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REVIEWS OF Cheese Importers IN Colorado

Natalie Millert

I absolutely love shopping her for gifts and cute and unique things for my kitchen. The restaurant is delicious, if not a bit overpriced. I ordered the Bistro Special, which includes a bowl of French onion soup, salad, and a glass of either …

Jill McDonald

We didn't eat in the restaurant but shopped the selection. As someone who can only have goat and sheep milk I was very interested in seeing what they had for local selections. I was not disappointed! There's butter, cheese, local, international, styles and kits for making your own goat cheese.

Joni Grosjean- realtor

It's fun, romantic and has interesting choices for food. I ordered the lunch special and there was a lot of food. You can get any cheese you can think of and lots of unique shopping.

Mark Andrews

A great selection of cheeses. Lots of other artisan products (chocolates, pasta, oils, etc), but the star of the show is the cheese. There's also a little cafe for a small bite or coffee.

Heather K

One of my favorite restaurants in Colorado. So much fun to walk through their refrigerated room full of cheese and try some samples.

Corry Wisse

Food was good, as well as the service. The walk-in fridge was cool

Edie Adams

Amazingly entertaining cheese shop/store/cafe. There is a huge cheese cooler with free samples, thousands of French trinkets to peruse, and absolutely delicious food. One of my absolute favorite places to eat and hang out!

Rosanna Rodriguez

It's a perfect place to get great, healthy and original food that is so satisfying. The wait staff is exceptional and the owners are commended for the time and effort they put into making Cheese Importers a must place to visit in Longmont.

Casey Leger

Such a charming place! We visit every year when we're in Longmont. I love to browse the housewares & beautiful books, etc. And the cheese room, OMG! I've never seen so many fine cheeses in one place & we always leave with some nice ones to share with our hosts.

Beth Bernier

Dahhh! I love this place. Try to go every time we are in Colorado. Quaint, intriguing, gift ideas. Wonderful atmosphere. Delicious food choices! Staff friendly and helpful!

Jim Shuler

Great selection in the cooler and a nice little restaurant as well along with all kinds of gourmet accessories and condiments, etc. in the shop.


Enjoyed the ambiance, menu selection, and desserts to die for.... Can't s say enough good things about this restaurant. Loved it!

Stephanie M

Like a little slice of Europe in Longmont! Had lunch at the cafe and it was wonderful...especially the rose petal lemonade. I also bought some awesome cheeses and condiments. The kitchen items were so fun to browse through. Great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Angela Brazil

This place is so cool! 4 out of 5 for some not so great customer service today, but I'll still be back! Maybe the worker just had a bad day.

Chris Smiley

Amazing shop! They have a walk-in cheese refrigerator and have never seen so many types of cheeses from all over the world in one place. It's cold inside the fridge, but they have jackets you can borrow. They also have an abundance of chocolates and plenty of French based items for sale.

Linda Johnson

Very good French type snack foods and imported cheeses. Excellent breakfast and lunch, fairly fast, informal but delicious. Order at a counter, delivered to your table. Garden and indoor seating. Also gourmet kitchen items for gifting.

Matt Branca

This place is really cool. I've lived in longmont for 18 years and have always wondered what a place like this is doing here. They used to be hidden in an industrial park next to a nut and bolt store. Now they're on Main across from where …

Christine Nucatola

Absolutely love this place! The food is fabulous the people are wonderful and the shopping is unlimited. Not to mention the scenery is beyond Charming!

Brittany Moyer

This place is amazing! They have every kind of cheese you could ever hope for. There are cute gifts all around the shop. Be sure to stop in at the cafe before you go - the food is great.

Hannah Joss

What an awkward place. "Fast casual" business (order at the counter... They bring you your food). Extremely crowded and confusing as a first timer. Paid $35 for a kids meal, Italian soda, caprese sandwich, and Mediterranean plate. A little pricey, but I expected that before I got here. After receiving our food, I was never once asked how my food was or anything. But the food was yummy! Pros: I like the food. It was nice for a lunch date with the kiddo and perhaps with friends or family. This place is cute. Cons: Service and navigating this little place was horrible. It's like they are trying to do way too much with the little amount of space and number of people they are trying to fit in there. Hopefully I'll have better next time as I plan on coming back.

