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8340 Northfield Blvd #1590, Denver, CO 80238

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REVIEWS OF Bonchon - Stapleton IN Colorado

Brian Ray

I like this place. I think as far as fried chicken in this area goes it's decent. The staff is friendly and it's in a pretty happening area, even though it was busy when we got there we didn't have to wait long. Their non fried chicken dishes are also pretty good!

King Towing

Great chicken. Best and only For Korean fried chicken. Defiantly recommend everyone try it out

Diana Lovato

Best fried chicken you will EVER have! Anytime I am in North field we eat there! Spicy drum sticks, pork buns, and coleslaw are a must if you go! Best parking is to the south east parking near JCPenny. Prices are reasonable for the amount of food!

Jonah Faulkner

Wild how delicious the chicken was here. Like mindblowingly delicious. The soy garlic and the spicy were my favorite sauces.

Lindsey Le

I was so excited when i heard that Bonchon was coming to Colorado. Today, my family and I decided to go there and check it out. I heard nothing but great reviews from my friends and family. Unfortunately my experience was different. We arrived at 530pm and was told it’ll be about 30 min wait. Understandable that it just opened and people wanted to try it but we didn’t get called until 1 hour later (6:30pm)We sat down and the waitress was kind and attentive. We gave her our orders and we waited and waited and waited. 30 mins lately, I asked the waitress if she could bring out my son’s fried rice first because he was starving, she said it was being made and should be out soon. 45 mins later, we got 1 of 4 orders, (4 drumsticks). Granted, she kept coming back to us and telling us she’s been checking with the kitchen on our orders and giving my sons candies and soda to prevent them from having a melt down. A little over a hour, the owner came out and apologized to us that our orders was never printed and the kitchen never received them. We were already frustrated that it was taking so long for our orders to be made and our kids were restless and hangry, now It’s an error in the kitchen! They pretty much just offered us 50% off but seriously! We pretty much just packed up our food, paid and left. I did give our waitress 20% tip for being kind to my kids. Just so sad that i wasted so much of my day at Bonchon (3 hours) 530-830 and I didn’t get to enjoy the fresh crispy chicken like I did when I had them in Vegas and Virginia. I’m on the fence about coming back or not.

Chad Mullen

Better than I ever expected! Chicken was great, fried rice was amazing, even the French fries were like no French fry I had enjoyed before. Keep it up Henry, you guys are crushing it!

Gavin Carter

Dissapointing. The one in ATL is way better. Shame.

Victor Gonzalez

Amazing fried chicken with plenty if other solid options.


Chicken (drums) was crispy and delicious! All the chicken and appetizers that came out made it worth the wait -aside from the pork buns that tasted mediocre (Definitely not worth the price of $10 for 3). Other than that, The waitress was really nice but was too busy with other tables to check up on our table so we had to flag her down every now and then. The only other downside was the wait time on food. Hopefully in the future, the amount of time it takes to get seated and food won’t add up to almost 3 hours in total. But seeing as how this is still Bonchon’s ‘soft opening’ week, I expected the wait time to be this bad and for it to be super packed. Overall, the food was great and well worth the wait and I would definitely come back again once the opening hype dies down!

Robert Rivera

The fried chicken is the best. Took on the pork buns...not my favorite...the thousand island dressing killed it.

Darla Coleman

Bonchon has great food and amazing service. The manager Amanda visited our table and my recommendations for staff would be Rossan and Peach. Great small environment and attentive staff. Will definitely repeat this place.

Derek Chandler

Chicken was amazing. The batter around the chicken was similar to a tempura batter. Chicken was nice and juicy!

Kenneth Ryan

Chicken Wings are amazing! Perfect crispness!

Andrea Phan

This place is AMAZING!! Usually, I do not do reviews but I just had to share about this place. I came in today with my family, and the service was great. They made sure they attended to all of our needs and was super helpful with the menu. The food was phenomenal too. They have a variety of different foods, and if you’re ever looking for something spicy, make sure to come here! Their kimchi is amazing too, so I will definitely come to this place again.

Roxi Radi

We ordered takeout and there were no vegetables in the bibimbop. Weird.

Michael Rodriguez

The food is so delicious! The chicken wings are probably the best I’ve had in Denver and the salmon roll is just to die for. The staff was extremely kind and welcoming. They were quick and very attentive to our needs. I couldn’t recommend this place more and definitely plan on coming back. Glad to have more diverse food in the Stapleton area.

Damian Weiler

Some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had!

