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REVIEWS OF Beatrice & Woodsley IN Colorado

Zoey Wells

Wonderful! The interior is super pretty and the service was top notch! The atmosphere was very relaxing and the food was great. We will definitely come back at some point. I have some friends coming in from out of town next month, so more than likely I will have to take them here!

Jenny Bohn

Cool space, interesting food - one of the cooler dining experiences in Denver.

Andrew Carlson

Good food and service. Love the atmosphere and the design of the place. The cocktails are good, especially the Butter Beer and Garden of Jewels. As for food, you can't go wrong with the Escargot, Bouillabaisse, and Humboldt squid. Check out the bathroom sinks. I've never seen anything like it. They also personalized a card for my girlfriend's and my anniversary which was a nice touch!

Mat Windsor

Came for a romantic dinner after filing our marriage license at the courthouse. Jared the host made our night with the best table, and our hostess Hannah made us feel so welcome and celebrated. The crawfish beignets blew us away and the barramundi was prepared perfectly, one of the best pieces of fish I’ve had anywhere. All of the cocktails we tried were amazing and Happy Hour prices made them even better. Birch trees, private booths, and the hidden bathrooms added a lot to this unique and unforgettable experience, thank you so much for giving us such a special night that we are still talking about.

Luna Cash

The food was phenomenal and they fit us in with only a little notice. They staff was super accommodating and really helped turn around a bad date night into a great one!

Jacob Bristow

Cool atmosphere and here's the "but". The food was lousy. My partner said they should get 3 stars because they didn't poison her with dairy, otherwise I'd be giving two. Every vegetable on the plate was way undercooked. Like had to be careful not to shoot the food across the table kind of undercooked. Hers was the same. Lousy choices for those with dietary restrictions as well. Uh, cool atmosphere though. Pretty unimpressed by the staff as well. Would really like to see the books on some of these highly rated places. I know people say owning a restaurant is a nightmare, but if a place like this can get 4+ stars while charging what they do...It can't be too bad of a market.

Michelle Berges

Romantic, quiet, great background music and most importantly absolutely delicious food. Great place to celebrate a special night or just go out for a date.

Tina Woods

American food at this place - very tasty. This place is absolutely one of my favorites. It has a nice atmosphere. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I liked.

Morgan Croft

Such a unique atmosphere and good food as well. Bring people from out of town every chance we get.

Mario Serrette

So yeah my score is low but for good reason. Eating the food was a challenge. I had the pork belly and vegetables. The vegetables and the crusted layers of the pork belly were difficult to cut. To make it clear they gave me a fancy golden serrated knife too so it shouldn't have even been a problem. To the dishes credit it had a nice flavor. My girlfriend on the other hand had a salmon dish and said it didn't have much flavor and she felt that it had the taste of cat food. Next on the chopping block were the drinks. We ordered their specialty drinks but it was as if they were trying too hard to make something new. We did not enjoy them. The drinks had weird after taste and such but you know what it was probably one of those things you had to get used to then you love. Now don't get me wrong it was not a total wash. The decor was amazing. 10/10. Someone put their heart and imagination into that place for sure. Our waitress was very nice as well as attentive. The bone marrow which I never had before was delicious even though you got very little for the price. But we all know how high end fancy places are. Also food presentation was great. (Check the photos) All in all a great place if you wanted to go for some perhaps simple drinks with a date or friends looking to be surrounded great interior design.

Loren Litherland

Very fun place! Be sure to make a reservation if you don't want a long wait. The food is incredible, and I know it sounds weird, but make sure you use their bathroom!


Very intimate romantic setting. I fell in love with the Aspen trees. I thoroughly enjoyed my drink and entree which was just enough to fill me up but not uncomfortably. I also had thee best whiskey cake ever! The price of two drinks, entrees, and a shared dessert was very affordable so I highly suggest this location for a date night.

Ashley Dodge

B&W is definitely a place that needs to be seen. The interior is beautiful. The drinks were fabulous! The food however was not anything to write home about. I have food allergies and the waitress was kind of rude about how it would difficult for me to eat much there due to my allergy. Our food took forever, but then it was slipped that my dish was messed up and had to be remade. The vegetables were so very under cooked due to the limited time that they had to redo my meal. The bartender and busser were fun and really made our experience that much better. However, our waitress was not personable and really not pleasant. Go for a drink or I even hear that brunch is great. Just don't expect to be seated at the time of your reservation.

Sherry Watada

Beautiful restaurant and our food was delicious! Our server behaved as though we were a total inconvenience. Requests for a straw, questions regarding ingredients were all met with indifference and a superior attitude. We will not return..

Ashlie Thorburn

I love Beatrice and Woodsley. Love the whimsical decor and the beautiful cocktails. The food is very good although it would be awesome to see them change their menu up a bit more often.

Sam Armstrong

Adorable theme, detailed. Amazing food and great staff. Everything is farm to table

Yelena Astafyeva

Beautiful place, good food.

