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111 Richman, Casino Pkwy level 1, Black Hawk, CO 80422, United States

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REVIEWS OF Centennial Buffet at Ameristar Black Hawk IN Colorado

kayleigh david

I don’t ever write reviews but this is the Worst dining experience I’ve ever had... manager Accused my dad of not paying before going in and wouldn’t bring him a drink or silverware.. after pulling his receipt out of the trash in front of the whole restaurant to prove he paid the manager finally brought him a drink after 15 minutes of being there and having to dig through the trash. there was no apology and nothing done about it. So embarrassing! Not to mention it was very over priced and food was terrible! Between spending money on the buffet, gambling, and staying the night I would have expected better costumer service and experience, don’t waste your time or money!

Tiffany Wagner

Poor quality food :(

Kevin Becker

Christina Rossi

The food has been hit or miss, and it's been the same choices for years. I wish they'd mix it up a little and add more vegetarian options.

Nate Velasco

First time here

Sofia Banuelos

Jon Goldberg

Aaron Stone

Lied to me about the contents of the Clam Chowder and fed me pork. Everything in the restaurant was labeled except for one pot. When I returned to the table I asked the waitress "Is that clam chowder?" She said yes. I said, "What is in it? I don't eat Pork and want to make sure." She said that she didn't know and would ask the manager. A few moments later she returned and stated that the manager guaranteed that there was no Pork in it; only clam. So, I had a bowl. After the 2nd or 3rd bite I noticed a flat piece of meet. I pulled it out of my mouth, cleaned it off and saw a pink color. I confronted the waitress who again went to double check. She came back and said, "The cook says there is pork in it." I'm a Pescitarian and a Muslim. I have both moral and religious reasons why I don't eat pigs! I'm disgusted by this place and am considering speaking with a lawyer over such negligent actions on the part of the manager and cook at this restaurant. I will never eat here again!

Paula Campbell

Issa Ramos

Maureen Sielaff

Frozen crab legs on buffet. restaurant manager couldn't care less attitude. Would not fix it. Don't ruin your holiday by throwiung away your money here.

Francis Gonzales

(Translated by Google) I like that place very much. (Original) Me gusta mucho ese lugar.

kevin brankin

No prime rib, overcooked tri-tip, pho, no! Decent Chinese, great desserts!

Vicky Decker

Eric Barranco

(Translated by Google) Good place (Original) Buen lugar

Sonia Sandoval

Christopher J Bustillos

my mother and I came all the way from Denver I usually bring her 3 times a year we are always pleased but today all the food was disappointing and dry, the Chinese food was dried out, rice was hard and dry, the enchiladas were so dry the insides were all hallow inside. I am absolutely disturbed and disappointed by the quality of food put out by the Centennial Buffet this trip. A waste of money and waste of gas. Our experience today makes the Golden Corral look amazing by comparison.

Fran Hogan

We were extremely disappointed in the "Mothers Day Brunch" yesterday. There was a very small selection of food, half of the platters were empty and when I asked twice about the shrimp, someone said they were refilling it and that never happened. It was only 12:00 and most of the food was already picked over. There was no chocolate fountain either. It was a special day and the selection was awful..

Matt Pastore

Not a bad meal.

David Bessey

Went here on a Friday night. Noticed that the price was less than usual and asked if it included crab legs. The greeter mentioned that we could buy up to crab legs for an additional cost. I specifically asked her if it was all you can eat and she said yes. After paying and receiving our coupon we proceeded to the dining area. One seated we were made aware that the coupon was good for only 1 lb, An additional $12.95 per person for one pound of crab legs. What an absolute joke! There are other buffets in Blackhawk that have the same quality food for the same price with all you can eat crab legs on every night of the week do yourself a favor and don't waste your time here.

William Layman

It's not as bad as most buffets. It's not horrible.

Silly Dilly

Food had very little flavor and was dry. Not a lot of choices for a person that can't have any seafood. Areas were empty with no food. I literally had a taco and half of a baked yam and a scoop of mac and cheese and paid 34 bucks for this and stood in line for an hour. Every buffet I have ever been to has lots of other options besides seafood and fish. Eggplant was cold according to my mother. She did like the desserts though. Asked to speak to a manager and waited for yet another half hour. This buffet was a huge waste of time and money in my opinion. Not planning on being back. Finally got to speak with manager and he did make things right by refunding everything.

Chad Beezy

Came here Christmas Eve 2017. Got food poisoning.

Karen Shurtleff

We have been for lunch and dinner. Great choices. Good service. They have a buffet takeout if that's better for you. Sooo worth eating here!

