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1543 Champa St, Denver, CO 80202, United States

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REVIEWS OF Boney's BBQ IN Colorado

Sean Virgo

Very friendly and quick service. The food was also really food. The BBQ sauce were on point and the Ribs and Pulled Pork with moist and full of Smoky Flavor. I also really enjoyed the string beans and collard greens. I will definitely eat here again.

tyler bolton

The brisket was super dry. There was no BBQ sauces anywhere to be found. There was also servers falling asleep at the bar. The staff wasn't super friendly. I wouldn't recommend to anyone. It's possible they just had a bad day but I've talked to other people and they all say the same thing.

Peggy K

The best bbq brisket in Denver!

Tony Frasher

Awesome brisket. Ribs were solid and the hot link was good. Sides were solid as well.

Victoria Hoyle

I moved to Denver from North Carolina two years ago. This place reminded me of Grandma's cooking. The cornbread was perfect, the okra and green beans were amazing, and the meat was smoked perfectly and seasoned great. I'll miss Boneys when I go back home to North Carolina now!!

Michael Crist

I'm from Kansas City and was in Denver for work. I went to Boney's because it was close to the hotel. I liked the restaurant format, while everyone was staring at a menu, I walked up and ordered. Sorry folks its BBQ, you obviously don't eat a lot of BBQ if you need a menu. I ordered the 2 meat meal, ribs & brisket with green beans, collard greens, and corn bread. Sides: BEST I ever tasted. I spoke to the staff and they informed me it was their mother's recipe (turkey is used in it somehow). Some excellent BBQ places only make a mediocre effort. I loved them. This will be the standard I use to measure collard greens and green beans. The corn bread was so moist and sweet. I know, you southern corn bread eaters will say "no sugar in corn bread" as you sip your sweet tea, but I loved it. Meats: Ribs had an excellent smoke texture, tenderness, and flavor. In taking with the staff, they confirmed the membrane was removed, which is the way I believe it should me fir smokey flavoring. I ate both meats without sauce because sauce was not necessary at all. The brisket was tender and moist. The bark was delicious. The only nitpicky detail I saw was there didn't appear to be a smoke ring. Overall, excellent. I wasn't expecting southern BBQ in Denver. What a great little gem.

Christopher Salazar

Best sausage and greens

Kerianne Pacifico

So this place is a bit easy to miss but wow the food is delicious. Great value, great price, and plenty of food. 10/10 would recommend! Hope to eat here again sometime.

LaVonda Francis

Great. The food was great.

R. Bondeson

We sat at the bar and ate; we met a sweet lady who I think does some of the cooking; I am from the south-growing up on soul food as my granny was from Tennessee and being in Denver, I kind of miss my soul food. The food here was in the soul food vein-and I gobbled it up.

DeAngelo Starnes

Wonderful place. Very good food, drinks, and atmosphere. An old school bbq joint in the heart of downtown. Not the usual overpriced mediocrity Denver's downtown food establishments offer. Our club has had several events there and were always treated well. Highly recommended.

Daniel Larson

Authentic BBQ in the heart of downtown.Excellent ribs. This is one of my favorite BBQ places, and definitely my choice of lunches in the downtown area. Plenty of seating, this is a rather large restaurant downstairs. This is an authentic family owned BBQ joint that's impressive and worth the trip.

Alex Mullins

I got the 2 meat platter, and chose the wings and beef brisket. The wings were pretty good, but the brisket was out of this world. The sides were delicious. All of the staff were friendly, and we received our food relatively quick in relation to how busy they were. I will be back whenever I. Is it Denver in the future.

Steve Purkapile

Perfect Barbecue place. Get in line, place your order, and find a table. The barbecue is wonderful. The brisket is so tender. Nothing fancy but great food.

Jacob Deffenbaugh

Was really looking forward to having some good BBQ since moving here from Kansas City but Unfortunately the food was ok at best. Had the three meat platter with brisket, pulled pork, and sausage. All three were overcooked or sitting in the warmer too long so they were dry and tough. Also didn't include cornbread but it says it does on the menu? Not sure if it was just a mistake. If this is the best BBQ in Denver I'm extremely disappointed and will have to continue to going back to kansas City for good BBQ. I will probably try it again sometime in the hopes that it was just an off day.

