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REVIEWS OF Atelier by Radex IN Colorado

Zane Beck

My girlfriend and I have been here twice. This review is an average of the two visits. On the first visit, everything went smoothly; the food was incredible, our waitress was very kind and attentive, and even gave us a free dessert when the one we ordered wasn't available. The second visit was disappointing. We had a reservation for 7:30, arrived at 7:35, stood awkwardly in the middle of the crowded restaurant (no one to greet you at the door; no host/hostess stand) until the hostess told me our table would be ready in about 5 minutes. The bar was tiny and cramped, so we decided to wait outside. 40 MINUTES LATER, we were finally seated. The wonderful waitress we had before came out and offered us champagne during the wait, however, we don't drink, so we politely refused. Once at the table, the hostess did apologize for the wait, but service continued to be slow and disjointed. The hostess doubling as one of our waitresses seemed confused by the menu and the specials she tried to explain, brought us the wrong dessert, and didn't have any communication with the other waitress, so we were left for extended periods of time. The food was still great, hence the 3 star review. The younger waitress was consistently very kind and a pleasure to talk to, but the overall delays in service were very disappointing.

Sarah Lotfi

We've been to a couple French restaurants in Denver and this one is our new favorite. Last night's dinner was absolutely perfect to celebrate our wedding anniversary, the food itself was rich and sumptuous with Colorado twists on classic french cuisine. We loved the Salmon tartare with wasabi, and the Canadian elk and Boeuf medallions. Service was attentive but not invasive or pretentious, and allowed us to enjoy our meal at a relaxed and amenable pace. After spending our honeymoon in France, our dining experience brought to life those memories with the ye-ye music playing overhead and the wine selection to choose from. The down to earth service had its own authentic charm and we found ourselves exchanging stories to the chef and staff on our way out the door. We definitely will return again!

Scott Aardema

Yet another great place in Denver!!

Travis Hellwig

This place is my favorite french restaurant in Denver. Have been seriously bummed out since Le Central closed because I've celebrated birthdays and every other life event you can think of there. First time i went into Atelier, they had the scallops that i sought. Not a fan of rice but thats what came with the scallops; however, the chef made me scallops and friets upon request instead! The wait staff is the most knowledgeable of anywhere about all their products and quality menu items that change from day to day. Was extremely happy to celebrate my birthday there last week, and I'm looking forward to celebrating more life events there in the future! P.s if you like bourbon come here, also get the bananas foster, and bring a friend or two to share dessert!

JoyA Piazza

Outstanding. Truly.

Jeanne Timber

Great menu .loved the foie grau and sweet breads

Olivia Casa

Really great food

Rhonda Hiatt

Special Food, Service, Location and experience. You should treat yourself soon. Loved it. Had a family lunch and Dined. Wine list is extensive though Pricey. You want a value discovery as well as spendy. Food is a deal for the quality and taste. Afagato deconstructed desert and Bananas Foster Tableside are the photos. Full Tilt Feeling of Luxury with Copper and French lavender shocks tied. Dangling on the wall.

Angelo Molina

Laszlo and Agnieszka Pados

Probably the best chef in this region! I'm visiting his restaurants since 1996 and me and my family was always amazed by his quality and creativity of the food. Highly recommend it!

Rory Dumas

Will Mcclain


If I had to write down all the problems with this restaurant, I would be typing all day. The service was appalling and our waiter was full of attitude and was not warm or welcoming at all. The worst part is they put an automatic 20% tip on our bill!! ( our bill was $689.00) I called the owner and told him about our awful experience and he never apologized and said that he would send me a gift card and he would refund our tip. Firstly, I do not want a gift card as I will never go back and I am still waiting for the refund. The way that the owner handled this fiasco is beyond belief. An update, I just received a check for the tip amount from the owner - finally.

Margie Larson

Om an old papillon fan The food is fabulous

Hei Yong Lo

Closed right now due to fire.

Rachel Pryor-Lease

Great food. Strangely the steak frites came with mashed potatoes and french fries, but I really enjoyed my meal.


