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2706 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

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Here you will see the reviews of people who consume the products of American Bonded (Restaurant) near to the state of Colorado.

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REVIEWS OF American Bonded IN Colorado

Petar Djordjevic

My friend and I were excited to go to this bar but unfortunately we weren’t allowed in. The bouncer last night wouldn’t let me into the bar because I needed a different government issued ID. I have a valid Wisconsin government issued ID and he said he couldn’t let me in with that and that I had to have another form of ID, even my school ID wasn’t enough. He was extremely rude to my friend and I. The bouncer had short dark hair and gauged ears with no plugs in them.

Travis Jay

Turd Ferguson

Over priced drinks, mediocre bland atmosphere and generally rude staff.

Terry Grover

Kristen K

Meredythe Torrence

Jack Simpson

Such an amazing whiskey selection at a price point that everyone can afford. Kevin is a whiskey master.

Andrew Brunetti

Excellent new spot on Larimer. Top notch cocktails at reasonable prices. Have not tried the food yet but it looks and smells excellent.

Kevin Cheney

It was amazing. Can’t wait for the patio to be opened. The drinks were great but the food was out of this world. Highly recommend the adult tots.

Alex Kessock

Rachel Brito

The bartenders are spot on. I tend to be a pretentious drinker and eater. However, I was pleasant surprised at how much attention and care the bartenders gave to me. Will be back again!

Fermin Silva

Ken Murray

Whiskey Insider

Thomas Simmons

Sean Brock

Jen Anderson

Best new bar in Denver! The drinks are unbelievable and the bartenders are top notch!

Chris Schultz

Overall a good experience, one of the bartenders was a bit "distracted"

glen oliff

Great cocktails and atmosphere

Cory Li

Molly Meuer

Killer spot! Love the vibe of this bar, the great bartenders, their cocktails and the outdoor roof patio! Will be stopping here more often!

Lee Moseley

Awesome roof top, great drinks

Abel Joel

Great whiskey list

Anita Bear

Wide liquor selection

Stephany Caro-Rogers

Great drinks, not many people.

Janet Drake

Great cocktails in a modern setting. Industrial + sexy. Looking forward to happy hours on the rooftop patio!

Mark Edwards

Mary Moore-Simmons

Nick S

Katie S

Spectacular craft cocktails and accompanying service. The rooftop area is to die for, such a trendy, wonderful place to grab drinks!

Dennis Cook

Great vibe and good staff. Bartenders are friendly and mix great cocktails. Egg white whiskey sour is a must.

Jonathan Kent

Connor Tubridy

Good chicken and waffles but the staff behind the bar all seem like they would rather be anywhere else but here.

Jen Miller

Best cocktails in town! So many unique and delicious options to choose from, you can't go wrong. Great casual spot for happy hour and throw in some comfort food if you're in the mood!

TBG Benefits

rooftop with affordable drinks and a good burger, finally!

Shaquille Elliott

Went here for some cocktails. Server took her time to greet us at the table and pour us water. I ordered a margarita. She came back shortly after ordering it and handed my margarita... it was the worse margarita I've ever tasted. It had a very smoky taste that overwhelmed the limeness of a margarita. I asked her if she could redo the drink without the smoky taste and she did. The second margarita was just as bad as the first. Tasted very watered down and again no lime taste. Needless to say I can make a better margarita from scratch in my own home. The table next to me also had to return their drink twice just like me. The music they were playing was way too loud and you had to shout to take to the person across from you. The bar was terrible and I wouldn't recommend it.

Erin Dengler

Good avocado tostada, found a new IPA I liked and the bartender was very friendly and helpful!

Jonathan Veatch

Some of the best food I have ever had has come out of True West Kitchen. The TWK is unsurpassed in flavor. The cheese curds are amazing with a light and crispy crust. All food is made to order. This kitchen goes far past bar food to a restaurant kitchen that will not let you down.

Morgan Minck

First time I've been here. Loved their Old Fashioned! Solid whiskey selection, food in the back seemed to be really good...

Dana Wasserman

The new hottest spot in Denver and RINO is American Bonded. This place has everything: great drinks, an amazing cheeseburger, lots of outdoor seating (an upstairs patio!), cool decor and plenty of bathrooms. What a gem!

Antonio Bouchard

J Fabricius

I liked the interior and my order was good, I believe I was getting the Brown and Down. It was very loud, but it is a bar. When I was briefly at a table the server was attentive and at the bar the bartender was as well. I probably wouldn't return on a Friday or Saturday night, but maybe another night of the week. I'm not sure how expensive my date's drinks were. It was a little pricey for me, but not outrageous. I hate the area.

