!!

Amy Carter

Service was excellent & food was amazing! Hadn't been out on a date in almost a year with my husband. They made us feel extra special! I can't say thanks enough to this restaurant for making our evening unforgettable!

Tristen Heather Brown

Great dining experience! Good atmosphere, amazing staff, and great food. Went for our anniversary and they really went above and beyond to make it memorable.

Megan Clarkson

Outstanding service and hospitality. The food was amazing and I love the ambiance. The reclaimed wood from the Waldo Canyon fire is such a meaningful addition to the restaurant. Such a unique establishment in the overwhelming onslaught of corporate restaurants in Colorado Springs.

Louis Powell

Come here for when you need a big hunk of meat that tastes divine.

Martin France

Great H2 as usual! Superb service, bargains on quality food and drink, and a great atmosphere!

Susan Schippel

This place changed my life... No but really it was not only an amazing meal, but Brock made the EXPERIENCE PERFECT! THANK YOU. So glad we stumbled upon this place after BJ's Restaurant next door would not serve me. Thanks to Brock our night was not ruined. If I could give this place 10 stars I would!

Neil Jacques

Service is first class and the food matches it. Please open a restaurant in AZ.

Gary Clark

Every dish was prepared with obvious love and attention. Amazing, all courses sampled. If you do not try the crime brûlée, you might be a fool! The steaks were tender and beyond flavorful. Service was top notch, even on a late Sunday night. Special thanks to our server Brittany who handled us with utmost professionalism and care. SPECIAL

Lee Coulter

I am a foodie from Chicago. I have to tell you. You need to visit this place. We got a recommendation from Jeff at the Marriott. What a great steer. I started with The Duke for a cocktail. Outstanding. In our party was on menu steak, scallops and bison. All fantastic. I went off menu. Wagu skirt. Unbelievable. I recommend this place to all foodies who find themselves in Colorado Springs. Our servers (all three) were fantastic. They knew the menu. Had the food gras as an app. Wonderful. I would invite any group of friends, foodie or not.

Kyle B

Review for Butcher Shop: Some of the nicest quality beef, pork, and chicken I have seen. So many great, family owned butchers are fading away, so happy to pay a premium for amazing meat and service. Highly recommend for home cooks looking to make a meal for a special occasion.

Zack Wolf

Great service,everyone was supper nice. Amazing food,the steak was tender,juicy,perfect. we definitely will be back again

Kyler Cooper

5/14/2016 first time at the restaurant. I usually make the best steaks being from the country and all. This place surprised me, amazing food and the service was amazing. Don't mind the price, it's worth every bite. Btw, our waitress was a gal named Rachel. Amazing place, will stop there every time we pass by.

Jobeth Wachtman

Appetizers were a letdown. Wine was good for happy hour. Nice outside on the patio. Overall mediocre happy hour. Service was good. Staff very nice.

Sonia Blankenship

Went here for dinner. It was delicious. Loved the pear margarita. I ordered the New York Strip, my husband got the filet, and our kids got the cheeseburger, and chicken strips. We started with the oysters. Our server Chris and I believe his assistant Brad were amazing. They def make sure to take care of you. This place is on the pricier end of things. We ended up spending over $200 here. But will def come back for special occasions. Thanks for a great experience and being so kind.

Tyler Gehauf

Reserved a brisket for Christmas dinner, picked it up and cooked it Christmas Eve. I was pleased with the price and pleased to have the cut hand-trimmed so I wasn't forced to buy fat I would be trimming off at home. I also was happy to talk with both the person I ordered from and picked up from about my planned brisket recipe- they were both knowledgeable and friendly. The real treat though was that the meat came out better than any brisket I've ever made- it is superior to the grocery store without a doubt. I'm excited to try out some new cuts- when something comes out this good and is such a pleasure the whole way through the process it is a bit habit-forming...

Tess Friend

Went here for my birthday dinner, one of the managers, John, made sure to greet and welcome us. My menu even said 'Happy Birthday' on the top. Food was amazing! One of my favorite places!

Danielle Likes

My husband and I were visiting from Illinois and it was our wedding anniversary. We were treated so wonderfully by every member of the staff. I actually teared up a couple of times by how special they made us feel. We came for happy hour first and the bar tender, Stefan, did an excellent job serving us. He found a great Cabernet for me to enjoy. Then once we were seated, Rachel our waitress, did an excellent job answering any questions we had and taking the best care of us. The food was absolutely divine. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Teresa Damron

This is the best place to eat in the Springs. Great food great service.

samuel casad

My favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs... try the beef tartare, any of their steaks, chop, and trout! Make sure to grab a bag of their new wagyu jerkey on your way out!

Schayne Lees

Honestly just not a good value for what you get. Service was exceptional, food was ok but way too pricey. Good drinks and craft beer list. The lounge was cozy and a nice place to hangout for awhile.

Dawn Pasowicz

Ehh...average at best. Way over priced! Wait staff was good. Food was okay. It took too long and it felt all wrong to call it cowboy star and then they tried to be fancy. I think it's more for drinking than for good food. The drink menu was larger than the food menu. I'll take Texas Road house & salt grass over cowboy star any day.

