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Scott Dalton

It's a pretty cool place. The food is(self-admittedly) not awesome. But wow the place is elaborate. Take a moment to look around and enjoy the service, the service is really good. You'll leave very full because what they lack in quality, they more than make up for in portions. Little kids love it also.

Anna Brambilla

The food was mediocre at best. The "entertainment" consisted of a young woman screeching into a microphone with a guy dressed up in a gorilla. The cliff diver was slightly more interesting but only barely. I will say the old fashioned pictures were a real highlight. The guy taking them was fun, helpful and really good.

Paul Howden

If you have kids, this may be a fun place to take them. Otherwise avoid at all costs. Either way, don't expect anything much from the food. You receive your food as part of a cafeteria style line, and carry it on a tray to your table. The food makes school lunches and hospital food look good. It is way overpriced for the quality, and none of our group finished what they ordered. The service was spotty and slow, taking 10 or more minutes just to refill our waters. The sopapillas were one of the few redeeming qualities this place had to offer. The cliff divers and acts were not worth the cost of the food or the wait in line. People with children may find the experience more worthy of the price tag.

Dan Eckman

Casa Bonita is a place that has been around since I was a child. (30 plus years). Some how they have maintained for that period of time. I love this place. People do not go to Casa Bonita for the food. They go because it is like no other restaurant. It is a legend in the business and with legends you can accept not so great food. The food is OK, but is it slap together Mexican food. The ambiance is why you go. Waterfalls, divers, cool rooms, shows. All of these things make Casa Bonita what it is.

Adam Courtney

Taylor was the BEST/ GREATEST waiter. He was informative, smart, funny, adorable. He made our time the most excellent! The whole place isn't as I remembered it 30 years ago it does need some upgrades and some cleaning up make it better make it more spectacular. It was famous on South Park why not!? Denver landmarks such as this should not go unkempt!!!

Rachelle Duncan

I’ve been coming here for years since I was a little girl and my family members have always come since before I was born. I’ve never been disappointed. It reminds me of being younger every time I come lol. My family and I enjoy coming here …

Kathy Otten

I read the posts before going and it said the food was not good. They were right. We have visited several times before and it seemed better. Just wanted to take our grandson there for the fun diving experience and entertainment. The Sopapillias however were still delicious!!

Brian Christian

This is a super fun place and the food is great on top of that. It is even better than you expect

Douglas Sligar

I honestly cannot say anything good about this place. I'm not one for writing reviews but our experience was so bad I thought I might save someone the money and time. The wait to get in was 30 or 40 minutes. The whole time you are in line there is barely any air conditioning. We were using the menus as fans to cool off. The food SUCKS. Taco bell has better service and food. Everyone says you don't go there for the food but the shows. Well if you are lucky enough to sit where the shows are then maybe I could forget about the nasty food. If you're not so lucky you must leave the table and wander around to see a show. SERVICE...what service? Several people from our party had to get up and get their own refills. All you can eat is a joke since they take so long you end up leaving before getting more food.

Marianna Boston

I have never been more disappointed with the food as I was today... The only thing I liked was the Sopaipillas.. It will be the last time I eat Casa Bonita...

Sidney Lea

The food was absolutely disgusting. The service was slow and rude. Even the beer was nasty . Not a good place to bring family, unless you want to be sick.

Barb DiMarco

This place is fun and worth a visit but only for the festive surprises in entertainment and design. It was very slow cafeteria trey style served Mexican food .The cafeteria help did not seem to enjoy their work, and lines dragged. Once seated it was an enjoyable vibrant experience watching the high divers!

Robert Segal

It’s worth buying bad Mexican food at this place just for the price of admission. It’s best to eat beforehand and just have the sopapillas for dessert. I’ve had many a great memory with my kids at this place.

Aubrey Klungtvedt

Always have loved Casa Bonita! Not my first (or last) time here! The food is good and filling! Awesome live entertainment-cliff diving! Fun things to do-cave, arcade, puppet shows, wishing well, gift shop, stuff all over the place to see! Decor is amazing! Just a super cool place! Glad it's still around!

