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REVIEWS OF Cascades Restaurant IN Colorado

William Ostendorf

While the wait staff were great, the food was pretty terrible. My chicken was completely dry and my father's meatloaf tasted off. We were seated on the patio in 56 degree weather at "fireplace tables", however the large umbrella above us leaked. I was completely disappointed. Overall the food was 1 star (especially due to the price!) but the staff makes up the difference.

Kendra Wright

We had dinner there and enjoyed it so much, we returned for lunch the following day. My husband devoured their short rib special. My favorite was the duck while boys had the New York Strip. The house salads and dressing were delicious. Service was phenomenal by the hostess, wait staff and management who checked in on us to make sure all was well. Rashad, the nice mgr also kindly gave me another to go club soda after I forgot mine at the table. We will definitely return any chance we are in Estes Park.

Annie Nash

Horrible customer service! We went in for a few drinks last Sunday afternoon. Our bartender seemed very overwhelmed and scattered and ended up charging our credit card to another party's bill, which was much higher than ours. I alerted her to the mistake, and she took our credit card back to correct it. She returned with the correct bill and we didn't think twice about it. When we checked the bank account the following day we discovered that she had refunded the WRONG amount. She refunded us our actual correct bill, so we are back at square one with an incorrect charge. I have called and left messages for the manager 3 times as well as sent a message to the hotel requesting assistance. We have not received a phone call or email back from anyone at the hotel or restaurant. I can only assume they are ignoring us in hopes that we will just eventually go away. I love the beauty and history of the Stanley Hotel, but I am shocked by the lack of their concern in fixing a mistake that is financially impacting a customer.

paddy pilkington

Pretty mediocre restaurant. The decor is a bit dated and not great lighting. The staff were friendly. They brought our entree’s our while we were still eating our appetizers which was a bit odd. The food was a bit bland and lacked some flavor and for what it was, it was was quite pricey. It’s a shame it’s not better as it would really make this hotel. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here.

Samantha Murphy

This place was ok. The server seemed like she really didn’t want to be at work. The bartenders were all nice and attentive. The food was super underseasoned. I’m pretty sure they didnt use any salt or pepper on any of our food. Definitely overpriced for what you get. I would go else where in Estes Park.

Scott Smith

Great food, fast and friendly service, vibrant atmosphere.

Jon Gardner

Our server at the Cascades restaurant was extremely helpful and friendly. The house-made kettle chips were out of this world, but I feel like the lunch menu was a bit sparse and the quality of the sandwiches was only adequate, nothing special. I'm only giving four stars considering the price - I feel that we over paid quite a bit for the food, but it's arguable that the price also pays for the location and atmosphere. Still, $10 for a side order of 5 spears of plain grilled asparagus seems like overkill. On a side note, they have an extensive Scotch, Bourbon, and whisk(e)y selection available and I'd love to return one day to explore all that they have to offer.

Kency Winslow

Excellent service, and great food- this was our best breakfast out of the week we were in Estes Park. I highly recommend eating here, though make sure to call them ahead to make a reservation- we had to make one at the door and waited about half an hour which was fine because it gave us a chance to explore the hotel and it’s grounds. You will however have to pay for parking if you aren’t staying at one of the rooms in the hotel. Parking is $10, and if you’re going to eat and then walk around it’s not a bad deal.

Rose Anglin

Stopped for drinks.Great old fashion and Long island Ice tea

Matt Hay

Food was excellent and the staff was kind and courteous. I had the Filet Mignon and my girlfriend got the Elk. Both cooked perfectly and we didn't leave the table hungry. The bar also makes a great Old Fashioned which we had a few each. Definitely worth stopping in to eat and drink, but i suggest a reservation or you will probably have to wait.

AJ Tovar

The food is great but the service isnt even mediocre. The wait staff act as if you're imposing upon them and for some reason their weekend brunch menu ends at 10:30. Get with the program Stanley, weekenders from Denver are used to Brunch until 1:00 or 2:00.

daniel busa

Open seats everywhere literally place was mostly emptybut can’t get in without reservations.

Joseph Whitledge

Way of the beaten path, which is their greatest quality. We come for the unique experience of a hotel wrapped in history. The bar is amazing and reminds me of Kentucky with all the bourbon offerings. The menu is on point with a mountain type establishment. I had a buffalo ribeye that was cooked to perfection. The views are out of this world. If you are in the Denver area, spend the time to make the drive. They will make it worth while. After dinner, enjoy the scenic porch or head into the park. Just be careful, elk are everywhere.


All of the potential for an amazing experience is seemingly there... however Ian is extremely rude and seems completely toxic. I was appalled to hear him say, “I want to punch that f***ing Australian guy at the end of the bar in the mouth.” ...F***ING really? That’s how you speak about patrons that have to deal with your staff’s attitude? In fact everyone had attitude. I overheard another male waiter apologizing to the female at the bar for being rude. You cannot run any kind of business with toxicity like this. If you feel the staff is really worth keeping on payroll, maybe you should open a biker bar?

Alma Munoz

Beautiful place to visit, food is delicious and the service was outstanding. Thank you Tami you were great.

Mera Johnson

This place used to be great but the food has really gotten terrible and is super overpriced. Service was subpar as well. My husband even got food poisoning from his dinner. We used to love this place but will never be going back and won’t be recommending it to out of town guests!

Breckin Whitlock

I never write reviews but this was needed. My fiancé and I came here for my birthday. Expecting a nice dinner together. HOWEVER, absolutely worst food I’ve ever had. Steak was dry with just some sauce on it. Mashed potatoes tasted like well not mashed potatoes. How you mess up mashed potatoes beyond me. The chicken was dry. We left hungry. Because we picked at our food. You would think for such a well known historical building that the food would mimic this. Hands down so so so disappointed do not come here. Waste of money and your time. UNLESS you want drinks Wine was good and so was the service.