Jenny Tower

Pretty shameful to charge $38 for a pathetic pre-fixed breakfast, which didn’t even include beverages. The chickpea hash was very undercooked. Seems like they dumped a can of raw chickpeas into some marinara sauce and called it a dish. The rest of the brunch menu was made up of terrible selections and no variety. Based on this experience I definitely don’t trust this restaurant to produce good meals for the prices they charge. The only reason for the 3 stars is due to the ambiance and the wait staff. It would be 1 star if I had to rate the meal itself.

Hillary Mason

So disappointed. My boyfriend had been looking forward to coming here for months. We get there 15 minutes before happy hour, and the host, brings our waters. We sit for 15 minutes until happy hour is now over, and no server has come to our table. Mind you, this is a Tuesday night, with three other tables sat. And the server came by the other table in her section three times, and saw us, and ignored us. Really GREAT service. We walked out. No thank you. You should be at your table within minutes of being sat. Maybe don't look at us with your nose turned up like your better than us either. So sad.

Kurz B

Tried B&W last night and I must say they were absolutely outstanding! Robert, our server, was one of the best servers we’ve ever had anywhere! He was friendly, personable, attentive, and knowledgeable. They staff was also very attentive. Empty cups were refilled immediately, empty plates were cleared quickly and their food was off the charts good - and healthy! The atmosphere was very unique and had a high-end rustic feel to it. Definitely fine dining and romantic. I highly recommend B&W’s for any meal!!


Beatrice and Woodsley is a Denver staple. Amazing vibes, food, drinks, and service. I have been here multiple times and highly recommend this place for any time of the day. Weekend brunch is just as phenomenal as dinner. Definitely try the Bloody Mary and don’t be afraid to ask the servers for their recommendations. They will not steer you wrong. My latest visit I sat at the bar and had Anthony as my bartender. He’s friendly, fun, quick, and knowledgeable on menu.

Lorena Zamora

Have come to this place twice. The first time we received very bad service. The atmosphere seemed great so we thought that we would give it a second shot. We were wrong to think anything would change. Staff is very rude and demeaning. The way the hostess spoke to my partner when he was simply asking her a question was completely unacceptable. We immediately walked out the restaurant before even getting to order.

Paul Eldridge

Here for honeymoon kickoff dinner, absolutely stellar. The food challenges you! The chef puts some fascinating, out there ingredients together, and it forces one outside their comfort zone sometimes. But I love that. App was great: Grilled squid, with arbol chili oil marinated feta chunks, grilled broccolini, and scallions. Squid was smoky, tangy, super soft and tender, not like eating a tire at most places. Entree: handkerchief pasta! I love this stuff, and it's sometimes hard to find. It floated on a lovely decadent pecorino Romano sauce and turned into a delicate Mac and cheese feel. Dessert: this was coolest. Whiskey soaked chocolate cake with candied star anise ice cream. I wish the whiskey was more forward, I didn't even notice. Put a whole bottle in that cake! But the ice cream stunned me as someone who normally hates star anise or anything licorice. The funky anise taste worked perfectly with the big fat chocolate taste and stuck out like a balanced spike of brightness. Absolutely divine. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Brianna Groenhout

Food was overall very good and inexpensive for the quality. Interior design was very specific, kind of whimsical and entertaining but also a bit over the top and some of the elements clashed to a degree of distraction. Service was excellent.

Z Wessel

Very nice

Kimberly Rouland

Great atmosphere. Good food and service.

Victoria Pua

We came here for our wedding anniversary for the first time. The inside of the restaurant has a romantic feel to it. The food was incredible, which small and large plate portions at reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend and I plan to come back for their happy hour!

Jason Karsh

Solid location and ambiance, good for a date night or a pre-movie dinner. Beignets were the highlight.

Carlos Del Rio

The food here is fantastic. I have been a few time and the service is very good. The last time I was here I accidentally made a reservation for a different restaurant and confused the two for some reason. When I called to let them know I would be late I was confused they did not have me on the books and had yet to realize the folly was my own. Despite my mistake, the management found room for my date and I. An embarrassing experience to say the least, and an excellent example of how a small gesture and create life long loyalty. When we figured out what had happened I was met with understanding respect. I cannot express how much this meant to me. I have been in many restaurants where a situation like this would become awkward and treated with incredulity and frustration. Thank you so much to Marissa out host who knows how to take care of her guests.

Ben Warren

Great atmosphere and decor. Coolest bathroom sink I've ever seen. Food was creative and delicious. Service was excellent. Wanted to go there for a long time and didn't disappoint. Cocktails were innovative and went down smooth.

Cale Beasley

Intimate, romantic, quiet, interesting. Well crafted cocktails. Attentive, thoughtful wait staff. Well balanced, portioned meal. Very affordable.

Aaron White

Jim Shupe

Great food and ambiance. French inspired foodie menu with hip open concept interior

Britney Lorbek

This place is adorable! I love the atmosphere! Cozy and sexy! The wooden bar chairs creek in just the right way! All the aspen tress make you feel like you’re away in the mountains. Great spot to meet a friend to catch-up.

Sharayah Bachler

This place was right out of a whimsical woodsy fairytale! The cocktails were superb and the food kept with the theme. We did not have any appetizer, meal, or dessert that disappointed. I would definitely recommend the beignets and the prawns and sausage. Loved our experience here!

