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REVIEWS OF Cicis Pizza IN Colorado

Franny Snell

Was affordable and comfortable. Buffett could have offered more variety but food was good and the place was clean. Staff need to be a little more friendly! Overall an okay experience.

Yolanda Del Fierro

*GREAT FOOD,GREAT SERVICE, GREAT EMPLOYEES, Especially Alicia brought our order to our table & didn't need to. A lady named ROSA IS SUCH A HARD WORKER & ALWAYS HAS A SMILE ON HER FACE. The Manager has done a Great job with the teamwork. Cheap price, Gourmet feeling while eating & CLEAN Counters around the food. Clean restrooms are a Huge Plus.....5STARS HANDS DOWN!

John Pacey

You know why your here. It's pretty average pizza, but not bad. Great for kids. Great value. Manager here is always working, it seems like. I have always had great service.

Erin & Alex

Food is meh but the mini arcade is awesome dont play the machine with rainbow balls in it

Cali Girl

My kids luv this place

Matthew Biera

It's CiCi's for the price you can't beat it

Darrick Russell

The staff is friendly but the food is not the best. Most of the pizza has a weird texture and the taste just isn't there. I have had CiCi's pizza in the past and the quality has definitely dropped.

Donna Macfawn

Very poor quality pizza. Kids seem to enjoy the money arcade and the price is affordable. However the pizza is no better than totinos and the rest of the buffet food... Well it's a stretch to call it food.

Shianne Drake

This place is the worst place I have ever eaten. Pizza was old and dry. There was barely anything to put on a salad. They were out of almost all the dressings. There was no pasta other than a few nasty noodles. I was very upset with this place. I high recommend NEVER coming here.

Crxzy ._.

Best Pizza And Also Unlimited Pizza.

Marlene Alvarado

This is a pizza place where my supervisor took us for lunch. They have a variety of pizza's to choose from pepporoni to a sweet desert pizza. They also have other items like soup and other deserts. The price was reasonable.

Jess Thompson Sr

Decent food and reasonable price. That's about all you can ask for in a pizza place.

Daniel Royal

The food was bland, hardly anything on the menu so to speak. Barely any customers when I went and yet they still couldn't keep up with the food orders. And on the desert side the brownies were super bland.

Aaron Buckley

9:06 dont close for another hour and there isn't any pizza on the line.

Jeremy Gee

Service is always great! Food is always fresh! I've yet to have a bad experience here with employees or the food.

Janice Apple

I liked the slices you choose from. Dessert pizza was great.

Alli Katt

Pretty good, fairly priced for the whole family!

colorado worshipper

I love the variety the dough is so soft great tasting desserts good price especially for large families offers military and senior discounts


Called to place a to go order. Clay asked me to hold and never came back to the phone. After five minutes and saying hello into the phone, I disconnected. Ordered from Domino's instead.

Sabrina McMillin Bowman

It's Pizza is okay want the other things like breadsticks, pasta or chicken noodle soup it's so so

Robert Cowperthwaite

Pizza much better than expected. Very clean..good choices and seriously where can you get better cinnamon rolls that melt in your mouth...I got fatter!

Ken Haynes

I had a kids party here. I like how they can go and order their own pizza to the specifications they need.

Ava Whitmore

Loved my clerk, Katie, if that was her name. She was amazing and joked with the teens accompanying me. Great pizza for a steal!

Rickard Sanchez

Good pizza friendly staff

Three against one

I'm disappointed. The food was not great, salad had just about 4 choices of toppings.

Paul Henley

Good food but limited selection

Susan Greenfield

Pizza was very tasty with lots of varieties.

Caitlin Miller

Super unsatisfied. Almost all of the pizza was under cooked. There was minimal variety, staff wasn't very friendly.

Kayla Gonzalez

So cold by the time I get to my table pizza is cold. Salad so wilted not good

Andy L

Great selection and our family like the pizza! It can get crowded and a bit dirty at times.

Steven Seifert

Decent food. I just can't put a hurt on a buffet like I used to.

Mieka X

For the price you can't beat it. The salad bar sucks!! Except the pasta salad... Not bad.

Gladys Clark

Enjoy this place everytime I eat there.