Lavon Kemp

Contacted this organization wanting to bring 60 plus people to eat there. Called and spoke to what I thought was manager and getting reservations and was told I would get a call back. No response called a few days later and was put on hold for almost 16min. Tried to call again twice the following day phone hung up on me. Ill be moving on to another restaurant. *****Furthermore the owner response lets me know that my message was not fully reported to them. I asked about any way to give a small portion of the proceeds to our little league team. Be it a percentage of food sales from our purchases that night, having our guest buy tickets in advanced to cover the meal and/or the possibility of % of our liquor sales from our group. Nothing about my message or question was rude as I have had fundraiser at restaurants before. I could have simply been told we are unable to accommodate and happily moved on to another venue. Instead my call was not returned and than ignored.

Jessica Kozik

Great food, friendly staff, I even like the atmosphere

Mariah Keane

Sides (hush puppies, Mac and cheese, green beans) are A+ and great pulled pork. Also love the downstairs atmosphere.

John Miranda

Delicious food and generous helpings! Order and seat yourself. Definitely worth trying

Kim Briggs

The Quality of the food has gone way down. No longer can I taste the smokey goodness that drew me here years ago. The macaroni taste like it came from a box. The down home flavors are gone. Makes me sad, I used to love this place.

Brandon Brisbon

Great food and caring owners!

Nicholas Jackson

Nice food nice atmosphere great music and they even have live music too. This is a snazzy place to take your girl to

Bobby Lewis

Always great service and the best BBQ and sides in Denver by far!!

Random Hippos

A truly amazing place with a great environment. I went here after the Stock Show Parade, and it turned out to be the perfect place. I ordered the ribs, which were phenomenal. They were probably the best ribs I've ever had. Also, they had karaoke here which is cool if you're into that sort of thing.

Andre V

Amazing southern style BBQ. Cool atmosphere and great funk music.

Kaz T

This is a great location for good southern comfort food the staff are great service on point atmosphere on 10 plus music and so.e special events.


Great BBQ & worth the trip... get the sampler it has everything you need to satisfy your taste buds.

Jared Bowes

Good, friendly service. The food was outstanding.

Joshua Sanders

Pulled Pork is outstanding, beans are outstanding. Great atmosphere. Brisket is surprisingly dry. Y'all need to smoke it to 203 degrees.


Honestly almost inedible food. I ordered the burnt end rib-lets and they were riddled with bones. There was almost no meat at all. Once you managed to get the meat off, it was all fat. This was the worst bbq I have ever had. The corn bread was dry, the mac and cheese was out of the box, and the potato salad was average stuff. Nothing special here, and I will never be back. I should have known this place was bad when it was empty during lunch time on a Saturday. All other places were pretty busy around the area.

Albert Wilson

Boney's is great! I love their BBQ plates. I always get the sweet tea, which is hard to find in Denver lol

Owen Buntrock

One of my favorite restaurants in denver. The barbecue is great. I love the pulled pork sandwich. Their homemade barbecue sauces are great and the hush puppies are cooked to order which make them very good. The owner is very nice and welcoming also.

Roger Lynn

Best BBQ downtown Denver. You really have to look for it to find it (it is downstairs, go into the Cupcake place, go to the back and down the stairs). Love their rib tips lunch. A good half pound or more of rib tips, a side, piece of very good cornbread and a drink is included. Three or four types of bbq sauce, their sweet, sweet jalapeno, gold (a mustard based sauce) and they a hot sauce. Have also had the ribs, which are very good, but haven't tried the other things. Collard Greens or Fried Okra are my choices for sides although I have also had their slaw which was very good.

Brian Nelson

Nice hole-in-the-wall place that has a great selection of tastes with southern BBQ inspirations. Sauces were on point and service is pretty fast. Great place to stop for lunch in the middle of the workday.

Colin McCarthy

Meat was decent but likely reheated not smoked that day. Sides however were stellar. Had baked beans and baked Mac n cheese. Beans were flavorful and not just from a can, Mac n cheese was good and creamy. Sauces were also good, the sweet jalapeno sauce was great.

Kayla DeShon

This food is out of this world!!!! It’s so delicious, the meats are all full of flavor, juicy and cooked to perfection. The mac and cheese is amazing, the fried okra is to die for, the potato salad is exactly what you need on a summer day. I cannot wait to come back, it was seriously amazing. Service was also great!!