Jeff Gallamore

Just a great experience. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Great menu. I had a special of lamb shanks braised. Came w bread and a salad. Good house dressing. Finished off w creme brulee. Worth the drive over the m mountain from Boulder!

Kathy Keys

Was up there going to the masquerade party had dinner a little pricey but was very good

Kelly Messenger

Very disappointed . It has turned into a cheap tourist trap. The atmosphere is loud and unpleasant. The wait staff isn't worth the price tag nor is the food. The first disappointment was the menu. It was lacking in real options. We split a steak because the smallest cut they had was 12 oz. The cut was horrible. We expected better from a $50 steak. The side are extra but that didn't make them better and everything came out at different times. The drink options, again, where limited. I settled on a white sangria and had to send it back. It tasted like orange tang! Don't waste your money!

Kathryn Häusle

#greenlight drink tastes Just like what I imagine a kiwi flavored creamsicle would taste.

Nicholas Wyatt

Kind of the same deal as the Stanley Hotel: it's pretend upper-class. You pay top dollar but don't receive luxury treatment. It's ok because of the historical aspect of the place, but the food was not great.

Brenden De Leon

As a culinarian myself, and as should everybody else who goes out as a patron to a restaurant you should get what you pay for. This evening I went for dinner and was very disappointed with the food. I ordered lamb with the wild mushrooms and my girlfriend the yardbird; both were really bland, chicken was dry as dirt and the “stew” was cold. My lamb was cooked great but lacked so much needed flavor. For the price this establishment is charging they really need to step up their game! However the waiter, was wonderful and took care of us well. He was polite about my complaint about the food and took care of it with utmost customer service.


Long wait for burnt cold buffalo ribeye. Wife's scallops looked nice outside, slimy inside. Still hunger after $300. Would not recommend.

Chill Nievez

I really looked forward to visiting this restaurant during my stay at the Stanley. With these types of reviews it scares the heck out of me. I really hope this changes before my visit this summer. Such a beautiful restaurant for such bad reviews.

Chuck Platt

Great food and drinks. Always crowded now, go EARLY, leave early


The steak sandwiches I got was surprisingly good. The meat, NY steak was cook to order. It was very tender. However, the dishes that others got were not really good. Salmon was not fresh. Salad vinaigrettes seem to be freshly made there, which was good to know. Because there were huge hit & miss, I'd give 3 stars. They seemed to have many seasonal workers from abroad for their international program. Our waitress was from Eastern Europe. She was very attentive & charming. The employees throughout the hotel have been very kind.

Rickey Hunsaker

A little pricey but that's expected. The fries were amazing and the burger was ok . The burger was too thick and not done enough for me. But it's a very pretty place.

Kelsey McMaster

I would give 1 star but the server who ACTUALLY took my order after 20 min (because the other gal Bobbie, refused to serve me) was great! Ask for Ksenya (who deserves 5 stars) it’s her 3rd day today and she was kind enough to let me sit in the bar area and have a quick bite when the other woman (shoulder length blonde hair) kept asking me to speak to the host stand and get a menu to be seated in dining area only for service. Blondie “pawned” me off to another server after ignoring me for 20 min, leaving me waiting unnecessarily after asking the other 5 ppl, “does someone want to take her order?” How unprofessional Stanley. Cmon, step it up! For such high prices, we expect more! ...oh, and you guys should fire Bobbie if you care about guest experience.

GregR R

Really was disappointed by the Christmas "Brunch"/buffet (2018). Our table of 3 paid $240 for what was a very lackluster buffet - food was not thoughtfully prepared, was bland, and most of it was not served warm at all, especially the turkey. Only really good things were there desserts, but I don't need to pay $80/ea to get good dessert. We were about the only thing "baking", sitting in the sun by one of the large windows that didn't have any kind of shade or curtains. To top it all off, they stuck an automatic 18% tip on the check, which amounted to more than $35 for the waiter to bring a round of coffee/OJ. We appreciate them working on Christmas, but the tip should be representative of the service provided. All staff we encountered were mostly indifferent. Overall, I feel like a place like this can do much better. A traditional meal cooked to order would have been much better.

Zack Smith

Where to start.. Cleanliness leaves much to be desired. Entrees are way over priced. And you don't even get a side with your meal. You have to pay an additional $10 for some veggies. What the heck? On top of that - you don't get refills on bread. (Tf?) Best advice i'll give anybody reading this - if you want a nice dinner, where you actually get a good sized entree, and bread refills (lol) pull out your phone, navigate to Dunraven Inn and enjoy. You're welcome.

Jeremy Early

Very disappointed with the Cascades restaurant. Had a friend in town visiting so we stopped in for lunch. Our service was terrible. None of the food came out together and part of our order was not even entered. The food was just okay. We let the manager know and he didn't seem to care and just said sorry. I will not be going back here.

Andrew Riemer

ordered crown and coke in separate a $12 sip of captain morgan?? that ain't crown! and $12 for a sip? nope!

Ryan Sanders

Waited 90 minutes for our food, finally had to go ask the waiter if he actually put our order in. He said the kitchen was backed up, even though there were only 6 other tables seated in the place. Brought out our food 5 minutes later. Chicken was undercooked, food was not very good overall. Waited another 30 minutes to get our check, which the bartender finally came and brought us. Our waiter didn’t bother to check on us anymore after that. Will definitely not be eating there again, by far the worst service I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

Ashley Brasovan

Main dishes were all excellent -elk, meatloaf, filet. Appetizers were not great. Paid $17 for 4 shrimp for the shrimp cocktail and the beet salad had one slice of beet in it.