Gerald Ung

Knew of Bonchon because of their presence in California and was happy to hear that they were opening a location here in Colorado and close enough to home, just my luck! I've ordered their Korean Fried Chicken multiple times as a dinner and enjoy the crunchiness of the skin and the tender juicy meat underneath. The wings are a good size and are just as good for lunch the next day. Usually the microwave causes the chicken wings to lose their crunch but these do not. If you are tired of the traditional Kentucky Fried Chicken think of this place as an alternative to spice things up for dinner!

Robert Quinn

Spicy/ garlic buffalo wings are off the chain... I ordered the chicken strips to go and havent tried them yet but im on a 14 hour layover at airport with those in hand. Coleslaw is great too.

Eboney Joy

They never answer the phone. I understand they just opened but they seem unprepared to open such a popular chain. I hope they can change my mind.

Carl J Sept

Had to give 5 stars because the chicken wings were tasty and very good and I was greeted by what looked like the owner of the place! He was nice! the doordash order to pick it up was quick and fast!!! Rossan was friendly and smiled when I said thank you! And when I was handed my order! The bulgogi I ordered was kind of too sour it had too much vinegar added to it! But overall it’s good!!! Next time I’m sitting at the bar and order a few drinks!!!

Jack Suen

The Korean Fried Chicken was very good, especially the spicy one. I thought sweet crunch was pretty plain. Overall, a bit too pricy for consistent repeat business. The waitresses could definitely use some more experience; they would place hot dishes in front of the kids, drop off the dishes on a random side of the table, etc.

Bosco Cheung

My waiter Kevin Phu was warm and friendly

Brianna E

The Bulgogi is absolutely amazing. I usually get that and the six piece wings lunch special.

Bryce Trice

Super good food! Super fast service! The only downfall is it's super small and cramped but we will be back.

Joel S

The place has amazing chicken and rossan and caitlyn, the bartenders, provided excellent service. Will definitely keep coming to this place.

Anthony Quintana

Incredible food. Great service

Michelle Russell

We had people in town and talked his place up. We put ini $120 orderofor pick up. We picked up the food and the lady confirmed with me that everything was in our bags. We made it home with our out of town guests and friends to find the order was completely wrong. I called back and they apologize and stated they would comp us on our next meal. I asked them it they could make this experience right. We went back to pick up $40 worth of food they forgot to give us and they took of $20. She said this is all her boss wanted to take care of. Very disappointing

Chris H

Food is amazing!!! You must try their signature wings. Service could be a bit better as we had to ask for plates and spoons to eat our meal. But the biggest thing is go in a small group as this it's very cramped. Your going to be elbow to elbow and very up close and personal with the people around you which is good because the music is a bit too loud. But all in all a must try. Also they have wifi yet they don't allow customers on it. This area is known for bad cell phone area so would be nice to have wifi for customers.

Melissa Escobar

The people here are super nice. I love coming here

Sergio Serrano

One of my favorite places. Great food. Great atmosphere!

Susan Vue

My son's favorite place to go their chicken is super crispy and good all the time,love their kimchi fried rice. Our waitress was super kind will always go back

Victoria Meyers

They still have a lot of things to get ironed out. I was so excited to get Bonchon since I use to get to the one in Virginia all the time, however this was a disappointment. The Service was ok, nice waitress but everything else was slow and very disorganized. The chicken was good but the bibimbap was gross. It took forever to get my bibimbap, my husband was almost done with his by the time mine came to the table, and once it got to the table it was cold food in an extremely hot bowl. There's was a gentlemen who kept running food from the kitchen to tables in gloves that he kept opening doors and touching things in (hope he wasn't also touching food in the kitchen with those same gloves), he also just looked very lost the whole time and kept taking food to the wrong tables. The waitress did tell us they were 3 weeks into their soft opening and were still having these issues. If we go back it won't be for awhile.

Angel Crystalle

nice food and great staff...

Josh Hinojosa

BonEFFINGchon son!!! This place is amazing!

Ken Colorado

Must try. The fried chicken is unique. The martinis fabulous.

Irene St.Martin

Delicious chicken! We got a handful of things, bibimbap, katsu, which were good. But I could've just stuck with the half and half wings all night. Place is rather small, we came in around 430 which it was not busy, but by the time we left around 6, we were definitely getting some stares from patrons waiting!

Noe Martinez

Didn’t care for the food I order 3 different items all 3 food items were not good at all my kid had the chicken strips he didn’t like it. Never going again

Matt Groves

Pretty good food, and the service was tasty. It was pretty busy during the lunch rush, but everything came out quick. Avoid the squid balls.


Coming from the Bay Area, I’m so excited Bonchon exists in Denver! I’m ready to grub.

