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REVIEWS OF Cicis IN Colorado

Helen Tieman

First time my grandchildren were ever at CiCi's and they liked it so much they asked when we can go back. They ate more than they normally do. Food was hot and staff very friendly!

Antonieta Casanova

Food is good, but music is too laud to the point that we couldn't talk, we had to scream. I asked twice for the volume to be lower, but up to the time we left, the volume of music was at the same. Not happy

Giselle Gonzalez

Our experience in this place was not the best. There were only 3 brownies when we visited and the Cinnamon rolls did not taste right they were fluffy bread balls with some sugar and cinnamon, the pizza variety was so little to none and to top of our experience we were only able to order 2 personal pizzas because they took the papers to order in their kitchen. This went on for two hours my family enjoyed the quality time together but we did not enjoy the food? We hope this changes soon because we are not planning on returning and the topping you can put in your personal pizza can not be more than four.

Melissa Lumbra

The Cicis I remember was not the Cicis I experienced. The crusts were paper thin and barely palatable. I had waited a very long time to be able to eat at another Cicis and I was very disappointed.

James Gill

Good pizza buffet and desserts. We arrived at 11am when they opened and had to wait approximately 20 minutes before pizza was ready. Other than that, the food was delicious.

El Nicoya

Food is good but appearance and cleanliness needs a major overhaul!

Steven Baker

Good selection of fresh pizza. All varieties tasted great! Salad bar was good as well.

Brandon Brewer

I am a loyal customer with Cicis I typically come out every week for some excellent food, however for this visit I question my return. Going over quality (very poor), and the brownies (were not brownies), on a typical visit the brownies would be soft, moist chewy texture. Not these brownies you can build a brick house with these they were cold and hard. The pizza, usually I can withstand the sauce however everything was bland and you guessed it, "Cold". I might return if the quality and service "corrects itself." Please management, HELP your team to be better established and trained to build a better product.

Anita Henry

The pizza was ok they didnt have a lot of pizza out. The best thing was chicken soup

Brett Moniz

I can't believe I had never been to a Cici's before! If you are on a budget but super hungry or even if you just want some variety in your meal, this is the place to go. With the adult buffet (regularly priced 6.99) you get access to the entire pizza bar and salad bar along with the brownies and cinna-sticks desserts. You will need also need to pay for a beverage unless you drink water, which is about another two bucks. So for about $10 you get unlimited pizza, salad, and dessert. I especially enjoy Cici's because I could spend the same amount on a Domino's pizza but that's only one kind of pizza and I get no salad and no dessert and no drink. I highly recommend this place, the one here in Aurora is always very clean and very quick with the food. Also if you've read this far you're in for a surprise. Cici's will allow you to order a custom pizza from one serving to a whole pie INCLUDED with the buffet! So if they don't have any pizza you like out at the bar just ask an employee if you can make one. They are very friendly and super helpful. No charge for extra cheese either!! I love Cici's and will be a loyal frequent customer, I hope to see more of you there! Cici's is the best!!

Luis Garces

Cheap and bountiful amount of food. Quality of eats is okay for what you pay.

Silvy H

Very decent food and an affordable price!!

Audra Wajda

This is a decent location. They are on top of getting fresh pizza out. Only thing they could improve on is getting fresher veggies. Would come eat here again.

Brandon Haynes

Upon walking in the door i noticed there wasnt any employee in sight. I stood there for approximately 10 minutes before an emotee showed. I grabbed some pizza and was very disappointed. Very poor quality all the way around. I walked up and ordered some wings. About 20 minutes later the young lady walked them to my table. I picked one up and noticed the meat was pink. I took them back up and requested a refund. The manager finally shows up just to inform me that i would not get a refund because the employee threw my receipt away. She also tells me that it is impossible that i got pink meat because it is precooked. Her resolution to the problem was to give me 2 free buffet cards which didnt cover the cost of the wings. I was very disappointed in my whole experience. The staff was mediocre at best. The food was terrible. I doubt i will go back there.

Joe Gonzales

Great buffet. For 10 bucks you get as much pizza as you want a salad and as much to drink as you want. What a deal. There cinnamon bread sticks are perfect to end the meal with. Pasta available to.

Andre Dorsey

Ok all the pizza tast the same.

Fermin Jaimes

Yummy food

Rebekah Salmond

Super good with cleaning up, there was a pizza that had accidentally fallen and was cleaned up. Five minutes later a soup spilled and was wiped away. Sweeping some fallen lettuce. I'm very happy that they were quick to act, when there was a mess. There was no hesitancy. Thank you!

francisco miranda

Very good pizzas and cinnamon rolls


Too expensive for less ..please includ more chiken.on pizza topping all toppong are too..minimum..

Gonzalo Mejia

It's a good place to pay like 7 dollars and eat a lot of pizza. I like a lot the cinnamons tasted.

Patti Brown

Food was ok, service was good. Restaurant was clean, it had been so long since we were there, I think we remembered it as being better.

Tim Paton

I once thought that I knew true love. But I was wrong. So wrong. Today, I began my life together with CiCi's. I have a reason to get out of bed. The food was okay.

Thor Finnegan

Very family-oriented place to eat from the happy go lucky hostess who cracks up with you to the funny cook who yells each new item that he puts on the bar with his funny little sayings with them like," no more frowny face I got more brownie plates." To the very polite manager I completely enjoyed eating dinner here and will be back in the future

Robert Thomas

Great as usual. The new manager was trained great by the old one. He was promoted from with in and knows the place and people well. Great team and keep up the good work

Neil Mathura

Decent enough for the price.......

Omar Martinez

Good pizza and loved by kids. It is a decent place. You can order you custom pizza and they do a great job.

Tigist Woldemlchael

Service is really good, I went there with my kids one time and after that they kept wanting to go there, what do I say ot grow on my family. Are favorite is the mac and cheese pizza it is delicious, all the food Is fresh, there is salads, pasta, pizza, and desserts

Aelyn Picallo

Unfortunately it's not the same they have raised the price but went down on quality of the food it's sad because it was a nice family place to go with the kids but like I said they raised the price and it lost they quality also the workers that was out side was a bit naughty she was upset and complaining about how much she had to do and so little pay that that was ridiculous but o am not saying it's not true but in the time I was there she was just in the drinking foaunte not really doing much the tables were dirty and there were new customers coming in and the there were no tables she was seeing that but ontill the customer would say something she would not move i was disappointed and didn't think i would be going back there I would be going back to the one in kendall it's a bit far but it's nicer and the food is better

Tj Lewis

Good for the thin crust, alright taste, not much sauce, great prices


You get what you pay for, it is a $6.75 buffet....staff is super friendly. That helps

Felix Medrano

Good place to tale the family.

Richard Canizares

Great place to take your family. Good price for all you can eat pizza bar.


Always nice they keep you p the food for the buffet, the place is pretty clean and all employees I've encountered have always been nice

christian boada

Great place to take the kids. Pricing is fair.

Nestor Canizales

Great!!! all you can eat Pizza

Emilio Viera

It is much nicer than I thought.

Musfiq Sazal

Ok pizza


3 stars because the food was decent and hot. HOWEVER they charged me for a kid's buffet for my not even 2 year old. And all he ate was ONE tomato. I wasn't aware they charged for a one year old. But now you know!

Bharath Raj

Great variety of Pizzas. Need to revisit again.

Bernie Wischer

Lots of choices ans pretty good.

Kathie Morling

Pretty good food. Wish they had more of a selection of pizza though.