Rhnae Robinson

Too loud of a restaurant to give 5 stars. I wish it was a bit more "romantic" for dinner. Food took SUPER LONG to come out and I went on Thursday!... make sure to get a appetizer so you dont starve. The dessert was good. I dont normally get dessert but the entrees are small. Hey the lobster mac and cheese. Best I've had.

Jane McLain

Sadly we did not have a nice meal that we had planned on. Our service was horrible along with the food. Not sure if our waiter spoke English well enough to understand our concerns with our meal. Water was the only drink offered to us after we declined alcohol. The chicken was so dry you had to take a drink after every bite. Thinking you were getting a nice smoked chicken breast but instead you were served a leg and thigh. The cheapest cut of chicken. The meatloaf was cold. Instead of returning with a new hot piece it was clear they just nuked it and forgot the gravy. At that point a manager should of checked on our table. The waiter never returned or refilled our waters. Didn't offer desserts or asked how our bill was too be split. Dry chicken, cold meatloaf and water all for $150. Cascades, you should be embarrassed.

Benjamin Davis

This place has tons of ambience although the wedding parties can sometimes be a bit much. The drinks are strong and the food smelled good at least. It can be busy but the bar seemed very attentive. 10/10. Good whiskey selection.

John White

The Stanley Hotel is an amazing place but the Cascade restaurant is average at best. The prices they charge do not reflect the quality. It is way overpriced and the food is far from gourmet.

John Kirkpatrick

Stopped in to charge my car, and decided to try Cascades, great meal!

Sasha Hern

Great for and wonderful wait staff

Katie Hermann

It feels exactly like you're sitting at the bar from the shining. They have the largest/best selection of whiskey I've ever seen.


We stayed in the famous room 217, it was a great experience. The tour was also very enlightening and the restaurant/bar was exceptional. We cannot wait for our next visit.

Miguel Castillo

Food is only OK. Service is friendly but very slow. You hear the noise of the whiskey bar, which by the way, it has the large selection of whiskies I've ever seen. That's good for them but mostly for you. The restaurant is so, so. I recommend the elk and buffalo meatballs. I think the Chef had good ideas but probably the site does not demand to much effort for him. I expected more for this nice town and hotel.

Donna Pate

Excellent experience. Visit the whiskey bar and do order filet plus brussel sprouts. Our wine was perfectly paired. Service was outstanding.

Craig Straube

Food was very good. We split the special and still could not finish it. Server and service was great.

Seth Doherty

A wonderful bar/restaurant, great atmosphere and incredible selection of whiskey!

Maria Grigorieva

We had a reservation, but finally decided to sit at the bar. However, the barmen did not pay attention to us at all. We had to waive every time we wanted to have a drink. He did not even look at us. Interestingly, he spent 10 minutes speaking to the couple next to us and then just went away not paying attention that my glass was empty. Now, about the food: I took trout which was great, but it came with completely COLD purée and vegetables. Really? You charge $32 for the dish and don’t even care how it should be served? Horrible service!

Mandilynne F

We weren't overly impressed with our dining experience. There were quite a few large parties that seem to occupy the staffs service. Our waitress wasn't super friendly or attentive. Multiple times she walked by our table with a carafe of water, not stopping for us.I then had to flag down someone else for a refill. It was my birthday, we wanted everything to be copacetic, so we didn't complain about our orders. My pan-seared trout was more like, fried, slathered in too much butter, well done. The fish was on top of a very small portion of, smashed cauliflower, with a few mushrooms, and some leafy sprigs, for $32. I did bring it to the waitresses attention and she said, it was supposed to be tough. Odd? My husband's steak ordered medium, was also cooked too long. I'm guessing the kitchen was backed up with the large parties. It definitely wasn't worth the price tag. The Stanley is a beautiful, historic hotel, but at Cascades you are paying for the atmosphere, not the quality of the food or service. Estes Park is gorgeous, there are many local restaurants that I would have preferred for a higher-quality meal.

Jeff Jones

Food was really average. Service was really slow. They are banking on their history. I bet it's better for grabbing a drink later at night instead of eating.

Sandee McDaid

My family enjoyed this place, definitely top notch. Food was delicious & the service was great!

Khyla Art

Extensive bourbon selection. Food meh-

Megan Moffett

Really poor communication and customer service. An example is my side dish of asparagus was barely cooked. Adequate utensils were not provided in a timely fashion while my entrée was placed on my table just a few seconds after I received my soup. Really poor time management and basic serving skills lack here. Considering it’s in the Stanley Hotel, this experience did not reflect. It’s unfortunate but I would not recommend dining here.

Shane Pedroni

Super tasty food that is hard to find anywhere else along with their beer selection. The price is high and the food not very filling but very well presented. The service was ok but the servers judge you based on what your wearing. We were not allowed to sit at the outdoor fireplace pits according to the server in that area because it was reserved for groups even though there was a couple sitting there already. We sat somewhere else and another older couple came up and he seated them there. Sooo very judgemental

Courtney Dawn

Fun experience to be in the hotel. The staff was nice and knowledgeable. The cocktails were on point but a little pricey. We had the polenta cakes, they were really tasty but felt like there was a tiny bit too much cold tomatillo sauce. So good still though! I had the Lucy, delicious

Michael McCreary

The food was very expensive and all you paid for was Salt. Everything even the salad had way too much sodium on it. Everything was so salty I almost didn't eat.

John Oravez

Very good food, was a little overcooked but great atmosphere.

Tyler Kelley

Top notch place. Our waitress was attentive, the food was prepared perfectly. Expect to pay at least $60 a plate. They serve fresh warm bread to each table. We ordered the artichoke dip to start and steaks for our entrees. Not only was the food excellent but each dish was presented on appropriate dishes. The place setting at the table was some what formal, which was a breathe of fresh air compared to other local options. The wait staff doesn't read the utensil etiquette on your plate but that's not really a big deal. All the staff was friendly and professional.