Matthew Tomaiolo

Don’t say your open and take my money and have no pizza ready

Ernest Fresquez

Amazing...the service was great and wood was even better. A must have

Jo Eley

This was pretty darn good. Pizza was fresh. Salad was crisp! Cinnamon rolls were to die for.

Tink Bell

Dirty floors. Dirty and sticky tables.

Darlene Davidson

Got there about 8 pm..the buffet was pitiful. Not very much to choose from. Stopped to get some pasta and there was so little of it that I didn't even take a full portion because there was someone else wanting some as well. I gave a 3 simply because the mini pizzas they make when you make a request managed to feed us fairly well and was tastey. Don't go there probably less.

T Miller

Lots of variety, great prices. The manager is out front and is very friendly. And the dessert pizza and little cinnamon rolls are amazing.

Belinda Clouse

Plenty of pizza to go around. They have many to choose from. Almost any kind you can imagine. There are plenty of tables for everyone. They have a game room also.

Sueann Baros

This place is horrible, I went there for my birthday. Waste of time and money. Pizza is old, dry, gross. Not much toppings for the salad, the best thing was my Dr. pepper and brownie. I will never go here again!!!!! Had an upset stomach as well. Gbye CiCis Pizza. !!!!

Katherine Bromley-Zeno

OMG! The pizza was delicious. A good variety and they are willing to create a pizza with your favorite toppings. But you REALLY need to try the Bavarian dessert pizza. It is to die for. :


Usually good variety to select from. This past visit was horrible. All the same ingredients in different type crust. Boring & disappointed.

Jessica Pierson

Omg the pizza was amazing! Never been here before but will definitely be back

victoria aguilar

A little sad that they offer custom pizzas, but we're unwilling to make one for my family. The food was still delicious and the people were still friendly.

Jeremiah Champion

The food is ok but the buffet in general is what makes this place awesome! The different kinds of food and customization just make it that much better! The atmosphere and look of the chain could use some work. They look the same since they did in the early 2000s not sure before that.

Duane Back

Makes you appreciate real good

Sue Blythe

The place to go for hot, fresh pizza!

Andrew Stegall

Good food good prices

Lisa Hansen

The food is good but the woman behind the pizza counter is interested in the illegal's flirting with her instead of refreshing the pizza. There were about four of them blocking the counter trying to talk to her. Is she here to find nasty men or do a job.

Mackenzie Miley

This is an amazing place for an unplanned family dinner on the go. Minimal wait time and entertainment for the kids makes this a great family eatery.

Maurice Reedet

The. Pizza. Is good pric

Rei Rei

Cleanliness was spot on, buffets are usually notorious for being dirty, but this was clean. The staff was Awesome! Orquidea was the best! She was helpful, courteous, respectful, and had the best customer service! Thanks for a great experience ma'am! If any managers are reading this, she needs a promotion or some sort of acknowledgement!

Jack Dean Eubanks

Came in today. No pizza ready at opening. I find this unacceptable. Having managed a restaurant in the past, food should have been in the oven 5 to 10 minutes prior to opening. There are currently 14 customers here now and pizza is just now hitting the serving line. As much as I enjoy eating here, this visit was not the most impressive.

Marissa Stringer

Good bang for your buck! Wish the ranch was better and veggies better cut up for salads. They keep on top of refilling pizza.

Shana Rusk

Not happy with the management at this location. Tge young lady is rude and when we ordered 2 pizzas she only gave us one and put the other on the buffet and laughed about it. I don't find that very professional and I find her extremely rude. She continued to look at my table and give us smirking looks and grinning at us.

Jacob Lumbra

Wow the food was great and the place was clean. The best part of my experience was the girl Sydney who worked there. She helped me get together some food to go and I had to keep pestering her with more questions but her attitude never changed and she is a prime example of what a perfect customer service experience should feel like. I will be coming back knowing I will be treated so nicely here.

Faith Colbert

Seems like management has it together. It was awesome !

Tracy Bertapelle

All you can eat pizza for cheap. Plus they have salad and soup. Not bad for the price and everyone who works here have always been very nice

Ali Kamal

I do not recommend this place to any one. The food was disgusting and the place was not clean. Poor food quality. But it is cheap to eat there.

Kitty Sanchez

Love Cici's

Hugh Jorgan

Decent pizza for mass produced

cospgs mark

The fresh pizza kept being put out!