Ditsy Lesbo Linguine

If you go here for a blast and some great laughs then you’re coming to the right place:) If you come looking for good food and flawless show then go elsewhere. This is my favorite restaurant ever! Great prices and not classy, which is what makes the atmosphere so happy!

Lee Mojica

For such a fun and unique restaurant, it’s sad that it’s served with extremely underwhelming and lower than mediocre quality of food and service as well. The lemonade that is served, is just water with food coloring (this is not an exaggeration). I had hair in my food, and was given an attitude from my server. The food barely passes as edible, and the staff here look miserable to be working here. It’s a shame since the atmosphere is nice and the attractions make this place a 1 star rating. I would not recommend this place here, and the requirement for someone to purchase food is only an entry fee to see the pretty architecture in the restaurant. This place needs a revamp, or just needs to be cancelled!

jeff becker

Great entertainment mediocre food. It's rather expensive to get it, but I suppose your more paying to have fun than eat. Cliff divers, skits, pirate caves, and more. Plenty to keep the family happy and busy. It does feel rather dated at times and need a deep cleaning. But aren't all you can eat sopaipillas worth it?

Anthony Fouse

The food is on level with Taco bell. But kids love the atmosphere. Kid friendly.

Ivan Segura

Food is good but the ambiance remains breath taking. My father took me when I was young, now I take my son. Still special.

Ayon Ranch

Couldn't hear the dive show with the people using microphones, margaritas we're not good at all and the "cheese" was super super salty. I liked the entertainment but would have have nice to hear it. Really liked the band and people started dancing to the band, so that was fun. The cave was fun to walk through and it was fun to walk around and see different areas of the restaurant. I'm a native and hadn't been in while and now I remember why.


The setting is awesome.The lunchtime wait staff was friendly , but not fully engaged. The food is marginal at best, especially when considering the cost. The shows are cheesy, but the diver was a funny and friendly young man. The lady at the old time picture booth was absolutely fantastic! The gentleman doing caricatures was soft spoken and super talented. This place is a Colorado icon. It's so close to being awesome......

Gabriel Duenez

You don’t go to Casa Bonita for the food. The place itself is beautiful with a water fall and arcade. The food however taste like a cheap microwave dinner. Do not go here if you are looking for good food.

david aenchbacher

Dear Casa Bonita, Please evolve... Your menu hasn't changed since the 90s and your audience has changed... More allergy free options would be great along with the ability to modify my order... McDonald's offers more options then the ready made food options you provide... Don't just rely on the atmosphere to keep you going... Try making good quality food as well. This is a Denver staple but people leave wishing they hadn't eaten anything. Give them something to remember besides the cafeteria they visited that conveniently also had a waterfall. Would be 1 start if my kids didn't love the waterfall.

pamela gonzalez

The food here is horrible, I could not finish my meal and my stomach hurt. The actual resturant itself is fun and enjoyable. I would not return as I value my stomach.

Anna A

BEST DINNER AND A SHOW! A must if you're in Denver. For less than $20 per person you get entertainment and good food. Games are reasonably priced and give goo amount of tickets! Could use some cleaning and/or updates but overall awesome.

Alyssa Fowler

The food is so awful (Which is probably why you are required to buy a meal before you can enter the restaurant. But the atmosphere is fun. It is fun for small children, but once they are "pre-teen" and older, they are not too into it.

Harmony Delong

Casa Bonita sounded like a fascinating place when I was researching places to visit in Denver, CO. I did read the reviews before I went, but I wanted to see if was as bad as people were making it sound. Well, it was. It's a very dark place that feels like a basement. You pay for your food first, then stand in a line to have your order slid to you out of a tiny window. The food doesn't look fresh, and everything on the plate is a different shade of yellow. Needless to say, it wasn't good. The tacos were soggy, and the chicken didn't taste quite right. I filled up on the sopaipillas, which were actually very good. I thought the diver on duty was somewhat entertaining. Luckily, we got a front row seat to that action. There are arcade games scattered about the place and an area to take photos in a jail cell.