Christian de Groot

Solid pub food. Not more.

Eric C

Great food! Best time to go is in the evenings, service is awesome and it’s usually not so busy. Very good service and atmosphere. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable and it’s never a bad experience. I really like going here for dinner.

Oz Fox

This place is awesome! Add french onion soup shrimp cocktail brussel sprouts and mushroom soup with truffle sauce. Very tasty! Ambiance is incredible at the historical Stanley hotel...

Mary Mendenhall

Food was cold and low end. Mirrors were dirty. Service was slow. What a disappointment.

Ryan Naville

Service was meh. Stanley burger was a large burger and decent. Caeser salad was a joke. Seriously looked like a child made it. All it consisted of was a head of romaine with cheese and croutons beside it. I had to chop it up with the butter knife that was provided. I was embarrassed to have ordered it. Best part was the drive up here. With that being said I'd check out the hotel, take some pictures, and eat somewhere else.

valerie alvarado

Had an absolutely unforgettable experience two days in a row with our bartender, Ian. His knowledge and experience is unparalleled. He’s attentive, quick and humble. I couldn’t say enough nice things about our overall experience at the Stanley and with the rest of the staff. If you have a chance, take some time and drink Weller and anything else Ian gives you, you’ll be in for a spectacular treat.

Beth Smith

Never ever again. Service was unbelievably bad, food was good but nothing can make up for service that is just horrible. We expect stellar service at the beautiful Stanley, but sadly that was not the case. July 2018

James Waldron

Bloody Mary is the best in town. Waitress could learn how to treat staff a bit better tho.

Joshua Barker

1 star for a nice ambiance. 1 star for a great whisky selection. The food was such a monumental let down and the staff were fairly inattentive and didn't seem to care about refilling my drink even though it wasn't very busy.

Mone T.

Had dinner and drinks here with the wife. We started at the bar and I enjoyed a well made old fashioned, my wife had a glass of wine. From there we moved into the dining area. The dinner was delicious. I had the elk loin and my wife had the New York strip. Both were succulent and tender. Can't wait to go back.

Scott Hensiek

Excellent food.....excellent service

Drew Ayling

So this was my first review: The food was great. I had the mushroom soup, the lobster mac and cheese, and the brussel sprouts. I was very pleased with them all. The pulled pork was very good. I also tried the meatloaf and enjoyed the taste I had. Also enjoyed the beverage. The service was just alright. New review: Well I'm never recommending this place to anyone again. The food is good, like pretty darn good. But the service and overall maintenance of the restaurant is a freaking disaster. The floors are filthy. Look up near the air vents at the collection of dust. And some random white splatter. This place is gross. As I type this I'm waiting for my tea refill... The food was cold. 3 soups, 3 sides. Soups were clearly poured and sitting while they wait for our sides. Then they realized my French Onion wasn't broiled, so they brought everything else out, cold. And then I got my hot soup. The Mac and Cheese is delicious, when it's hot, which we got... After complaining, which I hate. But when we got it, it came undressed without breadcrumbs, 'oh right', he said. And then one of the replaced soups also undressed without the pickled celery. Man. Cascading fails....

Michael Gibson

The service is top notch and the food is excellent. The atmosphere is wonderful.

Candace Jones

My husband's Filet Mignon was perfect and delicious. My herb roasted chicken, however, was flavorless and dry. The butternut squash soup was excellent. And the cheese burger and fries is a good choice, it's also the least expensive thing on the menu. We ate there twice during our stay.

Jeffrey L

Really very mediocre. Old looking building with filthy carpet, paint and wallpaper peeling from the walls. Menus were printed on paper and covered in grease spots and stains as well as the table cloths. Server spoke little English and our special requests were not honored. Very average food for a very extravagant price.

Jc Forster

Wonderful food, great service and good atmosphere (historic). A bit pricey at $100+ for a dinner for two.

Stitch Wilbers

Had the carne asada sandwich that was on special, and it was amazing. Great food and historical surroundings.

Austin Christensen

Service was very friendly, fast and attentive. They gave good recommendations and made the night special for us. No complaints there. The atmosphere was nice and the restaurant was beautiful. Cocktails were good but overpriced. At $15 a drink, it's hard to want more than one. The food came out quickly and was close to being good, but didn't quite hit the mark. Polenta cakes were tasty, but slightly cold in the center. Salad lettuce was starting to brown and Caesar dressing was a little bland- could use lemon and salt. Entree proteins were seasoned okay, but both the scallops and duck were slightly undercooked. I appreciate a medium rare duck, but this was still under that. Skin was slightly crisp, but fat could have been rendered better. The top of the scallops looked nice, but the underside was hardly browned. Tender, but almost raw in the center. The side of mushrooms was quite large (enough for two) and cooked well, but had no seasoning. The meal was far from bad, but when eating at fine dining and paying $35+ a plate, expectations are higher than average and properly cooked/seasoned food are part of those expectations. Not sure if we would return, but it was worth a try. The ambiance and seeing the historic hotel was quite an experience.

Barb Davis

Top not food prepared to your liking by skilled chefs - service is phenomenal with attention to detail

Nate C

We felt we had to stop here due to its history. Overall it was the most underwhelming experience and food we had on our trip to estes park.

Matt Santilli

Pathetic food and service. Stayed in the hotel for 2 nights and ate here twice. Word of warning, you'll need to make reservations 24 hours in advance for every meal. Breakfast portion was generous but poorly executed (cold potatoes and a broken hollandaise sauce). Dinner was a nightmare. They didn't have the first 3 bottles of wine or the starter we tried to order. Server didn't tell us anything was 86ed. Waitress asked if I wanted to first taste the wine since I was probably paying for wife works too and even if she didn't that's a rude comment. Risotto was over-seasoned and under-cooked, salad came with an ingredient we asked to be removed (diet restrictions). Manager paid for the wine but still charged us for the food (that we didn't eat). Oh, and this was our Wedding dinner, so it was a particularly disappointing meal. This restaurant is truly terrible, PLEASE DO NOT DINE HERE. There are dozens of options minutes away in the downtown area, so please go anywhere else but here.

