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REVIEWS OF Cafe Rio Mexican Grill IN Colorado

McKayan May

I usually love Cafe Rio. But this place was an exception. Not very clean, rice and beans looked like they had been sitting out for 24 hours and were dry and flavorless. Employees were rude, and threw everything together haphazardly. I tried three different fountain drinks and there was no carbonation in any of them. I wouldn’t return to this location

Palmer Shores

Great wait staff, but food quality was below my (high) expectations

Tammy Lewis

I love the fresh tortillas.

Robert Fuentes

Atmosphere is always terrific. There’s a high school cherry creek high schooler who’s always super nice and a young lady that runs the register is also great. I do as many surveys as I can for them. Promote these kids!

Dustin williams

Food was ok. Didn't like the tacos as much as their other items.

Stephanie M. Torr

Amazing tortillas and approachable atmosphere. My rice was undercooked and the service wasnt very pleasant.

A. K.

No flavor! Just good looking plates! Like most commercials! First and last time here!

Alice Corley

The meat was a little too salty. Staff friendly and engaging. Very clean..

Kerri Peek

The food is so good and everyone on staff goes out of their way to make service excellent. Awesome service. This is my new favorite place.

Meghan West

Tasty Tuesday is an awesome deal! Wish they would add a vegetarian protein in addition to beans but it is delicious either way.

Jordan New

The food is ok. I ordered a vegetarian burrito, and there are no vegetables, other than salsa and lettuce. Reusable cutlery and plate ware would be nice, but everything is disposable, and there is no recycling. The prices were reasonable for what we got.

Irule 1997

It has the best queso so I've ever had!

Rae Divine

Love their taco salad. Best prices in town on Taco Tuesday!

Jesse Gihr

My girlfriend likes it a lot I just drive her there

Joe Hendricks

I absolutely love Cafe Rio! Every time I go in am pleased! 5 stars Price, portions, taste, freshness, clean and nice employees! Great rewards app also. Highly recommended.

Stephen Janssens

Poor portion control. Had to ask for extra everything in order to get a regular sized burrito.


Their Tuesday special is amazing. Juan is always super happy to be there and I appreciate that! Always fresh and super tasty. I love a sweet pork salad with their house dressing. Also their steak or grilled chicken quesadillas are on point. Fresh tortilla's is the icing on the cake.

Ryan Neilson

Love this place. Good, fresh, fast casual dining. A step above Taco Bell. More selections than Chipotle and I'm torn between Cafe Rio or Qdoba for my favorite. Both are good every time

Brandon Fritz

I would give them 1-star to help reduce the line when I'm starving for Cafe Rio, but that would be disrespectful to the business. Honestly a really good place for a good price. The sweet pork burrito with the hot sauce (not that hot) is the best!


I didnt actually go i just waited there

Jessica Torres

I ordered Thursdays Special, 2 Sweet Barbacoa Tamales, smothered with a side of beans and rice. Superb! Great flavor, love their black beans, and great price, meal plus a beverage for $7.59.

Damon Sasso

This place is a joke! I don’t even know where to start. They have great food and a ridiculously friendly staff. Get this, I was asked how my day was and they actually listened to what I had to say. At no point did they display any attitude or frustration with the fact I didn’t know the menu. If you are looking for a typical experience steer clear.

Russ Duncan

Tortillas and sweet pork barbacoa are top notch.

Niamh McGoff

Tasty fast Mexican. Large portions

Pam Rusk

Placed order to go for 4 people and the order was perfect!

Isaac Alldredge

Favorite Mexican Fast Casual

Allen Juan

It is a cult, and I am definitely in this cult, love this restaurant

S Robinson

Cafe Rio is consistently good. Good quick Mex, decent atmosphere, nice place to take kids. Good for work lunches, taking kids, etc - there is something for nearly every palette!

Jeb Wild

Fast Mexican food. Busy parking lot but good food.

Benjamin Bandy

Very tasty and fresh. Definitely on par with Chipotle, with some nice differences. The restaurant was clean and the staff was friendly, I will definitely go back for more.

Robert West

Great food

Keiry S

The quesadillas are delicious. The rest of the food ia okay. Worth returning for the quesadillas though

Queennie Liesh

Best ever tasted good food her in the area. it was remarkable super delicious and deserve to have a 5 star rate and with their friendly staffs. It was great service after all.

