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REVIEWS OF Chuck E. Cheese IN Colorado

manny plays

It's fun to go there! They have cool games!

Mandy Miller

Typical chaotic experience with a load of people and children. Most of which were unsupervised. We had a momentary "adopted child" for about 30-40 minutes while there for my own child's birthday. The parent left her with us, didn't ask, didn't say anything, just vanished. They removed a lot of things, and what's left "isn't much on the fun side" (according to a 7 and 9 year old). $20 got them an hour of play time, but it was less than enjoyable as they were rushing to get tickets and not able to have fun in the process. Trying to snap a photo with Chuck E was next to impossible as he/she was basically pushing kids away as they made their way to the designated birthday area. Best part was the 'prize girl' that they turned their tickets in to. She was very patient and helpful, and had a wonderful smile. As for the pizza, I've not personally tried it, considering prices of everything all together. Never heard any complaints about it though. 3/5 ☆☆☆

LeeAnn Dunn

This is the worst place I've ever been to that is supposed to be for kids! The staff was so rude even to my kids. They all acted like they didn't want to be there and hated life. Even Chuck-E!!!! When the character came out to dance with the kids this individual didn't even want the kids near them. Wouldn't let the kids hug her nor give them high five! My child teared up because this is one of the main events at the store that my kids look forward to. WHAT A SHAME! Broken games and they didn't even try to check on them or put an "out of order" sign up when we told them. No soap in the bathrooms and they were out of a lot of toys in the toy case. What options were in the toy case they kept telling my children they were out of and couldn't get them from the case... furious mom!!!! When you take your kids to a place like this you expect fun. You expect the staff and atmosphere to be kid friendly..... this place definitely is NOT! My child even noticed and told me they weren't friendly.

Noir Jones

We had so much fun! Whoever came up with this play all you want card is a super genius. I brought four kids between the ages of 3 and 8 and everyone had a blast. And I got a combo meal and, shockingly, the pizza was really good. Like really good. Even the crust! We bought two 30 minute cards and it was perfect! We played for 30 minutes, ate pizza and wings, and then played for another 30. There's also a pause option if you choose not to get multiple cards. My husband was dreading going but even he had to admit we had a great time. I really think Chuck E. Cheese is doing everything in their power to make a safe, fun environment and I really appreciate that. Can't wait to go back!!!

Aryel Skokan

They do time cards now, so you pay for time to play and each game takes time instead of tokens. It's kinda cool but kinda sucks if you want to have lunch or a while without games. They do have the ability to pause your card. We didn't know about the new timed cards so we bought time and played and left with 27 minutes on our card. We came back a week later and our card was at zero! They explained why it went to zero but no one told us that when we bought the card, so we had spent all that money only to not be able to use it! Well the manager said sorry and gave us a card with 20 minutes on it which was perfect! My son and I had a good time and this place is pretty clean and most the games work! It was so fun! They are good to their customers here!

Jane Siratt

Went with grandchildren to play. They had a lot of fun. A fun experience for a hot summer day

Y&M Lee

It’s a kids paradise. We only go for the entertainment portion and the kid loves it. You will often find the adults playing the games for tickets too! The place is considerably clean. For $20 bucks of games your kid will likely end up with a tootsie roll prize but he will be happy and that’s all that matters. Parents stop by Starbucks on the way, you will need it! Tons of parking in the area. Look for coupons for better game deals.

cassi taniguchi

Awesome place for kids! We love the staff and Mark the manager is on it!!

David Hejnas

I remember Chuck-E-Cheese growing up being dirty, bad food and really just about the games. Attended a party a few months back, kids had a great time. Then we came back for a fun time this weekend. Kids had a blast, all games were working, staff was friendly, kind and helpful. Everyone was having fun and dancing during the birthday song, even the lady at the front door. They have a great security check to ensure kids don't leave with the wrong person, the food was surprisingly good, love the salad bar option, and as an adult you can get one beer an hour. Keysha and Michael, were great. The girl that took our food order forgot to add one item. When I asked about it we realized it wasn't rung up on the receipt and we told them no big deal don't worry about it. Manager went and had one made and brought it out apologizing for the inconvenience. Great customer service, even the gentleman fixing machines, he kept giving my son 1 ticket as he stashed them in his pocket and giggling, we will be back.

Jeremiah Ramirez

After being stuck at home for two weeks because of my sons surgery, we finally got to go out and do something fun. We decided on Chuck E Cheese and it was great. Thank you Gabrielle for the great customer service that we received as soon as we walked in to the restaurant and until we left!

Bobby Riley

The food was good, Chucky cheese came and the kids were happy!

Matthew Smith

Had my daughter's birthday party there. Online reservation was easy. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Our hostess and store manger were awesome. Most importantly, my daughter and her friends had a blast. Great value.

Angel Cortes

Had a salad and was not all that great. Croutons were old and had a bad taste, my grandson had chicken and fries and the fries tasted like old cooking oil. The games were ok.

Crissy Chavira

I like that I was able to meet with some family. We attended a birthday party. I understand you have many parties but ONE shouldn't feel rushed to eat one,two or three slices of pizza...I was disappointed at how fast paced it all went down. Would I go again? Yess. Next time I'll prepare myself to take many pictures, gobble down my pizza,inhale the cake and ice cream and play absolutely no games. LOL

Carnita Barlow

Nice clean location. Young lady working the front & register was very friendly & nice

Jon Schwartz

I expected it to be a terrible experience but I was pleasantly surprised. The pizza while really greasy was good after some blotting. The atmosphere was about where I thought it would be. Tons of unsupervised kids running around crazy and not paying any attention to anyone else. There also didn't seem to be enough staff. I had to wait at the counter for extended periods of time a few times. Also I think I witnessed one of the most depressing scenes of my whole life when Chuck e cheese came out and got all the kids to follow him for free tickets. He didn't want to make it rain tickets until the kids yelled "chuck e rocks" the hype man was so quiet none of the kids knew they were supposed to say anything let alone what to say. Then every kid was silent. They tried 3 times but eventually, dejected, Chuck threw the tickets in the air and the kids scrambled in a ticket fueled frenzy. Actually I witnessed something amazing as one of the unsupervised masses made a completely sweet unprovoked gesture of kindness and handed my 2 year old one of the tickets. Later they shared a merry go round ride on me. All in all it was a pretty good little kid to medium kid arcade, it wasn't super expensive, and the pizza wasn't terrible. Not the worst but I won't be back often.

Katerya Johnson

Many choices in games for adults and children my daughter loves it and i enjoy spending time with her and help her win lots of tickets.

Sarah Turner

We were attending a birthday party, so everything was arranged by the host. The party seems to include a lot of things. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. All the kids had a blast.

Mrs. April Hampton

Has it's ups and downs like all major places with high turn-overs. Door should probably be watch better though. Ive seen several families leave without being checked and confused staff who dont know what to do when it happens.

Thomas Kendrick

Good place now that my kids are older, love using coupons

Joshua Richardson

Pizza fine, kids enjoy the games. Game prizes are trash compared to davenbusters or margaritaville.

Chrie Walker

Went there for my granddaughter's 6th birthday and we had so much fun.good food and fun for all age's.

Shen Sugai

Great place for kids. Love that all the games are only one token to play. Awesome salad bar!

Rainah Walker

Staff was nice and responsive throughout my child's party. Best experience I've ever had at a CEC! Thank you all for making my daughter's 2nd bday special!


Crowded but manageable. Kids enjoyed it.


If it was about the food, it would have been lower, but the service we got and help thru the set up is why I rated them a 4 star

thomas andrews

Very friendly staff.

John Nery

It's awesome 4 kids & family ilike it & others

Charlotte Owens

Good food Great place for young kids


Great place for kids! The staff is really friendly here. The food is good and the building is clean and well maintained. My favorite part is how they stamp kids' hands along with the parents so no kids can leave without their parents.

Britney Witt

The staff here is so sweet!

Wade Hughes

On 08/19/2015 the Bowling Green, KY store refused service to a UNIFORMED police officer because they were wearing a gun. My family and I will never give any more business to this company!!!!!!

Patty Pitones

best place for kids to loose all their energy and for adults to also have a great time.

Dean Anderson

This place is ridiculously over-priced. 2 one topping pizzas 4 drinks and 4 salad bars was $65. The bathrooms while appearing clean absolutely reeked of urine. Definitely the last time I will be here.

Denise Franklin

Jim Stolze

This place has the best friggin pizza I have ever had. Who would have thought that a Chuck E Cheese pizza would totally and brutally blow Pizza Hut, Domino's and all the others out of the water with no trouble at all. I'll be ordering my future pizza's from the Albany Mall Chuck E Cheese from now on for sure. Great service also. These young men and women working in here seem truly happy to be working and take pride in their work. Great Job to you all!!!

Kylie Graham

Manager is so AMAZING!! Super sweet! My daughter had her 5th birthday party yesterday night. To be honest I was dreading it because every other chuck e cheese ive been to was dirty and loud and the staff was awful. This one is SO Clean, Staff was GREAT! Made my girls day very special! I did not catch the managers name but seriously sweetest thing ever!

animallover 293971729

Play time

Kimberly Lan C.

Their stuffed crust pizza is to die for. Didn't really play too many games, but I'm told it's 1 coin per game. Whoa.

heather mendenhall

Cleanest one that I have been to anywhere...and we didn't get food poisoning

Kaspar James

Very dirty, but great customer service

Chelcie Dunlap

Anna Nine

Machines often out of order and food is WAY overpriced!

Kristen Reyes

Rules need to be in place. It's over ran by adults and teenagers on dates instead of children and families. My kids kept getting ran into and pushed. It was a horrible experience.

Garrett Turner

Was only my first time ever going to one of these. Took my two and three year olds. Staff was very friendly. I've always heard they serve "cardboard" pizza at these chains.... But I thought it was rather good. Had the stuffed crust. Comparable to Pizza Hut or Domino's. Darn expensive I thought! Games are really for older children. My two had fun even though they didn't understand how to play video games. Looks a bit outdated. Hard to hear the robots on stage that sing and move around. Good place to meet up with family or friends and let kiddos run around. LOVE that they stamp you with a security ink stamp and verify who's leaving with what kids. Great system there. Wish that was more common place!!

Dywaina Harnage

Rude staff and very expensive. You do not get what you pay for.

TumbleDust ReSale

The staff is great!!!

Kim Landis

The people who work there are very nice and looks like they love there job.

arley nozawa

Kids love it but food is expensive.

cholo me

Is good place for kids

Junel B.

I feel like a kid whenever I'm here. There was this one time I left with the wrong family. Nuts!

Naomi Wilson

The kids had fun. It was our first time there. Slightly disappointed with lack of games, thought it would be better. The ticket amount wanted for the prizes is ridiculous

Victoria Moore

Great place to entertain kids

Lori Street

It was clean, staff were very friendly, and it was actually much less cost then I expected. You can download coupons to save a little money. We had pizza and it was very good. The kids definitely enjoyed playing all the games and didn't want to leave. I highly recommend taking your family here!! The staff went above and beyond!

Sam clare

Hope you guys need the police and they deny you service....your pathetic!!!

Candice Collins

I've heard this place kinda went downhill over the years but we were there for a Birthdaybparty last weekend and I was shocked! It was super clean, and the staff was all so nice and helpful!!

Brian Cadet

Sykotik Shadow

Had my youngest sons 3rd bday their & everything was excellent. Everybody that came enjoyed themselves and kids had a blast.

Jamie Cader

It's awesome. Good food great staff

Joyce Stephany Lee

Clean, awesome free, price is affordable.

Johana Perez

Always fun for kids. Clean.

Jocelyn Smith

My toddler loves chuckie cheese. Definitely will b taking her back.

William Hines

To expensive

Chris storbeck

Was great place to have birthday party for kids good food employees made it a great experience

Looney Bird CEC

Still loving this store! Richard (the current GM at this location) has really shaped the store up from where it used to be. The employees at this store are extremely accommodating to all guests and they are completely nice and willing to help with the problems you have during your visit. I received my food within 10 minutes of ordering it, games were overall good, and the show has been fixed up and works great! Definitely worthy of 5 stars. Great job to this amazing cast!

Clifton McDowell

Like casa Bonita tastes good at first but then you feel like you need to drop the world's largest dump and take a nap

Brandi Vanwinkle

Chucky pushed all the kids away. My nephew is still upset!

Jonathan Lopez

Loved it!! Everyone enjoyed and the service was excellent!! The employees was great and did awsome. We were very happy with the service. Great place to do a birrhday party,I would definitely recommend!!


Cody Temples

Gabriel Ortega

Not good staff was bad tey asking information about games and food but had no help some of the games had no tickets and trying to get someone to help was bad dont think im goi g back anytime soon

Troy Kapaun

Peter Torregano

Always fun never over crowded kids can really enjoy themselves

Kory Williams

It's a Chuck E. Cheese. This location is in a busy strip mall and parking at prime time is terrible. Get there 30 mins before your party or you'll circle the lot.

Larry Smith

Great place for the kids

Adam Hernandez

Fun fun for my 5yr old. Chunky is always out I love that he's the best!!!!!! Service fabulous...

D Lee


Katherine Heffley

Love ChuckE . Cheese great place to take the family or the grandkids

Reginald Berry

I took my 7 year old son for his birthday he had a great time

Peak Guardian

Kids had fun with the games. I liked the tokens better than the card. It's 6 on a Friday night and the handicap stall was out of toilet paper and the hand towel dispenser was out. Told a manager, toilet paper put in right but paper towels just left on top of the dispencer. Very disapointed.


We had today a Birthday Party reservation for Oscar who turned 9 , there were was only 1 employee and the manager , even tho there was only 2 people there the Manager did a Fantastic Job he was very helpful!! I told him that everything was delicious and great entertainment for the kids and even us!! I'm so happy he did everything for us (the manager)and was such a nice person Great Customer Service !! I will recommend this place for anyone who wants to make a Birthday reservation kids enjoy everything Food, Games and Chuck E. Entertainment!

Aelek Trin

The staff here was amazing. And gave out free tickets and is so polite and good with kids. All the games work well.

Shalini R

My kid loves chuckky cheese.

Jeff Verkaik

Due to their new pay structure their prices have sky-rocketted. What used to cost us $30 for our family just cost $60. And we can only play 30 minutes. Suddenly, Craig's Cruisers is cheaper (it was always better.)

Augusto Oliver

My little boy loves thus place

Kendra Cardinal

A great place for kids but the machines are not always working like they should be.

Nicholas Panzarella

Great experience!

Sahrai Retana

Love it great customer service!

Joseph Krout 3rd.

Well as for Chuck-E-Cheese, now today there are three Chuck-E-Cheeses on Oahu, the original Chuck-E-Cheese was located at Aina Haina the second Chuck-E-Cheese is located on Dillingham Boulevard, where the old kapalama gems used to be located at, the third Chuck-E-Cheese is located at the Pearl City Shopping Center is located at, last but not least the the third and brand new Chuck-E-Cheese is located in Kapolei City right next to The Bus Transit Center.

Noelle Mounce

Great place for entertaining children

Michele Wise

They carpet need cleaning it's a smell every time you go in there

Alan Davies

The kids love it. And adults are happy that the kids love it.

terry arford

Our granddaughter loves this place, we also enjoy their cheese pizza.

Muhammad Matthews

great place to be a kid,not so much for adults, plenty of lights and whistles, but a bit pricey


The staff is upbeat and positive something that works well for am enterprise like Chuck E Cheese. And the pizza is good!

Slosh Ed

Great pizza!

Chalet Manley

Perfect birthday spot. Unlimited play and the kids can just run around free

elizabeth talamantez

The employees where very friendly and helpful. the place was really clean .my kids had a blast, thank you

Jayesh Mistry

Great place for kids. Clean also.

Jennifer Lewandowski

Out of everything rude staff not very clean

Laterica Woods

Buffet, great staff, all games were operable! We will visit again!

Cindy Tillman

Great place for kids to have fun

Ana Yesenia Mccoy

My kid love it!❤️it all about kids all the time Chuck E. Cheese come out every half of hour and sing and dance with the kids! Clean and secure place

Shaunta Temeyosa

Had a great time kids enjoyed it and reasonable prices

Kristy Katcha

My son loves this place, I like there pizza and love the new game system they have with the unlimited games for a great price

bayousmackerdix ford

decent Buffett changed thru the yrs

Mike Henry

Great clean family fun. Awsome time and place very attentitive.

Rob M

Great place for kids, very expensive. They have a card now instead of coins so kids just run through super fast. Pizzas okay way to expensive you can drive to Chicago and back with one for cheaper. Raise the star only for the fact security is a plus in my book.


Great fun and food for the kids and adults!

Aaron Lerberg

I never thought I'd say this but Chuck E Cheese is back! As a kid I enjoyed days at Chuck E Cheese. The games were cool, the show was fun; it was great. Chuck E Cheese went into decline for a few years, was gross and the patrons were on the rough side. I'm happy to say that under the new corporate management, Chuck E Cheese is once again a great place to take kids. The rest rooms and game area were clean, the food was pretty good, the staff was on top of crowd control and the clientele was once again more family friendly. If you watch Groupon of the Chuck E Cheese website, you can get some great deals on tokens too.

Aldean French

Parents love it like the kids but we don't have anymore choices

Alex Alexander

Arnold B

This place can get really crowded during the weekends, Saturdays especially. The food is okay and is as expected for an arcade. The salad bar has limited choices and is a one-time thing. Games are a bit outdated but as I said, expected to be to cater to kids. Still has enough variety to keep most kids happy. The staff seem friendly enough. You still have to keep a close reach to your kids as some kids run around and the staff doesn't really stop them until the supervisors are around. Anyway, don't expect any extra ordinary things and you won't be disappointed.