Sarah Hockel

The restaurant was awful. One of the worst meals I've ever had. I am vegan, and they did not have one single vegan option (it's 2019, and people care about their health...). I had to put together a plate of veggies. I purposely looked at the website's menu before coming here, and there were items that can be customized to be vegan online, but not at the actual restaurant.I asked for all my veggies to come out on one plate, and it didn't. The waitress told me she would come back to tell me if the veggies can be made vegan (no butter, cheese, etc.) and she never came back. The vegetables were cold and disgusting, no seasoning. How do you mess up vegetables? I'd come back for the hotel, NOT the restaurant. They were less than accommodating.

Kayla Hohn

Figured it was part of the experience to dine here and have a cocktail. Cocktail was fantastic but the food wasn’t. I didn’t let it ruin my day but definitely not worth the 100 tab. Burger was soggy and disappointing, pulled pork had great flavor but by the time it got to us the bread it was served on was soaked on both slices. The bun for the burger was also soggy and overloaded with cheese and shredded lettuce which didn’t help. Overheard the guys next to us, they waited a hour for medium rare steaks and got well done. Disappointing was the word used. That’s how I felt. Plus our waitress you could tell Didn’t enjoy her job. She wasn’t rude but was completely mediocre and first thing she spilled my red cocktail across the white table cloth and then didn’t even bring me anything to clean it up with. I tried it for the tourist factor but won’t be back.

Whitney Richey

Stayed at the hotel. Made reservations for a nice dinner. $100 for two of us and nothing was good... crab was ok, asparagus was cold and had no seasoning, risotto had a good flavor, but was so undercooked they didn’t end up charging me for it. The creme brûlée wasn’t even great. The consistency was too thick and the top was barely caramelized (that’s the best part!). The waiter wasn’t nice, but slow and never asked if we wanted more wine... and spilled bread on the table and just left it the rest of our meal... The dining space and bar at least had a great historical feeling. Just overall disappointed and not worth it for the price.

Christian Mendez

Food is made well but it's expensive. Heads up.

Marie Russell

Once upon a time this place was great. Now, it's a crowded, loud, overpriced tourist attraction. It's sad, because it has such beautiful architect and potential to be a really great experience. But, while the service was nice, the steaks were comparable to Texas Roadhouse. They have fine dining prices while failing to peovide a high quality food and high quality experience.

Susan Perkins

Excellent food. Nice atmosphere!

Stephanie Titus

Great service, filet was cooked perfectly. Yummy creme brulee.

angela laws

Been waiting 20 minutes to order. Took my drink order and never came back. Maybe 5 tables of people. I guess I'll pay for my coffee and leave

Steven Murata

Nice place with a lot of history. Cascades food was a disappointment. Salmon and chicken was way under cooked. Breakfast was better, asked for eggs over hard, but came over easy. Tour was very good

Maria Estes

We went to Cascades Restaraunt twice during our stay. And by twice I mean two nights in a row because we loved it so much. The food was great, the service was great and the convenience of it was a huge plus. Would definitely recommend the buffalo ribeye !

Allan Cieniuch

Very pricey for what you get. Better options in town for the money. You are paying for the atmosphere

Kristin moore

Over priced food was very mediocre. Wait staff was friendly and attentive. Just felt like I paid to much for lackluster food.

Brandon Dilli

Decided to have Christmas dinner there with the family. We had reservations, restaurant was about half full. We're seated and ordered. Drinks were slow and refills were slower. 1.5 hours later finally got our food. Everyone seemed pleased except the oldest daughter and I. We'd both ordered the elk loin. It was stone cold, like straight out of the refrigerator cold. Can't recommend between the slow poor service and cold food.


Very beautiful place. Doesn't matter what time of day you try it, everything on the menu is delicious!

Briana Farris

Ok so the wait staff is awesome here, but overall the experience and food were terrible. We reserved a table that was not ready for us when we arrived. The food smelled wonderful, but gave our entire party bad stomach aches that you would never expect from the price we paid. If you go here, avoid the cheesecake and meatloaf. We will not be returning to this restaurant any time soon.

Freddy Lisitsa

Servers were friendly, we were seated according to our reservation time, salmon, fries and mushrooms were good.

joe chapa

Breakfast is from 7a to 10:45a. Lunch is from 11a to 4:30p dinner is from 5p to 10p bar is open till 2am.

Brett Tomlinson

Great bar with very friendly and knowledgeable bartenders

Kristie Rhodes

Where to even begin? We're staying here at The Stanley and night before last we had 2 appetizers, a salad and one drink each at the Whiskey Bar. $90 before tip. At least service was ok I guess. Last night we had reservations at 630 in the dining room (you can order everything in the bar that you can in the dining room...weird) that had been in place for a month. We were not seated until about 715ish. They only have about 15 tables and no one knows what is going on. Finally seated we think things are looking up because our server took our order right away. But... no. We had to ask for bread a few times, ask for water, ask for wine twice, we never got our appetizer, 1.5 hours later my husband got his $36 steak that is a la carte and it's very over cooked and he commented that Texas Roadhouse is way better. My elk was good, but not great. The lobster mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were good. And we got cheesecake to share that was nothing spectacular. So... 2.5 hours in and $150 later... we can safely say that we will not return. Ever.