Ed Grueff

Took my 91 year old mother in law for her birthday with my wife to gamble and eat at her favorite buffet at 1:30 Tuesday August 7, 2018. Go there several times a year. Not very busy and now know why. Though the salad bar was OK all of the hot food areas were horrible. Either very low on old food and dried up food in all departments. Asian food which was always my favorite was down to nothing or terrible looking the pizza station had a few pieces of barely warm dried up slices on it. The Italian station was dirty and not tended to along with the chicken station and the Mexican station. I stood at the carving board for a few minutes with no response and ended up with some Macaroni with some cheese sauce some sloppy looking BBQ Pork and a piece of chicken for my lunch. None seemed to be manning any of the stations and never made any eye contact so they wouldn"t have to get me anything. Rice pudding looked like soup and the whipped cream and strawberry sauce was runny and all for $15.00 per person. I mentioned this so you can take note of this and perhaps correct this because as a previous restaurant owner for 40 years I would like to have known when something wasn't right at my restaurants so I could correct it. I mentioned this to the cashier and she kind of blew me off and said she would mention this to the chef never saying she was sorry. I doubt it. I hope you can turn this around. Ed

Cesar Corralejo

Still worth the money. Food is pretty good. Get ready for some crab legs

Ingrid Romero

Leonarda Ochoa

(Translated by Google) Too bad they have a broken table they have the paper where I designed what the table is broken but oh hotro problem the iron faith the seat has no care abuses and today it is late I knocked my knee and told him the driver's wing and I didn't implode him (Original) Mui mal tienen una mesa quebrada tienen el papel donde dise qué la mesa está quebrada pero ay hotro problema el fierro fe la asiento no tiene abiso de cuidado y hoy está tardé me golpie mi rodilla y le dije ala manejadora y ni le impoto

Joann Wolter

Excellent, delicious food, fresh selections, clean, good atmosphere

Albert Kelly

So much for my staycation! Ate at the buffet for dinner night one, spent the second half of the night and the entire next day afraid to get more than fifteen feet from a toilet seat! Pretty sure I won't go back! Hotel room was gorgeous though! I just wouldn't recommend the buffet especially high price to feel so miserable for a day and a half!

Travis Taylor

Got to say, gave it two tries on separate days, and found undercooked chicken, and other dishes not warm both times. I'd avoid it.

Raw Product Reviews

Food looked and tasted like leftovers. Had a horrible stomach ache after the food. Stay away!!!!!

Krista K

Sky Rock

I am a VIP member of this casino. From 2017 to January 1919, a total of $200,000 was lost at this casino. I'm really tired. Come and lose once. The casino in Kansas, which is owned by this casino, has not won any money. Especially roulette games. Buy red. Open black. 1-36 numbers are bet. Actually, the 0 number is opened. Losing is very tragic. I have never lost so many dollars here in Macau or Las Vegas. Let me feel that the roulette is being manipulated by others. The number where you did not place a bet. The number you bet will not win. Friends who don't believe in seeing my information can try it. Definitely lose money. I suggest that everyone gamble on entertainment. Because you will definitely lose to the casino. Not gambling for winning

Janeth Ramirez

Food was cold! Didn’t have much flavor! The best tasting thing was our water! Don’t waste your money or time here!

Frank Bailey

I am The420maN

10 stars on food, service, cleanliness. Military Discount best in the state.

June sailas

This buffet has really changed and needs to be turned around soon, before everyone goes to other places. Lunch today was poor, I even had a difficult time finding anything that tasted or was prepared decent. Get with it and management your competition will beat you out, step up and care about the quality. The wait staff Is very good unfortunate! is very good unfortunately the food doesn’t match !

michael oconnell

Prices were ok. Went at lunch time, wasn't really impressed with the variety. Food as a whole was kinda cold. Dining area has very few people, dirty table outnumbered patrons two to one, they really needed a busser.

james Fullwood

Food was cold and I think some was leftover from the day before and poorly reheated.

Ginger Reynolds

The food is okay overall. You can't choose your own table or your own drinks, I would rather be able to. I felt pestered by the drink waitress as she kept rearranging our table, I guess she didn't like where we moved items on it to, it was very odd.

James Tatro

Brendan Vickers

Robbie Briggs

Decent food, enough options for everyone to find something. Dessert a little lacking

Blake Mackey

Card me when I enter the casino? Fine. Card me when I order alcohol? Fine. Card me when I am gambling? Fine! But please don't card me for the 3rd time after I have paid $80 bucks for the buffet and am about to take a bite to eat! This is rude disrespectful and despicable. Never will I pay for blatant harassment again. Get a life lady. Beware of the crab cop police woman with the deep voice in the buffet area. Don't let her ruin your meal!