Jason Marino

If I could give 6 stars I would. Chris recommended a fantastic wine selection to go with our meals. My wife and I used to live in Colorado Springs and found this spot. Now whenever we come in to town we treat some of our friends. We have never had a bad meal there and can't wait to come back

Michelle Hatchett

Delicious! I don't usually eat at fancy restaurants so this was a special treat for my husband and I. We got the spinach artichoke appetizer, best I've ever had. I had the steak salad and my husband had a pork pasta dish (don't remember the name). We both very much enjoyed our meals. Initially I just wanted a burger, but sadly they had run out. I loved the atmosphere, and everyone we encountered was fantastic. I don't know if we'll be back anytime soon but it's more because of the price, definitely not because of anything this restaurant did. If you want a special night out, give this place a try.

Mama_Cee DIY

Love this place! They do special things for certain occasions and the food is outstanding

Brian S

I'm typically not one to review... but after much thought, I feel it's my duty to leave an honest review of Cowboy Star. We had multiple people recommend C-Star to us for an awesome dinner and best steaks in town. Personally, I likely hyped it up so much in my head prior to going that my expectations may have not been realistic. I've also yet to be impressed by a steakhouse steak. The overall experience was great - wonderful staff, hosts, ambience, interactions, presentation, etc. In fact, the 2 stars are specifically for all of that. Great signature drinks, tasty wine, extremely professional wait staff; couldn't be better. Our food experience just wasn't up to par. For our entrees, my wife ordered the Wagyu Burger medium in doneness. Maybe I'm confused on what medium is, but I've always thought this meant pink in the middle at about 135 degrees fahrenheit.. My wife's burger came out rare/medium rare the first time. No big deal, we're not super picky people, and for the first time ever dining together I told my wife to just send it back. Her second burger came out cooked the exact same - still red/raw in the middle. Regardless, we did not want to be those people to over criticize. She ate around the edges and kept a smile on her face. I ordered the 18oz 35 day dry aged Rib Chop. Looked amazing on the menu, one of the staff brought out the raw steak for me to examine prior to cooking, looked perfect - great marbling, great color, solid thickness, really amped up my appetite. When it came to the table the sear was perfect, doneness was a perfect medium rare, looked amazing. First bite was a bit underwhelming. It seemed to lack that deep beef flavor you usually get from dry aging, and really lacked some seasoning. Just a little coarse salt would have likely been a game changer. I kept eating hoping the flavor profile would magically change, only to be let down. Finally, instead of asking for salt or pepper, I asked to try their chimichurri sauce. After about 5-7 minutes of watching my steak chill and watching my wife eat the edges of her burger, the sauce came out and the steak was much more satisfying.. still, not something I would typically do to a $60 35 day dry aged steak. Bottom line is, this place is overall an awesome experience. The food was just simply underwhelming, especially at the price point. I can buy a USDA Choice steak from King Soopers for less than $10 and out perform C-Star. But besides opinion of steaks, the undercooked burger (twice) was a bit silly. Maybe we should have complained again in house, but we're just simply not those type of people.

James Schaffner

Relaxing ombeance. Exceptional service. Superior quality food. Unique recipes. Outstanding coffee.

Louis Lagasse

It was good food. Had to have the Boston cooked some more. Average price per meal is around 55.00 with a drink.

Becca Tonn

Delightful service and excellent food.

Tinker Simmons

Love the lunch menu! Great food and service!

Tia Luber

I had heard from various work colleagues that the service during the lunch hour was terrible - waiting upwards of an hour for food. I tried it for myself on Monday, and it was confirmed. We arrived around 11:45 and did not receive our food until around 12:45. Three burgers and one chicken sandwich - not complicated. There were around 4 or 5 other tables, so it was not busy. There was also no apology for the wait - we asked for our checks before even getting our food; the server said okay and didn't even acknowledge why we needed our checks. We scarfed our food down and left 15 minutes later. The poor service means I won't be back - who has an hour to wait for lunch?!

Kaylynn Crider

Okay this was hands down our FAVORITE restaurant we've been to, we are from Seattle so we have a lot of nice dining here and this was by far the best. From the service, to the food, to the atmosphere and decor - AMAZING. I am actually surprised this isn't rated 5 star on google. I am fairly picky and everything we had was an absolute 10! Try the bacon appetizer - you won't be disappointed!

George Garcia

Very friendly and very good food and survace

Stacey L

Amazing experience! Amazing! Can't get bed like this anywhere else in town.

richard abbott

An excellent experience! Sean And Nick, our waiters were phenomenal. Celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary New Year's Eve with Champagne, a Porterhouse steak and all the accompaniments prepared perfectly. Not inexpensive but worth every penny! We will go again.

Katie Kramer

What a beautiful restaurant! The steak was to die for, the broccoli was garlicky + buttery, and the service was great. They even made a personalized menu for my birthday while I was in from out of town.

Jan Neiges

My comments are in reference to service and minor notes on food prep. The green salad needed to be rinsed more, it was gritty. French press coffee was excellent. Steak was fine. However; if I am going to spend close to $175 for dinner for two, and we shared the steak, then I would like the wait staff to deliver and remove our plates at the same time. There was a waiter who was training a staff member. This person came over to take my salad plate and did not take my husbands. She walked all the way across the dining room to bring that dirty plate to the bus box, to only return again to retrieve my husbands salad plate. And, re: how the mixed drink was itemized on the bill, for the mixed drink on the rocks, $10 charge plus a pouring charge of another $5? Pray tell? Pouring charge? Why not show the drink as one item for $15. One more note: I think it is very important for the manager, owner, whoever is in charge for the evening, to make it a point to walk the room and meet & greet the patrons, especially when the establishment is new. It is important to get to know your customers, why they are there, how they found out about the business, how are they enjoying their meal, the service etc. Friendly chats can go a long way in making the whole experience a notch above the ordinary. And Cowboy Star is just that, ordinary.