Scott F

I've been here twice now and both times were excellent. The prices are quite reasonable for the venue and the food and service has been good. I love the burger and the beer selection, while not huge, is sufficient, as well.

eHorizons Designs

Made reservation for 10:30am breakfast on July 5th. Hostess sat us at 10:45am, so not a bad wait considering the holiday crowd. Wait staff was diligent with all tables. Our table ordered 1. Banana French Toast and 2. Rocky Mountain Breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast). The French toast was a big hit. The RMB was very middle of the road. Smaller portions all around. Overall, not a bad experience, but nothing special beyond the novelty of having breakfast at the Stanley Hotel.

Nate Pyatt

It's a stiff drink, an uncomfortably manic bartender and some bland chicken. Listen, you are going there for the Shining and it's a hotel restaurant.

Cara Ernest

Everything about this experience was fine. Nothing special, nothing to recommend, but it was fine. That being said, it was pretty expensive for fine.

Craig strong

Awesome place, great food, great service

Samuel Hunter

Classy decor and service. High quality lunch menu.

Kristie Livermore

My husband and I stayed at the Stanley for one night this summer and dined at Cascades. To begin with it took a long time for a waiter to even approach us and take our drink order. Once the waiter arrived it appeared that he was not an experienced waiter and stumbled over his words a bit. He came back some time later with my husbands beer (that he spilled on the table) but forgot my drink order that I had to wait even longer for. We observed other wait staff that also did not seem to know what they were doing. There was a lot of chaotic running around but not a lot got done. We never got the bread so we had to ask for it to be served to us. Not only was the service not that great but when we got our food we were very underwhelmed. The flavor was not that great and you do not get anything else with the main course. My salmon was just the piece of salmon and my husbands filet mignon was just the piece of meat. Not a great value for how much the dish cost. We were disappointed with our experience here. The dessert was not good either. The only thing this restaurant has going for it is the view outside of the hotel, the surrounding grounds, the drinks and the historical element.

Rachelle Etenburn

Understaffed, over priced, and you have to pay to park.


I have tried eating here every time I have gone to the Stanley thinking I would just order something else and it would be better-wrong. It is worse. The food is extremely overprice and overcooked. It's the scariest thing in the Stanley. Serve cheap wine for more per glass than a whole bottle costs-even the soda-Dr. Pibb! Honestly it is an embarrassment to this beautiful hotel. Servers were unfriendly , some even rude. The wait was completely outlandish and we had reservations. I hate leaving the hotel here as i would rather enjoy but I will never eat here again.

Patricia Garnett

Great Hotel to visit. Maybe you'll see Jack Nicholson they're doing shining 2 the movie

David Noftsker

Sat at the bar for dinner my steak was wonderful, full selection of whiskey. It was expensive.

Natalie Bell

Good food and atmosphere!

Amy Hineline

We called early in the day and made a reservation. When we got there, they said they did not have our reservation. They claimed they were completely booked up, but we insisted we had made one, so they seated us. About a quarter of the tables were empty. Food was decent but overpriced. Wait staff was marginal, not as polished as one would expect for the prices, and the wait staff manager ( who was consulted about our reservation) , was not at all professionally dressed.

Shadow Hetzner

Amazing Food , outstanding service, Inside The BEAUTIFUL STANLEY HOTEL

Karen Carboni

Mixed experience here. Bartender was spot on, but the table service was subpar. Waited an inordinate amount of time for our appetizers to be delivered to the table, then server had to run to the back to tell the kitchen not to close because we had a dinner order coming. Good effort, but every single thing we ordered after the appetizers was delivered to the wrong table. After being asking for separate checks, the tickets were laid on the table face up in a single book. Not the kind of service you would expect for the environment. I still would return due to the historic aspects of the Stanley Hotel in spite of the experience we had at the Cascades Restaurant.

Hayley E

Neat little restaurant/bar inside of The Stanley Hotel. The staff was friendly, and there were so many options. The drinks were excellent and the food was good. There's an aquarium downstairs near the restrooms there, should you have time to check it out! Neat place, for sure.

Nanci Husky

The service was slow. For the cost of the meal $28 the portion of trout was the size of a brookie. They gave me 4 huge slices of toasted bread to cover it up. Talk to the restaurant manager and she gave 20% off the meal. Still not impressed with the Chef...

Heather Cole

Was really looking forward to our romantic dinner, but it was utterly disappointing. The pita bread for the spinach artichoke dip had parts that were stale and while others were soft. We continued to stack our empty plates on the edge of the table in hopes that staff might get the hint to clear them. It was such a disappointment that we decided to just end our meal rather than stay for dessert or coffee.

Patty Knapp

Good food, prices are high.

Tammy Hvolboll

The food and service was amazing

Noah Stiles

Fantastic!!!! Search out Josh in the Whiskey Bar - he was so nice and when requested for something we never thought would happen he made it happen! Thanks so much!!!!

Amanda Costoulas

It was dirty

Shane Duvall

Great service and bar tenders were very knowledgeable.

Dustin Kurtz

We go up to Estes about once or twice per year. We used to love to go to the Stanley for a Bloody Mary or an Old Fashioned but we won't be going anymore. We were there on Monday, 11/6, and the service was horrible. The bad news is that we sat at the bar and there were only about 8 total people sitting there and we couldn't get service. The drinks were not great, but still $15 each. There were 2 bartenders, one seemed like he was on something and the other was texting while patrons just sat there waiting to be served. When you did get their attention, they were nice, but of the 2, one made an Old Fashioned better than the other. They really aren't that hard to make... We do not eat here often, but the food used to be decent. I am unsure what it's like now. Go down the street and try Bird and Jim's before you waste your money here.

Cynthia C

Food was delicios a little pricey

Emily Powell

The food was good, but not worth the price. You'd think a fourty dollar meal could at least have a salad with it. I really wanted to have a couple drinks with dinner, but couldn't bring myself to pay $15 a drink. So for basically the same price as one drink we just went to the liquor store instead.