Olga Robak

Food is not very impressive for the price tag. Crab legs may be worth it, but everything else is below average.

Michelle McLain

Very disappointed. We have come here every few months for years and always been happy with the food and service, and we felt it was worth the money. That is no longer the case. Today the service was very slow, the food was not good. Nothing was fresh at all, even the fruit was bad. We went to 3 different stations to find a clean plate. The plates were dirty, and even the coffee cup that the server brought out to us with coffee was dirty. This was absolutely not worth $19 per person.

Douglas Howey

About $45 per person for food that is less quality than frozen dinners and is made with way too much sodium that it blocks the actual flavor. Desserts were good, thus the extra star.

Rachel Henderson

Food and crab legs are best on the weekends. Avoid the week nights as the food is not as fresh.

Courtney S

Daniel Ramirez

Poor choices for Sunday night.


Great place to eat and very friendly staff, definitely will visit again!!!

Robert Eaton

Food average! host rude on where to sit!

denny serna

Absolutely delicious. Not enough stomach space for all the great food.

Ian Griego

Jake Snyder

JC Mountain

Nice Buffet but overpriced. If there wouldn't be a military discount I would not go there.

Melissa Hassan

Ate dinner at the buffet today(8/2/18). Something gave me terrible diarrhea! Can’t even play slots cause I’m stuck in the bathroom! No one seems to have any Imodium or pepto, including the hotel!

bret koprowicz

Got sick the last two times I had brunch there. Server kept disappearing and didn't refill our mimosas except one time. Not much of a selection for twenty bones. Went in around noon today, not very busy and the food had all been sitting out for awhile. The only thing fresh was the salad. The fruit was not very sweet. I think it's the old.mac and cheese left over from the day before that is getting us sick....

Niki Van Essen

Sean A

I ate here yesterday during the lunch buffet. The "prime" rib was overcooked and dried out, they had a mac and cheese bar with noodles as hard as rocks and so little cheese that it was just burnt to the bottom of the pan. I watched the employees simply pace back and forth instead of maintaining their product. The service staff was attentive but that didn't make up for the poor food quality. Another note on the rib roast, the gentleman serving it had a full roast and the last little dried out end of the previous roast and instead of serving me a piece from the full roast, (which was still so dry and overcooked I couldn't chew it) he attempted to not only give me the dried up end piece but he also tried to cut it thinner. I understand trying to conserve more expensive products but serving customers meat so tough you can't even chew it is unacceptable. I loved this buffet but the last two times I've been here have left me disappointed. I'll be exploring other buffets in the area.

De Jay

Great food Huge selection Speedy service

Rachel Irwin

Great place to go on first wensday of each month for US Veterans as the buffet is free, a $23.00 VALUE!

Richard Tolliver

Michael Antista

It was ok, long wait, I've had better

Darcy Brewster

Went last night with a minor 18 yr old. Cause they used to allow them to eat in the buffet. Terribly sad they won't allow them anymore. This casino will not recieve a dime from me again. There are always those who abuse the rules. But to punish those who don't. There could've been another way. Like the Isle of Capri casino.

Frank Whidden

Brunch was nothing special and pricey.

Denise I

They had food that wasn't sugar free in the sugar free line. Rolls we're hard as rocks. Mayo salads we're old. We we're there at 12. Very dissatisfied.

Gary Helzer

Judy Fishman

ina nizhoni

Worst place to eat at now that no children are allowed to dine!!! Attendants are very rude when asking for directions and eye your every move when you have children. Mine were very young.

prachi buchunde

Laurie Gallegos

Loved the food choices, I wasn't crazy about the dessert choices

Utsav Rallan

Lunch buffet is cheap and definitely worth it!


Awful service, awful food, look at the pictures if you don't believe me. No bread. No Pizza, No Ice Cream, Chicken noodle soup was so gross. what a waste of $22 bucks.

Bonnie Jackson

We brought our kids to this buffet as a yearly tradition. Now they have decided to not allow children at there buffet. It would have been nice if they would have warned us last time we were up. For all families the Isle Of Capri still allows family and are exceptional

Chuck Ball

Used to love going here, good food for the price and one of the only places available that we could bring the kids in Black Hawk. Then, they changed the policy, which lost our business as a family - both in the casino and the restaurant.


Buffet has gone waaay down for quality. Food had been sitting our for a long time was dried out and unappealing Peel and eat shrimp were mushy. Never again. Find some where else to dine.

Ashley Walker

For the most part, really good food! An awesome selection and everything was fresh and hot. The desserts were great too, really you just can't go wrong.

Bigcat games

The cost of the buffet was way over priced compared to the quality of the food. All the food was bland and mediocre.

Chase Capper

Amparo Casillas

They dint let children in

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