Mark Radtke

Unlike many of the patrons who were visiting Chef Cerny's newest spot, I'd never been to one of his restaurants before. However, he and his helpful staff are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. The food and drinks are subtle without being weekly seasoned, and the menu is solidly grounded in traditional French cuisine while maintaining an enticing degree of inventiveness. If I had a magic wand, I'd knock $5 off the price of every item on the menu and 25% off the drinks, but the prices are totally reasonable for a celebratory dinner or a date night. Atelier might be just the place that puts 17th St on the culinary map. (Sorry, Humboldt!)

Ian McIntyre

We'll be back and probably try to get the seats at the bar if it's just the two of us. As with new-to-us restaurants, we dip a toe in by having a drink and OE or two appetizers. If the place passes muster we'll come back for a proper meal. The mushrooms, lobster, duck, and shrimp were memorable as was watching the kitchen flow. See you all again soon!

C Lewis

Exceptional Food & Service:) Wow Just came from lunch today at this Incredible New French in denver. A Must visit The escargot was superb:) The Seafood stew special was so yummy as well as the lobster ravioli:) For desert I highly recommend the Chocolate Dome :) Will definitely be returning:) The Chef can really cook:) Best Restaurant I have been to:)

Nate Lawrence

One of the best meals I've ever had!

Bjarne Blume

A wonderful experience found in the heart of Denver. This recently opened restaurant is amazing. Brandon is amazing!!!

Lin Ob

Nothing special really. Staff seems dirty. Several of our plates were dirty with old food on them!! The chef seems dirty. All French food tastes decent because it's filled with butter, cream, or garlic. To be exceptional though, it takes something special, and this place doesn't have what it takes. If I'm gonna eat all that fat and calories, it better be worthi it, and it wasn't. Sooo expensive too, was shocked by our bill, we only ordered two drinks and no bottle of wine and bill averaged close to $100 per person!!!

Tisha Hupke

Reese M

Bill M

Francie Sanders

Cool little ice cream spot. Friendly employees. Ice cream was good. Presentation was great.

Thomas Blumenthal

Like a dream. Thank you Radex.

Jaleen Edwards

Great food and atmosphere...

andrew kennett

andrew goshern

Ellie Cole

Laura Dixon

Excellent food and service. Wonderful neighborhood gem.


Probably the best restaurant in Denver! A truly delightful place. The food is classical and a joy. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Plus the wine list is awesome.

Adrienne Altobelli

Food was delicious, though a bit pricey for the portion size. Venue is incredibly small, but staff is very friendly. Kitchen was a bit slow tonight, possibly due to restaurant week and a busy bar area. Recommend the foie gras and wapiti greatly!

dave files

Very leisurely dining spot at lunch!

tim cook

Lovely food with great and reasonable lunch items.

damian zamudio

It's the most amazing experience I've had in a while. The wait staff is incredible and attentive. The food was incredible and beyond delicious.

Claudio Dominguez

Austin Culter

Seth Tucker

Truly great French restaurant—finally!—in Denver. Open and airy, and the food is exceptional. This is truly a place to DINE; I recommend going through three courses at least, let the staff work their magic, let Radex do what he does best—prepare some of the best French cuisine anywhere. If you are lucky and polite, he may even share a whiskey with you!

William Shaw

Yes, the food is great but if you want a truly incredible experience, sit at the kitchen counter and watch a pro at work. Multitasking at its best.

Scott Nystrom

Finally ah place worth dining in

Christopher Cummings

Came here for D.R.W, and it was definitely the best one, each course was absolutely wonderful, great space(minus the breeze) and just a great all around experience. We had a rez and the weather was awful so i'm glad we got in early.

Brad Foote

Adrian Belinne

Superb quality food and experience on par with the best of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. This restaurant would require a 6 month wait in any other major metropolitan city.

Jason Addlesperger

Alexandra Sheremet


Great Italian for good prices.

Ford Brown

Three tables were occupied on Tuesday. Walked in at 7:05pm and sat at 4 stool counter/bar and greeted owner. At 7:30pm, a waiter, with a huge attitude asked me if I wanted to order. I said let's start with some wine. Waiter' s attitude was way too much and I walked out. Owner out of touch! Zero on a scale of ten!