Matthew Alvarez

Amazing restaurant. I had been eating at all the Vegan restaurants the past week and just wanted to get a simple rice and bean burrito. Cafe Rio exceeded my expectations. The burrito was incredible. Stuffed to the hilt with beans and rice. To make matters better we showed up on a Tuesday and burritos were just $5.99 instead of the usual $9.99. I highly recommend this restaurant. The tortillas are made on the spot, then filled with fresh ingredients. Their sauce bar is amazing. And the ice machine at the soda fountain has awesome little cubes!

J Woodruff

Cafe Rio is among my favorite restaurants. Their quality is unmatched and their process is perfected. I like the atmosphere and the food always takes great! If you haven’t tried all their menu items I highly recommend to venture out and get creative. I’m always a fan of the smothered burrito and you definitely can’t go wrong there but there is a lot more to experience and some really outstanding flavors in all their selections. And don’t forget to try their selection of drinks. Their Horchata is amazing and I really love their lemonades.

Matthew Morency

I'd have to say this place was kind of a mixed bag... The tortillas were awesome and tasted homemade... somewhat translucent in some places so you know they use lard (the way they should). The vegetables all tasted pretty fresh too, although a little under-seasoned. The meat was kind of where it went south for me.... The steak looked to be a really thin top round cut into uniform strips. Not the fanciest of cuts one might use for fajitas. As yoiu can probably guess, the strips weren't too flavorful either, due to the absence of any fat in this particular cut, and subsequently it seemed to be a bit dry and just looked unappetizing overall. My partner disliked their meal even more. A chicken salad which received negative marks for having huge pieces of lettuce too large to reasonably fit into one's mouth, poor construction that left all the smaller ingredients to fall to the bottom where a soggy puddle had formed from the shredded chicken and dressing, and a lack of flavor. That being said, overall it wasn't a bad experience, just not great. The prices are reasonable and the horchata was refreshing on a 99 degree day, but overall I was left expecting better.

Jin Hill

This is my favourite place to get a chicken taco salad. Take my word for it and add your proteins and green but don't forget the guac ranch dressing. Best Ever!


My favorite place ever! I eat Their often, and love the service, food and staff!

Shirlee McDaniels

Very good but a little slow

jimtimony frim

It was great as far as I could tell.. There where a few things that were off, but I didn't mind

James Kruczek

The staff there is the best. I can't believe they can serve so many people on Tuesdays.

Jon Caruso

Always great!! Take advantage of their reward app and the Tuesday special.

Brian Lee

The burritos are really good. Tuesday's are cheaper. There's one worker w go us just too fast and d oesnt wait for the customer. Allergic to pinto beans and he just puts both in. Other than that one time. Good overall.

William Finn

Super slow and okay food.

Michelle G

My burrito fell apart but tasted good otherwise. The restroom has been out of toilet paper both times I've gone.

Joshua Stock

One of my favorite quick Mexican stops. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients. The salad is essentially a large, open faced burrito. I’ve had each of the meats and they’re all really nice. Make it a combo of meats. You’ll love it. The horchata is my favorite.

Buddy TheDog

We ordered a burrito and a side of chips and queso. The burrito was ok, but everything tasted very salty. The spice level was non existent. The queso has to be thrown away. It was so incredibly thick, we couldn’t get a chip to penetrate it. When I gave it a hell of a stir and tried it off the spoon, it tasted off. The staff took awhile to acknowledge us, but was otherwise pleasant. We probably won’t go back.

Veronica Delarosa

Food is so amazing ! They having amazing beverages and great tres leches !

Tim C

Clean restaurant, friendly staff and excellent food (mild is mild and hot is just the right amount of burn yet still pleasanttasting). Definitely recommend their app for offers and specials prior to ordering.

Jonathan Mott

I recently visited here while I was on vacation because it was near the hotel and I was unfortunately not very impressed. I am from Texas, so we get awesome Mexican food all the time and is what we are used to. This restaurant was a complete reversal and unfortunately a disappointment. We did get there shortly after they opened, but you would think they would be ready to serve customers when they open. The rice and beans were under-cooked and tough and the chicken had no flavor and the portions felt a little small and overpriced for what you get. The customer service and the Sweet Pork Barbacoa were good, but you want the sides to be edible as well. I would not go here again and unfortunately also cannot recommend this place based on my experience.

Christal Garcia

Food is amazing, and great service at the Glendale location.

Lonna Huerter

Nice location good daily specials. Unfortunately the rice tasted hard like it had been sitting in the kitchen all day. The chicken we had in the quesadilla was hard black chunks. We had to ask for a new one. The staff seemed irritated we even asked. I would not recommend it again.