Webster Bailey

The worst! When you first walk in you get hit with this musky smell. Then after standing in line for more than an hour and get to the cafeteria prep area, the food had Been sitting under heat lamps for 30 minutes now is rubberized. Luckily I only had a taco shell salad with lettuce 2 tomatoes, spoon of sour cream And of small cup of graded chicken. $15.95 I did not eat for the fear of having the squirts later. The service absolutely was terrible. We had to get our own refills or leave the table to locate a waiter. For 8 people (5 adults and 3 teenagers) the bill was $240. The only good thing was the company I was with that made it enjoyable and the scenery was cool. But food not so good.

Marie C

Nice family restaurant and entertainment. Kind of pricey but there are coupons available. Table service was very slow especially on refills of drink.

Craig Johnson

A Colorado tradition. I'm mainly reviewing this for the benefit of tourists and visitors from out of state. In short, this restaurant is really for the kids. It's entertaining and has a lot of things for them to see and do. They'll have a blast! Be advised though, no one comes to Casa Bonita for the food. It's not horrible but it's nothing to write home about.

Ty Summer

Are you kidding me. Casa Bonita may be a historical landmark and so is there food. They've been serving up the same frozen TV dinner buffet for over 20 years now. The marionette show is ok, the cliff jumpers are cool but the best thing this place has to offer are its sopapillas and fried ice cream. The waitresses here are by far some of the most beautiful woman you'll see and gracious hosts. Take your kids , under 10, for the experience. It will be amazing and then you will never want to go back .

Marina Vance

This is a really special, over the top, attraction. The cheesiness is what makes it so great. As everyone else says, don't go there for the food. It is not great but not uneatable. Service for drinks is really slow. But it's still 100% worth it.

Melissa Branchaud

I like this place for a number reasons; however, in order to get a good seat to see the divers you need to get there before it opens, if you're going for lunch. It's a cool looking place that is great for kids. They have dive "shows that are family friendly. The food was good and the service was excellent! The kids (actually teens) enjoyed the arcade too. We weren't rushed out and were able to sit and catch up while the kids played in the arcade. They have a good deal on tokens and a person comes to your table to offer buy 2 bags of tokens and get one free. The kids won tickets in the arcade to "buy" arcade prizes. There are caves, a gift shop caricature artist and a place to dress up and get your picture taken in Wild West themed costumes. There isn't any pressure to buy the tokens or gifts in the gift shop like most touristy places have. All around a great family outing!

Marv DeBoy

A local Denver landmark. Good food and entertainment. A good place to take friends and family.

Derek S

Casa Bonita is more of a tourist place than a quality Mexican restaurant. The food isn't bad but it is forgettable. It even has high prices and a limited menu that's lacking choices. While the food isn't special, the fun is from seeing the many attractions including a cliff diver, an arcade, a dark maze and El Mercado (a shop). Inside the restaurant, there has a nice, decorative Mexican aesthetic, representing the Spanish theme. Kids will definitely enjoy this place. Casa Bonita is a restaurant for the tourists rather than the meals because the unique side activities make this restaurant unique.

Bob Linden

We really enjoy the food, but our principle reason for going there already is the fun of all the different rooms, the acts, the diving. The food is just an added bonus- especially the sopapias. We've been going to the Casa Bonita for years and love taking guests there as it is a very unique and fun experience. And another thing we really like about it is the service. It had always been super. We'll be going again for sure!

Annmarie Sandoval

So much fun! But the food is terrible and overpriced and staff are rude. Seems that the shows and divers aren't performing as long as they used to. We were sat at a dirty table with the last diner's plates still on it. Whole place actually seems pretty dirty. Now that I think of it, I'll change my 3 star rating to a 2.

Ashley Ramirez

Very cool! The prices are higher than their website says, so that needs to be updated, but my whole family was impressed by the waterfall, caves, games, and the service we received. We'll definitely be back!


I really expected a lot more from this place, but the food just brings it down to one star. Ridiculously expensive and terrible quality and I wouldn't be surprised if they reused leftovers. Diver was good but he did three dives and that was it. Interior is really impressive and has potential but overall it's just not worth it.