Brian Kempton

John Curry

Flavors to savour, the elk was succulent the banana desert dramatic presentation and sublime to devour. The whole team have a shared passion, excellent wine list

Lisa Levitt

Laurie J Jones

Fabulous food in a charming atmosphere! Try the butter poached lobster "TV dinner!" It was both whimsical and perfectly cooked! ❤❤❤❤

Riccardo Renna

The name says it all. Food designed to please your tastebuds by keeping it simple. Classic food staples reinterpreted by the visionary mind of chef Radex The venue is cozy and elegant. Copper pieces hanged on the wall provide a warm note to the dining room.

Brittany Patterson

Anthony Jamroz

Excellent service and food presentation, everything we had was amazing. Will certainly be going back for more experiences.

Juliette Favre

John West

The food is exquisite! This is a gem! Low noise level.

Mattie Owens

This is a five star in Denver that is absolutely wonderful. It was a moderately busy evening and the whole presentation and service was so accommodating. We were with friends and busy getting caught up and chatting away like crazy. The server recognized this and was very professional in picking her spots to intervene accordingly but all the while managing the delivery and removal of plate drinks and refills. Good size portions and just a great experience. But at that price it should be.

Joel Meier

One of the best eating establishments in Denver.

Jerome C. Pandell

(Translated by Google) W O W! (Original) W O W !

Claude Pupkin

We typically love this restaurant and this was our 5th visit. Both my wife and I ordered specials (a scallops dish and a salmon dish). The scallop dish had literally 2 scallops and 1 piece of shrimp. It was supposed to be a scallop special (no shrimp mentioned). Not sure why they thought this was ok, but it clearly was a shock to everyone at our table! My wife's salmon was very ordinary, far below anything we ever experienced at Atelier in the past. We'll probably go again as this was our first negative experience, but it really was disappointing, particularly as we took friends there for their first visit.

Masaomi Kida

Exceptional food and service, great for special occasions or weekday lunch, all around great experience

Paul Burke

Superb meal and service. I'm extremely happy this space did not die with the departure of il Posto. It's great to get such a quality meal so close to home.

Liz Rose

This was an excellent new restaurant for me. The food was delicious. Just the restaurant is small. No place to just

Frank Spallitta

Great French restaurant very reasonably priced. Wonderful small plates. The bananas foster dessert is unbelievably delicious with an incredibly whimsical presentation. Thanks for a wonderful evening....

Wm Carey Shanks

One of the hidden jems of Denver

Aaron Kramer

Lou Adducci

Fantastic service, solid menu.

Ruzicka Family

Truly wonderful meal. Did not come away overly stuffed. Everything perfect (except for a bit of cold drafty air at times)

Anthony S

Amazing selection of unique entree's

Jane Sagalovich

Andrew Zapotosky

The food was great, the appetizers had some wonderful French classics and the cream of mushroom soup was amazing. The dinner entrees were great, we could have continued eating the lobster ravioli with champagne cream sauce all night.

Ronna & Dan Mckeehan

The dining and food was above average. The food came out at a good pace. With that being said, the waitress had no clue about anything on the menu. First she forgot to take our entree order. Second i asked a couple questions about a couple dishes and she had no clue what came with them. Went with the “best beef on the block” and the meat and the potatoes were excellent. The dish came with a raspberry sauce. That was not listed on the menu and when i asked about the dish she said nothing about it. I hate raspberries and unfortunately it made it off putting. Not Sure if I’ll return.

Kevin Timken

What a fun and delicious restaurant! Had the buffalo short ribs cooked two ways... A special... So tender and flavorable.. The dessert was the Donald... A chocolate duck with orange curl hair.. You got to hit it with a hammer to break it up.. Fun

Lucas Wiggins

Sooooooo delicious!!!!!

Greg Moran

Cozy, authentic French cuisine

Steven Riley

Excellent service, delicious shaved duck, fun presentations like "TV Dinner" or smoking Bananas Foster. Excellent couple spot.

Lara Simcox

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Louis Jadot wine dinner. All i can say is fabulous atmosphere, fabulous menu and fabulous wine. Thank you for a brilliant 4 course meal. I will definitely be back!

monica barrett

So delicious! Radek is genius in the kitchen :) We have yet to have a meal here that was anything short of fabulous. The menu changes constantly, but is consistently good. They are really good with regard to food allergies as well. A must try!