Steve Jefferies

Rob O'Connor

Stephanie J

Great cocktails...great bartenders...great vibe. Love this place!

ross ziemkowski

Dude with the long hair is a nihilist

Steven Lee

Craig C

Heatha Laducer

They always have good jams on when im here. And no matter how busy it is, there always seems to be a place where you can tuck away in with your friends.

Troy Evans

Great old fashions and a great atmosphere

Ally Frueauf

My favorite old fashion in town! Love the concept of affordable drinks as well.

Christopher Cummings

Chris James

Found this place after walking out of poor customer service at another nearby restaurant. The drinks were great, the staff was friendly and the food was AMAZING! Clean place with a relaxed vibe!

Theresa Schaefer

I very much enjoyed this bar. The staff was great and the mixed drinks are delicious. They have a little restaurant in the back corner that offers creative and delicious food.


The staff were unresponsive, petty and quite frankly unwelcoming. I want to like this place but I can't. The bartenders are analogous to miners working in a coal mine who are slaving away to feed their family in the mountains of West Virginia. Even worse, the customers are the canary, and bartenders have accepted their inevitable demise in the destruction of the coal mine.

Kimberly Birdsall

Rhonda Colbert

Cool vibe, attentive bartender, friendly crowd

Ron Smith

Brian Cosmano

Shelby San Nicolas

Tricia wik

Daniel Nowell

Marc Jenkins

Kathleen Le

Specially cocktails are done with quality. Food menu has a lot of choices and food quality is pretty good

John Wardle

Johnny Wyskiel

Tim Greiner

Interesting service and place.

cameron kaman

Amazing staff and a great whiskey selection. This place will not let you down. Good food as well

Keith Miller

Great selection of whiskeys...very attentive staff. The old fashioned is spot on if you like whiskey and not sugar. Loved it

Dusty Zabel

Great selection

J Rapp

My favorite cocktail bar. Excellent quality drinks but they don't cost $15+ dollars each like every other cocktail bar in town. I love a great well made cocktail but I feel like I'm getting fleeced at other bars in Denver lately. Try the Martini service and don't you dare use Vodka!

Kyle Bobkowski

Really cool spot, visited and was hosted by the lovely staff and some folks from Westland distillery and drinks, food, service were all excellent. I'll go back just to keep trying all the brunch items I missed out on and some of the more specialty liqueurs and whiskies you don't see that often.

Rommy Dayyani

Great fancy cocktails spot

Anna Bowes

Service was very slow and it was unclear whether we needed to order at the bar or with a waiter on the patio. We waited 20+ minutes for drinks. And food seemed expensive for the quantity.

russell miller

Devika Aghi

Security is ridiculous. I sat on the rail outside to take a picture for maybe 30 seconds and the security actually had the nerve to straight up SCREAM at me to put my drink down and tell me to leave? I complied immediately and he still continued to disrespect me and scream at me. And this is also after their own table flipped and spilled 4 drinks on me. I can promise that I will highly recommend all my friends to avoid this place and I won't EVER come here again. Ps this was my first time here.

Kevin Machnik

Steven Chambers

Tim Layton

Craig Stoltzfus

Good cocktails and prices

Dave Killian

Our waitress was awesome, the drinks were creative and tasty and the food was amazing! I recommend the New York sour to drink and the fried chicken sandwich was amazing!

Michaela Gaines

Steve Van Wasshenova

Richard Roybal

Jose Vargas

jessica parise

Love it

Heather Mason

Gail Wallace

Great place to try fabulous drinks! The drinks are awesome! They stay cold with these wonderful straws that are metal! Bartenders are awesome! Food from the J Street Kitchen is comforting and delicious!

Jen Smadams

Wow! Our first time in and definitely not our last! We were in to try J Street Kitchen and you should try it too! We ordered a few things to share - the tots were amazing and you HAVE to order them. We also tried the pork sandwich, the biffalo chicken mac 'n' cheese, the brussel sprouts, and bread pudding. Holy Moly! Amazing delicious food and great portions. This food is made with a lot of ❤️

Jeff Johnson

Great cocktail bar with very friendly bartenders. Will definitely be back.

Adam Rodgers

Logan Brewer

Great food and drink selection! Best secret in rino!

Sam Garner

Gabby Ng

Taylor Davis

John Etherton

Excellent pork BBQ sandwiche.

Carla Mendralla

Kira Fling

isaac kricheli

Grant Smittkamp

Had a group event here and the food was very poor quality. Everything from the meat to the vegetables were undercooked. The servers weren't even good either either the bar tended telling me an IPA was a pilsner beer

Ben Cornali

Slushie and whiskey.