Eddie O

my son had a blast, honestly that's all I cared about

Alejandra Garcia

Alot of fun for kids of all ages

Ikena Morris

Malvin Westfall

You can't expect much from a place run and managed by kids. No one was real polite or nice, not really rude either though. We did order drinks that we never got cups for. I assumed they would come with the food since the cashier/manager did not. Once we realized the error we tried to go back to the first counter, but the line was huge by this point, so pretty much just gave up. And about 1/4 of the machines were broken, one I the same one that has been broken every time we go. But it's cheap, you get what you pay for.

lalit atit

Great place for kids. My daughter enjoyed every moment.


Idk, you figure the further away from Denver/Aurora that CHUCKIE darn Cheese would have better funding, happier staff, cleaner games that actually work. BUTTTT I guessed wrong! At least Aurora's staff is happy and the games don't because it's always so busy! The staff sucks here ,except the Manager Betty thank god for her! It was uber dirty the damn playground needs some damn updating before it falls seems super unstable to the extent I wouldn't allow my children to play in them. All the tables are unbalanced and need a good cleaning. Dang take some pride CC put some money into your business Chuckie needs an update. Pay your staff a little more maybe they will be happier.

Audrey Holland

We went early and basically had the place to ourselves for an hour. Great games for kids of all ages. They are separated (kind of) into a younger side and am older side, but our 3 year old had fun everywhere. There were some mechanical issues and a few of the games didn't work properly. my son REALLY wanted to play a dinosaur/duck carnival type game, five tokens later we noticed the water level was too low and that's why it didn't work at all. Disappointing. The staff is nice, if we had any issues they would help out. We had previously asked for reimbursement for a game that didn't work so we didn't want to ask again for the duck game. Over all great experience. Not to much candy in the prize bin is a huge plus for me! Though it would be nice to have a few more low ticket items. My son's favorite "game" was the ticket eater.

Clark Williams

It's a great kid arcade. My son and I love the racing video games. But I wish they would get rid of the ticket gambling games my daughters are addicted to. Employees there are all super nice and helpful. Can tell they love children!

Mandy Nguyen

Staff was great and food was good, but the carpet gives off a sour smell and needs to be replaced.

Kimberly Jones

Mohamed Dahir

(Translated by Google) It's a nice and clean place for fun (Original) Waa meel fican oo nadiif ah ka heleeysid fun

Terri Gordon

We love the new menu and pizza choices! We also love the new remodel with upgraded games. The whole play area is clean, fresh and lays out well. The party tables are much easier to work with as well.

Heaven Burkett

Great service love the new atmosphere

Angel Randall

The inside is very clean. The staff is extremely nice and helpful.

Kimberly Jones

Reservation online was different once we arrived

Free Flowing

This is the second year in a row we had my daughter's birthday here, both times the staff was very friendly and organized, and things ran smoothly. They really help out the parents. I'm very impressed. Their pizza is bomb:) delicious.

C Tiffany Smith

The food was actually quite good. Boys had a great time. My only issue was the fact that I couldn't get my son to meet Chuckie unless his birthday party was actually booked thru them. We didn't have enough kids to do that and there was only an early morning or late night slot available for that day.

Courtney Treadaway

Yes good is par at best but love the family time

shieanne swink

Before you drive across town to get here grab a map and take a road trip to the closest dave and busters it will save all your disappointment. $78 dollars today got us one pizza and four drinks plus two cards to play for an hour after all that we are told you can only use your tickets for small prizes now how the heck do you spend all those tickets on junk you can get out of a 25 cent machine. Our wings were $11 it said feeds two but 6 wings were put on our table uh lots of people eat more then 3 wings a piece that’s not very good advertisement.

Robert Colvin

Great time pizza was good and not reused

Kliger Nechama

Fun for young and adults

Isma-Rhonda Ortiz

Chuck E Cheese has been my all time favorite to celebrate my children's birthday or just enjoying indoor fun. Today I was very shocked that the attendant didn't do her kid check and let my special needs who is non verbal out the door and watched him run into the busy parking lot. Thankfully my son didn't get injured. The manager just stood their and watched and didn't even bother to apologize for what had happened. I have been to several Chuck E Cheese on the mainland and Hawaii this is the first time ever had an employee didn't do a kids check and let my non verbal special needs child out!

Ashley C

Great awesome place!

Jean Joseph

Kymani birthday 9 approaching double digits.,..

Chase Hoffner

Foods not that great but it's good for the kids and family to have a good time

Jared B

So fun! The pizza was so much better than before. Tasted homemade. The games were fun. My son had a great birthday there. The manager was very kind.

Bdub W

Great for younger kids

Fox Anthony

Someone who works there literally screaming into a microphone about pizza. Scaring myself and several other people. I came in happy, left deaf.

Cassandra Anderson

My son loved it! The pizza was tasty and the service was great!

Toni Stephenson

It's a great place for kids

Nicole Wheatstine

Keke Smallwood

I tried applying for a job here and the manager was very rude.I kept calling them to show I wanted to work there.I got told there is open interview Monday-Friday to 2 pm-5 pm and I came in one day to do a open interview the manager had a family emergency so the lady had took my name down and number to reschedule a interview.Guess what?!they never called me back.

Chantell Gergen

All day fun, for the kids!

Kavya Gurram

Good place for kids and birthdays..

Allison Hindman

Reyianna Oreaboe

Chucke didnt come out

Kelley Lutjen

Not a very clean place and a majority of the games did not even work but regardless the kids seem to have a good time

Joe Hartwick

I hate when places won't fix machines and you lose money...ticket counters were off and we had about 45 tickets not counted...and of course you can't prove it. Then 2 games are down with no sign telling you so you don't swipe your card and the air hockey was had no puck so lost money there too...pisces me of when business operate like this...had better experience at chucky cheese by mall....

Niki Stilson

New, clean facility. Endless play is awesome. Surprisingly enjoyable fun

Nakisha Dejong

Appeared to be remodeled in the seating area and bathrooms. Decent food. And being able to just buy small prizes if kids didn't win enough tickets is a bonus too.

Topreka Bellamy

Excellent place for children!

Lil Keek

Great place to eat and get your game on


Kids love it here. They have replaced old coin machines with Magetic recharge cards. Easy to keep track

viviane hernandez

Cashiers are in bad mood bad customer service !

Conrad vierra

Been going here for years.... Definitely "Where a Kid.....Can be a Kid!!!!

Jhansi M

Family entertainment. You get all in one place. Yummy pizza and safety for kids. Mamma's choice

Jamie Ryken

Chuck E. Cheese is Chuck E. Cheese

Ramesh Khajjayam

It is fun for kids up to age 5. Very little for bigger kids.

Ed Ditlefsen

I'm torn on how to rate Chuck E Cheese's. On the one hand, it's a great place to let your kids run free and do their own thing while knowing they'll be safe. The staff is great, very friendly, and we appreciate the security and cleanliness …

Dayna Ryan

It is ok and the kids love it. The games are older and are broken frequently.

Amber Costen

Great for my 4 year old but my 12 yr old was a little bored. Safe place where they make sure noone can take your kid though.

Hal VanderVoord

It's expensive to eat and play

Erin Alsopp

the most delicious pizza in town. service at 4.

Pavel Reshetnik

A lot of arcade games for various ages. Pizza was good.

Mike Purp


Jenilyn Nieuwenhuus

Joshua 77

Still a great place to take the kids to play, there is a new timed playing card system.

Selena Brownlee

I've had two birthday parties here and they were exceptional, service and staff were

Lauren Talbot

Great place for kids of all ages! Chuck E. gives the children free tickets.

Larry Wehr

Robert Laracuente

It's a Chuckk E Cheese's, and a relatively clean one at that. Can't go wrong.

R am

Nice place.. but most of the arcade games are not working properly & it doesn't give you the tickets. Everytime we have to call the staff to fix the issue. And, when you get into a issue , by the time you find the staff, someone else will start the game & you will end up losing the tickets.. this place use to be good, but dont know what happened now..

Ebee89 19

First time being here & my daughter enjoyed herself very much.

Deb Kephart

It was beyond crowded and I think possibly short staffed as bathrooms were not clean, tables needed cleared and cleaned and it was hard to find any employee for assistance. The grandkids had alot of fun with the games. We chose not to eat there due to crowds and lack of cleanliness on this day.

Somesh Naidu

It's a great place for kids to spend time for 1-2 hours. The limited time unlimited game option works the best. It is also more engaging for Adults (in a good way) compared to places like get air and the likes though the latter do gets kids more worked out.

Antonette Noakes

Removed the stuff for toddlers and the tokens, but had good table space. Some of the videos didn't seem child-appropriate.

Andrea Pace

This was our Spring Break....

Jessica Frame

Very nice place to take kids their photos summertime

Jason Mares

Kids are checked in with their parents (matching hand stamps) and must have a parent with them to get out the front door. Meaning you can feel safe letting them roam the whole game room alone. This is also a great place for birthday parties because everything is done for you, leaving you time to enjoy the party and spend time with your guests.

Nicholas Sigman

Samuel Dwyer

Touched the rat and they locked me in the basement

Telly & Coty Co

It's a great place to bring ur 5 through 12 year old here but not toddlers. Not much for them to do.

Christopher Wilkinson

I really enjoyed it there

Richard Guffy

Great place for kids Birthday parties !


I don’t think it should take over an hour to make 1 pizza.

derrick murray

I was just chilling in the car so idk

Carla Whipple

Never ever again, the prices are ridiculous both for the food and the play pass, and the choice of prizes for the few tickets you do manage to get. They were understaffed, therefore very slow. Food substandard at best. They also took a bunch of the games out. I think well take the trip to margaritaville next time.

Amy Rice

It's expensive. Not a great menu. Pizza (small, thin crust) & salad (basic). A few sandwich choices. They do have meal deals that include your tokens. Tokens can be bought separately as well. It took forever for someone to get to the counter to take our order and to claim prizes. The place was empty near 3 pm. It was very clean. Huge plus right there. Other than that, nope, that's it!

Zach Farrenkopf

Ni Mo

Need to upgrade games. Food is too expensive. But it's good entertainment for toddlers. My grandson enjoyed it.

jennifer baker

Baron Collier

My grandson loves this place great people always lots of fun.

A Carter

Dalton Mackey

I absolutely love taking my son there to have fun

James Romero

It is mediocre food. my kids love it there however it would seem they are getting a little bit more pricey every time I go. also not many healthy option just a salad bar when it is dinner time

George B

Any establishment that refuses to let an armed police into it deserves to go out of business. He was wearing a logo shirt, so what was the problem? Even if he was not, all he should have to do is show his badge. An idiot for a manager, someone that is lacking in common sense, what is typically what one would call, a MORON. Avoid this place, they do not care about law enforcement and treat them unfairly.

Gilbert Reyes

Point system and min-hour selection for gameplay great addition

Eustacia Kersey

Great customer service

Leilani Kaopua

Super clean, though location is not in an upscale area, service and cleanliness is stellar and pizza and wings, reasonably priced and tasty

Alexandria Burton

Froggy Maga

Visit was ok. A little over priced but it is Chuck E Cheese's so not surprising. Took our 9yr old son to have fun and pizza for a surprise because of good grades. Games were so so. Mostly ticket type games. No real arcade type games. Pizza took 45 min to arrive by that time your kid(s) will run out of tokens to play unless you drop another $20 on more. Lots of dirty tables No One really around clearing them or wiping them down. All in all I probably won't come back.

nijell nokey

Had a great time.. Chuck E Cheese brought out Sophia's birthday cake. So much fun, wore out us grandparents.

Tommy S

Very good time the pizza was good too!!

Edward Michael

I was very happy with my son's birthday on Saturday. Amna the manager there is so sweet, kind, and caring. And you can see it by how her staff acts around her. They take care of each other. I had a great time watching my son run around with his bracelet of free play for 2 hours. His face was priceless. Thank you Chuck E Cheese for giving that memory to us. I'll admit when I called the reservation line, the gal on the phone wasn't very nice (it was not an Idaho person on the line), I chose this place because on the 10th (prior to the phone call), I went in and met Amna who was so kind & gave my son cotton candy. I'm glad that I had the party there, I loved the Cali Alfredo Pizza. I'd have another party there again.

Sylvia Wallace

Kids were happy which made me happy. I had to leave before I could enjoy the unlimited salad bar and the manager had no problem refunding my money.

Matt Reid

It can be crowded and it gets really hot but it's a good way spend a couple hours with the kids. As with all Chuck-E-Cheeses the pizza is pretty gross the salad bar is actually decent. I also like that this one has a special area for the younger kids games so they don't get run over.

Bill Stoffers

Food was good. Kids had a great time.

Gabe Hughes

Juan Valle

Peyton Norris

Jessica Schlesinger

Very clean, working machines, staff is great

Alex Brit

Kids always enjoy there. Food is okay but well worth it

Chad Kitchens

Travis Brownell

Brad Bennett

Took three different employees. eight different gift cards.20 minutes to ask for one $40 gift card. Obviously not the best experience. However did it for the grandkids .so everything will turn out right!

John Winters

Brittnie Ritter

I just threw a party here for my child. I had always noticed they have 6 long party tables in the back but never imagined they would actually throw 6 parties at a time, I figured one table for children and presents, one for adults. No, upon arrive there 5 parties total being held at exactly the same time. The place was chaos. The single table didn’t have enough chairs for all the guests, and the ones who had room to barely had room to pull their chair out because of the other party being held right behind them. Anytime you wanted to get by on your party table you had to squeeze and excuse yourself between and behind multiple people. Because there were so many parties at once, everything was out late. The unlimited point cards I ordered for out 30 minutes late, the kids just about went crazy waiting. The cups I ordered in advance didn’t come out til I finally asked for them. The adult pizza came out before the children’s pizza (no adult plates came til I asked for them) I ended up just having to serve the children the adult pizza and told them to pick off the pepperoni if they didn’t want it. Thankgod I decided to do that because the kids pizza didn’t come for another 20 minutes. All the birthday activities were done at the same time so each of the 5 tables and all the guests were in the same place at the same exact time which was just nuts. You can barely get a glance at your own child having fun cause it’s elbow to elbow with everyone else. When singing happy birthday your child will barely be able to hear their own name over the crowd of people shouting other children’s names. Also make sure you only bring a small sheet cake because they do not allow or have any time of cake cutting utensils, just a plastic butter knife. Pretty much had to mutilate my homemade 9 inch round cake. Okay, now for the staff, I truly believe they did the best they could with everything going on. My party host apologized multiple times for everything, my kids pizza was actually late because he put them in and someone else took them to a different party. The reason my play passes took so long was cause was cause they had to do passes for all 5 parties. The manager compensated me for everything that happened, they took off a pizza, they gave me 1000 extra tickets. I believe that the Chuck E. Cheese cooperation is to blame and they allow too many parties at once, trying to make even more money than they already are. Well, they lost ours cause I will never throw a party at Chuck E. Cheese again just for fear of this happening again.

Allen Tally

Chuck e cheese is all about fun

Barbara Doolittle

Went with my Grandson, had a great time playing games with him, did not order pizza. Place is clean

Katherine Phung

Verry interesting for children

Anastasia Hopkins

The service was bad and is low on staff when checking out

pew switch

In the 90s it was great now every employee hates their life and the management are rude to them and the guests the games suck and the play area is gone. This place went down hill and is now just a great place to go and waste money and get disrespected.

Sylvia Solis

It was good but lost my homies wallet with 420 dollars and didn't get back

Victoria Pastars

Kids had a great time and food was good.

Rasheda Stephens

Nicole Blair Tv

The staff is horrible! They are ghetto and unprofessional

Stacy Wint

Maybe the staff is new but it wasn't the well oiled machine it can be as far as the party leaders and game staff. Too many machines were out - out of service games, ticket counters broken, games that ran out of tickets, etc. The entrance was a head scratcher too as the signs were a little off.

Sherry Brannen DBA Must Dust Cleaning

Great for kids parties! No one can leave with your child because they stamp all people in your party!

Malinda Lynn

The kids always have a great time winning tickets and getting candy.

monica stoddard

Always go here when I have my son and always go for his birthday

Ben Cockett

My granddaughter had a great time Chuck was awesome.

Ck Cannady

Luis Peña

Go on week days, is empty and a lot of fun ;)

Adrianna Pategas

A lot of fun games for all different ages and skill levels, 4 stars were given because some of the games were not working properly

Carise J

good food, expensive as always...but lots of new games

Ivan Sanchez

If you have kids and I'm pretty sure you've been here it's always a blast

Sandra Lange

Went for birthday party. Service was great and staff was very helpful.

rui niu

The place is newly remodeled. It is cool. The workers were sensitive to the customers' needs. My daughter won 25 tickets, but got only one come out the game machine. I went to tell the greeter and he sent someone within three minutes, apologized and fixed the machine. Later, I noticed that they were checking on each of the machine. It was a good experience!

Freddão Baladero

It's a good place to take your kids.

Ariana A

It had a awesome variety of games and the pizza was amazing

BeauAndSam GoHAM

Having a Blast!!

Jason Cornell

Nice people and clean

Dave Sherrill

Great staff, super fun for the rug rats and they let this old grandpa sit and eat pizza.

Jean Sheaffer

Hadn't been in a long while the pizza was alright but it was rather expensive considering the games available

Candy May

The staff was awesome! Great for children's parties.....