Trevor Davis

One of my favorite restaurant chains. The first one I went to was in Salt Lake City Utah. Found out there were a few in Denver which is a lot closer to where I live but still a 6.5 hour drive. Maybe not quite worth the 14 hour round trip but I absolutely love their sweet pork and I always grab a few extra meals to take back home. The portions weren't quite as big as they were in SLC but same great taste.


Close to home, good food fast service. Better taste than chipotle and qdoba. Better imo. Def worth a try.

Shane Keough

Taco Tuesday is the best deal in town, burritos, salads and tacos for about half price. We are there almost every Tuesday.

Kendra Dawson

I enjoy it. The food is good and the line moves quickly.

Liv Carter

The workers are absolutely outstanding

Kete Blonigen

The "medium" sauce is slightly sweet. It's weird. Stick with the "spicy" sauce.

Jacob Ahlborn

A sweet/mild smother unlike any other! Hosting a healthy portion and quality of ingredients, Rio's also features a unique and wonderful drink selection. Favorite in-house, fresh tortillas!

Trinity Schenk

fantastic food, one of the greatest mexican places to eat here in denver.

Kenneth Magana

Delicious fresh food. Have gone multiple times and will go again. Daily specials add extra value.

Peter Rudy

The worst of the Cafe Rio restaurants I have seen. They are always out of something at each visit. E very time we get fire grilled chicken, they are virtually out, but serve chicken scraps, scraping the container. I rather they just say they are out. We like Cafe Rio, but the quality here lacks. Maybe that is why the staff looks so gloomy and disinterested


Solid Mexican fair. It is a bit in the fast food side in terms of how it is set up ( think Tokyo Joes for Mexican) but it is really yummy and the tortillas are outstanding. Solid choice.

Bri Van Der Pol

Great customer service, fresh food, rewards program, drinks ✅✅✅

Kristy Mata

Convenient on Colorado Blvd- fast service, and everything is made from scratch and assembled right in front of you made to order

Buff Monkee

Excelenté! Mexican comfort food! Try the salad since it comes with an amazing spicy ranch dressing. Sweet pork is my choice for meat. They make it quick and fresh. Lots of parking, clean restrooms, kid-friendly options. Try the mint lemonade!

Timothy Taravella

Love that they have Horchata. Nice meals, helpful staff, good portions and fresh ingredients.

Adam Jones

Started out as a Utah original, now making it's way across the nation. The sweet pork anything is tough to beat. My favorite is the tostada salad with half pork/half chicken (you get a generous portion of meat this way), extra pick and a large side of the house ranch dressing. Life changing. You're Welcome.

Jesse Wolf

While the food is good, the service has something to be desired. There have many numerous times we've come to get some food to have waited in line and they run out of steak, grilled chicken, tortillas, etc... and haven't even had any already cooking or ready to go for the next customer.

Julian Pawley

Fast, and Fresh. Love this place

Josh Bayer

Amazing food good price

Brett Hallahan

Delicious food, okay service. The forms behind the counter were a bit apathetic when it came to questions or the rewards app, but my order was correct and delicious!

Antonia Goldwater

I love this place! The food always tastes very fresh. Love the salads!

Crystal Ortega

excellent food

Kim Montenegro

Always nice to eat for cheap with their Tuesday specials.

Anthony Wright

Delicious as always.

Michael Warren

We love Cafe Rio. In particular, the sweet pork salad with Tomatillo Ranch dressing. In fact, I enjoy everything I've had there. They offer a smothered burrito which is nice and a free kids meal.

Benji Taylor

Better than chipotle! Hand made tortillas.

Nick Gunnare

It's very hard to find a chain restaurant with food that tastes like it came from a high quality Mexican kitchen. For $15 you get more food than you can eat, some great drink choices, and probably the best key lime pie you've ever had. Plus they're open a little later than almost every other fast casual joint. Seriously, I love this place so much. I'm hungry just writing this review.

Gwen Turner

Portions are big but sometimes the chicken is over cooked. The staff is nice and very quick.

Bryan Gibson

They always load their food up. Never had a bad mela here. You get a good amount of bang for your buck and it's all fresh.

Angie Swinger

Cafe Rio has the fastest fresh to order Mexican foods. You always get to see how your food is made and you decide what you want in your order. I always get chicken quesadillas and burritos for my family. We love this place.