Samuel Willoughby I

Great food, I loved the atmosphere and ability to actually talk to someone without blaring music. I didn't care for the price, 199.00 for two people is high but I didn't want to go to a scrub establishment. Very clean, organized, and had a great time. Thanks!

Stacyj Stacyj

Like Mitchell I would agree that the wait staff was great, we had Caleb and he was exceptional. However, after being at our table for two hours our steaks finally arrived undercooked. The waiter offered to take it back, cooked a little longer and returned with a charred overdone steak, it was the worst steak I've ever had. The manager recognized that it had been charred but brought it out anyway, why I'm not sure. We still paid for half the check and will never return, even if I were paid!

Rebecca Mejia

This was, by far, the best experience I've ever had at a restaurant! My husband and I came here to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and we're treated so well. We received a nice card and a beautiful rose, along with the best service I've ever received in a restaurant. The entire staff was was wonderful and the service was flawless. The food was probably the best I've ever had. My husband and I of course ordered steak, a salad each, desserts and I had a bananas foster martini (I highly recommend this!) and everything was perfect. And they certainly do not skimp on the alcohol in the drinks, like other places tend to do. While it is pricy, I felt like it was well worth it and we will continue coming here for special occasions.


I recently celebrated a birthday here. It was a Tuesday night so needless to say it wasn't very busy. We stopped by the bar for a drink before being seated. The bartender initially forgot to make our drinks. When we finally did get them they were pretty great. After being seated we ordered appetizers which took 40 minutes to get to the table. Another 40-60 minutes before our entrees arrived(one of them being a completely different cut and than what was ordered and over-cooked). Our whole dining experience lasted for almost 4 hours and not by choice. After asking to see a manager, he brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal. We were told that the 'style' of their service is 'laid back'. Food was far overpriced for what it was. Save your time and money and go to The Famous or Mackensie's.

Kate Peterson

Great small bites menu, and nice wine list!

Kristina Clark

I took a client here for lunch, and we were both impressed with not only the food, but the staff and the atmosphere. I had the Steak Salad, medium rare. It was perfectly cooked. I will definitely visit again.

Dakota Summerton

Best food and service we’ve ever received in the Springs! Time and time again! We Love coming here no one else compares!

Christopher Richardson

Great food and service highly recommended

David Johnson

I couldn't be happier with my experience at Cowboy Star. I took my wife there on her birthday and then again on Valentines day. Both times the food was top notch and the service was second to none. For her birthday I called ahead of time and asked them to make it extra special. The hostess, upon our arrival wished my wife a happy birthday and even had special menus with her name on it printed up. I think we'll be going back this weekend!

Anthony Cordova

Happy hour is the best in town.

Mike Stewart

The food was delicious, staff was friendly, restaurant was clean. We would come back on another special occasion but probably not on a whim.

Jasmine M.

Cowboy Star is a delightful fine dining experience. We have come here many times for anniversaries and birthday dinners. We have always been well taken care of every time with superb service and delicious food. We come back time and time again and will continue to do so. Also, their happy hour is excellent and reasonable!

Chris Jorgenson

The service and atmosphere are very nice. This is a fine dining restaurant by atmosphere and service. The steaks were good but not exceptional. The side portions that come with steak of choice are skimpy, hence the list of additional sides. Would not recommend for family dining. This is an expensive place to dine. It should show $$$ or $$$$ rather than $$. You are paying for the presentation of fine dining more than anything.

Haley Fritzler

I’ve been to Cowboy Star a few times, but this time was exceptional. Brock and John took care of us and they were so professional and personable. If you are looking for the best holiday drink in the Springs, this is your place! We got a sneak peak at the new Christmas drink... #1: it’s delicious, #2 it’s in a freakin gnome glass! I’m telling you, bring all your gnomie!!

Matthew Daly

My wife and I checked out this local spot tonight and had a pleasant experience. Apps were done to perfection we had the muscles and oysters. Some of the best I've had. We shared a ceasar salad and a dry aged steak! Service was very good and food was spot on! High recommendation from my wife and I. For quality of food Price was right on. More a price for a downtown location however food was that of a 4+ star restaurant. Will be returning soon

Dawn McMullan

Food and service very good. Knowledgable and friendly servers.. Too pricey

Bryan Vasquez

5 star for the food. 4 stars for the service. Great ambience atmosphere! Food is absolutely amazing and the staff is very attentive, almost overbearing. Definitely go with the recommendations from your server. Service got a 4 just because my steak was cooked not how I asked it to be cooked. For the price of the place you kind of don’t want to send anything back. Other than that very nice place for a special occasion.

Johnathan Michelbook

Absolutely loved my experience. I sat at the bar to view the kitchen and see the whole operation. My meal was perfectly timed, the chefs were interactive, the atmosphere was incredible, the wine selection paired excellently and the staff was accommodating.

Steven Stokka

Down to earth, relaxing environment. Amazing staff!! Wonderful food. Feels like home

Rick Antolik

Spent our 25th anniversary at Cowboy Star. Outstanding! Provided us with a card, a rose and a huge booth just for us. Food and service was excellent! Every bit as good as Elways and Shanahan's in Denver.

Dustin Williams

For the service and experience, it's definitely 5 stars. Even though the food was decent, we expected a little better for the price.

Hunter Nerison

I ordered the bone in prime dry aged ribeye, which was roughly 64 dollars and was expecting much more for the money. Avoid if you’re expecting a juicy, marbled and tender ribeye. This was as tough as a sirloin without much marbling, with only okay flavor. The waiter indicated that dry aged steaks were normally tougher than non-aged steaks, which is false. I’ve had a better ribeye purchased on sale at King Soopers.