Jeremy Wise

Food wasn't bad, show was kinda corny. My son was a little too old to really enjoy it. But would be alot of fun for younger children (3-8 or so). Had a good time though

Tami Brown

We took our grandchildren expecting the same service we remembered from our trips with our parents and then trips with our kids. We asked to be seated as close to activities as was not a packed house..there were 7 kids age 6-10 and my husband and I. They seated us In the farthest place as possible up in a corner by we were being seated our host spilled my husband glass of lemonade, a quick attempt to clean the mess was made however there remained a lot of liquid on the one else came to help clean the mess, our host told us to go ahead and sit in an accompanying booth since two of the chairs had lemonade on them. We had a special order....hamburger with no cheese, I was willing to wait at the food station but was told it would be brought right up.....after chasing down our waitress three times...the hamburger arrived 30 minutes after we were seated...the rest of the kids were already done eating.. I have never experienced such terrible service...we had to wait at least 20 minutes each time we requested something, my husbands lemonade replacement, other refills etc..soapapillias came after additional 20 minutes after requested. We ended up being there for over two hours waiting on food, drinks etc...the kids were troupers...we finally just walked down to the waterfall each time they announced a performance. When it came time for the check....which took another15 minutes I asked if we could get some type of credit for all the waiting, I was told we could get a free ice Cream! Let’s just say by then we were done...I will say the waitress asked if the manager had come up to go over our bill with us....we told her no and thought she would go get a manager, but That didn’t happen. My husband and I tried to make the best out of it, and the kids loved the venue....will we ever return...NO!. I would suggest if you go with a fairly big group like us to request two tables close to the activities, otherwise you may get seated in a corner and forgotten.

Jerad Nolte

After seeing Casa Bonita on South Park I had always wanted to visit this restaurant. The atmosphere was awesome between the decor and the performances. I can see why this is a popular tourist destination. The food was very lackluster, described by my 10 year old nephew as being "heat lamp food". As enticing as "all you can eat" sounds, you probably won't want more than one plate. As for the drinks, I feel that they forgot to add a critical ingredient to the margaritas...

Brian Craft

Took the family to Casa Bonita for the first time in July. Figured we had guest from out of State and they might enjoy it. The entertainment was good. The atmosphere was pretty neat. The food was disgusting. Was very disappointed.

C Marcene

The last time I was here was 33 years ago with my dad, I was so excited to bring my 3 kids to a place that gave me special memories with my dad. After reading the reviews I became apprehensive about bringing my family here. After much discussion my husband and I decided that we would go anyways and......our service was excellent, our food was great and our kids absolutely loved it.

TheHooning Wolf

Believe it or not, the food is decent. I recommend the enchiladas and sopapillas tho. Its a great atmosphere and lots to do and look at. Its a fun experience. Fun to look for the hidden south park characters too ;)

Kaelin Holt

I have been going to this place since I was a kid. I have always adored this fantastic restaurant. Although the food really isn't that grand whatsoever. You could basically get way better food from taco bell. But that's not why I go to Casa Bonita. Me and my family go for the fun of it, the shows may be cheesy but it's a great place to go with your family and make some memories. Enjoy the shows, the arcades, the mine, and the "creepy" cave. The waiters provide good service and are super nice. Highly recommended!

Meghan Girard

The food was good not great. There was a lot of waiting for water and chips and salsa. Finally received the water... Chips and salsa never came. The experience is what you come here for! The divers are wonderful, the kids love the shows and all the other things to see.

Anna Kemptar

This is and was one of my favorite places to visit for a fun meal! I went here as a kid, and was always blown away by the caves and how maze-like everything is! My kids loved it too, and we had a blast! The food isn't the best, but that's really not the point. Go for the ambiance, the entertainment, and the nostalgia!

Amber Farley

This place has been around since I was a kid! I love coming here and showing my son how cool this place is! He loves the cliff divers and it seems like the food has gotten better over the years!! Very fun place to take your family!!

Jessica Cutter

Went here on my honeymoon in Denver. I had low, low expectations of the food, knowing it was going to be touristy. They even managed to hit below that. We both had the deluxe beef dinners - the cheese enchiladas was much worse than nacho cheese from a movie theater. 2 stars for the cliff diver and atmosphere. This is the chuck-e-cheese of mexican food

Desmin Peifer

The food was good and they gave very large portions, but everyone is required to get a meal (no splitting). The show was eh, and we couldn't see it from where we were seated. Overall, the incredibly long wait didn't justify the means.