Grant Hughes

Great drink selection and some good and interesting specials to get me outside my usual drink selection. Full of beautiful people every time I've been there. The rooftop patio is a splendid place to enjoy Denver warm nights!

Emilia Stoneham

Reasonable prices, quality drinks, amazing atmosphere, personable and fun staff.

David Huff

Katherine Boswell

Fun place and strong drinks

Heather Reeves


Crissy Gravina

Amazing rooftop bar, great crowd, best drinks ever and the service rocks!! Definitely one of my favorite spots to hang out in all of Denver!!

Cory Miller

Beautiful balcony and delectable fare.

Jake Friedberg

Great drinks, great atmosphere, great waitstaff, great food. American Bonded is a great time.

Dave Frisch

Jack Bethel

Dustin Gaylor

Nice staff, good environment, good drinks for the most part. They were short or out of alot of ingredients for drinks we requested.

Whitney Smith

Customer Service lapse-My fiance and I spend a lot of time in this area, going to concerts and enjoying the atmosphere as well as night life. We couldn't wait to try a new restaurant/bar. We went in he sat at the bar and I went to the bathroom, came back and no one ever acknowledged us. not once literally starred at us like we weren't even supposed to be in there it was the craziest thing no "hi" no "bye" when we left. Not a single person greeted us or inquired about drinks. The bar tenders were within touching distance right on the other side of the counter. I was completely disappointed and saddened because I had heard this bar was great from several people was was embarrassed to have to relay my awful experience when asked. I hope you can do better at greeting ALL your potential customers in the future. Obviously will not be returning here.

Joe Benson

Drinks are on point, and the service was top notch!

Denise Lowry

Fun In The Colorado sun

Daniel Hamilton

Very slow service when not busy at all. Drinks took a good 10 minutes with 7 people in bar. Drink was not good at all, either done incorrectly or done so fast they didn’t care. It’s a huge disappointment because they have a great whiskey collection

Vivian Vo

Very nice atmosphere. I went here for speed dating so it was kinda loud. But the bartender was really nice. Drinks were great. It gets pretty packed on a Saturday night.

Michael Alfaro

Good spot for anytime of the week. I enjoy the outside patio when it’s popping. You can have wonderful time people watching. But this place got pretty solid late food.

Marc Whitehair

Mark S

Chris Shead

Mercy Giuliani

Loved the craft cocktail menu and food menu had good options too (even some vegetarian). The vibe is good and staff/service was great. Stays busy but not too busy with a fun crowd. Rooftop has great views and lots of seating inside. Actually has bathrooms on both levels which is great not having to track downstairs when on the rooftop patio.

Connor Finnell

Carlos Talavera

L7 Zerk

Sam Stesney

Kenny Hermosillo

Fun atmosphere

Ismail S

Andy Gill

Melissa Levy

The cocktails and food were fantastic. Had the old fashioned, brussel sprouts, grits, and Colorado fries. Everything was absolutely amazing. The service was really great and the atmosphere was super fun and lively.

Mike Birkenheier


Cristina Parsons

Joshua Davies

Jeremy Kimbrough

I came here back in April 2018 when it first opened. The food was so good, I bragged about it to my friends and made it a must go to again on our June 2019 Denver trip. The food was the worst this time. The waiter told us the food is a leased company and the company that was leasing when I first came is no longer there. Now I know why we were the only people eating! DO NOT GO HERE FOR FOOD!

David Hummel

Mathias P

Very good food and nice beer! A big thank you to Hank, a great bartender!

Daniel Price

Great bartenders, great selection

Ryan Boyle

Friendly staff, good ambiance and fantastic food. Much needed cocktail bar addition to Larimer.

Richard Scharfenberg

Andrew Givens

Nice atmosphere, and great cocktails. They even make their own ginger beer, which is amazing. However, the drinks are very expensive, and they didn't have nearly enough bar tenders. Somehow, waiting 20 minutes for a $10 cocktail doesn't seem quite right. I doubt I will return

Benjamin Roseberry

Great cocktails but the bartenders are very pretentious and dismissive. Space is open and trendy. Great rooftop. Decent beer selection. All would be fine if the staff were better.

Ashley Taylor

The kitchen staff is so nice and awesome.they are so helpful with food recommendations and going the extra mile. On the other hand the bartenders are not very fun or nice people to get to know. Every time I've been there they have been snide and rude.

Kat Snodgrass

Friendly folks and a great upstairs rooftop.


Great drinks, great food, great decor, great rooftop area, great bathrooms, great people... If you like all of these things, then you will enjoy this bar.

Damantha Devours

Rooftop bar is nice but somehow they only had 4 cocktails on the menu, this may have only been in the roof deck but why would I go and not sit on the roof deck, food was eh, the tots were the best thing we ate

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