Kelsey Kuretich

Great food and the best wait staff. It's always pleasant to have delicious food pared with attentive waiters. They made my anniversary so special. The chef signed a menu with our name printed on it. It was a nice touch. Thank you!

Erich M

Once in a while we'll go to a steakhouse that is more upscale than Saltgrass or Texas Roadhouse. The service and quality of meat at these places are worth paying for. Drinks: Very extensive alcohol and wine listing. However all the wines are domestic from the west coast of the US. I'd have preferred some European, South American or Australian wines on the menu. Appetizers: We had crab cakes and the shrimp cocktail. Both were good in my opinion, but my wife didn't like all the pepper on the shrimp. There was additional horseradish in the cocktail sauce, and I would have preferred this on the side. Soup / Salad: Lobster bisque was good. Not an overpowering or too rich flavor. Wedge salad had a good amount of bleu cheese and bacon. Mains: We both got the rib chop. They brought the steaks out prior to cooking and they were thick and looked delicious. I ordered mine rare and my wife ordered her medium rare. Both were over cooked until you got closer to the bone. So roughly half the steak wasn't to our liking. And parts of the steaks were over seasoned so that you'd get a large amount of salt all at once. The steaks came with green beans and mashed potatoes. The green beans were cooked perfectly with some snap still in them. The potatoes had what seemed like a curry spice to them. I thought it was odd outside of an Indian restaurant. Sides: We ordered macaroni and cheese and sauteed mushrooms. The mushrooms were perfect and went well with the steak. The mac n cheese had a bacon powder over the top that was dry and didn't pair well. If you want a bacon flavor, add chunks of bacon. We passed on dessert after the let down of the steaks. Service was great. Very attentive. Our water glasses stayed full and new plates and silverware were given after every course. There's plenty of great reviews on here, so maybe it's a matter of personal opinion, but after trying here and Flying Horse, MacKenzie's Chop House is the best high end steak restaurant we've been to in the Springs.

Matt Voget

The service was great and the steaks were high quality and cooked perfectly. I would definitely prefer Cowboy Star over a place like Del Friscos for the quality and price.

Renee Maturo

When I first moved to Colorado Springs, this place was amazing for happy hour. Also for full dinner menu. They took my favorite items off the happy hour portion of menu. They stopped making some of the items I loved. The staff is very polite. The bartenders, fabulous. The kitchen is horrible. Wait staff will bring 1 item at a time, annoying when this happens, since the other person has no food and the one who gets something has to eat the food cold if they were taught manners. The cesare salad is not a true cedars dressing. THERE IS NO VINEGAR IN CESARE DRESSING... YIKES! NO BACON BITS IN CESARE DRESSING!!! DOUBLE YIKES!!!. Medium rare is well done. The CS went downhill fast.

Mattie Owens

This restaurant was outstanding! It had a old fashioned yet modern interior design. The staff were incredibly nice, and didn’t mind answering a question. They brought us delicious samples and they were all well timed. We ordered an appetizer of bacon with a bourbon peppercorn glaze that was absolutely amazing. Then for the main course, I ordered a delicious 12 ounce New York strip that blew me away. With our main course, they brought snap peas with bacon that were maybe the best vegetable I had ever eaten. For desert we went with their signature chocolate chip bread pudding, that was not only delicious, but also the perfect way to end our perfect meal.

Richie Newberry

Yes, the steak here is 2 or 3 times more expensive than a cheaper steakhouse in the city. Is this steak literally 3 times better? No, probably not. Upscale restaurants generally don't have food that seem worth the difference in price. That really becomes apparent in places where the service is no better than your local outback steakhouse. But cowboy star is different. I'm not sure I've ever had more attentive service than here. 100% worth the price for me. Maybe I got lucky? Maybe I got the best waitress they have? Either way, I'll definitely be back. 35 day dry aged ribeye is an expensive, but delicious cut of meat. They bring you the raw steak for your approval prior to cooking! That's some attention to detail.

Beth Schulte

We had an “alright” time here. The food was very good but it was a bit pricey for what we had. Additionally, the service was very slow. We did have a large party at the time which could have been a contributing factor to slow service but there was a lot of time between check ins. We had people in our party that really needed to leave to catch flights and our server was no where to be found. That was the most frustrating part.


This was my second experience here. Both times have been terrible. I'm usually pretty easy on restaurant but for what they charge and the quality is not worth the trip. Will not go back. Service was very good but the food was poor at the very best.

Jeff Halket

Expensive, but worth it. They dry-age their beef in house, and even sell it next door to the restaurant. Wife and I had a porterhouse with cheesy grits and scalloped potatoes. The very definition of comfort food. It was delectable. Too expensive to make this a regular occurrence, but for special occasions this is a favorite.

Mo Go

Not only does the entire staff serve high quality food and drink, but they also give you an experience. Not being rushed, and having a conversation about the AMAZING food and wine without feeling as if you're on a time limit is completely worth it. Our server, Rachel, was friendly and very knowledgeable about the entire menu. 10/10 recommend.

Chris Shirley

This place is great, excellent steaks, great service and their bar has one of the most extensive whiskey collections in town. Highly recommend!

Kim Immel

Our go to place for amazing steaks. If you like watching the chefs cook and being able to ask questions, sit at the chefs counter. Everything I've tried has been amazing

Paul Bradley

Great spot for happy hour after a long day, or a delicious meal to celebrate a special occasion. Steaks always flavorful and cooked perfectly. Their signature cocktails are top notch. Service is outstanding and everyone is always super friendly.