James Stiles

Good atmosphere

Lady Jen

My one year old son love this place.

mariah mora

Came here to bring my children not for my enjoyment but for my kids to have fun . They love Chuck E. Cheese . Never doubt with such horrible service from the worker Selena ! Asked for a new salad plate even showed her my recipe and she wanted to charge me another salad bar . Hopefully she gets re -trained on customer service! Will definitely make the drive to the Arvada location where they are more then happy to make our experience a great one !!

Carlos Ahumada

This is our favorite Chuck E. Cheese to bring the kids to. And it's even better since they remodeled the place.

Peterlyne Nawah

Mitchell Braddock

Clean, good staff. Beer and wine for adults a plus.

That Cab

Good fun for the whole family

Seema Fernandes

Nice place to have fun with your kids

Gene Leonard

Tim Pitcher

Manager was a lil grumpy but whole the hell wouldnt be having his job. Lol overall had a blast. Clean and lots of fun.

shasta lambeth

It was so much fun

Jose Sarria

Great for kids

shannon luna

Who doesn't love my boyfriend Chuck!!! lots of fun and one of the best places and safest for your kids.

Heather Lee

It would have been better if some of the machines were fixed.

unicorn fam lol

it was fun my brother had a good 4th b day so I am happy

Tamaria L

David R

As a parent, you can’t not go here at some point. Your expectations should be: Obnoxiously repetitive and loud game “music.” Pizza tastes like salted cardboard. 4oz hand sanitizer minimum. The game card system is better than the old token system - you buy a game card for a certain period of time and when the time runs out you have a solid excuse to get out of there.


1 and a half hours for a pizza with no one ahead of us. rude service. when we complained they said 5 more minuts and asked if we wanted it to go very bad experience

Alberto Lara

Excellent place for entertainment for kids

Forrest Hebert

Tara Lantz

Mayra Herrera

Juan Santos

(Translated by Google) They are good traces in the games (Original) Son bien tranzas en los juegos

Roy Carroll

Good place for kids and secure

Ana Medina

Much better place back in the day. Not the same. Smaller then before. Half of the games don't work. No longer uses coins but cards, now.

kirkland stewart

Dede Martin

Poor experience. Musty/old scent in entrance. Building appears older and could use remodel or update. The restroom was disgusting, visible mold/mildew on sink.Tables/booths near games were not clean. The ticket machines were defective during my visit, game floor associate stated that when the machines are "dusty" it counts backwards. Chuck E. Cheese's is affordable fun for kids but definitely not wowed by service and experience. I've visited other locations and had a much better experience. Dave & Buster's is nearby this location and for a comparable price a much better and cleaner experience, except for Chuck E. Cheese walking around.

Kenneth Homer

If you like waiting 2 hours for your food this isn't such a bad place. Other than the terrible customer service the food isn't too bad.

Jennawade Bachmeier

We went on Fathers Day and it wasn't busy at all. The pizza was hot and fresh. Also the staff was amazing and so friendly. We had such a great time and for surely come back to this location.

Raymond King

Had quite a fun bday party for my daughter here. Hostess also gave great service.

anitria lawrence

Quite a few games were stealing tokens but the staff with come and help. The menu is pricey but there are online coupons you can use. The staff has been very friendly.

IV and Liam Show

I just had the worst service ever! I will not be returning to Chuck E. Cheese. They have rude teenagers running the place. It’s absolutely disgusting in there and no one is cleaning. They closed their registers 30 min early and wouldn’t allow us to purchase Chuck E. Cheese memorabilia for our son. Then they wanted to check to see if we had the right kid when we left and I said “ what are you talking about?!?! First of all we are the only ones here!!! Who else would this kid belong to!!!! Second of all you guys were too lazy to check us in when we got here!” There was no one in the front when we got there! And the pop machines were warm and had no ice!!!!! Some one needs to keep a better eye on these teenagers or this buisness is going down. As for us we will go back to Dave’s and Busters

Yari DoddGrant

The pizza really good and it was alright the games are really fun to play u should go some time

Suri Gallant

Earlier they had children's play deck, that was removed now. Huge crowd, waiting is more to play games. Good thing is that they started time limit in parallel to tokens. I like time limit based, I was first saw this in Columbus Indiana.

marnie evons


Cory Casciato

Understaffed and kinda gross, but the kids love the hell out of it. And it's very affordable, all things considered.

Omar Hernandez

(Translated by Google) Good pizza (Original) Buena pizza


Service was actually very good. Food was good and my family had a blast. Only downside was some of the machines didnt give back tickets or just weren't working. But the two hour unlimited games made it super fun !

Beatriz Peeuch

Sayo T

Kids love there :)

Faina Pishchik

Fun for kids but prize options could be better.

Dennison Segui

Plenty of parking. Very busy within the restaurant. Staff was courteous. This location is not as up to date as other stateside locations that have moved to utilizing digital cards. Still uses coins but the kids have fun regardless. The pizza was consistent with other locations. Him crust and very good.

Vivian Hermezodi

Tha biast chuk cheese and nansy she's beautiful wandfell

Santana Gomez

Totally love it here. Kids favorite place to be

Marvin Miles

Fun place for the kids and good salad bar for adults!!

You Tuber

It's great for kids 10 and under, but there doesn't seem to be much for them to do.

Trevor Thomas

After 100 different plays.. we won enough tickets for a slinky...... overall fun time... just impossible to come up on some good prizes.. youd have to pay over 100 bucks to win something semi cool... still my daughter and I had a good time

Juanita Rodriguez

Good pizza


First & last time there! DENISE the senior stomped right over, face to face with us & yelled at the top of her old lungs, stating that we were cheating on the games. NO, we were just throwing the balls super fast in hopes of getting the jackpot! They dont even load the machines with tickets so our "25 ticket win" didnt even come out! This happened on 2 other machines too! Told the manager about Denise's unprofessional behavior & she just interrupted me "as if" she was done listening to me.

Glenda Arends

Great hospitality! We ordered the specialty combo pizza thin crust it was amazing ! Salad bar was kept well stocked and iced it was a great birthday fun time! Thank you.

Ash Nic

Lovely place to take your kids! Ask for Hannah or Kylie and they'll make your kids party extra special :) always see kids having a great time, their food is good too

Tina Allen

We attended a birthday party for our Grandson. The kids had a ball. My 2 star rating comes from the staff. Other children were allowed to sit, eat and disrupt our area. I understand why they were hesitant to do anything since the parents didn't. But, it's a business. Boundaries should be put in place when customers reserve and pay for birthday parties.


Pizza is really rules....chuck e not very exciting very tired and the staff accompanying him....overall kids had fun and me too

Russ Goerend

We've hosted our son's birthday party here two years in a row. It is exceptionally clean and well-managed. The staff is attentive and fun. All the games have always been working. The people at the ticket-redemption counter even round up on occasion (if we have 70 tickets, they'll let us get a 75-ticket prize). Really, I think the perception of Chuck E. Cheese is that it's run-down and dirty. This place is not at all. The pizza is actually pretty good, too. I never thought I'd be making time to write a review for Chuck E. Cheese but this place is so good that I wanted to spread the word.

Dennis D S-7

It was hot the food was okay but it was hot in there if you started moving around

Josh Headley

Brought my son here for his birthday, and the kids had a blast. Super friendly staff, good food, fun games (even for adults to be honest), clean facility, and we loved that they had an option for unlimited games for 2 hours which is so nice! Well done!


Nice and cleaner than others I’ve been to in the Atlanta metro area.Good experience.


Kids had a blast as always

Marcel Smith

My Grand baby had a blast. Very clean.


Good service, clean and a decent price.

Karen Chaparro

Fist time here and it was supper cool, stuff pizza...yum! The only bad thing was the staff with their long face so fed up with anything

David Dugay

The strip mall is often smelly, but the interior is clean and odor-free. The staff is polite, the facilities are clean. The pizza crust is really awesome!

Traci Dunlap

As CEC goes this location is top notch. Always clean, friendly staff and never crowded.

Jennifer Emberton

We do all of our birthday parties here!

Gilberto Salcido

Fun place for kids and good pizza

eddie morfiris

Nice friendly staff. The games are a little pointless since the most of them are about winning tickets so you can get a gift. You need a lot of tickets to get something nice so you need a lot of kids to play and then give the birthday kid all the tickets so he can maybe get something good. If you have kids you know that means that is going to cause trouble. The kids liked it, the price wasn't bad, the food was not bad, friendly staff so that said its up to you.

Benjamin Mbuthia

Cool fun for kids, but be ready for a headache. What with all the yelling kids.

Suzanne Beatty

Great day

Thomas Unrein

Fun for kids, could use more people to help keep clean

Solemus Sibhamte

I tried their lunch pizza buffet. I was curious if the pizza here would be as good as I remembered it as a kid, with its stretchy mozzarella cheese. It was close! And the service was great. My only complaint is that the salad could have been fresher, and it took a while to get new pizzas brought out. Otherwise, great place! Games were fun and reasonably priced, too.

Stratton Home Inspections LLC

Wow this place has really gone down hill. Can we please update and hire people that care about there job....

Kristen Matejka

The games were fun for the kids but the place was disgusting. No toilet paper in the bathroom. No soap. It stunk. Don't want to go back there. EVER!

Dee Gomez

The service needs to be worked on, especially the kitchen service. Waited 45 minutes just for 10 fries. Really..


Dirty, most games kept jamming not giving out tickets. Messy. Very small. Too bad its the only one around.

Josh Abner

It's a fun place for little kids to play games, although the parent play as much as the kids. The pizza is ok a little greasy for me.

Janet Martinez

Ate there once

Ann Au Hoon

Is a family tradition from my kids toy grand kids

Joseph Allen

Like a casino for kids lots of games pizza not so good

The real

Kids love this. Bring alot o hand sanitizer

Sarai Juarez

My son had a blast. Just would of like to for Chucky to walk around. My son really wanted to see him but I understand it is only for private party.

Sondra Ammons

It was my grandson Derrick’s first time coming to Chucky Cheese. We had a great time. Love it! Derrick can’t wait to return. Sondra Twin Falls

Jacie Love

Very good management.

Gavin Gauddard

Dirty, cardboard pizza, and ol Chuck e. looks like he's on meth. It was like paying to get a staph infection...and it wasn't cheap at that. Kids don't even love it like I remember loving it.

sonya rose reynolds

Had a blast

Jesse Martinez

Fun for the kids but u had more fun then they did

Jenna Scott

My son enjoyed his first time at Chuck E Cheese. We will certainly go back.

Prashant Ch

Service was not that great.

melody rae

We found the initial pricing and deals a little confusing but overall it was clean, the staff friendly and courteous, the pizza delicious, and Chucky a fun addition!

Donna Maquar

Had a awesome time with the kids and sharing time with my granddaughter's 5 birthday. She's a new year eves baby.

Nicole Scatino Talley

This was a fail from the beginning to end and ordered a big platter of hot wings half barbecue half buffalo came out all barbecue brought it to their attention they did nothing about it they said next time they will try to be more careful with other customers how is that helping me no Ice tea it’s out no lemonade out no ice empty trash overflowing seriously I spent $100 I would I would’ve been better off taking my family to a nice restaurant having a steak unprofessional people I will never go back to that barfi restaurant again

Angela Trainer

sam time

Great service and wonderful family place best employees there so friendly

Shanuta Dickson

The service sucks

Carol Walker

Good for kids to play games and little kids to ride. I just wish they would bring back the balls and tubes

Bhagyalakshmi Manjula

Kids can enjoyable,, very nice place

maciosarit Fernandez

August Doucet

Employees was very Polite n well train and food service was well prepared and Games was well taken care of n very clean way to go crews

Patricia Harris

Kids had fun

Cindy Hein

Very fun and safe for kiddos who want to experience a little independence. The food was good but pricey.

Jasmine Williams

Games didn't work

Theresa Rocha

So much fun I feel like a kid

Tj Allen

My 3 year old loved the games. BUT eat before you go food is Horrible!

Yolanda Montano

Leo loves this place

Nicholas Whittemore

Par staff, decent food

Kirsten Harder

Fun place for your kids to play, and lots of options for birthday party celebrations. Pizza and Salad Bar are good.

J. Johnson

This place is cleaner then the chuckle cheese in Aurora, but the staff is majority young people who do not seem to care much about their jobs. When I was there, one staff member had the nerve to come to work in her pajamas, and stood behind the desk texting on her phone while talking to the manger. I know it’s Chuck E. Cheese but no matter the job, professionalism is required. The pizza did not taste as good as It use to be years ago. It was very bland and dry. Also, I found a Chuck E. Cheese ticket in my salad while I was eating it! What a nice surprise. There were also gnats flying around the soda and juice dispensers. At that point I was completely over it, so I grabbed my kids and left. Hopefully corporate sees this review and makes some much needed improvements in operations and customer service.

Jacklyn Williams

Love it

Red Caboose Read N Play


Great food and the games are super up

Gary Furukawa

Great place to take the kids and kill part of the day out of the summer time heat, look for special deals in the paper, will help with the cost.

Kimberli Detrick

Music too loud!! Wow! Give me hearing issues.

Sharell Tarver


Diane Carpenter

Kids had a great time

Background Fox SFM

My mom usually gets scared of that mouse animatronic as a kid, but hey, the games are awesome!

Kelly Schork

Nice location, very friendly staff. Food was fast especially for a weekend night. Salad bar was clean and stocked. App worked great to show cashier for a discount so my date didnt have to pay as much. Girls at the prize counter were very good with kids, fun, funny, and patient. Chuck e Cheese appeared live more than once in a 2 hour time frame to dance with the kids. Drove 1.5 hours to take the kids (10 year old daughter and 5 year old granddaughter) and it was worth it.

Hannah Shelton

The workers are nice and really work hard, but many of the machines need service and the whole place really needs a deep cleaning.

Marainna Del Rio

Awful if your going to work in a kids place you need manners and courtesy

Logan Bolman

My kids love it

nicole williams

First time going in my life me and my Husband took our daughter. It was pretty ok could use more entertainment for the younger kids (ages 1-3)



Md Imran Momtaz

Very good place

Donda Walsh

Fun for kids and adults! Staff was very helpful and accommodating. Clean. A place to get rid of a lot of kid energy!

Stacy K

The staff is very helpful and understanding. When I asked for help, the would stop what they were doing and help.

LuvHawaii 96762

The bathrooms are really clean. The workers are so fast to deliver the food and clear the table. Very nice staff. You can tell they have good management.

Lillie Montano

The kids have a blast, but the customer service at the ordering desk was horrible. An older gentleman was not friendly at all and a young lady also working the front was less than welcoming.

Michelle Masters

The place was clean and the staff was friendly but there was an overwhelming amount of flashing lights even going at an off time. The games are crowded together and two machines were not working but still took our tokens. Just about every game in there flashed and made noise whether someone was playing or not. Most games for younger kids involved just sitting or standing and sliding in the token, the only interactive thing I saw was the crawl tube. My kids liked it okay but were like token and ticket zombies after an hour.

Michael Nwaneri

Great experience with the kids today. Lovely place for birthdays. Neat environment. Children looooove it and the food is good. Chuk-E was also adorable. The best most affordable place for children's birthdays, guaranteed!

Steve Reben

Nice place but very expensive to have a birthday party there your better off bringing your own cake

paden posey

It's nice

Todd Wisdom

Great place for kids to have fun. Nice place. Clean... Hourly visits from Chuckee cheese

Joe V

Salad was decent, pizza not so good.

Kyndra Pervel

The service walking in was great! Just need a lil more help when time to check out with tickets

Jonathan Rosseau

How can you go wrong with Chuck-E-Cheese as an adult or as a kid it's a blast I love this place

Alex Ligouri

I just wanted to give a shoutout to tre, who hosted my daughters party today! He did an absolutely amazing job! Made sure we had everything we needed and just super friendly! Thank you for helping her party be perfect!

Norberto Martín del Campo

As any other!! If you buy your play card by time is an extremely excellent dial!

Ary Ordonez

Had so much fun with Jesus

Komari Machida

It was soooooo awesome and pizzas was the best!!! It wasn't that expensive too, so I'd suggest coming here rather than the Tiki place.

Bridget Wilbert

Like the new all u can play system.

chandler white

The smell of feet is still in my nose

rikki Becker

Forgot my purse and they had it safely stored in back for me

Christy Hawkins

Fun and friendly environment. Perfect for kids.

Lyn Wise

I like the refill card update over the coins

Melanie Ledbetter

I never leave reviews but this place deserves a shout out. The employees were so friendly and available (especially Paige he was great)! They were on top of cleaning and disinfecting the games! Our food was great! Basically the best Chuck E. Cheese experience I and the kids have ever had. Thanks a lot!

Kanon 78

I wish i went here for my birthday

Shawn Hernandez

Love the remodel and new games!

Angela Zavala

After the remodel this was my first time being in there! I couldn't believe they removed the stage and animated characters! Besides removing that they also removed the small children play area! Yes, there are quite a few games but they are mostly for older kids and adults! To me it's not anymore a place for children under 8! The guy working behind the toy counter if the parents were not with them he was just throwing what the kids got with their tickets to them! He kept doing this until my husband went up there and stood! One of the kids wanted something in the front of the case and the guy actually complained that he had to bend over to get it! The rest of the staff were super friendly and the place was very nice and clean!

Kaleb Beachner

my uncle had a diabetic stroke in chuck e cheese

Tasha Bates

Fun times

Nate Meier

It's a good place to take 3-5 yr olds. Older than that is probably a stretch?


Where a kid can be a kid... My son had a blast at a birthday party there. Staff was courteous and responsive.

Clorice Denny

Very nice and polite greeted us and they were very extatic!