Josh Crowder

Super packed but the food was worth the wait. The price point is at a good place for what it is too. I'll end up going back.

David Stanek

You might have a family recipe for Korean chicken. If so, you have to respect what they're doing here even if it's not exactly like your mom's. If you're new to Korean chicken, or have had it a few times in the past, please note, this is the best you've ever had. I grew up in the SF Bay Area. Santa Clara specifically has a few choices when it comes to Korean chicken. Bon Chon nails it. Be thankful this is now in Denver. We wanted to like the local ma and pop chicken place over Bon Chon, but Bon Chon is just better. Read the New York Times article. This is legit Korean fried chicken.


Just try once. It was really good the first time, but went another time and it just was not quite the same. Went again, and it was worst than the second time. They must keep changing cooks or something!?


Honestly, I simply can’t believe how much of an amazing place this was. My experience began at the front where I was greeted by a young man named Kevin Phu. I have never met a more warm and friendly individual who was so well informed on the menu and the food. Everything I ordered was at the reccommendation of Kevin and honestly I can’t say how much of a great food connoisseur Kevin was because the food was perfect and I am an extremely picky eater who won’t even dare try a single thing I doesn’t like. I am definitely going to come back to see Kevin and the amazing food they have here at Bonchon Chicken. I’m gonna recommend this place to a food critic friend of mine.

Stuart Wood

Food was subpar, waitress was drunk & couldn't get our order correct if her life depended on it, music was way too loud for a restaurant couldn't even talk to the person next to you. Go if you'd like a migraine

Phoebe Comer

I tried tteokbokki for the first time so I don't have much to compare it with but as a first timer it was amazing!! The waitress was patient while she answered all our questions and even helped us pronouce the dishes so we didn't look like uncultured swine. I was disappointed that the kimchi was separate and not a complimentary side dish like most Korean restaurants, I mean I am paying $15 a plate. Even so, I can't wait to go back and try more menu items. When I have more money. Glad there's finally a Korean restaurant near my house!

Stuart Krouse

The chicken is amazing. The fried rice is average on taste but very expensive for the size of the servings. Over all was a good dining experience.

Frank Gallagher

Walked in out of curiosity but damn that was good, buns were very fresh, pot stickers were great, and the bonchon was amazing! It was super busy but service was very fast!

Lenny Ling

Best Wings in Colorado period.

Kevin Corprew

Oh my god! Probably the best wings I've ever had. The crunch to flavor ratio is phenomenal! You've gotta check them out!

Fabian Bynum

Love the chicken great service

Andrew Downing

This place is amazing. Tommy is the man! Their wings are always delicious!

Adam Sweetser

I've eaten at two locations in VA multiple time, once in NYC and was kind of disappointed with this one. The food tasted amazing, don't get me wrong, but one of the big draws is the crunchy shell of the chicken. At the other location, there is serious meat then insane amounts of fried goodness. Here, the drumsticks were super small and seemed to only be fried once. I'll no doubt go back ago, but I'll probably wait six months. Also, go with the radishes. They are so delicious.

Thomas Haro

My first experience of Bonchon was in Washington D.C. I waited a long time for it to open here in Colorado. I wasn't disappointed. The medium combo with spicy and garlic soy are my favorite. These won't be covered in sauce like traditional wing place, but they will be flavorful. Also I like the chicken fried rice, not a typical flavor but I'd say more delicious.

Phil Vigil

Great service! Great food! Very friendly! This place is definitely worth a visit!

Molly Trujillo

Busy place, food is good and portions are generous. A few soju options to wash is all down.

Tanganyika McIntyre

Excellent food... this will be a go to place for my family when we are in Northfield

Bianca Villegas

The seasoned fries were delicious and let me tell you there are very few people that actually enjoy eating coleslaw and I am not one of them but their coleslaw is sooooo good and I actually ate it, ALL of it for once. I got their BON DAK and my sever warned me it was spicy and she was not kidding. If you tolerate spicy this is the perfect dish it was so flavorful. Can’t wait to go back and try some new dishes

Do Yunkyung

Delicious chicken strips and fries were also surprisingly good - crispy to the last one!! The place is always busy and the flow of the service was a bit slow but the chicken makes u forget about it.


I have enjoyed Bonchon whenever I go back to VA so I was elated when I heard they opened a location in Denver! We ate at the restaurant today and even though the space is a bit cramped and small, the staff does their best to get you seated ASAP. The food came out fast which was a big plus as my 2 kids were starving. Their chicken is just to die for! Being Korean, I’m a bit bias and think our double-fried fried chicken is the absolute best! I’m a huge fried chicken fan and have eaten at all the “must eat” places in metro Denver for fried chicken. And Bonchon has perfected the doubled-fried fried chicken to a point I think it’s even better than the traditional Korean fried chicken, which tend to be heavier on the sauce. If you love fried chicken, this place is a must! If you can’t get a table, do takeout. We will definitely be back!