Stephanie Heacox

A great selection of cheese and deli items. The cafe is also quite good, but they need to separate the bakery from meal service. If you just want to buy a muffin and go, they should have someone to simply put it in a bag for you, so you …

Paul Rennix

great cheese, great bread. Fresh stuff. Sandwiches pretty good, but very light on meat/fillings. It would be 4 or 5 stars if it weren't for that. Even ordering 'extra meat' didn't help the pile any.

Stephen Zahradnik

Cheese Importers is the best thing about Colorado. Forget the mountains and natural features. Forget Boulder. Forget the San Juan mountains. This place is the best thing in the whole state! Enter the freezer and gawk at the cheese for …

Nadine Kerley

Unexpected surprise. It's not just a cheese shop. This is a family owned business that does an incredible job! Clara waited on us hand and foot! I cannot praise her sufficiently. We had several of their bistro dishes - all were delicious. Clara's knowledge base allowed us to make the correct cheese choices that we needed for the recipes we had in mind. Highly recommended!

Karen Lamb

Delicious salad.I could shop in there all day.

Samantha Mader

Amazing store with more cheese than you can imagine. The restaurant is also great. Go on a Friday or Saturday for live jazz music at dinner. Also try the chocolate is now my favorite!

Iowa Hawks

A nice gem in the city. While we weren't entranced by the food, the atmosphere was worth it. Live jazz during our meal was a treat.

JoanElaine Justice

Great selections! Love the quality and variety of cheeses and meats. Great patio.

Bailey Ward

Just had my baby shower in the upstairs private room and it was amazing! Staff is wonderful and the food was delicious. That room is also really adorable!

Carrie Jordan

Such a Longmont hidden gem, Parisian themed place. I love their shop, and beautiful patio. There’s a restaurant, bar and coffee shop here with Parisian food, snacks and drinks. They also have a huge refrigerator with cheese. Great place to bring visitors, a friend, or to go on a fun date.

Chris Meals

We met some friends there for lunch. It was worth the drive from Littleton.

Jahmaya Kessler

If you've never been here and you love cheese and specialty items, this place is a MUST. I absolutely love going in this little gem, it feels like walking into a European market in the middle of Longmont. Warning: I've never walked out of …

Lauren Salz

Would highly recommend!! Food and atmosphere is amazing! The outdoor patio is a must on a nice day. Park in the back.

Brian Briggs

Awesome, quirky little shop. Colorful outdoor seating area. The food is delicious. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, to share some nibbles and drinks with friends. Amazing selection of cheeses in the cool room. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Plenty of samples to taste. An awesome place really.

Gary Giunta

We enjoyed the time we had there. Waitress was awesome and food was great.

Amy Griswold

A great place to pick up a light lunch or shop for something out of the ordinary. The cheese cooler is the best!! Always take out of town family and friends.

Troy T

Pretty sure it's impossible to stop in here and not buy something. Found a cheese recently that the outside was covered in the ash of a tree, really tasty. They also carry a bourbon filled chocolate that I've only ever found sold in Oregon, which is nice.

Kris Escalante

I always love Cheese Importers for their selections of cheese, and even for their casual meals, but I had a blast the last visit I had because I took my Grandson. The two of us were able to sample different cheeses and the two of us picked out cheese selections and crackers that we were able to eat during picnics.

Barbara Richardson-Cox

Can't say enough good things about this place. Love their soaps, recipe books and cheese. Multiple nooks and crannies in which to eat.

Emily Van Buren

Cheese Importers is a unique gem to be found in the Denver Metro area. The place is as close to authentically Parisian as you can get here. The shop is full of novel, Parisian trinkets and wares. There is also a wide variety of consumable …

Karen Kahler

The bistro sandwich was really good. Enjoyed browsing all the cheese, oils, desserts, and other random goodies.

Regi Soard

Absolutely Fabulous! Good eats, good beverages, friendly, clean, comfortable. They may be a little pricy but it is well worth it. It has become a favorite of mine.

Torii Jenkins

Very good food. Great service and Gluten Free choices. More cheeses in one place than I have ever seen.

Shauna Zapp

I love this place! The food is amazing and the shopping is also great. I also stop here for gifts and snacks for gatherings.