Great, creative food. Owner has a fun sense of humor

Jacqueline Cahill

Delicious. Excellent service. Pretty ambiance.

Alex Gershkovich

Anjanette Culley

My family & friends enjoy exploring new restaurants regularly, then share experiences/expectations for what one would consider a wonderful place to eat. I have been excited to try this restaurant for months and finally got the opportunity to do so today, it being my birthday in a few weeks, I thought perhaps to have my dinner party here. Let me start out with this, the food was indeed yummy and priced affordably, and this is a huge factor and purely for these details I rated them with two stars…now for the rest of the story. Upon entering I instantly felt as though I had come at an inconvenient time, although their sign was clearly set for “OPEN”. I should have turned around and politely walked out, but I didn’t because I really wanted to check out the place, the tables had nice white tablecloths and the tables were set pretty. There were no other customers, possibly because they had just opened for dining (I later found out). I was handed a menu & my decision to choose which deliciousness to try as my first meal was challenging because of the many options, so I asked the greeter which of the two meals, of which I was contemplating, was his favorite? He suggested, and I went along, however, because of my time constraint I asked if the restaurant offered an option for me to order my lunch “take out” and he said yes. I know some of you may say, I should have opted to dine in. Well, I didn’t. Truthfully, I expected nice all the way around because they are supposedly known to be more in the category of upscale. I was handed my meal in a cardboard like box (no big deal) the greeter smiled and said goodbye. Between the meal ordering, preparation, paying & delivery, took about 20 or so minutes. I stood literally in the middle of the restaurant for the entire 20 minutes or so, and no one offered me a seat or asked if I wanted a glass of water while I waited. I probably would have been better off waiting the time in their bathroom, less awkward surely). To add insult to injury they did not offer me a bag to carry my meal in, nor napkins or utensils offered or included with my “take out” lunch. I felt as though I was bothering them by ordering “take-out”, and so my thought is that perhaps if “take-out” orders are an inconvenience to them, maybe they should not offer it as an option in their restaurant. Good food is extremely important and if “taste” is the only thing that one can rate restaurants, then this restaurant gains multiple stars, however, if other elements such as friendliness, quality of service, ambiance, location, price or whether you had to ask for water or a drink refill, extra napkins, or maybe even bathroom cleanliness and noise level (to name a few) is a deciding factor for you, then I would say I am sadly disappointed with my first visit to this restaurant, based on good old fashion hospitality. Before leaving the restaurant, I did something I have never done before, I scribbled out & removed the 20% tip I originally included with my card payment. I may have been in awe & hyped with the idea of this restaurant in the beginning, but that quickly wore off. I just felt unwelcome as a customer. I have indeed learned that people will forget what you said to them, maybe even what you did to them, but never forget how you made them feel.” I believe that there is only one opportunity for a first impression and so with this, it is likely I will not visit again. I am disheartened because I so wanted to like this restaurant completely.

Bill Althoff

Wonderful atmosphere and great food service staff and chef crew awesome

Melissa Masek

Amazing service, selection, and food. We came here for Restaurant Week and this was one of the best meals I've had in years!

Marlo Hopson

Robin DeLuca

Yes!!!! Get the everything. Everything is fabulous.