Jean-Francois Lalonde

Came here for Denver Restaurant Week and couldn't be more pleased. The ambiance was very unique and the cocktails were great (I recommend the "That's so fetch"). Our server's timing was impeccable, and the food was delicious. I'd highly recommend trying out this place.

Vanessa Daly

This is such a great spot! I came here for a birthday dinner on several people’s recommendation and I’m glad I did. The ambiance is wonderful, the food is delicious and the service was top notch.

Samantha Kerrigan

A bit overrated for what it was, but good.

Sam Mayes

The staff was super friendly and the food was really good. The atmosphere was also the perfect place for our anniversary dinner.

Aarti Sood

very good ambience and food. warm staff , they had arranged a suprise for my husbands birthday .

Todd Goodrich

The décor is spectacular. The food is over the top. Good portion for the price. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too loud on a Saturday night. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the service was a little aloof, but that could've just been a rough night. Beatrice & Woodsley has been on my wife's list for a while and they definitely nailed it.

Janelle Duncan

Easily made a reservation over the phone a few days in advance, food and service were great, drinks were delicious, and atmosphere was uniquely a “modern outdoors” theme. Was referred by a friend, and passing on the referral. Great place and staff!

Rand Horton

Great food. Magical atmosphere. Bring your sweetheart

Ari Leventhal

Definitely a Denver spot to experience. One of the most beautiful design ideas for a restaurant. The cocktails are imaginative and well mixed. Small plates are still well portioned and the food all around is delicious. Large plates are a true treat and have a variety of unique possibilities (lamb, rabbit, and turtle to name a few). The wait staff is knowledgeable and helpful. We had a large rambunctious crew for a birthday and they handled multiple checks, special food requests, lots of drink needs, and our silliness.

Austin Culter

Intimate setting. Great for a date night. Food was good.

Matthew B Mills

Very Unique, beautiful anf romantic dinner setting. Our food was great! The staff was helpful, informative snd friendly. We had a great evening. Oh the cocktails are worth checking out for sure!

Nick M

This place was absolutely beautiful! Food was amazing as well!

Stacey Knepp

The space is beautiful and comfortable. Cocktails were delicious. The dishes were on the salty side.

Victoria Bykov

Came here 5 years ago and loved it. The atmosphere is amazing. The food took a huge nosedive. The potatoes were undercooked. The bread was a few days old. The avocado in my avocado salad was old and browning. Unfortunately the atmosphere isn’t enough to bring me back. The quality of food is terrible and expensive

Eddy Frisk

What an amazing and fresh restaurant concept - INCREDIBLE interior & ambience. Service was attentive and well trained. The cocktails were on point... but the food ... lackluster! All four entrees were mediocre. I really want to like this restaurant! If Beatrice and Woodsley could step up their game with their entrees they would earn an easy five star rating. I will come back again, hopefully they step up their game.

suzanne mclay

The decor is beautiful- rustic and warm. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Food was fab! The smoked carrots and crawfish beignets were worth a second trip. Had wine from Slovenia. Yum!

Sarah Graham

Lived up to the expectation of romantic! I loved the basement with the wine cellar.

Eleanor Cotton

Came here for happy hour, and thoroughly enjoyed it! You can get their nice cocktails for only 6 dollars, which are normally 11. Both drinks- blueberry & lace spritz and the princes of maine-were so lovely! We also got one of their small plates and it was quite flavorful! Their general aesthetic is incredibly charming. The only reason for the 4-star is that I think their food is a bit over priced for what you get.

Robert Herman

The food was flavorless and bad. Whatever sauce we had was burnt.

Jesse M

This is a very nice wine/spirits lounge that is very nice. It is wonderfully decorated and is better than any place in Aspen that I've visited. Third sign is kind of hard to see but def worth checking out. Friendly staff too!

Jack Kiley

Absolutely delightful. This place was beautiful and had gorgeous native Aspen trees as part of the decor. Great atmosphere and excellent food and cocktails. We were able to try many of the drinks which were all named after movies and television programs -- our favorite was the Kitten Mittens (we're big IASIP fans, and we found it honors the program well!) We had the Bone Marrow and the Pork Belly for the appetizers a shrimp and andoullie sausage dish with maderia sauce (sorry can't remember the name of the dish) for the entree. Can't go wrong with any of those! Service was great, we're from out of town our server had some great recommendations for things to do. I don't usually find the restrooms to be of note, but at this place I found the restrooms to be bizarre (in a cool way). The men's room was one huge room with a single toilet and dozens of toilet paper rolls decoratively displayed on the ceiling. The sink is neat and is one of those in the common area shared by both bathrooms. The water flows from these giant metal chain things attached to the ceiling. Really unique and surprised me quite a bit.

Mike Dash

Great atmosphere and the food is always good. Fantastic date night place.

Alyssa Stafford

Great food! Interesting and tasty cocktails

isabel truque

Don't tell me to seat at the bar for all the empty tables are reserved, by the time my party and I left, 2 hours later the tables were still empty, the bar was almost empty an hour after we arrived on a Friday night. The food left much to desire. Chicken paté was no more no less spam with clarified butter on top, toasts burned. Bone marrow the worst ever. This was to be a festive date, it turned into a nightmare. Except for the bartender who was nice, helpful and told us where we could go for ice cream this would have turned into the worst time ever.