Bruce Salimi

The brisket was tender and tasty. However, for the portions, it is extremely over priced! For $17, we got 4 thinly sliced and small brisket. At around $10 for the dish, we would have given this place 5 stars. The atmosphere is also dark and old. Needs some lighter color paint and upgrading. The owners and the daughter were very pleasant and friendly.

Nicole Laurent

BBQ is top notch. Service is only okay.

Robert Keller

Absolutely great food, great service, in a great environment, so hands down i give them 2 thumbs up

April P.

Great place. Smoked wings were so delicious. Great atmosphere as well.

Diane Matthews

The food here is so well seasoned. The meat was very tender.... They make their own sauces... Give it a try.

Jeff Chan

I honestly wasn't expecting much from the BBQ but it was pretty good. I've been to a lot of BBQ joints and someone always orders the mac and cheese and I'm usually disappointed. This is the first place where I actually loved it.

Tracy Lai

The smoked meats were good, could be better. The sides were a bit disappointing. The collard greens were way oversalted to the point I couldn't finish them. The cole slaw was just okay, a little too sweet for me. The fried okra was not bad but definitely needs a condiment to go with it. Mac n cheese was standard. Overall, got the smaller portion (single?) ribs and was definitely full !

Chris Grenard

Most of the food was quite good, but my god the Smoked Chicken Wings were EXCELLENT. I don't even like chicken wings most of the time, but these were perfect. Order them.

Jennifer Hubner

The food is ok but that is probably because I came right before they closed. They have several options for bbq and sides. Nothing to offer for a kids menu though.

John Nordstrom

3 meat platter, sweet potatoe fries, fried pickles, mac and cheese, and potatoe salad. I'm a southern boy, and that was an absolutely amazing meal! I am so happy that I found Boneys, and will drfdefinitbe going back the next time I'm in Denver! 5 stars isn't enough!

Joo Bizurke

One of the best BBQ places in downtown Denver.

Ochoseis Cmo

I found my new BBQ spot #onsumOGtypedrip

Endesha Gant

I’m From Minnesota, First Time Out Of State. My Boyfriend Brought Me Down Here & He Knows How Much I Love Soul Food. It’s So Good I Had To Stop Eating To Write This Review. Definitely A Place I’ll Come To Every Time I Visit Colorado.

Wayne Montle

Today was my first visit but it certainly will not be my last. Pulled pork sandwich has excellent flavor with the right amount of smoke and is tender and delicious. Baked beans are also great. Friendly staff.

Cordaro Ware

Best bbq in Denver hands down

John Bortscheller

Delicious Food (especially the hot links and ribs!), Cold Beer and Staff that treated us like Family! Looking forward to our next visit. BBQ Sampler Platter easily fed 4.

Demetrius Snell

As always a pleasant visit for some great good

Merle Pinto

Everything is very good. People are very friendly.

Chris Johnson

Everything about this place was EXTREMELY Excellent. Food the service the atmosphere all Excellent

Nancy Ordonez

Late lunch at very cool basement bbq joint. Wonderful bluesy vibe. Delicious smoked que, beyond yummy greens and Mac & cheese. This Tennessee gal thinks their sweet tea much better if cut with unsweet tea. Super friendly staff. Well worth a stop if you're in the 16th Street & Champa area.

Lisa Clark

Me and my Lady were visiting from Chicago and let me tell you, we're so glad we chose this place. The food is absolutely delicious. The food tastes like it had good seasoning which we personally think is missing at some of these restaurants back in the Chi. We crave for it now that we're back in Chicago. That's how good they were. When we visit again, this great BBQ will be the first stop.

Jeff Martinez

It's not St. Louis or Kansas City BBQ but it's sill pretty good.

Rachel Watford

Delicious food! Nice vibe! Reminded me of home :)

Brendan B

Food was indeed slow cooked to perfection. Meat was as tender as it should be and seasoned perfectly. Everything from the meat to the sides shows a lot of effort and soul went into the food. Definitely a comfy and cozy place to get a bite to eat and/or just chill.

RandomThings WithJayden

Had a Brisket sandwich with baked beans. Excellent!