Brett Campbell

Eduardo M

Little Cesar's should be happy this franchise is not all over the place, they make a mean cheese

Richard Souza


Kathy Duncan

Loved having our birthday party there. Its very good for kids of all ages. Great atmosphere for all ages.

Julie Weiss

Chocolate chip cookie never seem done

Satish Mehra

Excellent place for children's entertainment .

David Lee


Angelique Martinez

It was okay but the pizza tasted disgusting And didnt taste fresh

Kiran Madu

Good option for quick birthday parties but always felt food not up to mark.

juan sifuentes

Kris Papillion

It was great they upgraded the machines but chuckie to a long time coming out

dezi williams

Fun experience kidz loved it very welcoming staff very helpful and friendly

Gretchan Fenske

Their new games are great. Not fond of the new unlimited time play. The kids felt really rushed.

Raesunshine R

A fun inexpensive place to hang out with kids when they are bored abd weather outside is cold.

Latonya Thomas

melissa baker

My daughter and I were just there tonight for her 10th birthday. The bathrooms were dirty and the toilet paper rolls were on the floor, hard to find a spot to eat because tables were still full of trash, and disappointed that some of the games just didn't give tickets after you had won them, and 2 of the ticket munchers (I believe I had seen 4) were full or jammed. This is the first time I had ever gone and it will be the last. Doesn't compare at all to Perfect games. But the pizza was amazing. Good job to whoever made the pizza.

Brittany Spacht

We had fun. And the staff was really nice and friendly!!!

Matt Burns

The younger kids had a blast and even the teenagers didn't entirely hate it. Our party host was great! She was full of spirit, lively, remembered the kids names and did a great job keeping the kids happy. Great for younger kids, up to 10-11.

Chelsea Fisher

Think quality of pizza has upgraded. Liked the crust having garlic and butter. Love they sale beer. Good variety on salad bar. Little upset they removed the free play place. Putting coins on card helps for not dropping or loosing them. Kids entertained. Great coupons online.

ed ryan

The kids love the games . Can be to rowdy for smaller ones

JDaryl M

Took our four grandchildren, ages 10, 8, 5 & 3 there today. Great place, lots of games and other activities for them to do. If you need a place to keep your kids entertained for a few hours, this is a great place to take them. We ended up being there for about 3 1/2 hours and the kids were going nonstop the whole. You can get food there, but our grandkids didn't want to take a break for anything.

Zyre 117

Always been a great place. Changed a lot over the years. They don't serve to your seat anymore which is unfortunate but always a fun time for all.

Roanne King

I've taken my now almost 3 year old grandson several times in the last year. It's never packed, they have many new games for all ages, and many seem to be designed for parents or older helpers to maximize ticket rewards. A timed game card …

dead man

Tokens used to be 4 for a dollar now only 3 for a dollar but still cheaper than D&B or fun factory... Ticket prizes a little weak but still the best deal for the kids to eat and play.

Beth S

Kids always have a fun time and they have dippin dots

Kimberly Kalajian

My grandchildren experienced Chuck E. Cheese for the first time and loved it! We used to spend every birthday there for our youngest child. It was her favorite birthday destination! It cost about $10/hr per child (ages 3 & 5). We spent two hours there. Best time to go: right when they open on a weekday.

Saleh Bahmad

Good place to bring the kids and kill some time with arcades. The food is good but sometime gives me stomachache. Not cheap but my kids loves it.


Went there for my niece and nephews birthday party, my family used their service for it, and the person attending us was amazing. The food was great quality was amazing as well. The security for the kids is well designed to allow for them to have fun without the parents having to follow the kids around.

Shannon Hicks

It was thoroughly enjoyed by my 4 year old. Only *some* of the games were broken and it wasn't too crowded. The pizza was decent and the cheese bread was pretty good. It was clean and the staff was very nice. It was very expensive- but that's expected with a place like that.

Prechus Galloway

The food was fine. The front desk service was great! The women who served us was very friendly and helpful. Chuck E seemed very unenthusiastic when he had to come out to see the kids..but to his defense the kids weren't excited to see him either. He threw about 20 single tickets to the few kids that were around him. The place in a whole could definitely use an upgrade on a lot.

Phillip Simmons

It's cool. Needs an update. A few games either weren't working or the ticket dispenser was defective. All but one ticket counter worked. I didn't eat anything so no feedback on that. Other than these things, the staff was helpful.

Robert Moore

My grandchildren had a great time. We were there for my granddaughter's sixth birthday not for fine haute cuisine. The children seemed to have a fantastic time. The staff did a first rate job although it must require nerves of steel to work in such a noisy environment with hundreds of squealing youngsters running amok.

Micheal Williams

My family and I had really fun time. We went early on a weekday and got an unlimited play pass. It was almost empty which made it that much better because it wasn't crowded lol. It was clean and the service was super friendly

Jan Relacion

Friendly staff. They were well aware of safety hazards as well as irresponsible parents letting their toddlers run around w/o supervision. They have pizza, salad bar *get the $7.99* and load it, dip &dots and chicken wangz. Found a coupon $27.99 + 40 tokens with a large 1 topping pizza.

Kiara Tolbert

Kids had fun, however alot of the game just took our point, didn't have ticket, or didn't function properly.

Tychell Johnson

The tall black manager was very helpful! The black woman general manager. Was quite rude and even told the guy he was being too helpful in front of us. We had s great time and created a party for my son

Ryan McEvoy

I have been stuck in the ball pit for 78 years now. I have enjoyed every second!

Corey H

This is a good chuck e cheese to take your kids to. They have a good amount of games and rides for them. Its never super crowded. Some times on the weekends it can be packed. But not as bad as others I’ve been to. The employees here are usually pretty friendly as well.

Nayomi Sapphira Israel

It is smaller. Perfect size for the little ones. Great staff! Clean! Pizza fresh & hot. Stocked salad bar. Unlimited 1hr of games for $14.99 what a deal.

Heidi Soleymani

Kid check ensures your kids don't leave the premises without you. 100 free tokens with pizza purchase is way more than we can use in one visit, with two kids. We have 5-year-old twin girls, and they are occupied for hours.

Carmelita Pearl Pearl

Great place for kids and family fun filled day

Tori White

Fun and great place to bring the kids

Rivera Lulú

Fun for children's !!

Don Dudley

The grandkids had fun.

Candace Morrison

Had a great time at Karson's Party! Thank you so much!

Travis Hamilton

They took the play area out. But they put in more seating. If they had a larger facility they would have both. The food is MUCH better than it use to be therefore the true rating I would give it a 4.5

Andrea Jackson

Had fun with my kiddos

Feryal Cubukcu

Not suitable for toddler of 18 to 24 months. Admittedly, i was expecting to find more rides that would be suitable for my baby girl.

Double B Gaming

Really good time spent here, good customer service and all around great experience.

Dustin The explorer

i don’t care what they say CHUCK CHEEZE is still the best place ever

Melisa Rozanski

Fun place for the kids! Definitely keeps them entertained. Lots of games and rides for the smaller kids. Yummy food! A bit pricey, but that is the price you pay for being able to get the kids out to do something where they can have just about as much fun as an amusement park, but while staying warm in the winter :)

Ashley Mathis


the staff was awesome , but our food took years before it came out , but they apologized and and were very good about it.

Meme Jumah

Fun place to play with youtlr kids from 4 yo 11 years old and there is pizza resturant to eat with place to celebrate birthdays

Chelsea Anderson

The Englewood location manager is rude & unhelpful. The point of me coming here was so I could work while my kids played, but their wifi is not working. The manager's exact words were, "that's not my problem." when I asked for help & told him there wifi kept giving the error "no internet access with chuck e cheese guest wifi." To top it off, the place is trashed despite only being open for 30 minutes today. Skip this overpriced cesspool & go to the park.

Rhonda Lick

Great place

Cheryl Linafelter

Good place for birthday partys and kids

Sarah D

Don't recommend this place

Ronna Jones

Very good and my littles had a great time playing in the jungle gym and all the games. The pizza was very tasty!

Takis Poulopoulos

We had both our kids birthdays here this year, on in August, and the other one yesterday. We had a great experience both times. The girls/hostesses are awesome. They are very friendly, patient, and are wonderful with the kids. Thanks from the Poulopoulos family for showing us and our kids such a great time!

Meg A

Clean, very friendly staff! They made my 4 year olds bday easy for me and fun for the kids!

Kama Lsim

Great place to bring kids. Not much of selection on food but overall good

Suga Shane

Grant Evans

My kids loved it, but they are overpriced and the pizza isnt that great.

Hillary Horror

5$ for a tiny little kids drink

Joshua Westra

Great price and value for playing the games. Plus there are always coupons on the Chuck E Cheeses website for cheaper play cards. During weekday you play all games based on time on the card instead of points or credits. The food is delicious and a small selection of beer and wine available as well. The staff are all friendly and helpful.

Logan Stepp

Hawaii has the worst chuck e cheese's. this place smelled like cat urine and I'm still upset with the concept of per plate pricing on the salad bar.

Jenny Hausmann

Great workers there just not enough to check on all the machines that were down or not working properly. Clean facility and would definitely go again!

Brooks Warden

We just went to play the games with my step son. It was clean and packed

Joseph Stone

Great place to take the lil one's and let them have fun

Marlene Sorensen

It was good (pizza) kids had fun. I think its expensive if u dont have coupons. Salad bar expensive, so didnt get one. ($8)

Janaina Praça

Really bad service and games are really boring also food takes a long to come to the table and they need better people to work there.

Linda Donnelly

Hannah Bear

Decent place for the kids. Prices are high

Christine Levi

Went today for a birthday party. First, their soda machines weren't working. So upon arrival, our party was notified that all they offered to drink was water (even though the birthday package was purchased and soda is included). Instead of alerting party goers before the party they decided to not say anything until we showed up. These issues apparently started yesterday. Management should have purchased 2 liters for the already booked parties instead of basically telling us oh well deal with it. One of the parents had to go to Walmart for 2 liters. The staff was incredibly rude and treated us as if we were an inconvenience to them. Multiple games were broken with no warning to the kids so tokens were wasted. The party was supposed to start at 11 and despite showing up at 10:45 as requested, we didn't receive our token cards until 11:15. Staff providing eye rolls free of charge was really the cherry on top.

Kewania Calahan

My son had a blast!!

Jose Ra

Pasamos un buen rato divertido para mis hijos

Gabriel Grinsteiner

Pizza: Crust 4/5 Sauce 3/5 Cheese 4/5 Price 2/5 Service 2/5

Irma Gonzalez

My 3 year old doesn't understand why there are no more coins! The new card system is not good. If you are holding the card near some games it automatically plays the game and drains your card.. kind of a scam! Buffet is OK not much other than a few pizza's, lettuce and crutons for a salad! Nothing to add to the salad

Velvet Overkil

Its basically a place devoted to mayhem. If you come early, it's a place with mediocre food, quiet, like an early morning coffee before the show begins. Wait 30 minutes and utter bedlam; jammed to the gills with people, kids galore, and it's as noisy as it was quiet before.

Patrick Ley

Very, very understaffed. Slow service and unable to redeem any tickets without waiting for about 30 minutes.

Dan Fisklements

I went with a 3 year old, it was kinda depressing. The food was ok, but there was no ball pit or climbing structure.

Vanessa Rodriguez

Good place but the machines are rigid

Steven Wood

The general manager of this establishment is the reason I left three stars. The two stars that are missing are due to the employees that are under general management.

Theodore Vollentine Jr.

We had a blast from the past# lol

Dianna Trehy

It was quite for a Friday night. The staff was great. As usual you have the rude parents just letting the kids be rude

Mallory Romano

Very nice, but I think Chuck E. Cheese’s is mostly ages 2-8

George Darlington

Went to my grand daughter's birthday party there. I for one don't think they should serve beer at a kids birthday party

Felicity Halo

Nice experience, have service people.

Melissa white

Stuffed crust pizza was great

Cassandra Kodama

It's fun and they really treat u like family

Andres Chapa

Nice friendly enviroment.

Gabii Torres

Sign is currently down but it is still open they're just renovating the place. Great service and friendly staff

Shawn Arnett

Kay Hanlon

Great customer service

Eugene Turnbull

Good for kids birthday party

Bo Rodriguez

Great place for the kids

Dave Crego

Kids loved it . They made a big cake mess but the staff didn't mind . Chucky made an appearance and it made the Kids night . manager( don't remember her name) was awesome and let my daughter round up points for a prize. We will be back

Damalyn Matthews

I have all my kids birthday partys there because they are still little and they love it ! The food is a 50/50 chance of being good though !

Ciera Adversalo

Lots of games and you only need one token for each game! You'll be in there for hours!

Sehara Natural

Everyone who works there is nice and helpful but Amna is the best. My grandson loves her and hug her each time he sees her.

Stephanie Mack

It was nice

Byron English

Excellent service and food.

Trinith Mournsoul

Still sitting here an hr later with no food. I mean it's 3rd rate food, it's not worth the wait. The new game credit system seems legit trading that out now. But this place bites if your trying to eat as well. Get the salad bar, less wait, really not that bad.

Juana Aguilar

Hana Dabit

The kids love it, and thats all that matters!

Ricky Gladney

The kids love it and ok I love it too.

gina sandoval

Horrible haven't been here for a long time and they really need adults working here to supervise the young teens working here, they have horrible customer service. The tables are filthy. All the young teens working there are in the kitchen instead of doing their job. Soda machine was out of ice for several hours trash was also around the soda machine not sanitary, trash in the cotton candy maker machine.. salad bar was empty half of the time and when asked if they can put more food the teens just walked away with a bad attitude because they had to work... Corporate really needs to step in and take control.

David Steen

Pizza was ok as expected. The staff sucked. I am a 30 something year old and took my girlfriend out for a ski ball challenge and it was like pulling teeth getting any customer service. Would not recommend. I gave my tickets to a 3 year old and I hope he had a better day than us.

Wil Mcafee

My daughter loves this place. Food is ok if you are a kid. I have no complaints.

Stefan Loper

Good place to bring the kids for a fun afternoon. Friendly staff and decent food. Only casino I know of that doesn't give you free drinks while you're playing the games.

Suzanne Zimmerman

Very clean, friendly staff, good pizza and fun for our grand daughter

Dave Noonan

Wow, a Chuck E Cheese visit that wasn't a nightmare. Previously I hated this place. Too noisy and a general disaster. I was very pleasantly surprised this time. They've dropped the tokens in favor of a card that allows unlimited play for a fixed period, it's a _much_ better system. The volume seemed a little lower. The pizza was passable. Definitely improved.

Morgan Beck

I was pleasantly surprised by how clean this place was. The one that we used to go to in Arvada was run down, dirty and overall just not a great experience. But this place had lots of space for all the kids to run around. We let the girls play unlimited for 45 minutes and only paid ~$32 total. We didn't eat any of the food but the girls had a great time and that's all that matters. The only place I could see improvement being made was the restrooms. I know it's hard when little kids don't flush the toilets but two of the three stalls were almost overflowing with TP and human waste. Only one of the paper towel dispensers worked.

Christopher Lutzow

I mean, it's Chuck e cheese. They have smartened up and the kids can play by the minute, instead of by the game. So, $15 for 45 minutes of unlimited play was perfect for my six year old.

Angel Zavala

It was good although all the workers look like highschool kids they try.

Cindy Hare

My son LOVES the band. The other Chuck E Cheese's closer to our house have gotten rid of the big stage and band. We will continue to make the 5 hour drive once a month to visit. So please keep the stage. :)

Peggy Burton

We loved it

Delaine Nini

Calm. Easy going atmosphere. The earlier in the day you go, the better. My son loves Chuck E Cheese's. The pizza stuffed with cheese is amazing!

Randy Rentrop

So old school you know where you need to go for some fun sector 6 trampoline park in New Orleans or even better the new trampoline park in Slidell it's called Altitude it's the best

Junior Mcguffin

Hannah Borst

Although it was fun and the food was okay, some things definitely need updated or fixed. Quite a few games only gave 1 or 3 tickets when we were supposed to get more. Still a fun place for the kids!

Anthony Campbell

Awesome place to take the kids

MIB Mr. Inurstate Bridges

Very great service and management team

Semica Henderson

The staff is always friendly and full of advise. We all enjoy the atmosphere...

Stephanie Merchant

Tiffini Tate

Ashley LaCombe

My 4 year old loves it. What can I say

Matthew L. Silverman

Arcades and games for the elementary aged kids. Nice and clean.

Luis Carlos Llanas

Great place to throw a children's party!!! Love coming here... A hick up here and there but everything was great in the end...

Jerrard Kiko

Chuck E. Cheese is an establishment majority of us 90s kids adore and to this day, the staff is more than welcoming as they smile and ensure that everyone within the facility maintains a positive attitude and safe environment for the keiki. Although, other than the staff being amazing, the games could get a better maintenance schedule, and an update or remanufacturing of the games and rewards could be implemented.

Erica Miller

The only reason they are even getting 3 stars is because my kids had fun and they fixed it, sort of (I mean come on, half of the point of having a party at Chuck E Cheese is so most of the stress is on their shoulders, not yours!). We had a party there. They didn't bring us enough play passes, they brought the wrong pizza, they brought the wrong cake, they took away souvenir cups, and I had to search out the employees and argue with them! I will not have another birthday party there for a long time. To be fair, they didn't charge me for the cake and they did fix the pizza and play pass, but I ended up being more stressed than I would have if I had done the party myself. I am so disappointed.

Kalyn Merrifield

This place is germ infested rip off. The whole by the hour way to buy play time is not reasonable. It was packed and not easy to play games you want to play. The prizes are a joke. Payed $75 for a piece of tiny candy and a slinky... idk step up your prize game chuckE cheese. Get some better games. And some more reasonable prices.