Scott Gibson

My wife and I have always seen the cicis commercials but never lived close enough to one to try it, we always thought it looked good. We went to Florida for our honeymoon and at the end of it found a cicis and we both agreed to try it. As soon as we walked in the door our expectations hit the floor, the filth on the floor was disgusting, we thought maybe it's been a busy day si we let it slide, the food was terrible, croutons were stale, the pizza was doughy and barely warm and the people were rude, we will never come back here again. 2885 W 68th St #1 Hialeah, FL 33081

Cole B.

Kids choice favorite! Great price great taste. Its always a great family night at cicis

Ed Herren

Always so satisfying, best Buffalo chicken pizza ever, and they expanded their arcade recently!

Carolina Torres

Love to eat their pizza and salad....friendly service as well....

Tula Bagwell

As far as pizza goes, it was okay. Service was friendly, table were Keep clean

Heather Ray

Terrible pizza and staff lacked everything. We requested a pizza be made without cheese they put outdated toppings on them. Literally took a bite of it and spit it out. The toppings tasted contaminated and disgusting. Everything is disorganized the kids to the cups were all the way away from where you get your drinks at. The pizza on he bar for my kids was old and looked like it had been sitting grrr all day...which was probably accurate because there was not a lot of people there. I have been to many Cici’s pizzas before all around the country and this was the absolute worst! I am not exaggerating or anything! Corporate needs to come in and take its name back because this place should not carry the Cici’s name!

Zero Kool

My daughters love this place and Let's not talk about the music cause it's awesome

Sara Kiskaden

Not very good anymore

jack zasiewski

Good pizzas. Nice spacious dining room. Service is so so - like everywhere else in Miami smiles are in short supply. Very good price.

Javier Lencina

Very clean, good attention.


Great place very clean

Alex Roldan

Mediocre food in a kennel. Not recommended.

Eiko Kaneda

I love this place! They have freshly baked pizzas in addition to a salad bar and desserts. Even though it's a pizza place, I really like their cinnamon rolls. What I really like about this Cicis is that we can order personalized pizzas even though we are here for the buffet. I found the staff there were always attentive and friendly every time we visit. Their pizzas are good, and the price is also good. I recommend Cicis to every pizza lover who wants to enjoy freshly baked pizzas for a reasonable price.

Bonnie Ormes

The buffet was bare... the available food was hard. Obviously sat a while. The advertisement stated 15 choices... but I had 5. Definitely declining from my previous visits... not sure it's worth the 25 minute drive to return.

Evelyn Rodriguez

The cashier and manager tonight were very nice. However, this restaurant was dirty and a big disappointment. We saw the commercial on tv and decided to head out to this location. Its advertised as a buffett with warm and delicious pizza, salad and pasta. Instead we got cold pizza slices total of 9 slices at the buffet with a crowd of over 12 people waiting around for over 15 minutes. By the time you get to the pizza buffet, there's nothing but another 20 minute wait. We will definitely not be returning. I do want to say that when I complained to the manager and asked for a refund after waiting for pizza for over 45 minutes, he returned my money. Sorry Cicis but this is not acceptable. 1 star rating only because of the Managers kindness to refund the money.

Leonard Marquez

My daughters new favorite...

LaDy Jones

Great food and fun. The cashier was friendly and full of smiles. The restaurant was clean which is important to me. Thanks CiCi's!

ISM Doral

Great pizza for everyone

Mariah Thomas

Wish theyd bring one out to parker

Alexis Rojas

Great price

jenny ramas-suarez

Its not a fancy place but food is good there.

Sonia Hakanson

Great experience, customer service is excellent a lot better than 4 years ago when I had last been here

mlchael nance

The peice is not worth paying for just sausage or pepperoni since they have available vegetables that could be added to make a variety of other pizzas. New york or flat bread pizza is not a variety. The single soup they had was so trouble I would rather of had bouillon cube soup. The sauces for the pasta looked like and tasted like the ones you put on the pizza. The only good was the 2 desserts (apple pizza and cinnamon roll) which I would say they must come from a factory somewhere since they were 100 different than everything else.

Liliia Walsh

Delicious cinnamon sticks. Hot pizza. Not the best salad bar.

Wel Jef

Worst excuse for pizza I've ever had made my entire family sick will never return there and will never recommend anyone go save your intestines and your stomach and your throat and your taste buds don't go.

Nat Maxx

CiCi's pizza is in all you can eat source of food. Nothing's particularly good but you do get to eat until you get sick..

Dean Graning

Great buffet. Always injoy there pizza when we go here. Great family setting. Always good fresh pizza. They have salads and pasta on the menu too. Wings can be ordered separately if you want them.

Jackie Jackson

The price is great; not enough meat choices.

Ana Baldrich

Good buffet

Jack Boh

It is okay. But of they could have more options at the salald bar that be cool. Also plz chang the cinnamon bun bars just back to cinnamon buns.

Re'Al Soul

My family and I stopped by this place twice just for the convenience, nostalgia, prices, and good pizza. I hadn't had Cici's Pizza in years before stopping by here, and I found it to be pretty good. They have a nice variety of pizza on their buffet, with an even nicer price . It's a great spot to have a cheat day.

Alberto Marino

Need better variety of pizza


Nice, fun, and good variety of flavors

Kristina Dejong

Floor was sticky drink station was dirty and the pizzas they had up were gross looking I had to special order a pizza just to get one fresh with the special order I got three small pieces for my husband and me to share we finally gave up on pizza and skipped to dessert cinnamon "sticks" were hard to chew cause they were hard..... not sure what happened to the cinnamon rolls but those were the only good part about that place.

Jonathan Washburn

We love the breadsticks! Food was hot and good. Will go again.

Alicia marie

Boneless wings arent good, but i like goin there for the buffet


Great place

Young Athlete B.Coleman

I don't see how in the hell this place got more the 3 stars!!!! Its the WORST places I have ever experienced. The salad bar if you can call it that, is awful. The pasta bar is dry and old. The pizza bar is never kept up. And oooooooh the bathroom lol. Was so dirty and one of toilets has no toilet sit on it. Don't waste your time or money at this CiCis. To be honest it needs to be shut down.

Joe Hernandez

Worst pizza ever. Supermarket frozen pizza is better than this. A piece of cardboard with fake melted cheese is better than Cicis.

Josue Sanchez


Hercilia Leon

Good variety of pizzas, and better desserts


I dont like this place first time eat there the food I dont know the food was whoa more commentario

Erik Valentino

Delicious pizza

Nicole Zornosa

The menu is limited but the food is not bad, it is a good idea if you want to save money in an emergency but it is not a place to be a regular.

Modesto Garcia

Nice clean restaurant. Excellent pizzas.. I really like the variety and the quality of the pizza at this lication. The salad bar was very fresh and lots to choose from. The pizza bar was out of this world, with do many options. All the pizzas were very fresh, and i see that they keep the buffet well stocked at all times. The staff is very friendly with great customer skills... i will definetly will be visiting this restaurant again.

Millie Matos

Love it fresh Everything Staff pleasant

Orestes Gonzalez

First time not impressed with the system i have doughts about contamination by people been able to touch the food bar did not stay for that reason also very disorganized

Cincinnati God

Great family oriented place too eat wonderful staff .... Love the manager she's so kind, friendly and small too have a big heart so sweet I think her name is Andrea if not mistaking

Casey Parker

The one place the whole family can agree on ... Priceless

Christopher Munch

Decent value for the price. The pizza is below average but it's pizza so how bad can it be?

Dominick B.

Place was a mess but what do you expect for a buffet pizza place. The blonde manager is really sweet.