Cheryl Ann Bates

Always interesting to visit. However, the way they manage the service for food is awkward I find, which is disappointing.

Kelley Zamzow

Always enjoy Cheese Importers for retail and food / drinks. The only frustration is how tight the space is with servers continually saying excuse me to get through with food to tables. Its a little much when you ate trying to shop.


I didn't realize this was a cafe and market, too. In fact, we got so distracted by the coffee and tea counter and the shop that we totally forgot to check out the cheese. Can't wait to go back. Best place for quality gifts, too.

Matt Crisp

Never eaten at the restaurant, but the store and cheese selection are both, in their own right, amazing. We are typically there for cheese, but usually find some neat items to leave with from the store. It is exactly what i would expect from an emporium.


Great variety of cheeses. Restaurant very overpriced, but food was good, just that sandwiches were mostly bread with little filling other than greens. Chicken sandwich had only traces of chicken. 2 people ate light soup and sandwich meal for $35.

Rebecca Elliott

I'm considering moving to be able to go here more. While visiting a friend she took us here for breakfast and thefood was so amazing i had the special and a pasty. The coffee was great as well i had the lavender latte. I ended up buying a lot of food from their cheese room and some books from the store as well

Brittany Stasio

The store itself is fantastic! There are a wide variety of items for your kitchen, from cookware to food to fun accessories. Things are pricey, but good quality. I've never eaten at the bistro inside, but I love the cheese room! An entire refrigerated room full of cheese and crackers, and there are always samples out to try. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the store is so charming!

Dave Motta

Unique store with huge walking cheese fridge and awesome selection. Nice kids section upstairs. Dining in is good but expensive for what it is. Desserts and baked goods are the standouts.

• JayD3vo •

Amazing!!! So much good cheese and oh I love how it’s labeled from diffrent country’s! I was able too find the cheese I wanted super easy by country. It’s lovely how well the food is. It brings back memories of back home as well, extreamly creamy cheese from all around the world. They had even exactly what I wanted too. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a specific cheese or even a cheese dish or taste

Carol DiBiase-Ruffe

This is a lovely, lovely place to visit whether you choose to eat here or not. The staff remains polite, charming, and friendly each time I visit. Reservations are recommended if you're staying for dinner on Friday or Saturday night. In the summer, they have a jazz band playing on each of those nights. The entire establishment drips with charm, including the flower garden in front of the building and the patio out back. The food is hit or miss: The lima bean vegetable soup was comparable to something from a can. The side salad is a simple mix of baby greens with shaved carrots and a few cherry tomatoes. The amount of dressing is perfect and tasty but it's nothing to rave about. The goat cheese appetizer satisfied our table and the portion was ample. The Raclette crepe was a bit dry. It was served with a ramekin of mustard but it still cried for something else. The crepe contained Raclette cheese along with potatoes, caramelized onions and arugula. I wished I had ordered the Croque Monsieur which one rave reviews from two of us. The Haloumi burger was good but the cheese was a bit much. It was a huge chunk of cheese that looked like a slab of tofu. Again, it was good but I think half as much would satisfy. The avocado toast was delicious and we would definitely order that again. The rose lemonade was unique and not overly sweet but the rose flavor over-powered. We cut it with water and shared it. The rose' wine from Provence proved to be so good that my husband ordered a second glass. The elderflower cocktail was creative and tasty but a little goes a long way due to the nature of its sweetness. During one visit, the waitress did not write anything down which proved to be a forgetful experience for her. I did not remind her of what we ordered and was glad I was not charged. The star for me was the lavender mocha. I ordered it with coconut milk. It was neither too sweet nor overpowering on the lavender or chocolate. A perfect balance really. You have to ask all the questions: Twice I was asked if I preferred 2% or whole milk. I wouldn't have known they had alternative milk choices if I didn't inquire. They also don't divulge the soup du jour. Don't forget to grab a handled shopping basket because they offer wonderful delights on both levels. There is additional seating upstairs and on patio but table service may not be available upstairs so please inquire. And of course, you MUST go into the cheese cooler. There is much more in there than just cheese! Jackets are provided outside the cooler on hooks.