Alyce Baron

This is my parents' favorite restaurant, and we have always had great food/experiences there. Recently my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at Cowboy Star. I was not able to fly back to visit them, so I called the restaurant and asked if I could pay for their meal ahead of time. Not only did they make it incredibly easy for me to do that, they took really great care of my parents and made sure they had a wonderful time. I am so grateful to the staff at Cowboy Star for helping to make sure my parents had a memorable anniversary!

Gene Bergmeier

Oh my gosh... I've been to great restaurants in numerous cities and this place is really to notch

Kate Mcgrath

Arrived at five, it wasn't busy.

Anne Weekley

Was a fantastic lunch- great food-very high end- linens and silverware and the place was decorated tastefully- no rushing you out as soon as you had eaten-mentioned it was our anniversary and the manager Ryan showed up with a congratulatory card and a lovely red rose- our dessert plate had a chocolate congratulation message on- our waitress Meghan was wonderful. Will definitely eat here again.

Anthony Leavy

Excellent food and service!

Edward Angus

C-Star is one of my go-to places for any special occasion. They'll make personalized menus and put a rose on your table for your anniversary. If you tell them it's a special evening, it'll be special. I always get the porterhouse and share it with my wife. The oyster appetizer is traditional and always fresh. For desert enjoy your table's own French press or whiskey. Their bartenders and alcohol selection is top notch.


I would have shared a picture of my steak Tartare but it was too good to wait. Smoke signal cocktail was intriguingly delicious. Thank you keep it up.

Mary W

Have been there twice for dinner. The first time we sat at the counter and waited about 20 min before we spoke to the waitress. The second time we sat at a table and service was great. The food is interesting and for the most part delicious. The biggest disappointment both times was the cook on the entree. Ordered the dry aged steak rare but it was served blue and was chewy. The second time ordered the duck medium rare but it was served rare and again was chewy. For paying 5 star prices I expected much better.

Daniel Lewis

Awesome service, great steaks and burgers. The food is definitely prepared by a chef who knows what he/she is doing. Friendly, professional wait staff and great drink menu. For sure, more of an upscale place, but have your business lunches and date nights here.

Andrew Whitman

I'd never been here before, but it had a great atmosphere and amazing steak!

Jerry Biesboer

Loved the food and Awesome Service

Thomas Keady

We came today for lunch at 2:30. Ordered the lamb short ribs and their burger. Thank goodness it was 1/2 price happy hour because the ribs were dry and inedible. Looked to be way past the meat's prime to serve to guests. 86 a menu item, nobody wants rib meat that dry, couldn't even get the little meat on the rib of the bone. A nice establishment needs to pay attention to quality control even if it's happy hour. The hamburger my son had was very good. However the experience left a bad taste. We won't try our luck again.

Jess Reid

Our experience was amazing from start to end. Our server Chris was easy to talk to and was very knowledgeable. The meal was well-paced and we never felt rushed nor did we wait too long for anything. In all, for wine, amuse bouche, rolls, steak, dessert, and check we spent two hours and that obviously included is taking our time to enjoy our delicious meal. It was an amazing meal.

Katie Jean

We specifically went for happy hour, and were not disappointed by food or beverage. The service was equally satisfying, and the bill was a pleasant surprise : )

Michael Barney

Thank you for an amazing Anniversary experience. From the staff to the food to the drinks, completely perfect.

Daniel Padilla

Tonight my wife and I of 18 years come to have dinner and was complete blown way with the over the top service we received. The staff was well knowledgable with all of the menu and made both my wife and I feel like we where the only ones in the restaurant. I highly recommend Cowboy Star.

Danny Heidi Wall

It was good and had great service however for the price I expected better seasoning

Wei Wang

Went on a Wednesday night for a friends birthday dinner. The whole dinner took 4 hours from start to end. It took over 45 minutes between when we got our first drinks to the first appetizers. My dinner arrived at the table 2 hours after The appetizers. The restaurant was dead... We were one of maybe 4 tables in the entire restaurant. We asked the GM why it took so long, and his reply was that the restaurant is a "fine dinning experience", and with that, comes with its own pace... sounded more like a b.s. excuse than anything. They gave me the wrong cut of steak, and the wrong temperature that I ordered... Never will we be going back. For the price this place charges, there are way better steaks in town. Pepper tree, famous, or Mackenzie would have been less expensive, better service, and better food.


Very pricy but well worth it. The staff is absolutely wonderful, very attentive and helpful, and the steaks were absolutely stunning. Juicy and not charred like other steakhouses. The only thing I disliked was the potatoes, as they tasted like they were seasoned with horseradish. Otherwise, a completely stunning experience.


Food is descent, but potions are small, and prices are high. Nice atmosphere. Friendly service. Poor value.

Gabe Alvarado

Great food and service. All the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Our server, Rachel, was always available but unobtrusive. Sous chef Corey made a stop to our table to ensure everything was perfect. Will definitely go back. Average prices for a steak house. If you want a crappy 15 dollar steak, then go to Outback. If you want top quality steaks and great service, then go to Cowboy Star.