Bethany Bagwell

Kids loved live Chucky!

Angel Turner

I love taking my grandchildren to Chuck-E-Cheese they love it and they have a lots of fun also a good way for me to spend time and spoil my grandchildren. The whole staff is absolutely wonderful. I love the breadsticks very delicious but my grandchildren and I don't care for the pizza. But other than that nice friendly to go.

Jay Block

Great place great location

Nantha forwhat

Nice staff...awesome place to 1st time bringing my kids here n they loved fun fun

S Campbell

Attended my great niece's birthday party. We had a nice time, it's great for the children! Our assigned hostess was very helpful. The only negative thing is my niece was afraid of Chuck E. Cheese!

Dominic Mickelson

Friendly staff. Ordered pizza and wings. Wings came out and server said problems with pizza so came out about 10 minutes later. Should of held all back or comped something. Lack of games and variety. Seems to be a smaller Chuck E Cheese location.

Parker Russell

Great place for kids

shane scherer

Recently updated, the staff was great pizza was pretty good I reccomend the thin crust.

Samuel Fowler

Jessica Patton

Sally Christine Fryer

It's a good place to spend a couple hours with your kids. I can't give it 5 stars because they've recently changed how they charge for games and it ends up being twice as much as it was before.

Monica Espinosa Ornelas

Had a blast for my grandsons 1st birthday. Staff was awesome.

Julius Cannon

Angelica Gile

Horrible customer service! We don't usually go to Chuck E. Cheese very often and definitely won't be returning any time soon. We purchased two 30 minute play cards but we only used one. So when we went back a couple weeks later, we intended to use the card we saved. They failed to mention the time cards expire the day they are issued and refused to reload the card even though you could pull up the history and see the card was never used. "The cashier should have told us they expire same day" but they didn't and it doesn't say that anywhere in the store, on the cards, or on the receipt. The manager had an attitude and flat out refused to make it right.

Erick Straghalis

Not the Chuck E. Cheese of your childhood... no gross ball pit anyway. Updated video games use a near field card instead of coins, you can preload money or recharge the card using a kiosk. Lots of games were either not working or couldn't give out tickets... and there was no one on the floor to help. The place felt woefully understaffed for a Saturday afternoon. Pizza was mediocre at best


Great workers liked the games they had good food and a lot of drinks to pick and this is a place I would recommend

Ross Mockler

Nice staff!

Javier Sanchez

I'm fairly positive every kid there was having a blast. The games were fun and the pizza was surprisingly good.

Allan V

Great for kids, the pizzas ok.

Ratnadevi Battula

Very nice both kids and adults can have fun

Verónica BustosBittner

Much Nicer than it used to be, new games and card system is so much simple

Leonardo Aguilera Morales

(Translated by Google) I think he needs a little more games (Original) Creo que le falta un poco más de juegos

Orphius News Channel

Cheap chaos....lost a shoe to the abyss but the kid had fun.

Phillip Brazil

After a news article refusing to service police officers that have their guns on them is messed up. I will not ever go to any chucky cheese anywhere until your location services these people who protect you even if they have their guns on them. I fully support all OFFICERS THROUGHT THE USA AND FOR YOU TO REFUSE SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE WHO PROTECT YOU IS CRAZY AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Corina Andersen

Great staff. Fun for little one

tanjanicka burt

JT Lott

Fun as it should be for children to mid-teens

Karen K

Had a great time playing games! They messed up our pizza but it was still good.

Danyelle Kimble

My kids had a blast

Buffy Hall

Great place for the kids!

Tanisha Keller

Rob Voss

Kind of sad that I have been a fan for over 20 years. The service is bad and the games are all out of tickets. The pizza has also gone downhill. They need to hire way more people.

Joanie Scott

Awesome deal and not to many people there so we had a great time

soaring book

Great Place to take Your Grandchildren..

M Williams

Went there for my nephews 5th birthday. Slight confusion of which theme I guess we ordered but the staff fixed it quickly with no problems. Tia, lady who helped with the party, was amazing. She made sure everyone was taken care of and helped with everything. We never felt rushed like other people are complaining. Actually the party was from 10-12 and they let us keep the table till past 1. Didnt feel hot either but really with tons of kids blasting energy I wouldnt be suprised if it would be on the warm side. They do seemed a bit understaffed as when it came time for the kids to pick the prizes it was about 10mins. Manager was cool since we were a few tickets short for a prize but she let them have it. Will be having many more birthday parties as this establishment and hopefully get Tia aswell.

Kerry Reeves

Kids love it and the salad bar is surprisingly good.

Curtis Donaldson

My daughter loves it

chance westbrook

Worst one I've been to laziest damn employees I've ever seen

Lacie Ahrens

It's so much nicer since they have remodeled!! The place is cleaner and just so much more welcoming! Plus the same great tasting pizza as always!!

Michael Paxton

Only good thing about this place is games for kids. Pizza is sub par. Place is expensive to me.

Hester Jones

Catherine Whisenand

The kids love to play here!

Aaron Sibs

The place was way too crowded for the employees to be slacking off like they were. 3 of the games we tried had to be shut down because of a malfunction, and not only that, there wasn't even enough space in the venue to move around without having to bump into someone else. Every time we needed assistance with a game that wasn't working, it would take at least 7 minutes before help would come. After we were done with the games, we realized that 8 out of the 10 ticket counters were down so we had to wait yet again for one of the 2 ticket counters. Then we realized that despite spending nearly $150 on tokens, we received about $2 in prizes. Chuck E. Cheese can make profit, but this experience was just horrendous.

Tams Thomason

Mark M

Our family had a great time. The team was very friendly and helpful. Chuck was awesome and very entertaining and his helpers were very spirited.

Dede Richards

Great fun, great pizza

Ka Ha

Clean and great staff. Only issue was a few games/rides were not working. Kids loved it!

alicia fuentes

Well we asked for paw patrol one of two cakes but instead got pj mask instead on both Cakes. Asked for six candles was given five.

steve shultz

Decent place to take kids. Food is overpriced, and bland. All you can play is worth it.

Tina Simpson

Very fun place to go

julie adams

Cold pizza and mountain dew did not taste right very disappointed

Ian Ballantyne

Man I love me some ski ball! My son had a blast

Amy Carter

Had an awesome time

Julie Mackey

Good times

Felix Justin Time

Plenty of fun for the kids. Staff is amazing

Michael Bates

It's different since the stage isn't there anymore Removing the Characters wasn't a good idea in my opinion....

Randall Hill

It was fun for all of us, our kids and us parents. The kids played while the adults talked.

Don Boocher

Very dirty pizza bar practices .. no training or the wouldn't do the things I just seen , makes me sick ... nasty ...

Young Oh

Dirty, unorganized and bad service. Several games weren't even working and just took your tokens with no signs posted. Never would plan a party for the kids ever again.

Samuel Hartley

Very family oriented

Kaneshia Wagner

My son Love it.. Low on staff earlier during the day. But overall its Chuck e cheese!

Jerry Collins

Pizza sucks games are a scam always lands on 1 ticket no matter the game but the kids love it and have fun playing

Laila Clements

Pat Bertroche

Good place to burn 60 bucks on kid's games. The pizza is much better than the last time I was here 20 years ago. Upgraded games. Fun!

Scott Dearman

Nice place for kids. However, a fist fight broke out while we were there.

Bill Reffitt

Large location, clean, great variety of games. Friendly staff and good food.

Kanthony Fletcher


This place sucks. Never again. If you get salad bar you must get a new plate well there's never anyone there to give you a new plate. During the day the managers sit in the front of the salad bar tables talking about how she's going to get surgery on her wrist. While the person at the front checking numbers is asking if she can sit. AND HER SITTING DOWN WAS DENIED.The girl at the front looks Asian with really long hair always looks miserable. You ask for a anything she rolls her eyes. Do yourself a favor and go to McDonalds instead because the customer service is horrible here. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!!

Jackie Freeman

My grandson enjoys the games where a kid can be a kid

Monster Bowfishing

Awesome time with the kids, they made some improvements and done a wonderful job with the upgrades. No more animatronics but a real chucky comes out and does a little show about every 30 mins or so with other little friends. The kids loved it they got to dance and hang out with the actors for pictures and things very fun. The pizza is excellent now they improved that as well!!!. Wer had one little hiccup that management corrected instantly. We bought one lunch buffet for 7 bucks at 2:07 problem is it ended at 2:00 the cashier never should have sold it to us. So needless to say after getting one plate of food they started to clean it up, realizing their mistake they gave us a free large deluxe pizza and a full dessert pizza on the house. Super great experience will go again soon! Thanks chucky lol

Lee-Ann Amina

Great Place for Children

Michael D. Todd

Lots of fun but the prices are WAYYYYY TOO HIGH!!!

Robin Mackintosh

It is a fun place for kid's birthdays however it takes a very long time for them to make your food. The games kept breaking while people were playing them. Love the mouse.

Brittany Fagan

My kids loved it, however I didn't about 20% of the games were not working. 20% was out of tickets. We were there for a party so it was free. However I felt bad for them we waited almost and hour for them to come with the cards, that was annoying all the kids were getting bored. I wasn't the happiest camper since they spent so much money. The table wasn't even set up when we got there they were just starting. Ugh.

Jeremy Harrington

Well well well laid-out area great for young kids birthday party.

Debra Stone

It's a great outlet for the kids after being stuck in the house due to the rain.

Polly Fields

Great buffet and warm friendly staff! Had a great time!

Mr. Noneyabidness

I love Chucky, the pizza, and wings are good too.

Josh M

Place is loud and kids are crazy. It's pretty much exactly as a place designed for kids is supposed to be. The prizes in the case arent worth much unless you get a huge amount of tickets. Pizza was mediocre.

Quese Phareal

My youngest loves this place. Its always crowded seems like every time we go.

Noah Kumin

First things first the PIZZA tastes like pizza! This is a bad place

Pleshetta Jackson

Prices to high and service was slow, but my kids had enjoyed themselves.

Aarron Fernald

First time for daughter was good just wish after the birthday song cc did he walk around and visit for a few

Archie Norton

Great hot dogs best pepperoni pizza they have. and also I like the bowling

Arlen Ramirez

good place to take the kids!!!!


Very nice people and they go out of there way to help the kids

Iamblessed Elsey

This is the best place to celebrate kids bday. This is where I did my sons 2nd bday. He had lots of fun

Joshua Sheldon

Chucky Cheese stepped it up with their pizza. I've been their in the past and was very disappointed. Stopped there last week for a last minute b-day party and the pizza was great.

Martina Ubochi

A place where kids live their best lives, and some adults too!

Monica King-Blackwell

Fun Fun Fun place to bring the kids and grab a bite

Ellen Hoover

The pizza was good!

Linda Porter

Had a grt time with my grandson

Wanda Bayley

The pizza is okay, not the best by no means.. little games that kids may like to get tickets to get junk to throw away.. I guess it's okay to go to once a year..

Veronica Guy

Very overpriced, especially in this day and time and Groupon! I took my grandchildren there but end up leaving. Found a Groupon for 33 bucks for 4 passes unlimited games at Dave and Busters.

Barry Drake

My niece had her birthday party there. She had a great time. The staff were friendly and helpful. Excellent place ! Everyone had fun including the adults.

David Frazier

Fun for kids. Pizza isn't the best, salad bar is fair... But the kids can have fun! It is a bit pricey though

Linda Sanchez

I was so excited for this day! To celebrate our daughter's 5th birthday who wouldn't be?? I wish I would have just celebrated at home. Worst experience ever hands down. For starter's We were really rushed through the whole thing. We didn't get that personal birthday happiness with our daughter it sucked so bad. And icing on the cake I was screamed at by a staff member named Nancy. She was so unprofessional! She started talking to her boss about how we were a rude family and needed to hurry up and pay our bill and get out of the party room. And her boss did nothing! Shocking to have received this type of treatment. When I approached her boss Ruben he stated understanding but also said he couldn't do anything about it! Imagine that....Spending over 250 bucks for that kind of service. I was so disappointed and disgusted with the way my family and I were treated. Never again will I go here. Nor would I recommend this place for a birthday party. A memory that was supposed to be fun and exciting was turned into something horrible! Worst part was her boss allowing that kind of customer service in a place that's a family zone!!!

Chris Adebayo

On weekends please ensure that all games are working. More small kid rides

M. Irfan Ali

Always kid friendly. The food is reasonable. Every so often, you'll encounter children begging for tokens. That's not so much the fault of the establishment establishment, however. If you sign up for the online deals, you can easily get 150 tokens. That's good enough for 2 hours of entertainment for the kids.

Mike H

Very busy on the weekends. Seem a bit under staffed during the week. If planning a birthday party I recommend at least calling ahead.

Ginger Dougal

Very over priced. Salad and olives on salad bar bad.

Lilly Armstrong

I had never been to one of these before - I was pleasantly surprised. The place was spotless, all the games worked and were very clean, the staff was super helpful and organized - food was surprisingly good too. It was really nice to have games and activities for my 2 & 3 year old as well, which I was not expecting. Even the check in/out system they have for kid safety was wonderful and unexpected. I was sort of dreading going there, but I would definitely go back based on my experience this time around.

Esmeralda Valdez-Negri

Was fun and pizza was good!

Joe Hulett

Fun fun run to the fun fun this place was fun fun so don't go in that sun sun, come in here where there's fun fun. N-stuff

Brent Sanford

Good salad bar and the kids have a great time.

Chris Allers

Guy who is in charge was super nice. Place is super clean. Pizza is great. Kids had a wonderful time. Great job management. All employees were busy working and seemed happy. Will be back soon I'm sure.

Rosemary Gardenbrock

Went to celebrate our nieces 2nd birthday and it was great!! The staff were on point and very accommodating to the children, which made it way more enjoyable for the grownups!!! Worth every penny to not have to clean up after a bunch of little kids... And the long post-sugar rush naptime afterwards was an extra bonus!!!

Amy Uttenreuther

Years ago we were unimpressed with the

SeanWolf The Soldier of God

Awesome place, very fun atmosphere, super cool staff.

Nick isa

First time after years of absence. absolutely enjoy the modern toy's I could say it was a great time no big kids which is plus. I would definitely be taking my kids back

Brenda Dailey

Was invited to a 4 year olds birthday party... The kids had lots of fun... Pizza was decent. There was a nice area to have the party.

brad n

google user

DeAnn Keo

Best value for entertaining children

Mitchell Smith

My daughter loves this place and the pizza is surprisingly good

Erik Hill

Took my kid there for her birthday. About 1/3 of the arcade machines failed for a variety of reasons when I was there. One game needed a reboot, two others took my daughter's coins without registering a credit, etc. My daughter had a good time anyway, mostly because I chased her around the whole time getting help fixing issues as they came up! Food is unpalatable for adults, bring a snack if you are going to be there for a while. Service is friendly and atmosphere is fun for children, which is why this got two stars instead of the one it might otherwise have deserved.

Nikki Bordelon

My daughter and I had a blast here. I'd give it a 5 star but while we were playing the games, somebody picked up our pizza that was on the table! I had half of a pizza still. The manager said they need to clean the tables every couple of hours and I shouldve had it in a to go box. She offered me an individual pizza instead.

Justin Robert

My kids love it

Ryan Jegla

Great place to take my kids. Plan to eat ahaed though the food is rather on the pricey side.

Casey Davis

Great place

Michael J Henderson Jr

I was very satisfied with my experience here, the evening manager a young lady was very attentive to everyone and worked very hard. We have had not so pleasant experiences at the Lone Tree location and also the Aurora location so it was nice to have a great time in a CLEAN and CONTROLLED environment! Also to anyone reading this yes Chuck E Cheeses is a place for kids to let loose but still for the sake of everyone around you mind your children, correct them when necessary and then Have Fun by teaching them instead of letting them cut in line, hog certain games and rides, and pushing and shoving.......Thank You and Enjoy!!!


The kids love and I mean love going here I hate it the fact that the pizza tastes like cardboard and ketchup isn't helping but the thing is the games were always a quarter and advertised as so is an irritation to me now that although you still can get tokens for a quarter and even twenty cents the fact that they quietly hid the price of the token in the token machine is sneaky to me.

Alice Ellazar

We live close by the dillingham CEC so we bring our grandkids there alot. It really helps to download a coupon from their website.

Sergey Sagan

Pretty good stuff for younger kids. Feels so dated now... still rear projection TVs? Feels like little has been updated in 20 years.

DenVer De Leon

The prizes are horrible

Will Y.

Fantastic place to take li'l kids, it's affordable and they have good pizzas.

Rich Green

Son loves it, so that is all that matters

ליאת בן צבי

I ordered a birthday package that the description on the website sounds very tempting and in reality it is not worth the price at all, the girl who was attached to me to guide me and help me in my birthday is not kind and helpful I should have looked for her at any moment. I closed there because my friends closed in there and allowed them to bring kosher food because we are Jews and I was forbidden to bring, and the price of your food is outrageous, nothing went well, everything was a disappointment

Best Player

The best place ever

Lainey Floyd

I played as many games as the kids did!

Anthony Morris

The bathrooms were disgusting

Amanda Felton


abir madi

We had my son's 7 years birthday! It wasn't too crowded and the kids had fun. Prices are affordable and there is a big selection of arcades for all ages, even for my 15 months kids. They only take cash for tips and also the platters they picture on the menu are 4 times bigger than what you actually get!!!

Athena Valdez

Pizza was great. Kids had fun. Didn't get to use all of the points on our card and they didn't give us anything for those points. It is what it is. My kids do want to go back. They wanted to go back the next day. Lol!