Beautiful restaurant, good service. Food was just okay. Wouldn't go back.


The food was beyond amazing. I admit I wasnt real sure how I'd feel after seeing some of the food. It was beyond worth it. The staff is polite and charming and the entire place is enchanting. Parking is extremely difficult and dont forget to make a reservation.

Todd Bachmann

Great food and atmosphere to go with.

Triniti McJunkins

Love this place! Great atmosphere,food, drinks and service.

Natasha Smith

We went to Beatrice and Woodsley for our anniversary dinner, and it was the best decision! The ambiance is beautiful, and as the sun sets, creates such gorgeous lighting. We had a small plate, 2 entrees, 4 drinks (2 each), and creme brulee for dessert. We spent about $170 with tip. It was a great meal- we ordered the pork shoulder and duck confit for entrees, and the turtle dumplings in rabbit ragu for our small plate. The duck was crispy and very flavorful, the shoulder was a generous portion and very tasty. My wife and I loved the turtle dumplings! Our waitress was very nice and attentive, and management sent over a free glass of dessert wine to celebrate our special occasion. While we won't be back for a regular date night, this place is perfect for a special occasion or big event! It was truly a lovely experience.

Brandon Hamilton

Looking for a romantic date night with your sig-o? This place is the spot! The ambiance sets the stage with the beautiful wood decorations and elegant sweeping white linen, makes you feel like you are doing a romantic picnic. This place is expensive but you won't leave hungry, and the food speaks for itself. Every dish is a unique flavor experience you won't find anywhere else.

Sandy Tracey

Lovely place! We had a wonderful experience as I was treating my fiance to a birthday dinner. Service was excellent. Our favorite dishes were the chicken pate, the carrots, l the andouille sausage and prawns and the dark chocolate dessert ( a great finish for the meal). The favor of the crawfish beignets was not as intense as we would have liked. The gnocchi and escargot was a bit too rich and one dimensional in flavor. Overall a great meal! Highly recommended!

David Leas

Definately one of the classy, eclectic restaurants in town.

Lauren Cramer

My friends and I were excited to go here but we were extremely disappointed with our experience. We ordered the roasted squash salad to start and the squash was so undercooked that even with a knife it was difficult to eat. It was unseasoned but so smokey that I could not eat more than a few bites but I still had the smoke flavor in my mouth for the rest of the night. Three of us ordered the grilled salmon with risotto for our entrees. When the server brought them out two of us had sauce and greens on the plate but one of my friends had neither. When my friend pointed this out to the server she said "oh" and took the plate. When she returned to the table she gave my friend the plate back and very flatly said "there you go" with no apology or explanation. The grilled salmon was good but the risotto was very undercooked and chewy. There were also chewy pieces that I realized were pieces of onion skin. Overall it was not a good experience and I will not be returning.

Will Schultz

Came for brunch. We really enjoyed the monkey brains and our cocktails were good but underwhelming on size and strength. They also didn't have the punches that are posted on their website or unlimited options which was disappointing. The best parts were the service and the ambiance. Overall, a good spot for brunch that is more fancy than fun.

Hannah A

The atmosphere and service get five stars. It's cozy, cute and fun. With a woodsy theme, booths are strung among the woods. The food was good but didn't blue me away which is why I'm rating it 4 stars. I've only been for breakfast so maybe dinner is more delicious. I've tried the Benedict and French toast plates. If you're looking for a unique or romantic atmosphere, this is it.

Rachel Martin

Absolutely delicious! Every person we interacted with was kind and knowledgeable, and the food was delicious. Our waiter was so personable as well. The restaurant itself is gorgeous as well. Such a lovely experience! My partner and I are so thankful for the wonderful time that was shared with us by this amazing restaurant.

Amara Miller

Amazing ambiance, delicious food, great service. My go to spot for weekend brunches.

Ben Steel

Super cute! Proposed to my now fiancé here and everything went super smooth. Food is amazing and the wine was divine

Amanda Wicker

Amazing service, beautiful ambiance...perfect for a wonderful brunch! Good food and drinks. Definitely going back!

Sean Minett

I initially went in for the novelty atmosphere but now I keep coming back for the delicious food, creative drinks, and welcoming service. I have been here a handful of times and have never ordered the same thing twice. EVERYTHING has been thoughtfully designed in this restaurant: the menus, the cocktails, the plating of the food, the magical environment you eat in, even the bathrooms (not kidding)! You can come here for a first, second, or twelfth date, bring your visiting family, or just stop in for a drink. This is a can't miss spot.

Jeffrey Friedland

A great find on Broadway. A great place to share some food. Weekend brunch is phenomenal.

Dennis Gonzalez

Stopped in for an after dinner drink and dessert. Both were tasty. Nice aspen grove decor with hiking trail bridges. Restrooms and wash basin are interesting.

Chinwe Mueller

Unique ambiance and fantastic food. Lots of vegetarian options as well.

Jason Shafer

Fantastic!! AMAZING ambiance, great service, and absolutely delicious food. We had a reservation at 7:30 and unfortunately we were unable to get a table until almost 8:00, but they were very apologetic and comped some things on our check. Really a wonderful experience and we'd highly recommend it!!!