Edwin Figueroa

I like, good food and good price

Alexander Isaacs

Was very tasty, sweet desserts too

Wendy Santibanez

Restaurant was messy upon arrival and not busy- pizza buffet was 60% empty and the leftover pizza was cold. Im not sure if they had a rush before but I was not able to place a custom order because they were replenishing the buffet which i understood fine... waited for 5 wings over 20 minutes I went up and asked when they would be ready and was told 5 more minutes by the manager because they had to go through the oven twice. So I waited another 20+ Minutes eventually we finished eating I go up front and ask for a refund for the wings I didn’t receive. I had to wait on the side while the line died down to be only to be told I couldn’t be given a refund because I didn’t have my receipt (manager asked if I could go look for it) my other option was to continue waiting and they would throw in 5 more wings but once again it would take a “few” minutes because the wings needed to be pushed through the oven twice. I never wanted an extra 5 wings just the initial 5 I waited well over 30 minutes for and asked for twice! I did not have the time nor patience to wait for them to get it together and apparently there was no way for the “managers” to refund me for the wings I paid and never received. To top off the horrible service my sister has been since since eating there earlier this morning! I will be contacting my card company to dispute the charges for the horrible service and food.

Rebecca Freeman

The great atmosphere the staff is always friendly when we go in it's always clean the food's always fresh and delicious

Abbie Pantoja

I feel like cicis is cheaper in my home town and more expensive here but the pizza was okay probably should a little better if the price is what it is. Maybe more variety of pizzas as well?? I feel like there were too many pepperoni pizzas, different styles of pepperoni pizza, but still its a pepperoni pizza


Hair in my salad and cooked into the pizza. None of the employees have hair nets :(

Carlos Arauz

Great variety of pizza

Drage Clan

Nice food awsome activity grate one dollar for 4 plays also great service

Sofia Atehortua

It wasn’t that tasty

Scott Knox

It was great the only thing bad I have to say is I spent 10 dollars in the arcade and won nothing

David Bessey

Cicis has progressively declined in service and taste. They advertise 15 pizzas and a full Buffet. However the selection is so scarce that you end up waiting 20 to 30 minutes for a slice of pizza. There were only four available pizzas at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday. The salad bar needs attention. A lot of low or depleted items and scraps are just left everywhere. Also they removed all condiments from the tables. You now I have to ask for crushed pepper and cheese. Upon request I was given two individual pepper pouches. Doesn't make any sense. I wouldn't recommend this location and probably won't return myself.

Elijah Raleigh

Great Pizza and and cheap. Couldn't recommend more

Matthew Adkins Sr.

For fast pizza with (typically) good selection. This visit was not as good as the others, but okay for fast cheap 2 person under $20.00 pizza buffet. The typical manager wasn't there, so the pizza choices were poor, and slow. But overall a place to go on the cheap and fast. You be the judge!

Sebastian Martinez

Ok food, basketball arcade machine isn't working properly. Very average cicis'

Diego Rodriguez

Beacuse some machines doesn't work

Ahmed Alnajar

This was my first visit to a pizza buffet, and I was really impressed and happy. The pizza options were very nice and has vegetarian if you like. I loved the salad section. Great place will visit again!

No cojo Corte Solomillo

It was disgusting all

Jeremy Cook

Good food. Cleanliness not great. Staff not great.

Johnny Atchison

The cinnamon sticks were freaking awesome

Hildefonso Garcia

The customer service very well try what

Elsie Martinez

A little slow with take outs

Mia M

Cheap alternative with not a lot of pizza to choose from. Good for people with lots of kids. Lol


It really deserve 5 stars because of the price and the choices they offer so it is a balance so for its price, it totally deserve it. I would recommend everyone to visit it as the price is totally affordable with nice buffet

Kkayla Delgado

It was okay..I thought they would have like Better pizza like in EL PASO TX!!!

Melissa Buceti

Me and my husband always go here when we want some pizza. Place is good, during the weekends is full of children with their families. The buffet it's around $7 for adults and it includes salad bar, a lot of pizza and desserts. You have also the option of customize your own pizza, without extra charge! Tip: look on Groupon for coupons! Most of the times you can find a buffet for 2 people at just $7!

Katie Simpson

Maya was our cashier she has great customer service skills! Food was good, love the build your own pizza! All staff were friendly and helpful. Will most definitely be back!

Rene Hernandez

Awesome place to eat

Donna Watt

Ok inexpensive dining.

Lawrence Reed

CiCi's Pizza great place to go when you're hungry or with the family you can eat off the buffet always make a custom Pizza I will be coming back soon

Vincenzo Rosiello

Good Pizza, excellent service,good prizes. .....happy to be over there

Sumanthz Vakacharla

If you want only beef and pork come here. Otherwise you have to wait for 1hour to get a veggie pizza or any other pizza(even chicken). Waste of money and precious time.

Dental River

Nice price, nice food.

M Bittner

Great food and service.

Far Mon

Good place to bring the kids and their friends without breaking the bank.

zach Nageleisen

Not good food but I do love the pizza way more then the wings

Jose Gonzalez

Food is decent...Staff is great

Nat Max

A cheap all you can eat pizza salad bar buffet. The quality of their ingredients is good the people who work there are very nice and you can have custom-made pizzas with up to four ingredients made while you wait. CiCi's Pizza has discounts for senior citizens and for students with an ID card. These discounted meals also come with a refillable drink for free. They also run a Groupon from time to time so get them while you can. As I write this there are no Groupons for CiCi's but it says coming soon. It cost about $8 a person..

kc gaming

All u can eat pizza and bread sticks

kameron butler

They don't have the cinnamon rolls any more. They have this crunchy cinnamon bread stuff.

Armando Lossada

Place is not clean

William Brown

Getting pricy for cheap pizza. Lot of kids at all hours too. Still decent and a true all-you-can-eat pizza buffet

Christine Garcia

Cheap food lots of choices kid friendly

Cristina Garcia

Great pizza and pasta

Areli Alcazar

Been going here for years, this place is fantastic. Maybe not a whole lot of variety for a buffet, but what they have is absolutely delicious and sure to fill up anyone. Service is good and the workers in the kitchen area try to be prompt about bringing out new plates when they see that food is running out. Sometimes people here are rude, but that's not the workers' fault. Be nice to each other, this place is great.

Michael Hernandez

New manager is awesome! Great service. An completely different experience since my last time.

Victor Mendez

Still the same since I was a kid nothing has changed

Elaine C.

We LOVED this place! We had visitors here that were from St. Louis, and we were showing them around when we Google food near us and Cici's popped up and we thought, sure, let's go. We got there and the nice lady at the cash register literally gave us a tour of the buffet and explained how everything worked. The food was super good for a super affordable price, and the surveys they give on their receipts give you a BOGO on the buffet when you return. We were super pleased and will be back.

carla Wiltsie

Love love love the ham and pineapple pizza and the cinnamon rolls

Sarah Barton

Fast friendly and cheap. Great place for picky kiddos


Felix, assistant manager is very unprofessional and disrespectful, when a form was filled for a pizza request. He use my name and made fun of it, I could hear him. Low Class, never come to this place again, he seems like he does not want to be there. Hopefully he learns a lesson or this will teach a moral lesson to the Cicis store at doral economically.


they have good deal of pizza

Ronald Northcutt

I had a great time today, food is always good, my family enjoyed themselves!

Nicole Slama

Friendly hard working staff and the pizza was amazing!

Carol McCarthy

Good food husband liked it to much pepperoni for me.