Erik MacDonald

Great casual place to grab some incredible tacos or enchiladas made fresh in front of you. For a few bucks more you can skip Taco Bell and enjoy some fresh incredible roast beef, pork, or chicken tacos at Cafe Rio.

Brian Bernhard

Tuesday’s at Cafe Rio - the only place to eat. And the food is so, so, so yummy! The pork quesadilla!!!!

Bruce Simon

Always delicious.

Brian Bernot

Very fun place and great restaurant

Derek Hendricks

The young man that took my order and rang me up was very kind and helpful. Hope the company values him as an employee.

Jeff V

Very consistent. Consistently good.

LaTonya McPherson

Food was very good, service was good.

Barak Jones

Clean, fast, great price.

Deidra Roberts

Even when the line is out the door it's worth the wait! Great food, great service, it's the best place I've been too in a really long time. Highly recommend!!

Pamela Bartolo

A taste of something different. I liked it.

Ken Mergl

Great food. Tasty Tuesday where meals are half off.

Jeremy D. Cuebas

Difficult to get in and out of the parking lot, but always worth it for Rio!


The colorado boulevard location is just amazing

Mike Patterson

The regular food is great and the staff is super friendly and knows everything. The shrimp tacos are not the best by far. Not having any kind of recycling (nor compost) is making me not want to go there anymore.

Megan S

Their food is very high quality. It's also very delicious! Go here!

Sherry Shone

Highly recommend the queso and chips

Christopher Vassel

Great place to take the family. I got the pork salad and it was really good. I love how they ask for your input in what you want in the salad as they make it right in front of you. The kids loved there cheese quesadilla’s.

Stephen Griffin

Food is tasty and reasonably priced, but is messy. An okay place a quick meal but nothing special.

Robert Story

The queso is so thick and full of flour that it is more likes cheese gravy. The portions are large but the food is somewhat bland.

Paul Wallin

Food was great as usual. The people were nice too.

Jodie Boley

Love the food! Friendly service!

Bob Starr

It's a franchise. Different workers each time. Getting your high maintenance burrito put together. ...It seems like a bother. Great tasting food. Fun environment. The line could be cleaner. They remade it. It's Great

Billy Rediess

I love this place. Even when something isn't perfect, I still keep coming back. I tend to get the sweet pork salad. And they have the sweet rice milk with cinnamon drink I like.

Zach Cooley

Always high quality food! Often a long line, but that’s just a sign of its popularity.

Marcus Alcontar Jr

Omg there food iz bomb

Walter S

My favorite place to eat. Period.

Danielle Orr

Their chicken tortilla soup is the best. Yum

Elizabeth Latino

This place is awesome- really good food and great customer service all of the time.

Lucy Maxfield

Food was great service was great as well !!!!

Kelli C.

I go here every Tuesday it is so good

Julie Graham

I enjoy their food.

Debbie Cole

LOVE this place!!! One hundred times better than there competition!! You really need to try it if you haven't!

Kayli Bartlett

Delicious food, Awesome Portions and wonderful staff. This is a great location!

Andy Gersh

Even though its a chain this one always seems to taste better and seems cleaner than the other locatons

Michael Knight

Freshly made tortillas! My new favorite place for fast Mexican

Danielle Bennett

The catering services are poor. We have ordered catering from this location multiple times and every time there is an issue. They are already 30 minutes late to deliver today and counting. This is never good when you have an office full of people who have been in meetings all morning and are expecting lunch. I would not recommend ordering catering from this location.

Bill Flores

The rating is only for their homemade flour damn good!!

Brian Dixon

Awesome food. Love it.

Chris Kim

I'm accustomed to getting charged extra for guac thanks to Chipotle, but getting charged $2.50 for just fajita veggies is definitely not something I'm used to. They were also trying to charge me extra for their corn salsa. How about just an extra scoop of rice or beans? You guessed it - they charge ya. Delicious pork though. Two stars

J Johnston

Always consistent...can be a line and busy sometimes...

Kopa Troopa

Way over priced compared to their competitors. Pricing does not include normal additional items or choice of meat. They even charge extra for sour cream. Seriously who does that.... Flies were flying around during my visit.

Brandi Johnston

So much better than Qdoba

Ricardo Garcia

Great fresh food and service, specially "Taco Tuesday"

mickey johnson

Service was great. Dining room was clean and seating area was great. Price was reasonable. Staff was very friendly

Derek Kainz

Great margs!

Angela Ysles

Another great place to eatfresh food homemade tortillas.

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