Tucker Stapleton

Great place for brunch nice drinks but we thought the food was a little too salty and the music was a little too loud for brunch, we did enjoy the service and ambiance. I'd definitely eat there again.

Tess Polivka

This is a really great place to get drinks. The atmosphere is warm, cozy, and fun. The drinks are really great and the bathrooms are a fun experience. 4 stars because I am not a huge fan of the food.

Ben Schumacher

The food, cocktails, and atmosphere were all great for a small, quiet dinner. Sometimes at restaurants, there's a lot of background noise from all the other diners, but on a Sunday night, it was easy to talk quietly with my wife even though most tables were taken. My wife and I split two appetizers, a small plate, and a large plate. We thought the portion sizes worked well for us. One weird quirk we noticed is that the area with all of the two-top tables in the front are basically small, round booths. First, my wife and I have long legs, so we had to sit a little funny to make our legs work (not a big deal). What was maybe more odd about these seats is that it kinda kept us facing the other tables instead of each other. It's fine since we like to people watch, but it also meant everyone else was likely watching us.

Jessie Anderson

B&W has been around since before I moved to Denver (almost nine years ago), which I think is a pretty long time for a restaurant in a transitional part of town. But there's a good reason they've lasted so long! The decor is quite unique, yes, even a little magical, but the food continues to be inventive, fresh, well-prepared and delicious every time. Whether you're there for brunch, happy hour (they have some very delicious cocktails and a great wine selection), or an intimate dinner you really can't go wrong! The place is cozy, quiet and great for a meal where you actually want to hold a conversation with the person you're with, or for a special occasion (they do feature "holiday" menus and other events). A local gem and favorite for sure!

Bob Melamed

Awesome. Fresh food. Great decor. Excellent service.

Prescott Bergh

Wow, what a great place, great service, great cocktails and great food! Their 'Butter Beer' cocktail is fantastic, with white rum, lemon & orange juice, house make butter syrup and frothed egg white top. The crawfish beignets were light and delicious, Wild Mushroom Rotolo (pasta) tender and flavorful and chocolate budino with salted butterscotch and coconut macaroon for desert. One of the best dining experiences I have ever had.

Amber Longtin

On point! We went for restaurant week and everything was perfect. The food, the atmosphere, the music. Our server, Andrew, made sure we wanted for nothing but didnt intrude unnecessarily. Worth the trip for the unique cocktail menu alone but the food was just fantastic.

Kate Acly

Great food!

Margaret Delauro

Although I have been to B&W many times, this past Tuesday was very disappointing. We walked in right after opening and were denied a table since we didn't have a reservation. Then told that if we waited about an hour, we could have a table but only for an hour. No option of sitting at the bar. Very awkward & off putting. Fortunately for us, we found a delightful restaurant a few doors down that welcomed us with no reservations.

Theresa Cross

Lovely place and delicious food, excellent wine list


From the amazing service to the wonderful food options to the enchanting decor that makes you feel like you're somewhere magical... This place is amazing. But please don't frequent here too often though as it makes it harder for me to get a reservation ;) thanks

Kristin Goett

The staff at Beatrice & Woodsley made the evening fantastic. I was taking my elderly grandmother to dinner and we had to push our reservation back twice. Despite being booked, Beatrice & Woodsley made it work for us, and our waitress accommodated my grandmother's hearing problems and was incredibly kind. The food was great - the duck breast was more rare than medium rare (only reason for a star deduction). The decor is beautiful and a conversation piece all on its own. The restaurant is pleasantly quiet and has a lovely ambiance. Tremendous thanks to the staff for making our evening great.

Carrie Tripp

My husband and I went to Beatrice & Woodsley for my birthday. The atmosphere is beautiful! I loved the whimsical feel of the trees and the white tapestries. The food was delicious, although pricey . My husband had a massive lamb shank and I had a creamy asparagus pasta. Yummy! We also decided to try the rabbit/ tortoise dumplings. I was a little skeptical, but they turned out to be delicious. The service was also great. I received a personalized birthday card and a candle in our banana cream pie. Delicious cocktails as well! Our only complaint is that the vegetables were a little raw and parking was a hassle.

Wren Vanosdall

This place is a bit magical. Every time I'm in town my sister and I go to B&W's at least once. It is always delightful. One of my favorite traditions is going for Nash 'n Tails. Everything is wonderful and whimsical.

Scott McCaffrey

Ate here with a large party. Cool place with ok food but service was horrible. Not worth the $

James Karl Till

The cocktails are phenomenal and definitely worth trying. The brunch was sparsely attended, which only added to the ambiance of the venue (Saturday @ 10AM). Service was great, achieving the proper balance between attentive and unnoticed. The food was good, though not as exceptional as I was expecting based on the reviews. I think the dishes could improve balance across them to better highlight the flavors of key features and bring out their deliciousness. Regardless, it's a spot to check out!

Yashira Colon

We had brunch reservations and it was delicious, they dont have a big menu for brunch but it was good. And please go use the bathroom while you are here, you will love the experience!