Andrew Rosen

One of the best restaurants in Denver

Spectacular Tentacula

We had made 6:30 reservations for Restaurant Week, but when we showed up, nobody greeted us, the front door opened directly into the middle of the restaurant between two seated tables, there was no waiting area, and another couple were already standing on a small patch of rug waiting to be seated. After standing awkwardly in the middle of the single small room for about 5 minutes, a harried, rude, and somewhat angry hostess? waitress? manager? asked me what time my reservation was for, and stormed off without a word when I told her. Meanwhile, another party showed up, and real estate on the rug was getting expensive, and we had to shuffle around like a flock of starlings evading a predator whenever a frazzled server came through with plates for the two tables next to us. Finally, we were seated after about twenty minutes. Nobody showed up to take our orders for another fifteen minutes, while all around us, servers were trying to serve the wrong plates to confused guests. At one point, somebody from the staff came up and asked us what name our reservation was under. (Shouldn't that have happened when we first walked in? Where's the computer and the person keeping track of this? Who is the front manager?) First off, my bison tartare was served on what looked like a child's platter, with the food arranged in such a way as to coax a small child into eating something they don't want to eat. Okay, that's weird, but not terrible. The curry oil wasn't a bad idea, but it wasn't great. Pickled onions and capers were a nice touch, though. My wine pairing? Bad. If there had been a potted plant nearby, it would be dead right now. Second course was a mushroom soup and a salad. The salad had a tiny little piece of joy on it in the form of a lovely pat of slightly melted cheese, but that was the only bright spot. The soup was odd. Is soup ever supposed to be served lukewarm? I had big bitter wads of sodden parsley hidden in mine, and my friend picked a couple of hard bitter unidentifiable stems out of her mouth and quietly tucked them into her napkin. The crowning glory was when I discovered a solitary capellini noodle hanging from my spoon like a parasitic worm. The flavor of the soup itself was negligible. Not thick enough to be truly creamy, and no larger pieces of mushroom to give it some interest in the consistency. Wine pairing? Somehow, the wine they paired brought out the bitterness in the already bitter elements in the salad, which made me feel...bitter. I would not finish the wine, which made my beloved French waiter give me an eye full of unforgiveness. Now for the main courses. I had ordered the poulet with duxelles, and my friend had ordered the Canadian wapiti with the black currant Demi glace, but when our plates arrived, it appeared that we had both gotten the same thing. They had just substituted her plate with the wapiti, and everything else was identical. The same sauce that drenched my chicken drenched her elk. The same little side salad. Same duxelles. Was this a mistake? Where was her demi glace? WHY IS THERE SO MUCH SAUCE?? I also wanted to cry because my chicken was dry and a little on the tough side. All I could taste was this sauce. The mushrooms were cooked quite nicely, but I missed any delicate earthy flavors because of this damn sauce. Wine pairing? While I'm not opposed to the pairing of reds with white meats, this particular choice left me flabbergasted. Finally, dessert. My friend, usually very enthusiastic when it comes to baked sweet treats, consumed her 1"x1" square of Opera cake quietly and perfunctorily in two sad bites. I, on the other hand, was quite delighted with my cherry croissant pudding, and the wine wasn't terrible. Although I understand that it's Restaurant Week, with all the factors to consider that may have contributed to why the staff at Atelier by Radex seemed to be floundering the whole evening, unfortunately, there were too many negative notes about this experience, both with front management and the food preparation itself, for me to consider going back.

Aleksey Dmitriyev

This place did not meet my expectations. The food is pretty average. We had 5-6 people in our party and tried different dishes, but nobody was impressed. The "TV dinner" is an interesting name, but it was not good. Saltimbocca was just ok. The drinks are creative, but very expensive.

Peggy Stefanick

Great service. Fresh ingredients. Small charming dining area. Delicious food. Diverse menu. Gluten free friendly. Good vegetarian meal.

Cole TenEyck

Ann Hua

Jon Bailey

Courtney Campbell

Jenni Kossack

Amazing food. Great service and excellent atmosphere. Price is great for what you get. Ask for the Chefs tasting. 8 course meal...smaller portions but amazingly filling. Love it!

Katie Rowan

Ben Monday

Series HDm S

Joan Erber


Lt S

Absolutely fantastic. Was nervous when Il Posto left the neighborhood but this is unequivocally better. Easily one of the best restaurants in Denver and an excellent value for the price.

Max Alger-Meyer

Phenomenal food, with even better service. Atelier is a small, quaint, and fantastic place for an excellent meal. I took my girlfriend for a surprise dinner date, and we both had a great time. I must confess that when it comes to French cuisine, I'm no expert. That being said, you don't need an expert to tell you that this place has some of the best food in Denver. Can get expensive quickly (especially if you get wine), but is worth the price. The two of us shared an appetizer, and each had our own entrée and dessert. We were even given an extra dessert on the house. All in all, I could not have been more pleased with the evening. I can't afford to eat here often, but rest assured I will be back! Hat off to the owner, chef, and wait-staff. Well done.

Simon Lofts

Best restaurant in Denver.

Charlotte Peyton

Nate 360

Scottee Meade

wes wicks

Delicious. Reasonable size portions, truly amazing.

Kamil Kolář

Thank you for a great dinner!

Trish Bedoya

Laura Lovato

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