Noah Yetter

Some of the best BBQ in Denver. The wings in particular are outstanding.

Christopher Ruiter

Hands down, best BBQ I've had in Downtown Denver.

Janice LovelyCreation Jefferson

No smoke flavor, no smoke smells- mediocre, at best.

Angie Mantooth

Best bbq ever well worth the wait

Hope Esquibel

Great food and service! Friendly staff and great atmosphere.

Travis Hendricks

A bit pricey, like nearly all BBQ places, but the atmosphere and food are top notch.

Jason Barnes

Awesome food and cool atmosphere. Tons of food on a 2 meat platter. Best review is a very picky 14 year old boy say “he would definitely come back here for more”

Lauren C

Boney's wings are FANTASTIC! They are smoked and then flash fried, no breading so for those on a low carb, keto, etc diet... do yourself a favor and get yourself some wings!

Brenda B

Awesome food and friendly staff. My husband ordered the 2 meat platter (ribs, brisket, hush puppies and fries). I had the fried catfish with Mac and cheese and coleslaw. Let me tell you, this was THE best bbq we’ve ever had! The Mac and cheese was out of this world and so was the sweet potato pie! Highly recommend you try Boney’s BBQ!!

Tamar Chapman

This place is absolutely excellent! My husband and I were in town visiting family and we wanted to try a restaurant that wasn't in our hometown. The service was great. We both had the 2 meat platter. I ordered 2 bone ribs and wings with green beans and sweet potato fries. My husband had brisket and wings with baked beans and mac and cheese. The food was excellent

Sonja Beamon

AWESOME food. Best I've had in awhile.

Trent Adams

Great food, great price! Would recommend stopping by for a quick bite!

WildChild Jones

Cold food. No flavor. Not the same Boneys. I will never eat here again. Messed up my Valentine's Day.

Alan Loo

Good bake beans and potato salad. Small portions on the two meat plate. Had the chicken and ribs. Ok flavor.

Andi Carlin

Awesome BBQ! I ordered the 2 meat platter with brisket and pulled pork. Mmm mmm good! Delicious sides too! I WILL recommend to everyone!

Garrod Massey

This place is seriously a hidden gem. Food was fantastic. Staff were very attentive and friendly. Has a family ran feel, perhaps it is. We called for takeout, so next time we will definitely dine in. We opted in for the sampler that has a little taste of everything and it was enough food for two meals for the wife and I. The hot links, brisket, ribs and smoked wings are to die for and the sides are actually flavorful and thought out unlike most bbq joints. Best bbq I have had since a business trip to Kansas City years ago. Will definitely be back!

Jessica Pike

This is my favorite BBQ place. The atmosphere is excellent, the people are wonderful, and the food is great. GET THE FRIED OKRA!

GiGi 4life

When I want comfort food this is my go fav is the flash fried wings.

Tim Grayson

Amazing food and awesome people. Some of the best barbecue I've had! I'm thankful I work close and get to enjoy the food a lot. The rib tips are so good I can't describe the amazing flavor. The brisket is great too, the ribs, heck everything. Thanks boneys for being so great!

Crystal Henson

Nice atmosphere and the food was okay, not great in my opinion

Kevin OBrien

Soooo delicious. Mmmmm...

Mark Choquehuanca

The best BBQ closest to the convention center

Nik Taylor


Brenda Wilcher

I ordered a sandwich and got no chips, pickle... Nothing else. I thought that was cheap of them. I will not patronize this establishment again for that reason. Cheap doesn't work for me.

James Turner

The staff is fun and lively! The BBQ is some of the best in Colorado - much better than the chains we have around. And the environment is very relaxing! Love the vibe, reminds me of the South with the luxury of not actually having to be there!

David Kouts

Still the best true Southern BBQ in the Denver metro. Wish we could get here more often.

Shawn Azar

Simply amazing bbw. You need to try this


One of the better bbq restaurants around. Service is great and if anything is needed, the folks here can accomodate.

Spencer Lakeman

Great BBQ right off 16th street. Family owned and operated. Great pulled pork and spicy links. They also have a lunch menu.

Chris Fellure

Great little underground (literally) BBQ place. I recommend the brisket!