Ramnath Selagamsetty

Great food! Cool place

Justin Trobec

The food is fantastic with lots of variety and seasonal fare, but the entire experience is really incredible. The amber tinted windows light the atmosphere in such an interesting and whimsical way, the decor can make you completely forget that you're in the middle of the city and the bathroom is quite an experience itself. Although you may need look around a bit to figure out how to use the sink faucet. The service is always great, and the waitstaff works well as a team, and doesn't make you feel stupid for asking questions about the menu. I will definitely be returning in the near future. Make sure you check out the weekend brunch as well.

Kimmie Kimkim

Beautiful setting, the food was great and so was the staffs.

Stacy Bramer

I only went for a drink. I think they need to improve their drink options & teach the bartenders how to make traditional drinks. But, the setting is amazing & the food smelled fabulous.

Sarah Pitts

Great happy hour! Delicious bites.

joel gelb

Great fun. Good bar. Coolest decor n good food.b try it

Paula Warnick

Really Cool Sinks - the food was okay, nothing special to write about. The french press was yum. The water for the sink runs down from the ceiling through chains #veryunique

Kevin Timken

Wonderful decor to leisurely enjoy brunch in the middle of aspen trees. Great food... Pleasent staff...

matt collins

The restaurant never held a table for my reservation, then the staff copped snotty/condescending attitude when I asked them what was going on and why was I sitting there waiting for 30+ minutes for a table when I had a reservation... Some snotty hostess woman flat out told me the reason why THEY NEVER HELD MY TABLE was because they chose to seat walk-ins rather than honoring my reservation... Then I talked to the "assistant manager" Ryan. I told Ryan I how I was being treated by his staff when my reservation was completely blown off and they were seating walk-ins instead, and me having to wait 45-60 minutes for a table when I had a reservation is really not cool... I kid you not, this kid tells me that the snotty hostess girl was "the kindest person he's ever met in the world" and accused me of lying about the situation. No apology from him, no "hey I get it, you shouldn't be waiting so long when you have a reservation, seating walk-ins instead of honoring a reservation was a mistake, we'll comp you a drink, we'll have table for you as soon as we possibly can, I'm so sorry" like you would standardly get in ANY decent restaurant... Nope, this jerk accused me of lying and postures up in the most condescending way humanly possible, and acts like seating walk-ins rather than honoring reservations is no big deal. I stood up to give him a piece of my mind and this kid cowers like a little girl. Oh my-my Ryan, you're going to act like mr. big tough guy to defend a hostess you have the hots for to an adult and then turn into a sniveling 4 year old when the adult tells you how it is. Please please please, restaurant owners - you NEED to have adults in charge. This little boy is playing games with your business and running off paying customers to look cool in front of the other kids he's working with.

Janice Pugh

First disappointing experience at a restaurant that I've been to numerous times. Our party of four ordered the same thing, which was the onion soup. We had to inquire about the order after forty minutes. The waitress apologized and brought our orders within five minutes. The soup, which was served in large soup bowls, was approximately 1/3 cup per bowl and barely lukewarm. So disappointing because this restaurant had always prided themselves with every dish in the past.

Danielle Hickson

Easily one of the most impeccably designed and decorated places I have ever been to! The bathrooms/washrooms are worth the visit all on their own, and the curtained tables make for a really intimate and whimsical dining experience. All of the food is delicious, and comes in large portions. Their cocktails are so tasty, and the service is amazing as well. It's a little hard to find from the street, but honestly it makes it feel even more like a secret treasure nestled in the city. What a great brunch spot!

Chris Calvey

Great romantic atmosphere, quiet enough to enjoy a conversation with your date, even when sitting at the bar. My server was very attentive to my concerns about food allergies, which kept me at ease. The Pork Porterhouse was hands-down one of the best meals of my life, amazingly complementary flavors. I'll be back!

Yannick Dawant

This was a really fun, special occasion place. The decor was cool, the staff was friendly, and the food was good. We especially recommend the chicken liver pate and pork cheek.

Brandon Weldon

Chicken Liver Paté is to die for. So much flavor.

Ami Leatham

Absolutely horrible food and very small portion sizes. Cost $175 for 4 people to eat (no drinks were ordered). Avocado salad consists of 4 slices of a raw avocado with no dressing sitting by itself on a plate and cost $15. Our group left this place all starving and we all ordered "grand" meals and 2 appetizers. Probably a place to just go for drinks. Save your money, slice up half of an avocado and you will taste exactly what they are serving.

Gary Tussey

Went for my birthday in late December got a table for 6. I picked the place, but after we were done I was disappointed. I understand we had 6 people but service was very slow, the bread seemed old (and they charge for bread) the water tasted very funny, or possibly there was soap on the glasses, we couldn’t pinpoint it. The drinks took forever, and when the food came it wasn’t nearly as good as I expected especially for the price. I will Skip this place until they get a bit smoother running.

Raymond Collins

Great food and amazing decor. Probably the best ambience in Denver. The bathroom is ridiculously cool. It is hidden in the wooden walls behind the sink. Pull the right chord to start the water flow for the "sink" and then pull the left to stop it. This place is kind of a hidden gem, not too many people know about it but we always have a great experience.

Melissa Goetz

You will definitely need a reservation for dinner. The food and service were impeccable.