Yosbi Yosb

There should be a changing table in the bathroom for us to change babies diapers. I put a blanket on the floor to change my babies pamper.

Aby Martinez

The variety offered here is definitely worth a visit.

Andrea Thomas

Cheap prices, average pizza. Good for kids and large groups.

Sara Vallazza

I had not been in a while. Found the pizza variety worthy. They had a thin pizza with a balzamic glaze that was extra yummy. They kept the trays filled with fresh slices. The brownies were really good too. Lots of edges if u favor the crunchie part. Service was friendly and everything very clean. I will visit again. Perfect lazy cook weeknight meal locale.

Roxanel Q

Great value!

Farah Gard

Very low quality food.

vanessa rodriguez

This Cici's in particular location is the best in all south Florida!!!

Liana Gonzalez

Great service and thank you for having our 23 kids!!!! They had a blast

Melissa Nakata

So good. I wish they had one in Utah.

Tony Mitchell

They had extremely good food at a decent price and everything was good. However, they could offer a larger cup, without asking for an upgrade, with the buffet. They used to have one's in louiville Jefferson County don't know if it was any left but glad I found one out here love cicis.

Phil Vigil

Good spot for the family.

Jon Yost

Cicis is great. The price has gone up a bit but still worth it. This particular cicis does a great job at keeping the pizza fresh and not skimping on the toppings. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. They deserve praise from management.

John Salmon

Cici's deserves a C grade. The pizza seemed to be missing enough chicken for those certain kinds and for the others the flavors were a little bland. The pasta looked dead to me but the kids ate it so at least it was edible. The cinnamon rolls were good. I filled up on those. It wasn't a meal fit for a king but it worked as a refueling stop for calories.

Emmanuel Reza

Seem like they dont keep up with demand

Anabell Zaldana

Love Cicis all you can eat pizza.great place to take kids to enjoy the games and having fun while eating their favorite pizza

Dawn Leetch

Always fresh and good wish there was a lot more around so I don't have to drive for to go to it

Lisa Lewis

This was the best pizza experience ever. We got a tour of the place and got to make our own pizza. Amy is the best manager ever. Thanks for having us.

Jim Powers

Pizza is good but it never feels like it is clean.

william lopez

Luved it ... Super nice and

Solange Romo

The pizza is sooooo good

Rose R

This location is oddly off the choices you have in pizza is always dry even at lunch or dinner. Asked the lady to make us a fresh pepperoni and got a no because there was one that was just made on the buffet line.

Sai V

Good for Indian food.. They will make chicken, cheese & veggie pizza. They are the best.. Definetly love to visit again

Doug Isbel

Great food great people

Chris Powers

Other than the restaurant being full of two bus loads of kids the staff and the food were great


All you can eat! You can't beat that

Kurt Miller

Food wasn't too bad. It was busier than we normally see it. When we arrived the bar was almost empty. Like normal i already get a personal pizza due to the fact i don't prefer most of the pizza they have on the bar. For the hour we spent there i waited for 45 mins for the personal pizza. My family was ready to leave by this time. When i asked 30 mins into the wait the manager told me they were working on it. Over the next 15 mins i watched while all the personal pizza request were over looked. Final 40 mins pass and the kitchen says all orders in. Meanwhile place is still packed. So the next 5 mins no pizzas were put in the oven. By this time i couldn't hold my tongue. I told the manager why his bar crashed explained why i was dissatisfied. His excuse was sorry we are training. To me i find that unacceptable. I watched him walk around the entire time. A real manager would have been on top of the situation. How can a manager at a buffet see his store is packed and be ok with no product being made to account for the business. By the way there were 3 other personal pizzas besides mine. They placed one of those into a to go box. He didn't even seem to care that i was unhappy. Sorry rant over.

Attou Francis

WORST place food was horrible And restaurants dirty who ever gave this place those other stars and good compliments lied if you dare go see for yourself. Ohh and ladies one of the toilets dont have a toilet sit. Never going back

Laila Kilzi

Cheap eats. Good pizza. Love the cracker thin crust.

Miami Bikes

Good food , affordable price!

Dione Mena

Great staff. Fresh items hand made pizzas

Elena G

Good pizza for the all you can eat price. But the bathrooms needed some cleaning.

David Moore

Great place for a quick bite to eat very cheap. Kids love this place.

Kathy Torres

Employees were all in the kitchen talking between them and pizza inventary was slow. It is not the same whem owners are greeting and working hard

Rob Herrel

Product on the buffet was old. When I asked for a pizza not on the line, major eye roll. Manager stated they we're about to be busy, so returning to get more food is not going to be an option. It's not a big surprise that locations are closing.


Nice pizza each minute

Pedro Luis González Martínez

It is good, low prices and quality good as well.

Andrea Angel

Cashier was very rude!! Food was ok!

Shaleen Tripathi

The place is not good for veg pizza's and non veg pizzas were also not that good. I'll say it's a fair place for all you can eat in the prize of $7.00. Place is good for one time experience.


Good food. Place is really dirty.

Amber Kattau

Great place for a family on a budget.

Jenae Williams

Great staff friendly and informative

Ricardo Posada

Love the buffet

Bryan Mesquita

Excellent service and very knowledgeable staff. Paint quality is great. Would definitely recommend this place.

Clifton Darrell

Little heartburn you can't beat it

Benjamin Erickson

Cheep pizza place for the kids

Iris Metzger

The 3 of us (myself, my brother & his girlfriend) ate here today. No signs that told you the type of pizza u r eating (?). The place is quite clean, is a self serve style, cashire, workers are pleasant. Food is a good temp.

Armando Torres

Variety not to par

Donald Williams

Friendly staff and decent food for reasonable prices

Hugo Sanchez Garcia

Great place to have a slice of pizza with the family and excellent service, reasonable prices. But cleanliness could be practiced more.

Rose Kiss

The soup was cold , but the food is good


Nothing better then all u can eat good pizza.

Judy Melnick

Wonderful. Wish we still had one in our area

Morelva Lemus

Great environment, and great food with awesome staff

default Dan

Only had pizza and pasta. Worst golden corrall ever

Jessie Hager

Always awesome!!

Zachary Van Stanley

I honestly love CiCis. The price is cheap, and the food is pretty good. I love applesoda, and most restaurants do not carry it, so this is a draw in itself to me. The only complaint I have is that the noise level is usually a little high due to the frequently crowded state. Definitely a fun relaxed place for pizza, pasta, and salad.

faded lifez

Very good fast service and a wide rangr of pizza salad bar and some desert

Genevieve Martinez

Always great food!! I am never disappointed. We always take the family. Slightly expensive but its worth it since its unlimited buffet

sebell C

Good service good buffet

Shorty J

Staff wa as attentive and food was always hot and fresh

Laura Applegate

Exactly what we were wanting!! Super cheap and easy dinner. The kids love the Mac and cheese pizza and I love the desserts. I was disappointed they'd replaced their brownies with lemon bars. When I asked the staff if the brownies were gone for good, they actually had some they just hadn't put out yet. They were really sweet and gave me a plate to take back to the family. This is not going to be the most delicious pizza of your entire life but for value and crowd-pleasing ease, it certainly does the job.

Rajnikant Patel

Not clean and restroom very dirty food cold

Fred Jaay

Nice price for all the pizza you wanna eat, but the cashier have to do so many tasks at the same time and that make waiting time for someone to help so long. Cici's pizza should hire another person or raise payment to employees. Please make Miami a happy place with your customer service since your pizza is good.