Julianna McDonald

This is a fun family place. The food is decent but really the reason we continue to visit Casa Bonita is for the entertainment and atmosphere. It is very child friendly. It's pretty loud and lots of activities going on. Diving shows, arcades, dinner, magic shows, puppet shows, etc. It's a great place to visit for some fun.

Zachary Coffey

Don't go there for the food. My Deluxe dinner was $19 and I would have better enjoyed $6 at Taco Bell. Granted, Casa Bonita has a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Things to do and see. The kids loved it. However, I'd rather pay a cover charge and bring my own food. The "enchiladas" were very low quality. I couldn't even eat the "cheese" one, it was some kind of solidified yellow goo, wrapped in a tortilla and smothered with more cheese sauce. Many parts of the restaurant looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a long time. Many sections were closed, so we couldn't get decent seats to the "shows" they put on, or see the diving. We had to wait till we were done eating and then go stand next to other peoples tables that were still eating. They have a little red flag at your table that you can raise if you want more food. If you actually raise that and want more of the food, you need to get out more.

Kortney Gilbert

Go for the Entertainment! Amazing atmosphere with regular diving shows. Fun to walk around and explore. Kids love Black Bart's cave and walking behind the waterfall. Fun festive music, arcade, caricatures, puppet shows, gift shop, etc. Food is just so-so. Made in mass quantities and limited selection. Don't worry if their food isn't your thing... it's worth the food price for admission to the fun atmosphere. Soppappillas are great and come with meal.

Andrew and Morgan McAllister

I see reviews complaining about the food, but we thought it was surprisingly good for the price, all you can eat, plus the entertainment. Make sure you take some time to walk around the place. It’s beautifully decorated. Service was very friendly and quick. 4 stars because on multiple occasions, different children were unbelievably unruly and disruptive in the dining area, to the point where staff intervention was probably necessary. We normally tolerate wild children well, but it was excessive and constant

Jeff Jameson

A fun place to take your kids. The food was good. The atmosphere was fun. Make sure to save room for sopaipillas!

Kayla Couture

I went in 2017, don't ask why my review is so late, but I enjoyed it. The food was delicious, don't know what the others are talking about, must be some privilege. Maybe the food has changed,

Sarah Hyatt

The food is not great but the experience is so fun! I remember coming here as a kid on our way to California in 1984. When we decided to do that drive with our kids I knew this needed to be a stop! Both my teenagers loved it and were glad to get to experience it for themselves.

Ami Miller

This is a classic Colorado landmark and a must visit for kids age 3-8. Know ahead: every person must order a meal and the meals are kind of expensive (entrees $16, beers $6). This is to include the entertainment and cover the overhead of this immense production. The margaritas are full of sweet and sour and pretty gross. The food is okay. It is similar to cafeteria food but seems to be improving. The "nacho salad" (nachos) and "taco salad" are both pretty damn good. Kids meals are typical. Make sure to allot at least an hour here for your kids to explore all of the caves and watch the divers. And you can order sopapillas right away if you want :)

Coll Aldridge

Place to take young out of state visitors. The food is tolerable but the show is good and fun. It is handicap accessable by staff making accommodations. The staff is friendly and efficient.

Yena Kim

Came here to see if it was like the south park episode. The decor is pretty cool but dated. The food is horrible and the arcade was small and only had really old games. The shows were lackluster. There were 2 hidden south park references that kind of saved the place. Not sure if it was worth the price of the food but if you are a big south park fan, it may be worth going just once.


You feel like you're in an old style amusement park. Awesome for kids. Lots of fun and the staff is very nice. Was cleaner than I had heard. We spent about 2-3 hours inside and it didn't feel like too much.


Fun place! Jose was great and made us laugh. The shows were good. Food was good but very slow to come out. A little pricy for what you get but it was fun. Thanks for the great time with the family.