Great place my son absolutely loved it we were there for his 5th birthday and he had a great time

connor burgett

Pizza has improved. Kids loved it. Still hearing about the birthday party weeks later.

Rhonda Jones

A place for fun and family. I love it.

Courtney Gear

I love it !!!!!!!!!!

Luzviminda Skinner

A good place for family


Lots of fun, game prices are reasonable.

Amanda Williams

Venkatthiviya N

Had to wait a long time at entry door, no staffs turned up to sign us in, finally I approached the front counter. Most of the ticket counting machines didn't work, poor maintenance. Not secured, no one at exit to verify stamp. Have been to this place earlier but this time(June 6) was a bad experience.

Daniela Naranjo

We ordered on line and when we got there they said that they never got the order and we had already payed ,so we had to wait for 1hr

Fraundla Washington

Everything was great and done in a Professional manner!!

Pushpak Nandedkar

Great new system of replacing coins with cards.. No broken games and good service..

Shonia Gaston

Fun place to take kids. They don't want to leave

Sara F

Staff are great. Only 1 game wasn't working. Salad bar was fresh

Kalai Poaha

Smaller than pearl city one but not as crowded.

Lisa Scheidel

No more tokens. You pay for credits that are put on a card which you scan at every ride or game. You also only get a certain amount of time to use these credits which didn't work well for us!! I paid $21 for 68 credits and only had 1 hour to use them, we ran out of time! He had fun, but not fair that you have to rush and are not able to take your time.

Michael Broy

Terrible experience for a pickup order. Was supposed to be ready at 810pm. Was told it would be 5 more minutes when I arrived but ended up being a 35 minute wait. Why say it would be ready at a certain time when they know it won't be.

Fluffy Bǝar

Very delicious pizza! Good games! Wonderful thank you Chuck e cheese

Imani Jordan

Had an amazing time with my 2 year old, the food was delicious I probably ate a whole pizza pie alone from the buffet

Charity Smith

Went to a birthday party they were on top of all of it serving cleaning ext

Mike Mitchell

Just do it! For your kids sake. Although this time we went was very crowded and they were very short staffed... machines were not working correctly and not handing out tickets... they had no one there to fix them. Some very upset customers. Usually A terrific place for you kids or grandkids.

Joshua Caterino

Great time for the entire family.

Claudia Villegas

It's alot of money and a lot of the games didnt work but none of the employees knew how to fix them

Denis Cournoyer

Best pizza in town and is filled with entertainment!

Zachary Taylor

Lisa Crawford

My baby's favorite place

Drop Dead Fred

Kids contracted RSVP twice from this location. Nor cleaning properly nor using antimicrobial disenfectant

Lisa Smith

lower the prizes amount of tickets to earn them or change the prizes little kids don't play that hard to earn 200 tickets for something so not worth it like a bouncy ball

Thomas Nichols

Apparently we had a party when they were short staffed, but I showed up early to get setup, and my wife showed up with the kids at 10. We were still waiting on the play cards at 10:20. The hostess acted like no big deal, and no rush to do anything. The managers tried to make it right, and the hostesses were nice, just incompetent. Overall the kids had a blast and that is all that matters.

Megan Karakash

Had my daughter's 3 year birthday party here. We weren't able to reserve a table because we only had 2 kids there, but we had fun playing and the food was decent.

Makana Apuna

Make the best of it

Sophia Khaled

The employees were very helpful and friendly. They advised cheaper ways to buy food and tokens for the large party we were with. We ALL had a blast!!

John DeMorrow

2 yr old granddaughter had great time and pizza was good too!

marita clifford

Celebrating my son's 8th birthday he and his sister had plenty to do.

Shannon Gilmer

Updated ticket system. Had rides that would often not work but there was technician on staff. Pizza was good and hot. Prize staff person was not warm but did give you what you wanted. Was not rude.

Cheryl Oglesby

I love when my daughters ask me to take or come with them to take my grandkids to play here. Always easy and cheap to have a good time here. Came with my daughter, three of our grandkids, and $40 one time , we were set for fun all day. We just sit back and relaxed next to the merry go round with our youngest while the older two did their own things. Great place, and always such sweet young staff more than willing to try and make your time there better.

Ricardo Lechero

Nathan Stegeman

Great family fun. Super affordable with timed play now offered.

Travis Austin

I order kids nugget an small salad!

Jenell Mejia

It gets busy but if you go online they have coupons. I LOVE that the toddler area is a good decent size with just enough fun and games/rides.

Karen Sloan

Porsha Ingram

Lyndsay Carrigee

We absolutely LOVE Chuck E Cheese. My son asks to go here at least twice a week. The Gulfport, MS location is the absolute best! They are always updating their games and most of the games only cost 1 play point whereas others locations we have visited charge 2 points per game. This makes it more worth the value. Furthermore, the staff at the Gulfport location are AMAZING. they are so nice and helpful and always go out of their way to take care of their guests. My son has had 3 birthday parties at this location and the staff are just wonderful to him. He has autism and has a few sensory issues that the staff go out of their way to accommodate. Members of management, maintenance, and regular staff members know us by name and always take the time to say hello and give my kids an extra smile. And the icing on the cake for me is the cleanliness! There is always a staff member walking around dusting, wiping down games, or sweeping up the location. Now that they have a rewards program, the value of our visits has easily doubled. They are always offering new coupons and the food has really improved over the years. All in all this is a one stop treat for the kids and and a great reprieve for Mom.

jon hines

Over priced circle of greasy garbage. With over priced wilted grass on their "salad bar" which is basically nonexistent.

Clifford Wooden, Jr

All you can play pricing is great!!!!

Lakettia Martins

Clean and staff is amazingly helpful.

Amanda Crosby


Charles Storm

My Niece had a Great time she says she can't wait until we can go back.

Tiyanna Black

I really love chuck e cheese because when my ma took me and my sister and brother also my other sister and brothers by my daddy we had an good and fun time akdo the food was great plus its inside the Albany mall

Lisa Sumrall

Great family place

Jon Ringleka

Staff wasn't very friendly. Food was mediocre.

Jay Hall


Lucas Morrell

Great place to take the kids.

Joy Everhard

Grand babies love to celebrate birthdays here! It is pretty easy for mom and dad too. No mess, kiddos play games get fed, whole family has a great time

Jennifer Hodge

Had a blast with my children while passing through town.

Jayme Marquardt

All my kids enjoy it here. It is clean and food is tasty. Most of the staff are nice but some could use more training.

Kevin Cherry

Friendly staff. Had lots of fun. I had to take away a star due to a few machines not working

Raymond Vessell

This location seemed a little cramped but the kids loved it

Alberto Gonzalez

Bueno para los niños solo falta un poco de variedad de comida o jugos para los niños

Raymond Gladden

Had quite a lot of fun and it was a very inexpensive date

Gloria Garibay

Nice place, however it smelled like they had a gas leak... it needs to be checked

Joy Mitchell

Way overpriced. But the kids love it. Food sucks.

Therisa Holcomb

We had a great time today, I even played with my babies

Don Jones

Good place to bring children

Megan Sward

Wuletawe Bezabe

Brittany Strickland

Naimah Toon-Rashid

I mean. It's not the Chuck E Cheese I grew up with. But hey. My nephew turned 7

Mopar Man

Took the kids here they had a blast. Great way to let them blow off steam in the winter months. A few of the games were down though not a huge deal but still is why I'm giving 4 stars.

Joshua Richardson

Great place to bring the kids

Lauren Linnebur

Experience but fun for the kids

April Moore

I'm very happy with this location. Planned my daughters BIRTHDAY here like we have 4 times before, got the $20 a kid with 600 play point not knowing they changed there games from 1 point a game to almost 20points a game. If I had known I would of paid the extra $5 a kid to have unlimited games for 2 hrs per kid. I talked to the manager and she fixed it all. I went from freak out mode to very happy with my daughter BIRTHDAY turn out. It was awesome and Will be happy to return.

Paul Parker


Rosealyn Woods

The ENTIRE STAFF was Amazing! They made Me and My Family feel "Right At Home"...My GrandChildren had the BESTEST TIME EVER!!! And the Pizza was Delicious!!!

Stephanie Adelman

We went for a birthday party. The staff was friendly and the pizza was better than I remember years ago. Down side was a majority of games weren't working.

Reneisha Wesley

Very friendly staff and they are Young so they relate to the children better. All the kids there were happy, games working properly, and good fresh food. Was a tad expensive as far as games went and you don't get a lot of tickets for play. Al in all still a good place for 3- maybe 10 just to keep them busy for awhile.

Shanicqua Marx

NEVER HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE. ALWAYS GREAT DEALS!! ALWAYS GREAT SERVICE! ! (Don't particularly care for the new card system instead of the coins like the good ol' days, but the fun my kids have when we come remains the same) ...

Sheena Meeking

Family Fun!

JayJay Matute

perfect to take the kids for play time.

larry cutshall


Fallon Cho

Gary rodriguez

We had blast and Noah loved Chucky .

T Taylor

There were 2 long, slow moving lines to purchase food and wrist bands. We finally get to the register only to have the employee tell us we’d have to get in the back of the other line because she had to go work somewhere else and she walked away leaving us standing there. Also when the kids were redeeming tickets we noticed the ticket counter was only set up to count a portion of what was actually inserted. My grandson put a strip of 4 tickets in and the counter only counted 2. A strip of 5 was counted as 3. I know it’s just junk the kids choose from anyway but to a 6 year old it matters. Definitely will not be taking the kids again!

Kourtney Free

So fun, great staff great pizza and cake

Anthony Sartin

Dakota Andrews

It is the best place ever the manager is nice and the pizza is amazing

Jason Sheldon

The staff took care of everything for my sons birthday party

Augustine Castro

Not very organized.

rod m

Kids have a great time there

A'Kira Nickholee

Sean Kasper

Great place and great staff. I was not rushed one bit

LanDest021 Official

It is a fun place to bring the younger kids, but it may get kind of crowded sometimes. Also the food is not good either.

Hammer Head

Andre Culpepper

Great time

Robert Menz

Dont go in the bathrooms, super filthy and no soap etc... this review was when the store opened on a potentially busy Saturday.

Milane Amorim

I love it here moms can actually relax safe place

teresa hughey

Had a great time with my granddaughter and was pretty good on pocket book

james moragne

The games have gone up in price from a quarters to electronic cards. The pizza isn't great. The place isn't very clean.


Go only for games the food will make you sick

Edith Ocampo

Great place for kids to have fun. Pepperoni pizza is always yummy. Food is priced ok, playing can get expensive if you stay for longer than 1 hour.

Canaan Ozan

Needs better selection of games

Taureoon Hamlton

Nicole Wetrich

They switched from the tokens to the cards and nobody would help us get it and then at the front desk cash register they would not get a second person to help even though it was backed up to the door. The people are pretty rude and half of the machines wouldn't produce tickets so I had to go ask for help.

James Jefferson

Patrick T.

This location is 10/10! Great service and great food! We got our food within 10 minutes of ordering. The show was on low, so we asked if they could turn it up and the cast members gladly did it for us! I'd also like to single out on 2 amazing people that make my day there... the normal Chuck E. performer and Chris (The GM). Chris is just amazing there and he makes sure that the store is going well. He makes your pizza most of the time and when he makes it, it tastes better than any other! It's like he's the dream chef of Chuck E. Cheese's. Tim was the Chuck E. at the time and this guy is amazing! He fixed the robots while we were there, he is very energetic, he greets you at Kid Check with a smile, and it's just just awesome! Thank you to all the staff that make my day there! And yes, the place does get crowded, but that only stands for how amazing the place is! Keep rocking your store out, Natick!

Berthal Jenkins

Where A kid Can Be a Kid!!!!

Jacqueline Balaga

It was fine... I was expecting things for climbing, maybe a ball pit... But it's just arcade games

Brenda G

The place is clean, and the party hosted was simply amazing !!!! Very nice staff all around !!!

Alan Palacios

Not too worth it fun but little tickets food expensive over priced and some games not too fun

Amie Bird

Great birthday party experience!!

kaylynnjustin stark

Little dirty but pretty good food

Monette Del Rosario

It's hit or miss here with the staff and games. The last couple of months have been rough here when we've visited, however I think today was way better than its been in a while. All the staff was friendly, attentive, and seemed like they wanted to be there. Games were also rearranged and there were new ones to replace broken/old games. Also give the man in charge (man in the black shirt) a pat on the back, he's doing a good job.


THE ABSOLUTE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Melvin the Amazing Manager made it the Most Memorable moment for my Youngest Son Adonis. Melvin found out that my Son had been waiting 3 Years to come to Chuck E. Cheese and he Hooked him up with so.e Awesome, 1 of a kind Merch!!!! Bless you Melvin, you made my Babies Day!!!!


Good selection of games for the kids.

Debbie sutton

Today is 9/11/13 I decided to take my daughter to chuck e cheese today for her 6 birthday ...we got there of course I had a coupon and spent 61 dollars to be exact we got the food and my 16 yr old daughter while eating a slice of pizza pull a long strand of blonde hair out of her mouth I proceeded to talk to the general manager who name starts with a v who literally picked the hair up and looked at it for about 10 seconds and say to me he don't know where the hair comes from..i clearly say from the pizza of course he say he didn't deny that it didn't but no one was on the night shift with blonde hair, he offered me another pizza but it wasn't no sorry for the inconvenience or nothing, he dropped the pizza off at the table and just said here you go.. I'm saying to myself wow because I work with customers all day and I know it's not easy but it's all about making a person feel special when they spend their money...I could have went anywhere but I went there...I won't go back...worst experience ever and I love chuck e cheese

Caitlyn Fortune

This is a very clean and friendly Chuck E. Cheese! The staff is great! Of course, as always, keep an eye on your items, as unsupervised children (and adults..) are running around and we are in Monroe... but all in all its awesome and my girls really enjoy it! Be sure to check it out early before the crowds!

SM Smith

This is my grandson's fav of course. We go offten!!! The staff has always been friendly and the establishment has always been clean. Just a heads up if you have ever upgraded you drink to the plastic cups you can bring them back for FREE REFILLS FOR LIFE!!!! Whoot!! We have about twenty as we seem to never remember keep a set in your

Sara Terrell

Organized chaos. Good prices. Moderate bleakness.

Bri Bri


It was so much fun

Audrey Stamps

The kids had a great experience. The staff helping with the birthday party seemed lees than cheerful but was helpful.

simrah siddiqui

shane dawson

Suresh Eepuri

Sierra Holbert


birthday party for our 6 year old grandson. they did all the work. we had all the fun! new improved menu is great! we plan to go back just for lunch sometime.

Cristina Flores

Horrible service and horrible food and very rude employees

The fighter inside

I will never be back. Poopy diaper in the parking lot when we got there. It smells sooooooooo bad as soon as you walk in it just smells like a foot. Beware bringing your kids here because it's infested with germs and they do not clean. Why bring your kids here? Bring them fishing or on a bike ride or a hike. This is just a corporate pit hole like most of America is now.

Erica Harris

Pizza always good. I miss the old stage. Floor plan makes it easy to see you kids for the most part.

Bradley Westbrook

Nice parking lot. But really the whole place needs renovated. Dump.

Raeyln Jenkins

It was fun

Sharon Edgington

Best place to spend time with your family. Lots of fun

JuanLauren Nunez

The workers are Rude went there to let my kids play for a few hours and we came back to the table and they had threw away our food and drinks. I was very dissapointed because we spent over 70 dollars here then we go to cash out the tickets and the girl doesn't allow my kid to get the the toy he wanted because it was 6.99 in cash but then as we are leaving we see a sign that says ''1 cent =1 ticket '' I'm VERY unhappy and I don't think I'll be back soon.

Gregory Baltoff

One of the nicer chucky cheeses ive been to

edgar davila

Pizzas are too expensive

Consuello Pv

Great fun. Only wish they'd fix their machines


Good place with kids to play games

Vanessa Hagen

Absolutely horrible. They told us it takes 40 minutes to cook a single pizza. They started cooking our food 30 minutes AFTER we ordered. Games don't work, only take your money. When asked for assistance, the employees say they'll help, disappear only to come back a few minutes later to tell you they can't help you. Nothing but attitudes. Will not be coming here again.

Jess Oddo

My kids and i had a really great time. Food was good. Descent prices. The staff is very friendly. I loved how clean it was. Great for birthday parties.

Heather Poynter

The remodel is awesome. The pizza is still amazing.

Teri Woods

They showed my grandson a marvelous party. The staff went out of the way to make sure everything was perfect

Leonel Murataya

Misha Zubovnik

Rough experience with assistant manager. Not so clean.

Melinda Romero

Love this place for birthdays! Lots of new games too!

Kelly Filer

Compared to others in the area, this one is our favorite. The staff is always willing to help and friendly. Took away a star due to the false advertising of a salad bar. It was just bagged lettuce while we were there.

xx_GameDabber_xx I

We.visited Chuck E Cheese's for the first time and it was fun! I would.suggest eating before or after though- the food was pricey for the quantity you get, (we got a family meal that said feeds 4 and it was barely even enough for our 1 kid... About 10 French fries, 4 teeny breadsticks, and 4 boneless wings). But the games we're really fun, and the entrance is also the exit... We were stamped when we came in, so that when we left the staff made sure we were leaving with the child we walked in with. So that was great. And they do serve beer, so thats good too! We got a card that used points instead of time, which the casheir recommended. Friendly helpful staff and all of the games worked, so we will go back again.

ashley burkhardt

I live the remodel much more room

maya jensen

They now have the minute system. $10 will give you one hour to have fun and use as many machines as possible in this timeframe. Once an hour,a costumed,chuck e cheese comes out and dances with the kids,then throws out tickets for them to catch. A pizza buffet with salad is available during the week. Children under 2 eat the buffet free.