Leonardo Buceti

Very good pizza and nice people

John Berry Conway III

As good a Cici's as any. Oh the sweet glory that is All you can eat pizza for $5

Rosemary Snedicor

This used to be a decent place to take the kids. But, now the caliber of the food and service has really gone caput. Most of the time you have to clean your selected table before you can sit down to eat and I don't think most of the current employees know how to smile. My older son won't take his grandkids there because he's afraid of the unsanitary conditions. But kids like the place - ITS PIZZA! I think I'll be marking it off of our list though. They will have to find another "go to" favorite place to eat.

Lao lad

Great selection for people who can tolerate lactose, unfortunately I'm not one of those people and can only use the salad bar and a bit of soup/noodles.

Morgan Martin

I love the pricing and the options

Brittany Nicole Bowling

Normally the food is great , Last time it was all old and hard . The manager didn't even really care .

M Zadeh

Good food great price

TrinaRaider Rawlins

Love Cicis great pizza , friendly service and atmosphere , I especially like the spinach Alfredo pizza ...


Family friendly and the food was good!

Andrew Herald

"Alot if food for cheap" and it's pretty good for the price. Great deal Everytime.

juan campos

Great food and awesome prices

Anna Saraceni

Good food, great price

Thomas Myers

Three pieces of pepperoni pizza and a bit of salad. I think I'm going to be sick. Alka-Seltzer time.

Darlene Beach

Buffet was always empty and had to ask for food. Salad bar appeared to have frozen products. Employee did not care

Osvaldo Rocha

its well cleaned and the remodel improved the game area. But the loss of half the booths is dissapointing.

melissa martinez

The kids love it. I only go because they want to and it's cheap.

Gabriel Shepherd

Found a coupon on there website, pizza was hot and fresh, I ordered carryout.

Zachary Olsen

The food was subpar at best. I know it's a cheap, all you can eat pizza, but even then I was expecting something more tasteful. The atmosphere was loud and noisy, which I actually enjoyed! The buffet bar did feel more like a school cafeteria than I would've liked. The staff was friendly though. I don't know if I would go back, but my friends enjoyed it.

Amber OConnor

Food was good. Only issue we had was we were leaving by the time we got our wings. They did make amazing leftover though!!

BlueGhost 303

Just finish eating here.....always good...very part you can request your own type of pizza

Balthasar Loran

Great and delightful food, I like the ambience this spot has, and the cashiers were welcoming. Will definitely come back.


Cici's is always great, but the day we were there the pizza was kinda dry. Also, not many flavors to choose from. But when they started bringing out more, the fresh pizzas were awesome!

sjewell76 .

Good selection. Food could be a little fresher. Wish they hadn't taken the one out of our town

Shawna Joyner

This location did away with the cinnamon rolls that cicis is advertising everywhere as their "famous" cinnamon rolls... they always leave the pizza on the buffet until it is so dried out that I wouldn't feed it to a rodent! Staff is friendly when you walk in the door and then almost disappears.

Kim Jung

it used to be good. Price went up pretty high, also quality of foods & time between fresh pizzas have gone down. for $8 they should be able to do way better than a buffet with 3~4 pizzas to choose from. when it used to be less than $5 a person, might have been worth it. not anymore

Typical Grape

Ci Ci's Pizza was okay. The staff were a little not happy, not very excited. The food was decent. It wasn't the best, it was cold not fresh. Kinda a disappointment. But, I enjoyed how its self-serve. The dessert was delicious though. The drinks were good, too.

Carlos Velez

We waited at the front desk for about 15 minutes before anyone helped us. Pizza was old basically had to eat old cardboard feel like pizza before they decide to put anything new and to be honest the only guy that was actually working and making sure the store was relatively clean and people satisfied was the older gentleman in the back cleaning. other than that would not recommend this location to anyone passing by the area just go and visit a mom-and-pop pizzeria

Michael Baessler

I can't quite give Cici's 5 stars, but it's more like 4.5 than a 4. Sure, it's a pizza buffet, but the price is great to feed a family of four, the food is good, they're very friendly, and there is a fair variety. Oh, and they've added a cinnamon sugar bread stick kind of dessert to the dessert bar, and I almost wish I could eat then ALL OF THE TIME. Their cinnamon rolls they used to have (which were also pretty amazing) weren't there when we went most recently, but these replaced them perfectly. One thing I really like about Cici's is that you can request personal pizzas with any of their numerous toppings if you don't happen to want what's on the pizza bar. Their Alfredo is tasty, and their turkey noodle soup (not sure if this is the name, but that's basically what it is) is pretty good, considering you're at a pizza place. I think my only complaints this time is that they've reduced the size of the salad plates, which makes it a little more difficult to keep your food on the plate when you're eating, but I'm sure it's to reduce food waste, so it's sort of a good thing. My other concern is that they've switched to using A LOT of disposable materials: Straws and napkins can be expected, and I don't use straws anymore, so no biggie, but the flatware is all plastic now, and though I may be remembering wrongly, I think the cups are disposable as well. Overall though, this place is great when you want a fairly inexpensive, all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.

Frances Anderson

Wow. I went here to spend some time with my family - my daughter and my grandchildren. We were looking for a place to have a good meal and for the children to play. We expected a clean place with good food at a decent price. What we found was a buffet with a decent salad bar but poor dressing selection. We also found pizza that was disgusting and flavorless. It was all thin crust with sparse toppings. Unappetizing indeed. Also offered to it's clientele was noodles with a choice of sauces. Cheese sauce wasn't too bad and there was also a red sauce. I choose cheese sauce. The noodles were curly and a bit rubbery. Not so much that they bounced in your mouth but not tender to the teeth. Food was being put out as though it were a production line. The tables were dirty when we arrived. The only bright spot in the whole event (besides spending time with my family) was a gentleman of color who cleared our table for us when we were done. His courtesy was a rather bright spot in an otherwise not so nice meal.

Kyle Bamm

Restaurant was well kept, staff was great and food was delicious!!! Good job!!

Linda Berg

Loved it... Good pizza and love the fresh salad fixtures... Clean

Tangela Casey

Love CiCi's happened to be in the area where one was located and got take out had to wait like 30 minutes for 3 pizzas but the lady at the register was very sweet and kind, apologized for the long wait time but due to them being so busy at the buffet it was quite understandable. If given the opportunity I'd like to go back but it's like an hour and a half from where I live

Geraldine Martinez

Good pizza!

Le Baker

They could do a better job of cleaning the tables but the food wash fresh and good and my kids loved the fact it was unlimited pizza and salad

Jeffrey Castillo

good place to take the kids to very good food!

Jose Cervantes

It was Great. Nice and Clean. Food was very good. Pizza was fresh and Hot and very Tasty

Gary Skinner

Salad bar is good, pasta...not so much. Pizza is ok, if you don't like sauce on your pizza. I've had much better, but the price is right if you just want to "fill up".

Rene Gutierrez

Love this place


the place is a joke, unless you're VERY hungry and short of cash

Gabriel Peña

The taste of the pizaas and pasta sauce is not as good as before. But still was good to take the kids

Justin McBride

Good food. Replenished the buffet multiple times, so all the food was fresh.

Robin Braun

We love to bring our family of 5 here for a great meal. The friendly service and the numerous choices of hot pizzas keep us coming back!

emma Heupel

Enjoyed lunch, added wings, crust was great like most just as good. To me excellent place for a quick slice. I could say the lettuce could have been smaller pieces.

Dark Stark

I think they should upgrade the game area but other than that it’s a cool place to eat and enjoy

Barbara Lee Borges

Salad bar had no dressing there were 10 empty canisters. There was only two types of pizza to chose from. I kept cheking for more food but, the people who work there were all in the kitchen. This place needs management.