4 C's Things

Love going into the huge cheese room (especially when it's hot outside lol ). Lunch is good and the desserts are beyond yummy! Fun atmosphere

CJ Willis

I love going here to just to wander and look at all the cool gift ideas! And the cheese selection is fantastic. Eating at the cafe is highly recommended - they are VERY allergy conscious, which I greatly appreciate!

Dillon Cain

What a delight! Every corner is worth just pouring over. The walk in cheese case is worth the trip alone. If you're in Denver you should make this relatively quick drive. Hit this place and Left Hand Brewing for a fantastic day. If you're hungry grab a bite here too at their little deli. Maybe get a beer too, since that's a thing you can also do. Live Jazz? Yup. Also, great service. Every smile I saw was genuine.

Chris Pontillo

What a GREAT place to have breakfast or lunch! Expect to wait in line to order when you arrive, but the food and service are well worth it. Not only is the food outstanding, but the pastries are to-die-for! Plus, you get to eat in one of the most eclectic restaurants I've ever visited. When you're done eating, explore the refrigerated cheese room and select from hundreds of cheeses from the around the world. They even have gourmet olives.

Cindy H

Generally they would get four-five stars but today wasn’t so special. I had a caprese salad...extremely light on basil, pretty heavy on vinaigrette For dessert I had a chocolate croissant-gotta say it’s the only dessert I’ve ever had there …

Bob D

This is a fun place to visit. Lots to see and lots to try. The croissants are really good. I really like cheese so it's fun to explore and see all the different stuff they have. Make it a point to go there sometime.

David Cummings

This place is amazing. The food is wonderful. The cheese cooler is spectacular. The gift shop is exceptional.

Jacquelyn Fladung

I love this place. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is so interesting

Rosalinda Licona

So I've been here a lot. If you're looking for a salad, quiche or soup (lentils or french onion are my favorite), or a house warming gift? This is my go-to place in town. However, today I had some toddler free time and didn't realize I …

Alexander Mikhaylov

cute and quaint place (inside). Looks like a small french museum. Great variety of cheeses (by colorado standards anyway). Recommend their onion soup. Great service. A bit weird surroundings (railway tracks and a warehouse appearance)

Betty Meals

They are a very unique cheese shop and restaurant. Can't wait to go back.

Linda Gilgren

The sandwiches were delicious! Fairly quick service. The cooler room with cheeses etc. was amazing. Great place to find gifts for folks or fixings for a special picnic!!

Anne Welch

Always a fun stop. Great selection of cheese, and international chocolates. Love the French vibe.

Devin Peithmann

Amazing selection of imported cheeses with a refrigerated room full of international selections. Wide array of kitchen utensils and unique "foodie" accoutrements. I love this place!

James K

It's not just an outstanding cheese shop- their French themed restaurant/bistro is very memorable. Had great panini sandwiches, excellent sandwiches and soup. Beverages are also excellent. Their refrigerated cheese room is otherworldly...

Ashley Montano

It’s a fun experience once and awhile. However, I have found the same dinnerwear at place such a bed bath and beyond for a much more reasonable price. Same exact items. Other than that the desserts are so cute.

Eric Martinez

Excellent food and my favorite breakfast place in Longmont. Really fun to browse the store with all the random french stuff and the cheese fridge has everything you could want!

Christine Sanders

Loved this place! I imagined I was in France. The outdoor patio was delightful and the food excellent. Every staff member I encountered was friendly and helpful. Be sure to shop the large variety of local and imported cheeses. If you are visiting Denver, it's worth the drive to Longmont.

Emma Boyer

Easily the best cheese shop I've ever been to. The cheese is DELICIOUS, and everything else I've ever tried there is very good. The place can be a bit crowded at times but that's because everything is so good.

David R. Reed

We have celebrated our Anniversaries there. It is a welcoming and delicious bistro! We love it!

Galaxy Cat

The fondu wasn't quite actual fondue. However, the drink options were very interesting and I loved it!

Gretchen Cummings

First time there. Highly recommend visiting there. Great menu, a little weird that it is self serve versus being served, but the staff was great and helped us figure it out. Incredible selection of cheeses. We definitely will be back.

Keith Goodwin

Had a great dinner and bought some cheese to take home.

Jo Albers

This may be the best place in Longmont to visit on a hot day! It has an intersting selection of items, a nice bistro cafe and great baguettes. And that huge cooler full of cheeses!

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