Marvina Strong

Fun place for kids B-Parties

Christina Hehre

Taylor from the Albany location was a fabulous party host! Thank you so much for making my daughter's birthday so memorable for all of us!

Rene Reiner

Good place to bring your kid, but weekend crowded.

Rob stirle

My daughter loves this place and I love to see her having so much fun

Kay Stanton

Great place to have my great- nephew's 7th birthday party! The kids had a great time. I did not eat any of the pizza so cannot comment on that but the facility was very clean and well maintained.

Ashley Cook

Good pizza. Family friendly enviorment

Brandi Brewer

Both of my nephews surprise birthday party

Ronnie Stone

Had fun with the grandkids sang and danced better than they did

Joey Hansen


Stephanie Lloyd

They have really stepped up their games and food since I was a kid! Much more affordable than Big Als too!

William Perry

The best CEC you can go to! Great staff, fun games, they do it all!

Tunya Holley

Love it great for Kids and adults

Rajeev Deshpande

Located conveniently, good portion of games for grown-ups, a lot to njoy, staff is decent, not much choice on food but whatever available is decent. Weekends is crazy so u can think of visiting in weekdays just to avail as many slots as u wish to play.

Azra Mehdi

We went to a birthday party of 20+ kids & only one server, very bad customer service

Lovish Landson.U.M

This location was okay to me with a couple of games small park, my little ones were board very quick. I do respect that the bathrooms clean surprisingly given the fact the place is for kids. The food wasn't as good as I expected and the salad bar looked a little old in my opinion. Although the place is okay.

Kakashi Hatake

Dan Fynaardt

Well balanced mix of rides, games and video games. They need to hire some extra help one guy seemed to be overwhelmed.

Fran Harden


su kwa

Good place for kids to have fun. Can be crowded though.

Lela Smart

Kids love it. They have great fast food and friendly people. Lots of fun games to play.

Gabrielle F

We visited 3 weeks ago. We prefer this location over the Kenner location. It's clean, friendly staff, and the games always work. My kids love coming here. I especially love going on a weekday when they have specials going on!

Jeremy Henry

Pizza was good but service sucked.

Kristen Nishimoto Stoker

Kids love it. Affordable weekend indoor fun.

Zac Hembree

Oh man. What can I say positively. Well they're safety stamp system is good. There is like 16 maybe 20 rides n games. My toddler ran through it in 5 minutes. We called off the older children coming and moved our evening to wahooz. Would've hit pojos, they are better but had older kids wanting more. If you are looking low frills, minimal games that would have wait times if at capacity, this is your place, I doubt they are ever at capacity according to the staff.

Vic Gauthreaux

Go early for not as loud crowd.

Sara Frich

It was crazy busy, some games didn't have tickets. It was just ok

tonya keliikoa

Great pizza,fun for the kids. Good entertainment for all ages!

Mahlon White

My sons really enjoy themselves every time we come. I would have given it 5 stars but the games need to be rotated more often. It would be nice to see different options once in a while. I am sure we will come less and less often unless different games start getting introduced but all in all a nice experience. I will have to say this review does not take into account their food as I have never eaten there before.

Shelley Hagood/Parfait

Expensive, good pizza n fun

Juan Rodriguez

Kids love it there,definitely time for an upgrade on games though.

abhishek tyagi

I had my daughter birthday party, bad management of party due to lot of parties on same day .

Candie Reece

We had our sons birthday party here on the 18th of August and it was truly amazing. The party package we purchased came with everything. We were truly happy with our personal host we had, everything was set up before we arrived. I definitely recommend it

Melissa Reyes

We had my Son's third Birthday party here yesterday. We had a lot of fun! All the children had a blast and us parents were surprised that the pizza was really good. It was very affordable. Our party host Amelia was amazing! She was very sweet and put a lot of effort into making sure we had everything we needed and making sure we were having a good time. The manger on duty was awesome as well. She introduced herself and checked back with us to make sure everything was okay. The only thing is that it can get busy. I mean, super busy. So crowed that it can be a bit annoying and overwhelming. All in all it was a great experience and I hope to be back there very soon for a family outing.

Richard Wilson

Eric Gonzales

Super clean and a good selection of things to do for the little ones. Just a little under staffed.

jay burruss


Audi Deleon

Very good

Loretta Clark

Service okay pizza HELP

Tramaine Lewis

We party here alot and we always have a good time

Rhonda Hawkins

Kids had a great time and the food was great.

Michael McCollum

Service was good and the kids had fun.

Anthony Hall

Great for kids great employees

Kriss Walace

Natick place is a good place we always get lucky here

Willie Ramey

Great place to take your kids we love it!

Tia Talavera

Great Pizza and Relaxing!

shandrea george

To loud

What Name

The place has gone a little downhill in the past few years... Not as nice as it used to be.

Jacquelyn Jenkins

I took my grandchildren

Danny Parker

They wont let me in because im not 18. I guess they got some secret mouse strip club in the back or some shiz like dat. I aint trying to get my pp hard too no mouse. I am just trying to get some sweet prizes

Chevelle Richardson

Kids love the games and pizza, but very expensive place

Rebecca Martin

Pretty much the same ol place but they took out all the climbing structures and ball pit. Which can be somewhat understanding due to germs. But they've also took away tokens and go by time now instead of per play... Could be better for some I suppose.

Susan Bruner-Ruhm

Speaking for this location only (on Hampden near Santa Fe.) They've completely revamped this place. New games and kids rides. New structuring for game play. (You pay for blocks of time-say one hour- but as many games as you can get in during that time. Plus you can pause your time twice). The food is still so so though lunch during the week is an open pizza and salad bar and not a bad deal. If you need to entertain a little one it's perfect.

Karen P.

To expensive, $22 for one large pizza, and over $3 for a small drink. What a shame, we had 3 Lil girls with us 4,6 and 8, spent over $73 for pizza, 4 drinks, and 30 minutes of play time.

Miss A

The remodel is sad, and boring! Less games, no chuck e, less prizes, but tons of odd seating like a restaurant not an arcade. The dance pad will fad fast, and when you have older kids who are forced to go they have no games to play. Lame 2.0

Derrick Heller

Great for the kids...little pricy but geared well for young ones. Teens and adults like Dave and Busters more.

Kylie Lehnen

Staff is friendly, helpful and on top of things. Place was clean. Good pizza. We had a lot of fun. Would definitely recommend their party packages.

Glen Pee

Enjoyed your daughter's 3rd Birthday

Rodney Hidalgo

Its a good place to take your kids but not a good place to park your car at the lot. Some jackass hit the back bumper of my truck the guy/girl did a hit and run I had to pay almost $600 for the repairs

pradeep kumar

Good fun place for kids, its getting a bit dated now but still good. Even grown ups can have few fun games with the basket balls etc.

Stephanie Blacksten

Always a great time. The staff was amazing tonight!! THE BEST!! Thank you for providing us such a great night! We didn't wanna leave! Thanks again!!

Thomas Turner

Kid's will have fun and enjoy the games and food, which is pretty good. Food came quickly. Nice security set up with people on the doors and hand stamps.

Carlos Ramirez

We take our four year old, and have just as much fun as her! Best during the week.

Mary J

Kids had a blast!! Clean and not overly crowded!

ashley benson

We went with a group and the prices were okay. They were busy when we were there and couldn't keep the tickets stocked in most of the games. The crew out on the floor were not very nice or professional. We waited a while for help even though the staff was everywhere. They seemed more interested in each other instead of their guests.

Norman Cole

The place is very well maintained and clean! The machines were all working. The only issue is the amount of money it cost! Its became very expensive to take your children to play and eat at Chuck E. Cheese!

Gary Lemay

$50 for 2 pizzas and 4 drinks. $16 for a beer and unlimited salad bar of what really looks like day old soggy lettuce and veggies. Frozen pizza from the store is better than this stuff, and far cheaper.

Ashle' Perry

My baby loves Chuck E. Cheese. We like to go on weekdays when it's not that many people. I love the pizza especially!!!!

Eduardo Cruz

Not too busy. Great staff and pizza was good. My son had fun.

Will Campbell

All you can play for $10 for a half hour is a great deal going on now!

Ruby Coronado

Its different now that you use play cards to play games versus coins. Wasn't very fond of that but it is more convenient. Wished my kids could of experience playing games with coins. The prices are a bit high but overall my kids had a blast.

Sean Hill

Do you have little kids? Then they'll love this place. If you have teenagers, well I still saw teens there playing games so it's a win win for the whole family. I have to thank their commercials for making my son want to go here. The pizza was actually not bad and there is a salad bar and so e other food options. They have really small games for real little kids. My daughter loved riding the cars and all the moving rides. My two boys loved pretty much everything. We end up getting enough tickets were they got to pick out some small toys and candy. As far as the way you play for games was great, they have an all you can play option so we could play as many games as we could in an hour. My kids were worn out after we were all done.

Joseph De La Cerda

Great time with family and friends. The staff and manager were super friendly/helpful. When I told people we were going there for my son's party, people warned how bad the food was...honestly it wasn't the cardboard people described. …

Nick Wilson

Great location for my sons third birthday party. The staff was extremely friendly to adults and kids alike. The building was very well maintained and extremely clean, especially considering how many kids were running around. The pizza was pretty good, and the pricing for a party of 8 children was just right. We will be coming back.

Nicole Thomas

It was nice my grand baby had her bday party there. The kids loved it that's that matters.

Anthony Apodaca

Chuck E cheese where a kid can be a kid the unlimited time play is the best price for playing games in town and my son loves their Pizza its actually pretty darn good

Marcio Mladenoff

Kids had fun at there party, the food could of been better for the price but it's what is expect from Chuck e cheeses. Much better than my last experience.

Pedro DeSouza

I work from 12-6 AM. Almost got clapped by chucky and his pals. Wanna go back to Freddy's but this will do for now. It has better pizza and working conditions though, I prefer sitting rather than walking around. I usually arrive at 10 PM so if you are somehow there say hi and i'll teach you how to survive

Buddy McChesky

I told my sons that we will not be going back to Chuck e cheese's, until they pulled their ignorant commercial. I will not support a company that willingly participates in the "dumbing down" of our children. "Making fun even funner" ? How …

Meme Marshall

Kids always have a blast! Staff is awesome and all about customer service! Chris the manager went over the top to make sure my kids were happy! Thanks for the good time!

Annette Barbee

Prices were high for the time hard to take more than one child would rather do tokens instead of time.

iGame Daily

Great place. The bad reviews are just negative Nellies.

Veronica Noah

My son had a blast there today and the food is surprisingly good. Excellent experience.

Michael Whitworth

The employees really tried and did a pretty good job. I don't blame them for the rushed feel of the party. The kids were oblivious to this and really enjoyed themselves. The birthday boy had a blast.

Ellerick Sheriff

Great time

The Mckee

Daughters 4th birthday was awesome!thanks Chuck E Cheese

Teresa Ross

Great pizza kids had fun

Kimberly Henning

We love chuck e cheese. This location has less games than others and the ball machine was broken the whole time but they have a salad bar! The attitude of the lady at the toy counter wasn't too great.

Pat Jones

They were very helpful as this was my first time in Chuck e Cheese in 15yrs and things have changed. My grandson had a great time.

Adis Nukic

Good places to play with my sibling.

Tom Yokom

Be prepared to spend money and have a good time, the pizza is good, salad bar is good, unlimited drinks are nice. You can load game cards with money that all of the games and rides use - very handy for little kids. We enjoyed watching our granddaughters play, although they didn't have much for two year old kids to do.

Leilani Wong

fun place for games

bobby & Jessica Chaffin

Rebecca Bailey

Stacie Shaw

Love it kids love it salad bar is yummy

Dee Bates-Allgood

We were there for my granddaughter's 5th birthday party. The staff was very kind and accommodating.

Denise Mcadory

Leed Scherber

Kuds and Adults had a blast

Kason Padilla

Fun for the whole family! Kinda. I recently went for a family gathering and had a good time. The prices are great and it's pretty fun + a bit nostalgic to be using coins and ticket eaters whereas most places just have reloadable cards now. $20 will get you a long way as literally every game is only 25 cents, although the ticket prize amounts definitely match the value. My issues stem with two things: firstly, there are a considerable amount of issues with machines. Some simply don't work, others have half broken controls, I even remember a few from some 20 odd years ago. Secondly, the new Chuck E is nightmare fuel. Gotta be blunt about it, dude looks like he came back from rehab and didn't have a swell time

Sarah Hoggatt

We had a joint birthday party for two of my Grandkids. They loved the music. The pizza was great and the loved play pretend band on stage. It was a real good time and the price for everything was way cheaper than a lot of other places my daughter checked into. My daughter has six children and you have to budget that party in or it won't happen and she did a wonderful job pulling all together.

Kitten Unicorn Playz

Great pizza



Tony Templa

Good place for little kids

Samantha Little

My kids love this place

Carson Morgan

best place ever

Jamie Aiwohi

My grandson loves it here!!!

Paula Evers

Happy birthday great day grandma love Great place for children

Florante Gonzales

Love salad bar all good , pizza good kids happy games wow


The workers are nice and food was bought out promptly. Salad bar had old lettuce and you could tell no one was really tending to the items HOWEVER !!! I don’t understand why it is so damn HOT inside the place !!! I had to walk outside just to get some cool air and it’s 80 degrees outside and felt cooler !!!

Muffin Clay

Best place for kids

April Paige

Good to be there early in the day not as crazy. They need to make sure all their ticket counter machines work and they should be able to count tickets at the prize stand for when people occupy the machines for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

Yesenia Malagon

Great costumer sevice

Dustin Archuleta

Great place for kids. This location isn't too crowded so I recommend going to this location.

KT Johnson

The kids & I loved the games, the food, and the staff was very nice to my 2 year old who kept going behind the counter.

Jimmy Barnes

Virginia Boaz

They got rid of the ball pit and jungle gym but my 4 year old granddaughter loves it! We always have a great time.

Melissa Bader

I was disappointed they got rid of the lunch pizza buffet. And some of the fun games my kids played last time were replaced with new games. It was ok...they definitely need to clean. The drink area smells bad. Employees were helpful.

Oscar Piceno

Food and service was good, but could use more games given the large space.

Richard Johnson

They now have a lunch buffet and pay a price and play as many games as I can in that time... Way better than buying tokens..

Jan Mendez

Not an adults favorite place for food but the kids have such a good time.

Horace Pasley Jr.

Sarah Ortiz

Fun time's with son an daughter inlaw an grandson

Peg Simonet

Not inexpensive but the food was great and the service extremely good . They were so accommodating with special needs . The kids had a ball. Thank you

Little Director

Rude service and didn't get everything we paid for..

Lambert Miyamoto


Bernica Davis

The kids enjoy it here, the food is good and the staff is awesome!

Kevin Shane

All I can say Is horrible.

Sasha Bama

The food was great and so was the service. My kids had an awesome time!

Renee Silva

Love the pizza and it's a great place for kids and adults

Gail Melton

Great fun for the kids friendly staff

Ronnie Bryant

Fair pizza

M Wagner

It's a good place for kids to have fun but they could greatly improve the games. Everytime we go and the kids play the games some of them are out of tickets or don't come out. The food is expensive and not great.

Dacia Thompson

Clean space. Great staff. Fun for all kids. May not be as fun for kids with sensorary sensitivities due to the bell and whistles.

Maurice Harris

Great time with family

Dorothy Dutro

Super fun ... I guess

steph jones

Took 10 minutes before kid at counter acknowledged us to take our order due to take to other employees. Some of our party waited over an hour and never got their food. Not one friendly person working in the west des Moines, IA location. No smiles, no thank yous nothing most were pretty rude. Pretty disappointed for the money we spent. Our grandkids enjoyed playing but that was the only good in this experience today.

Patricia Smith

We love it. It so beautiful in there I stay from 2 hour my kids love it that all she talk about

Charlene Davis

Place smelled so bad and staff did not seem to want to help with anything very slow and way too expensive for what you actually get.


Im glad they finally switched to play cards instead of tokens! The pizza is great but I feel a little overpriced. The kids love it!

traci hollis

Had a blast with our grandson

Santos.b.martinez elsalvaje

Nice place to have fun and eat

Angie Gerch

K Lawler

Our experience was like paying for a over priced train wreck.We paid over $200 for our sons birthday party to be here and it definitely wasn't with it. It started with a rude young lady at the front door who didn't want to do her job so most of our party guest had to wait at least 10 minutes to get in the door. Than the party hostess were super hard to get a hold of because it seemed like they were always off doing something else. So although it is supposed to be a timed organized , it was very disorganized and rushed event. We also had guest order food separately up at the counter because they couldn't find our host and the same young lady who failed to let our guest in again failed to inform our guest that their food would take over a hour to get to them, she also ignored them when they asked about certain items at the Salad bar. At the end of our very disorganized and stressful party we were than rushed away from our party table and made to move all of our party stuff half way across the restaurant so that our kids could eat their cake and our other guest could wait for their food that once I brought to our host attention she went into the back and put a rush on it. As we sat waiting for the food we noticed that the party table/area we were in sat unused. All in all this was a very frustrating, irritating, and stressful event that wasn't worth the money. I had several party guest who were very mad and didn't enjoy the party and I had a very upset birthday child and sibling upon leaving.