Rachel Stepp

We had been wanting to come here for years! Finally I made us a reservation and am so glad I did. I have driven past this place hundreds of times, and never noticed it, and I think that in itself is quite magical. They don't want to stand out like a sore thumb. A true "hidden gem." The atmosphere is everything I hoped it would be. I felt like a fairy or elf dining in the woods. Now, if that's your thing, (totally mine) get here quick! The cocktails were delicious, but pretty small for how expensive they were. And the food, while they do make vegetarian friendly dishes, it's food no one really "enjoys" eating. Bok choy and rutabagas. I mean, I've never even SEEN a rutabaga, so I had to go with the bok choy, a veggie I don't like, especially cooked. The mushrooms in the dish were divine, though. I really enjoyed the wit and charm of our server, and the bathrooms were fun, too. If you know, you know. This is a place you only come for special occasions (it was our four year wedding anniversary) because it is pretty expensive. But, if you want a fun unique evening with the one you love, this is the place to come.

Mack Halliday

Oh, I wanted to like this place. But, it fell short of expectations. We went during restaurant week and opted for their three course dinner and wine pairing. The food was underwhelming. First course was a squash salad, which was undercooked. Second course was salmon with barley. I loved the salmon, but I've had better cooked at home. The barley was undercooked and oversalted. The last course, dessert, was something chocolatey. It was the best part of the meal. The wine pairing was especially disappointing. I knew the wine would be cheap (I mean 18 dollars for 3 glasses). My standard of wine are pretty low and, I'm not above a glass of Barefoot or box wine. But, man this wine was awful. The dessert wine tasted like rubbing alcohol. The restaurant was absolutely beautiful. So uniquely decorated. Both cozy and elegant. And the bar area was stunning. Our waitress was polite and prompt. She took time to explain the menu and pairings. I'd actually go back, but probably just for appetizers and drinks. And, outside of restaurant week, I'd imagine the food is pretty good.

Juanita Bernhardt

They had decent music playing throughout the entire night which was cool. The appetizers were amazing and the overall taste of our food was actually very enjoyable. I wish i had an option to give some additional stars Fantastic service and food to die for. A great dining experience here. Highly recommended.

Patrick Ayres

Walk through a very unassuming storefront and you are suddenly in the "aspen grove" that is Beatrice and Woodsley. We enjoyed a great dinner with a party of 7 and everyone was impressed with the creativity and preparation of the dishes we ordered. Even the kids all tried something new and loved it all! I highly recommend trying this interesting little nook of a restaraunt out.

Em Helt

Beautiful spot! The happy hour is great; fancy food and cocktails for a fraction of regular prices.

Zachariah Blechman

Super cool aesthetic, great brunch, and a friendly attentive staff.

Erik Cunningham

Really nice at atmosphere and great staff. The crawfish beniges came highly recommend but unfortunately missed the mark for me personally. The aioli was fantastic but the beniges themselves didn't have much flavor. I would however highly recommend the open faced ham sammy. Drinks were great too.

Michelle McCandlish

I loved this place. The interior is beautiful and the service was great. The food was great. If you are looking for a nice place to take your SO on a date, this place is the perfect place to go!

Sophie Kosiara

Definitely the most unique and whimsical restaurant ambience my husband and I have experienced. The bathrooms are quite an adventure. The service is excellent, and even though ‘fancy’ food isn’t typically our thing, we enjoyed the dishes.

Matthew Shuter

Really loved this place - the atmosphere and decor are so unique and really create an experience. Even the music was perfect. Service was great - all the staff we interacted with were obviously enthusiastic about the restaurant. Cocktails were original and complex, although I thought them a tad over-diluted. All the food was amazing. The salmon terrine was smoky and flavorful and the sauces that accompanied it were tasty and went perfect with it. The sear on the barramundi was perfectly crispy and seasoned. And their creative spin on bangers and mash with chicken sausage and maple rutabega mash showcase the chef's talent. Finally the black velvet cake was moist and rich and perfectly balanced by the black walnut anise ice cream. Definitely will be back!

Tamara Reese

First time here. Visited for dinner with a girlfriend on a Wednesday night. We were seated right away. The restaurant is best suited for couples and romance. The tables were very tight and cozy. The more social tables are in the middle of the restaurant. Ambiance is very cool, like a whimsical birch forest. Drinks were

Andrea Flores

Their asparagus eggs benedict are life. Parking is tough, I recommend parking north of 1st and making the trek down.

Sheila Carroll

One of my fav locations for American food. This place has a nice design. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

Chris Nichols

This place will expand your mind. You will find some of the most innovative food in dinner set in an Instagram worthy/romantic backdrop.

Raj Gulati

Had a lovely time, ordered 3 different cocktails, pork belly and chicken patte - all great!

Erin Kesler

Excellent drinks, delicious food. Pricey, but absolutely worth it. Decor is beautiful! Had a wonderful and romantic date night with my man. Would definitely recommend!

Patrick Kelly

Great food, worst service I've ever encountered. I don't pay that much money to be ignored and then treated shabbily. Not worth it as there is high-quality food to be had elsewhere at places that don't treat you like your presence is an imposition.