Ethan Prescott

This is the best restaurant in town. Amazing food and service!

andrea anderson

My friend and I have been meeting here for about a year. Initially it was great, however it has gotten crowded lately. Last night we arrived at 5:45, just before happy hour ended. The matronly barmaid lectured us that we shouldn’t arrive right before the end of happyhour and expect to get happyhour pricing despite taking 10 minutes before attempting to take our order. Despite her inhospitality, we stayed until 9 and payed regular prices. After paying the bill and tipping her 20%, she would not come back to our table. She stood in the corner until we had to ask for water. There was another couple they were also ignoring. We asked them to refill their water as well. I understand that everyone has a bad day sometimes. I am always extra nice to servers as my son has worked in that industry and I know it can be a tough job. For such an upscale restaurant, in this case their service could be much better. There are many other places to go in Colorado Springs, and we will definitely be going to there instead.

Lyle Larson

Cowboy Star is a great restaurant! Our party ordered the 8 oz Filet, the salmon, and the lamb, along with an order of the mac and cheese. Everything was great! The meat was all cooked to perfection and deliciously prepared. I didn't care for how smoky the mac and cheese was, however it was still good. Be prepared for the bill though, as this is definitely a higher end restaurant.

Fred Turner

We had an “alright” time here. The food was very good but it was a bit pricey for what we had. Additionally, the service was very slow. We did have a large party at the time which could have been a contributing factor to slow service but there was a lot of time between check ins. We had people in our party that really needed to leave to catch flights and our server was no where to be found. That was the most frustrating part.

Tami Pardie



We went for lunch and ate in the bar . Tyler was very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu and the wine! Great service right away and then the hamburger was the best ever! Salad was delicious with their Champagne vinegar dressing definitely going back for dinner next time !!!

mike biggs

The food was amazing only equal to the service I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an an amazing meal and to be pampered while you're having it I definitely will be back.

Elizabeth Stern

If you want the best steak you've ever eaten, you need to come here. Our server and assistant, Rachel and Nick, were fantastic. They knew the menu, made great recommendations, and we were never lacking for anything. Yes, this costs more than Texas Roadhouse but it's more than worth it. The entire staff goes out of their way to make sure you're having the best experience possible.

Barry Douglas

Excellent vegetarian choices and they kept the kitchen open for us - great meat and fish dishes also and not noisy but lively

Bryan Beulin

Love the ambience, the staff are always very cordial and personable. The coursing of meals is unique & the food is simply amazing. We started with the Artichoke & Spinach dip that came out perfectly. I had an amazing T-Bone for Father's Day. My wife had a filet & "the best brussel sprouts ever". And the Peanut Butter Torte dessert was outstanding. We have been here several times now and have always enjoyed it. One question, regarding the Bison cut of the day, I've only seen it as the Top Sirloin, does this change often? I LOVE Bison and would love to see some different Bison cuts. But, again, by far the best experience and quality steak we've had in Colorado Springs.

Erika Pearson

The staff was wonderful from the hostess to the multiple waiters that assisted our table. The food was perfectly prepared (texture/ consistency), but could have used more seasoning. The ambience was nice.

Kelly Rasmussen

Amazing food, amazing service! Little spendy but not too bad.

Erica Olivier

I rarely rate and review after a first visit but I had such a wonderful experience at Cowboy Star this evening that I want to recommend it to everyone. The service was top-notch, a mix of fun, welcoming, and attentive without being overbearing. (Shout out to Livingston who was a joy to speak to as he made our reservation, and team Gina/Katie who made sure we were well cared for and who treated us like friends) The food, much of which is locally sourced, was great - simple, not greasy or saucy, though you can make it saucy if you want, and flavorful. We started with the charcuterie board, which was enjoyable to assemble as well as to eat. For my main course, I had the steak salad because Gina recommended it and I am glad she did, it was so good. Mr. Husband had a ribeye steak cooked medium well (so gross!) (He liked it, though) and we split a side of crispy lemon Brussels sprouts. We didn't have room for dessert and left feeling full and satisfied but not sick. This would be a great place for a special occasion dinner or fancy date night. While the atmosphere is upscale, jeans and tee-shirts are not unwelcome. The bathrooms are cute and clean and there are double hooks, one high and one low, in the women's stalls. My first time at Cowboys Star was superb and I plan to return with friends. Highly recommended!

Kelly Abbott

What a wonderful experience! It began with the warm reception we received when we walked in to celebrate our anniversary, chilled champagne and a rose waiting on our table with a card signed by the staff, and a personalized menu. We had great service by Shawn (Sean?) and Nick, and of course fantastic food. The evening was perfect!

Erik Lloyd

Meal was good; service was ok. Was upset to check my bank statement and see the waiter had added a little extra above and beyond what I had originally tipped. I think 25% was more than enough for a party of two ... you didn’t need to bump it to 35%. For this reason I will not return. Not bad food, but for the price you can find equal quality for literally half the price with an honest staff.

David Morris

We had our anniversary dinner here and it was awesome! The staff made us feel welcome and at home! The food was excellent! Our server was Brock. He was charismatic, articulate, and very knowledgeable about the menu and the type of food they serve here.we had a great time and will dine here again the next time we’re in town!

Renay Rowl

We celebrated our anniversary here and can I just say “WOW”. We were treated so well....greeted at the door by owner Ryan, given customized menus saying “Happy 9th Anniversary “, long stemmed rose on table, and a card signed by the staff !!! The service was absolutely amazing. I seen the owner on the floor greeting people and busting tables. You can see the passion he has for his restaurant The food was amazing. Will definitely come back!!! Absolutely loved this restaurant. Great experience. Thank you to the entire staff. ❤️❤️❤️

Peter O

Go to Texas road house instead! they tried three times to make a medium rare filet and then finally Just brought a ribeye instead... the manager did take that off of our final bill. also, they are very proud of their soap dispensers and the staff made sure to tell us not to steal them. They are priced to be a premium steak house $$$, the service was green, the steak was average.