Cameron mathis

Been coming here since I was a little kid

Lorna Light

Fast, easy and good pizza. This store was very clean and had friendly staff.


The service was ok and the food could have been better but overall it was a decent visit

Chasity Kollar

Even though it was the after church rush, the cashier line went quickly. Everyone was friendly. Food is buffet style, and it's good, but I wouldn't call it top knotch. They were turning over empty spots quickly. I did prefer when they used to clear your plates. Having 5 kids with me makes keeping the table cleaned up a bit of a chore.

Lawrence Thompson

Good pizza eating!

Rhonda Osburg

Great value

Abdel Victori

Everything empty

April Bozzo

Variety of options. Staff kept pizza in all stations. First cicis that has offered a place to bus your own plates. I preferred that to waiting .

Larry Baker

This family friendly buffet includes salad bar, pasta, soup and a generous variety of pizza sauces, toppings and crusts. Traditional and trendy options are available. Refillable beverages from a self serve counter and a game room for the youngsters add to a good overall experience. The buffet includes a selection of desserts with my personal favorite, warm cinnamon rolls full of butter and topped with just the right amount of frosting.

Christian Ibanez

Great food for a great price... cant go wrong with a place with a great staff and great food!

Greg Peters

Good Pizza for so affordable. Feed the whole family

Hugo De Paz

IT is notas What tour se on tv.

Bryan Garcia

Great place to eat and the managers are quick to help and say hi. Best Cici's in town!! Fresh pizza!

Tara Wyatt

Left after 10 minutes without eating because the register staff were having a discussion and didn't acknowledge my presence .

Jenny Trussell

Cheap buffet. Nice staff

Andrew Fox

Cheap pizza. Tastes ok. Good value for the price. A bit chaotic at times. My son likes it so we visit once in a while.

Jan Leadman

it was going really good until we opened up the door and was harassed by a little tiny black girl with a tight little bun making everybody clean up after themselves and yelling at them demanding where they put their plates. I left a $5 tip on the table because you know girl that she owed jar to take out the dishes off the table.

Tiffanie Lincoln

It was alright the one from when I was a kid was better!!

alma i Nieves

I love this place..and food near my house

Gary Hinds

Quick and easy

Paris Sanchez

Staff was very rude, they asked to look in my babys bag because they thought we were stealing pizza.... who does that. We were enjoying family time and that really interrupted us from having a good time because they thought we were trying to sneak food out. I have never felt more disrespected in my life. 1st and last time our family will be going to that location.

Courtney Ream

I took my family there to eat the buffet and we ordered our own pizza. You can ask them to make your own special pizza. The pizza on the bar was low but they quickly refilled it with fresh pizza. The location was clean and the salad bar was full. I will revisit this location.

John Federer

Affordable and delicious

Marek Elliott

Great joint can't beat it for price and cool games


One of the best encounters I've ever had at a diner, manager Miguel was very welcoming extremely friendly and consistently going out of his way to ensure us a great visit. Would definitely be returning sooner or later

Carl Pleiman

Food wasn't very hot notas many choices as most time salad was brown and had to ask for new

Foxxy 420

I ordered beef on my pizza and got sausage on it and that is against my religion and that is so rude that they didn’t take that in consideration and extremely disrespectful !!

Arpit Samson

Awesome pizzas.. My favorite Alfredo Pizza.. So yummy..


Clean and friendly staff good pizza

Daniela 87

Have fun and eat a good pizza.


The drive sucked for me since the cicis by my house closed but it was good to have it again. Went with some friends and it is exactly how i remembered. Cheap price for a buffet and decent food. Its pretty much what you would expect. The one thing they have gotten better on is keeping pizza and other food coming. For example if they run out of a certain pizza they are much quicker at getting that pizza either to you or back on the buffet line. Overall a good experience and i will be returning.

J. Lee

Staff behind the counter is rude! The pizza gets worse and worse each time we go!

Anthony Smith

Flatbread pizza is delicious

Data Scan

The pizza is salty and sometimes cold the price for 2 was 20 $ for that you could get a large pizza that taste like a pizza and not cold salty tomato with a weird tasting cheese

Stephanie B

Decent pizza for the price. You can get a specific pizza made but it's not made with love. It's hap hazzard with very little of what you wanted. Toppings not evenly spread and hardly existent but there.

Bobbie Acuff

Great Pizza for the price.

Andrea Pike

It's ok, not like it used to be. No one clearing plates the entire time we were there. But pizza was good.

Steven Todd Thaxton

Seems like I always regret it... But then I go back again. My fault really

Small Treasure

The worst pizza have ever had the chance to get in contact with, ordered ham and cheese and bacon and got nothing but crust, a bit of sauce and microscopical amounts of any thing else, worst pizza a human being can make/have

Leonard Sosa

For the price it not that bad.

Anna Petrocelli

The pizza on the bar wasn't so fresh. My boyfriend and I both ordered a personal pizza, we were given a buzzer and told to wait. The buzzer went off and we were informed that they placed my pizza on the bar. I asked if I could take it to the table and they said no you can take half and the rest is to share with everyone else. I only got 2 pieces of my pizza. I watched 2 other customers get their personal pizza brought to their table.why is it that some people have to share their personal pizzas and some dont? Not too happy.

Ray Ray

Staff friendly and pizza always fresh.

jc hern

Great pizza

Alex Smith

All need to start wearing hairnets, that's all I'm saying. 3 pieces within 5 foods.

Sha Rhonda Ransom

It smelled like feet but the food was good

Lillian Miret

Great pizza for the price!!

Kara Kahmann

It's fun for the kids, reasonably priced, and the workers were extremely helpful and friendly!

Karen Daniela Ferrer

Good pizzas and salads and the price is excellent too. The only bad thing is that they have a game area and almost all the machines are broken.

annette rodriguez

Great selection

Francisco Salas

Nice place

Master Cee

I had not been here before. The ones in Thornton twelve years ago yes . I was surprisingly happy with my visit . A great variety of pizza to choose from . Good pasta and homemade soup yum and the brownies and cinnavread were delicious as well .

Carl Adams

Who doesn't love, all you can eat pizza!

Sonora Faletti

Nice place to eat fair price me & my family love it here

Sunny Trails

Great variety, great price. If they had more seating I'd give them 5 stars. Tables are way close together and not enough of them. They need a bigger building to accommodate all their happy customers!

David Squibb

Awesome pizza, friendly staff, cinnamon sticks were my favorite!

Noris Massie

I like this place..I prefer the one on Flagler Street & 97 Ave

Jakelin Castillo

Some pizzas are bad but is a good place to enjoy with kinds


They've recently updated the place by the looks of it and it's in great shape.

Mary McKeever

The pasta was empty and asked when they might refill it and they just shrugged. Desert trays were also empty. They have installed a large area for video games that took up a large area for seating. Kids running around totally out of control. It was 6.99 each plus 1.99 for each drink which would be fine if there selection wasn't half empty.

Adrian Rosario

Great place. Now they have added the option to have your own personal pizza that is INCLUDED with your buffet. Definitely would go back to that place.

Soraya Hernandez

I love Cicis. It's literally an endless buffet of pizza. And salad for all those healthy people out there. You can even order a special made pizza and have it brought to your table. There is also some really amazing desserts. LIKE the custard pie. It's to die for. And so are there brownies. God when I was a kid me and my cousins lived there. Especially since they used to have an arcade room.