Benji Robinson

I'd give it 3 and a half stars if I could. I had the "Good Ol' Porkchop" with pickled plum sauce and walnuts, which was really well prepared and tasted great. The place has very good food and a charming decor, but the staff gave an air of conceitedness. For example, I asked for the sauce on the side and they seemed somehow offended by this basic request; they also seemed offended when almost none of us wanted wine, and when we were asking if there was alcohol in some of the menu items. In addition, though the decor is charming, some of it seems to be trying too hard, seemingly deliberately confusing guests, like the bathroom doors and sinks, which you won't know how to use unless you ask someone how to use them. This place is great if you're a hipster or want to pretend you're rich, or if you don't mind dealing with snootiness. Despite the downsides, the food is good at a reasonable, the place is clean and fairly quiet, with a bar and some more secluded seating. Above all, this place is certainly a unique experience. I would recommend going here once just to get the experience, but no more than that.

Hasan Al Nashar

I'm not sure why this place is that expensive. Food comes in extreme small portions. You need to eat before going there. We've tried everything from appetizers to main meals to deserts, they're kinda okay?

Nathan Turek

Good food and interior atmosphere. I loved the bathroom sinks which is a weird thing to say in a restaurant review but quite unique and interesting. Service was great. The only downside is convenient parking is at a minimum, you will likely have to drive around the block quite a few times before you find something within a reasonable walking distance. There's nothing in the way of large signage or easy to see from the road. Just a small menu peeking through the heavily tinted windows. The seating is comfortable and unique so I'm not a huge fan of booths in which a couple is forced to share a seat of which is the majority of the seating. I'd rather see my date then looking at other people dates. All in all it's a great city spot.

Rachel L

Beatrice and Woodsley has always been an enjoyable spot over the years. The decor and ambiance are beautiful. And their creative menu always offers an exciting twist on favorite dishes. I have never had anything that I did not thoroughly enjoy. It's the perfect place for a date night or catching up with friends.

Shelby Moore

This place is so gorgeous and the bathroom is so cool and fun. Loved the unique menu and cocktails. Perfect place for a special occasion!

jake juliano

I went to Beatrice & Woodsley last night for valentine's day with my girlfriend. We walked in really excited because we had never been there before. The atmosphere seemed nice and fun but after checking in with the host they took us down to the basement. They had set up 6 uncomfortable tables in their wine cellar for I guess the overflow of people who had made reservations. It was freezing down there, my girlfriend had to wear her coat through the whole dinner and still complained of being cold. The atmosphere was not the same either. It was cold and drab and boring down there. The food ended up being good but you don't go to the restaurant just for the food. You go to a restaurant for the environment and the ambiance. I was really upset they sat us down in the freezing basement and if they had told me we were going to be sitting down there I would have chose another place to take my girlfriend on valentines day. I could tell she was kind of bummed and I was too. I spent 180 dollars on dinner with tip (I wanted to leave a crappy tip because they made us sit in the cellar but I knew it wasn't the waitress' fault so I left a good tip) but we left disappointed and unimpressed. Its not a cheap restaurant and if you're going to go to this restaurant make sure they don't sit you in the basement.

Glenn Beaubien

Anthony is the real deal! Great table AND bar service! Food..... Sensational!

Misty Porter

Beautiful decor provides an holistic intimate atmosphere. The cocktails look amazing but they wouldn't serve my friend on her birthday because her ID expires on her birthday. If it was after midnight, we might have been a bit more understanding of nit-picking about this if it was after midnight when her ID would then be expired.

Sofia Funk

Went here for mom's birthday. This place is absolutely delicious. The bathrooms are amazing. The soap is powder, and the bathroom wall are invisible. Food wasn't amazing , but overall I loved it. 10/10 would eat here again!

Elisabeth White

An intimate and romantic atmosphere with truly delicious brunch and cocktail options! Ask for Drew to experience 5 star service! Try the Toesties with the Cellar Door! Wonderful flavors that match the warm and cozy ambiance. A new favorite for brunch!

Adam Wolters

Great service, delicious food. Everyone in my party who payed attention to their preferences and listed ingredients were very pleased with their dish. They didn't rush us when 2 of our 4-top ordered more coffee, making us stay longer than I thought we should have. Bathroom "is a thing" which was kind of cool, I guess.

William Schneider

Every single dish was phenomenal.

Bruno Orozco

Visited this restaurant for a work event and have to say the food was great. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The decor stood out. Would recommend to give it a try as we all had a great time.

Fred Blanton

Excellent food service

Janna Twedell

The wait staff was outstanding. The food was very good. We had gnocchi and short ribs. The gnocchi was fried and therefore it changes the taste and texture you are expecting but still good. The short ribs was a large portion and perfectly cooked. Desserts and drinks were good. You go there for the environment. It's one of a kind. We did have a hard time finding it (walked past it on the other side of the street). Don't look for a sign because you will not find one. Follow the address. Glad we went. An overall very enjoyable experience.

Nicole Korf

Brunch was wonderful!

Chaz Denver

Great service and food

Damantha Devours

Unique yet confusing place. Whimsical yet uncomfortable. The benches are far away from table and good luck figuring out how to wash your hands. The food is mediocre but staff is friendly. Make a reso, there aren’t many seats

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