Maria Pennywell

Pizza is not good for adults only kids

Jessica Blaker

Fun to hangout with my kid. Food is so, so bad. We just play games and have fun. Some machines do not give you the appropriate amount of tickets. People working there seem like sad Pandas. Lady at the door was nice.

Russ Huisman

Great fun for a family to either kill some time or have a birthday party. My kids love it!

Shannon Grise

Veronica Tyson

Bathrooms were absolutely disgusting poop in one stall and poopy used toilet paper all over the other stall.

Anthony Battaglia

Great fun for the kids

Katherine Rojas

My kid likes it but some machines don't give the tickets he earned or some are damaged plus They don't always check the number when you leave the place so .... Parents, never leave your kids out of your sight.

Mansoor Khan

It's a good place, but at the end when kids exchange their points with those small highly priced (by those points) toys..the customer service need to be much better..they seems to be lacking lot of patience

Leroy Williams

Everything was covered in pizza sauce. Most of the games and rides were broken. And there is only a two beer maximum and they were Miller lites

Erica Langton

My kids had a good time. I was impressed with the party they put together for a friend.

Mz Chkolate

Okay place to take children to burn some energy! Salad bar is decent and kids love the pizza!

Holly Victoria

Fun for kids. IDK why they put it right across from VS.. smh

Sarah Peless

Love the new look! Spacious and great food.

Larry Lee

Matthew Havlik

Good time for kids. They use cards for play time with either time allotments or set amounts. Pizza is good. My kids eat a lot of it.

Nicole lockhart

This place is awesome and the managers & staff arent like alot of the other chuckys. They are not stingy or treat you like yout trying to get something for free. They like seeing the kids happy.I have a great time everytime I go.

Steve Klar

One of the nicest drivers I have ever been with. All uber employees should be like this person

Gowrishankar Periyasamy

Good place for kids to dine and enjoy especially in the he Winter.

Regina Paltis

Every time I come here the bathroom is flooded. This time was no exception. Although the reason I gave such a low rating is because of the security there. When you walk in, every family gets a number stamped on their hand so that nobody can leave with your child. GREAT idea! However, what is the point of that system if nobody bothers to check if the numbers match when you walk out!!!???!!! When I walked out with my son, the girl shined a light on my son's sleeve. The number was hidden under the sleeve. There was no way that she actually checked. That makes me very mad!!! A bunch of young kids standing checking numbers at the door that don't even realize the kind of monsters out there and how a parent would feel if God forbid something would happen to their child. Take the two seconds it takes to really check the numbers guys. There is a lot more at stake here than your business's reputation.

Salvador Fiesta

My kids have fun here and the workers are nice. The place is also kept fairly clean.

shawn mauzy

Went for my daughter’s friend’s birthday party. Games were fun, party was organized, and everyone had a good time. I do now believe the conspiracy theory about their pizza. They only let you buy 2 alcoholic drinks, which is kind of a bummer. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves.

brenden toyofuku

Great food .. fantastic family environment... clean safe fun

Russ Lacuata

Took my niece and nephew. Its was a fun experience.

Naisser Garcia

Great place!!

Carol Buck

Very clean, but took forever to get our prizes.

Mercedes Powell

My children loved it

what's happening with hailey now

Took over an hour to finally get our pizza... There was barely anyone in there and the 3 families that did order pizza also waited atleast an hour as well... It was pretty rediculous and noone even tried to make it better... It was just " well do you want a refund" not impressed with the service at all. Maybe next time they will surprise us

Gregg Robinson

C e C is always a good place to bring a grandchild and spend some time and money. I wish that the owner would update the interior, it's looking pretty gray.

sanchez covarrubias

2BROS Services Corporation

We made last minute party plans and Steve went above and beyond to make it a great night!!! Well done!

meme gager

Gwendolyn Bailey

Chuck-E-Cheese is still a great spot for a kid's birthday party

Taheira McCall

My twins had their 5th birthday party there and they loved it!

James Hesler

It is great place for kids.

Christine Johnston

Awesome. Employees were are very nice and helpful. Very clean. Pizza was very good.

Vaibhav Bhosale

Fun place. Got a chance to go for a birthday party and had fun. It would be great if they fix the photo machines.

Terry Iverson

The 90 minute unlimited pass just changed the game.

Reinaldo Padua

I bought wings for 11 dollars they gave me 4 and the pizza was cold

Kerri Beth

Great place for birthday party and just to get the kids out for some fun. Staff at this location are extremely nice and warm. Clean and all machines work

MandS Sanders

We were just visiting but had a few hours to kill before our flight left. Service was great, the place was very clean. Food was ok-better than you'd expect though, they even had a salad bar. My only complaint is that the prizes are really awful and it takes hundreds, if not a thousand tickets, before your kiddo can get anything they are happy about. So be ready for that tantrum at the end.

CDK_gaming 81105

They renovated and I don't really like it, but over fun

Itza Garcia

A woman worker was cursing in front on kids next to Chuck E. She was saying "Holy Shxt! That's a lot of money we made." or "Fxxk! Look at all this!". I think her name was Cody or something but she had this bun and most of the workers were most likely slacking and only 2 workers were actually working. The pizza was super greasy. It was a good visit for my nephew but I only smiled because it was his birthday. Fix this in the future if you can.

Stefano Ricci

The best place for the baby

Nichole K

just depends on who is working is what service you get. I give it a 3 star because my kids have so much fun playing the games. look on their website for deals because they won't tell you that at the place.

Danny Cho

It's Chuck E. Cheese. Don't expect too much. There's a decent selection of games to keep your child entertained, though the prizes are pretty awful. Depending on how well you perform, you could end up spending a dollar on a mini sized tootsie roll. It's rather clean, which is impressive given this place is aimed at children and serves food. And speaking about the food, the pizza lunch buffet is shockingly good. Objectively, not the greatest pizza, but all things considered, you could do much worse. It's a small venue as well so it's always easy to flag someone down for help. I avoid weekends because it can be like a zoo in here. Weekdays are wonderfully slow and quiet.

Elizabeth Brugh

I love this location. We usually go to Kennesaw bc it's closer to me but we went here for my nephew's birthday. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. I also loved how this location is more open. It's easier to spot my kids from the table than the Kennesaw one. Plus they had different games that my kids enjoyed. We'll definitely be back.

Hanson Brantley

Fun for kids, expensive for what you get

Paul Schwegler

If you have not been in the last few years, give it another shot if you got a little one. The food is better, and the time-based gaming works a lot better than token-based.

Shaunte Paul

Staff here were attentive to my 2 autistic daughters place was clean food was fresh games were working up to par. Chuck E came out gave away tickets to the kids that followed him would highly recommend this location as well as using the coupons that come with it.

Jim Peterson

This is a Chuck E Cheese. The new ownership has made it three instead of two stars. Kids do like it.

Taneesha Celeste Stephens

Great place a little small. Great salad bar options.

Jennifer Jaggers Fink

Great for kids

Dylan Holmes

Very clean, many games (working, not broken), lots of space, very nice staff and an excellent Chuck E that interacts with the kids. The side of town isn't the best but it's a fantastic Chuck E Cheese to take the kids too.

Mae Fukushima

Not crowded, very clean, great manager and servers. We had a lot of fun and recommend this place highly. Why are you so scary though, Chuck E????

Brandon Penton

Horrible customer service, took 42 minutes to get a pizza. Half the games didn't work. Waist of money!

Aaron Burke

Great place

Cami Munger

Great time!!!! Pizza and treats were good as well as awesome server (I think Trey). Clean and comfy facility. Highly recommend for parties.

Ayush Ram

in my birthday i am coming to chuck e cheese i will invite so many friends i will have fun in chuck e cheese.

Charley T


Kari Holloway

Pizza was surprisingly good.

Toni Townsend

the kids LOVE it here and if the kids are happy than this mom here is definitely happy!

David Danielson

Kids had fun

Stephanie Weeks

Been going here since I was a little. Love this place. However I do miss the crazy jungle gym thing.

Shaun Michael

Chuck E. Cheeses is a solid place to bring your kids or do a birthday party. Bring cash because you need it to buy tokens. Games are only geared towards you winning tickets so the kids can then get prizes. Downside is the games are pretty lame and it isn't an arcade for older kids too. No ball pit!

Gilbert Vasquez


Robert Rincione

Great place for kids and family to all play together

Jessica Brosdahl

Not even a 1. This place my whole life has been great. For the past 13 years I have done my kids bday party’s here hang outs you name with no issues. Today 8/3/2019 this place I get itbis Saturday and busy but the rudeness of the employees and the nastyness of this place. I got here with my kids went to get our drinks I step in something soaking wet on the carpet nasty smell and all. Went on my foot and my flip flop. I said something to someone. They go clean it up w paper towels. Someone had threw up allllll over that area. An hr later another kid stepped in it and then my child stepped it (never cleaned up) this whole place smells of vomet. You can’t go to any game or side of the this place with out smelling it!!!! It’s so nasty we will NEVER be back!!!!!!!

Cristal Quintana

We came out here today , it’s a Friday , it’s almost closing time but man are my husband and I impressed by the manager on duty , Bryce. He is on top of it , he is a great example to the employees , I mean he’s working it the hardest out of all of them . Not once have I seen him slow down since we walked in earlier . He’s cleaning, he’s closing up, quickly and professionally . We even joked amongst ourselves that he was making the employees look bad because he is that good. Not that the employees weren’t doing their job , but this manager is a hard worker from the looks of it . Truly. What a great leader . We haven’t been to this location in months and the last time we came there was different management and we ended up receiving free stuff because of how bad the customer service had been . Anyway, good job on this improvement Chuck E Cheese on Hampden .

Leath Kuhn

Food was hot and quick but we were there two hours and never saw an employee cleaning anywhere close to where we were. Tables had food from previous customers for the entire time.

John Pendley

Kids love it

Rhonda comeaux

It was great my granddaughter softball team was eating there and we went to join them.Very Friendly,fun ...we all had a bladtt

Samantha Maselli

I hate this place. The staff is nice and they really to try with what they have but management has not done enough. I went there for a friend's birthday and the bathroom toilet was over flowing. A month and a half later I have another friend's birthday here and the toilet is still over flowing. In fact the bathrooms make me feel like I'm walking into a hazardous place but when it's a kid we all know they can't wait. Four machines ate our tokens. Two of the ticket eaters are usually working out of what 5 or 6, ...great on a busy day.

Nan Michaelis

More than 50% of the games/ machines were broken. Tickets weren't dispensed when appropriate... when brought to employees attention they couldn't care less. Waited 45 minutes for help for machines... the kids that work there don't have a clue and couldn't find a supervisor or manager the whole time we were there.

Eliezer Mercado Jr

Bill Cernich

Wont let me comment with out a star this was one of the worst places I've ever been

Kevin Rank

Ugh... seriously. Many kids like it... most adults loathe it. I remember being a kid when it first went in. I loved it. My favorite place. I am sure my parents felt about it, what I do now. Kids seem to have fun... kinda. Food is not good. Entertainment is aimed at kids, but when I was a kid, it was aimed at a slightly older demographic of kid. It seems to have shifted far younger, and just doesn't seem as cool as it used to. (I'd say the same about PoJo's, as well).

Sherri Devine

It was okay. Employees- 1/2 were rude &1/2 were great! We were there around 2p.m. b/c we have an earlier napper & it was nice, not crowded at that time. I did enjoy the salad bar!

Lisa Frisch

Great place to keep kids busy and safe

Macey Fitch

Staff wasnt very friendly and there was a really bad odor as soon as you walk in the building. We had issues with a lot of the games not working too.

Danny Spaide

They have banners on almost every window saying the lunch buffet this price for adults and another for kids. They neglect to tell you drunks are extra 2.50 for a horribly small cup I refilled three times. I didn't even drink that much. Then the buffet had zero pizza on it when we walked in. And continued to be minimalist. Literally about every five minutes they would put pizza on the bar and it'd be a mad dash to get it before it was gone again. This place has gone downhill fast.

Marissa Ibarra

Great fun for small kids without the craziness of older kids.

Barbara Salazar

It was fun and the kids loved being there so they can play.

Fernando Vejarmora

Pizza was god

Rosie G

A couple machines weren't working but was given extra points and tickets to use on other games/rides.. My 2.5 was happy at the end of the day!!

Dalia Jones

(Translated by Google) Very expensive (Original) Muy caro

Lucero Vazquez

Smells bad. Service was slow and there was a lack of communication between the employees and the mom who was throwing the party so things got a little messed up. Several of their machines weren’t working correctly. Kids still had a blast but I feel there is room for improvement

Fred Brown

What an upgrade from the last time I was there five years ago. Pizza was good. You can buy time to use on the token areas and you can go over and pause your card so if you buy a half an hour and go for 15 minutes just go over and pause the card very cool. I used online coupons saved about 30 percent they took with a smile. A little disappointed that the mascot only interacts with people who are buying a party by I guess understandable.

Dane Anderson

Staff was friendly, food was fast (not gourmet of course but edible), games worked, pricing is reasonable, etc. Made for a nice afternoon with my son.

Ryan Marshall

Overpriced. Spent 70+ bucks for three people on food and one token cup. Lucky strike would be a better option.

Rawlie Mills

My girls love it

Vonnie Jobe

The employees are so nice and kind especially to the children. Fun place. Drinks are way too expensive.

Kyle Totten

This is 300% better than the 28th Street one. Nice, clean, amazing workers.

Nikki Brown

This place is okay. Just do not go on Fridays, Saturdays, or any peak times. It will be so wild and crazy in there. Some kids are rough and will push your child out the way or even try to take your tickets. I like taking my kids during non peak times.

Joyce Powell

Kim Hodges

My grandson had a awesome time. Staff was great !!!!!

Tiffany Kinard

My kids love having their birthday parties there

Kristy Chance

Cleanest one I have ever been to. Yes several little children running around unsupervised so do watch your coins, food, and drinks but service is good and place is clean. Try going as early as possible before all the crowd comes in if your wanting a quieter experience

Kane Waikiki

Good place to take the kids....

Joey Marks

TERRIBLE Place...mean workers..Cold Food... Bad Experience..

stephon ahrens

Fun place for kids and pretty good pizza


Kids had lots of fun. Staff was friendly. The place was understaffed and could be cleaner. I hope there are no sanitation problems for the public in the future. They should also reduce the number of tickets needed for prize exchanges.

shravani madhireddy

Not much of games options. But kids had fun!

Bart Kent

best party experience I've ever had

Ny'Rajaun Thompson

So much fun! My little sisters loved it. The children play area has improved a lot since we last visited a year or so ago.

Johnny Chan

Fun for kids the first time but gets old quick. There isn't much variety and the games could use a refresh.

Angel Selby

Fun fun fun

Hailey Johnson

Had my sister's 10th birthday party here this month! The pizza (and birthday cake!) has drastically improved since I was a kid! I was worried that the games would be too childish, but everyone from the 4yr old to the adults wanted to play! The staff was great and very attentive, and Chuck-E was still a highlight for the kids. Definitely pay attention to their coupons and bundle packages! They saved me a lot of money and made it affordable, so much so that I was able to invite more people than I told her we could initially. The kids are still asking when we can go back!!!

Lara LaBryer Cordero

Compared to other CEC around the country this one sets the bar high. Plenty of games that work. Friendly helpful staff. Ok food. Helpful with coupons. Overall we had a fun afternoon. They do school fundraisers too.

Brittany Cooper

Lori King

Fun place for the family and good pizza plenty of games.

On Point

Good food and game deals. Kids had fun. Could get a bit crowded at times but it wasn't too overbearing because its a large space and plenty of room to maneuver.

Teresa Godfrey

Nick Langerak

We had my sons birthday party there, very clean facility in the staff was very nice will definitely be back there again.

Cliff Thompson

I only go to Chuck E. Cheese for my son's. Everything is over priced and it is waaaaay too noisy for me.

Celeste Paglinawan

Ate so much... we enjoy spending time with family!!!

lin sing

Kids in door play ground parents can relax knowing the children are safe and full of FUN

Anirudha Mulay

The games are good. But they upgraded our package without letting us know and charged us more, very unprofessional.

Carolina Alama

Good experience- kids had a lot of fun. The place was very clean, most games were functional, and staff was really friendly. Would recommend.

Sophelia Jenkins

It's decent for the location

Brandt Brown

Heather Ramey

We attended a party here. The pizza was actually tasty. The party helpers did a great job of moving things along we would definitely go back.

thanh chau

Best place for kids, unlimited 2 hours of play for $24 if you buy a pizza combo. Great deal, so much fun for my 2 girls!

Rodney Head

Got in before 12 in the afternoon ordered 2 personal pizzas it is 12:58 now still no pizzas. No one has asked if my son and I were okay this is the worst experience I have ever had here at Chuck e cheese.

Micah Morris

stink. Not very many games. Adults take over all games

Denise Arsenault

Thursday evening not to crowded. Tables were clean, staff cleaning machines while there. Pizza good as usual and beer was ava. Only issue was cashing in tickets for prizes. Not staffed several people waited atleast 15min before someone showed up and by that time there was about 20 min wait before we got waited on. Hand stamp was checked accordingly.

K. Knutson

Fun place for birthday parties.

Flora Jordan

Tammy Jensen

Pizza could be alot better!! The frozen pizza in the store taste better than here.

pam harrison

Nice place for a kids party

Jerry Townsend

Chancia Pinkett

Around the salad bar and drink station is always sticky when I take my children. Usually some games are out of service or do not dispense tickets. Otherwise, a typical Chuck E. Cheese.


This place is so fun

Mercedes Proffitt

Our waitress was great and the party was a great success easy and didn't break the bank. They had a great time and I had a stress free experience. Win win all the way around.