Samuel Mato

ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA!!!!! Absolutely one of my favorite places to eat! Plus they make pizza to order. Talk about winning!!!!

Ricardo Ruiz

Salad pasta and pizza. All you can eat.

Sunisa Burggraf

Dood price. But today bad service . Short staff . No dishes to eat with and no food ready .

robbielyn olivera

Great as always! Friendly staff!

xxx.unknown temptation

The pizza is always great I just wish there were more locations closer to me

LA Carter

How can you go wrong with a pizza buffet when you have kids? Prices are very reasonable and they keep the buffet well stocked usually. If your favorite isn't on the bar, they will make one for you. The service is great.

Shawn Casey

Cool pizza buffet restaurant! They started making the cooks wear fishnets and the buffet was always hot and setup great! Good job guys!

Danielle Brown

Very upset they are getting rid of the chicken noodle soup at this location. Very good pizza for the quality you're paying for and the cinnamon rolls are always good! Wish the counter staff were more friendly upon walking in.

Vilma Arguello

Worst food sick after eating. Plates pile up on table.

Leroy Ortiz

The pizza are delicious BUT why don't have vegetarian pizzas? I only can eat cheese pan pizza and spinach pizza.

Austin Long

Could be cleaner. Needs a facelift. Food was good. Employees were nice.

J Bray

It's a pizza buffet, offers a few other sides, pretty standard fair, friendly staff and it was pretty clean, extremely busy when we were there, so you sometimes have to wait for pizzas with decent toppings. The quality reminds me of the old totinos pizzas you used to be able to buy. They definitely have a high salt content, so high blood pressure folks take that into consideration.

suhair fadhil

Friendly staff and good buffet

katie Linville

Amazing customer service! Small talk but a good talk! made my day a lot better!!

D Campbell

The new gmail has done great at this location! Best customer service and food in a very clean and friendly environment. #cicis

Lisa Bagnerise

Reasonable prices.

Javielito Evans

I didn't enjoy it.. Taste rather bland

That Riverview Hooligan

The food is good, price is good, just wish people would stop bringing babies into restaurants.

A. Soule

Cc's is an all you can eat pizza and pasta and desserts. It would be a good place they need more sitting and more fun things for the little kids. Other than that it's a good fast and quick easy plays to go get all you can eat pizza different type of pizza I love love their cinnamon rolls they are so good!

David Staton

Priced well, pizza was ok. Dessert pizza was really good.

alma i nieves

Im love that place..good food nice people...

Gino Colucia

Good place pizza delicius

Ramiro Areas

Very good.

Justin Heubrock

Average food. Friendly staff. Good for kids.

Deron W

Salad bar-old lettuce, vegetables, and empty dressing bottles. Buffet- pizzas have little to no toppings, just a lot of crust. Chicken noodle soup was good. Significantly worse overall than years ago.

Ivy Moncada

Just a place to grab, eat, and go. Not gourmet in any way, but clean, friendly staff, and fresh pizzas and dessert are okay in my book.


Drive all the way from Lexington to Cincinnati just to eat here. You’ll really need to reopen at least one closer to Lexington.

Leticia Aguilar

I was so excited to see they brought the flip back.

L Campbell

They didnt have buffalo pizza and the water button is hard to find at first

Ismael Santiago

It's a nice place but they need to be more clean. Other than that is ok

Terri Brewer

Great place to take kiddos. Sorry to see they got rid of lunch prices

Gino Molina

It was full of course but the table was st sticky and the bathrooms were dirty

Patricia Mani

Too crowded, employees too busy talking instead of clearing tables. They need to expand.

Walter Rebollo

Need better desserts, way to sweet, pizza for the price of the buffet was OK, not really a fancy place. Couple of games for kids.

Fernando Pujol

Pizza is not that good, but since it is very cheap makes it a good place to have some pizza.

Michael Kuhl

First time to this CiCis and I was not too impressed. Tasted different than the one I usually eat at. Kinda bland. Salad bar was in great shape with good selections.

Ricardo Collada

Very nice place for pizza and pasta lovers. The deserts are a few but very tasty the best cinnamon buns I've ever had.

Mohamed El Mehdi Ndioubnane

They uave good deals for kids Wednesday starting at 4pm thats cool

Carla Wilson

Everyone gets the pizza they want without the argument over what to order

DoctorPapa PhatLove

Decent pizza great price

Eli Ferrer

Good place for eat, need more clean


It was fine the brownies were cold

Maria Champion

Great place for your money better at the earlier hours if not you may need to ask them to make fresh pizza. Overall great experience.

Angel G.

I don’t know how this place has a 4 star on google. I was expecting to see a one star. This is the first buffet I have ever experienced where they completely ran out of food. People standing there literally waiting for there to be atleast one pizza. And when there was people attacked it and it was gone in two seconds. This place needs to get bigger or shut down. Out of all the cicis I have tried this food was the worst. Everything tasted rushed and nasty. Very disappointed. So much work needed at this location. Ended up leaving because I got sick of waiting for food and having to try to rush to even get a slice.

Tearsa Sloan

Good place for kids. Good prices. Good variety. Seen one employee who stood out. This guy cleaned thanked people helped everyone and did it with a smile. Dennis I hope the managers take notice of all the great work you did.

Zachary Waxman

$6 all you can eat

Andrew Hickey

This place sure provides what they advertise. I don't like the recent change in how things are like now using plastic silverware and paper cups. I appreciated the metal utensils and hard cups.


It is good if you are looking for a pizza buffet with a good price point

yudiel reacts

Kids all they do is scream employees treat you bad it's awful it doesn't deserve 1 star

Greg H

Only giving 3 stars bc the salad was nasty. The cucumbers were rotten and the ranch dressing was sour. Other than that the food was great.

Richard Weiner

Kids loved the variety of pizza!

Maria Celsa Fernandez

It is a good place for a fast food at good price.

Kayla W

Love the Mac and cheese pizza

Naomi Crockett

Love the food kind staff and very polite Manager great atmosphere

Armand Arce

Good meal for a great price. Salad bar is nice and fresh, as are all the pizza selections. They also had so pasta and other selections.

Laurie McGill

For the price it's amazing!

Idania Davila

Very good asistance, but pizza were too greassy and thin. There was more salad than pizza, not much variety to chose from dessert.

Cliff Hall

I dont usually give buffets 5 stars.. but when we first got there it was really crowded and we didnt' think we'd be able to get a table... but we got our food anyways and as we were going to find a place to sit a worker guided us to a table they just recently cleaned... i noticed all of the workers were very busy at cleaning tables, putting out pizzas, taking orders. it was like it was hardly busy at all. Fresh pizza, and even the staff comes around and takes your plates even though you're supposed to go do that yourself.. very great experience.. will always come back here!! thank you cici's pizza and staff for providing excellent service and fresh pizza

Teri Ambriz

A little crowded but delicious!

Marlon Navas

I like it Good place for kids. The cashier Miguel was very nice

Justin Tarr

Decent food and great prices salad bar is really good

Marcelo Martin Pardo

Best Cicis in Miami! The restaurant is overall very clean, most employees that we interacted with were extremely polite and they keep them pizzas coming out hot & fresh. Managers constantly checking on workers and pizzas.

Angela Jackson

Good food. Had to wait over 30 mins for soup, but plenty of other food to satisfy.

Courtney Ireland

It's really cheap & all you can eat but the quality of the food is very poor!!!

DolFan Maniac

The Pizza is always fresh. Need more choices of pasta.

River Song Jewelry Designs

Think elementary school pizza, but less tasty.

mrs. scorpio

Always a great throw back. Yum!