Anthony Mitchell

Went here for my birthday dinner and couldn't be happier. I had Brock as my server, and he set the new standard for service at a restaurant. His advice was on point, his service was flawless, he was hilarious when he showed up for exactly the right amount of time, and wasn't talking our ear off all night while we were eating. Food was obviously phenomenal and super fast. Couldn't recommend this enough. It might be cheesy, but this was literally the best restaurant experience I have ever had. Rock on

Josh Mcgowen

Nick was a great help great meat made the best brisket

Michael Armstrong

Today was an exceptional experience that included amazing service from Brock and the team at Cowboy Star. The 6oz American Wagyu was beyond expectation and my wife's prime rib was delicious. Paired with tasty drinks, this was one great night out.

Darin Grzywa

I took my wife here to celebrate and I could not have been more pleased with the service and the quality of food. Rebecca reccomended excellent pairings that really made the whole experience even more enjoyable. We had starters, cocktails, entrees, wine and dessert. I wasn't at all surprised when I saw the final bill because it was worth every dollar. I had the 18 oz Rib Chop and the dry aging blew my taste buds away. I haven't had a better steak in Colorado.

Mitchel Lucero

Bone marrow was horrible but the lamb shanks were delicious! Ordered steak medium rare and it came medium.....and no tv"s! My biggest negative about the place bit overall a good dinner spot.

Es Ran

Would give this place a 3 if it wasn’t for the ambiance. Service started out great, but declined as the evening continued. The server forgot about our second round of drinks, then took forever to come and check on us for our check. As for the food we ordered the Bison and Scallops....

martin contrereas

The best food and service. Our waitress was really helpful and very polite. Outstanding service.

Derek Miller

We celebrated a birthday dinner with friends and were seated at the “chef’s table” near the kitchen. Things were fine at first. We knew the dinner would be paced, but after two hours we still had not received our steak entrees. One of our party, a deputy sheriff, had to get to his night shift. We sat with empty salad plates for 15 minutes, then waited about 45 minutes for our steaks. We informed a server, who said our steaks “were next in line and coming out immediately.” Fifteen minutes later, we heard our table’s steaks called out from the kitchen. Nearly 10 minutes later we were served— 20 minutes before we needed to leave. Three/four were ordered medium-rare but finished closer to rare. The fourth steak was ordered medium and finished rare. The waiter argued with us about the temperature, then agreed to return it to the kitchen. We were told it would be done in less than a minute. Five minutes later they delivered it, and we had to shovel our steaks in to leave on time. It was exceptionally disappointing. They said they had a “kitchen technology error,” I.e they lost our ticket. In the management’s defense, they comped our meal, but the dining experience was ruined. I cannot remember the last time I received such poor service, particularly from a “fine” steak restaurant. We will not be returning.

Frank Walters

Best happy hour prices on drinks and food. Love their burgers.


So delicious, amazing food, great service and great drinks. They also have a bar menu that is great and has manageable prices on it. Hands down best steak we have had in town. Flavored perfect, cooked perfect!

Tony Diaz

Great 55day aged ribeye! Great service and drink selection

Terry Bradley

Great steak and a nice selection of wine. Upscale for Colorado Springs!

Carma McConahay

Again the meat is no better quality than Texas T-bone. The difference is Cowboys charges you what Texas T-bone does for a full meal which includes sides at Texas T-bone not at Cowboys. Just another restaurant designed to swindle those who have money to burn and no ability to spend wisely.


Had a party of 8 with children and they put us in a secluded room making it easy to keep the wee ones behaved. The staff is first rate, drinks were exceptional, the food was absolutely delicious, and all of this on a friday night. We did use One Table to book a reservation. I will most definitely be returning!

Clinton Thomas

Visiting Colorado Springs and wanted something "non-chain". This place was spectacular! Staff were very familiar with where their food is sourced from, and were both extremely friendly and helpful. Amazing caesar salad with bacon and anchovies, complementing a perfectly-prepared 8oz filet. Atmosphere was very relaxed and almost formal (no TVs or anything). Will definitely return on my next visit :-)

CB Fox

It was okay. Food was okay. Very pricey for the quality. Not sure why Google has it rated as $$ because steaks are around $50 . Lunch did not include salad or rolls. Even on the steak entrees. One person ordered the chefs choice steak and it came out already cut in slices. We won't be returning. Too many other better places with far better prices.

Jeff palumbo

Exceptional food and service. The Atmosphere is delightful warm and comfortable. Steak dinner with extras (sides, salad, drink) is $75 a person and up. It is worth every penny.

Lindsey Weaver

I’ve been to Cowboy Star several times, but this time was phenomenal. Brock and John at the bar took amazing care of us. If you want fantastic drinks with a personal touch, this is your place. We will absolutely be back to see these guys. Amazing experience.


Wonderful food and relaxed atmosphere, but I disagree with the 2-$$ (two-dollar-sign) rating. Their food and service are 4-Star restaurant with the only reason I didn't give thema 5-Star review is they let me enjoy their elegant dinner in jeans and a t-shirt. We enjoyed the bison & lamb entrees - fabulous. Thanks, Ryan & Crew!