Ryan Tripp

Easily my favorite BBQ spot in Colorado to date. Discovered it during the first Denver Comic Con a handful of years ago and have yet to eat at a better joint. The service is exactly what you want, they make you a hefty plate of food and leave you to your business. They handle any questions and/or complaints on the spot as well! When someone I know wants great BBQ, I take them here. Very well priced as well!

Chris Miller

Took 45 minutes from the time printed on my receipt to get 1 brisket sandwich. The sandwich and greens were good. I just don't have that kind of time to wait.

Gregory Eckrich

I enjoyed this place. All around good food and a great atmosphere.

John Schneiderman

They aren’t actually open later on Thursdays... Boney’s isn’t any more “boutique” than yazoo’s but the seem to not close their business early. Seems to be a logistics issue, not a demand issue They were closed at 6pm

Matt Frazier

I love this place, it's hard to find if you're not in the know. Is hidden plus is downstairs below the first floor. Great food love it

Will grant

Definitely worth a few return trips. Great BBQ, fun atmosphere. Reasonable prices for downtown

Derrick Rucobo

Been here a couple times now and I only have had the beef brisket sandwich(Carolina style) but I get it everytime because it is %100 fire!!!! Highly recommended. Sometimes there's a bit of a wait but I also go during lunch hour and its half a block away from the 16th st mall so that's expected. But it's always good!!

Marcus Wade '93

Bar selection with friendly staff and clean facilities.

Anthony Mares

Tasty bbq and a cool atmosphere.

christine white

they did a great job. We had a great time for Matt's bday.

Joshua Bowden

Delicious! Reminded me of back home BBQ in my home state of North Carolina

Setiva Lyda

Delish. They did mess up our order but the food was good.

Ron Kronon

This is THE BEST BARBECUE in this town hands down. My favorite by far. And one of the few places in town for burnt ends. (For those that know). They only make a certain amount of food each day. So when they run out, your loss for not getting there earlier. ............So my advice....... YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE on great BARBEQUE One more thing...... This is a family own & run establishment. EACH & EVERY PERSON HERE IS REMARKABLE AND EXTREMELY CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTATED!

Katasha Jones

Excellent food and accommodated a large group for lunch

Christopher Allen

This place is very very tasty. I love eating here. Everyone there works HARD and it shows! Not the cheapest spot but I come here for quality and they deliver!

Rin C

Good portions. I very much enjoyed the beef brisket, it was sliced nicely and tender! The mac n cheese was a delight as well, the greens were a bit salty and not as meaty/smoked flavor as one would expect. My husband got the ribs and was very impressed, lots of meat, great texture, and flavor. Overall it was great.

Ricky Hall

The food was delicious one of the best

Wade Staab

If you love BBQ then you need to go here. Never had a bad plate. You go at lunch just make sure you get there early or you are going to have a long wait.

Paulette Terrell

Soul food at its best. Catfish dinners are excellent. Nice, courteous staff. Great background music, pleasant atmosphere.


The “owner” or so she says it’s her restaurant, we ordered our food (didn’t give us a number so when our food was ready she knew who it was for) I had to go back and ask for it myself. My husband ordered a beer and asked for a cold glass to pour his beer in which people who drink beers or bartenders will agree that there is a way to pour beer in a glass so it doesn’t foam up, well she didn’t know about this and just poured it in the glass like it was water..... once we got our food the order was wrong one of the gentleman who cuts the meat was kind enough to fix the issue. To be completely honest the food was cold but that’s not brand new here as there are several other reviews stating the same thing besides this review and my husbands. Since we had such a bad experience my husband left them a review the “owner” again so she says it’s her restaurant which I doubt because no Buisness owner acts as TACKY as she did came up to us (my husband, me and MY ONE YEAR OLD daughter) saying that our review was (bad word) so since she will read this ma’am don’t curse infront of children garbage woman! And if anyone wants to see what happened we have a video which will be on YouTube in case anyone wants to see it. HORRIBLE place garbage. What a tacky lady I feel sorry for her children if she has any. Good job lady!

Kevin Quigley

Great bar b que, hidden gem.

Kaylee Dimattia

Staff was amazingly friendly and food was sooooo good and everything was hot and delivered to table fast! Would definitley reccomend this place to everyone!!!!! Definitly going back!!!!