La Griselda

Good food use to have more options

Tesarah Elizabeth

Most of the tables were dirty, plus the pizza selection was minimal.


Im late in the game reviewing them but MAN.. my college years were spent here. Love their pizza. I guess Im weird.


Friendly, helpful employees. Decent pizza. Great price.

Windy Stapleton

Great food, friendly staff, great prices.

Kyla Gonzales

You get what you pay for here, small salad bar, limited pizza choices. Overall the food was good, although. The staff were actually friendly this time. The facility could used some deep cleaning for sure!!

LJ Brunell

They screwed up our order twice... Forgot to put chicken on our specialty pizza we ordered and made bone in wings instead of boneless,otherwise good food unless you're on a Keto dì

monty brickell

Good lunch price during the week

Kristen Sanders

I haven't been here in years but decided to take the kids and I have to say it was a lot better than I remember. Will definitely be going back.

zachary breeden

Not bad i like it i love the all you can eat and custom pizza cinnamon rolls where great and staff was really friendly

Chris Thompson

Great place for affordable family dinning. Salad bar is a bit slim, but lots of pizza selections and a few desserts to finish your meal. Self service buffet with no table service. Small game room with a few arcade games. Great place to fill up on a budget.

Larz Waggener

The owner is onsite most the time making sure everything is fresh, clean and piping hot. The pizza is pretty good for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Jeremiah Hunt

Always a good idea when you want a lot of pizza.

Elaine Horne

Good food, good atmosphere!

Rocky Mountain Explorer

I always leave full and happy.

BENDER tharobot

Its decent pizza for cheap stuff

Nora Dimas

Really good. Loved that I was able to have them make a personal pizza of my choice

John Gay

Great food fast service. Staff was great they was very busy. They was awesome


Great service, yummy food at a great price. Like any buffet, make sure to come at peak hours to get the freshest product.

Randy G

Due to the fact the taste of most things there are just bland.

Jessica Hotchkiss

Food was good and price is great. However, the restaurant wasn't very clean.

Sylvianna Trujillo

Pizza was good.... The wifi wasn't free tho...


A good place for a fast family meals, not bad for a all you can eat buffet. Games get pricy however overall good deal for the buck

Scott Taylor

Pizza wasnt the best no flavor. No care really in anything not worth the money but the kids ate so i cant complain

amber dawn george

Clay, the owner, is a super nice guy who hires nice and helpful people. He keeps a clean, inexpensive place to have good pizza and desserts

Sarah Kelly- Maddox

Decent place. Has no booths. The staff on the bar was more worried about a conversation vs the guest. The front where you get checked in was exceptional other than that it was good

Xavier Ortiz

Cleaner and nicer than other Cicis. Food also was nice.

G Marshall Brown

Always tasty. Great value to fill your gut. It can be loud at times, but that's fairly expected, given the type of eatery.

Angelina Munoz

The food was good but....The employees should keep up with the lobby more often. There was liquid on the floor. The dishes were piling up and the cashier was rude as ever. Then the bathroom was dirty there was tissue on the floor, soap on the counter.

Lucas Silva

The only Cici in Colorado springs. Great place good pizza

Luis Morales

Food was good, great place for family, difficult bringing your baby in because of lack of changing tables in bathroom. Other wise it was good

Ðûяiôη Eץяεxυε

Food tasted horrible and refused to charge us the advertised price on tv for a quick meal with my spouse. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

Sally-Ruth Riley

Pizza was good. Not impressed with the salad bar.

Abbye Hillman

I have always enjoyed this cicis. Clean, friendly, pizza and salad are always fresh. I miss the slushy machines though.

Justin AquaToad McGowan

It used to be a 4 star company but the limited supply/variety of pizza and the drop in quality have knocked this once fun experience down to "at least it's cheap enough"... Where's the Mac n cheese pizza? It's generally pretty bad when everyone agrees that the salad was the best part. This is in NO WAY reflecting on the staff at this location. They were very friendly and attentive but they can only do so much when given such limited means to do so.

Sherry Dwyer

The pasta was overcooked, and the marinara was bitter and barely even heated. Soup ran out when I first got there and wasn't replaced until I left an hour later. Pizza was ok. Parents bring kids and let them run riot and stand in the way of drinks or food doing nothing. Definitely not going back.