Mimie Yang

The service was horrible. The server asked twice for our drink order and didn't put it in then asked me two more times what our drink orders were and everything went downhill from there. Our crab cakes were cold, we sent them back then they came out without any original plating and only had two slabs of crabcake on a different plate and didn't bring out the side sauce and we had to ask twice. We ordered Stanley burgers and it took over an hour to get that and they had our side orders wrong. The only good thing about the restaurant is the mushroom soup was delicious. Since our cheeseburgers took over an hour we just left and the manager didn't charge us for the appetizers and drinks. That's the only reason they get 1 star I would give 0 if I could. Wish we didn't spend 1.5 hrs out of our lives just sitting in the restaurant when we could have spent the time enjoying the grounds at Stanley hotel and Estes Park itself. We've had better service from Buffalo wild wings...sad. the service industry in general is not what it used to be.

Carmen M

The food was very good, but some of it is a tad overpriced for what you're getting. The real reason to come here is the gorgeous and historic hotel and the Whiskey Bar.


Over priced mediocre food. We stayed at the hotel. Expecting a great meal with it being in the hotel. There has to be high expectations from the hotel as well correct? I don't mind spending the money for a high quality great meal. But it was nothing special. Mediocre at best. There are many better options within a short drive. They could be much better and the people staying at the hotel should be able to not have to go elsewhere.

Ronda Suarez

Very pricey whiskey bar in side the famous Stanley Hotel. Drinks were amazing though!

Svetlana Strannaya

Food was mediocre at best, and service isn't anything to write home about. The hotel is cool though.

Shane Strate

Our expectations were high when we made reservations for the Cascades Restaurant in the Stanley Hotel, however our actual dining experience fell remarkably short of what one would expect from an upscale eating establishment. Although the service and atmosphere were very good, the food was uninspired, bland, poorly presented, and riduculously overpriced. The $38 pork chop suffered from extreme loneliness as it was brought out unaccompanied by even the slightest hint of a garnish on the plate to soften its tough and chewy texture. I was more enticed by the French fries that had to be ordered a la carte to accompany it for an additional $10. There are plenty of other good restaurants in Estes Park that take much more pride in what they send out of the kitchen than the Cascades.

Janet Danielsen

Good food

Jeremiah Jackola

The service was great and the food was amazing! If it's your first time make sure you get the elk loin and lobster Mac and cheese! Expect to spend around $50 a person without drinks, but take in mind the food and service are very worth it!

Marion Sansing

Personnel was very prompt and friendly. The food and drinks were outstanding and worth the $$. Ate a variety of appetizers in the bar. Great fresh taste, contemporary menu, certainly made from scratch in house. Had to wait 1/2 hour for a table, place was packed, got a drink the from the bar and waited in the lobby by the fireplace, time passed quickly. Great ambiance.

Avery Cisney

My boyfriend and I ate here after our spirit tour of the stanely, the food and service were both good, however the prices are ridiculous. We split an appetizer, my boyfriend got the Cesar salad (which was barely even a salad, just a stalk of lettuce with dressing on the side), i got the Norwegian salmon and we both ordered a coke, altogether the bill was $90. This restaurant was nice for a date night, but I can't see myself ever returning due to the prices.

Mark Carter

The recent menu change is a turn in the wrong direction. There are no vegetarian options worth while for others and they stopped serving the Stanley burger. Brining our own food from here on. Also I would pay cash there, we were charged twice on our credit card for one visit so we have to spend time now getting the second payment removed.

Dylan Clark

Excellent place to eat if your at the Stanley hotel! Great lunch specials!!

Jessica Wood

We had a couple of cocktails and a salad at the bar in the afternoon and it was a delightful experience. We returned tonight for dinner on the patio, which had maybe 4 other tables occupied. We sat for about 10 minutes with only salt and pepper shakers on our table. No menus to even look at. We were given water and quickly abandoned. The server returned to get our drink order and we asked about vegan options and the server didn't seem to know anything about the food he was serving. We asked specifically if the asparagus was cooked with butter and he said "it's probably cooked in oil." We decided to discuss options and just get our drinks and appetizers for the time being. 15-20 minutes later the server returned to get our dinner orders and we decided on the asparagus for my vegan friend and the chicken for myself. When they arrived we still did not have any silverware even after requesting some from the person who dropped off our appetizers. Upon tasting my chicken it was absolutely bland and literally only a piece of chicken on a plate. For about $20 I expected at least a vegetable to accompany it. The plate of asparagus was small but I expected that from a side item, however it was definitely cooked and covered in butter. We asked to see a manager, but I am suspicious that the young guy who delivered our food never went to get one. After waiting another 10 minutes looking at our disappointing food, I flagged down someone else to request a manager again. The manager was extremely apologetic and accommodating, and for that I am grateful. We were not asked to pay for our drinks or appetizers, which we had already eaten. If they can employ a staff that knows their menu and can handle more than 3 tables at a time, I might recommend this place. The food seems extremely mediocre and overpriced for what you actually receive. But the hotel is nice and has a wonderful history and the cocktails were tasty.

Stephanie Boulton

Lunch..generous portions, food could have been hotter, very pleasant staff.

Rasmus Cyrillus

Ill start off like this. I am 13 an like things plain and i like pasta. When i got here last year they had the best mac and cheese ever. Nothing ever tasted as good as that. This year on july 11 at 7:11 pm i tried to order a regular mac and cheese. They only had lobster mac and cheese as a side. And i dont like lobster. So i asked if they could make a plain mac and cheese but our waiter said the cant do that. So in the end i stole my dads fries and went to the closest king soopers and bought a regular super large mac and cheese there and ate it all. After that i sat and pondered the tastes and the mac and cheese at stanly was way better but they no longer have it so kiss my a$$ stanly hotel for taking the best thing on the menu and making it dissapear. just annoying that they wont even make a special order for me. So never coming back here unless forced by my parents. And if you say that im overexagerating then you come here.