Juanae McLin-Johnson

The brisket, ribs, catfish were all delicious. Side orders and cornbread were very tasty as well. We couldn't believe how tender the meat was! Service was great, nice atmosphere.

Miss E

This place is rated #1 in Colorado for BBQ for a reason! I had their catfish and brisket platter and every last bite was beyond good! Restaurant has a relaxing vibe, owners are nice and make sure you're taken care of. Not too busy when we went. Clean and all around a great place to eat and enjoy your company.

Helen Barber

The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was great, and the food was amazing! Left the resturant full and happy! Best BBQ I've ever had.

Lori Howard-McCool

Great service. They always try to find a seating area for a group at lunch. Be sure to go early for lunch, because they get super busy. Avoid the tips if you're expecting "burnt ends". They're rib tips, so you'll have to muscle around the funky tendons. Everything else is delicious!

Ryan Spawr

What a great place to get delicious barbecue and excellent sides. Don't miss this place of you get the chance!

topher austin

Very well hidden spot, run by a bunch of amazing people who also serve up amazing bbq. I wish I had the time to go more often. Also a great time though.

Elvis Colucci

Wow! Just, wow! We loved everything we tried there. I had the pulled pork (for the dinner option, its not on a sandwich, just the meat, which I prefer), green beans and mac & cheese. All of it was perfect. My friend had the chicken and brisket (the brisket was the most tender, melt in your mouth, meat I've ever had), baked beans and potato salad. They have a variety of bbq sauces you can try, but I especially enjoyed the one on the table. Tangy with a little sweet and a little heat. Quick service, nice people, fun environment.

Stephanie Hearn

Food was amazing and service was too! Great price for the large servings of delicious BBQ. Will def be back! Check it out if you can! Yum!

Holly Monn

First time to Denver, first time trying bbq in Denver. Got the 3 meat platter with pulled pork, brisket, beef tips, baked beans, mac n cheese and coleslaw. Pulled pork was the best, perfectly tender and great flavor. The other 2 were a little fatty for my personal taste but the crispy outside was great and very tasty. Baked beans were the best I've had at a BBQ joint. Very good BBQ sauces you can add to your meats. Bathrooms needed a little help but that's not why you come here right?! I will definitely recommend this place to others and will come back next time I'm in Denver.

Jeesu Baek

Delicious. I love BBQ and I'm picky with my meat. This place is at the top of my list.

Alexis Smith

My family and myself absolutely love the food and everyone who works here are awesome too. I would totally recommend this restaurant they are my #1 place for awesome Bbq Chicken!!

Ross Rosenlof

Awesome bbq right in the middle of downtown. The place is big and clean, and service was really quick. We got the brisket sandwich and mac n cheese, and both were really great!

Shawna Carlson

bbq and service here is excellent. I was so stuffed. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. The place has a cool atmosphere.

Patrick Hester

Loved the location - hidden downstairs, just follow the pigs! The food was ok, but it was late in the day and they were out of a lot of things - which every self-respecting BBQ joint should be! The sweet potato pie was amazing. Definitely gonna try this place again, just not so late in the day.

Curtis Cheatwood


John Hoopes

Good value, but you have to ask for any bread or buns to be included for take out.

Michael Beattie

I try to get here about once a month. Good location and if you don't get there right at opening you'll wait in line a bit. Great food and always treated well by staff. My "go to combo" is the chopped chicken with greens and slaw. Chicken is always moist and well-cooked. Slaw is sweet with a mild vinegar kick; greens are firm with a spicy bite. All very good; miles above the chain restaurants. Go out of your way to check them out when you're downtown.

RJ Johnson

Real good soul food here

Jason Bach

Nice find. Passed it for years so I wish I gone sooner. Good menu. Lots of sandwich and platter options with lots of side options. Got two meat platter with brisket, pulled pork, baked Mac and cheese, coleslaw for $16. Brisket had really nice char. Both meats juicy and flavorful. Sides good sized. Will go again.

Kristian Roberts

One of my favorite places downtown.

Johnny Williams

Love this place

Sean Rhyne

Really like this place. Great service, even better Bar-B-Q. Hard to find but worth the search.

Michelle KL

Great food and great atmosphere!

Carl Williams

Great BBQ. Friendly staff. Convenient location.

Sam LaMartina

Amazing food. Great service, awesome staff. Decided to try it today for lunch.