Sherri Boggess

Inexpensive all you can eat salad bar e33x, soup, pasta & pizza ( dessert pizza too!) Need I say more?

Cameron Whisler

Ok so I'm super biased on this on lots of good memories as a kid. The pizza is subpar but you can ask them to make just about anything. The stall is missing the lock which is concerning. Can't help but keep coming back regardless. :)

Bj Bell

lots of choices and good staff

Rei Jay

It's cheap, its fast, its pizza. They will even special make one for you. How sweet is that?! Even dominos can barely do that! If you don't mind screaming soccer kids coming because coach is on a budget, and they're 2nd place anyway, this is your family buffet! Even then, it's usually dead at night. I reccomend special ordering your pizza though. No kids touched it, no boogers, no sneezes, and best of all, its fresh and hot. If you want pizza but don't feel like tipping a delivery man to hand over lukewarm pizza, you can pig out here and gain copious amounts of pounds.

Samantha Gamet

To bad I don't live in this area. Was traveling through and stopped for dinner! Staff was super pleasant.

shawn butcher

Cheap pizza. Decent quality. Good to take kids for the 99 cents kids portion

Kat Kneip

Clean and friendly atmosphere good food and nice staff

Jamie Williams

Great pizza at a great price. Staff is very friendly and they’re always willing to make a specialty pizza if you ask. They recently changed to a self service clean up like fast food restaurants and I’m not a big fan. You go to sit at a “clean” table with your food but quickly realize the dishes are gone but the table is still dirty. I just feel like it’s rather unsanitary in an already iffy buffet environment. I wish they’d go back to bussers.

Eric Ebrecht

Good food decent price

Wolfgang Lampert

Good variety of pizzas to choose from, very basic but fresh salad, tasty chicken noodle soup. Very casual dining for a fair price.

Roger Ruminski

Fresh pizza and attentive staff every time I've gone


Good place to get your fill of pizza. Buffet style, all you can eat with salad bar and dessert pizzas as well. Don't see what you like? No worries, just ask and they'll make it. Affordable for families and has a game room.

Sanjiv Thakor

Not many people on a Thursday. The restaurant was well lighted and decent from inside. Can't say that it was high end. Customer service was awesome for sure. They got us personal pan pizzas with the toppings we wanted. Over all enjoyable visit. Would recommend to my friends


The selection was amazing and the staff was friendly. The salad bar and pizza selections were quite enjoyable, and the desserts were surprisingly light. My only disappointment was they no longer do the all you can eat for $5, and the cost of the soda was a bit high, so for two adults and a child it was over $20. Since we went on a Monday the child buffet was $.99.

Kari Henderson

Always a pretty good selection of pizza to choose from. I wish the prices had not gone up but if you can go during the weekday during happy hour its cheaper. We will go back soon.

Meghan Thompson

Went here by chance when they were having a random deal of buy one get one free deal. Hadn't been here in years before that because didn't really like it all that much. This experience changed my mind. The pizza was fresh, the customer service was great, and the environment was nice. My favorite was the dessert though, the cinnamon rolls. Definitely recommend this place, you won't regret it.

Steve Clark

Decent quality and a large selection of food. Dessert items are good too!

Misty Blue

Food was cool and gross. No variety on pizza. Service was poor

Shakendria Green

Good place for family if you are on a budget. Who doesn't like pizza?!

Preciosa GT

Food is always hot and fresh, just needs a little more attention to the cleaning part...

Michelle Kittelson

It was ok not the normal cicis experience most of the pizza looked and tasted old over all not a good experience

The Hardwood Guys

Good food and service. Need more meat pizza

Street Life & Syndicate

Pretty good and good deals

Ryan Kaiser

Great service fresh salad bar and hit pizza. I like bribing my Kids her. Since this is a cheap pizza buffet it would hard to achieve 5 stars.

Sarah Andaverde

Cicis pizza is the best perfect for those times you just want the pizza you want.

Eric Johnson

I did get there much later in the evening...I just want to say that first. This particular location could have used a few cleaner tables and a LOT more pizza on the buffet. There were just desert pizzas, Mac and cheese pizza and some really old Pepperoni pizzas. I used to work at City Ci's many moons ago, and even if we had patrons come in 30 minutes before they closed (we definitely did not) we would make sure that there were pizzas out and ready. When your cheese goes grey, you're not doing it right.