Brad Foust

Good stuff, not cheap, but next time I will eat it for lunch during week, lunch specials!!

Cynthia Pesantez

There is simply nothing like the soy garlic strips with radish. Get the coleslaw, too, it’s worth the extra $2. The staff is friendly but not in your face, but seriously, it’s all about the soy garlic strips. Stop reading this and go order them!

Ilene Siringo

I’d wait a few more weeks for them to iron things out. My online order never properly went through and waited for 40mins for my takeout order once I replaced the order. As I waited, I witnessed a couple of takeout order errors made: items left out, items made improperly to request. When I finally got my order I made sure to double check and sure enough there was a mistake. They have to get their act together quick.

frank roman

This last Friday I went to Bonchon Chicken for the 2nd time. I was even more impressed this time, than the previous visit. I took two extra buddies with me after hyping them up for the upcoming experience. We were not disappointed. After taking some time to look at the exciting menu, we decided on some appetizers and three main dishes. My buddies were raving about the food and how we were going to bring our hungry families back to this spot. Overall, the service was great, as always, the atmosphere was fun; music playing, the food was clearly a hit. My entourage will return with wives and kids in tow!

zanobii zanobia

If you like spice...this is the place..very pricey tho

Jacpot Gee

Batter is good taste like Pioneer Chicken in CA., however the wings has No meat, low quality for high value.


This is the best place for korean fried chicken! So crispy and flavorful. Also, the place is modern and is a fun environment to be in. The food here is amazing and I would highly recommend this place to people who love chicken, or food in general. The management is very good for a place that opened up a few months ago!

Laurie J Jones

Best fried chicken I've ever had!!! The salmon avocado ball was to die for! The service was on pointe-friendly and helpful with suggestions! I can't wait to go back and try all the other things on their menu!!! ❤❤❤❤

Jenifir H

The bartender Rossan on Wednesdays is absolutely amazing! This place has the best food & awesome crew. Very good

Edward Zhu

Usually a wait, but super good food! Asian wings are amazing here!

dustin carter

Went there last night with a few friends and their food is simply fantastic! We had the chicken strips which are not breaded like normal but just actual chicken. Had 4 other dishes to share and all were amazing. Keep up the great work!

Hien Dao THanh

Delicious frieds, authentic korean dishes not so good

Christian Batista

I am a chef in Denver first time eating at Bonchon the food was delicious!

LN Lee

My picky korean husband approves! Not as legit as the places near H-Mart, but it's really good food. I was even impressed with their kimchee.

Florentino Garcia

This place is the bomb!! Great flavors with a fully stocked bar. The wings are amazing and the bolgolgi was perfect. The service was excellent. Be prepared to wait because it is a popular place. It is worth the visit.

Alejandra Aguirre

The food was amazing. To the calamari, wings, and etc. it was great! But what I thought was the best part of the whole experience was the customer service. The servers and owner are so nice trying to connect and give off the full restaurant experience. Our server (handsome guy with the ponytail) was super nice and still focus on all his other guess as well. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone! Will be going back

Debra Lewis-Miller

Very disappointed. Servers seemed to not care about any of the customers, bibimbap contained shredded lettuce, brown carrot slivers, and mushrooms that might have been purchased from the day-expired section of a grocery store, and the kimchee was sad. Won't be a return customer.

Amanda Martin

After all the hype I heard about this place my visit was really disappointing. First of all it's super tiny and cramped in there. I had a stroller she it wasn't an accommodating space. Lunch hour was pretty empty but service was still slow. Chicken was a little dry and lacked flavor.

Alan Loo

Good flavored chicken. A little pricey. Why do all Korean food places have to be so expensive in CO? Because they have no competition. I like their Korean fried chicken. Good tasting, decent portions, high prices. I guess that I'm used to inexpensive delicious Korean food. No where to be found in Denver or Aurora. It's a shame.

Jme Bedard

The chicken here is very good! The garlic and there is another one that I am now forgetting that is also very good.

Ernesto Vasquez

Great wings! Will be back.

Bailee Sarconi

Came in, Roseanne was my bartender, she was very helpful and knowledgeable of the menu. The food she recommended was awesome. Drinks were surprisingly awesome. We’ll definitely be back to visit!

Trung Ngo

Friendly staff, delicious wings, fun time.