Christina Chodor

Casa Bonita was a completely unique experience: Pros: *one of a kind location within Colorado that has stood the test of time. *Performances ever 15 minutes with different little themes that usually end with a cliff diver. *All you can eat food. *different rooms to check out that have quirky themes Cons: *you go into a theme park like line to just order your food cafeteria style *the food is not what you should go for *there was staff just sleeping in different rooms (which was weird) Go to see not to eat.

John P

Food is bad. Entertainment and the overall experience make up for most of it. Just wish the food was better. Not even expecting good, would just like it to be edible.

Robert Persichitte

Do not go to this place expecting fine, authentic Mexican cuisine. Go expecting to see some cool stuff and you'll have a much better time. Think of the cost of the food as your admission fee. You'll see cliff divers, very campy shows, pretty good mariachis (sometimes), and cheesy puppet shows. In other words, this restaurant is a special treat for families with kids, not the Ritz Carlton.

James Orr

This place will surprise you, no matter what you're expecting. The food is traditional American Mexican and though not the greatest, the overall value is too good to pass on. I never tried the sopaipillas because they brought us chips and salsa instead, but the service is good. Heads up, they serve Pepsi products. There are more rooms than you expect and with seating for over 900 people you will not wait for a table. There are shows all the time so if you miss something while you're eating, go downstairs or to the bridges and see the next one. You probably won't get to everything they have to offer. It's easy to see why this restaurant is so famous. The various homages to Mexican culture and settings will have you wandering a while to walk off that fried ice cream, which is the best version with corn flakes I've ever had.

Sean Moss

It's the usual fun event. Food is not why you go. Don't expect a good value. Just enjoy the's something to remember


The kids had fun, but that is the end of anything even remotely positive about our experience at Casa Bonita. The food is overpriced and amounts to little more than combining basic ingredients into a "meal". After a 45 minute wait to get our food and table, the lackluster "service" was a little hard to bear. I was able to exchange my "taco salad" for something slightly more appetizing with no questions asked, which in a way seemed like an admission of guilt on their part. It literally was iceberg lettuce with some canned kidney beans and shredded cheese that came with a side of chicken meat. They are definitely focused on high throughput and not at all on quality.

Krista Hardman

Terrible! There was hair in my food! My son wanted to order just fries and they would not let him. They told him he had to order 2 kids meals. So then he ordered nachos but they could not melt the cheese The chicken on my salad was disgusting! There was a school field trip that day and they sat in right in the middle of all the kids. Our server was good and tried to be helpful. The diver was good but the show lasted about 5 min. Do not waste your money on this place! Worst place ever! The water was the best part of the meal!

Ron Schott

I have loved this place since I was born. 41 years of coming here. I love the atmosphere. The food is ok....but not why we come.


Greatest place on Earth, since I was a child. .still a big kid. This place is great for all

Stacey Posey

I didn't like it.. It was crazy busy since it was Memorial day. The thing I really didn't like was, just for me to have Tacos I had to order a platter with more food which I won't eat. After standing in line FOREVER... because my family …

Brenna Hansen

This place is the worst restaurant I’ve ever attended. First off, the decoration is terrible. Everything is made out of that cheap, wet looking rubber, everything is nasty and sticky. Food, also terrible. They couldn’t even make French …

Ryan Warrum

The shear size and entertainment earns it 5 stars. Food is alright and is all you can eat. Still, it’s worth the visit for the experience alone. Been probably 6+ times for the fun of it.

Samantha Gannon

It’s a fun kitschy experience if you have kids but it’s way over priced and the food minimum is ridiculous. We just wanted to get drinks and nachos (as we ate earlier and had dinner plans) and check it out, but they make you purchase a meal …

Eric Vance

Really fun place for the kids. I thought the food was OK. I really liked their chips and salsa. The stage shows were painfully amateurish. Cliff diving was cool. Entering the place reminded me of Disneyland, specifically all the lines and the humid, underground, chlorine smell in the air (like Pirates of the Caribbean).

Scott Emigh

Loved getting to revisit this nostalgic piece of my childhood. Our Tulsa location closed down years ago and this was a trip down memory lane. The food was great and the experience was even better.

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