Marcela Alvarez

Really good!!

Dawn McCoy

Cheap and good food

Daniel Henrickson

Tastes great and is a good value. Not many places where 2 people can eat all they want for less than $20. We eat here way too much. How can you not though? The unparented children though could be reigned in.

Julio Cesar Silva

Good place

Calipso Lt

Perfect for a family dinner, good variety and fair prices.

Rebecca Dawn

Every time we go here we regret it. The bathrooms are dirty, whomever the bus person is is terribly slow at cleaning tables, the ice machine runs out of ice, and then when they go to refill it they make a mess everywhere and they block the flow of traffic with pulling out chairs everywhere when they only need one to stand on, when they really should be standing on a proper ladder, the soup and salad bar is always nearly empty and completely messy, the plates are half washed, and the sound of screaming children through your entire meal is just not worth it. Sure, the pizza is cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Rob Caswell

Good decent pizza for the $ plus they special make pies if you ask tooooo

Brooke Ganske

I know you get what you pay for when it comes to restaurants BUT I have been to other Cicis that were much better! This one had very few pizzas out, they were stale and cold. The tables looked as though they hadn't been cleaned in days and the staff was not helpful.

Chelsie Smith

They didn't want to let us bring in our service dog and there was water all over the floor. When one of our kids slipped and fell the manager didn't care at all! We will not return. Such a terrible experience

Suzanne Renaye Brewer

Food was bad tonight it was cold and desserts were hard and dry

Charles Irwin

Waited to get my custom pizza, but nobody came. They saw me too as they kept walking by me. Also, no kids for the cups? I know why, but that's not very nice to do

Justin Radcliff

The Staff is amazing and the food is great.

Jessie Rogers

you know I usually love Cici's Pizza but I don't like the changes that they've made. I ordered a custom pizza and they gave me two pieces and messed up the ingredients when I specifically filled out a form. Also I don't like how the children are unattended and people were returning to the buffet with their same plate when the rule is to get a clean plate every time you approach the buffet. Hashtag unsanitary

Garry Zink

The pizza was ok. The brownies were under cooked, and the gum ball machines were garbage. Basically, it was cicis.

LJ Buels

Food was an 8/10 but service was great and they did drop a little but they picked it back up

Jamie Raines

This was a disaster . No pizza when we came in ALL the plates were dirty and we had to wait on clean ones. Staff was friendly but this place was at the time FILTHY!!


They changed their policies. You used to be able to order whatever pizza at the buffet. Now it's four toppings maximum and prices are higher. An employee used to take your order for custom pizzas. Now you need to fill out a form. Not a big deal, but it's a waste of paper and impersonal. They got rid of their pan pizzas.. which is just bizarre. Won't be coming back anytime soon. It's still a decent deal, just.. worse. Edit: They don't collect plates anymore. You have to bring them to bins. They've also changed from metal to plastic, disposable silverware. Styrofoam cups instead of reusable ones they had in the past. How wasteful! The executive responsible for these changes needs to get fired! These changes are jokes.

Matthew Danks

It was good..... it wasn't bad. The people were friendly and our specialty pizza didn't take to long. But the salad bar wasn't that fresh. All in all it was pleasant visit

Will jinks

Always A-1...keep it up

Ileana M. Duran García

Excelent quality of products. Very nice employees

Juan Fragoso

They need to get more tables, the place is always full. Expect a big line if you go on the weekend. Great pizzas though

Anthony Ritter

Good service clean environment

Tofer Breuer

Whatever they are using in their dough, it ripped my stomach to shreds. I immediately started feeling bloated and pain.

Janet Louden

It was good

Larry Weller

A good deal for a salad pizza and pasta.

Sarek Lee

Decent food, extremely low price. Who doesnt love unlimited pizza, pasta, salad and cinnamon rolls? It's a cheap, pizza focused version of Sweet Tomatoes!

Dena Wetter

They have good pizza and salad bar.


Nice place, better than the other Cicis by Kendall. Only bad thing that happened was that when we were sitting our area got closed off while we were sitting there, and when we went to go get more pizza the lady cleared out our table and threw out my drink.

Patrick Schutz

Affordable place to eat with your family in Denver

Haley Moore

Emma was so helpful when my child needed a minute.

Amanda Pace

Really great food for a good price!

Tracey Blackburn

It was clean. Staff was friendly. Pizzas were always being replenished. There is a small game room with games that can be played until you win. Good place when the budget it tight.

Debbie Fryman

The beef barbecue it's the best

Michael Wingate

Very disrespectful employees towards children as an apology the manager offered to make us a pizza. It's a BUFFET we paid so refills are FREE. THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH FOOD on the buffet. SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

Lynsey Douglass

Enter at your own risk

Theiron Gamer

This is my FAVORITE place to eat.

Jorge Pareja


Joshua McVey

Pizza's good. I believe the prices have gone up since the last time I was here but my family and I had a good time. It is what it is.

James Moore

Cicis used to be a great place to go and eat. Now you are limited to what you can get as far as personalized pizza. They also took away plain pasta and Alfredo sauce. For the most part, they went from a great place to lil Cesar's pizza is better.

Dawn Hardin

Busy place, they did a good job keeping fresh pizzas coming

James Baer

The food is good. Great salad bar, Game room for the kids. Design your own personal pizzas.

Yuliana Perez

Ive becoming here for a few years and its always great food for such cheap price, wide variety of pizza soup and pasta, 100% recommend for an afternoon with the kids!

Stacy Cobb

Pizza is just not good. Clean restaurant and nice staff. They did not have labels for pizza so you didn't know what you were grabbing until you ate it.

SkullDiver 360

The food was really good, maybe because of nostalgia. The male bathroom had no soap or paper towels and it was somewhat messy. The staff was nice though. I enjoyed the experience overall though. It is a kid friendly environment but suitable for teens too.

Jose Enrique Ferrer Berraondo

Chunk pizza time!! Hey, the service is better than a few high end restaurants that I have visited. Go there with friends. But never bring your date here, don't be gross.

Cheryl Baker

Love to come eat at Cicis when im home. Wish there was one in Washington... Good food, friendly staff, but could be a bit more more attentive with the cleaning!! Will say they have a great variety..

Arlene Strup

The buffet is average, but what sets them apart is they do put out fresh pizza consistently & you can order a personal(I feel it is a small size)pizza with whatever toppings you would like @ no extra charge. The other thing is the selection of desert pizzas are good. My 1 complaint is they charge $1.99 for a regular size drink. It is a small cup and is way overpriced. The buffet is$6.19(I think). They do have a good selection to choose from plus a decent salad bar. They have pasta with 2 choices of sauce and soup on the pizza buffet. They offer a $1.00 off senior citizen discount. It is most definitely worth stopping and seeing how you like it. 1 of the gals (Renee) that works there has been so pleasant and nice plus so so helpful both times I have been there. If you have any questions, she is so sweet and not only answers your question, but assists you, if needed.

jamie b

Love the new look. Friendly staff good food.

Hunter Headley

The Cicis is awesome, you can tell that they work hard to keep things looking nice here. The only reason it's not a 5 star is because it is in a rather shady area of Aurora.

Olivia Kempf

Best place ever for a birthday party defently recomend

John McKinney

Cici's was good, they have a nice selection of pizzas, a couple of different pasta sauces, and a salad bar. Everything was fresh, when I went up for a second plate they had a couple of different pizzas than what was there the first time. Plus if there's a particular pizza on their menu you want and it's not there, just ask.

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