Bill Muncey

All pizza on the buffet was old and nasty. The crew acted as if we a burden to them. Worst experience there ever.

Terry Dunning

Clean, good prices, usually no wait times

Silas Blanchard

The pizza is okay, but quantity over quality. For the price the all you can eat factor is a great deal.

Dolores Armijo

Good food, could have had a better salad bar.

Susan Bateman

Food is always good,however I'd like to know why in a family restaurant there is not a changing table in the restroom. Its hard enough having to wrestle a little baby on your bathroom counter and then get dirty looks from customers who just want to wash their hands and leave the restroom . I prefer not to change my baby on the floor. Food for thought. I have 3 kiddos in diapers so it matters.

Sharlynkay Cornish

Cuz you get lots of different kinds of pizza for a different variety which is fun and a nice place to go

Katheleen McCluskey

You guys weren't ready. Dinner on a Friday. Kids everywhere. It IS completely okay to ask the parents control their children! And check it... if they get offended and det to take their business elsewhere, people who actually want to sit and eat in peace probably wouldn't mind.

Chris Wright

Cool environment with good fast friendly service....there was a woman named katie who was spectacular.

Ryan Buis

The pizza was pretty good, and the employees were pretty friendly too! The prices may have gone up a bit, but they do run specials (2pm-4pm Happy Hour, $3.99 Wednesdays, etc.) that makes it easier.

Darrel D.

Went here with the family after a long day at the zoo. Hit the spot right. while it's not in the most luxurious locations, or parking lots... if your looking for a pizza buffet, and they are in your are, i see no reason to stop anywhere else. Plenty of room, and pretty clean when we went.

Heather Demorizi

Great cicis location, love having a personal pizza made, always cooked well and friendly staff

Levi Brissett

Well pleased visit pizza was so great took my God friend out for her first time there she really enjoyed going there for her first time it was worth the money

Sarah Jacobsen

Food was pretty good....the spinach pizza and mac and cheese pizza and especially the dessert pizzas... And at a relatively good price....we usually go a couple times a month....very kid friendly

Brenda Johnson

Not bad for what it is. The kids liked the variety.

Tina Baker

This is the worst place in town to get pizza one day the price is one thing next day it's another price and they hide little fees and state taxes after you pay and don't bother telling you that I think it's fraud to the owner when I spoke to him did not seem to care about what his customers thought nor their opinions or making the situation right so I do not recommend this restaurant to anybody they do not care about their customers nor do they treat them right so for a poor customer experience this is what would be the one I do intend on calling like KKTV and putting in a review for them to check out you guys out never will come back to your place

William Martin

Great price for a buffet

Charles J. Troutman

Great service and affordable with awesome food

David Merritt

Not worth it just go to little ceasers or mod pizza pretty much same price but way better pizza

Keisha Lancaster

I can make my own spinach alfredo & pizza primavera order....

Luis Jordan

Great ingredients. Love the great your own option

Jonathan Pool

Always good food, will make it for you if they don't have it and their prices are amazingly cheap for the whole family

Delbert Wheeler

Great place to take the family out to eat! Very nice people!


It was alright. Cashier was cute


The pizza choices are always good. The salad bar can use some serious help. If they used fresh products it would be better instead of slimy old vegetables and expired store bought salad mix.

Sara Comeau

They close a little to early for my taste I say 9:30-10 is a good time to shut down and there down by 8

Erica C

Staff is great. Relaxed atmosphere. Food is ok. If you're looking for a lot to eat for the value, this is the place.

Joe Jones

The food was fresh and delicious. The staff is more than amazing. The are constantly making sure we were satisfied. It is always a pleasure to go here.

Nathan Fickas

Great pizza with nice, courteous staff. Would definitely recommend.

Paleteria La Mina de Oro

Good pizza, decent salad and soup bar, good desserts, do the price is a really good deal, the option of making your own pizza was really cool for me.

Gary K

Really like that you can have a variety of pizza

Sheena A

Ehhh not impressed.

Robin Childers

Pretty good for the price. Kids enjoy!

Triva De Anda

I don't like the new changes...still good!

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