Jami Rokurou

food is amazing, staff was super friendly. update 3/2: I was in again last night and the chicken strips we're more like chicken chips they were so thin and also dry. our waitress was so unattentive that we had to ask someone else for something on three separate occasions. I'll try another time and update my review again.

John Cinnamon

If you are a Bon Chon fan, like me, this location will disappoint! The chicken wings are much smaller and served with much less sauce (i.e. flavor) compared to East Coast locations. The staff is great! The menu has a lot of items, but not done very well. I have been here four times since they opened - not getting any better. Guess I will have to visit Bon Chon in Virginia for my fix! I really wanted this location to be like those out East!!

Wilson Scarbeary

Great food and good service considering how busy it was during lunch. The owner was also very nice and accommodating. Don't listen to the 1-star reviews.

Christopher Delzell

The chicken wings are thick and meaty with great flavor. The bibimbop is a must try.

J'Amy McLellan

Good place to nosh. Rib eye sliders were delish!

Honey Traiman

Great food. Excellent service. Music a little too loud

Karla sanchez

Great food great place I love it

Josh Urdank

All the food is great but the wings are exceptional. I've been twice and both times, the owner of the restaurant has come out, talked to our table and brought additional wings or chicken strips for us on the house so we could try the other flavors . I would 10/10 reccomend this place and will certainly be back.

jay Davis

Ordered online. Food wasn't ready for an hour and 40 minutes. Was originally quoted 45 mins. I gave 3 stars still because the food tastes and was cooked to perfection

Jose Cabral

Best fried chicken west of the Mississippi.

Chris Jones

Super nice chicken wings. Very light but extra crispy crust, fresh from the fryer. Everything is delivered to the table right from the kitchen so be prepared that some at your table eat before others. Menu was extensive, and check out the great list of soju and other rocking drinks. Pork buns came out without the peel belly but the were sort embarrassed and fixed it right away, and tasty. I recommend the spicy sauce for chicken.


The soy garlic sauce on the wings is amazing!


The picked radish was pretty good, but chicken we got was dry

Bruce Wayne

First off, this is a chain. The food is decent for what it is. (Fried chicken) The restaurant is extremely small and you're sitting alongside the people who are also there to eat. We went this past weekend to check it all out. The bar chairs were so close us and our table we weren't able to enjoy our meal. My lady had to get up multiple times to allow people to sit at the bar. We would have asked to move but there was no open tables. The people sitting at the bar are not able to enjoy due being pressed at the same time. The noise and music level is so loud you can't really have a conversation. The service is not very good. Our lady waitress barely even checked in on us. I had to ask for refills on our water, and my beer. Overall I gave it 3 stars due to the observation listed above. This restaurant will sink or swim over these issues noticed and others as well. Good luck.


well first of all the food is good but the service is terrible. Here’s why. I work down the street from this location and decided to try them for lunch so i looked up there menu on there website, and called them to place a togo order only to be told they do not take over the phone orders and i must order online, so I goto doordash since there website shows they use them and i have used them in the past, open doordash app and see Bonchon yeahhhh but then it doordash app says bonchon opens at 2:00 p. m even tho they open at 11:00 a.m , so Im kinda frustrated at this point and call the store again to see how to order online because doordash shows you open at 2:00 so i cant use them, the girl says well she just got a doordash order a minute ago, so i say to myself ok I’ll just go there and order a togo order since DOORDASH SUCKS , I go there and order and when i go in i see a sign for doordash so there pushing it really hard even tho it clear is a broken delivery service, the young man takes my order and so far so good , he said should be about 15mins ok cool, my order comes out in less time so im happy again.......until i get to work and open up my order and its incomplete being the Bulgogi beef comes with white rice, no rice in the bag and i ordered the pot stickers which were are good, so i open the container with my Bulgogi in it and yep no rice there either but the worst part is my dish was watered down and didn’t have a good flavor because on it , but hey I have never tried this place before so maybe thats just how it comes i dont know either way this was a terrible experience and I will never return or recommend this place to anyone, and it’s WAYYYYYYYYYYYY OVER PRICED for a small huhutt plate yep TERRIBLE

Anna Tran

Best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten!! Love the food and atmosphere!

Casey Velasquez

Honestly everything about this place was great! The food, the prices, the atmosphere, Daniel our server was great as well. Definitely will be back.

Jamal C

This is the place to be! Visited from out of town & this is a stop everytime I'm in the Denver area from here on!

Samuel Cloud

this is a place that makes wings more than worth eating. I've never been much of a chicken wing guy and then I went to bonchons and became a believer. the first time I went there I went there for the Korean food and then I think he was the owner said you have to try our wings and he brought me out one of his garlic soy wings and I fell in love. I also like there white meat chicken strips maybe even more than the wings. when you add to that they have a nice bar and other selection of really tasty Korean food and Asian fusion this is a top-notch place to go.