Excellent food & attentive wait staff.

Hannah Lackey

I chose this for the location due to we were finishing our tour right before our reservation. However, now I wish I would have driven all the way down to Denver for a better meal. The restaurant is situated inside of a noisy bar and separated by a low window. They have bar music that is classic and 90's rock playing throughout the whole building. It's completely contradictory because you go to the restaurant for fine dining. Again, looking at the restaurant set up, you would think that the waitress would serve you as if you were there for a special occasion. Yet, we were constantly being questioned if we were done and if we wanted anything else. I am not sure if it was due to our age, or if it was because we were taken back by the atmosphere, but the waitress did not ask if we were celebrating anything and did not ask us to check our $40 steaks. By the end of it we just asked for our checks and then she finally got the hint that something was wrong. The food was overall a disappointment. We both asked for our steaks medium rare, and when they came out it was cold. Only one of the 5 dishes was hot. The Lobster Mac and Cheese was chunky due to sitting and you could tell the red wine demi-gloss had congealed. Even after the waitress "fixed" our bill we payed over $100 and they never celebrated the birthday that we came to enjoy with them. It wasn't a jump scare, but it sure was shocking how disappointing it was.


Had breakfast here and poked around the Stanley a little bit. Good food, fair prices and a full bar of that's your thing. Will be back

Kayla Garbrecht

We came to this restaurant during our honeymoon back in November. This was one dinner that we will never forget! While the food is pricier, it was all worth it. We had the fillet minion, elk loins, the wings, and a marshmallow/brownie dessert that was the best!!

Devinalexus Marin

Food was delicious. Highly recommend the salmon and the garlic mushrooms. Great customer service.


A beautiful place, with a lot of history, i love it, good food

exer cise

Historic but service and food was....meh

Ben Cordova

Great breakfast and friendly service

Matthew Rohar

Food was great with large portions. Waitstaff was very good and patient.

Brendan Fisher

I had great food and service! Highly recommend

Pp Rocks!

Great pea puree with the trout! Try the Lucky Lucy cocktail!

Shane Shibest

Me and my wife came up to The Stanley Hotel for our honeymoon.The Hotel is very beautiful so for our first night we decided to go the the Restaurant there wasn't much to choose from the Dinner menu so I got the Wild Game Meatloaf.The food was good put like many people have said on here it's very pricey.We spent 70 Dollars for 4 sodas,a cedar salad and the meatloaf.It was a nice honeymoon trip but u better have deep pockets to eat here.

Shana Maguire

Really expected something more out of such an iconic place. White table cloths only go so far, the quality of food is far off par. The extremely professional server made the excuse that there was only one chef. There are a plethora of great places in town for a meal....opt for those instead!

Mike Thomas

Very overpriced for small portions and average food

Manish Tahilyani

Great staff. Ok food. Impressive collection of beverages. Overcrowded at times with day tourists.


Colorado wild game meatloaf was the best I've ever had. Great cocktails and huge Whisky selection.

Krista Wojciechowski

We were staying at the Stanley and wanted to treat ourselves to a dinner at their in house restaurant. The food and drinks were tasty, but the price was a bit high. We both split an appetizer, had 3 drinks, and two entrees. The price plus tip was just over 180. They're in a prime spot to charge higher prices, and the ambiance was lovely. I'm glad we gave it a try, but I don't know if it will be a must stop next time we're in town.

Elissa Hanc

My family and I visited the Cascades restaurant the day after my wedding, excited to be in the Stanley Hotel and at the prospect of enjoying a delicious meal. I'll list out what happened from here. 1. We waited for quite a while to be waited on. 2. Our waiter spoke so quietly that half of out table (of 6, at a round table) couldn't hear him. I politely let him know that I couldn't hear him from the opposite side of the table (not a large table). Instead of speak up (he was literally almost whispering), he told me he'd come to my side of the table to repeat the specials.. Okay, sure, let's do that. A little weird, but alright. 3. The food was absolutely the worst food I've ever eaten for a price tag of $100. Beyond bland. I had the salmon and ate it despite it having hardly any flavor or sauce. My mother had the filet and it was so undercooked/seasoned that she had to pick around the center. She ordered it medium--it was CLEARLY rare. Not one person at our table felt satisfied with their food, but we chocked it up to being unlucky and honestly didn't see our waiter until near the end of the meal. 4. The waiter was HARDLY there--we had to wait extended periods of time and I had to flag him down several times for simple requests such as an extra side of sauce. And this only worked RIGHT at the beginning of our meal. He was absent otherwise. 5. When my mother let the waiter know that her filet had been undercooked but she'd eaten what she could (as we hadn't seen him since she first cut into it), his response was, "Well, I wish you would've let me know earlier." Wow. 6. When the manger came up, he seemed apologetic and helpful. HOWEVER, when the waiter came back out, the manager had clearly chastised him for not being attentive, so he decided to begin ARGUING with my mother. Stating, "Well, I distinctly remember coming back out." Why, as a server, you would choose to continue on and argue when the matter was settled, I don't know--and I WORK in sales/customer service. Not one of us brought anything up--the waiter chose to. 7. Finally, I don't know what it was, but all of us could smell three of the male wait staff when they walked by. Their body odor was HORRIBLE. Why the staff isn't held to a standard of "please don't smell offensive in a restaurant", we have no clue. I know sometimes there is a personal issue/choice involved, but to smell unbathed while serving food is too much. All in all, the food was nowhere NEAR worth the cost. Our waiter was rude, inattentive, and disrespectful. The only pleasant thing about this restaurant was the manager.

Chandana Hosamane

It's inside the historic Stanley hotel. The outdoor seating is beautiful.

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