Cade Lee

Definitely not the best barbecue I've ever had, but the food is good, the restaurant is clean and the staff offers okay service. I go here out of convenience more than anything else.

Paul Koonce

Horrible food and management is terrible at best

Phillip Meltzer

This place is LEGIT. Their sauces are all on point, but YOU WILL NOT NEED THEM. The flavors in the meat are so pure and delicious. If you're downtown and thinking that barbecue, there is no other place to even consider.

Kinsey Cooper

The BBQ is excellent. We had pulled pork, hot links and brisket. It was tender without being too fatty. The hotlinks we're spicy and delicious and the portions were large. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes BBQ.

Mark Walle

Good food and relaxing atmosphere

Lauren Hudgins

I ordered catfish, ribs, Mac, & baked beans. Everything was delicious and you get a lot of food for the price. My only complaint is that the ribs were a little too fatty. But overall great experience.

Kimi Denise

Stumbled upon this place by accident while wandering around the Sixteenth Street Mall. I thought it was really weird that you have to look at a menu - place your order- then go sit at a table. Still don't understand that part. After placing our order we sat at the bar to have a drink- but no one ever came to get our drink (we had to flag someone down then wait and wait for someone else to help us). Food was finally done and they brought our to-go bag out from the back then scurried away. Had to again flag someone down so that they could bring the bill from the drinks. The food ended up being spectacular - So, you get 4 stars but the service definitely only deserved 2.

Michelle Hampton

I am from the south and my husband is from Chicago, that had to one of the best rib tips and brisket ever. The sauce was on point. The collards were the real deal and we can't leave out the fresh fries.

Chris Bishop

Been going here for years. The best! Great bbq!

LaMont Brooks

Food is great here its super busy at lunch time but the line moves quickly if you go later in the week try the peach cobbler its outstanding!

Mark Ludeker

Good food and I loved the location.

Kate Lanning

Food was great! Love me some collards greens! The golden sauce was good. Part of our order was forgotten once the lunch crowd picked up- but it was all sorted out without hassle.

Dee Elliott

Always great food and service. And the food is always worth the price.

Scott L

Brisket was decent. Pulled pork was juicy though not particularly flavorful. The hot links were clearly overcooked. The hush puppies were good. Collards had sat out for a while end cornbread was dry. Overall fine, but Yazoo is better.

Joel Bartlett

the barbecue is absolutely, completely without a doubt decent. Not amazing, not fantastic, decent. The sides variety is great, the side taste... it's okay. Friendly service, decent food, wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, wouldn't be mad to go again

Chris Webb

Top-flight bar-b-que. We each got 2 meat platter, which came with two side each. Loved most, enjoyed all. The wings—smokey and delicious—are huge. Burnt ends are flavorful, but not dry. Perfect dry rub on the ribs, and the pulled pork is lean, moist and tender. Sides were good, but on the whole a step down from the stellar meats. Hush puppies were great. Cole slaw wasn’t overly mayonnaised. Beans had good meat and smoke, but the collard greens were too salty. Don’t miss picked and jalapeños on the far end of the bar, near the soda fountain. Read the menu, order, pay, tip and get a number. They bring it to you. The place is a little hard to find; it’s in the basement of the Odd Fellows. Go to the back for the winding stairs down or the elevator.

Keith Hooks

Thanks giving me and my family some good barbecue away from DC!!!

Betty Larry

We visited this restaurant about four years ago and the quality of service and food has not changed. It was cleaned and the staff was well organized. We met family there for lunch and everything was great. I will this place everytime we visit Denver.

Nick Rambo

Sat at the bar. Bartender was very nice and sorta helpful with ordering. Got a local beer (Sawtooth) that was solid and ordered the 2-meat plate with Brisket and Ribs. The ribs were good. Had some chew on them (the way I like) and good flavor. Sauce was sweet and smokey and in a bottle that clogged too easily. The brisket was mostly forgettable. Sliced too thin. Dry. Sorta tough. Flavor was alright, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Cornbread and mac+cheese were the stars of the show. Sad. I also had the fried okra, which was good. I had higher hopes.

Ryan Phelps

Great BBQ, had a brisket sandwich for lunch and it was hot, fresh and I was back to work with time to spare.

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