William Lynch

First time @ B.C. Very good food. Nice service. We'll return again!

L Scholz

Great food. Quick service.

Peter Frank

Not a lot of alternative items for a healthier meal. Food was good and service was great.

Michael Harper

I had the spicy chicken strips with fries and it was good, and the server was friendly.

Scott Long

Third meal I've eaten here, and they have yet to disappoint! I have tried the drumsticks and wings, and all 3 flavors have been great. The chicken is always moist and tender, and fried to crispy perfection. Today I tried the bulgogi tacos, which were amazing. The kimche and katsu were both delicious as well.

Chad Trulli

Loved this fried chicken when this place first opened. Since then, every order has been so dry it is inedible. They really need to work on consistent quality.

Kyle Clephane

Probably the best food. I travel for work so i have tried alot of different types of food.

Eddie McFatterson

Despite the manager being Chinese, he has worked very hard to make the Korean fried chicken as crispy and authentic as humanly possible. All the other food options are spot on too. If you're interested in Korean culture, food is a major aspect. If you want to try a spicy challenge, order the BulDdalk. Additionally, the staff is friendly and caring. They took good care of their customers.

Lea McDuffie

If you're looking for something spicy, this is the place! My favorite place for real heat.

Cole Schmitt

More of a 3.7 out of 5. Over all this is a place where presentation of the plate is nice. The cost of ingredients to menu price is a little high. The fried chicken I had with the flavors didn't really pop, little difference between the soy and sweet crunch flavor(little to almost no sauce on either). Other than that they were cooked well. If you're looking for great wings with diverse sauces, go elsewhere. The rest of the menu is small plates at higher price. Worth it to check it out once. Maybe twice if you want try another part of the menu. But overall not really something I'd go out of the way for, even standing right outside in the future I'd be happier trying somewhere else instead.

Yunan N.

One of my favorite chicken places hands down. I used to go to their location in NYC when I lived there and was super glad to see there was one here. It's just as good and their drinks menu (which I haven't really explored yet) looks super interesting. Will definitely be a staple for me!

Tish Williams

Good, chill spot. Great service and great food and drinks. I love the Spicy wings. They have a nice crispy crunch but are never dried out. Even when you eat them as leftovers. Today I tried the Kimchi Bacon Fried was absolutely delicious. It's spicy but got some good flavor. If you are looking for Popeyes Fried Chicken or some southern fried chicken this ain't your place. It's totally different but is really good chicken. It takes a lot to please my taste buds! So this is a must try!

Ken Mergl

Really good chicken! great variety snd flavors. This has become our favorite! It is not heavily battered. We will be back!

Simon Hoang

Best wings I ever tasted

J. N. D.

I tried this place several times and haven't had a good experience yet. Won't be back. The menu is overpriced, the owner is cutting corners with the food quality and quantity, the service is unpredictable but usually slow, bad, etc. Just a fad and only people who overlook value and authentic cuisine for cult following fast casual will go until they realize the owner is vacuuming up profits as fast as possible at their expense. My advice- don't order chicken wings that cost over $1 per wing! Don't order from the menu based on photos...owner is cutting corners big time - ex. pork belly buns has 4 tiny bits of pork and menu photo shows a nice slab. Shame that this Colorado presence will be controlled by a franchise owner who will give BC corporate a bad name.

Sarah Lindsay

Bit pricey for the portions, but the food is good. Chicken is perfectly crunchy. Service is fairly slow and if you don't sit at the bar you can expect your waiter to disappear for a while.

Nicholas Bunch

Everything cooked to order and tastes amazing. These wings are no joke and I see why they're so busy! This place is perfect.

Sibin Stephen

Food was good but service was pretty slow. Maybe it's cause we were seated outside but at least food was good. Spicy flavor is phenomenal

Jennifer Brindler

My husband and I used to live in Virginia, so we're familiar with Bonchon and were super excited for this location to open. Today was the first day of the soft opening, and we couldn't be happier - awesome food and attentive service! The menu is expanded from what we're used to, so there's plenty of new choices along with the amazing chicken. Can't wait to go back!