Janice Talley

Cowboy Star FTW! Been to the dining area a couple times and happy hour many times. The service has always been great although every time I've went they've been super busy so it's been slow but expected based on the volume. We've shared the big ol' expensive steak, was was good but wasn't life changing. It's a great date spot and would be fine for well-meaning kiddos. It is not a Texas Roadhouse so expect the experience to be a bit higher end. Happy hour here is hands down probably my favorite in town. Delicious wine and cocktails as well as smaller plates like the steak and frites. Although you'll have to fight the crowd or some before happy hour opens as everyone and their mom also goes to this happy hour.

Lynne VanArsdale

Everything is delicious! Excellent service. Chef's table available. Can accommodate parties of up to 20 people.

Chris Young

Delicious food, outstanding service. Was a bit surprised to find this restaurant in a strip mall, but the interior is very well decorated. We did the bacon for an app, scallops and salmon for dinner, and the warm pear financier for dessert. All were amazing.

Chefy Chef

I had a wonderful time here. I sat at the chef's counter for lunch. The decor was lovely. Everyone from the host to the cook's were lovely. I had a starter of steak tartare($19), a wague burger which came with fries or a salad($25), and the seasonal apple tart. Everything was delicious. I watched the cook's prepare everything with extreme care. The sous chef and kitchen manager had their eyes on every plate looking for and expecting perfection. My waiter(I feel bad for forgetting his name) was beyond perfect. He was very aware of where I was at with my meal. I never felt rushed. My only complaint, which is tiny, was the crumb on the apple tart was kinda dry and may have benefited from a creme anglaise. Loved it and will definitely be back

Peter Lett

Big fan of this place. The food was great the service was impeccable. Great location and ambiance for business lunches. Keep doing what you are doing. I will be back!!!

Gary Paysinger

Very poorly prepared meal and service by manager an weighttress $42 bad deal . Might be better off going Jack in the box for a Rib eye burger . Emailed the owner Ryan but i don't think it went any where .

Josh Wickham

My first time dining here was a few years ago and nothing has changed between then and now. Everything including service, food, and ambiance was exceptional. I started with 1/2 dozen oysters that were tasty, fresh, and well worth what I paid for. Then, I had a 6 oz. Gold label wagyu ribeye in which I personally selected along with freshly shaved black truffles on top of the steak. I WOULD RECCOMEND!

Eric B

Decided to try something new, and was not disappointed! Polite staff, fantastic spinach artichoke dip (every bite was delicious) in which my fiance loved and she has never liked it anywhere else. I had the New York strip, so good that any kind of sauce would have ruined it. We will definitely return!

Gwendolyn Boone

We made reservations and went here on a Saturday evening, which was busy but fortunately not so loud we couldn't hear. Our server, who I embarrassingly cannot remember the name of, was very quick, attentive, informative, and had a fantastic attitude. She definitely made our experience go from great to top notch. We each ordered the dry-aged ribchop, brussel sprouts, mushrooms and cocktails. The drinks were tasty (the sangria is amazing and fruity). The steaks we ordered were brought by the table for us to see before they would hit the grill, which was a nice touch for steak lovers. We were given a small appetizer which was blue cheese, bacon and breading that was fantastic and a nice palate tease. The bread was good and not super sweet like some breads. The steaks we're phenomenal, cooled perfectly, seared perfectly and with a great aged taste. The brussel sprouts in honey glaze and mushrooms were also fantastic - seasoned very well with nothing over powering. This was a great experience and one I look forward to having again. Great job, Cowboy Star.

Mitchell McCarthy

Before we get into the negatives, some positives. First of all, the wait staff is absolutely stellar especially Brittany. Extremely professional, knowledgeable about the product they're serving, and genuinely polite. Also, the drinks are mixed to perfection. The broken arrow, a house special, was very good. The appetizers were also very good. We had the house meat plate, which was a pleasant surprise. The sides were also very good. The mashed potatoes were seasoned to perfection and the broccoli had a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. Atmosphere was also fantastic. Cozy while open and inviting, and just enough flair to be tasteful without overbearing. To the negatives... The steak. While the cuts of meat can accurately be described as fantastic, the preparation was exponentially less so. There was absolutely zero flavor too a $40 steak, which is extremely disappointing. Honestly, it might've been the most bland steak I've ever eaten in my entire life. Long story short, is probably eat here again, but I definitely won't be ordering a steak here again.

Christine Czarnecki

Excellent quality and service! Delicious

Dispatch Office

Very high end steak house, food is amazing

Kandra Asarias

I'll start by saying we've been here a few times and were never disappointed. It is on the pricey side and you should probably make a reservation to ensure you get seated quickly. That said, last night my husband and I opted to celebrate our 6 year anniversary there. I made the reservation and they called to confirm it a few days prior. They asked if we were celebrating anything special and I said our anniversary but didn't think much of it. We got there a bit early last night so we enjoyed a hogan's mule in the bar/lounge area. It was busy but we still managed to find a small table and were waited on quickly. It did take some time for our drinks to come out but that area was packed so I figured that. The drinks were amazing. They have some of the best bartenders in the area. The drinks are consistent (taste exactly the same every time) and the flavors just compliment each other so well. When our table was ready, we followed the hostess back only to walk up to a table with a fresh rose and a handwritten card from the staff congratulating us on our anniversary. The rest of the staff made it a point to stop by our table at some point in the night to congratulate us in person to! It really made us feel special. I can't think of another restaurant that would do that. To close out the night, our waitress made one final stop at our table before we left to give us special printed menus that said "happy 6th anniversary" at the top to help commemorate our night. The food was just as good as it always is and the wait staff equally pleasant. Do we go here as often as we'd like? Unfortunately not because of the price point (about $200 or so for two) but for special occasions or that once every few month splurge it's our go-to place.

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