Laura M

The food was amazing I ordered the medium chicken combo 8 wings and four drumsticks. I do wish they had whole wings and 22.00 for just chicken is a bit much;I think. It was very cruncy, served hot and delicious. We also ordered the seafood fried rice which also was amazing. full of scallops shrimp calamari and squid. The salmon avacado roll is to die for and it is full of imitation crab,yet still sooo good. Although the food was good a major deal breaker was the space/restaurant it was just too small! Crowded and tight, due to space the wait is long. If you suffer from anxiety or don't like private parts and back ends grazing you and your food then stay away. It was noisy. As good as the food is, I can't return because it just was not a relaxing meal. At almost 70.00 for two people, the space needs to be a lot more comfortable. Bar louie's was empty so maybe they should switch spaces.

Alison Chan

Been waiting months for this place to open and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We ordered their signature wings, the salmon avocado ball, and Bibimbap. The quality of food was just as good as I remembered from the Bonchon in Boston. The restaurant felt very lively and casual on a Tuesday. I know it will probably be really busy in the beginning, but it’s totally worth it!!

Jessica Vandegrift

So good! The food and service was wonderful- thank you!

Cher Vo

I've always been a big fan of Bonchon back in Boston where I would crash their Allston location every other week. Like other reviews stated, this location is not as big as other Bonchon branches I've been to. It's much more cramped to a point that there will literally no space for passing through between tables. We got the drumstick/wings combo with half spicy and half garlic soy sauce. Chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside; very flavorful. Unfortunately, my all-time favorite salmon avocado bomb was more like a cucumber bomb... The avocado was little to none existent! Service was good, the chicken lived up to my expectation but I do think that there is more room for improvement. It might be a better idea to order take-out than to dine-in since the dining space is rather small :( not very suitable for families or friends gathering. That being said, I will give this place another try in the near future.

Maya C

Awesome atmosphere, wings are to die for, but then again everything we had was. Owner interacts with guests and genuinely cares about their experience at his franchise.

Michelle Chow

Best chicken wings ever! Service could have been better.

J Marshall

Great food! Was excited to know they were opening up a location in Colorado!

David Lee

This place is amazing!! We tried several of the dishes recommended by our awesome server Travis. Everything was absolutely amazing! The soy-garlic was perfectly balanced in flavor and the spicy was..perfectly spiced. Our server advised us everything is served family style so the dishes come out when they're ready - which means all the dishes were nice and hot. Will definitely be back!!

Bruce Ryan

Great food, place was packed. Just how I how remember from my experience in Berkeley.

Simon Park

i loved the food here. the workers were great but i don’t think ill come back here because of the kpop music

Linh L

The chicken is so yummy! The restaurant itself is kind of small. Cannot accommodate big groups!

Adam Follett

Good fast korean food. Also their cocktails are genius. They got alot of the staples for all your korean cravings.


I loved the fried chicken and it's very tasty. The other stuff are delicious as well. I would definitely go back again!

Nikki Sandschaper

The chicken was good but the service was terrible. We didn't have plates until we flagged someone down half way through our meal, and they never brought our fries. When we asked them, they said they'd check on them. Finally, after we were done with our chicken and asked for the check, we said forget about the fries. The girl went to go check with her manager and brought some fries back. We said we would take them but that we shouldn't have to pay for them at this point, so she took them back, stating that she had to talk to the manager. (We were done, but only fried chicken isn't much of a meal.) The manager came out and was basically like it was the kitchen's fault and did not try to fix anything. Then, they gave the fries to the table next to us after they had put them on our table!! Basically, we spent $50 on a meal that left us unsatisfied and super annoyed. Don't expect to be taken care of. It's more like really expensive fast food than a real restaurant. We wont be back, and I would never recommend it.

BTS_ Enthusiast

The food was good and authentic. The service was also very helpful and kind. Just a littke side note, if you like K-pop, they play it there and you just wanna jam the whole time.

Alice Martell

Frutix was the best place to eat crepes

Sheye Blaze

Service was decent. Tried the Katsu, too, but after reading other reviews and my own experience - stick with the Korean Fried Chicken. It was excellent. I had despaired of leaving my local Seattle shop and not getting it again, but Bonchon has got it down. Went with strips. And, they were perfect. Beautifully crunchy chicken as I would expect. I know its a chain, but pair it down to what you're really good at and add more complementary sides for the chicken, maybe even more sauce variety. Either way, we'll be back for the chicken

James Suh

As a Korean all I got to say Bonchon is the perfect blend of fusion. Honestly it is the best tacos, fried rice, and Korean fried rice I have ever tasted. Rossan our server was the best ever the owner Henry took a geniune interest in the well being of his customers. In fact the whole staff was one of the best wait staff I experienced. Looking forward to eating there again.

Jay Calder

great chicken and the salmon roll is awesome

David Nelson

I've been really excited to try this place since learning they were coming to CO .They did not disappoint! The wait was long, as expected. It's a pretty small space compared to it's popularity and we went with a party of six, so I knew we'd have to wait. Once we were seated, we were served quickly. Our server, Peach (?), was very attentive and helpful. We were thinking that it would take a while to get our chicken, based on what others in line were overheard saying, but it came out very quickly. The chicken was everything I dreamed of and more. Delicious, crispy, spicy, flavorful chicken. We tried the spicy and the garlic flavor and they both were very good. The kimchi fried rice was also super tasty. The pickled radish that is served with the chicken is awesome, and I was eating pieces of it with each bite of the spicy chicken to tame the heat a little. That was a pretty good decision. Overall, we were very satisfied with the great service and wonderful food. My buddy even got some to go, so he could have some wings for Sunday football.

Allyssa Scott

Love the chicken!! Best wings in Colorado hands down!

Mike TenneB

Wings are awesome, coleslaw and onions ring very good. The French fries are pretty bland and I never finished them. I won't dock a star for that though because the wings were that crunchy and good!

Thomas Lee

Real deal Holyfield, look no further for excellent Korean fried chicken and other goodies at Bonchon. This place is legit. One of the better eating experiences you’ll ever receive at Bonchon. We visited some family in Denver and wanted to check out some places in the area. I have been to Bonchon many years ago in New York, so when I found out they opened one in Stapleton, I had to take my wife there. Atmosphere and Service-A+ The place is located near a mall and movie theatre, so if you want to do a little shopping or catch a movie, you should definitely stop by this place before or afterwards. We stopped by on a busy Saturday night. The place was jumping, the music going, and the restaurant had an awesome vibe to it. We waited for less than 5 minutes and were seated promptly. The waitress was on top of her game, she brought us water right away and took very good care of us throughout the night. Food- A++ Anybody that has read any of my reviews, knows it’s all about the food. In this day and age though, it’s rare to have the trifecta where the food, service, and environment all is on point, but this place truly excelled in all faucets of the game. So after reviewing the menu for several minutes were ordered several dishes. We got the Korean Fried chicken (half and half), Korean Tacos, (spicy chicken) Salmon Avocado Ball, Kimchi bacon Fried rice, and their seasoned fries. Korean Fried Chicken-So anybody that hasn’t experienced it, you truly are missing out in life. No ranch or bleu cheese is necessary and don’t even ask for it. The crispiness of the chicken and the sauce is a wicked combination, truly a sensation for the taste buds. Once you sample this chicken, it will put any other chicken you’ve had to shame. My wife enjoyed the soy garlic, while I preferred the spicy, but both were outstanding. Korean Tacos-Very good and tasty, the chicken had a good kick to it and the slaw on the taco, gave it a nice crisp bite to it. Since we are from Arizona and eat tacos all the time, we didn’t expect much, but these tacos were very delicious. Salmon Avocado Ball-So I was told, they make these fresh to order and you can really tell by the freshness of the ingredients. The salmon had a great flavor and with the avocado and crab with the sauce, it truly is a wonderful combination and assault on the taste buds. Fried rice with bacon and Kimchi-WOW! This is a sleeper, this dish was amazing. Considering my Asian background, I’ve sampled fried rice all over the country, but I’ve never had bacon and kimchi in it, and it’s an absolute game changer. My wife and I were extremely pleased with this dish and even ordered some to go. Seasoned Fries-Very good, the fries were straight out of the fryer and had a very good flavor to them. You wouldn’t think that a Korean place would have such great fries, but they blow most burger places out of the water. In conclusion, like I said before, this place is the real deal. If you want some good food with great customer service, look no further and go to Bonchon, trust me you won’t be disappointed. If you have never had Korean Fried Chicken, please give it a try, you’ll probably never go back to eating regular chicken wings again. I highly recommend this place to my fellow yelpers!

hayley wester

BEST fried chicken hands down. We actually had Bonchon for the first time at a Friendsgiving. They had it catered with Bonchon, and it was incredible. We went again just about two weeks ago and it’s even better at the restaurant. It has the perfect amount of crunch and juicy chicken. I’m SO HAPPY it’s in Stapleton since it’s where we are. Favorite fried chicken spot!


I loved the seasoning and the atmosphere and how courteous everyone was! I loved the seasonings and different flavors this rest provided. Thank you.

kristal fennell

The food was great! Fried chicken and fried shrimp dumplings are a must. Staff was friendly and the owner was awesome. Order the spicy chicken strips and put the coleslaw on top. Sounds weird but it is awesome.

Brian Curtis

Great food. Yummy wings and the beef tacos were so good. Loved the Cole slaw served with the wings!

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